Mars Funk

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Sometimes, when Mars Retrograde in Virgo is really fuqing with your Qi, you just have to pour yourself a tumbler of Blue Devil, fix a bowl of popcorn and head into your laundry cum particle accelerator time machine room for a little bit of ‘me’ time.


Craig McDean – W Magazine

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70 thoughts on “Mars Funk

  1. Mystic you are soooo right! Moved into my new flat at the end of Jan and it has been one thing after another – all sort of trivial really (I do have clean water and sewerage!) but major irritation every one; have a list for the next few weeks – repair that blind that has collapsed, get the plumber into fix the two gas jets on the stove that don’t work (v mars in retro), fix the light over the stove, battle with Telstra to install the internet and the landline in a Non- merc retro period; arghhhhhhh nothing compared to your website stuff, but, in solidarity I raise a glass. Merc retro will be a walk in the park…

    • haha I just moved into a place and the other night the blind just fell off the wall. I was standing about 6 metres away (not my fault! or is it? hmmmm)

      • Ha! That happened in my room at the FAA astrology conference in Melbourne in late January. The blind just fell straight down. I wonder if we’ve been having a blind falling transit lately ? ๐Ÿ™‚

  2. Done, and am in bed already before 8pm! What’s with this bad vibe? I’ve got some great things going on, including a hot date with one of my.most favourite musicians and a secret hideaway booked to go!

    Yet I am also so insulted I’m exhausted! Having a laugh at the immaturity in between but still having to live w it for a couple more days! Thank goddess for your daily email mm because who knows if I could of continued to evolve while fuqwit regresses stirring up rather unpleasant thoughts….

    Had some great sessions at work today and some people are absolutely amazing and beautiful. Makes me so grateful for the work I do… BTW at the little little hospital I worked at today I saw two broken ankles! Refer to previous post that discusses the prolific ankle breaking currently.

    The chick on numbers and letters sbs ooked super hot tonight, so are the news presenters I fuqin love anton eneas.

    Well I couldn’t watch much cause the horrid sitch in Syria pushed me over the edge into emo oblivion and I very carefully placed the blue devil juice down retreated to the shower and will turn off the outside world and go in…
    No naff sayings from me tonight!

    • Funny, i mentioned to the Piscean last night who was watcing Lily on L&N that she was lookin’ smokin’ hot.

      Chin Chin to sexy times and your get away PG. x

  3. Unfortunately my Blue Devil Hoochie juice is exactly what my Mars in Virgo is determined I give up. It is increasingly making me feel sick. Now what? Lol.

    • mudmask or exfoliate maybe. download episode of ”Spirited” by Claudia Karvan, or the New Sherlock Holmes, with the dude from The Hitchhikers Guide to the galaxy ? or the audio of a twilght zone story, or some hippie charkra cd .. just got one last night, it has the conch shell call on it … love it .. rest well, and start again fresh tomorrow. xx Peace xx play free Tibetan singing bowls on ipad ?

    • I don’t do Blue Devil Hoochie juice at home. I could definitely do with a night out on the town after a horrendous Mars Funk day.

      Cup of tea will do for now. Tomorrow is another day.

      Love that photo! Beautiful colours..

      • I don’t drink alone or at home either- I save it purely for social events too.

    • Hey put your old lush life skills to creative work, baby, and treat yourself to some exotic fruit and fresh herb mocktails!

      The sweet devotion to the drink, the muddling of mint, the exotic fruits…all the while listening to your favourite slinky tunes…will put you in the afterwork luxe zone, and keep the bod fresh and thankful ๐Ÿ˜€

      • Haha… slinky. ๐Ÿ™‚ The Aries fling interest calls me that. He has Leo Asc and wants to have drinks cos he thinks I will make him look good. Such a Leo thing to say! . ๐Ÿ˜†

        Need to get a job before I get into the afterwork luxe zone… all in good time… Mars Rx maybe not such a good time.
        I’ll save that image for inspiration ๐Ÿ™‚

        • Scorp here dating an Aries also…they definitely are on my WOW factor. Can’t imagine one with Leo rising…I’d have to see a chiropractor every week.

          • ๐Ÿ˜† !!! Oh dear Lord. He has moon in Scorp and Venus in Taurus! Should I get a chiro on speed dial? ๐Ÿ™‚

            Never really dated an Aries before. At least one doesn’t have to wait around for a response to communiquรฉs with an Aries sun/Aries merc. And my Saggo moon loves their honesty and directness.

            • Lol…yeah, your in trouble. I know…I love Aries action. I have a Sag moon also, btw. ๐Ÿ˜‰ My Aries man has Taurus rising with a Gemini moon & venus in Pisces. Aquarius is my Mars.

          • Where’s your moon Aquariscorp? Aqua rising… nice… or should that be ICE? ๐Ÿ™‚ Cool combo for Scorp intensity.

    • I don’t do booze, either. Gave it up when I realised I don’t have an off switch. For escapism I go now with sugar and movies. And treating myself on iTunes- the other night I got rid of all my gloomy indie-folk and songs that remind me of people who piss me off, and loaded up on the funky and kick-ass. Warcry and action songs. Hells yeah.

      • Oh, and I cannot underestimate the power of cat/dog cuddles. If you have a small furry person in your life, or have friends who do, go spend time with them. It makes the world of difference!

    • oh… I saw this advertised awhile ago and thought it looked good. So glad to hear it is…
      I am reading Running with Scissors right now.

  4. i went the pressure point massage (like a cure for the tension and a punishment for spewing verbal merde all in one)
    followed by chocolate pudding on couch while watching friends re runs.

    but glad to see on these pages that a number of us is going through the tumbler…glad in that there is comfort in numbers.

  5. Christ. I even fuqed up the comment. This afternoon was foul due to my dumbarse solo whiteknuckle grip on has been paradigms. Ugh. Seriously, the emo backlash of being overly accommodating is something one would think one would see coming by now, but, um, no. Apparently not. Permission to retreat into shell.
    Thank-you Mystic. Very consoled to not be alone in having my qi fuqed with.
    Was also in bed early and also have many great things running parallel to this funk.

  6. l just had my baby tooth fixed ๐Ÿ™‚ ( i still have one baby tooth left) so l’m ready to roll ๐Ÿ™‚ 2 weeks ago they pulled a tooth which went GREAT! it healed like crazy so fast no pain no nothing! pheeew!

    Oh yeah l love my dentist! She is fun yet firm and regal, l like her vibe, she make me feel at ease. l like her period so l said are you Taurus that’s the vibe she gave me but she said l’m a Leo born in August ๐Ÿ™‚ haha! sure!! nice my Aries likes!
    l can also feel water some kataka time l shell ask her dates ….

    l also have the feeling that since a while lot’s of secrets come out like things people knew and things they had no idea of about themselves or others..
    i think it’s Pisces Neptune who knows but l see many things being revealed lately.

  7. Can’t touch the stuff at the moment. So it’s angsty Mars Retro toxicity burning the midnight madness all the way.
    And a very neptunian virgo is about to do my multiple gem heads in !
    So much going on at the moment in every realm, except money – a constant flat, I can’t imagine what hitting the piss would do.

  8. I have two bottles of it sitting in my room, untouched, from a very uneventful and dissapointing weekend. And honestly…..I haven’t the energy to even open them.

  9. I have never paid much attention to transiting nodes, but seeing Sun/Chiron/Neptune sitting there opposite rero Mars – and with my Virgo Sun in the midst of it all may explain the odd illness that has laid me up over the last few days. interesting, Link.

  10. Hoping for your tranisition to the apartment going smoother. Glad you got a vechicle! Happy new huge chapter in your life.

    • oh how lovely. I have never been to that area of the world but want to. Wish I was there now. Is cold and grey here. Safe travels.

    • Hey LA/Aprodite Rising , hope you packed your red hat (for swimming) ! xxx

  11. The funk has been hitting me some I admit….
    Redid a wall in our bedrooms…took it down, now am rebuilding it as 2 small walls. Doing the constuction myself. I got tired the other day and funking. I miss my old house….
    My bestie sold someone else’s art cause she left her phone at home. ugh. She is trying to help me now but I am irratated. Wish she had just driven over, it is only 3 minutes. The big commision would have been worth the few minutes of closed store time. So she sold someone elses….
    I’m bored. Want some romance.

    • There was my small complaining rant. I tr;y to keep it positive. I do.
      I backed up all my videos and photos yesterday. Preparing for mercury retrograde since my computer needs work.
      I do love having one of the small walls done already, I have more privacy now.

  12. I have dubbed this retrograde, “Margo the Hormoanal Beeeatch!” LOL! Doesn’t change anything, but I feel better/

  13. mars funk day almost broke me. but didn’t. i finished what i was doing for the day, went to nearest grocery store, bought lavendar oil, went back to the apartment i am staying at, ran a hot bath with lavendar oil, sipped camomile tea, went to bed.

  14. Woke up and there was no hot water this morning. Inappropriate time to have some me time and blue devil, have to go to work. ๐Ÿ™‚

  15. I think the main source of my problems these days has been coming from my Saturn and Pluto transits.

    Maybe because I’m an Aries rising, issues with Mars just don’t seem to bother me that much?

    • Aha – just read the daily for tomorrow. Libra: unaffected by the weirdness thanks to Saturn being Saturn.

  16. This is most disturbing. I am voluntarily writing project plans……………….

  17. Also off the blue devil – which is a HUGE momentous cleanser for me! Enjoying the clarity and the early rising. Good going to all who are doing the same.
    However, a bit disturbed by all of you turning on the TV! Maybe it’s because I work in television broadcast and watch shows 8 hours a day that I find it it the worst way to relax and detox. But connecting into the merde it feeds is a bad as a diet of junk food. ( Perhaps you Word and Number people are exempt. lol)
    A few years ago, I gave up all forms of media and it made me lot happier and in the now – able to deal with what was actually going on around me, instead of stressing about problems far far away. Or feeling there was something wrong with me because I didn’t identify with the overall paradigm. That’s not to say that I didn’t care. But they old “fix your own backyard” application made much more sense.
    For what it’s worth, limit the time on commercial tele – (evil, evil, evil). Grab DVDs of ace series to watch – then you can treat them like reading a novel – pick and put down at leisure. Avoid the bombardment of buy, buy, buy! Listen to music. Follow social issues you choose via FB and act accordingly.
    And don’t forget the value of quiet. Make your bed, sweeten your room, and put some classical music on at low, low volume – works wonders for relaxing, clearing the day’s merde out, making it easier to drift into unconscious rest state.
    And this is from a massive hoochie party girl, Piscean/Leo moon/Scop rising – so it’s not as if I don’t understand the dirty dirty ways of denial.
    Love you all in this space!

  18. I meant to write – project plans for me…..I may have to go and lie down.

  19. Lovely to hear from you Aphrodite!
    At least you got a few upsides to balance out the downs ๐Ÿ™‚
    The view sounds spectacular!!

  20. Hey here’s some info from cafe astrology re mars retro / direct etc and aspects with points and planets.

    Quite interesting! I have it transiting on my MC and I relate ever so much.

    Cheers ladies and gents x

  21. Am I the only one who thought MM was going dirty there, i.e. head into the laundry and sit on the washing machine in spin cycle… I’ve heard some ladies find that to be amusing.

    *giggles primly*

  22. I need some advice here… I know we’ve been told not to lash out or argue but this is all too much…

    Aries boy is telling me (actually DEMANDING) that I not work for his ex-girlfriend or hang out with her, even though she wants to give me some MUCH needed side-work (and she doesn’t know about me and him…eh).

    I am not looking to be besties with her I just need the work, dammit! Oh yeah AND he and I are not official, in fact taking a break because he’s so not over this girl. We are very close and I feel his pain but uh…they’re NOT together. haven’t been in 8 months. And he and I are NOT together… but have been hanging in limbo for 6 months.


    it isn’t fair and…I’m a LIBRA!!! i want to tell him to eat a dick and either get over her or date me but don’t try to fuqing control me!!!!!!

    • I think he’s got a point. Dealing with both of them is making things verrrry complicated.
      You can also dump him and get the job. Still then I think you should try to be straight with both.

      • I’m sure there is a calm, rational way to deal with this…but honestly wouldn’t you call this KARMA? I really just want to scream at him because i don’t size up against her or something. I mean, has anyone been in a situation like this and actually had the dude get over the ex and suddenly realize what he has? really? can’t i yell at him and tell him i’m just as good as her? i actually like her a lot and she’s bound to find out anyhow. grrrrrrr

  23. Hi Missfine
    I can understand his discomfort but I don’t think he has the right to make any demands in this arena.

    If you need to do the work out of economic need, pure and simple, then do it. If you are carting any more dubious motives around, though, it could all get terribly complicated and yeucchy

    Whatevery you decide, I think it would be helpful to get some clear boundaries with this guy – Aries men don’t tend ot give much thought or respect to notions of equality. What I mean is, they believe they’ve in charge! (Apologies all Arians who modify this approach!)

    • no ulterior motives here…honest. i don’t want to touch it with a ten foot pole. i’d change the subject if she ever brought him up. i really don’t think he suspects that i would be digging for info on him or talking about him. its just too close to home. but boundaries…he has the moon in pisces square neptune house 12. this guy has zero boundaries! haha. what i really wanted to know from the astro community here is if i should stick by MM’s advice not to “go mars” on this guy and freak out cause I’m so angry that this chick is the trump of his heart and I’m…what? ok, ok, he has merc mars and venus in taurus…he is slowwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww and damaged. but can i yell at him and tell him she’s not better than me? declare ultimatum? i’m feeling unusually martian today…

      • anyway, they like being yelled at, right? this one is mighty sensitive though…eh. i hate

        • update: i’m sorry everyone but i did it. i had to do it. he took it too far. mars be damned. he said “why do women like men who treat them like shit?” and i just freaked out and wrote him the longest fuq you letter. like i’m some pathetic woman following him around while he abuses me. sometimes you have to say fuq you to assholes. you just have to!!

            • Actually, what’s strange is HE only likes women who don’t give a crap about him. Being a Pisces moon, he’s more into the idea of idealizing a woman who is “above” him then being equals with someone. I think he just figures in his crazy twisted head that the reason i’m into him is because he’s unavailable. its actually just because i thought he was cool. past tense. thanks for the love. maybe one day he’ll come groveling back but for now i’d rather not be typified as a pathetic woman chasing after some dickwad in love with his ex. I’m so pissed!!!!!!!!!!! sorry mystic, had to do it ๐Ÿ™‚

              • I think you will be better moving on. Just cause you told him to piss off doesn’t mean he won’t show up again.

                • moving on is always these answer these days…! think if i deepen my practice of bitchiness (aka i am #1) the tables will finally turn in my love life…

              • Good on you missfine!! Sometimes one just has to let off steam! ๐Ÿ™‚

                • heh heh i like how the my fellow scorpionics are with me on this…i’m sorry but when people cause me pain i enjoy causing them pain. within reason. but seriously, cute little libra can only take so much crap! and anyway the synastry was most sinister….

                  • Hehe… with you all the way!

                    I love it when people go off. Must be my Mars/Uranus/Pluto in the 8th. Yesssss… just do it!! ๐Ÿ˜†

                    I have venus in Libra in 9th house – very strong sense of justice!
                    You vented, you did something about it. Power to you!

                    And right on time for the
                    ‘Venus-Saturn Checkpoint of Love’ Mystic was talking about a few days ago.

                    He sounded like a Dud not a Stud.
                    I definitely would not have appreciated being on the receiving end of what that dickwad said to you. Ugh! So disrespectful to say the least!!

                    I think you need to go and listen to Aretha Franklin’s ‘R.E.S.P.E.C.T’