Never Been Scorped

I was going to say just a pithy “no comment” with this one but then i thought about it; i have never actually thinged a Scorpio. How did this happen? I think maybe because my Neptune is in Scorpio, could that be it? So i think they’re too slippery?

Also, conspiracy theories don’t work for me as foreplay. My one date with a Scorp went to straight to hell before the entree – he flipped out because i don’t eat meat, insisted i do so and then said vegetarians can’t come. Hot, right? *

So is it true what they say? Disgusting stories welcome (just edit out the rude words so site does not get pinged by censors pls)

* Yes, i realize this statement is regarding ONE Scorpio and it is not intended to describe all or any Scorpios other than this individual.

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257 thoughts on “Never Been Scorped

  1. Interesting topic. I’ve not had enough sexual interaction with Scorpio men to form a solid opinion. Is there a sex asteroid?

    • I look at eros and psyche in synastry charts to see if they interact.
      My multivirgo and I had eros(his in scorpio) and psyche(mine in taurus) in opposition….oh good gracious hot!!!!!

  2. Argh, Scorpios!
    Surely for me this is a love/hate thing with all the proper intensity behind it.
    Father is a scorp sun and moon. Mother is scorp moon, brother is scorp sun,moon,venus and mars. AND I have a scorpio sun and he and his sister both have scorpio ascendants. Whew. I feel like a scorpio sandwich. πŸ˜‰
    I am and 8th house sun who has neptune and merc conj in scorpio. Also my South Node is there. sigh… I go on and off them. Right now I am off as my ex scorpio drove me bonkers. He would call and text me at all hours of the day and night to see what I was doing (making sure I wasn’t with another man). He popped over uninvited CONSTANTLY, then would leave me these little sarcastic nasty notes if I wasn’t home. Even if I TOLD him I wouldn’t be home.
    He was a terror to go out in public with, especially to the pub because he was convinced everyone was staring at me with the intent to take him from me. NObody was above suspicion. The sex was the best ever in my life, and he says it was for him as well, but in the end (after 4 years) that was just not enough to keep us together. I used to dream I was being chased and once I even had a dream of being in a coffin. If that isn’t a clear message than I don’t know what is! *oops, rambling! Sorry.

    • Whoa, that’s a lot of Scorp and a lot of water! I can relate, my mother being a Scorp Sun, sister being a Scorp Sun, myself being a Scorp Sun/Merc/Mars/Venus/Uranus and father being the mega Cancerian. Water, water everywhere!

      Nice to find another member of the Drowning House club! Grab some floaties and swim aboard! πŸ˜€

        • It’s just the term I’ve come to use to refer to my own experience growing up in a household surrounded by water signs. You can sometimes feel like you’re drowning when your family life is all about navigating other people’s emotional mood swings.

          As a kid I had a lot of water sign friends, but as an adult in recent years I’ve been more drawn to fire signs. I think it’s a realization that I’ve had enough of being surrounded by water and need some fire signs in my life to balance out the elements.

    • Firehorse, what sun sign is your mum? Curious to know what sign your Scorp dad married. Are they still together?

      Your Scorp ex sounds like a nightmare!

  3. Not a Scorp Sun, but I did have a fling with a Scorp Moon guy, it was both of ours first relationship after separating from marriage.
    He couldn’t cum during ‘normal sex’. But instantly, when we did all the things he could never do with his ex-wife.
    I had to leave because I was afraid we would never have normal sex again.

  4. Well considering my extreme need to be completely dominated. My ‘Scorping’ was amazing.

  5. I’ve never had the pleasure myself, but my Scorpio Sun, Aries Moon friend has a few wild stories. I’ll just say one involves a threesome, backdoor entry, a running garden hose indoors, and a human fountain. She was the one wielding the garden hose. I asked her if that stuff turned her on, and she said she knew it would make a great story someday and that’s what she wanted. She said. Who knows? Her bravery/respect points went up in my mind, but I was certainly disturbed. I have an eighth house Sun, and Mars in Scorpio, but I think it’s my Venus in Cancer that makes me sad to think sex comes from any place but love, at least on some level. I don’t think that excludes threesomes, or crazy incredible kink; but the way she told the story I thought it sounded like it came from a more devious place within her. Anyway, it gave me something to think about.

    • Love your moniker ML. i too have V in Cancer but my moon in scorp can appreciate the kink in all of all us and a scorp encounter may well bring that out. I never knew i had it in me til I met my match and he switched on my scorp button.
      Love would be nice but at my age and with my lifestyle I’m happy in my little world. I’ve realised you can’t have it all and I’m not waiting around for Mr right. Life is too short- I didn’t realise this till my late 40’s.
      I use to be much more venus centric in my 20’s and yes I did find mr right for 15 years but now its a time for me. V in C makes it a tussle sometimes and i would love flowers and romance but i can treat myself. Like a new pair of walking boots for a full day walk Im doing next thursday. yay!

      • Yes, I’m 29, with Venus in the 7th house. I have a bf of 5 years (no kids), but have definitely lost that Lovin’ Feelin’. He wants a Mom type, and I wouldn’t mind being that for someone, but not him. He expects it too much.
        He has Sun, Mercury, Venus, Jupiter, and North Node in Capricorn. Very conformist in a lot of ways; none of course applying to himself, but definitely voices ideas about how others should behave and live their lives. Also, pretty bad temper; I kind of have to handle certain topics/stressful situations with kid gloves, or face a volcanic explosion. Also, Gem Moon (exactly conjunct my descendant), with about a 13 second attention span. Always telling me how boring my stories are πŸ™
        And no drive to accomplish anything worthwhile = unemployed for the last two and a half years (what happened Cappy?).
        I don’t know what it is, if I’m just chickens$%t, or if it’s the ultra-fixed Leo Sun, Taurus Moon combo, but I just can’t get up the gode to tell him I don’t want to be with him anymore.
        Anyway…, I firmly believe that when one turns the focus on oneself and simply enjoys life, being the best you personally can, all the cards fall in place. Short of that, I keep hearing Neptune in Pisces is supposed to be pretty great.
        Sorry if the ramble went in another direction, but your reply got me to thinking about future options and happenings.
        Enjoy your walk, Leogroover, here’s to hoping extraordinary events are soon coming your way (unless they are already). Thanks

  6. Had a scorpio boyfriend once and was totally besottled by him. Iam a Taurus he just had a magical hold over me that I cant explain. Have a Taurus friend who was scorped and he had the same experience as me. This was quite a few years ago but we speak about them sometimes. The two scorps were both really self centred. Charisma plus. Fancy thinking about him 27 yrs later!

  7. Messy leo, your comment gives me the words for what i’ve been feeling. I have all my life found it very difficult to discuss my actual sexuality and sexual experiences because i feel very aware that these are not just my stories, they are shared with partners. In addition, once it is public property public lines are drawn. Sex was always my complete freedom in an oppressed background and i suppose i didn’t want any trouble to come to anyone when my age, practices and partner’s background made it taboo. With no eyes, no rules. Thus sex becomes transcendent. I’m Scorpio 12th house though so that might be funny.

    Since Mystic’s Scorpio Venus post last year my growing feeling is many Scorpions actually need to people to know what they do and are, like all those Scorps with large scorpion tattoos. This is not so much about secrecy as breaking taboos. It’s only one common type of Scorp. Like any sign, there may be aspects a person aspires to embody more purely than they actually do? Or in a way that might be recognisable to others? This is so FIXED, and something i don’t really get as a mutable, but enjoy trying to πŸ™‚

    This was hard to write but i enjoy sharing others’ posts on all topics, esp for the astro insight i feel, so i’m doing my best to give back a tiny bit on a topic i wouldn’t ordinarily.

  8. I’m getting to know a Scorpio for the first time. I’d actually not been so fond of Scorpios before because of two others I’ve known. Didn’t know them that well and that’s because they’d immediately put my hackles up. Then this new Scorp comes along and I always give everyone a chance, so I was down for it. It’s been a bit of a rollercoaster because it’s hard to get together with him. We’re both poor college students that don’t have cars, and he’s always working, AND he likes to plan things last minute which wouldn’t bother me if I had my own car. Seeing as I don’t, it’s a hassle to figure out on a whim how I’m going to get somewhere.

    Anyway besides that I’ve put up with him because he’s actually a really nice guy, and we have a lot in common. I don’t know if he’s kinky or sexually devious but I do know that he’s a psych major and fascinated by serial killers and catatonic schizophrenics. I have enough Scorp in my chart that I’m fascinated by the same things, so it’s all good.

    He does have a few issues. Apparently he’s on meds for ADD, epilepsy, and insomnia. Seems like a lot but he’s so nice that it doesn’t really bother me. I figure he plans things at the last minute because he’s ADD and he tells me it’s hard for him to concentrate. I’m actually surprised that he’s able to be as persistent as he is, because even though it’s been hard for us to hang out he’s always asking me to.

    He has Venus in Sag and Merc and Mars in Libra. I’ve yet to see him get angry about ANYTHING and he tells me he’s passive and doesn’t like fighting, which I think is the Libra influence. He doesn’t know the exact time he was born so he either has Sag or Cap asc. Asto sites tell me we aren’t compatible but so far I’ve been able to get along with him just fine, and even if it goes nowhere it’s still fun while it lasts.

  9. @ Amber, my Mother is a Virgo sun. Her and my Dad were only married for 5 years. She said he cheated with every girlfriend she had, he says he didn’t and that she was psycho. lol. IDK. My Father never remarried, but still carries a torch for the girlfriend he had for 10 years. She was born on the same day as he, November 5th, only she was younger. He wouldn’t give in and move closer to her, so she left him for a lawyer, and he’s pined for her since. πŸ™ I think two Scorpios together would be a good thing, but I rarely see that.

    Also, re-reading my post, I wrote that I have a Scorpio Sun, lol, I meant I have a Scorpio SON. haha.

    @ Cats Meow, My Ex Scorpio also had Sagg Venus. He’s 30 and never been married. He doesn’t want kids. He’s a party boy, and plans on staying that way. I have three kids and we just couldn’t come to terms with things. Like, I didn’t want him drinking around my children, and he just flat out ignored my request and poured his drinks in other containers, but it was obvious that something was wrong with him as hours passed. He is also a major pot head, and same thing, he would light up in front of my kids. Ugh. He has a Saggy Moon as well. Peter Pan complex.
    Good luck Cat’s Meow! I have libra mars, and so does my kids father, and yes, it’s true we hate fighting and we’ll do whatever it takes to avoid it.

    • Thank you! What Sun are you? I don’t know him well enough yet to know if he’s a play boy, but I wouldn’t be surprised if he was, especially if he has a Sag asc. I’ve known Sag suns and they are SO flirtatious with everyone. I adore them because they’re always so upbeat, but I don’t consider them dating material. I’m a Leo with Scorp asc and Aquarius moon and Venus in Cancer and Mars in Toro. Needless to say I’m very fixed and that means in my relationships too. Definitely monogamous so if I find that this Scorp is not, it will be bye-bye. Oh, but he does have a Virgo moon! I do feel that it’s grounded him emotionally.

  10. I confess to having been lured into the shadowy pit with a Scorp. I blame my errant Venus in Scorp!

    Unfortunately some part of me so craved the inevitable sting, that I ended up marrying him. In the end, I found him to be a skin crawlingly creepy perv.

    Whenever I saw him after my escape, or when he bumped into family and friends, he would firstly ask if I was with another man. It has taken me nearly 20 years to recover from the psychic sliming and feel good about myself as sensual Goddess.

    For years he haunted me in my dream world trying to deceive me and trick me into submitting. Despite this happening in my dream state, I would be invariably awake to his deception. Only now do I feel free of his shadow.

    Thanks MM for the opportunaty to enjoy some soulful cleansing!

  11. i’m Scorp/Gem/Gem and my BF is Scorp/Libra/Libra. freaky doesn’t begin to describe it. we both never thought it was possible πŸ™‚

  12. So much depends on things other than Sun sign. Married to and obsessed with Scorpios. Can’t live with them; Can’t live without them. Would say casual sex with the obsession nothing to write home to mother about but, boy, am I still somehow obsessed! Maybe him, maybe my Scorp Neptune, I still can’t stop fantasizing about “what if I wasn’t already married?”

    • I got scared when I saw your name….
      my ex is scosun, lib asc, cancer moon…..sure was glad to read on and see you aren’t him!!!

      sounds complicated what you have going on.

      • It bites! Takes all my will-power to stay on the straight and narrow. Lots of self-care. I empathize with your ex, I suppose. Hope his self-control and will-power gets and/or stays intact.

  13. Have experienced serious Scorp loving twice in my life, including new thing going on since mid Dec – both the most generous, giving, well-informed lovers and OK, I’m going to say it, both so admiring of the female anatomy, not in a creepy way but in a totally appreciative way.

  14. *chuckling* — a scorp post and some of you guys are using the word “thing” for sex. Cute

  15. I wanted no strings attached sex with a scorp, and I got it – but they loved to hug afterward and the idea of being mushy sent me packing straight away

    Aries Rising, Libra Sun, Virgo Moon