Thierry Mugler

“No tree, it is said, can grow to heaven unless its roots reach down to hell.”
β€” Carl Jung

Yeah, right ON. Seriously.

And where you have LATE Aquarius in your chart is where you’re suddenly waking up from your drowsy slumber and feeling so alive & clear that it’s amazing.

Ladies & Gentlemen, Aqua-Peeps are about to get more, well, Aquarian than you’ve known them in over a decade.

And your Aquarius bits are going to become more individuated. Check your chart.Β  The House Where You Have Aquarius is a good reference if you’re not sure how to figure out where Aquarius is in your chart.

Find your tribe. Connect here. Thoughts please.

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127 thoughts on “Aquamania

  1. I’m staying open. I’m not sure what this will hold but am quite happy to run with my assumption on long transits.. it takes a while to get rolling but you usually get some evidence of what it’ll be early.. then it subsides. If the heads up wasn’t captured then it’s catch up as it gains momentum. Well, that’s been my experience.

    My MC is late Aqua. I have no planets only asteroids, Lillith, Pallas, Phollus and Juno and they’re all around the middle.

    It’s my natal 3rd (AND I think I’ve been banging on about Neptune/Aqua 4th house happenings!! AND I always do that with 3rd and 4th!?). I will say that I definitely have some home/relocation/reno considerations and they might be triggered from someplace else.

    So.. MC, most exposed part of the chart.. re community, communication, research.. and I’ve read ‘taken for granted’ skills.

    I’m starting some study.. just doing pre-read, pre-groove/routine stuff now so that is a bit of a fit and it’s mental health related and community focussed.

    Other than that.. I don’t have any real sense of what happens and I do love one particular idea that I use often…..

    ‘Let life surprise you’

    No, not related to any Uranus movements consciously but I find if I do.. often it does in all the nicest kinda ways πŸ™‚

    • Let life surprise you -it always does in the nicest way for me too.

      Good luck with your study.

      • πŸ™‚ Thank you Lumiere!
        May life continue to always pleasantly surprise you!

  2. That sounds AWESOME! (said with the most American accent I can muster). Love your timeline and yes, still figuring ways to contort myself into your empty box/suitcase. Btw, I have Moon in Aqua in the 5th too!

    If my emotions are going to get more Uranian, I can’t complain – as presumably that means I will give less of a sh*t with people trying to mess with them. Oh and the implication that my EQ will reach cyborg efficiencies so I can analyze situational and/or group emotions with laser like clarity, even better!

    Savor your days pre-Cypress Libraquarius (Oh Purple One), a new life awaits! xx

  3. Yeah, so I have an Aqua Moon in the 5th house i.e. cyborg efficient processing of emotions, laser like clarity, individuated creativity and er.. even stranger off planet romance??

    Uranus in Libra in the 1st house too, though not sure if that’s at all affected. What am I saying? I’ve been reassigned from Pluto to Uranus. From the mines to space camp. Man…

    • Grins.. if anyone can roll with it you can Angel!

      Btw.. been meaning to mention.. just up the road from me on a telco box (for wiring/connections etc) that is painted almost identical to your avatar. When I first saw yours I wondered if you were local. Now I wonder about how it came to be here and uncanny coincidences.

      It’s at a set of traffic lights and I’m often gazing in that direction as I’m stopped there… I’m talking years!

      Anyway, I dig it πŸ™‚

  4. I have an aquarius moon (19.57)and my 9th (5.57) (with my moon in 9th also => does this have any meaning?, i’m kinda new to this) and 10th house(27.59) are also in aquarius. I don’t really know what all off this might mean, but i’ve woken up yesterday with the feeling that this could be the most adventurous month i ever had :), lot’s of travelling on my agenda, and start to look for my first ‘real job’, after graduation in june. I felt very energetic and empowered, I love these changes..

  5. Ohhh….4th house for me, and am I waking up? Considering I’m hypervigilant to ‘waking up’ , I’m sure I am, its like tape that just won’t stop this waking up thing! But that’s what ya get when ya sign up for natal astro ruled by Pluto, and yes down to the roots of the great big wise tree to see what grows there in the dark and final soil, did you know that actually some fungus that grows in the roots of trees is so expansive that scientists cannot find where the fungus starts or ends and is possibly completely interconnected all around tge earth! Hmmm how’s that for awakening! Brilliant damn stuff this is!

  6. A tree doesn’t root in hell. A tree roots in Earth.
    I know it’s just a metaphor +
    Carl Jung had a Christian background + he lived in the past century.
    But this Christian idea has caused our Earth a lot of damage.

    • Don’t blame Christianity for the fault of the faulty followers. IMHO all religions have damaged the earth in their own way. Humans are to blame.

      • I’m sorry, I didn’t mean to insult anybody
        (least of all MM, I love her work πŸ™‚ )
        Let me refrase the whole thing:

        I think the quote is outdated. Coming from another era. The tree is rooted in the Earth.
        Our pulsing mothership Earth. When you dig real deep, you still wont get to hell, but you’ ll reach it’s hot electromagnetic core

        (sorry about the name switching, i’m trying to figure out this avatar thing)

  7. Hmmm…I am Aquarius rising and conjunct to my 1st house (also pieces on there( and I have no planets in my first house.I’m super new to reading my own chart. I guess this means I need to be super out her with my appearance, hang out with like minded people and bone up on my science and technology??