26 thoughts on “Feminist Ryan Gosling

  1. We’re like a day apart in astro, I’m pretty Uranian (hence why idiot dudes come to me during Uranus transits, annoyyyying for my Saturn heavy chart). I love Ryan, like an astro brother.

    • That could explain it for me too. I have Sun conjunct Uranus in Scorpio as well and have always wondered why strange and unusual guys seem to find me so alluring at times. I guess because (to quote a favorite Winona Ryder quote from Beetlejuice) I myself am…strange and unusual.


      • i loved winona ryder in that film!! and i re-watched it recently after a long time and the first time after learning she is a scorp, love how scorpy her character is 😀 xx

        • Makes so much sense doesn’t it, considering the roles she’s played? I think her Moon or Rising is in Pisces too.

    • The only blondes I like are Scorps and the only Scorps I like are the blondes (men). E.g Matt Damon, Leo diCaprio etc there is something magnetic about the plutonic blondes..

      Heart still belongs to that Gem Depp tho. :)

  2. I haven’t read anything on whether he’s a feminist or not, or what he actually said to warrant a feminist labelling, but any person who is communicating a message that respects women in these times is, in my opinion, clearly doing Saturn in Libra and Uranus. And anyone who pops Simone de Beauvoir in a sentence immediately interests me!


    • The website is actually by a uni student to help her remember facts and quotes. There are a couple of clips of him on Youtube where interviewers ask him to read out some of the quotes and he just looks sooooo embarrassed.

      • That is a cool website and memory by +ve association is a great way to learn.
        … Ryan Gosling makes it fun!

        • There’s so many great quotes on that blog.
          ‘start a revolution. stop hating your body’

          ‘my eyes are up here’
          *NB: pic is positioned at gosling’s chest. so many times this happens to me and i hate it!*

          ‘derrida thinks language is fluid enough to break the gender divide, but nothing will split us apart’.

  3. Slight side note but this reminded me, has anyone seen Drive? Check out Ryan’s scorpio jacket. I LOVED this movie and as soon as I saw the scorpio jacket I had to check if he was in fact a scorpio and voila! Of course Mystic you had the answer via your previous Ryan post. But apparently he was the one who instigated the scorpio jacket in the movie. It was integral to his character and he wears it the whole time, gradually getting it more and more blood splattered. It was partly a reference to the movie Scorpio Rising but I’m also thinking maybe he is referencing his own astro?

    • I really enjoyed Drive too. I thought it was a very scorpy movie. I saw it with my Dad, we are both Uranian flavoured Scorps and he loved the movie as well. My Pisces sister and her Gem boyf came too, they didn’t relate as much. Haha, part of me was constantly thinking ‘Wow, what a jacket! I want the jacket!’

  4. Hey Ryan, it is hard for me not to objectify you when you’re around – de Beauvoir does not help; fuq, nor does Paglia, Greer or Arendt…

  5. Uranian scorps, yummo. The promethean elements help to de-condense ( / electrify? brighten? ) the otherwise sort of heavy scorp-ness. ? imo.