Equilibrium Constant: Gravity Libra

Ray Caesar

They say in space horror movies that nobody can hear you scream. You just get green goop in your space helmet or disappear down a trapdoor in the spaceship.  Or into a black hole.  Sometimes tentacles are involved.

In Saturn Transits nobody can hear you scream because you actually vibe terrifyingly together. 

Nobody gets how secretly driven you are – something to prove? – fuq yeah, even your Saturn Transit SLEEP is competitive.  Eight hours with some solid R.E.M + nose breathing for correct nitric oxide blood balance and a probiotic pre-sleep for proper gut repair is just the start of a good Saturn sleep strategy.

Nor do they know about those secret hours you spend feverishly calculating carbs, income to spending ratio, life expectancy, minutes invested in actual meaningful moments of a relationship, everything.

You seem SO adult that non-Saturn-transitting types have NO idea you’re working on all manner of childhood issues during your uncluttering or exercise benders.

The current people in the Saturn Transit Lounge are Librans – especially those born near the end of their sign, Libra Rising, Moon in Libras, peeps born in late 1982 or 1955, Aries-Caps-Cancerians born near the end of THEIR sign.

You – or shall i say WE, as my Moon is 26 LIbra – are in this Transit Lounge till early October.

For a good time, you may now assess your progress since late 2009 – especially in the realms of wisdom, maturity, self-empowerment, health, wealth and a more balanced you.

Relationships? You may not have one but when you do, it’s definitely way higher quality.  Saturn transits don’t make for simple quick dalliances es for inappropriate but hot types.

In Saturn Transits, you’re concentrating on steering your own space ship, avoiding black holes and annhilating space monsters.

I.m.o. i think in ANY astrological analysis, it’s due diligence to always keep a strong eye on Saturn.

Who’s maturing & graduating with this? Who’s hating it? Who knows a shining example of a Libra thriving under the cool blue rays of Saturn?


Eugenio Recuenco

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100 thoughts on “Equilibrium Constant: Gravity Libra

  1. I am the shining Libra example in my circle. Why just the other day I had an unexpected run-in with an ex and his posse at a public event. Luckily, I was looking polished and dressed up (which is not typical) but this week has been full of surprises with Neptune exiting. His current friends he was pal-ing with used to be my friends too but when we broke up, they sided with him instead of staying neutral or siding with me. It was with great glee, I told them about how wonderful my business was and even showed them the inside of my walls…talked about how i just got a house….how I’m so together. The only thing that would’ve been a cherry on top would’ve been to have been married or have ring on finger, but i think i still managed to look awesome even without..It was a Leo Moon weekend after all.

  2. Libra moon 3 degrees. Libra in Uranus 9 degrees and Cancer rising 5 degrees. Early in the sign but I have a massive secret project I am working on and I have something to prove. In relationships if you aren’t serious fuq off. Sick of the road to nowhere. I know where I am heading.

    • totally agree on relationships and knowing where i’m heading (and I’ve always got a secret project i’m working on unveiling / 12th house mars)

      • Yep, me three, on the secret plan thing!… Or things actually.

        Really must get things sorted with a new home base though…. Its been like mission impossible…. & I really need a good foundation to flesh out all these new inspirations.

        Although Mystic did mention some good ‘home astro’ for us Libbys from March thru May… So i’m on my way!

  3. Ha ha. Timely post. Then again, haven’t we’ve just entered the age of synchronicity?

    Pluto is on my sun exact today. Later today it will be opposite my natal Kataka moon. Plus Saturn has cruised over my Libra ascendant recently and is hanging in my 1st house.

    I was thinking today might be a doozy (and I guess it ain’t over yet… ) but I slept late, I have no energy, no plans, no real interest in doing anything so it’s a complete blah of a day. Thinking I’d better do SOMETHING, I sat down with a coffee and got out my old diaries from 2003 to now. I looked at what I was doing on this day, year by year, for the past 9 years and, respecting Mars in Virgo, noted it all down on today’s diary page.

    I compared activities, career status, love status, emotional issues, body image issues, etc for all the past nine early Feb periods. What I saw was many recurring themes – way too much disappointment in myself for not being rich/ famous/ successful/ in love/ motivated, and huge issues with self-confidence. Ugh. It was tedious…

    Which lead to my lightbulb moment. This is tedious. I’m tedious. For 9 firggin’ years it’s been the same boring story with slight variations of jobs and relationship status, but inherently, it’s been the same entries again, again, again…. Ad nauseam.

    BUT now, by seeing how tedious it is, I’m obviously thinking differently, from a different ‘dimension’ which means I’ve evolved! Yay!

    Sure, after recent devastating events relating to pet loss, I still feel lost, lethargic, unmotivated, (and horny, restless etc ), BUT I at least I’m no longer beating myself for feeling that way. It’s just how I am in this moment. Who cares how I fit in with the rest of the married/ successful/ career-driven/ etc world. It ain’t me. My diary for this year definitely has a different ‘feel’ to it which is so refreshing!

    I’m guessing Saturn’s transit and Pluto have slapped all that silliness out of me. Annoyingly, I still have issues with self-confidence (I have a chronic blushing habit which – ironically – I’m cripplingly embarrassed about, hence I blush more) but seeing how boring that reads on paper (year after year), it’s something I must fix. Now. Then I just might get interesting…

    • Equilibrium, I’m Libran too and it’s like you are echoing similar rituals I have undertaken lately – with the same revelations. Looking at the pattern/s, but evolving through these experiences. Although disappointing, I am feeling much more clear about who I am, what I need to accept and working with it for the necessary shifts to happen. I think when you start to *feel good* and let go a bit, still with the consciousness and determination the shift will happen. Just getting into alignment with your values and dreams. Becoming that which you want to feel – not just the objects and external factors that we believe give us this (although $$ does help!!). I’ve also got Uranus opposing my Sun (Libra) which means there’s a pull between security and freedom and it feels like it’s all I’ve been dealing with over the past 10 years – wonder when something’s going to GIVE!

    • yes, def awareness of falling back into old patterns..first step to breaking the cycle. it does suck realising that’s what’s happened but so liberating to take the first steps to busting out. May I recommend that you check in every 6-12 months during / after freedom-fighting change to make sure you are still on track and not lapsing in to old (unpleasant) comfort zones… best of luck xxx

    • Hypnosis works for some people for blushing.

      Also: Re: diaries – I find its REALLY important to name them carefully.

      Also: Repeating patterns – its helps to think of yourself as going in spirals rather than circles. You have still gone around to the same point, but are now at a different height.

      Also: busting patterns – speaking as someone who was sick of reading the same whinging over and over again, despite pep talks about “Spirals” rather than “Circles” 😀

      Some sh*t just has to be dealt with. Pick one thing and annihilate it from your life. Do whatever it takes. Pick the most difficult thing if possible. Then take the next thing and annihilate it from your life. Etc.

      So far I have eliminated cigarettes, pot and too much booze as well as a chronic thyroid problem.

      Next I am going to deal with my weight – not by accepting it, but by getting rid of as much of it as possible. I am 30 kilos down and have been stuck for about 4 months. Its my next blitz as I’m sick of feeling sorry for myself over it.

      Part of this is dumping wheat permanently and booze except on the weekends – and eventually only for special occasions. Its also about taking my exercise seriously and doing it consistently.

      I am using an Unholy alliance of NLP, Hypnosis, Paleo Comfort Food cookbooks and extreme violence to accomplish these changes 🙂

      I am a great believer in Amazon as the font of useful knowledge. Type in what it is you have a problem with and click on a book which looks good. Read the reviews and if you don’t like the sound of it, often people recommend alternatives; and Amazon also puts similar books up as recommendations. Anything over 4 1/2 stars is worth looking at. Anything under 4 stars isn’t. But then I’m a Bibliophile and Ex-Librarian, so I Believe in the Power of Books 😀

      Its good to hear that you feel a change in the wind !! Capitalise on it !

    • I started keeping a journal in 1984 and re-read it/them every couple of years. What I discovered eventually, was that my underlying feelings about a belief in my own hopelessness did not change, even while circumstances did. Once the penny dropped that this was somehow monstrously self-defeating I thought the best thing to do was to not re-read my journals, which worked for a while. I also discovered that when I wrote about how I felt as opposed to what was happening, it was tediously boring to read.

      What this tells me is that this immoveable monolith in my psyche (which I ‘imagine’ blocks my way to untold riches and fabulous success) is a stubborn prick of a thing and is emotional. I can ‘think’ all I like up, down, happy, sad, whatever, but this background dirge is a constant and it is the thing I need to work on. In my chart it’s symbolised by Saturn conj Mars conj Sun. What I need to do is chip away at this lump and transform it into something beautiful.

      And breathe and remember to lighten-the-fuck-up and know that on a scale of things i.e, the size of Jupiter or the cosmos etc, this aspect of my being doesn’t add up to a row of peas. It is me and it is also not me.

      It’s so easy to change your thoughts–ignore, entertain, dispel, invite, slow down, speed up. But changing your feelings and especially the big ones is a real challenge.

      • Its interesting that you write this…. Goddess Leonie, who is annoyingly upbeat, even when’d she’s clinically depressed, recently buried all her journals to return them to the earth.

        I was HORRIFIED. How could I burn all my journals ? I have every diary I have ever written, back to the age of 9. ..

        I almost never re-read them. Why am I lugging them around ? I have always assumed that at some point I was going to become an immortal writer, that some Honors student would get the lovesome task of cataloging my diaries and wrapping them lovingly in archival quality acid-free tissue paper to go forever into a University Library to be read in fascination in 200 years time by future historians.

        But they’re all me whinging about how fat I am and how I can’t stop smoking pot….

        And I’ve just become a photographer – something that really makes my heart sing…

        Maybe, like Pepys, I should start keeping a Diary seriously, about what I’m doing rather than about what I’m feeling, when I’m actually doing something that will put me down for posterity….


        • Ok, seriously f*cking depressing to see that I was writing about how fat I was when I was 13. BURN BABY BURN !!!!

          Will cull all poems & short stories and then burn the lot. Ack.

        • I’ve had to concede that writing ”woe is me . . .’ makes for a really boring read. Some writers keep brilliant journals, writing about ‘stuff’ as opposed to a litany of depressing self-flagellating ‘thoughts’. Writing about events is way way more interesting to read, but requires more discipline and something else . . .

          There was a popular book at one stage, Drawing on the Right Side of the Brain which I skim read for salient points and thought that yes, maybe Morning (or mourning) Pages on loose sheets, to get ‘it’ out and then burn was probably a good idea.

          Writing has saved my skin and it always will. I’ll never read my journals again–not the early ones, I’ve got the picture. But I can’t trash them ‘cos they’re relics and some I used for class notes for dear teacher now departed.

          • Innteresting as I really hesitated over two years worth of Morning Pages (which I got from “The Artists Way” by Julie Cameron).

            But really, its just a form of meditation in which you write out the monkey brain, instead of allowing it to float away. I thought “Do I need two years worth of Monkey Brain” erm…. No.

            Especially as I have studied Buddhism far more closely over the last two years and have learnt to let Monkey Brain gibber away to itself, rather than write it down in order to see it at work.

            Those two years of close observation were invaluable, but I have no need to keep them.

            My small fat notebooks, on the other hand, I have kept. Partly because they are colourful, and partly because they chart a true path of progress towards being the person I am today.

            I won’t let them go in case I get stuck in one of those personality loops again; which I have a tendency to, having a sh*tload of Scorpio in my Chart. Fixed & Obsessive ? Hell yeah ! Did I mention drugs, sex and the Occult ?

            I kept one very, very early diary in which I seemed positive and upbeat. I have kept all of my Poetry, no matter how awful.

            I also have kept a Mills & Boons romance I wrote about 6 or 7 years ago, which I got to the last page of (about 10k words in) and went, “What ?!? But…but… how can Ginny not reveal her true feelings ? And why won’t Jonathon tell her that Honey is his stepmother, not his Fiancée ?!!!!! Gotta finish that one, if only for myself 😀

  4. Well, I know one Libran who ISN’T thriving: the Leo’s bestie’s Libran husband (who has always been a bit of a dud, but there was no stopping her once she decided he was the one she was going to settle for…oops, I mean, cherish forever) is in the midst of some sort of early-life crisis. BFF is calling and emailing me constantly, updating me on his increasingly bizarre and worrisome behavior. It’s gotten to the point where she’s having serious doubts about the relationship, and they’ve only been married a year. Whatever he’s doing, it’s definitely not listening to Saturn!

    Also, he is jealous of their new puppy and refuses to help take care of it because she doesn’t pay enough attention to him anymore. Seriously. Like, when she wanted to take the puppy with them on a walk, he pouted and said, “I thought our relationship was important to you.” YIKES.

  5. 29 Libra Sun. Last 10 days: started career-changing job, bought house, have mere weeks until second marriage. Freakish lucid dreams nightly about childhood trauma. Taking brief astro break on computer now late at night while filing expense reports and downloading tax documents and bank statements for mortgage application. Saturn is my torturer.

    • this sounds like a version of my existence right now

      I keep thinking. “At least I’ll be done with the paperwork, …eventually…” Hasn’t happened yet, but I keep thinking it!

  6. 2nd house Libran here, natal saturn asc.

    Checking in with Saturn, is, in my opinion, similar to doing what Sophia Loren calls adding up and doing a checks and balances of your life.

    Love the pic you posted Mystic! Jelly fish chandellier wafting around like beautiful smoke and reminds me of Emilie Simon, French musician who has Octopus theme on latest album and donnes gold octopus necklace.

    I also wonder if people sense saturn on peeps having saturn trans?

    EG 1: I get the feeling some peeps at work are stand-offish with me, but won’t confront or take me on – which is actually efficient because I get heaps done as nobody bothers me and I’m not in cliques, and the big jupiter-types (bosses) seem to notice the work I’m doing (a good thing).

    EG 2: People used to treat me like a libra – vague, sweet, a warm cup of tea. saturn trans 2nd house and I get treated like a serious walking entrepreneur ready to close the deal – maybe i look it??

    EG 3: If I have something to prove its to myself (my self-confidence has taken a little longer that most to kick-in)


    • Hey Harp – yes i think you’re right. There is an edge there for sure. this is all v.apt – i posted something about Sophia Loren on here a while back, that checking in quote
      Oh and big-wig types ALWAYS notice the Saturnine ones – why you think Saturn SO linked with success? xx

    • EG 2 so resonates, Harp lol. Like they’re wondering where on earth you’ve ‘gone’…. I wonder if all Librans are morphing enough to break the archetype for the next 30 or so years??!!

    • I’m a Libra but I have RARELY experienced EG2 in the work realm. People always treat me like a badass/ It kind of sucks because it is hard to form friendships and find love interests at work if everyone thinks that. But I have A big ass stellium in my Libran 10th house so maybe that’s why .

      • 10th house for sure. It’s the Cap house, so you vibe professional. I have Sun in 10th and have ALWAYS been treated seriously at work – even in the boy’s club industry. Having a Cap Asc helps too. 🙂

        Never had any probs making friends or finding love interests though. Realised the other day that I only have one friend that I didn’t meet at work.

          • “penis repellent” 😆 well, when I said I didn’t have any probs finding lovers I was talking of the past. Last 7 years has been hard. I have an empty 7th

            • Anyway, Saturn in 7th is good. Mystic always says wherever you have Saturn is hard but it eventually becomes your shining star… or something along those lines

              • I ‘ve heard that too. I hope it’s right! It’s certainly not from lack of trying.

      • Don’t worry YOF I’ll be your saturn trans friend!

        I’ve found the forming f/ships at work hard too, only the strong serious ones have remained in my network.

        I’ve had offers for dalliances at work but my saturn policy = non compliant there.

        i worry less now about not being liked by everyone – saturn =authority and having an enemy or 2 in your career can give you a competitive edge in some ways. knowing this has freed me up from the libra-being-liked dis-ease.

        • Aww thanks Harp! *HUGS*

          At work, I’m so business that I think it can be intense. I’ve got Cap NN too.

          Well i didn’t count the obvious losers. I get propositioned but it;s by people who just aren’t up for me and my particular brand of pan in the butt. (I’m Venus in Virgo)

  7. well now that my Saturn transit is over can I please put my order in for a HOT inappropriate and quick dalliance? 🙂

    Venus 9° Libra

    • That would be Pluto square your Venus, starting March & for two years. Karmic too, Oh and Uranus opp your Venus.
      It won’t be quick lol

        • oops…called you the wrong name and realized it, but it was already going through.

          Sorry La folie

          • no worries Catfish. Short-term, long-term, appropriate or inappropriate, I’m not fussed. Anything’s better than nothing. it would be nice to break the looooong drought.

      • 😆 Sounds great Mystic and would love to believe it but sadly I’m immune to Venusian vibes/astro. Natal venus square Asc.

        I failed to mention I have Libra MC 28° as well, so I’m in the Saturn Transit Lounge. Not feeling it though. Feeling a bit more Neptune in Pisces wishy-washy

  8. Can I just check in with those Librans completely down with the Saturn Trip; have any of you just completely cut-loose and gone out and been a complete BAD ASS over the festive break. Never so rampant. That in itself was therapy. At least if no relationship, a tactile few will do in the interim? (detoxing, licking these ego wounds, consciously). It kind of prepped me to get all the dysfunction out of my system so I have instilled a radar for everything I don’t want in connecting with would be suitors in order to fast track the relationship due diligence process.

  9. I have had back to back saturn transits for over two years now. I could write a book about the events of my life during this time. It would be a tearjerker. It was ugly, painful, sad. (To be fair, some of this is Pluto).
    To summarize….post divorce trauma, abusive relationship, long drawn out horrible breakup, then me putting my shattered soul back together.

    “In Saturn Transits nobody can hear you scream because you actually vibe terrifyingly together”…..
    so true. NO one had a clue I was in an abusive relationship except my besties and they only knew some. They had no idea the extent.

    T saturn conjunct my natal pluto, while havingT pluto square natal pluto..
    T saturn square natal juno
    T saturn square my sun then square my sun again. During the in between time, Jupiter came to my rescue with my Jupiter return and my abusive relationship ended.
    Then I had my T saturn square Natal saturn. At the same time, T Saturn opposed my natal Jupiter.

    Now, saturn is sitting on my natal uranus. Things are better than they have ever been! I am really happy most of the time. I am more settled in myself than I have ever been.

    my future….Saturn will retrograde back to square my natal saturn again and opposing my natal Jupiter again.

    I seem to always get wammied by these saturn retrogrades. I had a triple hit at my saturn return too.
    The lesson begins. Then the lesson is brought home to rest for good. 🙂
    A happy ending.

    • Do you have a lot of things in Libra? I feel like I’ve had none-stop Saturn crap since Saturn was in Virgo.

      • No…just pluto and uranus.
        But I have multiple Kataka…juno, sun and saturn. So they have been getting hit with this squares the last 2 years.
        In Aries I have jupiter and chiron, so they got hit with the oppositions over the last few months.
        Fun stuff!

        • I’m so sorry for what you went through! And glad it turned that it’s a happy ending!!

          My Saturn transit lasted (is lasting, everlasting?) for the same amount of time. Also a tearjerker.

          I also put up a good front – I was listening to myself catching up with a friend over the phone, and I sounded really ok.

          I’ve had Saturn return in the 12, then it went into my 1st and started opposing my Sun/Venus/Mars Aries stellium. Still don’t know if I learned the lesson, but hey, I’m showing up.

          And rooting for October, that is when Sat will go into Scorpio, right? Saturn opposed moon in Taurus can’t possibly be as bad as what it was until now. Or maybe it’s just wishful thinking…

          • thanks.
            I haven’t even thought that far ahead……
            but now that I have I realized that saturn in scorpio will make an opposition to my mars and a sqaure to my moon at the same exact time! I have time to prepare though.

            Yes! We are showing up!!!

    • just adding that Libra is almost entirely in my 2nd house. My values and finances were hit hard.
      Right now it is just barely in my 3rd. My saggy bestie called me today with an idea for a book she wants us to do together..
      saturn on uranus in the 3rd! sounds promising.

  10. Admittedly I think I am doing ok under Saturn as a natal Libra. My natal Saturn is in Virgo so I just had my return before this new nonsense. Most of my natal planets (Uranus, Venus, and Mars) are all in Scorpio so I am sure I get to contend with him for at least another 3 years. I guess I am just trying to do the stiff upper lip, keep calm and carry on. It has been quite rough as I am also married to a Libra. I think perhaps Saturn has provided a modicum of much needed stability among the tumult believe it or not. Sometimes the prisoner is the freest person because all of his/her choices are made for them. Saturn kind of forces your choices, forces you to be a mature, conscious person in your decision making because honestly, the other choices would be madness.

  11. Well I am far from Libran, but I have Saturn variously squaring, opposing and conjunct Moon, Venus, NN-SN, Chiron. (Quintile Sun-merc and Jupiter if that means anything.)

    If I have to ‘analyse’ my love life or childhood any further, I am going to fuqing scream… I feel like I have spent the last 2 years of my life doing exactly that. “Anaysis paralysis’? I’m it. The only effective antidote I can see is Action…or benign neglect. Both, liberally applied to stalled matters, should act as the high-pressure hose / organic decomposition necessary for Newness.

    • a helpful line I just concocted (soaked into psyche from years of doing just this): “I’ve done about as much as I can for now. Just hit “Go” and see what happens.”

    • You know PCFR I did a workbook called “calling in the One” or some crap like that and there was an exercise in there about tracing where you get your negative messages from. I ASSUMED my negative programming must have come from my parents or a known and familiar source. I racked my brain and couldn’t come up with ANY memories. Turns out that one of the negative messages that was paralysing my current life came from a counselor that I saw back in early 2009, someone that I gave temporary power over me and who abused that power. I don’t know how my brain missed that. Anyways, check HIDDEN sources that you don’t expect!!!

      • Hi Foxy, yes i know what you mean, thank you for the reminder. And how strange that a couselor should be telling you unhelpful things?? Well done for uprooting the messages…

        In the past I have given vent to the same thing (via writing down the worst things that I was generally telling myself) – then reeling a bit, then workshopping just *why* I would tell myself that. It was really interesting. Where it made sense I also I reversed the message, e.g. “What I want doesn’t matter.” to “What I want is very important.” Or, “What I have to say isn’t important” to “People like what I have to say and enjoy listening to me” that sort of thing. I also hand-wrote both versions, hand-writing for me is an important way to capture something in my mind. as it probably was for you too, the whole process was a ‘quantum’ shift in my thinking – to shine the spotlight on these shitty, emotionally charged thought processes and consciously create their opposite. I will definitely revisit. thank you xxx

        • I just looked at the website and the whole concept made my skin crawl rather. Then I realised that you might be referring to the self-work that the book talks about? Maybe I shall set aside my rash judgements and give it a go, nothing ventured, nothing gained, etc.

          • I think the book contains useful exercises that improve you, but I don’t buy their tag line of meeting the perfect somebody in 7 weeks. Unrealistic. Also, it wasn’t made for a picky Venus in Virgo. I just don’t buy it and of course they use circular logic …like if you don’t believe then it can’t come true. Some of my friend who DID BELIEVE tried it and it didn’t work for them, but either, but they got stuff out of the exercises.

            There is NO WAY I’d do the seminar. It takes everything I consider sacred and private out of mate hunting and makes it into cheap sport.

            • sounds like an episode from Sex and the City where the character Charlote is in a seminar and the lecturer is ranting about doing affirmations for meeting/attracting ‘the one’ and she stands up and tells the audience how she’s doing it all and it’s not happening …
              (I haven’t heard of or read the book or the seminars till this blogpost, but it reminded me of the ep.)

    • if I may reply to myself once more. (Ah the beauty of the internet, you never know when everyone stops listening!!).

      Saturn and Neptune are also beefing up a natal grand Air trine in my chart with Mars, north node, Ascendant. Neptune is now just off my mars, saturn is on NN. Once a month the moon clicks over my Asc at 23 Gem. So all of this is – presumably- activating my airy Asc, 4th and 8th houses. Maybe meaning that I may benefit from taking these elements of my life *more* seriously. (yet with all this Saturn transit shite, I am already taking *everything* more seriously?!). anyway..end of thought process…

    • Oh, I so understand this! I just don’t think I can self-reflect one more second. Really. It’s been like 5 years or more of it.

  12. Happiness is Saturn moving way away from my mid-heaven Libra.
    LIberating to say the least!

  13. Sun @ 25 degrees Cancer/ ASC @ 22 Degrees Cap ASC. I guess this would explain the utter lack of support I feel with almost every saturn transit? I guess the only difference with this transit is that I actually have been successful even when simultaneously wanting to dissolve.

    I honestly just don’t care anymore. My natal saturn is afflicted in my 12th, making me the only Cap Asc with a crap relationship with the old bastard since structures will always be elusive to me. It’s almost that song “Castles in the Sky” by Ian Van Dahl.

  14. I only have Uranus in Libra, but in trines Saturn. I feel like I am going through a massive shift in my life – very busy at work, happily working ridiculous hours, starting to get some recognition from a lot higher up the chain, about to embark on a rejuvenated fitness regime, and finally starting to get over the angst of old relationships. Is this Saturn or I’d it something else?

  15. I’m having a few Saturn transits but I’m too busy with exercise, sleep hygiene, strategising work career and dream/goal fulfilling, keeping checks and balances on what goes in and what comes out, practicing self care w discipline, monitoring and transforming emotional responses with a gentle sense of responsibility, to remember what they all are, I think a great word for Saturn is judicious! Which like a devoted yogi, by chopping wood and carrying water the great and humbling experience of discipline and service without dogma is blissful and delicious : )

  16. Saturn is squaring my 27º Cap Mercury, 29º Cap South Node and 1º Aqua Sun. Been Crawling all over this space for weeks now. It feels more do-able now that Neptune has left Aqua: before it just felt like a Washing Machine; tumbling me around to get the dirt out. Now it feels like I can make a plan, it’s calling me to wake up, make some changes and move on.

  17. So, even tho my moon, saturn and ascendant are non-Libra, because I am 10/21, this is why this describes me to a T? (the secret death grip drive, the over analysis, the childhood stuff puking up all over everything, but hell’s bells have i made strides since ’09 …)

    … and since I haven’t mentioned, i think your work is incredible!

  18. I’m a late Libra 26 degrees – I have Saturn directly opposite in Aries. My husband is exactly the opposite his sun is conjunct my Saturn and his Saturn is conjunct my sun. So it is an energy we’re used too . As a child – like a Capricorn I was deadly serious about everything and found life really heavy – I’ve lightened up as I’ve got older. It’s hubby’s 2nd Saturn return an he’s given up smoking – really amazing, i honestly thought it would never happen!
    The past couple of years have been quite tough – but my Saturn return was 100 x worse, so we kind of knew how to pace ourselves.
    Oh, but in the summer of 2008 I have got into Zen Buddhism – as it’s an ADULT spirituality/religion and feel I’ve finally found my spiritual niche after a life of searching – I took the precepts in summer 2010 – does that count?

  19. W-e-l-l….late-born Aries, here. Let’s just say my dalliances have more wisdom and maturity to them. 🙂 New work – new meets. Got an eye on one and have already projected what I want from it, what I’ll give to it, when I’ll end it. Unless that would be doing work “relationships” Mars in V ( it’s in my 10th).

  20. Libra Stellium.

    My romantic standards have got way higher, no riff raff will derail me. Only honour and integrity, and even then, do we have the same goals? Any goals?

    Caution Libras: Don’t get bogged down by the security and sell your souls.

    • That caution is starting to worry me!
      Maybe this Saturn is heavier than I thought…………
      Getting confused with Neptune moving too………..
      Basically am considering quite a major career change – from the dream ( not paying at all) to the practical ( rather reluctant, but it will pay – maybe? ) am leaving it rather open at the moment as it involves studying and so am taking a course to get back into the swing of things that finishes in October – then I’ll make a definate decision. It’ll be safe to do so by then wont it……
      ..panic………it was taking me that long to make up my mind between all the options thought I’d better just got on & do something rather than nothing………Oh Dear

  21. I have Mars-Saturn-Pluto tightly conjunct in Libra 5th house, so now that Saturn has moved off my Saturn, it’s moved onto my Pluto! I finished a novel about work during my Saturn transit, plus had a devil of a time concentrating on work. Now I’m regenerating, regrowing, shedding old fears/beliefs/cynicism and quietly but surely busting out a new me. I feel great, like the colorful bird that breaks from the dull flock. I deserve to fly – and to shine – after a long too-much-hard-work time. 🙂

  22. Yes! So happy about this post and happy to be a new member! Hello! Saturn up my ass, and neptune, too! I have Libra sun 29 degress so this shit is ON me. I also have Saturn in the 12th sitting on my Scorp Asc. And lets not forget the libra/scorpio stellium in the 12th: sun libra, merc, pluto, saturn scorp. oh yeah and moon libra, too!

    someone help me!!!! but seriously, i rather like saturn, besides the crippling loneliness, i have a better sense of self control. I’ve lost 30 pounds!!!! and everyone tells me how great i look. unfortunately, people also call me “eeyore” or “12th house blues”.

    i think having sat retro in the 12th is (unsurprisingly) weird and vague. I am trying to sort out all kinds of things that don’t make any sense. and i have been very, very alone.

    does anyone know if saturn transiting my stellium the next 3 years is going to suck or not? it should be eventful, considering my entire chart is empty except houses 11-2.

    oh and the romantic details…for whatever reason through all this i have been “hanging out” with someone since august, which happens NEVER, his Saturn is on my sun, maybe thats whats up. of course there is a 50/50 chance its going nowhere, who can tell? i really don’t want any more lessons. i’m always the lesson, never the love! ACK!

    • I also have Saturn in the 12th right (almost on top of my Scorpio Rising).
      Saturn in 12th strips away all superficiality!
      It can feel way too serious at times though.
      I’d take the time to study poetry, philosophy or deeper topics avoid tabloidic magazines filled with crap and fake, boring people with nothing to say. You’ll start to feel better.

    • Missfine- Now, if I could loose 5-10 lbs I’d be really thrilled! 😉
      Focus on the positive aspects this transit and your strong self-will brought!

      • thanks! you know how it is when your a libra…no matter whats good, its always about relationships…ugh. the scorp rising in me writhes in anger at such topics!!! he’s an aries so the sat retro basically ended our “relationship” like *that*. uranus in aries hasn’t helped either! definitely been avoiding people and studying up….trying to purge the madness of rejection b.s. good thing the whole neighborhoods been talking about how good i look. sweet sweet vengence

        • hey let me just update here…”relationship” wasn’t REALLy over…i told uranus i knew what he was up to, that he wasn’t as unpredictable as he thought…but i was wrong…yesterday i go to “dump” dude and instead we end up staying up all night taking naked photos and having an awesome time…weird.

  23. I pack lots of planets in Libra – Sun, Merc, Jupiter and Uranus. Last year was the worst, but I stood my ground where relationships were concerned. This year is loads better. There are still some crap childhood issues that are coming up, but I have been granted insight (thanks Neptune) into analyzing them clearly and seeing issues for what they are as opposed to what I think they are. This year, everything feels like it is going to be fresh and exciting. I will miss Saturn undoubtedly, while going through all of this has not been easy and it has dragged up some awful old shit, I feel like Saturn has shown me I can stand on my own two feet, boundaries are good and when you find that something or someone special, nurture it, no matter what.

    • Hey LHV, I have the same placements in Libra and can totally agree. I must admit I’ve been railing against some of the lessons but at least I’m making sure I’ve learnt them for good!! I’m still feeling stuck, but can see more clearly what’s happening in the larger dynamic of life than what I used to. Some of the difficulties are still grinding and churning, and it feels like enough already!!

  24. My friend ,the good Leo, to diiferentiate between the bad Leo friend, well the good one is Leo in 8th and is also astrologer, really helps me with saturn, and major help back in saturn return, in the way that i think about saturn. Basically, my interp, while one thinks about saturn as hard, lonely, depressing, boring, it will and more, the sooner one accepts saturns call and acts on it ; the relatively easier it becomes and the rewards also come.

  25. I have five natal planets in Libra: 0Sun, 11Saturn, 16Jupiter, 23Pluto, 26Mercury. They are all in my 7th house (except for Sun in 6th).

    Kicked it off by hooking up with an Aqua-man almost right on the day Saturn entered Libra, fell for him madly.. One morning after a passionate night (around March 2010), I step out for some juice and come back to find him on the phone with his other girlfriend in another town. Broke my heart in a thousand shards. And then he got a job at our company later that spring. Ugh.

    Then I spent the following year negotiating my contract at work, until talks finally broke down and I lost my job altogether in May/June ’11. Broke up with sweet but boring Taurus man, and moved into a smaller place with a roommate. Freelancing work was suddenly scarce and I started working at a cafe to pay my half of the rent. Tip money = Food budget.

    Then I turned 30. Commence soul-searching. Am I in the right field? Am I in the right town? Am I getting wrinkles already??
    Sep ’11: there were four men actively pursuing me – all with their own lovely qualities.. how to choose? After a couple months, I chose the one who literally made my heart speed up when he entered the room – another AquaBoy..
    Only this time, when he said “I have commitment issues” I said “If you want to be with me, then you are with *only* me. Otherwise, I’m not doing this.” And about a week later, he came back and said, “I want to try this with you.” Learned that lesson early in the transit! Fingers crossed, we are still together and very very happy..

    Then a very expensive piece of equipment for my freelance work broke at the end of last November, leaving me in a major financial crisis. Thank you, Saturn conjunct natal Pluto, for that. Sent it to the factory for repair and they sent it back to me only half-fixed. Major hassle.

    I’m tired of not having any $$ and not finding any work in my chosen field. Saturn, will you at least let me keep this lovely AquaMan after you leave??

    • Dear Milo, sorry to hear of your struggles – i can totally relate re $$ with the whole security vs. freedom internal conflict. Good to hear things with AquaMan are holding true having dug your heels in. When your intention is strong (usually because of bad experiences in the past) it validates your commitment to eachother because either consciously or unconsciously they realise, like you, that it’s right. The money hassles are worse for me now than they ever have been. I worked for a not for profit doing helping disadvantaged people in community development, with low wages in disorganisation and an emotionally abusive boss – so i quit late last year. Now i’m finding it hard to get any work, doing shifts at the local laundromat just to pay for food. It really sux but it’s getting me on the right path, exploring creative ideas I’ve suffused and know something good is around the corner. I accept this transit and just say “it will be good fodder for when I write my book”!!

  26. I have just been looking up my brothers chart. He was born on the 3rd November but his moon is 10 degrees Libra,-Venus is 18 degress Libra – Jupiter – 14 degrees Libra. – Neptune – 7 degrees Libra – Chiron – 13 Degrees Libra. He has to go into hospital tomnorrow for a heart op Iam worried but not real sure how all this works. Any ideas

  27. Well I am sure I will have rave reviews for my Saturn transit come October, but meanwhile….. Hmph and OMG the aging 🙁 Yes I know wisdom bla bla bla…)

    Sun 25 Libra
    Asc 21 Aries
    Jupiter 18 Libra
    Mercury 9 Libra
    Uranus 5 Libra
    Venus 2 Libra

    Good news is I am finally finished my own private Pluto squ Uranus 😉 but am about to start Pluto square Mercury.

    Although I think my Mars in Cap18 is finally stepping up, it must like Mars in Virgo or maybe it is just that the libran tribe is exhausted!!!

    • oh and can I add again…..


      Without which survival would be soooo much harder!

    • Ooh, I’m a LibSun/AriesRising too! Being so crazy cardinal, I got sick of this transit REAL fast 😉 But I agree with you – were it not for my light-hearted Leo moon, it probably would have been a lot more unbearable, lol!

  28. Saturn is still in my 12th House. Lost all interest in superficial things. Been withdrawal intellectually writing new music, creating and reading philosophy again.
    Sometimes it feels a bit too damn serious though. 🙁

    • ah! we are the same! libra scorp rising with saturn in the 12th….definitely withdrawn, sick of superficial as per usual but this time with a lot of stern conviction!

  29. I basically live on Saturn, it’s always doing something to me so I give up fighting it and just learned to love the influence instead.

  30. Sun, Moon, Mars in Libra. My life has been a mix of good to very bad for the past 3 years. Last year has been exceptionally terrible. Just graduated last year and did not find a job, have been sitting at home doing nothing and feeling completely worthless, had terrible fights with my sibling and her spouse and discovered how reliable my frnds were.
    In 2009 i had met someone sun leo, venus libra. He seemed like a Casanova but very persistent…..he was way beyond charming and no matter how much i controlled myself i could not help but feel being completely drawn to him. Long story short, decided to trust him, but he was not matured enough for anything serious.
    These past events have made me too skeptical of people. I am to scared to trust, to move on, to try something new.
    i am facing failures everywhere in life and i have never been like this before, i have been able to handle rejections, failures, disappointments.

    why do these events have such a deep impact on me? I am only in my early 20’s…what should be done to change this. I think of making some major compromises in life and settling down for the heck of it…..killing all my desires (sometimes i dont have any)….i feel like i am a soulless person. sometimes i cry for no reason.

    the though of moving on in life scares me….its like i am in love with my pain….can someone explain this….why am i being so extreme? and why am i surrounded by enemies all over the place.
    i would be so grateful.

  31. Hey Rassy, the aether swallowed my earlier post to you, so apologies if this doubles up 🙂

    My advice is not to compromise or to settle but to do a sh*t job for 6 months and then travel overseas !! I felt just like you do and I wish I’d done that instead.

    Instead I settled for a career and safety and ended up feeling just the same way, 10 years later, but now with a husband and three small children (the only good things that came out of it !) and feeling like I had wasted 10 years of my life following a career that just made me feel miserable.

    I am a saggitarius, so of course I think that the solution to most problems is to move to Italy 😀

    But check out The Bold Soul – Lisa Taylor Huff about how she moved to Paris – and also Carla Couslon – about how she moved to Italy.

    I haven’t included the links this time as they may have jinxed the last post I wrote. Just ping me on my Blog if you like specific links – Lisa has a wonderful post called “He’s Into Me” that I also think you’d find very helpful !!

    All The Best !