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Lucien Levy Dhurmer

“Hi M,

You know how your horoscope said optimism about LOVE for Leos?  I was all, naw, no way, not possible, and actually, I’m fine with that because I’m into being self-absorbed and pursuing what I want these days.  I think it’s really fun and nice to spend a day at the spa with my girlfriends or home with a book or runningyogarunningyoga.  So no love, no thank you, all set, pass that energy to someone else.

My ex said he’s sorry this weekend.  This might not seem significant, but we split in May/June/July (How does one even determine the date of a split when it’s drawn out?  Date it was proposed?  Date I moved out?  We slowed down the paperwork because this is India and he’s on my visa, so I didn’t want him to get kicked out of the country, so there’s no Legal Date- at least not yet.).  

For me, I’m all, “What?  Sorry?  Wait- what does that mean?” because that’s the first time he’s apologized.  I realize this makes him sound like the Biggest Jerkface In The World that only now did he say he was sorry, but for someone who didn’t even DO anything wrong (zero infidelities or lies- we both consider them beneath us- the issue is his depression, his manhood, his self-expression, his being, actually everything except the marriage- and that’s what he’s starting to realize), this is huge.

And it’s been the most fucked up thing ever because we’re both semi-public figures here so everything we do gets repeated and reported and we’re friends with all the magazine editors, who have told me that people tell THEM and want to know why it’s not in the columns and the editors are all like, “Gossip columns are not for people like X and X.  Eff off.”

No names because everyone I know is reading your blog right now.  Like, everyone.  Ambassador X is reading your blog.  Everyone is all over that thing and they’ll all know it’s me because it’s become a Top Conversation Piece because I’m the person coordinating half the parties.

Anyway, we’re not together, but for the first time in eight months, it’s nice.  We’ve had this weird relationship since then of Mega Fuqwit Angst and Starting Businesses together (Yes, I realize they don’t go hand in hand, but our combined business acumen is wicked because we fill in the other’s weak spots, so we took a break from the biz end of the relationship and have started it up again recently- restaurants, apps, social clubs, websites, all of it- super fun and now that I know I’m a Leo, Super Leonine, rarr).

Oh fuq me, Mystic.  I don’t know what will happen, but listen, I was as cynical as they come.  I mean, if I can’t hack it in a relationship with the person in the world who I’m most compatible/in love with, then maybe No Relationships for me.

So all this is weird. 

Also also I don’t know what it’s like in Australia, but there’s a funky green ooze vapor all over everything in Mumbai right now.  My best friend also commented on it, like everything in the scenery is OFF for a few days, like those scenes in “Inception” where the setting isn’t quite right and then everyone is looking at you as if you’re in a Camus novel.  We both went to temple to burn incense and paper money and cleanse the ghosts.  I don’t know if it worked because I got ash in my right eye and it still hurts.

Anyway, A+ to you for super spot-on scarily accurate horoscopes.  Thanks for all you do.  XO

The Leo Diplomat”

Truly i’m blessed with the most fascinating readers, commenters & um, communicators.  I’m taking “everyone is looking at your as if you’re in a Camus novel” and incorporating it into a horoscope. I believe it would be an appropriate statement for a slightly off Saturn-Mercury aspect, but with a Piscean Moon as the backdrop.  And you’re already a Water sign. Something like that. As for the Leo love regeneration; believe it.

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41 thoughts on “A Leo Diplomat In Mumbai

  1. I know it is fuging hard to believe in Love , I will not give up !! Trust is hard ! Believing is very good! Beautiful post! I can feel the love !!

  2. ” As for the Leo love regeneration; believe it.” I do hope this is also true for those of us with Leo Rising.

  3. Reconsidering ALL relationships, past and present… I must admit, I am leaning towards voluntary celibacy with occasional on-demand sex… I feel I can’t “do” relationships anymore. I’m too far gone… Or so it feels these days… Triple Leo…

  4. after some years of opening the heart & excavating some of my crap;
    I can say that I feel the love. From me; to the universe & back to me but it feels like it’s about to get personal; don’t know where from but it’s coming…

  5. My dear fellow Leo Glamazon,

    i love your descriptions – especially camus and the temples but from one Leo to another, are you not just staging a gigantic justification for shagging your ex? I say this with the utmost affection and admiration.

  6. For all your protestations about discretion and privacy, if I moved in these circles I reckon I’d know exactly who you are from the information above.

    Maybe it’s a Leo thing, demanding privacy while telling all. For the drama, you know?

    • I 2nd that, it feels like spinning spinning the words, never had a point or something? But I do sense some self absorbed sarcasm there…. : )

  7. 😯

    You had my complete attention Leo Diplomat… fascinating! Thanks for sharing it! I must confess to giggling about the ash in your eye while trying to cleanse… the irony of it made me laugh but in saying that hope your eye is ok! 😯

  8. Dear Mystic and The Leo Diplomat,

    I now believe the Leo-Love-Regeneration is here, also.

    PS: Mystic, your daily email for Monday was spot on, for me, I deffo sensed a new start and an end…


  9. Hi, is this the place where I can gripe about Valentine’s Day? Because seriously, wtf. It was never this bad in years past. But now? Everywhere I turn, someone’s talking about it, a broadcaster’s dropping it into their show, and it’s aaaallll over tumblr. Just what I need when my heart is broken.

    Oh whoops, this is all about optimism in love… My bad.

    • ITS YOUR SUBCONSCIOUS MIIIND right when you need to get away from all this the most it all floods back to you. fun innit?

    • Ummmm confess I am a Valentines day grinch as well. I think it is mean to single people and makes them feel left out. Everyone deserves to feel loved even us single people.

      • It can feel like a real slap in the face. I heard one radio announcer scorning another (who was married) because he didn’t get a valentine, and was just like ‘dude, shut it. You’re alienating your listeners’, lol.

        • Happy Valentine’s Day to all my ex lovers…..
          You ignored me, used me, cheated on me, took my money, hit me, lied to me, but I forgive you and still love you. I hope you find or are with the right girl for you. HOWEVER, I love myself even more than I ever loved you and am so grateful to be single and not putting up within someone else’s demons, bullshit, drama, or issues. Untill the right one for me comes along, I am Satisfactorily Single.

          In Love with Myself,
          Catfish Moon <3

          • hey that’s cool!

            did you see Kim falconer’s blog post about self-love, eros, psyche … romantic love with another has to start from a place of healthy self-love – necessary to take risks and enjoy life.

            happy day to you.

          • Yay for you. I am almost at that place. And thankyou for getting me to work harder to get there. 🙂

  10. Leo Diplomat, please start blogging. Mega Fuqwit Angst… I can so relate. I’m using that in a sentence today.

  11. This is such BS– people don’t go to temples and “burn paper money” and “cleanse the ghosts.” They do that in China, not India. There are no ghosts in Indian temples–only gods and goddesses. And we don’t burn paper money. We give money to the priest or put it in the donation boxes (called “hundi”) Don’t believe everything your silly emailers tell you, Mystic.

  12. . . . especially the emailers calling themselves “Leo Diplomat”–talk about oxymorons -on top of being morons . . .

  13. About half way through my BS radar went off but the turn of phrase was so fun I was happy to suspend belief and read on. At the end I was convinced it was BS but I enjoyed the ride anyway. Hope ‘Leo Dip’ has plans for a novel/ telemovie !

    • yeah, me too, possibly the same charater who wrote the leo rising email question.

      the ash in eye ending is hilarious.

  14. Love Camus, Inception, would like to see Inception 2, 3, and 4…and the Mumfords are the best peeps in the world doing great things behind the scenes tirelessly and thanklessly as always.