Guess Who’s Back?

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Memo To Lion Queens & Kings: 

All that ‘ruler of the jungle” crap has felt like a bit of a drag the last few years, right? 

Some of you could barely be bothered dominating the shrubbery.  No strut. Mane mange.  Some sort of confidence disorder. The roar that squeaked and then you pretended you were just clearing your throat.

BUT those days are over now. Even the most cynical or cowardly Lion ought by now to be getting it – a New Leo Order is nigh. Especially in relationships.

There are stirrings in the jungle…are you getting a whiff of this yet?



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  1. i am a leo woman, my nickname is dani, and i was walking past a barber shop this week, a sign in the window said “Dani is back” !! is crazy synchronicity part of this new era?!

    • Yes it is! I wrote about this in a Neptune post a few weeks ago, check the Neptune category…i may also have gone on about it in the Daily Mystic. Plus my Horoscopes are taking this new era vibe into account…Neptune in Pisces is not so much a planetary transit as it is a SPELL

  2. is that…..
    is that digimon, because, it sure looks a lot like shes dressed like a digimon

            • Wow!!! crazy energy is happening i love inspirational belief that iam not insane, as i have been lost in relationships that i thought were true, but wow it goes deep before it bursts up. Longgg haul the last 14 years neptune opposing rising leo,nn, venus within 4 degrees and then in the last dregs of leo is my uranus this brought a major realization that most all of the relationships i have are losing their fog and are poof!! gone just a slight glance and i’m heading to meet my new for real peeps that don’t have a tennis club smile… my knees are a bit weary tho i feel like im in the wizard of oz and following the yellow brick road…….

              • Boots, I dunno what you mean?

                Are you leo rising too? I’m Virgo progressed Asc at the moment – I guess I’m only one sign in front of my natal because I’ve only recently moved past the saturn return.

    • mostly she’s referring to the fact that neptune has now moved out of Aqua and thus is no longer opposing the sign of Leo. How this affects you as a Leo rising really depends on where your 7th house begins and ends. Yes, the movement from Aqua to Pisces is better for Neptune, but you still may have it in your 7th house.
      You can run transit charts on astrodienst that make these things clearer.

      • Ohhh…
        my 7th house starts at 11 Aquarius and continues on through till practically the last degrees of Pisces…
        So is it more of the same, but somewhat different?
        I have a plethora of planets in my 1st house…
        plus Saturn has been a constant visitor to my Libra Sun…sometimes I want to do a Shirley Valentine, go on holiday and not come back..

        • can’t help but point out that the change of neptune from my aqua descendent and into my piscean 7th/8th (ie., it’s still in my 7th) was strongly felt and positive.

            • Leo asc, virgo 1st house, sun in libra in 2nd… Aqua descendant / lovely pisces 7th where lovely vertex is and moves into 8th-ish, taurus/gem MC… progressed virgo asc and scorpy sun

  3. Hallelujah! Our time has finally come. These past few years have been dreadful. One fuqing growth opportunity after another has turned me into a Cowardly Lion. It’s time for some fun, and the thought of having a play partner is just overwhelming! The Big Cats are on the prowl now. Thank you Mystic

  4. Hoping this goes for Leo moons as well…..
    I think it is!

    My leo moon looked at this photo above:
    Her: what is that?
    Me: An outrageous costume.
    Her: IT’s confusing.

    I asked her today what she wants for her future. She said a world famous fashion designer, ballerina, singer, and soccer player!

      • oops….I left out my leo moon daughter! And yes, she wants to be all those at the same time!!!
        She is a pisces, cappy rising, leo moon, and mars conjunct pluto!
        The epitome of fairy fay!
        One of her brothers and I also are leo moons.

  5. Got my natal Moon and Mars in Leo AND they’re in the 5th house. So I’m just going to assume this applies to me, haha..

    Especially after the Saturn transit through my natal sun sign, it’s been a while since I got back in touch with my Inner Lioness ;-)


        • I’m also a professional musician and I see this all the time haha… I’m Moon/Mars/vertex conjunct 5th house taurus… can I guess.. do you make electronic or dance music? Just the physical emotional thing… that’s what I do anyway…

            • ahh awesome! this is so interesting! I studied classical voice and violin originally. Don’t know much about vertex in the 7th though. But I always see the moon mars conjunct 5th house thing in musicians i work with. They often come from classical music too…

              • I think that’s really interesting too! Kinda still new to astrology so I love finding things out like this :-)

        • hey Milo, that’s great to hear about being on stage – doing moon/mars in leo/5th ruled by leo well.

          I think I wrote a comment in reponse to you in a post a few weeks ago, that I thought your leo creativity/performer was writing vibe, cause of your pseudonym: MiloBloom.

          Best wishes with your new leo self now that neptune is not opposing and has moved from your 11th to 12th now I’d presume…! x

  6. Thank you at last!!!! I’m 35 and have been single most of my adult life execept for an ill concieved engagement. I hope to find my mister right soon!!! Mystic can you confirm this???

    • I’ll answer….have you created a space for ‘him’?
      I know from being single that i do not have the space anymore. Deciding, really deciding you want one is also important, not being half hearted about it. Excercise your WILL.

  7. So happy as a good friend of mine has been like a lion with a thorn in her paw. Looking forward to having her back to full roar.

    Ps Have Leo in the 2nd house does this effect me as well?
    Could do with some money action!

    • Anonymous, what you wrote jolted me: I wonder if my behaviour has been like this to others.

      I’ve *felt* like a Lion with with thorn in paw, and as a result have been less warm to others, I’ve retreated for some much needed self reflection, self protection. I’ve honed in (maybe too much) on my Saturn trans and my MC.

      Your Leo 2nd house (neptune moving from 8th to 9th) = your prosperity/sense of self-worth/values will glow more warmly now. The second house is a good place for Leo to be, in my opinion, cause it’s naturally a taurus ruled house (possessions, security, money) and Leo operates as fixed, like taurus.

  8. Definitely, I’ve been in hiding for a few years, some days I can barely answer the phone. But lately I’ve made the effort to get up, get fresh, and love prancing about to visit and spread light and joy. And if you don’t like it, deal!

  9. What do you mean Leo is “back?” Leo only recognizes FRONT. Leo only cares about what you see as he enters the room, he does not care about your view of his backside as he exits.

    • Cannot let such a comment pass without responding. Maybe if I just say that one of the reasons we Leos LOVE perfume is that it leaves a trace when we leave. And Mystic, yes, yes, yes, it all definitely feels so much better now. Seems like I have been seeing things ‘through a glass darkly’ for yonks. Now everything is so much clearer and brighter.

      • I do love perfume too, both men’s and women’s parfum. That’s wonderful that things are much brighter for you LL! Good for you.

    • absoultely charles . Can i just say I am offended that the photo is the tackiest fancy dress Ive seen and no self respecting leo would be seen dead in it.

  10. The pic reminds me of Lady Gaga meets Victoria secret runway model. I have Leo IC and S. Node…so I don’t think it effects me that much…

    • Stawr, does that mean you have north node in aqua on MC? I’ve thought how it’d be a blessing to have North Node in aqua, and on MC as well would be great.

  11. *Coming out from behind the Shadow*…

    I was just reflecting on this sentnece that came to me last night.

    I may have been hiding a part of myself for about 9 years. I made a decision 9 years ago (mid neptune in Aqua trans) to disconnect with a part of myself and as a result I went on a new journey. It was a great journey. It’s come to an end. I didn’t realise till I got to the end of the journey that I had lost touch with a part of self which was a true creative part.

    Thanks for your astrology Mystic!


  12. Oh yes! In fact I can recall clearly waking up and feeling clear-headed, confident and more Me. Got a good hair cut, purging the house, taking care of old problems, looking for some great clothes tomorrow.

    Thanks for your writing, Mystic. If I ruled the world, I’d pay you to be your awesome astrologer self so everyone could read your canny insights. Love!

      • Pinky promise! I’m a leo and my ego and sense of self has been bruised for a few years now. So this is GREAT news. I’m also a rising cancer and moon in cancer so the ego bruising his me hard!!

        Time to come out of the cave! RAAWRRRRRRR!

  13. yeah baby PWAR i am going to have damn fine hot and heavy relationship with Me me me. wiith some professional help i am going for a self esteem makeover. i’ve let myself go ni many ways. Time to get shiny and dance in the spotlight

  14. Im feeling more violent and Energy is surging through my body once again…im turning into hulk!

  15. I am Leo sun 5th house, Leo Moon 4th house, Taurus rising. I’m down with all that Mystic said. What is funny to me is that i can’t help but notice how much Leos love to talk about themselves. Haha. ;)