Thierry Mugler

“No tree, it is said, can grow to heaven unless its roots reach down to hell.”
— Carl Jung

Yeah, right ON. Seriously.

And where you have LATE Aquarius in your chart is where you’re suddenly waking up from your drowsy slumber and feeling so alive & clear that it’s amazing.

Ladies & Gentlemen, Aqua-Peeps are about to get more, well, Aquarian than you’ve known them in over a decade.

And your Aquarius bits are going to become more individuated. Check your chart.  The House Where You Have Aquarius is a good reference if you’re not sure how to figure out where Aquarius is in your chart.

Find your tribe. Connect here. Thoughts please.

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129 thoughts on “Aquamania

  1. Aquarius in my 2nd house, which is I think a great placement, but will be frankly awesome to get Neptune away from. It’s a 5 degrees though, so presumably that happened a while ago and there is some other astrological excuse for my crappy earnings. And that, my friends, is the sum total of Aqua in my chart.
    3rd house at 0 degrees Pisces though. I really don’t like Neptune. Need to work at haute not low, but…it feels like trying to do haute Saturn, if you slip up a tiny bit, it zaps you.

    • Same here Lucy. Aqua rules my 2nd house, but I have no planets in Aqua otherwise. Been looking for full time work for over a year, but have never had a traditional 9-5pm job now that I think about it. It’s true that I’m not materialistic and making lots of money is not my reason for being, but having a regular paycheck would certainly alleviate a lot of financial woes. I’m hoping this late Aqua awesomeness will mean some independent, unconventional project will earn me big bucks, though that seems unlikely.

  2. I have two Aquas in my family and they are perpetually late. For everything. That’s not what you mean, dearest, but it’s the first thing that comes to mind.

    Research, research, research. Jung is a prophet. Deeper and higher, we have work to do.

  3. LibSun/LeoMoon/AriesAsc.
    Late Aquarius is the beginning of my monster-sized12th house. Hopefully Neptune will feel at home for me there. 1998 signaled my decision to take a very ambitious career path that I’ve begun to question lately..

    And if this means my Aquarius boyfriend will feel a little more grounded, then that would be nice, too :-)

  4. so my mom and i are both gemini sun….i have taurus moon and she has scorpio moon…..i have scorpio rising and she has aquarius rising.

    i have saturn and uranus (rulers of aquarius) both in my 1st house…

    my mom has jupiter in aquarius in her 1st house…conjunct ascendant…..and i have jupiter in aquarius in my 3rd house…square ascendant….

    i believe my mom and i are twin souls….anyways Carl Jung’s quote fits appropriately….i love it.

  5. Nothing in Aquarius except eros and Anti-Vertex. 3rd house.

    I have no idea what will happen if anything.Nothing in the opposite house in Leo either.

  6. My Aquarius is on my Innum Coeli. I had no idea what that meant, but Astro Dienst tells me that your IC is your base emotions.

    MM, can your IC be as significant as your moon? Or is there a diff?

    • I share your inquisitiveness: I have Venus, the IC and NN (plus Circe and Diana, if you’re asteroid friendly) lined up in Aquarius. I have to admit that i still can’t get a clear picture of the IC and the North Node, or if I do, then seeing them there together is just confusing.

      One thing i sense is that the Moon shows shifts and cycles in your emotions. The etymology of e= away from, out; movere helps me see this. IC is deeper at the core of you, your go-to place of motivation, your foundation. Pondering the distinction has been amazing work for me over the last two years… people sometimes tell me i’m smart but boy does it take an age to sift through layers of my own feelings. I feel like the kid in class who just doesn’t get it.

      • Scorp rising, me too, I felt Neptune more acutely (if possible) in the progression of my career – MC.

        I work in celebrity fragrances (which should figure, I have natal Neptune and Jupiter trining the Leo midheaven from the second and sixth).

        When Neptune sat bang on the IC, directly opposite the MC, I experienced a huge career “event” but since it was Neptune, it was all very deceptive, concealed, disguised, under the table, cloak and dagger type stuff, with a sleazy undertow. At the time, my heavenly guidance was “it takes a smart man to act stupid,” and “the easiest place to hide something is in plain sight”. Some of what I did was so subverted that I didn’t become conscious of the great risks I was taking until much, much later, on a hindsight basis.

        but now that the fog is lifting, I am thinking, “I want to be someone real” and “do not confuse trickery and wisdom”. the years will prove what this means.

        In any case I’m a big believer in how Mystic & Co. push “using your planets” … it’s as if God drops hints and you must humble yourself, dedicate yourself in order to be guided. I hope you find your way and I hope I’ve shared something useful.

        • btw my natal sun in libra is in the 11th and uranus is rising and exalted in scorpio, which means that I’m not really an aquarius but I play one on TV.

  7. Carl Jung. At thirteen, shopping for something smutty to read, I was instead inexplicably drawn to one of his texts in a retail bookstore. Had never heard of him at the time but bought it anyway and it remains as one of the most important reads in my life to date. Checking dual cosmodyne scores between myself and random people unknown but interesting to me, if my data is correct, I score highest with Jung (62.69, & 5 mutual receptions).

    The first 2/3 of my 12th house is Aquarius with Saturn at 20 Aqua and then asteroids (of course) occupy the rest of Aqua – among them Erda/894, Chimaera/623, Venusia/499, and Notburga/626. Loving the symbology of Erda and Notburga the most.

  8. Late Aqua is still in my first house – am in process of changing careers and more authentic identity, questioning basics like straight or gay, dealing with family of origin background and its impacts on me, sorting out my values, etc etc etc.

    Am in last week of finishing major task from old career.

    Two astro queries

    (1) if your house straddles Aq and Pisces – is that house always Aqua in nature, or does a major change like Pluto into Pisces colour the Aqua-ness, or does the house take on a Piscean character

    (2) the different house systems – Placidus, Porphry, etc – what factors influence an astrologer’s choice of house system

  9. my moon is 25 aqua, the only air in my chart but with aspects pinging all over the wheel…current subtle changes are both entertaining & exciting, as detachedness, airheadedness & brilliant batsoness all come to the fore…& I accept, accept, accept…

  10. Sounds like everyone’s ready for Neptune to move on, no matter where it is. Aquarius is my 10th house and it holds Chiron opposite Uranus squaring the Nodes. 11th house cusp is 0 Pisces. Please PLEASE astrogods and goddesses, let my career/public persona become fabulous and not endlessly foggy and weird. Thank you!

    • yes to that!-it is also moving out of my 10th house and i can feel the fog lifting…(YAY!) i also decided to put a few asteroids in and found that pholus (hidden potential becoming slowly but thoroughly manifest according to wiki) is 29 deg aqua-maybe that accounts for the sudden decision two days ago to follow a totally different career path but one that now i have made the decision gives me goose bumps to think about :-)

      • ooh-and i just noticed that pholus is transiting my natal sun/merc conjunction…
        that must mean something!

  11. Aqua Sun here, 4/5H .. Striking Jungian quote and the resonance with the “place” i am right now .. let’s just say, “hell” is the best school you can learn from, let’s just hope we’ll learn our lession while we’re still on Earth. And no, there’s no “heaven” for the ignorant ones. ~

  12. Aqua Mars, mean node, true node all in the 8th house. I have always been very individual. If I get anymore will be off this planet!

    • Focusing on the positives here as 8th house can be fears…..The 8th house is also all about:

      New beginnings
      Resurrection of the inner-christ
      Shared resources
      Deeply experiencing life to its fullest potential
      and rising up triumphantly from the ashes.


      • Thanks for your posts; as a fellow Aqua 8th house-er, I found them really useful! Fingers crossed that you’re right.

        • Hi curious I am a Cancer rising. So I think that is a zap area to watch as well?? From the little I know. Oh and also lots of libra too. How you finding the zap zone? I have definately rising from the ashes, am doing that now. (The ashes are still smoking a bit. ouch hot hot hot.)

          • Hmm, well I haven’t noticed the zap zone as such because my whole last year seemed to be about pain and endings and beginnings… So I don’t know if I could pin it down to Uranus-square-Pluto, even though that should be hitting me hard as a cardinal. I also have Saturn squaring my Sun, so I guess it would be doing that to your ascendant? And first Sat return this year! YAY. But this new year is hopefully going to be phoenix-like, as I am moving, making big changes, etc (plus last year was a numerological year 9 for me, making this year a 1! Phew.) 😀

      • 8th ruled by Scorpio / Pluto = Phoenix in search of ashes/ rising up and continue to rise!

        Think regeneration (Mars-Pluto), Taboo (hidden, mystery), Plutonic / intense meaning (Jung) through other, Mars(power)-TN(destiny) via others: is there a person/group to inspire/motivate/confidante? Draw in who/what you need to help transform could be 8th.

        Check how close Mars-TN are together? Within 5d is conjunction (powerhouse)

        • Me 8th house Aqua, True Node, Mars and Kataka rising. Have phoenixed and been re-born of sorts.

        • Yep Mars-TN within 5 degrees its a powerhouse. So is this a good thing? Harp you are a wealth of knowledge you commented on another post of mine and I found your advice fantastic. Thankyou so much.

          • It’s a GREAT thing ANON youve more power than you know.

            Glad to help! Uranus + Juptr at different ends of 8th, 9th – went deep into astrology study past few yrs also 12th h Mars for study hidden /spirituality.

            Like you and UcoolVirgo, Ive personal planet in 5d of TN, and Pluto tight in air and have realised the significance.

            Good luck.

            I have Pluto squaring my Sun – any advice? (I’m scared) Uranus opp Sun from 8th (scared of that one too) soon.

    • Sun and mars late aquarius in the 8th house. Now neptune is sitting right on my mercury at 0 degrees pisces. Be happy to get neptune off my sun and mars, but unsure of what its gonna do to my mercury.

  13. Aquarian Desdendant/7th trining my Sun-TrueNode-Mean Node-Pluto, trining my Lilith. One on ones have always been about and must be based on freedom -to grow- as the overarching theme and foundation. I am an individualist. This is as much about security and independence -mine-as the building blocks. Sun opposing Uranus is bringining this issue to the forefront even moreso.

    Off topic: Mars retro crap

    Mars retro has manifested as some annoying creep at work bothering me again to do a re-run of his show of attraction, lust whatever it is. So I’m doing Aquarian Saturnine even moreso: non engagement. Thanks for the heads up Mystic in the daily email.

  14. My moon is in late Aquarius/early 12th house, and is *heavily* aspected. Among a variety of squares and sextiles, I think it’s most notably trine Mercury, Venus, Jupiter, Pluto, and Vesta in my 7th house/Libra. Might some of you fine creatures help me to decipher what I should be expecting from this? Am I an Aquarian-type of person, perhaps, about to be even more emotionally aloof?

    • Well, the Moon should display the kind of fuel(s) you require to soak in – to output your Sun purpose expression. The 3d aspect is very mental and interactive by nature, so you can expect a major energetic back-up incoming from your 7th Libra cluster. Square one, all the hidden facets of our collective journing should not be hidden from you, you feed on them in fact. ~

  15. I have Aquarius intercepted in my 12th House (Cap is on the cusp, and Pisces is on the cusp of my 1st house–Mystic, I’d be very interested in your thoughts about intercepted signs and houses–I know some astrologers say they don’t mean anything, but surely they must? ). I’ve spent the last few days meditating and yoga-ing (yoging?) up a storm. Not to mention having INSANE dreams.

    • I’d like to know more about intercepted houses too. I’ve seen the term mentioned a few times on here, but without too much being said about their impact in the natal chart.

      I have Capricorn intercepted in the 1st and Cancer intercepted in the 7th, with no planets in those two signs.

  16. Aqua rising! Looking forward to cool awesomeness and philosophical resignation sans emotional delusions tyvm

  17. My moon is in aqua, in the 6th house. I suppose this means the realms of my work and health will be renewed, which makes sense because I am trying to figure out my purpose! Very exciting time.

  18. I have Aqua sun and Mercury in the 11th. Is there some particular significance of having Aqua sun in the 11th?

    If the 11th is about social persona and friends, I am not sure about a dramatic awakening because I have always been in humanitarian professions and had my social life and community life closely linked.

    Instead I feel like the year ahead holds more depth in relationships. I feel more like meditating and want to GET AWAY from having to be someone in the community. I want to be more like Lucien Freud and &**^^ the social expectations.

    True though that I am more up for seeing some hell as intrinsically part of the highs and doing significant things than I have been in the past.

  19. Makes so much sense. Late Aqua hits my sixth house cusp. All my daily routines have been rearranged and not by my choice. New job assignments, commutes, (both plural), all affecting my daily getting-my-kid-to-school life. And I am determined to hit the yoga studio at least twice a week. No idea how it is supposed to balance out right now. But…trust, eh? This is all good, yeah? Cause its stressing me out.

  20. Hum my Moon is barely in Aquarius, my Descendent (whatever that means) is 25 degrees Aquarius and my Saturn is at 22 degrees. All I know is my thinking is laser sharp and not butting up with any cow manure attitudes right now.

  21. Sun, mercury, mars, saturn n ascendant in Aquarius 12th house opposite moon in Leo. Thanking heavens for relief from Neptune’s fuzzy influence. Still trying to work out what lots of planets in Aqua 12th house means…maybe clarity will come. Its been a wild trip since 1998. I have noticed that Aquarians in my orbit seem to be falling in love all over the place.

  22. Sun in Aqua, Mercury and Venus in late Aqua in the 3rd? Better at communication perhaps. Could certainly help to finish my teaching pracs this year. Yippee. I’ve always had the gift of ‘foot in mouth’.

  23. Neptune has been trudging around the 7th house natal sun, merc and venus. I’ve mumbled about that often enough lately. It’s sailing into the 8th house where there is natal Saturn and Chiron. What does that mean? Crazy bats sex life? With a healing thing and hard lessons, like I haven’t done all that since 1998.

    More Aqua?? More mad, bad and not so sad lol.

  24. Sun in Aqua in the 10th…combined with Uranus going into my Mars in the 12th, Jupiter about to go on my Ascendant, and Neptune on my Mercury in the 10th I hope things are about to go nuts!!!! In a good way!

  25. 4th house Aqua…. Just moved into a fabulous new place over the weekend. Mind you I had absolutely NO intentions of moving at all. In fact the scopes mentioned something about ‘moving at the end of the month?” “No.. not me”… I am, in a completely new place. ‘m a bit stunned because from the moment it became available, to me sitting here now, seems to have gone by in a flash. Welcome to a new era indeed. :)
    It’s unbelievable too. Panoramic views the east with incredible sunrises each morning. No.. I’m not rich, I just happened into a phenomenal new place.

    • Ditto, my friend. Have a stellium of Scorpio flavoured planets in 1st house so Aqua in 4th, of course.
      Moving in 2 days into a new city and into a beautiful apartment and I cannot wait.
      I am making sure I’m leaving the old life behind: local charities don’t know what’s hit them.
      And it feels so light and right, n’est pas?

    • congrats that sounds beautiful!
      I share the Scorpio 1st House and Aqua 4th placement. i am hoping to redecorate but, no plans to move in the foreseeable future though.

      • Right, I have fourth house aqua too! Moving is def on my mind and has to happen in the near future, its not so brilliant at this stage with the options very limited in this town I live in, but I suspect it will be more about the feeling than the building because right now I’m living with someone who takes a lot of space energetically but locks themselves up in their room, my other housie and I find it disturbing, and fairly rude. So the release from this will be lovely I’m sure : )

  26. Hell, or my late Aqua, is in my 3rd house. Neptune will continue there in Pisces for two more years. I’m not sure if that means my communication style will go from weird to delusional, or what.

    • with neptune going out of aqua in your 3rd would that mean you’ve now got less delusions about your siblings or neighbours?…

      • Thanks for the thought-provoker. I think I lost my delusions about fam/others during this transit. I’ve come out of it well defined in who I am and how I relate to them. Hmm. Yes, this was the “authenticity” transit where I chose to express who I am and let everyone fall away or not.

        I have difficulty understanding Neptune. It’s hard to grasp. I have it natally in 12 where it’s happy, and moon, circe and venus all close together in Pisces 4th.

        Mars in Virgo I can understand. Do stuff.

        Man, I’m rambling.

  27. Late Aqua is smack bang in the middle of my 7th house, with Natal Saturn there at 29 Aqua. I feel I need to step out of ‘conventional’ type of relationships. I feel like I could continue with my
    21 year marriage AND have another relationship, and be happy in both.
    It’s like one is not enough, in the sense that it doesn’t fullfil all my needs, wants and desires.

    • I’ve got similar astro but Saturn in 1st, Aqua 7th.

      Saturn 7th could mean you take relationships v seriously and are a rock of support /foundation to your partner.

      I stood back and looked at my relationship and found it isn’t conventional at all – it has Aquarian archetype -freedom, distance, independence, innovative for growth of both people, the more Aquarian the better.

      • Yes, I can see that too in my life – and it’s quite appropriate that my husband’s Moon is in Aqua. Our marriage is very much a union of 2 independant people,

  28. Aqua is my 8th house with only Chiron which is currently sq my moon. Hmmmm ? Its deep for sure. I can feel it. Neptune’s been all over my chiron in the 8th for yonks. Funny though, when I look back over this past neptune phase little chiron hiding in my 8th turns out to have been my strongest influence over any other major zap zone cataclysms. I’ll be watching out for its movements more closely from now on.

    • Chiron really? Sigh.. Kinda hoping not. Have it natally in the 10th in Aries. You might suppose from this I never built an Empire and you would be right. If i do anything it will be in service to greater good, not for ego/$ gratification I think.
      Transiting Chiron to my 9th I learned I had ADD and how that shaped my education, choices and career options in life. It was very clarifying. Don’t wanna think about the 8th lessons… 😉

    • I hear this, chiron is transiting my 8th into 9th opp mars heading for south node then opp all my virgo. Very powerful stuff. x

  29. sun 26 degrees aqua in 8th house, moon 2 degrees aqua in 7th house, mercury 16 degrees aqua in 7th house… any thoughts? occasionally think my cancer rising mutes the aquarian in me, but really how could i get any MORE aquarian?

  30. Late Aqua is at the end of my 5th house. I’ve just found out that I’m pregnant. And we are relocating overseas in a month. I guess that counts for being awoken / ripped from a drowsy slumber! Things are certainly a-changin.

  31. late Aqua is at the end of my 6th house. Health has been improving. Did a major step back when Neptune went back into Aqua last year. My life is irregular, unscheduled.Definately at a turning point. Have another disability appointment in a week and a half.

    Neptune is now in orb opposing my natal venus. My 7th house is only 3 degrees away. Relationships.
    UGH!!! Just checked out a video of the multivirgo from last june to october. A friend posted it on facebook and I had to see. sigh……I doubt he even thinks of me.

    • I LOVE the Jung quote.
      My mom brought home Jung books from college when I was 12. I sat down and began reading them. I loved them.

        • Thanks. Catfish here is a Japanese woodblock print from the 30s.

          Scorpiontailed tongue….ouch!?

          • I love it!
            I have tried for months to get my gravatar to show up with no such luck. I give up!

            • It shouldn’t take months. Are you sure you entered the same email in the reply box here as you used to register at ?

  32. THATS WHY I FEEL LIKE A MILLION DOLLARS!! Haha aqua ascendant and aqua mars… The last couple days I’ve felt on top of the world and seeing so much beauty in everything! Blissing out extremely! Hope everyone ejoys it!

    • My Aqua Ascendant has been feeling exactly the same. Completely comfortable within my own skin for the first time in a long time!

      About time :)

      (We also share the same name!)

  33. Sun & Mercury in late Aqua in the 2nd… Feel like I’ve been down to hell – so ready to reach up to heaven.

  34. very late aqua rising– 29 degrees aqua rising so i’m basically a pisces rising but nevertheless have been feeling more individuated, more confident, giving less of a shit of what others think of me because i’m a pretty good person and you know what? it’s too bad if somebody else does not agree, and i’m probably as quirky as ever but whatever, i make it work 😉 so overall, feeling much better!

  35. Powerful image!! Gorgeous..

    late Aqua my mid 12th house and opposite natal pluto ….am wigging out on dreams and dark intuitions like a couch potato of my own inner foxtel fave channel. Really feel like I am living in the world and outside it at the mo’, trippy as that sounds it actually is bringing huge clarity and reality to simple business transactions and looking after my health well etc.

    Mars and Venus in opposition at the mo’ is interesting. Spicy to say the least.

  36. Quoting Gossip Girl here from the latest episode, titled “G.G.”, where her identity is revealed.

    “…but evolving is a tricky thing, you can’t change without changing the world around you and not everyone might see your transformation the same way you do but if you can make it through and truly be reborn, then maybe so can I, so beginning today, the past is just a prologue…it all starts from here…”

    “the past is just a prologue”, I like that.

  37. Moon in Aqua in my fifth house, Neptune transiting my fifth house. Am filled with plans for art and running courses in Cyprus. All has fallen into place, house has sold, cheque cleared straight away (while I was in a dress shop -absolute heaven!! – flying to Perth on 4th Feb, leave for Dubai 19th Feb, arrive in Cyprus 21st Feb – just in time for the New Moon. Is this good or what?

    • That sounds AWESOME! (said with the most American accent I can muster). Love your timeline and yes, still figuring ways to contort myself into your empty box/suitcase. Btw, I have Moon in Aqua in the 5th too!

      If my emotions are going to get more Uranian, I can’t complain – as presumably that means I will give less of a sh*t with people trying to mess with them. Oh and the implication that my EQ will reach cyborg efficiencies so I can analyze situational and/or group emotions with laser like clarity, even better!

      Savor your days pre-Cypress Libraquarius (Oh Purple One), a new life awaits! xx

  38. My midheaven and Chiron are at the end of Aquarius. They’re opposite mars, Pluto and Venus. I’m being gang stalked by tribes that definitely aren’t my peeps.

  39. 12th house Aqua. The colors in my dreams are off the chart. Last night I dreamed walking through a very ancient bridge in my town, holding the arm of a legendary photographer. I told him bridges are the best reminders of passing through life and death. The colors around us were blazing: A blood red tower nearby the bridge, houses with turquoise doors. Then we walked to a crowded area and I noticed my cat, who joined my life in 1997, I picked her up. The feline diva and I had walked through an ancient cemetery in the dream I had the previous night. Gem Sun/Cap Moon/Pisces rising, with rulers Neptune/Jupiter conjunct and Neptune at Aqua is squaring natal Neptune/Jupiter and Saturn/Venus conjunctions. :-) Bliss…

  40. sun is at 29 aqua…breaking through the concrete pavement and rising up to a sunny new venus and mars in 11th scenario.

  41. Aqua ruleth the 9th house for me. This means I become super individuated as concerns philosophy, travel & higher learning? What, more than
    I have already?
    Two years ago I was curious muggle.
    Now I am a bona fide crystal loving, tree hugging, conspiracy theory adopting, alien accepting, ascended master worshipping, energy healing obsessed interdimensional time traveller.

    Really I think Uranus has squeezed all the kooky juice it can out of me.

    • Lol! You know I laughed when I read that and thought, ‘that’s David’ then scrolled down… Yes, your crystal book is on my mind! Also i randomly found a post of yours re energy grids, arc or merkabahs? from an old post, it was so cool.. Want to know more.. How are you these days?

  42. Saturn in Aqua 28° in 2nd house. These last days of Neptune are driving me bats!! Or maybe it’s Mars retro aggro. Made a decision about career a few days ago but woke up this morning full of self doubt. Seems to be a theme with 2nd house.

    My Saturn squares Jupiter/Mercury and moon natally and opposes Mars.
    Think I’ll wait until the Neptune fog disappears completely before I take any action… 3 more days and counting…

    • I’m a 23 Aqua Mars and I’ve been feeling bats too. I’m hoping Neptune gone will help me feel/be more sane.

      • I think you have Cap Asc too? Def feeling his presence as well.
        Counting the days til Neptune Pisces… for a little softening of the edges. :)

    • Is self doubt a theme of 2nd house? I didn’t know. That makes sense. Many Thanks you’ve added more lumiere to moi. ?

      • Well, technically 2nd house is all about money, possessions, the things that you value, including your sense of self worth. So I just threw doubt in there as well because Saturn is my ruler and he makes me doubt my abilities. I have a natal Jupiter saturn square too which is a pain in the backside. Jupiter will have a great idea but Saturn comes along and says “you can’t do that!!… how’s that going to work?… how are you going to pay the bills?” etc etc.

        Interesting that Alain de Botton, the author of Status Anxiety has mercury in Capricorn.

  43. I have it in house 10. More rebellious ayy? “Ladies & Gentlemen, Aqua-Peeps are about to get more, well, Aquarian than you’ve known them in over a decade.” Oh boy…! lol Yeah the Neptune Aqua phase I was mostly a good person, that really didn’t do anything “bad”. And when it started to aspect my Mars…my rebellion was very hidden to most. Like I don’t look like I do certain things, or listen to certain music,. (metal, underground rap, and horrorcore) ;D It’s seems kind of wired that this transit isn’t happening in my child hood and teens. But in my early adulthood.
    But anyway I hope it’s fun!

    • okay maybe not more rebellious, maybe just more out there with my oddness to the public eye. ha

  44. Hello wonderful people, my Aquarius is in my 3rd house, and my IC is at the end of it. But no planets in it. I have no clue as to what that means… I read on astrodienst that the 3rd house is probably the least interesting for readings. Do you agree? That would probably mean that nothing great will change for me… So curious about your opinions!

  45. I’m staying open. I’m not sure what this will hold but am quite happy to run with my assumption on long transits.. it takes a while to get rolling but you usually get some evidence of what it’ll be early.. then it subsides. If the heads up wasn’t captured then it’s catch up as it gains momentum. Well, that’s been my experience.

    My MC is late Aqua. I have no planets only asteroids, Lillith, Pallas, Phollus and Juno and they’re all around the middle.

    It’s my natal 3rd (AND I think I’ve been banging on about Neptune/Aqua 4th house happenings!! AND I always do that with 3rd and 4th!?). I will say that I definitely have some home/relocation/reno considerations and they might be triggered from someplace else.

    So.. MC, most exposed part of the chart.. re community, communication, research.. and I’ve read ‘taken for granted’ skills.

    I’m starting some study.. just doing pre-read, pre-groove/routine stuff now so that is a bit of a fit and it’s mental health related and community focussed.

    Other than that.. I don’t have any real sense of what happens and I do love one particular idea that I use often…..

    ‘Let life surprise you’

    No, not related to any Uranus movements consciously but I find if I do.. often it does in all the nicest kinda ways :)

  46. Yeah, so I have an Aqua Moon in the 5th house i.e. cyborg efficient processing of emotions, laser like clarity, individuated creativity and er.. even stranger off planet romance??

    Uranus in Libra in the 1st house too, though not sure if that’s at all affected. What am I saying? I’ve been reassigned from Pluto to Uranus. From the mines to space camp. Man…

    • Grins.. if anyone can roll with it you can Angel!

      Btw.. been meaning to mention.. just up the road from me on a telco box (for wiring/connections etc) that is painted almost identical to your avatar. When I first saw yours I wondered if you were local. Now I wonder about how it came to be here and uncanny coincidences.

      It’s at a set of traffic lights and I’m often gazing in that direction as I’m stopped there… I’m talking years!

      Anyway, I dig it :)

  47. I have an aquarius moon (19.57)and my 9th (5.57) (with my moon in 9th also => does this have any meaning?, i’m kinda new to this) and 10th house(27.59) are also in aquarius. I don’t really know what all off this might mean, but i’ve woken up yesterday with the feeling that this could be the most adventurous month i ever had :), lot’s of travelling on my agenda, and start to look for my first ‘real job’, after graduation in june. I felt very energetic and empowered, I love these changes..

  48. Ohhh….4th house for me, and am I waking up? Considering I’m hypervigilant to ‘waking up’ , I’m sure I am, its like tape that just won’t stop this waking up thing! But that’s what ya get when ya sign up for natal astro ruled by Pluto, and yes down to the roots of the great big wise tree to see what grows there in the dark and final soil, did you know that actually some fungus that grows in the roots of trees is so expansive that scientists cannot find where the fungus starts or ends and is possibly completely interconnected all around tge earth! Hmmm how’s that for awakening! Brilliant damn stuff this is!

  49. A tree doesn’t root in hell. A tree roots in Earth.
    I know it’s just a metaphor +
    Carl Jung had a Christian background + he lived in the past century.
    But this Christian idea has caused our Earth a lot of damage.

    • Don’t blame Christianity for the fault of the faulty followers. IMHO all religions have damaged the earth in their own way. Humans are to blame.

      • I’m sorry, I didn’t mean to insult anybody
        (least of all MM, I love her work :) )
        Let me refrase the whole thing:

        I think the quote is outdated. Coming from another era. The tree is rooted in the Earth.
        Our pulsing mothership Earth. When you dig real deep, you still wont get to hell, but you’ ll reach it’s hot electromagnetic core

        (sorry about the name switching, i’m trying to figure out this avatar thing)

  50. Hmmm…I am Aquarius rising and conjunct to my 1st house (also pieces on there( and I have no planets in my first house.I’m super new to reading my own chart. I guess this means I need to be super out her with my appearance, hang out with like minded people and bone up on my science and technology??