She’s Wearing It

I'm really enjoying travelling and sleeping with good looking peopleHer Aries – her Saggo Rising – the Moon in Scorpio: I’m totally seeing it all right here, right now.

This is, in its own way, a blazingly feminist statement, for her younger female fan base.

That’s if you compare it to – for example – anything kardashian.

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117 thoughts on “She’s Wearing It

  1. Meh… Kardashians…. did nothing for their fame except be born into wealth. NEXT…. and not just Kim, but the others too.

  2. Why am I having visions of Gagag strangling on that hair piece? …. pun fully intended.


  3. I quite enjoy some of her music (despite or is it because she borrows so heavily from others). I like her anti bully and pro gay stance – there she does seem genuine. But everything else seems so forced and calculated (the cup of tea – please, spare me), that I find I can tolerate her less and less.

  4. I saw her perform live in 2010 in Australia, the Monster Tour. I was amazed at how insecure she came across – esp, that you say she is an Aries, and doesn’t she have a Saturn Ascendant too (saw inn a recent post?! that would make for self-confidence issues to address/grow into)? But seriously, she made me realise how hard it must be to pull off a tour and perform live. She didn’t make it look easy at all – probably needs some Virgo edgy nervousness (to make sure everything is perfect – I once read that in an interview with Tom Ford – he doesn’t sleep because he is nervous about his shows/work – why it’s his work is darn sleek!).

    great photograph – it’s got a retro feel.

    • A Scorpio moon is INTENSE enough to put a cautious dint in any sun signs personality…

    • yah, Saturn conj my ascendant kills my leonic confidence often – still. i am still learning how to deal. I get rescuers and men who think they can manipulate me, but thankfully have almst but not quite moved beyond. My Toro bf (libra rising, sagg moon) seems to bypass that, but I’m still learning. I cannot be totally on an equal level with him until i do – that’s my lesson.

  5. But in the ‘Her Saturn is showing’ post (13 Sept 2011) it says she has Saturn rising.. Wouldn’t it be saggo in neptune rising (generation)?

    maybe you mean saturn in 1st in saggo, as well as saggo rising??

  6. Don’t have any albums of hers, or tracks, if i hear her it doesn’t make my ears bleed or pull at my solar plexus (like some music does). I can’t help admire her individuality, i hope she lasts as long as Madonna, the worlds a better place with her. I htink she’s a cool role model. She’s living her dream, go get ’em Gaga.

    I loved Millies new word for the kardashians – KarKrashians! I haven’t seen them in anything, i wonder – is the world a better place for them ? possibly not IMHO.

  7. i am with little joey on this one ! i think she is too shrewd and never gonna self destruct like amy winehouse etc.

  8. It may be feminist statement crica 1970-80s because she is empowered to own her own movement and has sexual freedom… I as an older women relate to this… But the feminist issues surrounding young women and men (a lot of her audiance) in 2012 constitue the pressure of young people to have uncommitted, graphic, constant sex with men and the focus and pressure is on their body image to secure it… I would say it is anything but feminist to the younger generation… in essence she is promoting male desire – to be hot and move on …

    • and i understand that a lot of women desire this too but I think the rampant sexual/pornographic culture of the now is domianted by images of men overpowering women.. it doesnt seem to be a celebration of a womans sexuality but an adherance to masculine norms… end of rant πŸ™‚

      • Brilliantly said! I agree totally. Thanks so much for saying it so much better than I could have.

        • Cheers.. i think the new wave of feminism will be very interesting and possibly a move towards something that seems radical but is in fact very conservative… it will be interesting to observe x

          • sorry, i don’t know what it is you are observing but to have a new wave of feminism we’ll need a another social movement about sexual liberation which makes room for a range of (ethical) options as wide-ranging and diverse as human desire is, and people taking it to the streets in large numbers from many (Western) countries – and I don’t see it happening anytime soon, sadly.

            I emphasise ‘ethical’ because raunch externally dressed up as sexual freedom is same old same old mirror of oppression of marginalised groups – it’s needs to come from internal – what we want re sexuality, not at the cost of keeping anyone down.

            ‘radical’ and ‘conservative’, wtf? these are old loaded labels that don’t do much for the sister/brother/anyhood especially any ‘new’ movement!

            • Sorry, there seems to be a contradiction is what your saying.. your suggesting that ‘radical’ and ‘conservative’ are ‘old loaded labels’, which I assume you think dont apply in todays society? Maybe they dont in middle-class white Australia but these labels are quiet relevent dipictions of feminism beyond these boundaries (and you do know that sisterhood/brotherhood was rejected in feminism in the 80s because its ‘loaded’ with ethnocentric, colonial patronage…?) Your then saying that the only way a new movement will progress is by ‘people taking it to the streets in large numbers from many (Western) countries’… wtf…?
              Are you suggesting we use post-post-modern discourses to identify or label feminisms (which are only relevent in the west) but then rely on traditionally modernist type feminist styles of social change? So your rejecting how i should ‘label’ feminism on the grounds of it being ‘modernist’ and then using modernism to support change… It doesnt match up …. but i agree with your analysis on Raunch..

      • Yeah. Women as objects of desire, men as the desirer. But it’s not as though men have the monopoly on flings, nor women on ‘love and commitment’ …something for everyone I guess

        • Isn’t that the point of a blog – to discuss opinions.. this is just another one πŸ™‚

          • Yes, of course. There are so many rants on this blog about this topic and what you’re saying … Get active about it outside the blog (that is, if you’re not already)!

            I have picked up a few pointers just from reading the awesome people’s discussions and debates here about this issue over time.

            • Your right and I am an actively working feminist pushing one of the most male dominanted industries in the world to be more gender sensative… ive picked up some points on what you have said today.. thanks πŸ™‚

              • Good for you. But just one male dominated industry?!

                Please have a look up every ladder you come by – pick any ladder – less women up top in EVERY industry. Yes, even the female dominated industries have more men in exec roles! And, while you’re at it, check out the ladders in the raunch industry – Playboy, Hugh Hefner’s empire is CURRENTLY run by his daughter. So it’s pervasive and sorry to burst your bubble that change is slow, and yes some of us are too busy working on it than to explain to someone on an astrology blog who has only just caught on.

                • Honey you havent burst any bubbles i have a Phd in feminism and support numerous NGOs advocating for feminist change.. why are you so condescending and agressive… the biggest challenge for feminism is not male misogny its female’s attacking each other…

                    • Yes you did. Up above in the comment before I asked you whether you were a Gemini.

                      TT, I share your frustration but this is an amazing blog, it’s not a thesis.

                      Further, I owe you an apology because I projected onto you for a second you may be Germaine Greer or someone like that who I was intellectually sparring with (Leo Ascendant – imagines their audience real or not). I really like Germaine (her Sun is on my Aqua descendant), and I really want to learn something “new” about this whole debate. Possibly another reason why I love this blog – Mystic has Aqua Ascendant and I am always learning. [Note to self, must contact my uber-Aqua friend to revisit these arguments even though she is as frustrated as I!!].

                      Please don’t take offense, but I’m not doing theories when Venus is catching up with Saturn and then almost conjunct Neptune in my house of love (and fogg) this wknd, and the Leo Moon is conjunct my Ascendant. I read (below) you have Taurus Ascendant – fixed. I too have Taurus Moon (fixed), so we have some similarities. Maybe many.

                  • Right, since I was off in a real time struggle where another female was attacking me, I’m coming quite late to THIS discussion. Riveting!

                    You both have amazing points and I’m glad we’re all the better for it. Agree about the Raunch, totally.

                    Twin Times, yes, it’s true. Somehow in the evolution of being a feminist vis a vis the current pop culture (and those are two separate and distinct things), we have been undermined by being entrapped by the conundrum of “only being powerful if we act like men”. I’m not saying all the time, but in reference to implications you noted on the above Gaga statement, yes.

                    Mind, I love traveling and sleeping with good looking people too, no doubt and the comment was perhaps meant to be flip, so I don’t want to get mired in a for/against gaga issue. And the point you’ve made I’ve seen incessantly played out is that yes, women turn on each other.

                    Compassion isn’t solely a female trait, but definitely women generally find less confronting, cooperative solutions. I’m just not sure why that doesn’t always come into play between each other.

    • its all about advertising and sexuality. totally agree. gaga is clever enough to make her product placement work etc but I hardly call this a sexual revolution and feminist statement about sexual expression and expression in general

      an ENTIRE subcultural movement has been nailing all the queer, s&m punk, rock, glam, haute and underground for years and years its just finally hit pop. Don’t get me wrong I’m not anti gaga. but I entirely agree with the above. This is not my revolution.

    • What is wrong with being hot and moving on? I’ve always explained to temporary lovers that we were not doing commited. Perhaps you are complaining about those who do such things without honesty? If I meet a man and have sex with him within hours, does he even have a right to expect emotional ties?

      Some days it’s all hemp seed and gojis and foods I am commited to long term. Occasionally, it’s wine and chocolates, which alone will not sustain life. I have my men the same way.

      Yes, I’m female, if you don’t know.

  9. .. I agree twintimes. Have you read ‘The Slap?’ I didn’t like any of the women in it. They either wanted to be possessed/owned by men, who by the way ‘f**ked’ them, not made love (reminds me of that t-shirt ”Making Love, What my girlfriend does when I f’k her’) or they wanted to prove their self worth by having children who were better than other women’s children. In fact, the author states it, quite simply. He says women can’t give the world the stability and fairness that it needs, because they will always put their children first, whereas men can step outside that and be fair in society. It is because of the lack of fathers and a good male role model that society is fraying. The men weren’t that much better, wanting women (their wives, mothers) to look after them emotionally, while still wanting to have their end away with other women. However, I quite liked a few of them! To say that to their wives, by the way, was the height of honesty. For the women, on the other hand, to want to be with other men, was the height of dishonesty and loyalty (But you are Married!). Another thing: it seemed to be OK for a 42 year old to have digital sex with an 18 year old employee of his wife’s, (no penis, you see). How would that be if it were a male 18 year old being fisted by a 42 year old? Would that ‘not count’? too?
    Bridesmaids is by far the best movie for women last year – at least it’s honest. Lady Gaga doesn’t know whether she’s Arthur or Martha

    • I thought all of the characters in the Slap were horrid but that it was Tsiolkas’ intention that they be awful. I didn’t think the women were any worse than the men (although I did think the book suffered from that common issue where the author simple can’t write female characters very well – I often think that when I read books and the women seem a bit two dimensional and limited).

      • My new neighbour is in episode 3 of that T.V show. I stopped watching it after I saw it, cause he got beaten up in it and Saturn is on my 3rd H.

        Leo ascendant and no matter where I live or how far I move actors are always around me. Sorry, not to be grouchy about them, but this weekend is personally touchy. Love all performers and Leo’s.

    • The SLap….aaghhhhh Turgid suburban drama, with tedious suburban stereotypes… *avoid! avoid!*

  10. .. and by that I mean not that she’s bisexual, but that she doesn’t seem to have a lot of self-esteem and is being swayed by a lot of breezes. She moves whichever way the wind blows. Not to say that she doesn’t have a lot of talent.

  11. Whatevs u make of her politics you have to acknowledge she is prolific as an artist ATM. She ain’t no slacker in the pluto Capricorn times.

    • Agree.. but i think her politics is what makes her… which says somthing about our culture at the moment πŸ˜‰

      • “Simplicity is the true reward of art” —Chopin
        But complexity is the stuff of marketing, even through academic channels BTW.

        Some artists are born, some are made etc etc…

        If you can ONLY see the politics of a pop icon who is also a songwriter, musician and performer, well, in my view you are talking about culture with the soul ripped out of it.

        Another great example of this is Dolly Parton, the world’s richest poet, and a woman. Or shall we just do a discourse on her boobs and hair?

        How about Mandaway Yunupingu ? One time Australian Of The Year, lead singer and co-writer of a chart topping band Yothu Yindi, and innovator of Yothu Yindi Foundation helping close the gap in indigenous education and provide opportunities for young indigenous musicians—-So he sounds like his politics are progressive and pro-indigenous but that doesn’t mean his contribution to pop culture is defined by it, even though it does come through in his music.

        Perhaps I am not making this point very clearly,my Neptune on the MC πŸ˜‰
        but the lense through which we perceive any art is that which says something about our culture/society. I personally don’t see Lady Gaga as a precocious porn attempt and a threat to the integrity of women having choices at all. Check out TYLER- THE CREATOR on youtube as just one other example of deep individuated freakishness that is currently getting a lot of pop viewing.
        On this site I would reflect on this in terms of Uranus, Neptune in Aqua, and as prieviously commented, the hard working Capricorn.

        I did a calculation the other day of the Earth’s total land surface area divided by population and we each have equally 201 square metres.. So there is room enough for everyone , and their opinions. ( actually there has was that new island formed yesterday by volcanic activity which I hadn’t factored in)

        I have almost zero exposure to commercial news media of any sort – TV, headline, papers, magazines etc so , gathering from the music and the video and stuff I can find online from bipartisan sources is what informs my viewing eye these days. And Lady Gaga seems as about as refreshingly different as I have seen hit the masses for a looo0ong time, so I am happy to enjoy her success , culturally, as long as it remains, and probably for years after too. If that says SOMETHING about me, I don’t have an alarmed fence around my hypothetical 201 square metres, so am open to exchange ideas. πŸ™‚

        But like many creative souls I do enjoy and possibly try to protect my pleasure in the simplicity of art.

        • P.s. Twintimes, so your a Gemini? SNAP! πŸ™‚ Care to share your rising and/or moon?

        • Good food for thought…

          I guess I think everything is political – I dont think this takes away from an artist or the way I percieve art … For acknowledging something is political is not about right and wrong, justice or injustice… Or having to make a stand…its recognition of our unique traditions and opinions which formulate creative meaning and allow us to enjoy and/or share art… This process is political if we like it or not.. Even your opinion of the a-political nature of art is a political stand..

          Im Gem, Taurus rising and Sagg Moon πŸ™‚ does that explain it?

  12. So I was just reading that she reads a lot of Osho and is considering an Osho tattoo.

  13. Not sure? He doesn’t really have a symbol perse.

    Don’t think she is either. I saw a copy of her tweet.. she was pondering, then going to have a vodka and write music. LOL, it could end up looking like anything πŸ™‚

  14. LOL, Libraquarius; vive self-love. As a hopeless perfectionist who is pushing 50, with Ven-Nept on Asc, I have to work on shutting my inner-critic the fuq-up all the time…
    Actually, that was my immediate interpretation of Gaga’s quote – that she meant “I love sleeping with my good-lookin’ self” – as should we all, yes? Maybe that’s me looking for the best in her…but then it DOES resonate with what an Aries mid Uranus transit (her) might think, yes?

    • lol, Fi, you could be onto something there with the self-love. Or even during a Uranus transit I would want to ask someone who says they love sleeping with good looking people to define “people” 8)

    • Re self love, I have read that she’s said in interviews that she wants her fans to love themselves. Aries Sun is exalted (I think) and would be comfy as a leader/spokesperson and the Uranus transit would add oomph, yes??

      • This is a very interesting discussion, you guys! So diverse. Love it!

        The sun is indeed exalted in Aries. That, with the added oomph from Uranus makes her desire to lead, pioneer and demonstrate the ‘untamed fire of impulse’ (as one of my very first teachers, Isabel Hickey, used to say) blast out, sky high!

        Osho was Sagittarius. I wonder what she’ll do about that tattoo!

        • Have been pondering Osho quotes, they are very long! She’s not a big person.. Here’s one: “To be creative means to be in love with life. You can be creative only if you love life enough that you want to enhance its beauty, you want to bring a little more music to it, a little more poetry to it, a little more dance to it”.

          • I loathe positive affirmations. They often sound like a bunch of pretty words strung together but mean nothing! What a load of bollocks that quote is. One doesn’t need to love life in order to be creative. A lot of artists suffer from depression but still create. Art is the only way they can endure it!

            • To be depressed doesn’t mean to hate life. It means to feel pain from it. A lot of artists suffer from depression and create because they love the act of creation, which is way of saying they love the act of making life I think.

              • Nah, just hate life. Giving birth is making life. Art is bringing something TO life but its not life itself.

                • Having given birth I can say I felt about as much part of the act of creation as when I paint a picture, actually maybe less… I mean a baby really grows of it’s own accord within you, your real job is accede to the process with infinite grace & love.
                  Art is bringing something into the world in a legitimate way.
                  Well you can certainly be conflicted about life I imagine, hate it on a level and be astounded by the beauty, then need to create as a way of channeling all the intensity felt.

                  • Andromeda that is the most succinct articulation of creativity and procreativity ! Beautifully put. Thankyou

                  • “… then need to create as a way of channeling all the intensity felt” Yes you’re right.

          • Thanks Andromeda, I hadn’t heard that one.

            “Life is a garden. It is an opportunity. You can grow weeds, you can grow roses; it all depends on you.” (~ Osho)

        • OSHO a Sagg???
          That’s exlains his wicked humour.
          Have you heard his discourse on the word ‘Fuck’ being a noun verb
          & adjective…….seriously lol.

          • Big wide grin!!!

            Of course he’s a Sagittarian!!

            Ah… yeah that’s totally awesome. PS – have posted that one above πŸ™‚

            • Ha Scorched Earth, you found it!
              And thanx Kim for that info.

              And look at all the Capricorn!!! The old Goat πŸ™‚
              No wonder he empire built with amazing biz plan. Methodical.
              Jupiter in Leo & he chose a Triple Leo to carry on his work,
              Margot Anand.
              His knowledge of how the mind works is phenomenal.

              • Cap too.. ok, when I get back from appts I’ll have to check it out.

                He was something else. His books are great, just the flow of his insights etc πŸ™‚

            • Oh man thanks, Scorched! I fkn loved it! Took a while to sit still with the slow speech but you could tell he’s a cheeky bugger pretty much straight up.

              • Hahahaha… yes isn’t it great!

                He’s so dry πŸ™‚

                He’s so aware of how he frames up his stuff but he keeps his focus and his poker face-ish stance and he keeps delivering the punch lines. No airy fairy crappola, just in your face insights on life.

          • I was wondering who OSHO was. Had to do a quick google…

            The Rajneesh CULT!!! I remember that from the 80’s. 60 minutes did a story on him for being a fraud.

            He championed capitalism. Of course he did. That’s a great way to pull the wool over his followers’ eyes. I remember all the Rolls Royces. Did his followers ever get rich from his teachings. Doubt it. What a rort!

            • Ummmm, some his follwers are doing quite well financially
              Tantra has become huge since 1990.

              • πŸ˜† tantra has become huge you reckon. Thanks for the laugh. Seriously the only time I hear about it is when you mention it on this blog and the occasional comment in the media with reference to Sting and his wife, which apparently isn’t true.
                More importantly though – who has time for Tantra?! and who has stayed with anyone long enough to even explore that path! Judging by the comments on the Neptune in Aqua post, it was a terrible time for romance/relationships, especially with Internet dating springing up during that time and the majority of men looking for a quick root rather than a relationship. So who’s doing Tantra?

                • People who like each other do Tantra? I do know some people doing tantra. Namaste!
                  Don’t you think people can make time for tantra? They make time for hours of tv/internet/clubbing/bongingetc?
                  And why is the majority so important anyway? Are they always right? If they were, democracy might work, but it don’t. And supposing you were going to judge an entire era concerning the wider group would you really do that by viewing the relationship comments on the Neptune in Aqua post on this blog of feisty, sweet, brilliant, 99% female, highly educated and mystically oriented (thus Osho referencing) people? No offence, but that’s kind of a scientific fail right there. I guess at least Sting was around long enough to explore tantra with his beloved? Pointless vent. Not even entering into the Osho thing.

                  • Bless your big black heart, Eve πŸ™‚
                    Being a Sun Day, when i can use my 50gigs for search & play,and having only recently heard about Osho’s death, (yup i’m waaay behind the 8 ball in ‘Delayed) googled Osho Death, after much YouTubing on Wolves (ah so much to learn & acquire on the www).Led to Wolves after i viewed
                    Seal singing, lol.
                    He said Christ is buried in Kashmir. Did my jaw drop?
                    THAT’S why it’s called Book of Secrets, of course!
                    Have been to Kashmir, as Saggs’ are wont to do. Then had a epiphany when using my internal video of places Remembering what unknown guide said to me on arrival ‘we have been expecting you’. Nothing was booked, it was a spur of the moment decision in London in Winter …….tres brrrrr in the Himalayas & no Westerners or holiday makers.
                    The only white single female in the valley. Saw the prep work for the revolution & restorations happening.
                    Loved India flying over the land in ’73, so was destined to
                    be connected somehow or maybe it was the printed Karma Sutra doona cover i saw in ’69 πŸ™‚
                    Sheesh, i have been wondering about Tantra for 20 years now πŸ™‚ From the beginning, the translation of what sexuality meant, as it has been my area of research, since i got here from a sex act & then between my Mother’s legs!
                    otherwise known in lotus language as the stairway to heaven.
                    The brain can produce natural mdma just has it has the ports for dmt, aka the spirit molecule. Port & Plug ins,
                    chemical as it’s all chemical, hence Al-chemy.
                    After all……MetaScience, Mystery & Magic is the Only Things Worth Exploring.’
                    From my research, the sexual aspect of Tantra, (only 10%)
                    i have traced from Egyptian Initiation mysteries, Sacred sexuality. Mary Mag being a high priestess of the temples
                    gave those teaching to Christ for his incarnation into man.
                    which is why the many depictions of Shakti-Shiva, equal male-female creation.
                    Thus spake Pegasus.

  15. She’s just like one of those teenagers who dye their hair purple one day and go shopping for some faux pearls the next. Assertively finding herself and it’s neat.
    Confusing people who are focussing too hard on others stead of themselves.

    What else do you do with all that Aries, Saggo, Scorp ?

  16. i recently watched her on an english talk show, graham norton, i think. well, he had some stuff that a fan had made for lady gaga, and he had just started introducing it and i think you can hear lady gaga being starting to make fun of it, like oh my god not more crap from a fan, and she stops herself, like oops i’m on camera. and then she goes over the top and the girl comes on stage and lady gaga is kissing her and i am thinking that she is really really pretending here. i don’t know. she must be really nasty in her head. that is why she is so over the top oh i love everybody. sag can be super phony so that it is obvious.

    • That would be the true self coming out. Madonna recently made fun of her fans and was caught on video.
      Bitchy isn’t very becoming to me. Low Leo vibes.

      • I saw that. Disgusting behaviour!! Hasn’t she learnt anything from Kabbala teachings. That’s probably fake too.

  17. Nice thread…yeah, I agree, Sagg can be suuper phony and so obvious about it for sure. My ex is dating a Leo/Sag rising, aquarian moon woman and let me tell you, she’s so over the top and eccentric it’s scary sometimes. Her energy is too much to deal with at times and talk about phony; her tone of voice and over excitement totally gives it away. She’s also very opinionated, nothing wrong with that except for how she likes to sound condescending and will correct you when your wrong about anything, any chance she gets! She likes to boast too and that just annoys me. I can’t handle the double fire in her and just want her to chiiilll.

  18. “i’m really enjoying travelling and sleeping with good looking people”…

    “who aren’t married or in relationships”… i would add…

    …resonates in future possibilities…re female independence and “unusual relationship setups”, which are not reflective of the traditional, finally grokked why older women and younger men get on so well, & why it’s more common than i realised too πŸ™‚

  19. It’s just a ordinary comment by lg dressed up by ‘ her modern celebrity ‘ without much value, but the mode of modern habit.( another cover, another ‘quote’)
    I cant see that she-lg- contributes to any discussion really.
    the discussions by the leo and gemini were more interesting-more life lived makes for better comments. take note lg.

  20. Not too fond of the music but that girl is so photogenic
    like no-one iv’e ever seen.
    Fast forward her 10 years & i wonder, just wonder.
    She does have an ultra cute body, kinda impossible to look
    raunchy when that neat & petite πŸ™‚

        • lets agree to disagree. Don’t like her or her music and I don’t think she’s beautiful either.

          • Wasn’t talking taste, anon. Just saying u can’t photoshop a moving performance. Perhaps you meant it as a euphamism for fakeness rather than literal software tools applied. I’m all gemini logic sometimes 8/

            • I knew what you were talking (can’t photoshop a performance – I’m all earthy logic) but like I said, I don’t like her music, so I don’t care how many people try and convince me she’s talented or amazing in concert, I’m not listening πŸ™‚

              And this is the 3rd post on Gaga. How many times do we have to discuss her!!! What about Nick Cave (he’s got some interesting astro going on) or Kate Bush – she’s a legend who’s just released a new album out, or PJ Harvey…

              Just saying..

              Better cease all communications right now. Mercury is conjunct my Pluto Asc. I’ve got verbal diarrhoea and the shit’s hitting the fan. Offended people without even trying 😯

              • No, you don’t get what I’m saying, twice in a row.

                Photoshop is a program to edit photographic stills. Not video.
                If that is too earthy for you..

                Just saying..

              • Photoshop is a program for photographs. Stills. Not video.

                Is that too earthy logic for you?

                Just saying.

                If u had anything worthwhile to say about Kate Bush’s astro I am sure there would be plenty here would be interested.
                As for whining about the content of an excellent and free blog….necessary how?

                • I KNOW what fucking Photoshop is and I know my way around it too. How arrogant of you to assume I don’t know what it is! My comment was not a euphemism. Perhaps I should have made that clear?

                  And my Photoshop reference was in response to Pegasus’ comment about Gaga being photogenic. Photogenic usually refers to PHOTOS!!!! Never said anything about movement. Of course, I realise now that you only brought that up because you thought I I had no idea what Photoshop was.

                  When I said “lets agree to disagree” it wasn’t in regards to the definition of Photoshop. I was simply stating I don’t won’t to get into an argument about Gaga.

                  And just because you consider this blog excellent and FREE, doesn’t mean I’m not entitled to my opinion. We can’t all be peace love and mung beans. Where does it state on this site that it’s a fucking hippie commune huh? That we are only able to express opinions or thoughts wrapped in rainbows, covered in glitter and rolled in fluffy clouds!

                  If you don’t like my comments don’t bloody respond!!! Ignore and move on. But you can’t help yourself can you? Just like I can’t help but have a little whinge every now and then. And I wasn’t even having a whinge before you came along and started a fire all over a stupid definition.

                  “I disapprove of what you say, but I will defend to the death your right to say it”. Voltaire

                  • And another thing… you state above that you have “zero exposure to commercial news media of any sort – TV, headline, papers, magazines etc”, yet you claim that Gaga is the “most refreshingly different… to hit the masses for a looo0ong time” How can you be an authority on the masses when you have a very narrow source of information?!

                    She might be refreshingly different to you but to me she’s just an annoying popstar who is skilled at marketing. She’s just a pastiche of all the legends that came before her.

                    I’m the opposite to you. I devour TV, papers, magazines and social media like a hungry beast but I’m very selective about what I listen to and the majority of it is not commercial. Still, I like to know what’s going on in the music world – the good and the bad. And that, is all a matter of opinion and taste.

                    • Just in answer to the question re my sources of information
                      I think you will find that commercial media sources are churning out the same limitted information on thousands of channels . In 2011 WE ARE THE MEDIA, and some of us devour copious varied information and inspiration without the commercial imperative. Does that make me a mung bean rainbow hippie? No . It means I engage with think tanks, creatives and diverse business communities .
                      And opinion sharing sinking into cheap insults is IMO a waste of blog

      • and lighting, and 3 hours of makeup and 3 hours of styling and 3 hours of hair and 3 hours of set up and photography.

  21. One thing I’ve noticed about Lady Gaga is that she talks about her own mortality so much, maybe it’s due to her Scorpio Moon, but in interviews, she always talks about how she would like her own fans to remember her, as if she’s aware of how close death is for her. As a huge fan of hers, I don’t like when she does it. Does that mesh well with a Sag ascendant?

    There’s rumours she has lupus, just rumours, but that may fuel this kind of talk but Gaga is a walking performance piece, and notoriously evasive when it comes to discussing her personal life, love life and who the ‘real’ her is. So it makes it hard to cut through the quotes which you could be lead to guessing an ascendant from playful, deflective quotes determined to throw everyone off and protect herself.

  22. And.. as I log on & begin reading this blog.. I decide to note I also decide to note *the Sabian Symbol for the Ascendant at this time once again.. as a symbol of what is this is all about.. & so at *6degLeo..

    A CONSERVATIVE, OLD FASHIONED LADY IS CONFRONTED BY A β€œHIPPIE” GIRL.. The need to transcend our subservience to fashion, in morals as well as in clothes.. the impermanence of what Society impresses upon our Collective mentality.. Cultural values & the emotional impact they have upon our character formation.. a Collective, Cultural & Social crisis which challenges us to realise the relativity of Social values.. RELATIVITY OF SOCIAL VALUES…

    ie. To thine own Self etc..

    From ‘An Astrological Mandala: The Cycle of Transformation & It’s 360 Symbolic Phases’ by Dane Rudhyar.

  23. well the moon at 29th in natal Taurus today – was interested to tune in – to notice how i might feel…so noticed that i’ve been walking around feeling like a psychic or something all day (i’ve no idea how i think i ‘know’ this btw), but was listening to Nigel Westlake’s Atlantis Threnody on replay in car and at home some of the day…

    on the intellectual side of things, received some awesome info today from o/s that has clarified direction at last, in a new study scheme

    on the relating side, met the most ultra chilled out Aries lady today (she said she wasn’t materialistic at all and had some Taurus going on), a really cool intellectual studying the life of Giordano Bruno so she can continue her comprehensive reading and grokking of James Joyce’s Finnegan’s Wake…sounds in depth and nice…wish i was an Aries a lot lately…

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