Chez Scorpio Heiress

Ornate luxury apartment mirrors artArchitectural Digest are featuring the on-the-market apartment of Scorpio Heiress Daphne Guinness.  I posted about her earlier, here.  She self identifies as a Scorp, for sure.

Note To Aspiring Rich Peeps: Being born daughter to family of beer barons, marrying and divorcing a Greek shipping tycoon and then becoming a fashion It Woman/Muse is a lucrative life path in many ways.

She’s Moon in Aqua/Venus-Uranus-Pluto-Jupiter in Virgo (Jupiter-Pluto is a common signature in people with $$$, one way or the other) and Sun-Neptune in Scorpio.  No birthtime to figure out the rising but my guess is Leo Rising. So all the Jupiter-Pluto etc ends up in her 2nd House & the Scorp in her 4th.

So no way is chez Scorp just a crash pad – she’s working some serious mojo magic in there. As you do when you’ve got a lot of stuff going on in the 4th House.

AND what do you think of this red/hall of mirrors/Helmut Newtony sort of thing going on?  Super-Scorp…yes?

That pic in the middle is by David LaChapelle – prob my fave photographer – a bit of was posted  in Asteroid Ishtar.

Another Scorp indicator?

She has a fascination with armour, and in 2006 approached her great friend Shaun Leane to create a gold and diamond arm glove. Titled ‘Contra Mundum’ or ‘Against The World’, this handcrafted, intricately made objet d’art took five years to create and develop and is perhaps one of the most technically advanced pieces in the world of artisan jewels.


“I dislike the idea of jewellery being like a price tag around someone’s neck. It needs to be something else – and there is something extremely magical about armour.”

So who amongst you would wear the Contra Mundum diamond & gold arm glove?  And what sign ARE you?

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121 thoughts on “Chez Scorpio Heiress

      • and each hand would have to be different. Otherwise that’d be tacky. One more fully covered while the other covers only part of it. OK, done lol. No edit buttons..

    • On second thoughts, I’d have a go at wearing it also. Kinda like a good Darth Vada – maybe it is imbued with magical powers?

      happy neptune in Pisces, tripple water being!

  1. Oh yes! Scorpio rising here and I love the glove, don’t know when I would wear it, when I’m cleaning up my ‘looks like I’m still in my first year out of home’ bedroom, listening to eurythmics blasting through this goddam place! Yes thats when is wear the glove. Oh wanted to mention in that little rant the relationship between the scorp glove and the Virgo cleaning, I’ve often found Virgo and Scorpio to get along profoundly, have you? I once lived next door to an enigma of a person, who inspired me to design armour, I drew many pictures of face and arm armour, love the old celtic designs with modern twists…. its hypocritical really, because I relate armour to army outside of this design fetish, and I really don’t like war, or armies or any of that shit!

    • grazie ! Funny I have always loved armour- especially on girls. Never thought to attribute it to my scorp rising till now. I agree- virgo and scorps tend to get along well~ I think thats why so many couple up..

      *Random tidbit: Actually I have noticed a trend that scorp+virgo couple, taurus+kataka, and seagoat+mermaids hook up. And on the masc elemental side.. I have noticed… sag+libra. Not sure about the others though. Except maybe gem+leo.

  2. She sh*ts me to tears. And she’s too thin. And she has no pubic hair. And her taste in interior decoration is tacky. And she waste waaaay too much time on fashion. Dull-a-r-ama. If I were that rich I buy Vaux Le Vicomte and live like a real person.

    Saggie sun, Virgo rising; Scorpio stellium.

    No I am not jealous. I just don’t like her.

      • I have Scorpio Rising and the glove is not only tacky but, a complete waste of money. Too many starving people in this world. yuck.

    • I completely agree Domestic. I can never wrap my head around people making such a huge tadoo over “objects.” So empty and devoid of anything. Maybe that’s why?

      Not my passion at all.

      • Agreed. I don’t like anything about it and I have a Scorpio stellium too. The mirrored walls…yuck. Red hallway carpet…yuck. Big close up print of someone’s nostrils…yuck. And that quote of her’s makes no sense at all. Jewelry shouldn’t be a price tag around your neck, but having an outrageous price tag around your wrist is so much better? I do like armor and have seen wonderfully crafted artisan pieces, but the Dark Ages are over and they look far better on a velvet pillow under glass in a museum than worn as everyday wear by modern people.

        I’ve never heard of her before now, but that hair looks very “bride of Frankenstein” to me. Kind of Lady Gaga goes to Transylvania.

        • She’s Paris Hilton with ” taste ” .
          I know someone who worked on that glove….they are on just marginally above UK minimum wage. DG constantly moaning in British press about how terrible it is being a muse and how expensive it is.

  3. Well she certainly has an eye for red, scorpy intensity and she looks a bit queen of the feline’s: i’d say leo rising too. I love how she communicates it in that shot with jewelled glove, tasteful in a worshipping cat goddess way. But check out the shadow her hair casts on the wall – like a skull, yukky.

    David laChapelle is a favorite photographer of mine, and my photographer buddy LOVES his work too – so La La land, vivid colour, 80s… I reckon she’d love to be in one of his art works and she would fit in.

    I love how she is upholding a regal heiress hair and soft smooth skin – velvet glass without a ripple.

    I’ve Scorp IC, 4th too and Pluto 2nd too – such an everyday scorpy look and passion in her abode. Leo’s and mirrors, big image of scorpy lips for the Helmut Newton hallway – the jury is mostly still out on that one, so I shall return to report back.

    Bravo Mystic this is ace!!

    • came back for a second look :

      I love the glove and I’d wear it

      I love the hallway

      I don’t fancy the shiny floor in the living room and the set out of plants, but love the art, idea and astro behind it

      I think she’s cool and I agree with the Barista – it’s great to look in other people’s homes

    • Yeah, I spotted the skull shadow she casts too. That was the first thing I saw in the pic before i even noticed the glove. Maybe that says more about me than her…… 😉

      • Yeah, I agree. There is a saying that we are drawn to the things that help us to reveal our hidden self.

        Skulls are pretty pround – think Hamlet holding up skull as he asks ‘to be or not to be’…

          • Think the skull might be shopped.. the outline doesn’t seem to fit with what should project.

            So, if we run with that assumption, it’s got a whole different spin on what she’s trying to create in the pic. The curled up no smoking sign also looks like an addition.

  4. Oh seriously MM I love your work, I do, but why would you bother constructing an analysis of a depth journey of someone rich who may have not been summoned to the Plutonic underworld? And re who would wear the diamond glove, where does sociology/class inform this question?

    • thank god someone said it.

      Veblen, one of my favourite economic sociologists, who early in 20th c wrote a hilarious book on those he called the “leisure class” (ie the types who inhabited the top deck of the Titanic and whose behaviour he described as if describing a strange and curious breed of very wasteful and shallow apes) would call it “conspicuous consumption”.
      personally, I think that glove is the best argument for serious death duties and capital gains taxes I’ve seen in ages…
      am middle class. but my grandfathers were (1) a blacksmith and (2) a fitter and turner, respectively. they loathed waste, and used to ensure that however little they had to feed their own kids, in their tiny westie houses, they would always try to buy something from the destitute hawkers who went door to door trying to sell brooms, or buttons, or whatever, during the Great Depression.
      the Daphne’s of the world and their 1.76m gloves make me a bit ashamed of my species….. .

    • That’s not nice! The blog is for everyone, not just you and other people (like me) find this post interesting. Interesting decor, I don’t like it personally, but I admire it and we learned something about astro. Who appointed you the content editor of Mystic’s blog?
      Make a comment about DG by all means, but scoffing at the validity of the post is a bit much.

      • Thanks Lucy,
        i wasn’t scoffing at the validity of the blog – well didn’t mean to at least. Sorry if it came across that way.

        I was merely stating my response.

        • Sorry if I leapt down your throat, it was a reaction to a few of those types of comments I have seen lately, where if Mystic posts something about say Paris Hilton instead of Nordic mythology people tsk tsk,
          But I love the mix of content and I love popular culture!
          But prob not 100% fair to let rip at you over it!

          • So what if people have a whinge about Paris Hilton or other related posts!
            It’s only once in a blue moon that it happens.

            What pisses me off is people like you who get upset about anyone who expresses an opinion that’s different to the rest of the flock.
            Mystic’s a big girl. Give her some credit for God’s sake. She can handle it and often does with good humour as evidenced in her comment below.

            Freedom of speech I say! I welcome a difference of opinion.

            High five Saturnian!! Good on you for having the courage to speak your mind.

            • I understand that Mystic is a big ‘girl’. (isn’t that sort of insulting in Australia?) I have an opinion too, according to your freedom of speech mantra shouldn’t that be okay? I want to make a statement that I LIKE the lighter content. I don’t like whingeing much! Sorry! ps if there were a Saturn Society I would not attempt to join. High five!

            • Thanks Saturn Society,
              I’m a big girl too but your comments are consoling. Thank you. I’ve always found the blog so enriching in its broad range of views but it upset me today. And I own my feelings without blaming others.

              Perhaps ‘Saturnian’ is not a sexy Avatar. Of course that’s not to discount fellow contrinutors’ abilities to comment on the contents of comments alone. I feel sad. I’m saying good bye to the site today. I respect and appreciate people’s right to say what they feel but clearly the dominant culture of this site is at odds with my values.

              The ‘oh empathise with the rich and elite’ in the absence of the same sentiment for the poor has made me sick to my stomach.

              I know, if I were really so pissed off I’d just be absent without such a drama queen-esque post but just wanted to say good bye.

              Perhaps this is one outcome of Neptune changing signs? Thanks so much MM for your wise insight during the ride.


              • oh sorry to see you go Saturnian.

                I always liked your avatar (it’s a lovely happy face) and enjoyed your contributions.
                I understand you wanting to leave though. I’ve been in and out a few times myself.

                Take care


              • Speaking as someone who has dipped out of a few online societies in their time… COME BACK !!

                I ran across someone a while ago who took exception to my comments… That person never came back… don’t let drifters blow your course 🙂

                You are NOT whinging.. .

                Mystic holds up what catches her gaze so that we may be reflected, for better or for worse, in her magical astrological perspective.

                You are NOT insulting Mystic. Daphne Guinness is a pathetic parasite. First up against the wall.. No pubic hair… etc…

              • That is so sad Saturnian! I hope you come back soon? I try to recall the value of everything and the price of nothing, which makes me really impractical in this world.. 🙂 Bon voyage for now.

              • Hey Saturnian,

                Although my gut reaction to the glove (but not the post per se) was same as what was implied in your initial post – what a waste when a billion are starving etc – I am surprised by your characterisation of the culture of the blog.

                While being respectful of your right to your opinion, having seen the compassion expressed here over the years, (not to mention the supportive or at least tolerant reactions to my frequent and often boring leftie rants!!), I can’t say I’ve noticed lack of empathy for the poor amongst regular posters here.

                Secondly, in terms of posting about people and decor etc, it is not surprising that they tend to be famous or wealthy people, since there is very little in the wider media/modern cultural world that mystic has to draw from that deals with specific poor people, let alone provides their birth dates for any astro analysis!

                Finally, I wonder if picky analytical retro Mars in Virgo opposing Pisces Venus/Chiron, and both squaring N and S node (not to mention other big astro shifts going down) might be relevant here. I think a lot of us are hurting, one way or another, and in the last two weeks or so, I’ve noticed me and people i know being particularly sensitive to criticism/perceived rejection, whilst simultaneously being more picky/critical of others than usual…

                Happily, people always seem to be welcomed with open arms round here if they choose to return after disappearing for a while for whatever reason…

                • heh heh heh good astrology there Fi 😀

                  BTW Is anyone lese out there slightly alarmed by the way our comments keeps getting thinner and thinner ?

                  Its not that I mind
                  Haiku. But I must refuse
                  Its imposition


                  • lol DT, at least it will make me less inclined to long rants in replies to replies to replies!

    • Where does sociology/class inform the question?

      Lol! I am not a sociologist! I write about astrology, regardless of class, money etc etc.

      And i don’t think i claimed to be doing an “analysis of a depth journey”

      And how do you know she has not gone to the underworld? Because she is rich, she is spared?

      You might more enjoy – i am being serious here – the Eric Francis Planet Waves blog – he comes at astrology from a very political perspective and i think he may actually BE a sociologist as well

      • Thanks MM,
        Good point re class does not exclude journeying.

        And thank you I will look up Eric Planet and I will still subscribe here because I enjoy and benefit form your work MM.

        I’m with Fi on this post in particular but your website is great!

        • You posed the question to Mystic above, ‘why borther even constructing an analysis of someone rich’ like DG…?

          may I answer by pointing out that the super elite and super wealthy are some of the most under-researched groups today which is a really good reason to be inclusive, not to mention that the reaons we don’t know much about them or can even get an interview / locate them is because of their secrecy – which is a scorpio theme for sure.

          • Thanks Anon,
            I am interested in your observation.

            What specific topics/issues in relation to the super elite and super wealthy should be researched do you think?

        • Yes we can never comment on someone else’s “journeying” – everyone has their own “shit” to go through, regardless…

          • Indeed hummingbird,
            And a Pluto transit would have been different ‘shit’ in Rwanda in 1994 than say Mailbu, U.S.

            • My dear Saturnian,

              Money does not insulate you from pluto or personal heartbreak.

              The Guinness family are huge employers. Breweries employ locally. They have not been out sourced offshore.

              A high net worth individual like Daphne would have a philanthropy program built into her financial structure. This is a given.

              If i had her $ i would be in a full body set of gold and diamond armour with a page boy whose hotness would make you weep in envy.

              I would also have mansions and educational funds for single mothers who have been abused.

              but daphne is too much of a try hard to be a leo rising, i prefer the goldsmith girls when it comes to eccentric heiresses

                • Plus I always wonder what particular Karmic trip being born into immense wealth might be. We often equate spiritual growth with struggle and hard times, and we in normal world seem to think that being insanely wealthy insulates one from much of this pain. But being human is our common experience. I alwaysthink that the royals must’ve done something extra – specially bad in their last lives….

              • Love it to death TLS, as always! But have you been reading the Fairfax stuff on Gina Rinehart? Apparently the rich are not always philanthropic. I think Jemima Goldsmith has not had it easy – Imran, Hugh. I dated someone she dated. *claim to fame* *Leo attempt at name dropping*

                At least she got to pash Kate Moss, though.

              • Why address me ‘My dear’ Saturnian?
                I don’t understand.
                It sounds patronising to me. Apologies if I’ve misinterpreted your intent.

  5. A museum funhouse, more fun to visit than live in. Fascinating, creepy, great for Halloween or masked balls. Decadent and dark in a Leo-Scorp way.

    Don’t care for it for me, though. But my ‘dream house’ is a city loft apartment with a frequently changing address .. loaded 9th house lol

    • “a city loft apartment with a frequently changing address” Love that idea! Appeals to my desire for privacy.

      • Me too! I never seem to stay in the one place for too long. Would love to live in the country for the peace n quiet but would get bored (Gem NN)

  6. As much as I love shiny baubles, the time and expense to produce that glove makes me want to cry – thinking of all the amazing art it could have funded !

    But… that hallway is stunning! Would be a great entry for a club, all those mirrors give it a kind of ‘Less than Zero’ (movie not the book) vibe…

    Taurus + Neptune in Scorp

    • It could have been used for an artist’s grants or helped a charity. ugh. wastefulness on ugly things.

  7. Don’t forget about her long term affair with French philosopher intellectual Bernard Hemry Levy. She lives with him in NY and ion Paris despite his wife of 17 years, Arielle Dombasle. Betting MM is right about DG’s. Leo rising. BHL is certainly a Leo. His oft-mentioned quote is “God is dead but my hair is perfect!”. There’s def some Leo meeting of the minds between them!

    • He’s a fellow scorp- Maybe he has aries rising or some other strong fire in his chart? If she’s a leo rising, she would be attracted to that (?) as he is known for being narcissistic?

  8. I just love the photo with the couch! I think I would feel “happy” in that room (I do have scorpio in my 4th house). The hallway is too red and closed in feeling.

  9. Scorp Sun, Asc, Merc, Neptune here: “meh” to the glove and the mirrors and the bordello red.
    Love the hair and skin.
    Memo to self: work that grey once it appears and grow that effing hair, Tomboy!

  10. Not impressed. Very “meh” about her look and her stuff. I expect more from Aqua Moons. Maybe I expect too much?

    Boring glove unelss you are into fisting with diamond studded exfoliation.

    • 😆

      I don’t like any of it either. Not one single thing!!

      Too much colour and too much going on!! And those three floor lamps to the right look like glowing condoms!! Yuk.

  11. nice photos.
    being a cap would def wear it for:
    – fencing and swordsmanship formal events
    – chopping up veges for stew round the house and
    – temporarily restraining any wild beast with sharp teeth and claws 🙂

  12. 😯

    Great post Mystic! I am intrigued by the decor, it is fascinating to see inside other people’s homes… it just IS! 😯

    I love armour, natal Saturn (with Mars and Jupiter) in Virgo 6th house, and I particularly love the idea of the glove being a part of that! Of course I would wear the glove, it is hot!

    Gemini, ruled by the hands… 😀

  13. Def would wear… if given to me i’d take it, In a heart beat! Sagg Sun/Moon Scorpio Asc/Neptune LOVE that hair!

  14. I am trying, I really am. She wants jewelry to be something else and decides on armour, because it’s magic. I assume because it’s protective. Yet, her “jewelry that is more” is fake armour that will never be used for the purpose. So it’s for adornment/decorative purposes only, which is what I thought jewelry was.

    I would wear it. In a battle. Holding a lavishly bejeweled sword. In the 1500’s.

    Don’t love the decor. Do love the idea of marrying money.

    • Weeell, diamond armour might be useful for fending off demons or poor people trying to grasp at your general fabulousness? It isn’t very Pluto in Cap, us it? Bit naff really.

  15. Capricorn Sun and YES please, I would have that diamond glove, if only to wear it while raising a middle finger at the world before auctioning it for charity.

  16. Meanwhile. I kinda love that photo of Marilyn that’s been X’ed over. Nothing against our Marilyn, of course, but how fabulously, irreverently, shit-listy Scorpio to put up a picture of a massive cultural icon and and just whack a big dirty cross over it. The gall of it! It’d make me giggle and self-satisfied every time I walked in the room.

    • If I remember correctly Marilyn Monroe did this to the photos herself – she hated some of them and crossed out the ones she didn’t like …. she died soon after the shots were taken

      • It seems in line with the rest of her house/taste/stuff to me that she would choose to put on her wall a pic of a person who did not like the pic taken nor want it up in the first place? (yeah,no, but am sure she’s lovely in reality..).

      • Oh wow, thanks LJ, that’s fascinating in itself. And yes Andy, it does seem a little mean spirited to display something the subject tried to erase, but I reckon Marilyn, wherever she is now, is probably over it by now, and these little moments in history are inspiring to reflect upon 🙂

  17. Reminds me of the resurrection glove from torchwood (though the only thing in common is the colour!). Yes, i am a shut-in and watch too much tv…

  18. I like the kind of priestly nosferatu figure as her shadow. well yeah, not that into diamonds myself but I have a weakness for accessories that double as weapons and yes to armour so in concept yes. Weirdly interesting take on a jean d’arc/ elizabeth 1st meets royal jewels occult piece.

    House wise, genuinely surprised at the decor. Thought it would be more antique vampire and taxidermy meets alien objects x

    • Hey Ms.
      There’s a clip of her on the bottom of the link Mystic has above, just a 2 minute one. I like her jewelery armoury (spelling sorry ?) comment, and how some of the most sensitive people she knows are the most studded/tattooed looking.

      Her hair is magnificent too
      Respect to her, i think i first found out about her here, via you…xx

      • Im quite sure she’s been mentioned before its just that there is a certain scorpio league in fashion, edith head, isabelle blow and of anna wintour etc. and she is quite pro scorp which is kind of rare in fashion I think?x

  19. I love her shadow on the picture with the glove. Reminds me of Death…. Wondering if Death would wears this glove? Lol

  20. Her place is just awful. I would go crazy with all those mirrors. The glove is tacky. And don’t know why I get this real bitchy vibe from her. Looks like she has a real mean streak (and not because of her gothic undertones). Terrible she is probably lovely in real life.

  21. Mystic, when you say “Jupiter-Pluto is a common signature of people with $$$” does that include a trine??? 🙂
    I have a Jupiter in 4th house trine Pluto in the 8th.
    Saturn in the 2nd squares Juipter.

      • Awesome! Thanks Mystic xx

        Self made – but of course! Cap Asc here 🙂

        Now that the fog of Neptune transiting my 2nd house has lifted, I’m ready to make some $$ again.

      • Pause for thought…I have a Jupiter-Pluto trine too, with a Pluto-Saturn trine. However, any talk of inheritance makes me teary. Besides i expect nothing since i was told it would be squandered before it became an inheritance.

  22. I love this and I think the armor idea is awesome. I like when things are used creatively. I kind of like the voyeurism of the mirrored hallway as well in a me watching you watching me sort of way Sun, Pluto, Mercury in 8th house and Venus, Mars and Uranus in Scorp in 9th! 🙂

    • Hi Lavenderqueen,

      i like the hallway mirrors too, you would have that whole reflection reflection thing going on. My Piscean Grandmother has an old art deco dressing table with wing mirrors, as a child i loved putting my face in there and closing them in, so you are repeated and repeated but can never catch your own eye… same as my little Aries/Leo Rising 4 year old fellow, should have seen his eyes light up the first time i showed him….we all know where he’ is when he’s quite there now..

      I also reckon it would help keep my weight in check ! I would be like – ok before you have that second piece of homus on toast, go walk down the hallway naked and see if you really need it ! bahahaha !

      Cheerio & happy Neptune in Pisces day tomorrow !

  23. Hmm, the hall of mirrors bit with the red carpet definitely makes an impression..alas not a good one on me, with the exception of Ms. lovely mouth. The entire thing’s a bit too overt, and what is the Feng on this? It disturbs me.

    I think she’s a beautiful woman who doesn’t actually need all these adornments and it makes me wonder why she’s trying so hard. Is she the unofficial Gaga of the Super Set? I don’t know. The Scorps I do know don’t try this hard..

    • I think she’s beautiful too and great hair. They style isn’t me but in the 2nd pic it all seems to be incredibly well balanced irrespective of whether I’m into it or not.

    • I actually had similar hair to this some years ago. I was going through my nordic Hel phase so it was actually half and half but done well and on angle rather than middle part. I’ve never met her but she does patron some good designers. Gareth Pugh, who I love and a new campaign for Mac which she looks good in too. genuinely surprised re house decor

      • sorry these were all separate points I banged together in a sentence. sleepy work to death week x

  24. not sure about the hall, love the lounge room…

    I wish I was born to a bier barron 8)

  25. I was at New Work No. 2 for a few hours today, and a woman I had never met before turns confidentially to ask me, “Is my hair crooked? I think it’s more on this side?”


  26. Hey I have Jupiter in the 4th – Saturn-Venus-Chiron-Sun-Psyche in the 2nd.

    and Saturnian – sorry to see you go – i don’t think i was “empathising” with DG – that would be rather strange given i live in a grungy inner city suburb and my wardrobe consists of work-out gear, sarongs, jeans and american apparel t-shirts lol.

    oh and i think TLS calls everyone “my dear” something or rather

    What’s with all these people apparently knowing about DG’s pubic styling?

    Re posting choices – i just tend to go whatever is of astrological or occult interest to me – it’s not like I’m vanity fair with a mandate to cover the Rich & Influential beat but nor would i not talk about someone interesting just because she or he has $ lol

    come back soon and btw you realize that storming off a site like this is VERY full moon in leo?

    • Ooh you have Jup in 4th! So soz MM didn’t mean to spread untruths re yr chart which I have never studied btw as it seems a bit cheeky, do beg pardon.

      Saturnian hope you are back soon luv, xx.

  27. I agree. Come back soon Saturnian!

    Where do you have Saturn (natal + transit)? On your Sun, Moon, Asc, 11th or 7th house of other people? Check in with your Saturn and reflect.

    What you are doing – looking down your nose at blog posts / commenters views – is what you imply others do to you (did you realise?).

  28. Really don’t like the apartment, but I love the glove & would wear it.
    (Libra Sun/Gemini Rising)

    • P.S. Just went back & read more of the comments here.
      I’ll add that although I definitely don’t feel automatic sympathy for the uber-wealthy & privileged, I’ve always found Ms. Guinness very interesting and even sympathetic.

      She auctioned off a big part of her wardrobe for a women’s charity a while back – and then turned around and spent a huge sum buying her late friend Isabella Blow’s wardrobe because it upset her that it was being auctioned off. She strikes me as someone who interacts with the world in a completely emotional and artistic way – little-to-no political awareness . just the enthusiasm and eccentricity of a child.

      Of course, the very wealthy have the luxury of never really growing up if they don’t want to, and the image and meaning of that glove at a time when so many people have lost savings, homes, jobs, security, is hard to take.

      I was struck by the comment of the poster who mentioned knowing one of the people who worked on the glove & how little they made compared to what it cost. I have the vain wish that fashion magazines would start including the salaries of workers responsible for fashion along with designer & price listings.

      Of course, it’s not just the super-wealthy who benefit from low wage workers – any of us who’ve bought clothing made in low-wage factories by people with no rights or protections have a part in this global system that’s so full of injustice. That Guinness glove is just a big, sparkly flag highlighting the issue.

      • Your ideas intrigue me, including the tale of the auctions and your observations. Today at my local organic store i happened across an article that detailed the amounts in grams and litres of, for example pesticides and fertilisers used to make a certain number of clothing articles like t-shirts. The fashion industry is, according to the article anyway, the second largest user of water. This occurred to me some time last year or so, when i was watching people in the street, just watching all the mass produced clothes parading past me (yes, mine too, but i can’t see myself). And until today the thought has been rumbling away. Seeing the figures brought the inchoate feeling to a point, and now your post.

        Have you been decluttering? And have you been super aware of the cycle (or waste) of disposal? It has been important for me, and it has included things like shoes and electronics. One year i threw out a dozen pairs of shoes, the following year 8 pairs… all the plastic parts in a modern pair of shoes! There is also leather and wood and metal but i think of those shoes and realise they haven’t broken down yet! I’m not neurotic about it just highly intrigued.

        Don’t get me started on televisions in front yards 😆

        • I try to buy organic clothing whenever possible, but I feel you need to know a good crafty artsy seamstress who can take your ideas and choice of materials and make something worth wearing. I’d have a harder time if all I had were the common offerings, which I don’t like.

          A charity group I volunteer at occasionally, has these ugly standard T shirts in insanely bad colors with the charity logo to wear for identification when doing community service. I’m about to give my talented magic clothing worker an order for something better fitted with a tyedye background, official logo in front. I’m leaning toward a ribbed wife beater T.

        • milleunanotte, that’s fascinating – I had no idea the fashion industry made such a huge dent in the water supply & never thought about pesticides and fertilizers used in the making of common articles of clothing.

          My natural inclination is to wear clothes until they have holes in them (and sometimes past then). I’ve bought lots of stuff in the past that I never wore because it was for various personas I never ended up living out. I came face to face with this waste when I went through a major move last year. Decluttering was mandatory. & I was compulsive about donating stuff – wasting usable things makes me anxious and unhappy – and I had months to regret careless, unwise past expenditure. I think if I’d been dwelling on pesticide use as well, I’d have just pulled the covers over my head & never come back out – but it’s a really important thing to consider in the future when I start buying again.

          I read an article a while back about how, although it sounds nice to recycle bamboo into clothes, the amount of chemicals needed to process undermines any benefit to the environment. (I guess the moral of that story is it’s never good to trust the advertisers about environmental protection.)

          ArienScorp, I love your idea about using a local, individual seamstress/artist to create common pieces of clothing like T-shirts. IIt reminds me of a very different experience I had shopping with a friend at H&M (or some other big chain clothing store). I was examining the cheap camisoles & worrying about how flimsy they were, & my friend explained that because of their cheapness, the idea was to buy a bunch & wear them once & then throw them out. I was appalled. I’d been wearing my last set of (well-made) camisoles for over a decade.

          I’ve long thought the best way to furnish a new home would be to haunt craft fairs & buy from craftspeople there – it would be wonderful to use handmade things in the course of the everyday routine. Unfortunately, that’s not always something a budget can stretch around, but when I start weighing quality and artistry over quantity, I do wonder if some strategic choices in the future would give me more items I really loved & fewer I’m likely to discard in my next move, not to mention a lot less clutter to live with!