What Does Dreaming Of Stairs Mean?

Elizabeth Taylor gazing nervously up spiral staircase. Dreaming of stairs

Dreaming Of Stairs means your subconscious is messaging you about your progress – up or down? And of how secure your ascent is. Or isn’t! Hands up who has scary stairs dreams?

You dream of them when you are trying to ascend in life or apprehensive about moving down a level.

And in your dreams at these times, stairs appear with a whole flight missing, so you’re trying to figure out how the hell you’re going to get up.  They can seem unstable, scarily so. 

What you want is a golden flight of awesome stairs that you flit up in your beautiful bare feet. 

Dreams where you’re descending a prominent complicated structure or stairs in a building, often happen when you’re trying to get out of something, like deleveraging from a relationship, for example.

I still remember my best stairs dream ever. In a hole behind one of the steps, I found a box and in it was a dead bluebird on straw, looking ceremonial. But then it came alive and began to sing happily before flying around.  Dreaming of stairs is your subliminal mind telling you that you’re going up or down a level. Pay attention to the state of the stairs and your direction. If the stairs are scary or unstable, your subconscious mind is reflecting your anxiety. 

Or, it’s saying strengthen these steps. You need a stronger base through which to ascend. Just as you can assess psychic clarity by the state of water in your dreams, the stairs show where you are on firm ground and ready to rise. Or not!

Along with waves and flying, they are one of the most common symbols.

They can also suggest the subconscious mind, being steps down into a vault we fear to enter.


Image: Suddenly Last Summer


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What about toilets? I know this sounds weird..but I am ALWAYS dreaming of toilets, especially in odd situations..no doors, several toilets bunched together, clothing stuffed into them..I once dreamed I was in an old loony bin restroom and I went to the toilet, sat down and the wall it was connected to – spun around and I was in a different room! The only “dream explanation” I can ever find about toilets is feeling vulnerable..but it is a serious reoccurring dream..no one feels that vulnerable!! -y’know?? Any thoughts?


I was coming downstream from very strange structure of stairs like i hv to sit to come down on each step and stair was directly vertical no slop.. Well suddenly i saw missing step.. And i coudnt go up due to the structure and cant come down… I cry, call my friends name but suddenly an unknown person come and give me his hand… He help me to come down.. I saw his sister was warching us. And then i come back safely… And open my eyes….. Plz tell me the meaning of this dream…. Stairs structure was combord placed… Read more »


I had a long dream so I don’t remember all the details. But here’s the dream: I was coming from an awards show with the new friends I made. There were five of them: a mid-aged bald man, a Chinese woman with a stylish bob, two White teenage girls, and an mid-20s African man. We were heading to an after party at the 11th floor of a hotel. There was a long line by the elevator doors so we decided to take the stairs. About close to the 7th floor, we noticed that the stairs are not safe. We decided… Read more »


A couple of scary stair dreams last night.. One, with a friend in an unknown/ unreliable house, intruder immediately flies down the central staircase that we arrive at/ are exploring, Another, trying to get a chance to go to sleep in an upstairs area (unknown) but family and various other acquaintances blocking the staircase watching tv late at night, some sitting on stairs, entertaining, so partner and I are camped out with a blanket on the floor waiting to go to bed.. All the vivid dreaming- mercury retro near neptune? Definitely think the stairs relate to my apprehension in moving… Read more »


I have had many dreams re stairs and labyrinths. A recurring dream I have with descending stairways and labyrinths (think hog warts ) is that I would be in a church, an ancient one, and there would be a trapdoor under the altar, I know that it leads downward to a kind of ‘dark’ foreboding place but I can’t help my self and I go exploring. It’s scary and kind of like I can’t not do it, I am compelled. It’s like the church is hiding something from everyone, but I know it’s there. The labyrinth is old and rickety… Read more »


The most memorable stair dream I had was within a house that seemed quite ordinary from the outside until I had to go down the stairs to find some newness. I was a bit overwhelmed at the task ahead but when I began the descent the stairs and the walls, in fact the whole house immediately absorbed me and transported me to where I needed to be. I think th euniverse was looking after me. 🙂

aurora lights

i fall very suddenly in past dreams and it wakes me up.


Drinking nomi-hodai style at Japanese bar I’m upstairs. Echoes. Night. Hollow sounds. Flyscreens and sliding glass doors into darkness. Need to get out. Now it’s a library full of books and quiet people. Carpet. Muffled sound. Need to get out. Big heavy wooden double doors. Carpet. Need to get out. Multiple exits. Pick one. Translucent windows allow light through the walls. Going DOWN. Need to get out. Carpeted stairs going DOWN past Movie-style cafeteria entrance hall. Need to get OUT. Tables need to be cleaned. Lofty ceilings. It’s a boat? No. Translucent glass walls. There must be real daylight outside.… Read more »


I’ve never had a scary stairs dream. I used to have scary recurring dreams where I was constantly on the run, escaping from alien invasions, concentration camps, war type situations all the time. They’ve stopped now.

When I was a child (9-10 ish) I had a recurring dream about being kidnapped by aliens and taken to another planet and held prisoner by having my hand cemented into a wall. I saw a Metallica video on Rage once where that happened. I’ve never been so freaked out in my life, seeing my exact dream played out on a TV screen.


Funny but three nights ago i dreamt about different building levels. I was in a neighbourhood with some vacant partly gutted buildings and some buildings under construction. There were no stairs so it was difficult to access these levels, and I had to climb up and down scaffolding and sometimes jump from a concrete slab over a demolished level down to the next one. The other unfinished feature was curtains or blinds. It seems I had purchased an old style corner top floor apartment of a thirties built two or three story place in this part of town where everything… Read more »


Sleep-Renos, so Mars in Virgo…


What do you make of it? Perhaps a way of looking at it is an interesting dream about exploring (or your awareness of ) various structures of your psyche (your world)? I went through a pattern of dreams, each time i had a nap on a couch (different couches, different places, different times of day) I would dream of a landscape (dreamscape) consisting of sharp rolling hills, stairs built into the hills, multi-level buildings, wooden gates, and I was always walking up hills, looking for something, then had a view ( awareness of perspective) of overseeing landscape from great heights…… Read more »

Scorched Earth

Ok, taking a stab at this one too.. multiple buildings may be related to multiple selves, or different aspects of self and given construction etc, work in progress, under development and..decisions about what to work on/with next.. or possibly how to merge aspects? Navigating is achievable despite obvious challenges. When you mention curtains/blinds and absence thereof I’m inclined to ponder the idea of surface concern around being seen pre-reno’s but ultimately not really being fussed about it. And I think that’s one of the cool aspects of the dream as it’s also whilst dark (shadow) and the idea of covering… Read more »


When change is afoot in my life, I always dream that I am pregnant. Haven’t done so for a while, but did last week, which I found, I guess, hopeful… But funny, as these dreams usually end with going into labour and me realising “well if it wasn’t enough to get the funny looks and strange questions about being a pregnant MAN, why oh why hadn’t we discussed childbirth yet? HOW do I get this thing out of me??” Anyway, I mention this as one such dream years ago involved spooky stairs. I was on a train, pregnant, when I… Read more »

Scorched Earth

Woah! What a dream!!

Ok, well in an abstract way of looking at it (given things turned out ok and all) the woman might be your shadow side attempting to limit potential etc and the ex might have been trying to show you a part of yourself you’ve ignored?. Old buildings/rooms etc can represent aspects of ourselves left to wither. it may have been that you had to face some scary aspect before birthing new potential?
Don’t know.. still, thanks for sharing, that was full on and you recall it in detail so, clearly potent.


Yeah, from memory, I was being quite resistant to the changes taking place at that time and they were connected with people / places I didn’t necessarily want to be associated with. Looking at it now, it was a bit of a hallmark Saturn Return dream actually – “it’s not got going to turn out the way you thought it would, and it ain’t gonna be easy, but it is all still going to happen… “


I remember reading about this dream some time ago. I enjoy the contrast of others’ cartoon stereotyped gender, with the dynamic possibilities of gender in the dreaming-self.

The other day i decided to mentally address myself as boy instead of girl, to see if it changed my manner. Surprisingly, it did not. But i felt that an aspect of me that i see intrigues other people might go less noticed if i could say, “Don’t worry she’s just a boy.” (I often notice people looking at me as though they’re trying to work something out.)


Um, i was taking a shortcut with my name.


A friend was recently prompted by a therapist-type to identify the male and the female inside of her and describe their personalities – which of course led to a discussion where many of us decided to do the same. After not too much consideration, I realised the girl inside of me is a sharp-talking, bad-ass, go-get’em, activist rock chick, while the boy inside of me is a somewhat sappy and melancholic song-writer-cum-chef. In short – she’s got the balls…


Why am i not surprised, Lexi 🙂


Oh, and apols for repeating myself – I had a feeling as I typed it, I had done so before…! x


Oh no i think you only referred to the pregnancy before. This time you described it in fascinating detail. Loved it!

Scorched Earth

In the context of what it was saying and what you were experiencing then it’s pretty brilliant. Always less intense after the freshness of a dream.. uh, nope, strike that, some of ’em always have a potency about them long after…. So I was just reading the rest of the thread with you and Mille (1001 😉 ) and it’s a fascinating idea, addressing oneself as male or female. Dig your interpretations. Not sure which side of me has bass ass rocker built in.. as that doesn’t come out too oft but resides in there. mostly it’s just one of… Read more »


DREAM! HA! I fell down my friends stairs on Wednesday, for real!!!! I wasn’t holding on to the railing, and I slipped down and couldn’t stop myself, and I took my friend down with me. We both have bruises kinda on our behinds. And I have carpet burn and scratches on my left arm. Some muscle on my back keeps spasming. Tomorrow I have an apt with my manual therapist to help work that out. But their house is old, so the steps are small. I measured my 7.5/8 sized feet on their stairs and the end of my heel… Read more »


Not dreams of stairs but when i had a past life regression done with
a trained hypnotherapist of advanced years, there were steps that went
downwards that i couldn’t make myself go down.
It was reminiscent of Egyptian ramps that are steeps and downwards
as i used to have many dreams of going down ramps with the entourage
of the Pharoah & the fateful feeling of knowing i was going to be sealed.
Heard that Yoga can unblock ancient or past life memories.


wow that’s a very vivid account. i can understand your immediate reaction is to resist going down stairs.
same here with yoga.


Harp, have a read of ‘Initiation’ by Elisabeth Haich.
A revelation what the body can reveal by doing ‘serious’ yoga. So i read ‘theory’ for many years before le courage to commence. Still wary-ish (or lazy).
Sure it’s my Libran Moon mid heaven that facilitates oui,non,oui, non……then ‘oh fuq just go read instead ffs, if you can’t decide’ 🙂


Libran Sun here .. ya, know all about the oui, non, oui, non! Thanks for the reference x


Not stairs dreams, but recently I dreamed I was in a shop to buy a dress. Two of the sales staff came into the room where I was changing to measure me, I guess I was getting something fitted. As they measured me, they kept remarking on my awesome body, finally insisting I model for them. The dream ended with me on a catwalk, modelling. I awoke and went back to sleep to dream I was a student in highschool, walking to class clutching two notebooks to my chest. Two women came out of the administrative office and wanted to… Read more »


Transiting Neptune is at the end of my 12th house, conj my 1 degree Pisces Asc. Dreaming has been epic for awhile now. Sometimes they’re so good I never want to wake up. Last night strange dream where I was at holiday resort in the middle of nowhere, with people I know but would never holiday with. Confusion about rooms and I couldn’t find the room I’d left my suitcases etc in. Lots of running up different stairs looking for the room. Building was weird and a bit of a labyrinthe. I was desperate to get to my room and… Read more »


I’ve always had scary stairs dreams, ancient attics with rotten floors dreams, recurrent old house dreams, finding unknown rooms in my own house . . . I like that one, finding unknown rooms, as if they’re in a different dimension, rooms where there is no space for rooms.


I dream that all the time too! what does it mean??

Noble Beast

The dream weather has been absolutely wild lately! Everyone I encounter has been an active dreamer; even my Aquas who claim to never dream are being surprised by vivid and surreal slumber adventures. I haven’t dreamt of stairs recently, but they have certainly been a common theme over the past few years. For me it’s almost always trying to descend some previously simple stairwell, but as I place my foot on that first step down I’m overcome by a wave of dizzying intoxication. I try to steady myself by any means available, fumbling and stumbling like a drunken idiot, until… Read more »


Nope, no stairs for me, but I often dream about buildings for transportation arrivals/departures. Airports, train stations etc. Last one was the Cap ex chasing me around Heathrow. I got sick of it & stopped to confront her & she stamped on my foot lol I was SO furious. Couldn’t believe it. Pretty much what happened in our real life relationship. She was a closet case, I got sick of the regular (often drunk/high) middle of the night confessions of love. Told her no more. We got together. Think I pushed it too soon & she screwed me over. I’m… Read more »


Haha song on Rage as I posted that had the most appropriate lyrics!!

She meant you no harm
Think you’re so clever
But now you must sever

Hints from random music? lol

Pisces Rise

Loving these comments. I’ve had recurring stair dreams for about 15 years – easy to climb, impossible to climb down. The stairs are always separated so it’s a long jump from one to the next… people pass me going down effortlessly and for me it’s impossible. I just stand there filled with anxiety not able to move… this has something to do with getting out of relationships you say? Hmmm


I had a weirdo stairs dream the other night too. In it, a person died on those stairs and came back to life looking younger than before; kind of like your bird. It was very different from anything I’ve ever dreamt before.


I had 2 dreams involving water last night…..one also involved tarot like divination (but it’s very murky to me….I didnt even recognize the cards). And in the other dream we were in s car on the most whacky bridge ever….pretty much how we ended up drowning.


Mystic, your post on scary stairs was so amazingly spot on and timely. I’ve been having these dreams almost nightly for a few years now but they change in nature, sometimes it’s the final flight that missing to get to the attic which for some reason unknown I am very anxious to reach. Other times they are narrow steel fire escapes that suddenly end at a brick wall. I’m a Capricorn in the midst of a very real Pluto transit and intense transformation- so I guess it makes sense?. As a teen I once dreamt I found a beautiful staircase… Read more »


Funny, I just saw a show the Winchester Mystery House in California. The woman who inherited the Winchester (as in rifle) fortune had a house built with, among other odd architectural features, stairways that led nowhere. She is said to have done it to foil the spirits of those who lost their lives because of the firearms who might wish her ill will. She never stopped adding to the house, ever building on “the maze-like house full of twists, turns, and dead ends, so that the spirits would get lost and never be able to find her.” (wikipedia)

catfish moon

I have been there. It is a huge, beautiful, amazin, complicated house. Yes, there are stairs leading to a wall. Doors that opened to walls. Incredible detailing went into the wood floors, wall paper, etc. Gorgeous. My kids loved it. I took tons of photos. She had a gigantic stain glass collection….lovely.


‘Take the first step in faith. You don’t have to see the whole staircase, just take the first step.’ -Martin Luther King, Jr. …staircases feature in my day to day work since January 2011 They (metaphor, not dream interp) offer a grand metaphor for moving from one stage or transition to another, making choices / decisions. Escalators included. The moving staircase metaphor is all about movement, but in one direction (unfortunately or fortunately). I loved the Labrinth film with Bowie – the scene of puzzling staircases Sarah had to confront was a scary scene. That film was meant to be… Read more »

catfish moon

oh goodness…the dreams this week. my kids too. ummmmmm……

About stairs…..I don’t recall have dreams of going up stairs. Had dreams of going down stairs, underground, as a child. They were spooky.

catfish moon

scary: runaway cars, tsunami dreams(I have these alot), other extreme weather-tornados, earthquakes, fire. Being back in high school.


I’ve never had a staircase dream.
The closest dream I’ve had would be a zip-line dream and I am sorry to say that in the dream I couldn’t figure out how to make it work for me.

I’ve also never had the dream where I’m soaring/flying in the sky but have, in my dreams, happily levitated/flown in an upright position all around my dream laboratory/studio.

Belgian LobsterScorp

Stairs? Euhm, no. Just flying off all by myself, from the balcony of an appartment I have now finally put on sale. Propelled myself right through the clouds and flew off. Interestingly, I always think I will be able to fly, once dead. I think this is some kind of feature we all have, post dying and pre reincarnation. It felt amasing to fly in that dream, and the sensation felt so real!!!! Funny thing is I kinda panicked once setting my eye on a great landing event, and instantly struggling with the thought: how the hell am I going… Read more »


SO that’s what it meant. Back in 2007, Saturn was was doing a quick step on my natal sun. I had dreams about having to go to class (I’m a teacher) but the stairs was missing, so I couldn’t get there. My colleagues had no trouble goind up the missing stairs…I tried another way round, through the attic of the school, In real life this could not have been possible, but in my dream I reached my class room through the attic. Oh my, I did quite a few of those dreams back then. I wish I’d asked about the… Read more »

year of the fox

You are so on target about dreaming. Fantastic and scary dreams have arrived again. I’m still processing but it’s deep and healing. I was wondering if I’m having a chiron moment, but neptune explains it all.


This is SO funny to wake up and find this post! My children who almost NEVER get up and chirp about their dreams, all walked into the kitchen with dreams to report and I had been standing there staring at my oven and remembering the very lucid dream I’d had about twelve steak and a piece of fish that I’d left unattended in the over for days.

Double Scorp Girl

Dear Mystic and dear lovely commenters,

if this is now the phase of lucid dreaming, what does it mean when someone who cherishes her sleep very much – comme moi – suddenly finds it extremely difficult to fall asleep? I’m talking hours of being drop-dead tired and not being able to relax. My mind constantly whirling – about work and love life, but still, it’s unusual. I’m Scorp with Scorp Rising, Neptune in Sagg… I’m so exhausted, if anyone has a suggestion, I promise to at least consider it. 😉


Same here (for over 2 months now) I’m living like a vampire. NO sleep.

Domestic Triffid

Binaural beats 🙂 I got an excellent app for my i-thingy called “100 Binaural Beats and Isochronic Tones. AmbiScience” by Tesla Science. If you put that into the search bar in itunes you get the exact app first – its the brown one, not the purple one 🙂 Only prob is its a bit of a beast – its quite big… I set it to rain, waves, windchimes and a Shamanic trance 🙂 There’s a lot of this stuff out there, but I really liked the idea of being able to use my own music, or set sound effects in… Read more »



I had the same problem when Mars went into Virgo (Natal placement)/ Could that be the issue for you guys?

I just ramped up the exercise… 😀


I was given a spiritual exercise to do each night in bed and whilst it’s a valuable exercise it usually manages to put me to sleep before I’ve got to 11am. I’ll explain . . . the idea of the exercise it to integrate emotions and involves going through every incident of the day and examining not what was said or what happened, but how we felt about what was said/what happened. Starting off the exercise by counting backwards from 10 and then reflecting back on the day remembering every interaction/incident and how they made us feel. I try to… Read more »


Sounds like a great meditation LInk! I’ll have to try it however I’m much the same with doing anything ‘in bed’ before sleep. I find I need practice somewhere else and then go to bed or I’m out 🙂

Scorched Earth

Twas me:)


When I hadn’t slept for two weeks straight, I would make myself go to the doctor for something for sleep, come home and take twice the amount prescribed and try to knock myself out that way. It was the only thing that worked. Thankfully, I haven’t had trouble like that in a long while.


Double Scorp and Bluesky, as BG suggests, this screams Mars in Virgo to me. All Virgo-heavy peeps I know, self included, do insomnia. Take a look at where Mars is transiting in your chart and remedy your Virgo house. Soothe that side, maybe it’ll help. I honor the Virgo with a pre-bed ritual, it’s boring and habitual but takes the mind off the anarchic haphazard day and focuses on safe, solid system. Thoughts go: I am exfoliating, I am flossing, I am yoga stretching, I am reading, I am sleeping, etc…


funny, just dreamed last night of walking up a staircase, it was made of marble, big glass windows on the sides and at the top there was a bar and a high class/lawyer/important people party going on..couldn’t really determine if it was the beginning or the end of it, because dream-me just arrived from an all nighter party with my friends, haha. although the dress I wore was perfection, dark blue with stars and moon-print, I knew that I didn’t belong to the upstairs crowd. so neptune, just move it to pieces now, will ya..


Not had a lot of stairs dreams, but hell you are right about the lucid dreaming. I am not getting any real sleep at the moment, but every time I close my eyes I’m greeted by about 20 visions… lost at the moment I wake up with only hazy split-second recollections…


I have scary ‘have to swim ‘ or ‘have to cross large bodies of water’ dreams.
Well you know what they say – Witches and water don’t mix!
Had a particularly horrendous one last night where not only did I have to swim through a storm across a lake, but it was a competitive race – against the fittest hottest guys I’d ever seen. One guy kept pinching my ear really hard before the race (WTF?!)
I was about to LOSE in so many ways…

Piscean Closed For Renovation

you do know that water in dreams is meant to represent our feelings, emotions right? Is there a daunting emotional challenge that you have to face? Stormy relationships? Maybe you need to ‘listen up’ – to people who are challenging you or who you feel you are ‘competing with / against’ on this journey or listen for a message from them / via who they are..? p’raps xx

Piscean Closed For Renovation

or maybe there was an insect biting you on your ear (sometimes our brains incorporate outside happenings in wierd ways)


Just did a Google search and the ‘ear pinching’ is how they train DOGS to do as they are told, and make them submissive – I am bawling my eyes out as I write this…

Scorched Earth

Dogs also represent loyalty and unconditional love. They represent kindness, intelligence and a multitude of great gifts!

Witches and water.. well I’m callin that one bollocks hun. Witches can mix with any element so if the tears are flowing consider it a clearing of old stuff and let it flow you to new clearerer waters.

Piscean Closed For Renovation

hey babe, were you upset about the puppy discipline or its resonance for something in your life?


So Sorry PCFR.
I had to log of and have a big cry-fest.
It was a HUGE “OH SNAP”
moment for me last night.
No I love dogs! It was a subconscious message as to how I have allowed myself to be treated in relationships.


I am SO loyal and faithful and when people betray me I take it pretty hard, and then, like, hide FOR YEARS. The water represents me fearing ‘jumping in again’. Sink or swim stuff, yeah? Scorps take betrayal very hard – look and Demi and Katie Perry at the mo – they are both really struggling. Thanks for your comments babe. XO

Piscean Closed For Renovation

oh damn, i was almost finished writing about a non-stairs dream (instead, i was caught in a gunfight between 2 kids on a street in mexico (or somewhere similar – Latin-feeling place).. i was terrified but it didn’t have the same feeling as a nightmare..and no I wasn’t watching spaghetti westerns the night before.. !

Scorched Earth

Don’t get a lot of dreams about stairs, at least nothing that jumps out at me right now. If we’re talking yesterday/last night I did have my own kinda weirding. 4 different instances of spirit folk popping up. Two flashes of what I will call either animal or energy and two males. First was running down the street. Second was standing across the road reminiscent of my guitarist, eg he looked to be holding a guitar and just looking at me on the front deck. It wasn’t pointed at me, it was more of a guitar pose in my mind.… Read more »

Scorched Earth

Ok, so the guitar dude is messin with my head now. He’s there but not, actually, looking up again now he’s there but not moving. If I pay attention to him he starts playing.. He looks like he has a fedora on and skinny leg jeans. He ebbs and lfows and no I’m DEF not tripping! No acid! Reminds me of the many weird and wonderful experience. Recently my dear departed guitarist.. shuffled down the street the same eve then disappeared (I use the term shuffled because of the distinctive foot-sound of thongs on bitumen) and the many other experiences… Read more »

Scorched Earth

my typing has gone to sh!t. not used to the lighter font. you’ll still get it, yeh.

Scorched Earth

So today I get a really loud knock at the door. Nobody there!! Some months ago I was woken by a knock at the door. I got up and could see this guy at the door and he knocked again like he knew I was there and not answering. When you walk up or down my front stairs the vibration of someone’s weight upon them is distinct. There was none with him. He wasn’t out the front or on the street. Just disappeared. I guess the knock today reminded me of that. because there were no footsteps or vibrations again..… Read more »


Slipping in & out of dimensions there FireyEarth? Seeing through the Morph?
Perception, how it varies from person to person. Long shower or bath ie water, rinses
off old electro magnetic energy.
Put some sea salt around your house visualise a shield-wall around it and say some protective words out loud.
Dream happy dreams x


Yes, the knock was disconcerting althought I can’t say related to the previous. Just impossible to knock and get down the stairs and away from my place without seeing someone. The last guy was weird in as much as he stood looking at the bedroom window as if knowing I was there and not responding. But the guitar man seemed to prompt me to write a tune yesterday 🙂 I will be doing a smudge today and once the rain clears I’ll salt 🙂 or it’ll just wash strraight away. Too much water here. Might have a bath before rehearsal… Read more »

Scorched Earth

Twas me


wow, SE, that is trippy!! I was getting goosebumps reading your account of these experiences. Maybe your guitarist friend just wants to talk to you?? I mean, I haven’t ever experienced that kind of thing but if he was a friend of yours too, you know, maybe this neptune business needs some attention?

Scorched Earth

I’ve had countless experiences along the way but this lil run has been a bit disconnected. Yeah, it can be trippy. Sometimes it’s funny but often times you’re left wondering about it all and questioning again what reality is or isn’t. That is the hard bit.. if you feel like you’re loosing your grip in it all. Then it can quickly descend into some mind game about whether you’re ok or not, what’s real, what isn’t etc. I don’t essentially have any sort of gift with it all so at times I’m given cause to wonder what it’s all about.… Read more »


The rain and moisture seems to have stirred up oddities in this town, Scorchy. I’m a bit closed into myself, luckily, too busy to psychically look up, only in a closed loop of contact with the familiar old souls. Haven’t you been a little open to wondering and thinking of late, with your health event? Baths may be a bit watery now but body pampering or attention is good. Earth with food and inner hydration, tidy your spaces. Small rests for the eyes, with little packs on them (cool packs, eye masks, wheat packs…) Essential oils: lavender, rosemary, peppermint, lemon.… Read more »

Scorched Earth

The moisture is leaving my salt lamps with puddles of water too 🙁 I confess that as much as I love a bath it’s just too much right now and showers are better. I find that this much humidity and damp really irritates my sense of well being. I don’t like it at all!! Yes, it’s a little weird. this vibe around here. Not long back from rehearsal. Went well, working on a bunch of newies but my head flew up out of a moment of concerntration as I was sure there was someone at the door. There wasn’t.. or… Read more »


I don’t know about dream stairs, but I have trouble with real stairs as of late. I take a step and lose focus for a second and suddenly I have no idea which way is up. It feels like taking a corner on that weird Escher stairs drawings.


Piscean Closed For Renovation

ooh. Neptune on the Stairs…losing all perspective? 2001: A Stair Odyssey?




I did have a stairs dream last night ! In a large complex building, a bit Hogwarts like…my attempt to exit led me to the longest descending stairs, old but reasonably solid, still unnerving for a Taurean land lover! And yes in a very challenging relationship – with my 18y.o daughter who’s just finished school !


Hope the Bluebird of Happiness didn’t sh*t all over your shoulder 🙂


I’ve never had a stairs dream. My scary recurring dreams involve being in an out-of-control car. It just keeps careening about until I wake up or crash. But I have Neptune practically exact on the ascendant, and I think that contributes to my feelings of powerlessness at times.

catfish moon

oh lord…I have the out of control car dreams too. The brakes don’t work or I’m in the backseat with no driver! same thing…I just keep blasting through and over stuff till I crash and/or wake up.

fallen angel

Mine was more of a ladder rather than stairs, it was post my outburst at work. I wasn’t scared. It just appeared flat against a solid wall, it was blue and I knew I was going to climb it. I smiled in that dream.

Not that the feeling lasted after I woke up.. sigh. Right now, I’m on that bit where asking myself what I’d do if I won the lotto is providing a lot of psychic relief.


i had esculators. how lazy


Haha! I constantly dream about elevators.

Piscean Closed For Renovation

you can do it FA. i don’t know whether to say “chin up and push on” or “stop and smell the roses” , so whichever of those works better for you atm xxx


hang on did I miss something? what happened? xx

fallen angel

Ooh, nothing really Ms. – as ye olde adage says, Same Sh*t, Different Day. It’s still the now 2 week old job search vis a vis the life coaching possibilities revelation.. Btw, finally told my Frugens about that, they who do not believe a smidge of astro or anything remotely self-helpy, and they BOTH stunningly agreed. They gave me such sweet hugs last night, I wanted to cry. So I woke up from a dream this morning, heart palpitating so badly I wondered how I’d survive it. It was in the old store my parents had, my mother (who didn’t… Read more »


Take the first step in faith. You don’t have to see the whole staircase, just take the first step. -Martin Luther King, Jr.

..(another boost)


the thing about being on the life path is that it is utterly heart openly scary and wild (internally at the least). I am sure this is not news to you, and I am well acquainted with the fear you speak of but all the big dream stuff when Its a big life change in particular it always takes a leap of faith. you are building the bridge in your mind every day. Hold on and tailor it to your needs. you have the support to make it happen x

fallen angel

Thanks darklings! I spent the weekend literally stepping away from the situation, even if that involved still being on the job hunt. Ms. you’re right, absolutely all the way.. the “utter open heart” scariness of it is striking and as ArienScorp pointed out, fearsome. I’m not sure if lying would be the word I’d use but potato, potatoe – I think essentially it’s the same thing. It’s this suspension in disbelief, this fear really of having all our known fears be experienced yet again. I can only say there’s a ringing in my ears and I can’t ignore it. As… Read more »


It is not a flaw or weakness to be afraid. It is the path. Fear shows us the way we have to go. It is normal to wonder if we are able to do something we have never done before.Taking up one fear and observing it to see what it is trying to tell us is lacking and then taking the steps to insure there is no longer a lack, calms us, strengthens us, and lets us move on to the next fear. Fear shows us where we are most likely lying to ourselves. We really can do so much… Read more »

Buckle (Aries, Pisces Asc, Gem moon)

Yep, I’ve had lots of climbing stairs dreams in my time, but also other precarious things, like scaling a wall of cupboards!

My last stairs dream was about leaving a lecture theatre and there were terraced steps outside and the stairs between the terraces were made of rows of books that came apart and moved when you stepped on them.

(IE: the world itself is history, waiting for you to set foot on it and read the book of that specific phenomenon… or something like that. Or – every individual step is a story.)

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