Never Been Scorped

I was going to say just a pithy “no comment” with this one but then i thought about it; i have never actually thinged a Scorpio. How did this happen? I think maybe because my Neptune is in Scorpio, could that be it? So i think they’re too slippery?

Also, conspiracy theories don’t work for me as foreplay. My one date with a Scorp went to straight to hell before the entree – he flipped out because i don’t eat meat, insisted i do so and then said vegetarians can’t come. Hot, right? *

So is it true what they say? Disgusting stories welcome (just edit out the rude words so site does not get pinged by censors pls)

* Yes, i realize this statement is regarding ONE Scorpio and it is not intended to describe all or any Scorpios other than this individual.

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261 thoughts on “Never Been Scorped

  1. OMG. I am the opposite, Mystic. I have thinged more Scorps than you can shake a stick at. AND my Saturn is in Scorp . . . hmmmm

    My Neptune in Libra and I married one and lived with another so not sure if that excuses you. I will have to ponder this more.

    You just don’t think that having your Saturn hit up could be sexy but damn, GF, it is.

    I’ll be back!

    • Oooh please do. You’re a Gem right Kimmy? I think Gems and Scorps always have a thingo going on. It’s one of those supposedly unexpected but always seems to happen combos..

    • Yes….I’m a Gem with a history of powerful lust toward Scorps and vice versa. But I’m also highly plutonic. Of course, my last attempt to date one was a huge flop, but he happened to have tons of issues, everything from addiction to sex to relationships to only really being able to get it up for lesbians, apparently. 😮

  2. I’m a multiple conjunct Scorp and have never boinked one myself. And I think I’ll leave it that way. Outside of the fact that I’m married to a Crab (with a Scorp moon) I find them a bit sleazy and overly aggressive. Not my type at all. Boooring…..

    • Yep, I’m another Scorp who’s never joined stingers, if you will. I’ve liked some Scorp men very much as friends, but have always got the feeling that they’d be WAY too intense in a romantic relationship.

    • Fellow Scorp here… and I, too, have not had the pleasure… then again, have not had the opportunity either… ; )

  3. men with mars in scorp drive me wild and while i certainly cannot generalise based on ONE man, my one lover who definitely had this astro ..we had bed-satisfaction hotter than a Fukushima meltdown and with four times the half-life of Uranium 238.

    Actual scorp men, while the interpersonal chemistry is still more or less uncontrollable (in the way a sack of snakes is uncontrollable: you can’t quite see what’s going on but you sure know something’s goin down ‘in the sack’ … HAHAHA my stupid double entendres are getting worse…)

    that’s about it for now

    thanks for ruining my concentration (mind you it was already in the process of being ruined by sleazy recollections of a recent toro fling)

    yours anonymously….

    • oh, hahah I didn’t finish my sentence about sun-in-scorp men. I meant to say, it wasn’t that great and there were at least a couple of scorps in my, uh, crib. maybe they were *too* focused ? on themselves? too much trying to live up to their reputation? bad bad

      • I’m all for Scorpio sensuality but the reference to the Fukushima nuclear plant disaster is in poor taste

          • yes, i see your point re the nuclear description Hathor’s, i’ve used it myself in the past, to try to astrologically relate sexual ideas – without intending to be ignorant – of the realities of what happened in Japan…but you’re right it could be read to trivialise an awful event and human tragedy, so i apologise for this lack of sensitivity, sincerely.

    • yes, nice, mars in scorpio does sound totally & completely transformative like meltdown in an awesome way :)

      • and there def seems to be an eery, intense, adrenaline effect , slithering like, jumping- out- of- a- plane-scary physical “rush” to the whole concept of scorpios in bed…or is it just me being a vestal and sleeping with books for too long…

      • I’m a Scorpio sun and have never dated a fellow Scorpio sun, but I have been madly, deeply, and completely in love and lust with a couple of Scorpio Mars men.

      • Man! Would be so good with my Venus in Cancer, but have yet to have had that pleasure. That said, my Mars in Toro man makes me see stars….swoooooooooooooon. :)

      • yep it seems like the mars in scorp ones are the ultra performance/enduro concept, ha ha ha ha :)

  4. Me neither, Mystic, and the Scorp is meant to be my best match! Whereforeart thou, Mr Scorp. Bring it on 😉

  5. Neptune in Scorpio too like Mystic…
    But i have no idea, but i’m absolutely interested in this topic and what others say.

    Off topic slightly, a girlfriend was telling me all about the bizarre & shocking history of the supposed real history of lap dogs at lunch yesterday…nearly choked :)

      • Hi Mystic, a book that responds to a search on ‘erotic lapdogs’ is:

        The Animal Estate: The English and Other Creatures in the Victorian Age (Harvard UP, 1987),

        By Harriet Ritvo. She’s a historian on human and animal sociology who spec in British history. Sounds like she’s written some v. interesting books.
        First chapter can be viewed on Google Books.

        First sentence page one suggests, yes, it was a real practice, ‘women’ ‘and’ ‘dogs’… were put to death for it, as were witches accused of it, and so put to death, (I read somewhere else). The subject has also been talked about in gender studies and literature.

        Didn’t read all of it, but scanned to pg 37 where she talks of animal intelligence as ‘sagacity’…in that they somehow deeply understand humanity.

        My friend is Sagg with Venus in Scorpio Asc…she just so confidently laughs all calm and knowingly when she meets men socially, and they, you know, ‘lose and then temporarily forget all eye contact situs’

        btw Mystic, thanks for ref to Barbara H. Watters ‘Sex And The Outer Planets’ book :)

        • friend and i were talking about seemingly double standards between what is ok or ‘socially approved’ for sexual rels and antics between/for men and women in the context of gossip…because she’s a sagg and i’m a merc in sagg we talk about a thousand topics at once whenever we catch up…and both find this v.random but enjoyable…

          anyways, i don’t know how we got from older men going out with younger women to older women going out with younger men, in between talking about exs but basically my friend said that in the olden days, like 18th c. in europe they used to get up to all sorts with their little doggies and wearing those long swirly skirts and all kinds of oh my lordy stuff that now days she was saying we kind of don’t realise went on

      • Pekinese, the favored lap dogs of royalty in China didn’t have
        those cute sqishy faces for no reason….lol.
        Scorp mother had one when i was around 10 or 12 and told
        me about their history and why their cute faces existed.

        O and a couple in ‘Delayed have been charged with bestiality,
        showed their photo in news but wouldn’t name the animal!
        Or show IT’S photo.

          • and yes, good, those peeps charged…i’m guessing it wasn’t a baby crocodile those peeps were using nor a poisonous phallic creature :)

    • Haha can only imagine why they were placed in laps! Gads! Or is that just my mind that went there??

  6. Ok I have done the 5 card spread (Past, Present, future, advice and outcome) twice today… Keep getting the seven of swords…..yikes as my outcome card (Q1 when will I be in a relationship?. Q2 Will X and I have a romance with one another? PLS pls don’t tell me that I’m going to hook up and regret it.???

    • hey i am doing a post next week on Practical Tarot & this is ONE of the things i was thinking about covering…Was gonna do it today but site redevi is priority


      • Oh great! Looking forward to the new site. Also looking forward to the new moon in my of 5th (yeah!!) but dreading the seven of swords Lol

        • This may not be kosher but if i get a card that disturbs me,
          i cover it with something more benevolent and powerful,
          thereby diffusing the charge.

          • i like this idea, it means you stay in charge, in your power and transform it perhaps.

    • I think it means that you’ll be in a relationship (perhaps with this person) once you walk away from all the toxic people in your life (think rider-Waite imagery of seven swords).

      Depends on the cards around it. Try do one question per reading so you don’t clutter your ideas, if that’s what was happening.

      You can do timing with tarot, whereby:
      cups = days
      wands = weeks
      pentacles = months
      swords = years

      so if you ask “when will I be in a relationship?” and you get three of pentacles and two of wands, it’ll be three months and two weeks. Naturally exclude court cards and major arcana when they come up
      in timing readings. I usually stop drawing the cards when these ones come up.

      Happy readings :)

  7. My first (unrequited) love was a Scorp…back then we used to ‘fool around’ but never quite got ‘there’. Besides which he always seemed to have someone else ‘in his life’. He moved interstate to follow his dream and then one night randomnly drove the whole East coast to come and see me…again we still didn’t get ‘there’ due to unforseen circs…we finally admitted we loved each other…and he was gone. Flash forward 30 years (to last year) and he pops up on online chat…starts off with “xxx..just remembering when I drove…” etc etc. within a week it is “show us your t**s…” “I could tie you up and…” and… etc. This guy has a public persona…frozen faced and conservative of opinion…but behind closed doors…hmmm..I can guarantee if he and I ever did hit the sack…HE wouldn’t know what hit him..LOL!

  8. I met a Scorp and gawd I wanted him but found out it would have been too involved.

    Neptune in Scorp 5th….trine Pisces Mc…Scorp Vertex in 5th…Other water signs (Kataka ex husband and two Pisces loves of my life)

    What’s an Aries girl to do?

      • Uranus trine Venus over here. Also Venus square Pluto. My Cancer moon and venus would quite like a white picket fence, but…

      • Out of neccessity you see…bitch goddess Lilth conjunct my Toro Veenie

        We could have done it otherwise but NOOOOOO…

        Hey, I’m game to a certain point…

  9. I have been with a couple or so (was even married to one… a very, very bad one). In my experience, they weren’t very good in bed, they were just total pervs. On the other hand, I have a Sorpio friend who I have wanted to get with for years, but it doesn’t seem to be in the stars for us. I have to believe, based on my bad experiences with the others, that it’s better this way.

    • My ex husband is a scorp, ex boyf before him scorp too. Too focussed on their own needs in the sack and can’t do intimacy or romance, in my experience.

      • THIS!!!!! Only wants intimacy on their own terms. Girls think this is sexy somehow. I call it crap. So over Scorps.

        • so over scorps too….you nailed it….only want intimacy on their own terms.

          no offense to the evolved ones….

    • I dated several, and married one double Scorpio. Found out way too late he was a sex addict. He always had lists of people he wanted to have sex with, including questionable under-age situations. He went on to marry 4 more times, always cheating, lying, and scheming. He married for a green card twice and money another time. He liked conspiracy theories but, not about aliens, government or paranormal but, had to star in his own created crisis or dramas. Life is way too short to be in a co-dependent situation with a criminal, sex addict low Scorpio. I agree he was a pervert not a sex god, like he perceived himself to be.
      I think the mentally unstable could take the Scorpio image and really ran with it in a very dangerous way.

      I have a close male best friend Scorpio who is loyal, and nothing like the double Scorpio, so it goes to show Scorpios can be loyal and honest partners if they are mature and stable. I love how he really gets into film noirs and mysteries and private investigator work.

      The energy is way too intense for my Scorpio Rising and my three planets in Scorpio.

      • scorpio men do sound intense…for better and for worse.
        good for those women who find a stable one, but this may take a while to discover too…and will you be strong enough to last the distance and cope with the consequences of what you find.

        it sounds like a woman has to be very careful of what her expectations are in getting involved. for eg. the sex might be great, but if you’ve potential for like you say codependence, warped unrealistic putting on pedestal fantasy, selling yourself short in love, nervousness and vulnerability…like moi…has done in the past.

        I’m thinking that you’re better off keeping a grip at least on your own life before getting seriously involved not just with scorp men, but with anyone, it sounds, or you’ll have grief, and not only this you’ll find yourself in a much weakened and emotionally confused state when you most need to be strong and claw your sane life back.

        • oh my venus in 11th is afflicted btw, squared by Neptune…and i read somewhere that my venus conj mars can be a love/hate situ in relationships. what makes matters worse is i have pluto conj uranus in virgo in 7th and pisces asc with saturn rising…

          some days i look at my chart and i look at all the squares and Neptuney switcheroos going on and think i’m just better off just living on my own with my friends as my main supports in life and not getting involved at all…but i’m prob being overly cynical now.

    • **Setting up force fields of power to protect beloved Gemmy**

      lol…I’ve never been with one either besides the Scorp Chiro doc I worked with yonks ago (6th ruled by Scorp). He spent alot of time in his office/cave but was a nice guy.

      One time I used corn oil (god forgive me) on my massage patients cuz I was just plum outta proper oil and broke.

      He said it smelled like a tortilla factory. 😆

  10. My neptune is also in Scorp and so is my moon; Aqua sun. Recently, have had some close encounters with Scorp men and find them rather ‘ick’, like they might leap up in the middle of the thinggy and check out their hair in the mirror. Very politely of course. Double-ick. Something about them makes me feel that no matter how many other people are there, they are thinggying it with themselves.

    I have, in fairness, also noticed that they don’t want to go to bed with me either. If I am in a group of women amongst a Scorp man, there are always some women making obvious plays for it and the Scorp man is all over them and I am just looking on thinking these people are behaving like aliens….. I don’t think they go for the reserved types.

    Slippery? Yes. And slimy. That comment about vegetarians is so not hot. I can think of one Scorp who is a vegetarian who would say that he was better at thingging because of that. Maybe they have some issues around vegetarianism?

    • Re: vegetarianism and Scorps

      They are just extreme choices either way and they like extremes. One Scorp I knew was a fruitarian because he didn’t want to kill any plants. The middle path is not interesting for them.

      • My naturopath is a Scorp and a vego through and through. The intensity is channelled through this work, or as I see it, his art. The dude’s knowledge is amaaaaaaazing… Respect. We got on like the proverbial house on fire during my first consult. I learned from him and he got a few tips on astro stuff from me (not that I’m an expert by any stretch of anyone’s imagination, mind you). Mutual learning, very cool.

        Re: sleeping with Scorp, my last ex was a Sun Scorp and he wasn’t all that in the sack, ungiving, self-absorbed; my least exciting actually – though I think it was just his stage of development. Then again he also told me that I outScorped him (my rising’s Scorp). I found his energy stagnant, whereas I suppose I wasn’t one to be able to just sit with “it/energy’whatchamacallit”.

    • I have meet many slimy and sleazy Scorps in my life. ick is right for the icky ones.

  11. Neptune in Sagg this end and I have had relations with more of those than would seem humanly possible. (Eros also in Sagg). Never, to my knowledge, had relations with a Scorp. But the Leo/Scorp thing is well-documented.

    • WAIT! Just remembered a Scorp I did have sex with. It was standing up, he used nothing for support, so I was quite impressed with the necessary strength. Was not exactly freaky though.

  12. from a sample size of 2 i can’t support the hypothesis (ie they were both duds – maybe freaks in a totally different sense of the word). being piscean i attract scorps from all over the place and find them hard to shake off in an elizabeth taylor/richard burton sort of way. i have no interest in going there again.

  13. Mental orgasms galore but in bed totally hopeless. One tried some freakish shit with me (without my permission/prior warning) which resulted in me giving him the flick. Shame . . huge discrepancy between mental connection and physical connection.

  14. I’ve bedded a Scorp. He was totally hypnotic. The great thing about him was he had fabulous concentration and made my pleasure his first priority in the sack. The only thing was, when he was bogged down in one of his endless power battles at work his lust levels fell through the floor. And he left me. Ah Scorpio: the good, the bad and the ugly.

  15. as always timely n spot on mystic… “conspiracy theories don’t work for me as foreplay… date with a Scorp went to straight to hell before the entree”

    feeling lucky as that the mind f*ck stuff put me off before it went any further, turned out to be a mental case and nasty – boy can they turn and sting with that tail when things dont go their way. in the sack… shudders to think

  16. and scorp interaction during the scorp dark moon – freaky on steroids. this just happened to me and i’m feeling soooo lucky to get out when i did

  17. Yes had a couple of scorps despite having same scorp Neptune as Mystic. Usually they far too obsessive & intense for me, but did have some of the best sex of my life with one – he had mars/Venus conjunct in Virgo so think he made it his total commitment once we were in bed (or wherever!). Dated a Taurus once who should have been a scorp! Think had loads scorp in chart from memory including ascendant – kept snakes, had knife collection, was complete sex maniac and more than a little depraved – made me shudder (not with pleasure) for ages afterward! Warned friends who moved in next door to him what he was like but they hung out with him anyway, until they discovered he’d drilled hole through shower wall to spy on them…hmmm….slightly off-topic as he wasn’t scorp sun sorry!

  18. Hummingbird!!
    My best wad also with a scorpio rising with mars and Venus in virgo… Yea he also has his sword and weapon collection…. Oh gosh…. But oh god he sends me every time thru every heavenly level….. Must be something bout the scorpio and virgo blending…

  19. Alright, going to perhaps go against the grain here. I’m a multiple conjunct Scorp myself…Venus in Scorp, Mars in Scorp, and Uranus in Scorp. So taking all that into consideration I have to say that I get a little tired and annoyed with people (other Scorps included) demonizing the Scorpio male for being sleazy and lecherous, like some inhuman primitive creature. I feel like hating on the male of the species is like hating on myself, since the same freakish traits exist in both sexes, only they’re expressed in different ways.

    Scorps in general, all those I have known, been friends with, been in love with, usually don’t conform to the norm…both in and out of the bedroom. We like pushing buttons and breaking boundaries and pulling people outside of their comfort zones. We like taboo. We like forbidden. That goes for the girls, the boys, and the ones inbetween. 😉

    • My son is a multiple Scorp (6 or 7 things). While I certainly do not want to know anything about his sexuality, I do know that all the girls think highly of him and say he is a gentleman. He does not like the Scorp bad rap either, but I myself having been married to the worst most evil kind of Scorp man, I can only assume that my son with so many planets must be an “Ascended” Scorpio.

    • Hi Lauren, I understand what you ment to say and I am totaly agree with you! I have Venus merc nept. sun and mars in scorpio…hi hi hi…
      I had a boyfriend who was Virgo with AC scorpio and Saturn Vesta in schorpio in…we had tantric sexs…together… almost a year and than he started to project bad Lilith caracteristics at me…he became affraid of me…
      But also he sad that I was a goddess…powerful creature,…He dont want any contact with me almost 2 years…

    • Lauren…I agree. Quad-Scorp (sun, mercury, venus, neptune) here and never been with a male Scorp but can imagine that their primal sexual urges are just as intense as female Scorps. I’m very sexually selective and would rather sting myself in bed than waste my time with a marginal lover. Dating an Aries right now and let’s just say WOW! His Taurus rising makes him deliberately sensual and very attentive to my needs. 😉

  20. Oh. God. No, really. NOT delving into Sewerage as that would make me feel as if I were glorifying Evil. However, a few observations.

    1) Being with a Scorp, made me outScorp the Scorp. Obviously, the Sewer had perversions. I however, raised said acts to an art form. I think one of the issues he had with me is that I got more “repeat business” and “call backs” than he did. And at one point, he actually expressed fear for having created a Monster. The difference was I was there for Good, and I think my “subjects” sensed that, even while say, tied up and being slapped around.

    Maybe I just got Pluto Activated. I lived there long enough for crying out loud. It could also be Pluto in the First for me. I think I get more people asking me if I’m a Scorp than anything.

    2) Men with Mars in Scorp do it for me. They do or say the occasional crass thing once in a while, but for the most part, there’s this simmering burn underneath that communicates with me beyond words. Lovers I’ve had with Mars in Scorp tend to use the word “addiction” in reference to the sex we have, yes, virtual or otherwise. And all of it is deliciously dirty. :)

    • Deliciously dirty!


      Mars is transiting my Pluto – so it must be transiting the Pluto of half the people here too… All I can say is that I’m having sexual issues. Mostly relating to having had none in the longest time.. and having newly regenerated/rejuvenated sexual… parts.

      But have I thinged a Scorp or too? Yes indeed. Positively hypnotic.. I am a Taurean after all, and they say that in everything its opposite is contained. Thus, I am part Scorp & a Scorp is part me. We complete each other?

      Plus, I have le Venus in Aries. The whole Mars-rulership thing, you know?

    • FA, you can’t out-Scorp a Scorp!! and since when was it a competition anyway?? I think your Leo Venus is showing off a bit too much. Maybe your “repeat business” comes from your Virgo rising. They do like to be of service and have that whole kink factor going on.

      • That for sure is an astrological aphorism, “You can’t out-Scorp a Scorp!” I tried once, but failed miserably.

          • Was thinking I should sign in as Anon 3..

            gee, hope you guys aren’t actually Scorps as being too chicken to be real does not bode well.. 😆

            • oh, well one of you apparently not.

              Eh, off to make soup…Really, if you’re going to criticize someone, own it. Well, I suppose you do already tho, don’t you?

              • Hi Sweets, hope things at work smooth out for you this week.
                A raise is good, but I want your work environs happy for you too. Glad the Doc is fair at least, sees your Cap Moon dedication and values your time invested.
                We lost a hire after only one day, so even more work at day job ahead. yipe ! Work is a lovely distraction at the mo, tho. Good thing, cause I have plenty of it. hugs xo

      • I didn’t say I out-scorped all scorps.. just le Sewer. And by out-scorp, I meant I out-HI-scorped him. And no, is never a competition baby. Just obviously he treated it as such, I didn’t even realize he saw it that way till the resentful comments started slipping out.

        I’d never bother attempting to do that anyway, is not recommended. I think there’s a sensitivity to Scorps that isn’t easily seen in their very self-possessed facades, if they can be wounding at times – trust me, they have some pretty deep wounds too.

        In any case, not sure if you know this but Venus in Leo likes to make their Others shine – obviously it reflects well on us. But you do have a point about the Virgo Rising having an influence.

        • Hallelujah to out-HI-Scorped a male Scorp, fa!!! Been there done that. And I was just being myself, like you were and are. :)

          • Haha, thank you UPV darkling. It was precisely that – considering our Intimates do rub off on us. It just turned out I’d somehow morphed out the Higher Scorp qualities, which he somehow couldn’t do. Sad really.

            Anyway, I truly believe every sign has a rich spectrum of shades that every individual can manifest, and that there is room for all of us. :)

        • FA, I LOVE how you said “but Venus in Leo likes to make their Others shine – obviously it reflects well on us” !!
          😀 Hallelujah Aaaamen sistah !
          Leo is the sign of generosity, creativity, and play and they are typically the friendliest people in the room – once and for all – it isn’t ALL about the hair and mirrors ! Venus conj Jupiter in Leo 8

          • Absolutely Saturnrox! I know Leos/Leonine qualities get a bad rap for hogging the spotlight, but it really is just a natural radiance and warmth. That comes off as “shine”, thankfully they’re also gifted with a need to spread that to those around them – not to eclipse them, but to encourage a coming out in others.

            While yes, Venus in Leo really gets into the er..performance aspects of that in themselves, with others it expresses itself in support and encouragement of their endeavors. There’s a largesse to Leo and a capacity for forgiveness I find unique and amazing – think Aslan with the hair tossing and the huge heart. :)

        • Agreed on the sensitive side of Scorps fallen angel. I saw it time and time again. I think they choose veru carefully who to reveal it to…

          • They sure do, Saggisue. I think there’s a fragility to Scorps most people take for granted because they’re so self-contained. I don’t find them to be partial to moaning or lamenting, but if one can take a break from being hypnotized :) or lapping up the uber strong facade, you can quietly observe where the wounds show themselves.

            I used the word fragile because of how unreachable those wounds seem to be to other people. They don’t pretend to be strong, they are but there definitely is a mystery and protectiveness around those weak spots.

    • Fallen
      I also ventured into the the D/s realms as a sub when Pluto hit my Cap Sun.
      I have a loaded 8th house with Venus, Mars & Merc so I can get a bit dark and intense.
      Interesting you mention “there for good”. So many in that game are ‘casual players’
      My own Sewer filth (Sag Sun, Cap Venus) that introduced me to it was quick to move onto others once I was into some heavy headspace with him.
      This was of course after he spent months spouting his ‘master’ plan with me. We both have Cap Mars, and our moons are square Neptune. Imagine the spreadsheet of fantasy play out!

      Silly me, cause I was so deep into it didn’t realise nor educate myself and was not aware of all the poly playing that some undertake.
      It has taken about a year to recover from that one.
      Im still involved in that dark side and enjoy it. Like you I have raised it to an art form, just more careful with whom I engage with. As in no casual.

      Odd I have met so many Caps who are into this sort of thing but few Scorps.

      • Actually I can see why you encounter more Caps than Scorps in D/S Capfire – at least, my theory is that Caps normally being quite Saturn in some fashion (responsible, hard working), D/S can be a natural expression of that. In the sense that there’s structure for both players, and it does take a lot of responsibility to properly occupy either role.

        A good Dom for instance, has to provide their Sub with a believable and realistic experience involving a loss of control/command while still within certain parameters. Like how does one contain the Dangerous in the Safe or vice versa? It’s an intensification of how individuals relate Love to the known/unknown, to the risks and comforts of relationship. I would go as far to say that I see it as a dramatization of the power plays that exist in that, except each person can express the role extremely i.e. extreme trust, extreme dominance, etc.

        With those serious about it, I see it as another expression of love and giving – even if it doesn’t fit the usual concepts of what we take as that.

  21. Mars in Scorpio, Venus in Sag seems to do it for this multi Virgo but then i’m all conjunct Pluto which I guess makes me Plutonic? May also explain why I don’t understand the whole mystery surrounding Scorpios. Much of my family is – mother, father, uncle, aunt — and none of them have ever scared me. In fact, they’re all scared of me! Bwahhaha! But the Scorp Sag combo seems to be just the right mix of playful and passionate that works. Perhaps i should blame the just barely Venus in Leo for that!

  22. There have been a few Scorps, some good, some *cough* uncomfortable.

    But the mother of all lovers was a Capp, who made me weak at the knees and hot to tussle with a sideways glace. Just looked at his chart, Mars, Moon and Neptune in Scorp. I had to break all ties, phone books, move 12 hours away to leave antything he had even given me (he sold collectibles at gelebe markets – thats where we first met, i tried to bargain him down on a 1950’s mickey mouse toy for a friend, he said íf you give me a smile’and i was hook lined and sinkered. 2 weeks later ran into him at a coffee bar in east sydney and followed him home (with consent) .

    He ended up in jail – twice or three times, Mum would drive me to pick him up, and we wouldnt come up for air for days (poor mum, bless her) … part of the seduction was always the silently skilled way he seems to know and zone in on all euphoric points, even with eye contact, a lifted eyebrow.

    In the end we got into the worst narcotic state, i overdosed twice and i had to leave for good, one of us was going to die. There’s one person i know who would know his whereabouts, and thats pretty much why i steer well clear of imperial avenue bondi !

    • Cap with Scorpio moon: like Ralph Fiennes *swoon*. Hypnotic eyes with gaunt, chiseled cheekbones.

    • Oh don’t start with the Capp Sun/Scorp Mars or Scorp Moon. Yes, yes I had one this summer. Made love for HOURS. Like I went to work to recover, seriously.

      That’s like a Cappo Industriousness applied to Sex, shiver me timbers. Recently, a GF from Canada sent me a photo of her and I in front of the Griffith Observatory. He wasn’t with us. But I’d just been with him the evening prior. Goddess help me, when I see the smile plastered on my face in that photo, it brings it all back. Hmm mmm mmm.

      • ha!!!

        I smiled too thinking of her big grin! Lord knows I have had it before myself……still thinking of him…sigh.

    • Ah yes Scorps and drugs much more sign significant than sex which is of variable quality in Scorps i do believe

      • True true Millie, I ignited the path of destruction with the help of Lilith in Scorp in 8th house (in hindsight – did not know of Lilith back then, nor how our charts related/what any of it meant – apart from a Ram that charges in).

          • Mine hun ! (with Neptune in Sag on MC, opposite Saturn, He was scorp moon, mars and neptune – i have to make a conscious effort not to take substances that i love losing myself in, and work hard at replacing them with fitness regimes/creating things – Ugh ! i love hooch, cooked up in cookies i feel safe and at home in its arms – bloody dingbat that i am)

  23. I read this 2 hours ago and had nothing to add except that my current love interest is an Uber-Scorpio.

    But I’m using my brother’s computer right now (rare thing, he gave it to me so I can stay with him while he’s sleeping) and found some things shhhh. He’s Scorpio with a Cancer Moon. He has got a picture of a woman’s vagina in this computer. Nothing porno, it’s medical-like. Another with a woman smoking, also sexy and not xxx. Oh, and pdfs about how to pleasure a woman… he talked me about this one: he says he WILL now exactly how to rock her wife’s world once he marries. It’s one of his life goals actually.

    • Honey, I cannot and will not fault a man for learning. And mind, it is a NOBLE cause to be an expert worshipper at the Altar of Venus.

      I run an informal school on How to Be a Better Lover, if he’s cute, send him my way. Wot am I saying? I need a new job, but I do love a keen and willing mind (and er..obviously something else).

      So naughty of you to out him hee hee..

      • Yes, I kinda feel bad. But hey! Lord knows I’m after a Scorpio and I’m getting all the info I could get, why not give back to the Internetz??

    • He’s 13 by the way, and wants a large, stable family (it will give him emotional stability, he says) and wants to stay a virgin till he marries. Girls are always chasing him, leaving psycho notes on his backpack “When I look you from afair, I like you, but when you come closer, I´m obsessed with you” kinds of things.

      • Have I just veered into being a Pedo, albeit unwittingly??? Cancer Moons always draw females, there’s something goobly and comforting about them, then there’s that thrilling Scorp Sun.

        That whole celibacy till marriage thing can also be a product of both. His Venus sign will tell. I’m afraid that by the time he’s of age, I would be well.. hmm, maybe not. I’m ridiculously preserved. I SHOULD really be ashamed of myself, but the older I get, the more shameless I really am.

        Terrible really. He sounds sweet.

        • hA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
          as I read this I was picturing a young man….no, he is 13. lol….

          but my ex bf is scorpio sun cancer moon…..he said he had studied….HA what a joke. I had to teach him a thing or two…something any man should have known by then. jerk.

    • Be careful. Scorp male with Cancer moon is potentially crazy. Been there. done that before. Women with cancer moons tend to handle them beautifully, not so much for the male ones I’ve seen but maybe he has a good upbringing and won’t end up being a drama queen or vandalizing your car when he’s upset with you.

      • Hahaha… He suddenly says “oh, no one cares about me” and then we all have to make him handmade soap, cook for him, massage him, etc so he could feel loved for a while… It tires me sometimes but I’d always remember the two times I was a a complete mess due to acute depression and sickness, took it out on him in an embarrasingly NASTY way and yet he was the most loving, caring, understanding person in the whole world. Like he went to buy me a Shawarma at midnight in a dangerous zone, with “house clothes” (he NEVER goes out with them), made me tea and covered me in blankets just to see me happy. I was expecting, craving a fight (my Aries moon), but he gave me back love. Scorpio/Cancer, not an easy combo but once you love it, it’s till death.

        • Oh I love that, isn’t that just the way? It’s true though, Cancer Moons need cosseting. I have an Aqua Moon/Kataka Sun, so I need it then I don’t.

  24. Hm, as a Scorp with Scorp Rising (Gemi Moon, Cap Venus, Virgo Mars) I’ve never been with a Scorpio male. It was a close call once but, to be honest, the guy had an eerie thing about himself, so I stopped way before anything happened. But then again, I don’t know many Scorpio men and I guess there are perfectly cool guys out there.

    One thing as a Scorp Woman I can say is that I’m usually not short of offers, despite the fact that I’m kind of lazy (and yet weirdly obsessed) in bed (and probably in relationships, too). I’m always attracted to Virgos, but while there is nice, solid bedwork that makes one feel great it’s not extraterrestrial, and they’re not always into it. I’m getting on well with Taurus men in certain regards, they jump at every opportunity… but don’t always like everything about them. In (and outside of) bed I find them a bit bossy. I’ve also found that many of my Pisces friends have a strong libido.

    My fellow Scorp girlfriends – I sometimes wonder if I’m like them, too? I have a secret respect for all of them. Some are very beautiful and sexy, some rather nerdy… and they’re all into mating, but not quite so physically as the Toros, I think. It’s more of a mind-game. I also can’t enjoy it as much when my mind is full of problems.

  25. Ahh, this bachelorette just needs sex :(

    I dumped my shag buddy Leo Boy. Simply not worth the bother. Perhaps I should be looking for a Scorp Martian for a wild fling?? Don’t think I can handle mind games though. Would spot it a mile away and I’d be outa there.

    I know plenty of female Scorps who are a little crazy in bed – as in, I hear their stories that they seem to love to tell. They’re usually upset because their latest conquest/ one true love/ victim has left them and they don’t know why… just because he couldn’t handle bite marks, cigarette burns, rubber tubing (never asked about that…)

    • Alright, I admit to bite marks, too… 😉

      For a fling without serious consequences, consider a Toro rather than a Scorp. You never know, he could wind up stalking you. (Sorry for this generalization! But it happened to me with the only Scorp man I knew a bit more closely.)

    • Really? My Go To Fling sign is Aqua, they conveniently go off-planet post coitus, then kind of do a Halo Drop in when I least expect – though after a while I can predict the gap in orbit.

      Toros ARE lusty creatures. Mind if you own a quality couch draped in natural fibers, creature comforts and feed them a hearty meal, you may find yourself barnacled to more than a fling. Just saying.

        • I find the one Toro who hates most food. He is a double Aqua and prefers “space man food”. He wants food in powders and pills he can mix. awful!

      • Hihi. Unfortunately I can’t cook if my life depended on it! Or the guy makes me feel so, because he supposedly does it oh-so-well.

        • Oh… and I’m so in lust with him. But I think I blew it, since I never cooked for him in the past two years… 😉

          • short cut: don’t have to cook . . just PROVIDE good food. Find a good take away place that has gourmet type stuff to go and it will work a treat. Also, try frying an onion and garlic when he comes over . . . even if you do nothing with it. . . the aroma is all that’s needed 😉

            • Giggle! I might just give it a try, if it’s not too late by now. But I must be careful with scents, he’s got Virgo Rising and is somehow very… peculiar about smells, hygiene etc.

                  • reminds me – lucky me, I lived with a French Taurus Sun guy (mediterrean complexion) while I finished my study and twas the best flatting/house sharing arrangement – we’re friends for life. man he can cook awesome food at anytime particularly late at night if stressed. I’m talking will bake and make delicious pastries from scratch, makes recipies. I learnt a LOT. vl

        • THIS Toro is seriously behaving like fling-material. Of course I don’t know whether he has a serious GF somewhere over the rainbow waiting for him each weekend with luscious French food. Could be. I don’t dare ask him, it’s turned more or less into a “friends with benefits” routine and I fear it’s kinda too late to change it now. He was eager for more when I wasn’t, and now it’s the other way round.

          • ALL of them can be annoying…lol.
            only had one once…for my 18th bday!!!
            He was so freaking cute, one of the cutest boys ever. But 2 years younger, inexperienced, and half as smart as me. Didn’t last long….

      • So true with the Aqua boys.

        Me and the Cap Sun, Aqua Venus Melbourne Shag boy are still having the twice yearly hookups when I travel there for business.
        4yrs now, feels like were in a FWB marriage.

        Kim did a Eros reading for me several years ago.
        Our Aqua Eros conjunct 1 deg, if we nailed it down, might ruin the random joy.

        • YES! Uranian Men are great as Long Term Shag Standbys. I should know, mine has been around for gulp..EIGHT years. Prompting his most recent ex to flip out and give that number waaaaay more significance than it has.

          Maybe it works that way in ratio to the actual Uranian Orbit of 84 years?? I.e. it’s longer in years, but in actual shag count not as frequent??

      • You are sooo right about Toros… I found out the hard way, twice (lol) but they were ever so good in bed (or wherever….).

    • Oh Equlilibirum !
      I was too shy to ask you to share a piccie, your feather is beautiful , and in a spot, where if you wear a singlet/tank top it will not be missed ! Gorgeously Symbolic and Sexy Madame ! xx

  26. I am scorpio myself with venus, mercury, neptune, sun and Mars in scorpio in 4th house, with chiron, Pallas and Juno in pisces and cancer in 12…

    but I have not so much expearince with scorpio man…

  27. “So is it true what they say?”

    in my not statistically valid sample/experience they certainly have a talent, but not one i want to pursue anymore…

    no offence to the scorps out there just sayin’ is all… i have moon conj neptune in scorp so they’re a bit like catnip

    • he he, yes, anotherbloodyaries, I went out once with a man who had moon conj. neptune in scorp that was exactly conjunct my neptune in scorp. we were like junkies together. actually, he was a junkie on his own, but that’s another story.

      • hmm, anon i went out with an *ex* junkie once – only worked it out when he kept mentioning friends who had *habits* and overdosed (duh!) the he admitted to hep c and asked me to tell his shift leader about why he was off sick so much… but not a scorp i think

        someone else in these comments referred to scorps as hypnotic have to agree def hypnotic, but a bit like a cobra for me anyway!

  28. Mystic thats so weird. I kid you not I have just had the “its off” conversation 2 days ago with leo rising leo dude I was dating who is appalled (underline) that I am vegan! he: mars, jupiter and a wack of asteroids in scorpio. but super strong mars placement.

    • Anyone so judgemental of another’s diet is themselves appalling! Live in the body before you decide what’s right for it.

      • I know right. I just sent the best this-is-how-I-roll email outlining my highest appalling offense is a lack of class. drop the attitude and sure we can be friends as requested, but yeah don’t fuck with my principals. x

      • “Live in the body before you decide what’s right for it”.
        Love it!
        Noted and will be re-quoted muchly!! (Just turned vegan myself so I’m getting all sorts of weird judgemental comments from ppl. Umm, I’m the one eating the food (or not) so why are they so concerned. Bizarre…

        • there is *such* a hate campaign its so weird. I never knew. F’ing bizarre for sure.

    • This is weird because a Scorp and I were talking about this tonight, and he seems to be an avid meat-eater like me. I don’t think I’ve ever known a vegan/vegetarian Leo? Maybe it’s the lion in us that craves it. But it’s weird because in my experience the vegans/vegetarians I’ve known have always grilled me (pun pun) about it. Was out with an Aqua and he asked me if I knew where my meat came from and what’s done to the animals, etc etc. Yes I know, and I love animals but I also like the taste of meat, so what can I do? Had another vegan in my Ethics class who always went on about it and admitted that he judged us meat-eaters.

      Me, I don’t care what people eat. It’s their bodies so they can choose what they want to eat and who am I to judge? If you want to be a vegan, that’s fantastic! Just don’t look down on me. I’ve never judged a person by their diet. So silly.

      • The lifelong vegetarians(since birth) i know all have some major leo…..

        double leo, gem moon strict vegetarian his whole life.
        leo rising, scorpio sun strict vegetarian his whole life.

        my daughter is leo moon and vegetarian her whole life(she has tried fish here and there, but rarely).

      • Um, ok> it was a highly offensive conversation actually and I don;t judge what people eat its purely a personal choice I have never in my life come down on anyone for their diet. Utterly presumptuous on your part that you would consider I had this kind of attitude just because someone you know had expressed this before at you.
        My diet needs are connected to a series of serious health issues which is why my diet is so strict which is what he was actually complaining about.

        • What? I wasn’t saying you had that kind of attitude. I just found it interesting that you’d had a convo about vegetarianism with a Leo because I’d had one with a Scorpio. And all I was saying is that I’ve run into some radical vegans, not that you were one of them. You’ve completely misread me.

  29. Neptune in Scorpio in the 12th for me. Says I don’t come across them often I reckon .. and if I have they’re way back when I didn’t fuss about knowing about that kinda stuff or it was brief and intense.

    I don’t resonate with the Scorpio male energy.. I think.. they occassionally cross my path but I don’t have the desire to pursure the game play or even toy with the idea of pursuing for amusement/flirtation. So non Saggi as all is fair game in flirting fun-stuff and they do play well. Must be a mix of other factors. Sleaze is not what I call flirting particularly at early superficial connection. It’s a turn off mostly.

  30. Scorp in Venus pour moi.
    The Scorpio men I have known are freaks full stop.
    Had plenty of them around me, but have ‘thinged’ any of them either – none have ever succumbed to my, ahem, charms.
    The female of the species I either get on with like a house ‘a fire, or it’s loathing at ten paces.

  31. Neptune in scorp too and I have no experience with scorps except with myself (ha!!) moon and eros in scorp. I prob do scare guys away with my intensity but its deadly topics serious to me. if he is not a good kisser then Faggetit

  32. My boyfriend is a Scorp ……. he wants lots and lots and lots of sex, at which he is very good …… very, very good. He is a freak, but I wont go into that (TMI) 😛

    I think sex is the Scorps answer to everything.
    Feeling good? Have sex?
    Feeling bad? Have sex.
    Running late for work? Have sex.
    Sad? Have sex.
    Need to do the washing? Have sex.
    Stressed? Have sex.
    Bored? Have sex.
    Hungry? Have sex.
    Feeling brilliant? Have sex.
    Anxious? Annoyed? Lost? Confused? Just woke up? Can’t find your keys? Have sex!!!!!!

    I think that sex is the Scorp panacea and I don’t think they get it that it doesn’t work in the same way for all people. As an Aqua (even with a few Scop planets including Mars) I am sometimes get overwhelmed by it. But I guess if too much awesome sex is one of my few whinges I have about my boyfriend, then I’m pretty lucky. 😆

    • Hm, Little Joey, I thought this applies to Taurus.

      Feeling good? Let’s…
      Feeling low? Let’s…
      Feeling mediocre? Let’s…
      Ego needs a push? Let’s…
      Need to relax? Let’s…

      And so on.

      As a Scorp, I too beliebe in the power of it, but I often need someone else to initiate it. 😉

    • spot on, Little Joey! sometimes it makes it hard to concentrate.
      I’m scorp sun & moon, taurus rising. Have only had one Scorp man to my knowledge, a few years ago, he insisted on a totally blacked-out bedroom (really not my thing as total darkness is disorienting), was unusually rough and then refused to talk to me thereafter. I was not impressed. I do not appreciate emotional awkwardness. He is a bit of a player though, or at least would like to think of himself as such. Bisexual but hasn’t had it with a man – I kinda think “try it already” – basically he seemed a bit afraid of sex, holding himself back emotionally etc.
      I prefer total surrender from the man – hard for me to trust them otherwise and let go myself. I sense a sort of stalemate – who jumps first etc.
      I wish the Scorp reputation worked more in my favour – I still haven’t worked out whether I scare men away or am too “aloof”.
      Anyways I’m supposed to be too busy studying to spend time on men – but the urge to hunt is still distracting…

    • @little joey, now you’re just pissing me off and making me dripping jealous!! haha… I’d love to be with someone like that.

      At least, you can eat what you want given all the calories you’re burning???

  33. I wouldn’t call myself a freak in bed. I just like sex and I’ve always been very comfortable talking about it, which has led others to assume I’m a freak, but that’s their problem. Honestly, the stereotype of the “sexy Scorp” gets really, really tiresome. We’re not all amateur porn stars, nor do we want to be.

    I will say that the attraction factor others have brought up is definitely real. I’m no beauty queen, but even at my most unattractive (college–bad skin, greasy hair, beer bloat and corresponding low self-esteem) I never wanted for offers–which I never took, because I’m one of those ultra-picky Scorps who will probably mate for life if I ever find someone worthwhile. The sex I have with myself is better than any I’ve had with a man anyway 😉

    • Yeah I’m with you, although I’ve been there and done it all I really don’t consider myself a ‘freak’ in bed. Some nice passionate, vanilla sex is a-ok in my book, just as long as there’s some kind of intense connection, mental or physical. I just don’t find it embarrassing to discuss in the right circumstances, although never in a crass way that makes me feel ill.

      I almost always land the object of my desire, a combination of stealth, patience and an air of Scorpionic disinterest seems to work but that doesn’t mean they love me. Being fuckable doesn’t instantly mean loveable, sadly it took me a long time to work that out.

      • took me a long time to work that out too Charley! I used to get a lot of men saying “you’re my fantasy girl” and that was flattering for a while but then I started thinking “i don’t want to be your fantasy girl!… I want to be your girlfriend!!” *pouts*

  34. I once scorped by a Scorp. Over time, much later I cut contact with him, I realized his life depended on control. Control in bed, in his house, etc. what a sad man he was.

  35. Yep. Scorpios are freaks in bed. Wild desires, pushing further into the field you most want to but never thought you’d find. Anyone who has “we didn’t” stories is just because you not compatible. Every male Scorp I’ve met has been a turn on, and for the most part, no, never did it. But hot,hot,hot. Earthly Taurus, sexy. Leo, sure. Sag, let’s just do it. But Scorpio has realms – and may know your deepest secret fear. Vote yes.

  36. Mars and Neptune in Scorpio 12th house and Scorpio rising here (and Virgo Sun). I have thinged a number of Scorps (who’s counting?). All fairly decent. Pinnacle is current Sun/Merc/Venus/Mars in Scorpio man with Cap Moon. Not a boyfriend, not sure how to define the relationship, it has morphed rather into a weekly arrangement with extreme role-playing in the form of master-servant rough play, is this too much information? I know that this form of ecstasy can’t last, but sex is a drug for me and I can’t stop. It’s not just the off-the-charts physical pleasure that keeps me coming back. It’s actually a creative process, with him scripting the scenes that he plays out with me and then I write him a “report” about it afterwards. His Mercury and Venus are conjunct in Scorpio, so I think he likes reading about his sexual creations and adventures that I pen. The reports aren’t addressed to him; they are written in my “diary” that he can then “secretly” read, so it plays to his need to discover secrets.

    I cannot understand though why he seems so unattached to me. I think he would be fine if I left and never came back. Where is the obsession? Why does he not care if I have other men who bed me? Is it just that Cap Moon that is so controlled and unemotional?

    • Could be the Cap moon, but I have Pisces moon and I also don’t get very attached easily. I’ll admit that sometimes it’s a power play– I don’t want to seem like I want them more than they want me, if you know what I mean. But usually it’s just that I know the relationship will never go anywhere serious (I operate pretty much 100% on intuition when it comes to my love life) so I don’t bother getting worked up about it.

      I think getting over the jealous-and-obessive thing is one of the first things Haute Scorps aim for, so maybe he’s just highly evolved! He certainly sounds fun!

    • my ex hubby….same placements…..mercury, mars, sun, venus, IC all in scorpio. Cappy moon.
      He loved sex. Would probably have tried anything once, but never pushed.
      He was a good lover, though emotionally unavailable.

    • That’s right, he will totally be fine if you left and never came back. Not all Scorps get obsessive, ya know. Scorpio is a water sign – they turn to ice if they feel nothing

      Fixed sign too – they either love you or they don’t. Simple as that. There are no shades of grey.

      I wouldn’t blame his Cap moon. You just sound like a play thing to him. Sorry to be so harsh but why would he buy the cow if he can get the milk for free.

    • similar stitch for me anon but my man has no scorp . its his leo that wants to dominate and write about it wt? with my scorpiness i am not keen on any of our secrects being written down. I get creative via sexmailing and sexting , images etc whcih he enjoys but he too is the unattached type. I’ve learnt how to a handle it and a I don’t want any attachment myself so it kinda works – but its not easy.

      • Anonymous, that’s right, with that seemingly vague description, you’ve said it exactly “I don’t want any attachment myself so it kinda works – but it’s not easy.” This is where I think anon’s premise, above, is not completely helpful. Yes, anon, I agree, and it’s not too harsh to say it that he considers me only a plaything and why buy the cow bit, but what if I myself don’t want to buy the cow? What if I have found of late that one doesn’t always have to have companionship, emotional support, and really good sex all in the same place? This is one model of relationships that has been good for me in a lot of ways. But, as Anonymous says, and this is the fly in the ointment, it’s not easy. For me it hasn’t been easy wondering about how I do fit into his life, whether the times when I feel he feels close to me emotionally (because there are a few times) are my imagination, wondering about the other woman I know who is in his life (but not in the same master-slave way). Is that lack of security about these things worth the otherwise extremely satisfying sex life I have with a man who I otherwise do not want or need completely in my life in a traditional boyfriend or husband role? I wish there was a clear answer. At times I want to tell him that I can’t do it anymore unless it’s exclusive, but I stop myself because I feel like if someone wants to do something, they’re going to do it anyway, so why try to have the pretense of me controlling things? Maybe that sounds defeatist. I have found though that it saves heartache, of which there is plenty already anyway.

        Anyway, anonymous, I hope you’re having fun with the master/submissive stuff. I found out that there was going to be a Fetish Fair in my city not too long ago, and there was an actual “expert” on the subject with his slave. He outlined the rules for having a successful relationship of this sort, and actually they were basic Relationship 101 tips, like making sure his and yours goals are the same, communication, etc. It has made me want to study the subject further.

        • Totally with you sis anon. I ve had a few ” you maybe a plaything’ comments too in response to my posts which I take on board but sometimes ignore. There is no one type of rel but long as you do follow Rel 101 then it can stay relatively sane. I like the detachment of my current rel. My aqua rising can handle it and his aqua moon maintains it. Whenever I do get too close he gently bats me away and thats ok sometimes and other times I do have a hissy fit. no big deal

        • my response was to this comment :

          “I cannot understand though why he seems so unattached to me. I think he would be fine if I left and never came back. Where is the obsession?”

          Now you’re elaborating with “what if… I don’t want to but the cow..”. It’s too confusing! The scenario you’re in is not easy, I know. If you have plenty of air in your chart then it could work but otherwise, it’s just a world of heartache. Why bother was my point.

          I grappled with all those issues when I was in a relationship with a poly guy (Toro). I suspected he wasn’t a true Poly, it was just an excuse to sleep around. Which is not what it’s about.

          Anyway, the whole thing destroyed my self-esteem. Mystic does warn peeps with Eros in Scorp not to even consider casual relationships. But I have Uranus square moon, so thought I could handle it.

          I didn’t mean any ill will. Hope you get what you want :)

          • No ill will taken; likewise, I didn’t mean any either. Trying to explain these complex situations in a comment that doesn’t go on forever probably skewed what I was trying to say into bitchiness that I didn’t intend.

          • “Mystic does warn peeps with Eros in Scorp not to even consider casual relationships.” ooops must missed that day.

            I do have enough air to handle a casual affair and its not like he’s married or with anyone else. Its when my leo ego gets in the way that I have a hissy fit. But if a better offer comes along I’ll be there.

            • It wasn’t a post. It’s actually in Mystic’s “Mystic Medusa Soul Mating” book. If you don’t have it, I reccommend you get a copy. Its essential reading for astro fiends. It’s my bible!! The book goes through all the different Eros & Psyche meanings and sun sign/eros etc and also includes a fab compatibility chart.
              Sounds like you got it all sorted anon Leo *thumbs up*

        • your relationship is exactly as it is. it seems your difficulty is in wanting it to be something more, i think. all you can do is see if your partner is amenable to such an idea and if not, decide if the recreational pleasures are enough to keep you around. why not enjoy the present relationship while looking for something more exclusively intimate, also or instead of?

          i know the relationship model of excluvisity is generally accepted as something to be sought after, sometimes even the only “moral” choice, but being open enough to allow more than one person to fill needs takes the sometimes intolerable burden off the one lone person, who can try to be everything a person wants and is castigated when they can’t and promptly dumped as a “loser”.

          have your cake and eat it too, I always say. :) comments here are only suggestions.

  37. I just don’t get it. Aside from the stalking, they make great, loyal, funny friends. As far as sex, though, they come across as too over-the-top. Not sexy to me. Love you, Scorps, and of course, this coming from a virgo sun, mars and venus. Ha!

  38. I just can’t believe that no one has commented on the “vegetarians can’t come” line. As a vegetarian, I can 100% disprove this. Repeatedly, if necessary!

    • & yeah, last Scorp I was with was hot but that may have been my Gem Venus & ample Toro loving her multi Virgoness (incl Venus).

    • Agreed Shannon, agreed.

      I clicked on ‘post comment’ earlier before commenting on that particular bit of bull. Veggo’s can’t come? Bring it on baby and see if you can keep up 😉

      I’ve also, several times, run into the Scrop man who’s all aghast at the very idea of vegetarianism, but have never delved too deeply into what that’s all about – ideas anyone?

      • I’m guessing the “vegetarians can’t come” Scorp was possibly a dud in the sack, a Scorpio exception that proves the rule – if you will and his comment shifts the blame away from his dud-ness.

        I was veggo for years (making my way back again, meal by meal…) and I can yes veggos can come ……. I also found they can fart pretty well too!

        • lol…yes can fart like no others.

          was a vegan or vegetarian for years and could cum. Never have I heard such a statement….ridiculous.

    • “According to a 2010 Newspoll Survey, 5% of Australians say they are vegetarians with 2% of them actually eating a vegetarian diet”

      Of that 2% I reckon the majority are women.

      Have to admit the “vegetarians can’t come” line is pretty stupid but you have to remember the majority of men love their meat. And Scorps are set in their ways. So if he loves his meat he probably can’t relate to anyone who doesn’t.

      I’ve only ever come across ONE vegetarian man in my whole life!

      • my ex hubby multi scorpio is a strict vegetarian, but he was raised that way.
        his double leo, gem moon brother is too.

        I think it was because they were raised that way though.

  39. This scorpio runs hot and cold when it comes to sex. Or rather hot or disinterested. I get hyper sexual relatively easily. One good kiss can keep me horny for months.

    It’s been a while since I played the field but the only Scorpio I remember bedding was a 30 second wonder.

  40. I feel qualified to comment.

    Yes, I can be a freak in the sack. I’m no sex maniac, but when it’s happening, why not get into it, get enthusiastic?

    Me and my ex Aries lover used to go at it, wildly, for hours, staring into each other’s eyes, biting each other, and getting sweaty.

    But not all sex is that way, otherwise I wouldn’t get anything done! For me, my partner needs to also be able to ‘let go’ and express their pleasure, or I can get a bit self conscious or just lose the excitement.

    Quiet, unexpressive people, and those who you can’t connect with and share an energy with… scare me.


  41. oh, I could so write a book on thinging scorpios…..I have north node conjunct IC in scorpio, mars in taurus, venus in virgo. sun in cancer, pisces descendant. IT is like they complete me…….
    where to start?????

    a quarter of the men I have slept with have been scorpio suns. I am sure the others have had some scorpio or pluto influences though.

    married to multi scorpio(sun,mer,venus, mars, IC), cappy moon for 14 years…very sexually oriented, but emotionally unavailable. He was a good lover, but I lost interest.

    very next lover for 2 years was scorpio man.He liked to control the sex, but he would deny that till the day he dies….My experiences with him were so disturbing. but there were times it was magical. He wanted to get to home base fast, but at least he could stay there for awhile….He was very into the rawness of it, but not preverse and I wanted it more than him.

    would have been better if I could combine the two…

    the most skilled lover I have ever had was multivirgo though….pluto conjunct ascendant in virgo, mars in leo, venus in virgo. I still think of him………..oh too fondly. gulp. go away.
    He had STUDIED and knew the techniques. enjoyed foreplay alot, could last, oh my….
    the sad part about him is I so wish we had met at a different time in our lives….but he was my sexual healer after the controlling scorpio boyfriend and I needed that desperately.

    Just yesterday I was saying I hate scorpio exhubby, I hate scorpio ex boyfriend….
    so done with them. Going to look for a taurus…..

    • the most preverse lover I had(though not with me at all, but we only engaged once) was a scorpio. He had tried everything once. Although the act was whatever, our time was under very abnormal/ socially unacceptable/boundary pushing situation/ TABOOOOOOOOO……

      He was also one of the two smallest endowed men I have been with(the other was also a scorpio sun).

      • My two smallest were Leos. Seriously, a disappointment after the big performance leading up to the disrobing, no pun intended. (really!)
        I mean, at what point can one say, after both parties are nekkid, ‘well, I’ve changed my mind now, coz honestly if I f*ngered myself I’d feel it more’, you know? I still ponder that sometimes. There was no primal-ness at all; great chemistry pre-actual sex, then fizzles…

        • oh no!!!bad when things fizzle….
          Did they mention anything about it at all….

          both my experiences with these guys was one time only…but not because of size.
          the taboo one, Because the setting and situation was so OFF, the sex wasn’t what it could have been. HE KNEW alot and I believe given a better time and place he would have rocked my world regardless of size. Before we engaged he mentioned he wasn’t that big, but didn’t seem weird about it.

          the other one, well, that was a stupid disastor. HE apologized for his size before hand and seemed insecure about it, but then didn’t make sure I got off. HUH??? But that wasn’t the only problem. He was nervous the whole time that his ex might show up. Apparantly he was still in love(I figured) 2 years later….geez. He freaked out when someone did come to the door. Then I got weird. LOL…..

          funny stuff. That was half my life ago so who cares.
          but now with facebook, I see the second one on there, we have mutual friends. He is still so cute, in a popular band. I think hmmm, but then I remember his size…lol.

          • HA!!!!!!!!!!!
            In a moment of craziness I emailed one of my old scorpios flings, the stupid disaster. LOL.
            We haven’t been in touch in almost 17 years. His band looks so interesting though, I couldn’t resist. He is still so cute too, albeit bizarre.

        • @UPV, Lawd have mercy baby girl!!! I hear you there. That happened to me with Kentucky (see my blog if you want to know more). He was a Cancer and so was the other worse sexual partner I had.

          And yes, size is size but even the skill or the consideration wasn’t there. So disappointing. Mine didn’t fizzle so much as fell flat in a room full of crickets.

          • *crickets chirping getting louder, right?* actually high-pitch hyena-like cackling!!! 😀

    • Your description is right on target. Very much into the primal rawness of sex, but not into perversity or kink very much. And very critical of *you* if you can’t climax the way he expects you too as if there is something wrong with you.

      I suspect the real freak in bed is probably a Cap, but I can’t for sure since I haven’t been with one. The quiet ones are always the ones I suspect of having the most fun.

      Virgo is about 50/50 so I’ve experienced and the Toros are hyper-sensual, which usually leads to a good time, but I’m not sure that qualifies as freak-in-bed status. Aquarius is a freak in bed, but it’s not the kind of “freak” most people are thinking. 😀 Sagg can be freaky but it’s more of a novelty sort of freaky.

      • wouldn’t you know it…..
        I just got home and scorpio exbf sent me a letter! ha. figures. I dreamed about him too….and it was interesting..

        Love the virgo organization of the freakinesss of all the signs….. :)

        As far as caps go….another quarter of the men I have slept with were cap suns….and why yes….one of my best, wildest, lost in it experiences was with a cappy sun. Still ranks as a highlight, half my life later.
        I was very comfy with them… sun and saturn in kataka, cappy on my 5th house cusp with cappy vertex in my 5th.

        Cancer men make up almost another qtr…
        What can I say, I found what worked and stuck to it. But maybe it is time to round the sun sign zodiac….never been with a saggy, gem, leo, or aqua sun before…..

        oh fun a project! LOL. I’ve never had a crush on an aqua or gem before though so this might be difficult.

        • i have to say I’ve never been with a Cancer before. It’s either hate their guts or I’m friends. It’s this whole repulsion-attraction with them that I can’t deal with.

          What did you think of Pisces men folk?

          • only was with one, once. WE couldn’t be together then, and now that we could neither of us seem to have any interest….lol.
            He has drug issues…

            but I do love pisces.

  42. Scorp mom & older sister insist I’m wrong about everything. I’ll stick up for myself, they’ll back down, I’ll get used to them being nice with me, they’ll insist I’m wrong about everything. If they could only channel this power of theirs.
    Oh yeah, they do, using other people’s energy for their own needs.

    I’m Neptune Scorp too.

  43. Best sex was with a Scorpio. I find they like depth, which makes a good soul connection. I knew one raised as a Catholic who, though renouncing his former beliefs, always guilted himself about his perversions. I think he got off on being “naughty” and clung to his “guilt” to provide that sensation. He was pretty twisted. I haven’t found them best in acting out fantasies. The one’s I’ve known want to experience sex as themselves, not projecting into a character or a part of themselves they’ll shut away after sex. But willing to try a new sensation, yes.

    • i don’t like the idea of playing parts either…nn scorp in 8th but that prob. has nothing to do with it 😛
      it’s just like….this is me. if it can’t be real then it’s too fake for me, and i’ll always have this haunting feeling ‘this is fake, this is faaake’

  44. I enjoy my beau. He is a multiple Scorpio (Sun, Venus, Jupiter). While definitely interested in sexual subjects, he is a very loyal partner and extremely sweet. A traditional type (Cancer moon). He started out very shy and guarded, which caused serious problems for a while. but the person underneath the veneer draws from a well reservoir of energy- loving and protective. Any perceived “freak” issues stemmed from past hurts and trouble as a way to cope with getting burned. I think, deep down, Scorpio is pretty vanilla, and just wants real intimacy with another human being. Their needs are simple, just not easy to get. If they can be truly close to someone and trust them, that is what they crave (hence the suspicious, judgemental stereotype). there is nothing sexier than a shared experience. Sexuality with a Scorpio partner, at its best, is sharing a naked ignition with them in total security (almost typed sexcurity! LOL). It’s difficult not to be addicted to that as a Virgo. I really enjoy the experience of being possessed, but respected, by someone who listens well (big deal for Mercurial signs) and intuits better.

    • very well said. Has been a large part of my experience with them as well.
      My exbf scorpio also had a cancer moon…and what you say about shyness and guardedness definately fits.
      but he handled it in such a suspicious manner towards me when there was no reason to…ugh…leave your prior garbage elsewhere.

  45. Never been down that road with a Scorpio man, I’m immune and mildly repelled. Had some pretty good times with Scorpio women though, different kettle of fish all together.

  46. Had the best in my life with a Scorpio. Still think about it now occasionally. Is all I can say about that.
    Cancer girl with Scorpio moon xxx

  47. My first ‘thing’ was with a low low scorp. I was 17, never really forgiven myself.

    • forgive yourself!!! Learn, embrace experience, grow….
      you are worthy of feeling good about your path, even the mistakes.

      • Yes Catfish, you’re right. Mistakes can be blessings. And I’ve made some wonderful mistakes – enjoying intimacy with my lovely Pisces man these days.

  48. Thinged one and it was pretty dramatic, but now I know better than to entertain a passive-aggressive tool. I think it had more to do with his Neptunian T-Square than anything else, though I don’t think having a water sun AND moon helped. It was nothing like the dumb sex freak stereotype either….just him whining acting like he was the only one with feelings while conviniently forgetting how often he overused his stinger.

    Scorpio Moon I can appreciate since there’s lots of affinity with my own dark moon, but Scorpio Sun? I’ll wait.

    • were we with the same guy??? ha. his scorpio sun, cancer moon…ditto on the whining and the only one with feelings and amnesia.

      • Mine had a Pisces Moon…..oi. He was so insecure about alot of things (one of them being his fair skin for his ethnicity) and it just kind of permiated into everything. I was young and dumb enough to fall into the woe-is-me trap, but there came a time when I had to say “enough was enough”. And I’m a Cancer X3/4…LOL.

        • yes, and us cancer suns can handle alot.

          though in fairness to my scorpio exes….I can dish it too. but I still know how to make sure everyone gets taken care of…

          • I wish I could say the same for myself but nope. I’m too jaded to play anyone’s caretaker, plus my moon/Lilith conjunction in the 8th (Virgo) would sooner stick her head in a blender….hahaha. No wonder I’m alone…lol.

            • not so into taking care of the men part anymore….right there with you on that.
              I meant more along the lines of ….even when i am low/insecure/pity party, I still make sure the home and kids are taken care of.
              If was a huge issue for me with the scorp sun/cancer moon when he was funky and left everything hanging….

              • Well in that case, I agree. I don’t shirk my duties even when im at a low ebb. He was actually quite good at that too, in all fairness. It’s just only me that bore the brunt of the brood. I’m surprised that even after that, I still find myself attracted to watery men at times (just not Scorp suns). Though ironically, I find myself in an on again, off again thing (currently off) with a pouting Gemini. Maybe it’s just me that brings out these lower traits in guys. smh

  49. Scorp men – no thanks! Too intense for my Venus libra & Sag moon.
    I have thinged with 4 Scorps though. Two of them shared my birth date. One of those was my astro twin – a male version of me. Only difference was his rising sign. We liked the same food, had same habits etc and his entire music collection was identical to mine. He’s a sound engineer (something I seriously considered too). He even kinda looked like me. Had the impish grin I’ve been told I have.

    An astrologer friend introduced us. On our first date we wore the same clothes. Kinda spooky :) We thinged a few times then I broke it off because I wasn’t happy in the bedroom & we were too similar – no challenge or potential to grow. He felt like a brother!! I wanted to remain friends so we could compare notes and share milestones but I think he was too hurt.

      • Hahahahaa 😆 Oh thanks for the laugh Fleecy! I love Seinfeld!! Brilliant show. George is my favourite.

        “Now I know what I’ve been looking for all these years……myself!?” 😆

        Also loved the line from Janeane Garofalo “ya know… I talk to you, it’s like I’m talking to myself..”

        I haven’t thought about astro twin Scorp until this post, so I couldn’t help but do a bit of stalking on Facebook and he’s looking good these days! I was half tempted to contact him but I can’t go there again. He’s perfect in so many ways though… 😆

  50. Interesting topic. I’ve not had enough sexual interaction with Scorpio men to form a solid opinion. Is there a sex asteroid?

    • I look at eros and psyche in synastry charts to see if they interact.
      My multivirgo and I had eros(his in scorpio) and psyche(mine in taurus) in opposition….oh good gracious hot!!!!!

  51. Argh, Scorpios!
    Surely for me this is a love/hate thing with all the proper intensity behind it.
    Father is a scorp sun and moon. Mother is scorp moon, brother is scorp sun,moon,venus and mars. AND I have a scorpio sun and he and his sister both have scorpio ascendants. Whew. I feel like a scorpio sandwich. 😉
    I am and 8th house sun who has neptune and merc conj in scorpio. Also my South Node is there. sigh… I go on and off them. Right now I am off as my ex scorpio drove me bonkers. He would call and text me at all hours of the day and night to see what I was doing (making sure I wasn’t with another man). He popped over uninvited CONSTANTLY, then would leave me these little sarcastic nasty notes if I wasn’t home. Even if I TOLD him I wouldn’t be home.
    He was a terror to go out in public with, especially to the pub because he was convinced everyone was staring at me with the intent to take him from me. NObody was above suspicion. The sex was the best ever in my life, and he says it was for him as well, but in the end (after 4 years) that was just not enough to keep us together. I used to dream I was being chased and once I even had a dream of being in a coffin. If that isn’t a clear message than I don’t know what is! *oops, rambling! Sorry.

    • Whoa, that’s a lot of Scorp and a lot of water! I can relate, my mother being a Scorp Sun, sister being a Scorp Sun, myself being a Scorp Sun/Merc/Mars/Venus/Uranus and father being the mega Cancerian. Water, water everywhere!

      Nice to find another member of the Drowning House club! Grab some floaties and swim aboard! 😀

        • It’s just the term I’ve come to use to refer to my own experience growing up in a household surrounded by water signs. You can sometimes feel like you’re drowning when your family life is all about navigating other people’s emotional mood swings.

          As a kid I had a lot of water sign friends, but as an adult in recent years I’ve been more drawn to fire signs. I think it’s a realization that I’ve had enough of being surrounded by water and need some fire signs in my life to balance out the elements.

    • Firehorse, what sun sign is your mum? Curious to know what sign your Scorp dad married. Are they still together?

      Your Scorp ex sounds like a nightmare!

  52. Had a scorpio boyfriend once and was totally besottled by him. Iam a Taurus he just had a magical hold over me that I cant explain. Have a Taurus friend who was scorped and he had the same experience as me. This was quite a few years ago but we speak about them sometimes. The two scorps were both really self centred. Charisma plus. Fancy thinking about him 27 yrs later!

  53. Not a Scorp Sun, but I did have a fling with a Scorp Moon guy, it was both of ours first relationship after separating from marriage.
    He couldn’t cum during ‘normal sex’. But instantly, when we did all the things he could never do with his ex-wife.
    I had to leave because I was afraid we would never have normal sex again.

  54. Well considering my extreme need to be completely dominated. My ‘Scorping’ was amazing.

  55. I’ve never had the pleasure myself, but my Scorpio Sun, Aries Moon friend has a few wild stories. I’ll just say one involves a threesome, backdoor entry, a running garden hose indoors, and a human fountain. She was the one wielding the garden hose. I asked her if that stuff turned her on, and she said she knew it would make a great story someday and that’s what she wanted. She said. Who knows? Her bravery/respect points went up in my mind, but I was certainly disturbed. I have an eighth house Sun, and Mars in Scorpio, but I think it’s my Venus in Cancer that makes me sad to think sex comes from any place but love, at least on some level. I don’t think that excludes threesomes, or crazy incredible kink; but the way she told the story I thought it sounded like it came from a more devious place within her. Anyway, it gave me something to think about.

    • Love your moniker ML. i too have V in Cancer but my moon in scorp can appreciate the kink in all of all us and a scorp encounter may well bring that out. I never knew i had it in me til I met my match and he switched on my scorp button.
      Love would be nice but at my age and with my lifestyle I’m happy in my little world. I’ve realised you can’t have it all and I’m not waiting around for Mr right. Life is too short- I didn’t realise this till my late 40’s.
      I use to be much more venus centric in my 20’s and yes I did find mr right for 15 years but now its a time for me. V in C makes it a tussle sometimes and i would love flowers and romance but i can treat myself. Like a new pair of walking boots for a full day walk Im doing next thursday. yay!

      • Yes, I’m 29, with Venus in the 7th house. I have a bf of 5 years (no kids), but have definitely lost that Lovin’ Feelin’. He wants a Mom type, and I wouldn’t mind being that for someone, but not him. He expects it too much.
        He has Sun, Mercury, Venus, Jupiter, and North Node in Capricorn. Very conformist in a lot of ways; none of course applying to himself, but definitely voices ideas about how others should behave and live their lives. Also, pretty bad temper; I kind of have to handle certain topics/stressful situations with kid gloves, or face a volcanic explosion. Also, Gem Moon (exactly conjunct my descendant), with about a 13 second attention span. Always telling me how boring my stories are :(
        And no drive to accomplish anything worthwhile = unemployed for the last two and a half years (what happened Cappy?).
        I don’t know what it is, if I’m just chickens$%t, or if it’s the ultra-fixed Leo Sun, Taurus Moon combo, but I just can’t get up the gode to tell him I don’t want to be with him anymore.
        Anyway…, I firmly believe that when one turns the focus on oneself and simply enjoys life, being the best you personally can, all the cards fall in place. Short of that, I keep hearing Neptune in Pisces is supposed to be pretty great.
        Sorry if the ramble went in another direction, but your reply got me to thinking about future options and happenings.
        Enjoy your walk, Leogroover, here’s to hoping extraordinary events are soon coming your way (unless they are already). Thanks

  56. Messy leo, your comment gives me the words for what i’ve been feeling. I have all my life found it very difficult to discuss my actual sexuality and sexual experiences because i feel very aware that these are not just my stories, they are shared with partners. In addition, once it is public property public lines are drawn. Sex was always my complete freedom in an oppressed background and i suppose i didn’t want any trouble to come to anyone when my age, practices and partner’s background made it taboo. With no eyes, no rules. Thus sex becomes transcendent. I’m Scorpio 12th house though so that might be funny.

    Since Mystic’s Scorpio Venus post last year my growing feeling is many Scorpions actually need to people to know what they do and are, like all those Scorps with large scorpion tattoos. This is not so much about secrecy as breaking taboos. It’s only one common type of Scorp. Like any sign, there may be aspects a person aspires to embody more purely than they actually do? Or in a way that might be recognisable to others? This is so FIXED, and something i don’t really get as a mutable, but enjoy trying to :)

    This was hard to write but i enjoy sharing others’ posts on all topics, esp for the astro insight i feel, so i’m doing my best to give back a tiny bit on a topic i wouldn’t ordinarily.

  57. I’m getting to know a Scorpio for the first time. I’d actually not been so fond of Scorpios before because of two others I’ve known. Didn’t know them that well and that’s because they’d immediately put my hackles up. Then this new Scorp comes along and I always give everyone a chance, so I was down for it. It’s been a bit of a rollercoaster because it’s hard to get together with him. We’re both poor college students that don’t have cars, and he’s always working, AND he likes to plan things last minute which wouldn’t bother me if I had my own car. Seeing as I don’t, it’s a hassle to figure out on a whim how I’m going to get somewhere.

    Anyway besides that I’ve put up with him because he’s actually a really nice guy, and we have a lot in common. I don’t know if he’s kinky or sexually devious but I do know that he’s a psych major and fascinated by serial killers and catatonic schizophrenics. I have enough Scorp in my chart that I’m fascinated by the same things, so it’s all good.

    He does have a few issues. Apparently he’s on meds for ADD, epilepsy, and insomnia. Seems like a lot but he’s so nice that it doesn’t really bother me. I figure he plans things at the last minute because he’s ADD and he tells me it’s hard for him to concentrate. I’m actually surprised that he’s able to be as persistent as he is, because even though it’s been hard for us to hang out he’s always asking me to.

    He has Venus in Sag and Merc and Mars in Libra. I’ve yet to see him get angry about ANYTHING and he tells me he’s passive and doesn’t like fighting, which I think is the Libra influence. He doesn’t know the exact time he was born so he either has Sag or Cap asc. Asto sites tell me we aren’t compatible but so far I’ve been able to get along with him just fine, and even if it goes nowhere it’s still fun while it lasts.

  58. @ Amber, my Mother is a Virgo sun. Her and my Dad were only married for 5 years. She said he cheated with every girlfriend she had, he says he didn’t and that she was psycho. lol. IDK. My Father never remarried, but still carries a torch for the girlfriend he had for 10 years. She was born on the same day as he, November 5th, only she was younger. He wouldn’t give in and move closer to her, so she left him for a lawyer, and he’s pined for her since. :( I think two Scorpios together would be a good thing, but I rarely see that.

    Also, re-reading my post, I wrote that I have a Scorpio Sun, lol, I meant I have a Scorpio SON. haha.

    @ Cats Meow, My Ex Scorpio also had Sagg Venus. He’s 30 and never been married. He doesn’t want kids. He’s a party boy, and plans on staying that way. I have three kids and we just couldn’t come to terms with things. Like, I didn’t want him drinking around my children, and he just flat out ignored my request and poured his drinks in other containers, but it was obvious that something was wrong with him as hours passed. He is also a major pot head, and same thing, he would light up in front of my kids. Ugh. He has a Saggy Moon as well. Peter Pan complex.
    Good luck Cat’s Meow! I have libra mars, and so does my kids father, and yes, it’s true we hate fighting and we’ll do whatever it takes to avoid it.

    • Thank you! What Sun are you? I don’t know him well enough yet to know if he’s a play boy, but I wouldn’t be surprised if he was, especially if he has a Sag asc. I’ve known Sag suns and they are SO flirtatious with everyone. I adore them because they’re always so upbeat, but I don’t consider them dating material. I’m a Leo with Scorp asc and Aquarius moon and Venus in Cancer and Mars in Toro. Needless to say I’m very fixed and that means in my relationships too. Definitely monogamous so if I find that this Scorp is not, it will be bye-bye. Oh, but he does have a Virgo moon! I do feel that it’s grounded him emotionally.

  59. I confess to having been lured into the shadowy pit with a Scorp. I blame my errant Venus in Scorp!

    Unfortunately some part of me so craved the inevitable sting, that I ended up marrying him. In the end, I found him to be a skin crawlingly creepy perv.

    Whenever I saw him after my escape, or when he bumped into family and friends, he would firstly ask if I was with another man. It has taken me nearly 20 years to recover from the psychic sliming and feel good about myself as sensual Goddess.

    For years he haunted me in my dream world trying to deceive me and trick me into submitting. Despite this happening in my dream state, I would be invariably awake to his deception. Only now do I feel free of his shadow.

    Thanks MM for the opportunaty to enjoy some soulful cleansing!

  60. i’m Scorp/Gem/Gem and my BF is Scorp/Libra/Libra. freaky doesn’t begin to describe it. we both never thought it was possible :)

  61. So much depends on things other than Sun sign. Married to and obsessed with Scorpios. Can’t live with them; Can’t live without them. Would say casual sex with the obsession nothing to write home to mother about but, boy, am I still somehow obsessed! Maybe him, maybe my Scorp Neptune, I still can’t stop fantasizing about “what if I wasn’t already married?”

    • I got scared when I saw your name….
      my ex is scosun, lib asc, cancer moon…..sure was glad to read on and see you aren’t him!!!

      sounds complicated what you have going on.

      • It bites! Takes all my will-power to stay on the straight and narrow. Lots of self-care. I empathize with your ex, I suppose. Hope his self-control and will-power gets and/or stays intact.

  62. Have experienced serious Scorp loving twice in my life, including new thing going on since mid Dec – both the most generous, giving, well-informed lovers and OK, I’m going to say it, both so admiring of the female anatomy, not in a creepy way but in a totally appreciative way.

  63. *chuckling* — a scorp post and some of you guys are using the word “thing” for sex. Cute

  64. I wanted no strings attached sex with a scorp, and I got it – but they loved to hug afterward and the idea of being mushy sent me packing straight away

    Aries Rising, Libra Sun, Virgo Moon