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Should I, seriously, have to deal with emails from Leos demanding a post about how “hot” they are in bed (it’s the mirrors, superior focus on grooming and regal attitude apparently – as any actor or athlete knows, if you watch your performance on camera frequently enough, it is bound to improve) whilst working on the site re-devi?

Short answer: NO.

Ditto the Scorpios wanting to discuss certain aspects of their sexual reputation with me discreetly, not on the blog. Mars is in Virgo people; I work out, I work, I buy stationery, I unclutter and then i work out again. Right? Leos and Scorpios should hook RIGHT up and thrash these matters out between them. On a black rubber futon with gilt framed mirrors all around and some pomegranate jelly.

Practical Thing: The new site is up with the New Moon. If there are any delays or glitches, please be patient. If you can’t see the new site or it looks odd, clearing your cache and hitting reload always helps. Some browsers get SO clogged with cookies from advertising-heavy sites, that they need regular cleansing.

Dark Moon Business: yes, you know.Β  Extreme uncluttering. Renew everything. Think fresh and sparkling Qi, not stagnant crap or objects that you don’t really desire in your renewing life and realm.

And it’s a HEAVY Dark Moon because of Neptune changing signs, right?

More on this once i start to post more when the new site is up BUT like i said the other day, some dreams are being relinquished now even as new dreams are just being conceived.

Relationships that everyone thought to be fairytale romances are dissolving all over the place. eg; Johnny Depp -Vanessa Paradis, Heidi Klum – Seal, Someone you know maybe.

Neptune switching from Aqua to Pisces also brings a ferocious dimension of clarity and awareness regarding any delusions, addictions or toxic patterns.

So it’s super Zen Noire with this Neptune-infused hi-qi awareness Dark Moon.



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141 thoughts on “Lunar Zen Noire

  1. tranquil day with pisces moon but what will mercury square saturn do? Maybe nothing…late post here on this very different new site, a new era already there for some! Sweet pea thanks for post, I remember only fragments of spiritual holy grail, lady of lake and always wondered with regard to Saint-Germain, mother read stories of him to me as a child, nuances and clues and mystery… maybe some uncertainty is good for us on occasions. (Mercury 1 degree pisces retrograde) Have you read any of Martin Schulman? Karmic astrology (retrograde and reincarnation.

  2. Done my bit for toxic dumping. Had an epif at the gym and am now ex free which equates to addiction free. Still sad tho but did the big split 2.5 yrs to the day of our meeting before xmas and have been slowly wriggling free of my own addiction to him since.
    Now back on planet earth where more saner types live and off to beach for 3 days in the rain. Lots of books and not much else. yay!
    Plus my project of world domination is taking off biz wise.

  3. “On a black rubber futon with gilt framed mirrors all around and some pomegranate jelly.” HILARIOUS!!!! πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚

    and anyone , Leo or not, wanting large round gilded framed mirrors should get down to Reverse Garbage in Taylor Sq NOW, unless they have already run out the door under the arm of a swooning Scorp, they have 3 massive ones.

    Of course if you are Leo you would have to just say you bought it at a boutique Oxford Street store and name drop the artist who created it.

    Happy year of the Dragon!!!

    I finished work late lastnight and stayed up watching a Chinese movie til 3am. Am not feeling much like a dragon today but deff looking like one!

  4. The elixir for eternal life is the light of the Soul. The Holy Grail, or “Cloud Pouring Dharma” are all the same thing.

    St. Germain ascended the physical body into a body of light but enlightment (full of light) is the prerequisite.

    This is why it’s called “eternal life”. The human becomes immortal, a god.

    See what neat stuff the earth has to look forward to? The most tremendous blessings are coming if only one could see it. x

  5. This is so piscean it makes me wonder what neptune in pisces will be like…

    “In the world of the dreamer there was solitude: all the exaltations and joys came in the moment of preparation for living. They took place in solitude. But with action came anxiety, and the sense of insuperable effort made to match the dream, and with it came weariness, discouragement, and the flight into solitude again. And then in solitude, in the opium den of remembrance, the possibility of pleasure again. ”

    Anais Nin

    • I would agree with that…Anais Nin quote…the piscean dream and ease of living in realms of endless possibilities than any hard mundane reality? Good developments can happen even in the mire of deep fantasies…piscean conflict is always present; dilemma, decision…but it adds dimensions to everything! The most boring even. I think the Jean Funken site is talking about a historical view of neptune, it mentions alchemy and Le Comte de Saint-Germain…I can’t attach any further web info but there are great reads out there on this mysterious person who was rumoured to have discovered the elixir for eternal life, his friendship with Madame de Pompadour…and the if this arbours anything to do with neptune in pisces it will be especially interesting for anyone into the esoteric.

  6. Is tonight on the new moon (or just after) an ok time to tell my housemate I want to move out? It’s kind of decluttering right? lol….I think it will hurt her feelings though so maybe it’s best not to trigger her on the new moon?? I’m not sure…

  7. I have a question- in the Aries horoscope for tomorrow it mentions looking back over old friendships from 1998 and seeing who’s still there. WHAT IF IT’S NONE OF THEM!?!?

    • I’ve certainly cut some dead wood from my life since 1998 . . nothing but fond feelings really for good times had, but really, . . . those people are still alive in me to a good extent and taught me much. We are still influenced by one another even though not in contact any more.

      Neptune in Aqua culture has encouraged us to believe community and relationships are the most important things. It’s a bit of a superficial dud as far as I can see. I would have thought our relationship to ourselves was more important. ‘Community’ as a driving concept is a great excuse to put everything out there and ignore our internal selves and ‘realities’. Such things done puportedly for the sake of ‘community’– war, waterboarding, terrorism, torture, rape, impacted very severely on some individuals seem to be some of the very low expressions of Aqua 11th house-ness.

      I can count on fewer than the fingers on one hand, my ‘best’ friends. I suspect I”m pretty fucking average in this regard.

      • Thanks Link. Thats great. I went through a LOT of different groups and friends during the neptune in Aqua period. It was my whole childhood/adolescense and into adulthood period. I think it’s great that I have experienced so many different people and group dynamics and come to know all the lower manifestations of it so I can go about now creating the hi aspect. Does that make sense? Are other people feeling this?
        It’s funny the last few days I’ve just been thinking so much about old friends and feeling all the unresolved feelings, stalking facebook friends and then deleting them out of my life.

  8. Mystic, I can’t wait for your newly reno’d site to go Live! πŸ™‚

    Like postmodscorp, I’ve gone on a pretty massive decluttering, from filing systems to things to give to charities, from the outside of the toilet bowl to the yard, and finally yesterday an inner decluttering with a visit to the Reiki-clairvoyant lady extraordinaire where I was anointed with frankincense…had the most unreal sensation at the heart chakra…still wowing over it. Got chills when she described how the past 3 years had been like pushing shit uphill (“it had to be done” I chimed in) and I got through it all.
    I wasn’t just imagining all of it, I really WAS turning shit into platinum!!!!!!!!
    I’m fuqing awesome!!! 2012 IS a positive-great turning point! πŸ™‚
    Note to self: I’d like to think I’m an evolved enough Virgo with Scorp rising to be able to say that without cringing – the old Virgo would’ve thought how immodest and the old Scorp how so not private…! πŸ˜†

    Seriously, blessings for everyone who’s gone through any sort of shitstorm aka challenging trans(h)its…we gotta celebrate!!! πŸ˜€

    • pass whatever your drinking this way!
      I’m dark mooning it here.
      Going to get the smudge stick though. Hose looks pretty darn good, so that helps.

        • Catfish, my beverage of choice is usually a cup of hot cocoa made with raw cacao powder. Failing that, on the odd occasion I do drink, some quality schnapps does the trick. Come on over and we’ll share.

          I haven’t spent time here as regularly as I used to, and so I say hello to you! “hello, I’m UPV”
          I had an albino catfish when I was a child, so when I first saw your gravatar, I got all verklempt in remembrance.

          Hopefully you’ll have done the smudging by the time you read this, as it helps me whenever I do it, going around my lil place, verbalizing what I’m banishing and letting in.
          And wow, many thanks for your comment “love your positive outlook”, I was honestly floored by it, spesh as I’ve gone through some pretty dark times myself lately. (hence the absence from all sorts of online communities) I guess my heart chakra really was quite transformed…

          I hope you’ve had a new moon ritual that sets your intents free to mingle with the Universal currents. If you don’t consider it too trite, Light Blessings to you, Catfish Moon. πŸ™‚

          P.S.: my lil place looks good too after all the decluttering and cleaning frenzy!

      • Same here, one of the old skool kids is UPV πŸ™‚

        We are having a heat wave here down south, the rainbow
        serpent’s breath blowing on us.
        ‘Hot town summer in the city’*

        • I know I keep seeing all your gorgeous beach bodies/ocean shots/summer parties flooding my facebook wall :/

          perfect saggo weather though I am sure pegs? was it party at yours still πŸ™‚

  9. Parents just celebrated golden wedding anniversary and I gave them a delightful party where the relatives actually seemed jovial & peppy for a change. (maybe it was the vintage red wine)

    Wondering if karma is different these days and we are meant to mix in committed relationships with more people in a lifetime. I know that I feel like a confused/flaky teenager and I don’t know what I want and it has been positive because I’m allowing & craving & demanding growth of myself and I am becoming my own soul mate and perhaps that will help my mate to come.

    Could marriages where there are children have a special karma and make the partners want to grow & develop for the kids and maybe those people wouldn’t grow without them ? (forced growth)

  10. Some fool as broken twitter so I’m back again. Huge resistance in moi for some reason, pre-Neptune-departure-post-Neptune blues maybe?

    I read an interesting blog post by a French guy, on Neptune. A very interesting stroll through the ages of Neptune in Aquarius, but reading it in dodgy translation was heavy going.

    Thought I’d scheduled my new moon stars post for midnight last night. Being a mathematical moron has its downsides. So it went up on Sunday instead. Quelle horreur! Only kidding. But found myself pushing my little barrrow around twitter yesterday when I would have preferred staying schtuumm on the couch.

    Watched Chinatown late into the early hours, then cleaned up kitchen, then went to bed, then couldn’t sleep. Faye Dunnaway is gorgeous huh? A Capricorn.

    Jean Funken on Neptune through the ages Really well researched. Just wish I could read French, I’m sure lots gets lost in translation.

    This Aqua Wood Dragon, is of course well chuffed this year. Over to Kim’s 11th House, to find out how exactly the new year doesn’t start today but around the 4th of Feb. And what the story is with that.

    Waiting on Ms Mystic’s new site reminds me of a quote I read somewhere.

    The students await the master agog with anticipation. Maybe it was Siddhartha? Maybe it was Gerald Durrell. Hmmm. More coffee. Onwards and upwards peoples.

    • you know you can copy and paste whole text to google translator ezy as to do, just hit google and search ‘google translator’, you’ll be speaking, reading and writing in ooh la lar tones in no time. πŸ™‚

  11. I’ve been making sure everything’s been intiated concerning Mars in V in 10 before the retro. Now everything can flow from the starting points I’ve laid.

    This hasn’t been a good dark moon. I’m having to remind myself to sit with the uncomfortable feelings and not keep fleeing into, Is it the new moon yet? C’mon new moon! as if the new moon will save me. Which it probably will, but -note to self- this present darkness is illuinating in its way, stay put!

  12. I had that too last Mars Retro, total flashback from wayback and really knocked me for six!

    This is a new situation, one that hasn’t had the chance to go anywhere officially (there has been intimacy and a date or two) because he had to go away for a couple of months, so it’s more paused as opposed to an ended situation coming back and potentially starting again. If you know what I mean. Not sure I’m making sense. I would really like this one to have the best chance in the world of at least going somewhere without any silly planets getting all up in my love grill ha so I’m neurotic.

      • Are you still in contact while he’s temporarily away?

        If so, the Mars retro may not apply so to speak but if he said he’s going to get back to you then it would apply.

        I think (haven’t checked and don’t remember if Mystic said, pretty sure she or someone somewhere did), but believe Mars retro will be awhile and so you may have a large window if you are not in contact presently.

        Hope you know what I mean as well…lol

        • For a helpful hint for Charley and anyone else, here is a link to the 6,000 year ephemeris for 2012. You can also click on any year you want…(Egyptian Mummies anyone? πŸ™‚ )

          The “R” next to a degree pertaining to a particular planet means the planet goes retrograde ..the “D” means direct.

          With trans Mars in Virgo it goes retro (rx) Jan 24th and then direct April 14th. Thats some window!

          Of course we all know tons to come later with Mystic. x

          • 6000 years?????
            let me whip out my time travel device and I will just zoom around.

            I am curious about mars retro myself. There are few men I still feel within my psychic orb.
            mars is in my 1st house. No added energy at all…

        • Ugh, not really. Not since Christmas, he’s been in the depths of somewhere so there was no real point making awkward contact. So I guess it applies, great. This has been going on since last summer so I’m getting kind of bored and was hoping for some sort of resolution, I have a feeling I know how it will come though. Thanks SP! Good link too, nice to have an ephemeris with that detail.

          • Well if he does come back, you just set your standards to what is comfortable for you. Men love to strive to be better and it takes us women to do that. If a man doesn’t want to, he is just resistant to evolution…lol

            Our self respect and dignity are priceless but don’t cost us a penny. x (and I just made that up driving to the drug store…lol)

            • ps, drug store in U.S is your local 5 and dime and pharmacy. Not an opium den but did love Pegs talk on how all that came about with the hippy thing…laying on the side..brill…x

            • It’s said that Buddha is often depicted laying upon his side as he contemplated creation. That’s were the lotus symbol comes from…but also the lotus is about making it up thru the mud and then blossoming..

              Here where I live, landlord put a female Buddha bejewelled
              and lying upon her side on the dining table.

            • May be corny to the cynical and even tho this is a romantic song (mentioned it just this morning on the Jessica Simpson (Kataka) and John Mayer thread)…

              But this is my song today to my Higher Self.

              Because in the end, of which there isn’t one…there is only love and creativity.


              Is Uranus conjunct Mecury in Aries trine Sagg 6th showing? lol

  13. part of this post reminds me of a glamor article called Dear celebrities, please stop marrying each other. (or something like that) lol

    Yeah this week has been sh!tty. And Friday was a nightmare. I think part of it might of possibly been from Pluto and Moon opposing my Jupiter.

  14. Haha oh I gave up trying to change people’s concepts of what being a Scorpio is like (in and out of the bedroom) years ago, far too stubborn to care. Always had a thing for the Leos though as some of you will remember, send them over I’m tired of waiting for my elusive Virgo to return from the other side of the world. Or maybe down the road for all I know. Whatevs.

    I’m in a gloomy dark moon mood today, wow, I rarely get cranky like this these days. Bit like super PMT cranked up to 11! Main targets include all my coupled up friends who don’t invite me to dinner parties because I’m single, money – I was ahead and then suddenly behind out of nowhere, trying to make a website, my cat waking me up at 7am on a Sunday, not enough fun, not enough adventure, too much domestic drudgery, mostly self indulgent stuff but annoying anyway. Oh an Mars retro? BAD TIMING for this Scorp/Aries, bad freaking timing.

    • Also, question? I know Mars Retro is a bad time to start a new relationship but if that relationship was sort of started a while ago but paused due to locational issues (for example) and in theory might start properly soon, how does that work?

      • It could be that he or the relationship comes back or starts up again for the “re-do, re-visit, re-evaluate” thingy.

        Had someone come back literally hunky door-stopping (as Mystic puts it πŸ™‚ ) when Veenie retro but then it was on the rocks again later when it went direct (learned this later however….wasn’t doing astrolgoy much back then).

        So if it starts up again, I would note the dates that after being retro it will go forward and so on and so forth if a planet has more than one retrograde period.

          • Hugs Sweets hearing from you was just what I needed hon xo
            Am swamped but working, just got home from day job, (left at 6 am- home at 8pm) to work on the night job and cleaning and quickie feng before new moon. I am hugging you across all the miles, you are very special to me you know πŸ™‚ So glad you are well and and feeling good…me too. my pillows will be bliss tonight Tiiiimberrrr ! *pmoomphft* ahhhhh… haha

  15. Dark Moon conjunct natal. Feel great.

    Trans Mars in 4th (home). Libran landlord putting in new carpet Wed. Nice!
    A new foundation for the one I’m working on?

    FA, Cheryl Richardson (she was on Oprah, has several books and was on Hay House radio) is well known for life coaching. Her website might be inspirational for you, altho I haven’t personally popped in there.

    • Me too Sweetpea. I’ve got dark moon right on top of my natal and I feel great. Unloaded some emotionally exhausting stuff this a.m. and I feel so, so much LIGHTER. πŸ™‚

      • Cool doll. Hadn’t even connected the dots astro wise until today.

        I’m still cooking today but been up since 3:00 am so plenty of time to be productive and then lay down for awhile.

        I was just at the grocery store and told the clerk it looked like a ghost town. She said it was still early, 9:00 am lol..It felt like noon to me.

        Of course I take computer breaks so as my mid back doesn’t ache if on feet too long (had surgeries..etc)…Then again I sneezed and I think it released my whole thoracic spine. Always love that when it happens..

          • And you know what? Just noticed on the ephemeris that trans. Chiron in Pisces on my Sun/Mn midpoint 3 deg and MC/5 deg. opposite Pluto/IC.

            Yes, certainly do feel done with a certain passage…do feel healed. That’s probably why spiritual teacher said to meditate so much…move through the karma much more quickly…maybe why Yogananda felt we could supercede our planets with free will.

            Well, sometimes my free will was used for booze, pot, cigarettes, gambling, self pity, a multitude of distractions… but spoze the planets are there for a back up to keep us on track…lol

  16. Love the pictures you find for your posts. This particular one is no exception. We are visual creatures who crave art. Salud on this new moon.

  17. LibAqua, shall say my bon voyage now you are around still before the
    flight out to Perth.
    You wanted it. You got it. If that ain’t manifestation AND to Aphrodite’s Island?
    I tip my hat to you with a grin from ear to ear that you are going to the land of Myths
    & Mediteranean. The Great Green it was called waaaay back in Odyssesus’ time.
    Close to the Old Country for visits. You have some special tims coming up, Lady Lib.
    That’s coz you have a partner, lover, husband, brother at your side. Double Luck.
    They will love you and the studio you will set up., or the B&B for tourists and tell fortunes to the gypsies, gather all the ancient knowledge from the Women in Black πŸ™‚

    • So second all the Pegasus’ comments, it’s just the nerves of birthing a new life am sure. I MIGHT still get myself packed into one of your boxes, oh Paradise.

      I think it’s great you’ve taken styling into your own hands, for years I spent close to $200.00 each time I popped into the stylist..then came the premature silver hair and the fact that somehow the stylist made everything way too perfect. Hence, I took up my own color and cut, and to my surprise, got more compliments for it.

      I do now get my cut professionally done as it’s longer but the relief of getting the color result i want without having to shell out duckets is amazing! The good thing about cutting DYI on hair: It always grows out!

  18. Mystic M

    The very words ” black futon, mirrors and pomegranate jelly ” will send some people into a frenzy. probably those with a hard Mars / Neptune aspect .

    They just might read your post as a provocative tease ?

    Maybe better to ignore them. Like ignoring bad behaviour ?

  19. Thank heavens for the Dark Moon and Mars in Virgo at the same time. All week I have been itching to clear stuff out, and have done so. Every part of my life is getting the treatment – work, family, home. The more I do, the more I want to do and the more able I am to deal with the baggage I’ve been carrying around. Things are certainly going to be different from now on.

  20. have had this ‘most of the decluttering done situ, but little niggly things leftover for weeks now’ situ… and has been subtly draining my qi
    but after looking up some astro for next several weeks and beyond…woah, no more time to sloth about. looks wild – but from memory- i always sit in the saddle better when i have no choice but to hang in there at full gallop and go for it…my new paradigm will be starting before the end of next week, i think i’ve felt it too.

  21. Will really miss neptune in aqua as just a lovely time meeting some seriously out there folk who just radiated courage and a collectively oriented and inspired vision…leaving my 6th house…have some great moments in career…but yes almost as if it were a phantom that came in wild guise and has began to dissolve after seismic pluto shift in 2008-9…every neptune chapter is surely an epic in its own right in a lifetime, and once the chapter closes for better or worse it will be difficult to recall even one’s reason for being at the time – the best thing about the whole uranus meets neptune cycle was the unpredictable wave of ideas and what was brought forth…in aqua and pisces it seems surreal…reckon though uranus is much more macho now in aries…now waiting for major neptune shift with food services, aged care, hospitals, cinema, etc…speaking of scorpio what about the forthcoming trine + saturn in scorprio for the neptune in scorpio people (and uranus / pluto in scorpio too) what an amazing and hopefully insightful year it will be…

  22. double leo had mirrors covering all doors of the wardrobe which he put the bed opposite, prob so he could watch himself.

    Well I am not one of these scorps emailing just for the record πŸ™‚
    there’s enough info here anyway. and thats not even the whole story πŸ˜€

    Ignoring all things sexual (true) to go on my own rad personal spree in declutter, esp of the body. Fitness plans underway and the east end team are sourcing boxing people. The look- I have become my own styling assignment. The bin list = haters or anyone who thinks I am now boring as I am not drinking myself into an early grave nor my diet that includes no meat that keeping this carcass rolling! energy drinkers, anyone who keeps asking me to hold them up without good reason. parental crap. bad advice, bad choices

    • Good luck with plans I like your list scorpy!

      about refusing to hold people up, yes here too. People attach themselves to me and try handing me their problems leaning on me for decisions (Libra meant to be indecisive) A problem is like a box that its owner is always trying to hand someone,the box must always stay in their hands.

      • I hear you
        I am down with being mega supportive and loving, I absolutely love love and making the world more brilliant with actual space for people to grow but piss takers and fakers are on the off list. I won’t stop giving just cause of takers but I will refine and adjust my boundaries, constantly if I have to because jaded lovers become the very worst drinkers I think x

  23. Happy new year of the Dragon to you too! I am finally ready for the new year too.
    I’m already zinged up with an unexpected feeling, a culmination of seeing the beauty in the banal, developing and trusting my eye or sense for what is good for me and I’ve spring-cleaned my circle of friends including aquaintances, prior work contacts who were using me – walking away from the crazies who attached themselves like barnacles – for that I did some good bye communiques, and just continue to send people to my personal siberia who drag me down and leech my optimism, try to make me feel guilty, angry or beholden, bore me rigid, or just fill me with dred.

    And I’m using my imagination more for things to reinvent themselves where needed. I’ve set myself to work with will and a game plan to get on top of mess in my life. I’m a tower of strength – it’s so true what Mystic says about Libran’s – resilient.

    But emailing about who is better in bed is so crass in my books.

  24. Oh yes I’ve decluttered today (with 1/4 of my body weight in sweat) lots of things gone to charity, in the bin, to others bye bye Neptune in the 7th.

  25. Can I just say.. Nothing is ever fairytale, well, not for long anyway.

    Please excuse the negativity but it’s been 40+ degrees since I returned to the desert nearly 2 weeks ago, hard to get enthusiastic about anything but air con & a long cool drink!

  26. I decluttered and cleared massive space at home, feeling grounded for new moon and mars going backwards. I am ready, set go already.

  27. “…. on black rubber futon with gilt framed mirrors all around and some pomegranate jelly”

    Eewwwwwww. I don’t think so!!!! Hate mirrors. There are 2 gorgeous Leo baristas I wouldn’t mind thrashing out a few things with, but not a futon!!

    Not feeling the heavy dark moon at all. I’m just excited that it’s the Year of the Dragon. I’m a water Dragon… my NY 2012 starts tomorrow πŸ˜€

    Happy year of the Dragon everyone! πŸ™‚

  28. Gung Hei Fat Choy, Oh Beautiful People!!!

    Yes, I’m on Week 2 of Job Search 2012, I Feng’d like a Fiend starting 2 weeks ago – in fact right after my Super Nova episode @ work, and now that it’s been crickets from the jobs I applied to thus far (there’ve been five), I am “holding the tension of the opposites” so to speak and letting the Third Unknown Path emerge.

    It’s coming in waves.. Wave One, Maybe I’m not getting call backs as yet seeing how the first assault on the job search was prompted by Escape and Evasion.

    Wave Two, Which means I need to be tending more to the Vision of The Next Big Thing of my life. Creating vs Fleeing.

    Wave Three, Though I am LUCID that I cannot stay, I trust my time there will not be long and something will emerge.

    Wave Four, While it is prompting all sorts of Fears, I’m understanding my Fear is more about the Known (don’t want to be stuck, mistreated as before, unappreciated, etc.) rather than the Unknown – because who knows how wonderful that can be?

    Wave Five, So right now, my life is about accepting what is and knowing I can change my mind about it. Thus by extension, everything around me.

    This all coincided with a spontaneous late lunch with the Scorp Rising Cancer who as we pondered over recent events suddenly suggested that really I should just be a Life Coach. I looked at her like I was smacked by a 2×4. She didn’t even blink, “you do it all the time, in fact you’re constantly changing people’s lives with that amazing push/pull thing you do to encourage them out there. Look at me!”. Literally, speechless. Lots of food for thought now. Uranus is opposing my sun, and now I just thought, why not my own business??

    Hmm. Even MORE fears around that, but I feel no real resistance. This is all very odd indeed, and looks like the time to “believe at least 6 impossible things before breakfast”. Love and light darklings!!! xxx

    • OMG thanks, Libraquarius! I just…never realized I did that for people, at least not till she pointed it out so bluntly. It all came about when I was complaining that unlike MY friends who get the benefit of counseling, CV writing services, research assistance, intuitive insights from ME, I just have to self-motivate. She nodded wisely and just said, well, probably because it’s who you ARE.

      I was about to come up with a list of Why Nots, but she quickly pointed out I’m already doing it and am possessed of most of the skills & circumstances (website building, networking, aptitude to help, not much start up$$) that could set that up as a business. It was a total deer in the headlights moment in the most positive sense.

      And.. the last thing I was fear mongering on was the Training. Which YOU so serendipitously slayed in less than 5 minutes.. thanks and yes, will update! xxx

      • I think you would be great doll, go for it

        I don’t share this side that much on here but I have gotten the life coach thing a lot from people over the years and have been half considering it in the back of mind, it doesn’t feel entirely correct for me but I think something similar interms of mentoring at some point I will end up with or something around that area. It\s not entirely right to talk about that here for me but let us know how it goes. Sounds like the right direction at least xx

        • Babe, I imagine you drawling that out with the same sexy smoke on your avatar! I know you wouldn’t say that lightly so I am taking the thumbs up to heart. Thank you.

          Totally understand your reservations about discussing it here, but guidance is guidance, and I think there’s loads of room in the world for however uniquely it can be given.

          • true but its form confuses me. In any case this feels like a good move for you, I think it will open the right doors. Also, not a bad NN move now is it πŸ˜‰

      • If it makes it easier, pretend your main objective is work fiending and you’re just going to put together a what if coaching program almost as a creative exercise to keep your mind unstressed. No pressure that way and lots of insights will come zinging through the windows. But yes, you’d be brilliant, certainly.

        • LOVE this! You’re a step ahead of me, and just shot the possibility of my weaseling/ excusing myself out of it. The truth is I am better connecting with the need to serve, and from that perspective it really is practically impossible to deny the attempt!

          Thank you for offering me a really amazing perspective before I could talk myself out of it!

      • GO for it, fa! Not being flippant, just agreeing with your friend’s observations – and sometimes things have to be pointed out in a blunt fashion, yes?

      • You guys..just drive me to tears. Grateful, thankful, humble tears. I wish I could express how lucky I feel just knowing all of you, there has not been a moment of unwelcome here even amidst the misreads or the bad moods, or misunderstandings.

        It’s the end of the Sunday night, and the New Moon in Aquarius fast approaches. I have Moon in Aquarius, and glorious peeps, you are now witness to my Uranus Opposition. The Change is nigh.

        While I know the reality of needing A Job, steady paycheck and all, I’d never thought THAT kind of life would be possible for me. I am in many ways at the same state of being “Almost Alice”.. or more aptly “Almost Angel”. There is a sense of my containment about to be foregone and I am both frightened, and exhilarated, in a squinting one eye shut keeping the other open dreading it yet longing for it way.

        What will I do with the shell? The silken ties I use to hold my wings in place, so I can “fit”, be unobtrusive, subtle, always behind never afore? I don’t know. Regardless, all your thoughts have fed me, and I am truly exceptionally nourished.

        Thank you all. Sniff sniff

    • *starts singing The Monkeys: “…now I’m a believer…not a trace of doubt in my mind…”(and launches into awesome guitar riff)…*
      You have a little cheer leader here going “go Angel, go…”
      Also found out you and I have this 5 degrees of separation/ Kevin Bacon thing, and you know a certain someone very dear to me who has a husband who gets to blow sh*t up for a living, two awesome kids, and 2 dogs: Spuds and Taco – not wanting to name names. Wink wink, say no more…
      Peace sista

      • Haha.. OMG, I adore your posts here, yes, Said Mystery has been way too busy that the bottle of Mezcal de Joven I brought back from the Yucatan isn’t joven anymore, and we haven’t had a chance to meet up. Would love for all of us to connect real time of course, it would be a blast.

        Btw, if you ever need Spudz videos about how The Puppyness terrorized me, I can send it to you. In fact, I submitted it to Sh* I had zero clue what I was in for when I met that dog.. thanks for the support Zai, she’d probably say the same thing – she calls me her Counselor/Lawyer, haha

        • You Rock!
          And to know ‘her’ is to LOVE her! – and through of guilt of association, and your awesomely awesome awesomeness, I love you toooooo!

    • Wow fa, I think you’d be fabulous in that sort of role. You come across as wise and with some varied life experience to back it up.

      I like the way you’re mentally processing your latest evolution. Love and light bright spark!

      I’m maintaining belief in self and self-generated projects against the reality of not actually earning very much at the moment. I just know it’s the path forward for me.

      Have also had thought of reconnection with ex hubby in last week, perhaps as Neptune moves into Pisces. My rose-coloured glasses started slipping around 1998. Was doing Holosync meditation on Wed night and had tears rolling down my cheeks thinking of our beautiful love, and that perhaps we could make it work now.

      I’m confused about all this as just a few weeks ago had dreams I thought were telling me not to reconcile and had got to the point of feeling I could actually divorce, having not even been able to consider it up to now. Is the releasing allowing a restart? Or is it the ending of the era bringing up feelings that are simply to be caressed again as they billow through my consciousness?

      • had the reconcilling moments as well last weekend…I do beleive neptune moving on has a lot to do with it.
        good luck.

      • Thanks riverwalker, the waves keep a-coming! I’m impressed with your quiet conviction at the path you chose, our dreams need both action and faith keeping.

        I was thoughtful about your confusion about the possible reconciliation..I think in relationships, specially long term ones, there is a process of refinement in the path that requires both the courage to let go and the fortitude to endure, which is required when? There isn’t a formula. We have to understand that both are equally possible, as well as equally devastating. After all, sometimes staying can be like dying just as much as leaving. And sometimes leaving can clarify the need to return.

        Relationship always leads us to unexpected places, because we meet ourselves through it. All I can share with you is that it is not your sole responsibility to think of how it all will be, your only task is to respond as you. Be present to yourself, to whatever your heart tells you is NOW true for you. Listen, let her speak. Then you will know what the next step is.

        There will always be memories and sentiment, always the promise of possibility and potential, but we are all our individual and specific natures, it is there that our paths are being written. Both yours and his. I can only tell you that in my experience, I parted with a loved one knowing his nature would not allow mine, or that we would each flourish better without the other. Once I was able to accept that, the sorrow of leaving was overtaken by the truth of the new beginning. best xx

    • Took the words right outta my mouth.
      KNEW you would be coming to those same conclusions that aren’t
      Forget the CV’s….the Fourth Way, the Tertium Organum.
      Maire Claire needs you, USA or Oz for your writings on Femme Ruthless.
      ‘Greeting from LA’. Was a Tim Buckley album that many peeps will ge it, so the promo’s done.
      You are thriving & succeeding in everyday life & work using ancient wisdom of the east.
      KOng Hee Fat Choy…Cantonese accent required not Mandarin.
      Dragon Flies PHoenix Rises.
      How to win? Invent your own game!

      • Oh, Pegs, have no clue what I’d do without you. I was drooping a bit earlier, being far from family who as we speak are all celebrating Chinese New Year together. I’ve been oversleeping, exhausted and feeling just beaten..I was at work even yesterday (I have lots of it), and the Sagg Boss is even more attached, aware of the work I do and wanting to give me more. I don’t say anything, it’s hard knowing the clock is ticking. Hard being in a place I don’t want to be in but has need for me.

        It hasn’t changed a single thing of what I’ll do, continue on but it’s all a mix of the long quiet goodbye and the soft pulse of new beginnings, I’m strangely incubating.

        I have no data on how it feels to go from Pupae to Imago…only a sense that the effort it takes is unconsciously great. I want to say I feel lost, but I’m not. I know inexplicably that the steps will arrive, but to read you voice it, say it, affirm it, helps me find the words I fear saying. The Dragon flies, the Phoenix rises. You are right.

        So I took myself off to a lone Mongolian meal with Krishnamurti in hand, all around were couples and children, all busy getting up, having food cooked, eating, talking..all I had was me and Krishnamurti. Then the fortune cookie which said, Your genuine talent will find its way to success.

        I called the Lovely Libran after, who being in corporations all her life, I’d expected to kill the idea..except she did not, she cooed support and excitement. Sasportas wrote that with Uranus transits we know the signs of the new life coming, we are called to participate, risking the Furies at every turn, whether it is our own for denying ourselves (I obviously demonstrated this by losing it!) or others for denying their will for us. Either way, there is the chance to birth the new with the soothing path of Venus.

        Thank you for always being there to remind me of myself when it’s so easy to forget.

    • i’ll hire you….tonight.
      i so need a life couch.
      I am swimming in my own desperation.

      I think you would be fabulous from what I have seen here. Good luck Fallen Angel.

      • Apparently, my couch is The Life Couch.. laughed when I read that. It’s custom made so friends get in an uproar every time I threaten to change it. Thanks for the well wishes Catfish, is it Neptune that’s drowned you in the D word?

        • lol…I caught that last night and cared too little to change it…my virgoness had already gone to my Life Couch. I have been sleeping on my couch when my kids aren’t with me. I dream really good on it and can hear the waves better in this room than my bedroom. Plus it is one less room to heat.

          Neptune is definately rearing its etheric head around in my life. My brain is so unfocused. It is at the tail end of my 6th house right now.

          Woke up feeling much better this morning. With the decision made last night that I will go back to college. The question remains….to do WHAT????

      • We all need a Life Couch — a place we can sink into or lay about on to figure life out! Friends can join us on our Couch to give perspective and encouragement and let us remember we’re not alone. I love it!

        • yes we do!!! I keep trying to get my 2 besties around me to come over and spend time on my Life Couch. But I call them sofas…..
          They are in very tough spots. The rut one is in keeps getting deeper and deeper.

          My Life Sofa has done me right. I cuddle with my kids, work on it, sleep on it. It is loved. my dog and cats loves it too, but the dog isn’t usually allowed.

  29. I have deep scale and cleaned my flat. Tossed out excess clothes. Cleared the book shelves. Laundered everything in sight, smudged, turned my mattress, AND reread mystic and Liz’s house witchery and implemented stuff if they resonated. Now in the kitchen cooking up batches of stuff for the week ahead and enjoying a wine. Oh, I forgot to mention I’ve sorted all my filing, and archived stuff, and have a pile to take to work to shred. Seriously, I’ve nailed this dark moon. And I miced my rose quartz and placed it according to the feng. I feel terrific, surprising really as thur/fri had me out with headaches and sore throats etc. I know my living space was heading to toxic, so I dug deep. Happy New Year!

  30. Have been watching all the Aries Rising peeps thrashing around with Saturn on their Descendants. They all seem to be over it!! Their significant other’s are all too fast becoming too much of a burden and the ones i’ve seen are frustrated, exhausted and throwing in the towel on their marriages/soulmate-ships/partners.

    Not sure about everyone else, but there have been too many of these Aries peeps doing it, to ignore.

    As for me, I’m a bit emo… its too hot outside and i’m at the tail-end of cathartic release of the whole damn Neptune in Pisces era and all that it stood for.

    Bring on the New Moon AND Neptune in Aqua!

    Incidentally, have been on the major Bush Essences of Endings:
    ~ Sturt Desert Pea… release of long-standing grief, agony, pain and then push thru massive transformation into the new!
    ~ Red Suva Frangipani… release of initial rawness and pain re: the end of a relationship , situation or whatevs. Nurturance. Soothing.

    I figure the Darkest of the Dark kinda moons, is a good time to purge any remaining dross.

    • Early Aries rising here – I split with my husband in early 2010. At first devastating, but a tremendous blessing in disguise – he had major esteem issues. I met a lovely Cap, the opposite of my ex – even astrologically (ex was a Can sun/moon and Scorpio rising), and we get along famously. Maybe my Cap is that Pluto in the 10th house? And I wonder what Uranus will do, once it hits my rising degree?

      • Early Aries rising too, no partner but instead I’m feeling borderline hysterical about being single, enough, enough.

  31. 50 – 50 on how i feel about my leo sun, sometimes i cringe myself. the high and low of every sign though, both exist. not to say i always embody the high aspects but maybe because i have a 12th house sun, and virgo rising, etc…i might be shier than some of my tribe.

    cannot wait for the new site! i know this has been asked, do we need to DO anything when the switch happens? if we are subscribed to the daily and weekly’s, will the transfer be automatic?

    feel like i’ve been waiting for this moment for so long, who know what’s coming. i can say though, that i’m doing better just standing by and watching, have really stopped trying to force anything. even at work, with my business partner, just letting alot of the small stuff go.

    here comes a new age, i can feel it strongly. delusions fall by the wayside and keep falling, fast. everything seems fast now…relationships come and go quickly but the healing is quicker too. change is on grand level these days, global change.

    thanks so much MM

  32. Wishing you all the very best for the New site Mystic!

    This Scorp prefers to take a ‘no comment’ stance on the whole sharing of sexual encounter stories – I like to keep the mystery, and I don’t kiss and tell…

    And Oh Wow! – what a weekend of EPIC Endings and ‘case closed’ scenarios.Even found out the Evil Gemini Dude, leader of the cult I belonged to has lung cancer, his wife has left him, has been run off the Mountain and is in hiding!

    Happy Year of The Dragon every one!

    • Yes, moi aussi, too many secrets, too many planets in 8th house πŸ™‚
      Sex IS a mystery worth exploring & the stories were out there & brave
      and honest with no judgments, just acceptance.
      Besides i has the company of my Scorpio Mother for 6 years in my teens
      and 4 years in my 30’s. This was not a bad thing for a multi Sagg.

      What Cult?????Fire them. Develop your own following.

      • Please refer to previous post as to ‘keeping the mystery’…
        And I’m still too F-ing “how embarrassment” to admit it just yet.
        Still working through it, but I’ll keep y’all posted…

        • Oh darkling even a corporation is a cult, the symbolisms, the unspoken uniforms, the group think.. so don’t worry, it’s a lot more common than one thinks. Ye are not alone. πŸ™‚

  33. I am definately patient about the new site….but also SO EXCITED!

    very low energy weekend. just wanna sleep….taking naps and sleeping late.

    I know one leo(him) and scorpio(her) that have been together for almost 40 years. Their daughter(scorpio rising) says one reason they stayed together all these years was they always had lots of good sex.

    I am suprised about seal and heidi….

    • Cajun Moon, absolutley a given, the sex part. No man ever leaves a woman
      that’s hot for him, flashes the gash, i heard a bloke say if he tries to auger with his missus,
      ‘she just falshes the gash’ and i’m gone’ he said, ‘what augument?’.
      Smart woman or Bogan Man. Built her a designer house.

      Seal & Heidi, some beautiful and amazing photo’s for the archives for both
      of them & their offspring.
      He has been prolific while he was with her. His MUSE, and they as we kow come & go.

  34. Relationships? Usually 10-12 years is the time it takes for the energy to run out.
    (those figures are real & also my findings) unless the is large property divisions
    that make more sense to stay that divide, age of children another.

    It’s not my fault nor my design.

    • Mine was 10 years! What’s that based on? Maybe if it were more widely acknowledged, people would stop beating themselves up. Age of children?? I consider myself LUCKY that my parents chose to stay together ‘for the sake of the kids’. They split when I was 19. I will never feel bad for my son about my own split, because living with 2 people who hate each other is a special type of hell.

      • HiLioness, It’s pretty much a given by Energy & Relationship ‘Gurus’
        and stats will show the same 10-12 years & if you both get there
        and stay with it, it’s another 10-12 years. They say that’s how long the energy
        lasts (accept it for what it is & what it teaches you even if by process of elimination.
        Don’t know the planetary correspondences about those cycles but it’s MY Moon
        & Neptune mid heaven in 10th house that finds men & women relations fascinatingly
        of interest to me, since i found out how babies were made.

        I didn’t invent them, (relationships)but sure am trying to perfect them.
        Twenty years ago i said i either had to have a partner 24/7 OR meet in bed (key under mat & leave at 6am) OR just Saturday nite & Sunday breakfast only, as in live together apart or living apart together.

        Seems that’s the choices of a modern woman now, the way i thought then.
        ‘It’s easy starting a fire, it’s keeping the flame that takes time & creativity.
        Personally i would advise a 10 year ‘contract’ to evolve each other & swap skills
        no hard feeling after?
        Peeps could come together for Love not for Life (and a 10 year Plan).
        In Iceland? i think it is, each boy & girl have a bank account at birth for a partnership
        at round 18-20 years, so they both start with a nice bank account between them.
        Makes sense all being equal ‘n all.

        • 10 years seems Western influenced. I suspect it can even vary from person to person. No one wants to try any more. In relationships where I wasn’t broken up with, I only gave up on my relationships because the other person didn’t want to try.

          • I have Mars-Saturn-Pluto tightly conjunct in Libra. I am at the heart of my relationship and it’s like a karmic destiny to want to work hard at it for real and for the long-term. My own parents split after ten years and it was awful. Lessons learned by the Pluto in Libra generation.

        • Pegs, how about couples that don’t buckle under the transitional energy shifts? Those that evolve and it means staying together? (and obviously “not just for the kids” hating each other’s guts type) Just typing aloud there must be those who can, right?
          Or did I just reveal my caramel gooey core?

          • Yes, there are!!! I have closely watched couples since i was about 3 years old! I have always been FASCINATED by the vibe between two whole people who are together so long. Only ten years ago, Ma told me about the long ago affair and split of a couple who have now been together oh maybe 40-50 years. Amazed i was! To this day i ‘m fascinated by long term couples and they have an aura i’m sure of it.

            • I’m fascinated too, if only coz we can never know from the outside, or even IN the relationship itself for a lot of people, you know? Hm…

            • Wow, that’s lovely thing to say. A positive and healthy take on reality – with all its bumps and twists, and relationships!

            • To Millie, yes me too, but only from ’93. Watching the energy exchange & dialogues between them. How they support each other (or don’t).

              Love the way couples who are in a loving relationship with true intimacy,
              thrive, how they bring double the luck to each other. They truly bring in the
              3rd energy, Spirit. How they bring out the very best in each other.
              (we kinda do this on Mysts’ site, huh?)
              Tantra says ‘The Universe loves pleasure’ and sends it back x more. Having never experienced that sort of relationship, i want it for
              others. Maybe i was on Noah’s Ark and just want everything live to be in pairs as the ship off for the land of the lotus eaters, Utopia.

              All Warriors get Wounded or they wouldn’t be Warriors, says the Chiron

  35. Hello Darlin’ Myst,
    don’t sweat the small stuff. Yes, let the Scorps & Leos contact one another.
    The Mytic Medusa meet your aler-ego, soul mate, nemisis, guide-teacher,
    psychic, fortune teller, performance artist, aromatherapist, crystal healers, and vibrationary
    whatever energy takes your fancy, friend, therapist, ploar opposite, past life connectors,
    go meet each other!!!
    In the beaucoup years i have been pegasus, would never impose an email to you
    on matters that be can be delt with ON-SITE.

    Shall take a rose or 2 to the concert & hold up a sign ‘you didn’t practise Tantra’!!

  36. Last night it snowed, so I’m in hibernation mode this weekend. A dark heavy sleepy moon is fine with me. No desire to talk sex with any Leos, especially not on black rubber and not surrounded by gilted mirrors. I might however be open to some leisurely co-sprawling on a futon, should one show up bearing pomegranate jelly.

  37. Oh no no no… THIS Scorpio is much too private for discussing any such things…. especially with a Leo. On the other note, this Dark Moon has landed my bum on the couch. Seriously, I can’t get up! I’ve been working for days and days straight getting ready for a move but today? Everything can wait except the couch. I think I’ll roll over to bed now (seeing it’s pm here in the US) I’ll meander to the paint brushes tomorrow. It feels heavy too.. I like it.

    Patience galore for anything regarding the new site. Thanks for all your hard work M. Happy Day!

    • Was so devo about Depp and Paradis. Thought they had the ideal happy medium. Seal and Klum as well?! didnt hear about that one. Jeezz

    • What??!!?? Off to Daily Mail website, stat! I had no idea! But they like renewed their vows every year and shit! Depressing. And the cute Halloween parties! And the cute kids! : ((((

    • Am so sad about Johnny & Vanessa, Heidi & Seal with their lil’ cuties, but even Russell Brand and Katy.. What’s with the Gem’s? (Scorpio, Piscean & Cappy partners I know)

    • Both Heidi Klum and Johnny Depp are Gemini’s. I wonder if this wasn’t some post eclipse thing.

      These past few and future weeks are going to make or break the Piscean and I. Mystic did warn in last Phoenix reading that Saturn in Libra until November in relationship sector would be tough…right now being stagnant till November doesn’t feel like an option. However i am calm and hopeful about whatever the outcome. I have given up fighting and taken up shrugging, and suggested he just add my faults to the list of many he keeps filed away to aim and fire at will.

      Venus in Gemini has left for alot less reasons in the past, however have not been married or had children before and feels like i need to think rationally, well ‘think” full stop really.

      thank you folks for listening ! xx

      • Goldy! No! If you’re not fighting it and you’re not taking it on board as unpalatable but true, then there’s no truth behind it all. Sounds as though he is going through tough time… does he know it? Is he willing to work through the sh* he’s trudging in? If yes, then you can take his hand and walk beside him. This is the cement of long loves. One day when you’re past this he should love you more for it. Big love, goldfleece xxx

        • Oh Thank You Millie,
          We’re tender but forgiven, we have laid down our swords.., i am equally to blame… communcation breakdowns .. pfft.
          thank you for your kind supportive words, i shall picture myself walking beside him instead of carrying on like a banshee from the sidelines. Appreciated muchly Millie. xx

        • I agree with mille! Getting to hard truths is hard work and shrugging and hoping for the best will not resolve problems, it will only bury them to be unearthed at a later date. Never be content to have someone fling your faults at you so casually. Talk about it, listen to each other, agree to compromise and continue to love and respect each other throughout the process. Don’t play the Venus in Gemini card just to give yourself a way out either. Instead use it to your advantage to communicate your concerns in the most effective way possible. Remember that it’s best to have patience when handling a slippery fish.

          • Hi Lauren,
            You are quite right, this has been a build up, and i am a lamsarse to to blame Venus in Gemini ! Patience is definately not a virtue that comes naturally.
            Thank you for your thoughful words hun…tis hard for an Aries to close her mouth and engage her brain/heart First ! xx ..

      • Goldy! I have been bush camping the last 4 days so missed this post. Take heart, dearest. I like what Millie and Lauren have said and it sounds supportive. As I am no champion in the relationship arena all I can offer is Shakespeare —- To thine own self be true, cannot then be false t’ward another—and virtual hugs to dispel the shrugs. And if the thought of inertia scares you, think about the pace that you want to live at right now. Slow mo’ or fast lane. And then decide, and then accept the choice. Sometimes we who have planets in mutable signs like gemini need to give ourselves an extension on the assessment hand-in date just cos we can occupy two camps so easily it can take a long time to get to a definitive…
        I know Rams and lambs are not known to wait for anything, but if you see Saturn in Libra can be less like brakes and more like the Grandad arriving on the scene to tell it like it is, then you can get back to work at it, no waiting, no fuss, ASAP. I am having the same transit , hun, although single, and all the current and past relationship scenarios are open slather right now for a good sorting out of what stays and what goes. If you can trust this process ( thus the Willy Shakespeare quote ) you can only come out of this phase with nothing less than what you truly want and can have.
        Lush lovely thoughts for you and your family, beautiful Goldy. x x x x

        • Oh Schanks Twinnie,
          Its all surfaced and the air is clear, thank you for your thoughtful words. Its been a day and a half today, fish and i are lighter together, and to be around. My Aqua girlfiend (who had furntiure and goods stored here for 3 years) picked up her gear today (house feels lighter), My little one turned 6, my sister lost her first try at a baby, My Aquas friend in Wales is being buried today on her birthday – she did not share with close ones she had cancer, just retreated and sign out…
          Sister is in coping well after intial shock, shes Gem, Sag Moon, Fish rising, her way is usually to deal with in head and less with talk…poor little soul (both of them), she as just before 12 weeks, and little ones heart rate was way low, so she had been forced to stop exercise and had to keep feet up … My mattershave evoporated, and now the show is going on lighter-ly ! , Millies visual of walking by fishes side has helped immesley as yours and Laurens comments have too.
          Thank you so much you treasures ! xxx Peace and happy new year of the Dragon ! xx

          I did have a lovely chat to my Chinese newsagent, who said Year of Dragon not good for all, paper comes out wednseday with liittle charms you can weaer if Dragon does not go well with your signm i asked him to keep me a copy – he seemed shocked i spoke Chinese, i said oh no i dont … and asked would be be wiling to translate what is good for a rat..he laughed and said his chinese reading crap ! … a big day all round …

          I hope you enjoyed your rambling !

          • rambling meaning 4 day bush camping (incase mistaken for talking !!)
            Oh, and then, my gardening client came over for a visit, said he is opening a restaurant with a massive flat roof and can i be the gardener as they want all their own seaonal vegies – bonus .. funny thing is i sort of was hoping that might happen, now i have a great reason to pick up a permaculture course… what a day. xxx
            peace hun , and love hope it is all goign smoothly for you – whata re the night skies like taht you see in the bush – beautiful i imagine..xx

  38. Heh, that reminds me–I was blog-hopping the other day and found the Tumblr of a girl who claimed to be “just your typical Leo: creative, loving, fun, fashionable, smart, awesome, miraculous etc etc” the list just went on and on. It made me chuckle.

    I’m a little embarrassed by how bummed I am about Heidi and Seal. I should know by now not to expect any celebrity relationships to last, but I get all gooey when a couple seems truly happy together. Oh well.

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