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Disco Capricorn

Capricorns give genius, awesome advice.

Not saying that other signs of the Zodiac don’t also offer insights, useful opinions and support but DO admit that Caps are amazing in this regard.

It tends to be timely, tactful, appropriate to the person/situation and always provoking an ‘aha’ moment.

It’s why they’re so in demand to run empires and manage potentially complex scenarios.

And, guess what?

The bit of your chart with Capricorn on the cusp is where you can give your SELF excellent advice and where you are wise beyond your years.

Check it out & ask a Cap for his/her thoughts on any pressing dilemma today.

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69 thoughts on “Capricorn Of Ages

  1. 5th house capricorns advice: no no no your doing it all wrong, thats not how you have fun! youv gotta… the trick is…. ya…. I dont know why Im here, good luck with that
    anywho, kinda like turn turn turn by the byrds, happend to be listening to it recently

  2. Ha, I love that picture. “Oh hey, whatcha writing? Mind if I take a look?”

    The cute Cappy boy I dated awhile ago was actually a bit emotionally lost and was always asking ME for advice, but I think it was just a youth/immaturity thing that he’s probably since grown out of. He did try to give me “helpful” fashion tips though, which I ignored because our styles were completely different (namely, he was obsessed with appearances and I’m not).

      • I like this goat but I’m not sure why – he has no cheekbones but he reminds me of someone but I can’t quite get who. Strange that I know so many Cap Moon peeps, all female, yet no Cappy men. Or perhaps I do, they’re just not pple I ask about their astro. This goat sure looks desisive *want* My Saturn conj Asc is all Neptuned out. Need a Cappy perspective now.

        • Dont ask me (Cap Asc) I’ve got Neptune sitting smack bang on my Saturn in Aqua. I’m neptuned out too. I have this really strong urge to start smoking again after giving up many years ago. I had one with a friend recently, expecting it to be disgusting but God it was good!!! Hehe. And I’ve been thinking of it ever since.

          Hey it’s Year of Dragon this year!! Hope its a good year for the ’64 peeps. Think I might go to Chinatown and celebrate it… take some photos πŸ™‚

  3. That is so true. I’m a Cap Asc and I give great advice. I have ever since I was a child although I’m terrible at TAKING advice.

    • Should also add I have my moon in 1st House so that and my ascendant in Cap (with my sun in Scorp) makes me a natural shrink. Lol

      • Me too….won’t take advice unless the person has x amount of letters after their name
        (or is a Mystic), or a billionaire, or god.
        Cap Rising.

        • O and definitley take advice from a Cap, they transmit
          structure, ambition, and staying- with- It, otherwise known as dedication.

          • Funny you say that George, Cap Moon too (8th). Mother said I should have been a psychologist.

            Really tho, add to that the Aries Sun and yes, I was always the rock of the family….the go to when everyone else was falling apart.

            I stay out of trouble in many instances because I don’t horn in unless asked and can keep secrets for others as well.

            There are two co-workers who have a love hate relationship. One tells me one thing and the other, another. I just keep my mouth shut.

  4. So I wouldn’t ask advice from Kate Moss about how to do a 6th H Pluto in Capricorn transit.
    Nor would I ask my Capricorn best friend (at her best she’s doing yoga via a track on i:pod on a Saturday morning in her living room say once every 6-months, though we swam laps together once a few years ago – both in bikinis so clearly we weren’t serious about it).
    Both are dionysis fans.
    My Pluto in Capricorn 6th H transit goes perfectly well with Mars in Virgo: A New Routine to Transform Health.

  5. My mom is a Capricorn and I agree. She doesn’t butt in and offer unsolicited advice either but waits for when I ask then gives very practical advice.
    Goats are too cute!

  6. Cap moons even more so. I have a friend who is Virgo max, five planets in Virgo. She has a Capricorn moon and when she’s not being a psycho-virgo–a name she gave herself, and she’s not personally involved in what she’s talking about she is very wise–if a little chilly.

    • To the max! My ex/BFF is Cap moon and despite a few remaining interpersonal clashes is STILL where i turn for advice. Yes, felt pretty chilly as a love relationship, but I can’t deny the advice is sound — plus see this person is so wise and impartial as to rise above my/our personal/petty difficulties and offer good ideas for my current situation nonetheless. It is impressive. It is useful. It is even benevolent.

  7. with the exception of my mom i dig getting advice from caps. shes why i ran away and lived homeless on the street for a year when i was 19 yo. her house;her rules? i can respect that which is why i left.

    • I certainly never wanted advice from my nit-picking, ΓΌber critical, controlling Virgo dad that’s fur sure!!! He has moon in Toro – stubborn as mule!! Unsolicited advice comes across like nagging. Moving out of home was the happiest day of my life!!

      • absolutely! I have never lived at home again. Whenever people my own age talk about moving back in with their parents I’m always flabbergasted. The idea is almost as ludicrous as trying to break into jail.

        And Virgo parents?? Ouch. White glove test on your dusting? Microscope to make sure you cleaned the floor right? That was my upbringing too. The first thing i did was make a huge mess in my apartment and NOT clean it up. That was refreshing for about the first month. Then everything stank. I never did that experiment again, but I am more laid back about cleaning than my mother was. No reason to bleach everything!!

        But yes…I love love…my Cappy friends. They usually have great ideas and keep me from having to reinvent the wheel.

        • πŸ˜† I can’t imagine anything worse either!!! I haven’t even spent one single night back home since I moved out. My sister’s moved back a few times. I don’t think she was as traumatised as I was, being the second child. Parents are always a lot tougher with the first.

          My mum’s actually a Pisces but she’s a clean freak too. I can’t rebel in that respect, I have mars in Virgo!

          The first thing I did when I moved out was to sleep in!!! I was never allowed to. Still to this day I love to revel in the simple pleasure of getting up when I feel like it.

          I don’t have any Cappy friends πŸ™ but I do have a lovely Virgo friend who gives great advice!! Not that I ever ask for it, it’s more of a conversation and she’ll just say something completely left of field. Never ceases to amaze me!

    • with the exception of MY mum too.. still to this day although I’m a little better at holding back launching an arrow πŸ™‚

      • we are starting to get along better these days, but put us in too close proximity for too long and it all goes sideways.

  8. Absolutely agree! My go-to advice person for when my crazy-overly-Uranian-influenced-Saggo lifestyle needs a bit of an adjustment is my best friend’s Capricorn mum. She gives the best “of course! That’s practical and genius and now easy to fix!” advice in the world over the kitchen bench while cooking something amazing and spread-sheeting something (not even kidding).

    The bestie jokes that people don’t come over to see her, they come over to see her mum for advice and hanging out with her is an added bonus :p

    Capricorn is at the start of my 12th house, so I’m good at… advice about my inner self? Good at confronting my own demons??

  9. I have a friend who calls me her “bookend” –the second of two people she can always count on for wise advice. The other bookend is a very cool psychologist we both know. I’m not sure I’m comfortable with this title; I’m certain I’ve not been wise many times over.

    Before I got divorced, friends used to bring me owl-themed gifties/tokens. Funny how after the divorce that all went away…

    I’m happier knowing I don’t know much.

    • Some people see divorce as a failure. I don’t think so but at times when i’m self-guilting it pops up in my list of things i’ve not done properly/achieved. Which is ridiculous because remaining married was just not a sane option. What is with this success/failure mentality?

      • “…things i’ve not done properly/achieved” snort.

        I’ve questioned my sanity several times since I asked for the divorce years ago, but in truth it was the bravest thing I’d done for myself up to that point. As I Cap, “giving up” is anathema to me, but I had hung too much of my self-image on the hook of persistence. Or we can switch metaphors –if it’s a brick wall you’re banging yer head against, it’s not gonna get any softer for your dedication.

        The people outside my head perceived the divorce as “giving up,” but really, I know we’d given up years before. Our daughter’s needs kept us preoccupied long enough to delay the outcome. And today she is still the reason we maintain a decent enough relationship.

        “What is with this success/failure mentality?” People don’t want to see their childhood fairytale fantasies shattered? Afraid divorce is like the flu and easily caught?

        Any long term commitment requires some guts. Doesn’t mean it’s a hard slog, but there are hard seasons to be sure. I do admire people who remain committed and reasonably happy after many years, and I think the best marriages are like healthy friendships.

        “Eyes wide open before and half shut after” makes good sense. Being honest about the “wide open” part is trickier. πŸ˜‰

        Sigh. I’ll chalk it up to Neptune: we married in 1998. I should give anyone THAT explanation. “It was Neptune, you see…”

  10. Cap on the 11th housing my Sun and South Node…..

    My nickname is Nanna Nate, cos “she’s” always there to tell you what you need to hear even if you don’t like it.

    My three favourite words? “You were right!”

  11. Find that very true MM. Dearest Cappy Israeli girlfriend was dry as the desert and to the point. She was so typical, an amazing businesswoman and wry wit. She never said much about her feelings or mine.

    One day after I let fly she said stoically, “You can’t change your feelings”. That one line made me stop. I realised I couldn’t change loving the no good ex, she was right! But I could change my behaviour and so I left the country.

  12. Ack, I have no house cusps in Capricorn! It sort of floats over my 4th with Sagg and Aqua eating up the edges. For what it’s worth, most of the advice I give is unsolicited and only moderately useful; it’s not one of my strengths πŸ™‚

  13. My best bosses have been Capricorns – they are excellent. Generous and loyal when they find “good staff” and more than happy to act as mentor. My Cappy designer friend calls it as she sees it – cuts through my self guilting emo crap and just tells it how it is. Which I like. At a really low point in my life she told me that I was “living the dream” and to enjoy it because it wouldn’t last – few responsibilities, loads of free time, time for getting my mental health in order. Cap on the cusp of my 8th/9th house … hrmmm not sure how to interpret that?

  14. 5th house….huh?
    I went through a phase of years where I was no fun, no romance, only raising small children, seriousness, building house. I would sing the lyrics from crosby, stills, and nash….It’s getting to the point, where I’m no fun anymore….

    but I am trying to have fun now. I think when I go through my fun phases I take it very seriously and just go for it!!!!

    All 3 of my kids are cappy rising and offer incredible advice, even though they are young.

  15. Sag rising, but Cappy is completely within my first house. There’s an astro term for that, I can’t remember what it is or what it means though. I do give good advice though, and being a sensitive Scorpio with a methodical Virgo Moon, I listen to people first and try not to give advice that is unsolicited. There’s a difference between listening to someone who just needs to vent and listening to someone who is actually looking for answers. It also bothers me immensely when someone asks for advice and then completely ignores what I tell them, because I take time to consider their issues and I know that my advise is valuable. Do Capricorns have that same sensitivity to people who don’t take their advice, or is that a Scorpio thing?

    My sister has a Cap Moon and she gives me advice ALL THE TIME, usually without my asking her for it. It’ll be interesting to see what gems of wisdom my Cappy nephew comes up with…once he learns to talk in a year or two, that is. πŸ˜‰

    By the way, just have to mention another incredible Capricorn, actress Betty White. She turned 90 today and is still acting in television and an avid activist for animal rights. I don’t know if the show ‘Golden Girls’ was popular in Australia, but it’s still enjoying a loyal following here in the states, 30 years after it premiered on television. She’s probably one of the most likeable people in Hollywood today and the great thing is that she’s so down to earth and takes it all in stride.

    • 😯

      I grew up watching Golden Girls – LOVED Rose! GG was/is pretty big in Aus and we have the reruns of an afternoon! I didn’t realised she was a cappy! Explains her fierce work history into her 90’s!! Wow!

      Happy Birthday Betty White!!

      Celebratory NUDE SALUTE in honour of Betty White’s 90th!! 😯


      ( . Y . )


      • Oops, I was wrong on the date. Her birthday is next week, the 17th, there’s just been so much about it in the news already. There’s even going to be a special tribute program on tv to honor her work throughout the years.

        Is that the tits up salute BG? πŸ˜‰ Someone on here coined that phrase, didn’t they, don’t remember if it was meant to be a good thing or a bad thing. It’s a good thing in this instance though. Yay for Betty!

        • 😯

          πŸ˜† Ooo! I had better cover up if it isn’t until next week… 😯

          πŸ˜† “tits up” means something crashed or broke for example… I fell over – I went tits up! Or the bike went tits up. Or I went arse over tit is a favourite follow on from that.

          We’re quite vulgar here in Aus aka down under… πŸ˜€

          • Haha! Speaking of vulgar, my favorite Betty White quote is “Why do people say ‘grow some balls’? Balls are weak and sensitive. If you wanna be tough grow a vagina. Those things can take a pounding!” πŸ˜€

            Bit of GG trivia for you. Betty actually first auditioned for the role of Blanche. She wanted to be the sexy, sultry character, but the director thought she came across as too sweet and innocent to be believable. Weird to think how the show would have been if Rue and Betty had been cast in each other’s places.

            • 😯

              That is fantastic! 😯

              Now that is a great piece of trivia! 😯 I loved her as Rose I think her career would have been totally different if they cast her as Blanche.

              • Actually, I was wrong again. Just looked up that quote and it was a facebook thing that went around for awhile, but the actual quote was attributed to someone else. Betty White said she would never say something quite so vulgar, but that she does enjoy a good blue joke every now and then. Either way, I think it’s funny…and completely true. πŸ™‚

  16. Jupiter and True Node in Cappy. Floats over my 4th/5th House.

    I am EXCELLENT at giving advice, never give it unsolicited, am listened to carefully, no-one EVER takes it, then they come back to me and say “You were SO right, I wish I’d listened to you”…. but I see this as a flaw with other people’s charts, not mine πŸ˜€

    • That could be a Saggie trait, the ‘Wish i had listened to you’ as we are future
      orientated expansanistas.
      Cap Venus is 12th house, so no way i would give Love Advice but do like
      to talk the Taboo’s or Underbelly a la Havelock Ellis, the usually hidden.

      • Grins.. but even as we say ‘wish i’d…’ we don’t really mean it regretfully or even honestly, it’s almost flippant at times.

        Moon and Mars in Cap and my 2nd.

        I always get called upon for advice or insight or mediation. Always have and probably always will. More selective about who and what content now and won’t always expend energy.

        Yes.. often for relationship advice too.. and ironically I don’t even have one and haven’t for a while. How does she do it? No really.. I’m pretty crap at my own relationships πŸ™‚

        • Cap in 2nd. Consulted by everyone for advice. Giver of relationship advice. Single myself for long periods of time and, when not, proven to be bad at being in relationships!

  17. I’ve cut a few people out of my life over the past year after realising I’m nothing more to them than a personal free font of wisdom/advisory service/shrink/oracle/medium/information superfuqing highway.

    I’m so fuqing over people that either a) come to me for advice but ignore it because what they are really wanting is someone to enable them to remain victims so they can continue bleating about every fuqing thing while doing Jack Shit or b) come to me for advice, apparently ignore it then claim it as their own personal insight a few days/weeks/months later.

    Having got that off my chest, there are people who do actually take my advice and let me know they appreciate the time and insights I give them, so I’m not always talking to my arse…

    • Had to peel off the professional Victim-friends a few years ago
      still miss them but not their negativity that brought me down.
      A Capricorn trait IS quality after all, over quantity of friends.

  18. Tee hee, Capricorn rules my 8th. I ask myself frequently about occult themes, death, but much less about other people’s money – though it does come up. I wouldn’t say I feel wise here, so much as ageless, in the zone.

    Never been much good with money. Yet by the time I had enough to get by I knew lots without ever having done the hard yards. Good karma can only hope.

    Just started charging money for doing crystal healing journeys. It happened quite naturally in the end, thought it would be more awkward. Must be that Cappy ruled 8th house.

  19. Cappy on 12th with N Node and Chiron. Professional intuitive/ healer. People learn to listen. Not as great at advice for self sometimes. House of self “undoing.” Two Capricorn daughters both get annoyed that “I’m always right” and proceed to always tell me I’m wrong. Mother has eyes in the back of her head. Very annoying. I learned to sell the advice only when asked and let people go their own way otherwise. We’re all entitled to our folly and people will take up too much time without those boundaries.

  20. This is so my beautiful Cappy girlfriend, happy birthday girl! Been giving great advice and such clarity for years now. Others of our posse used to write her off because she was the youngest, I only ignored her words. And lived to regret discounting her advice.

  21. Cap nnode in 3rd house… wisdom is knowing what you don’t know and being ok with it, humble and peaceful and full of love and Passion within the not knowing. : )

  22. cappie in my class gives said ‘genius advice’ by punching girls in the stomachs and going all like ‘WHY ARE YOU ALL SO FAT?!’ when none of the ‘chosen ones’ are fat in the least. in his defense, he says he’s trying to keep us from thinking we’ll stay thin forever and start letting go of ourselves…in the words of mad eye moody ‘CONSTANT VIGILANCE’

    • OMG that’s hilarious!! πŸ˜† I know I shouldn’t laugh but it’s funny, cos getting fat is my worst nightmare. Jupiter is transiting my 4th house and I have suddenly developed an appetite and put on 3kgs. Shock horror!
      Nipping that in the bud before I become obese!!

      I have Cap Asc. Constant vigilance for sure. πŸ™‚

      • i have a lot of cap stuff but TAURUS MOON makes anything but constant comfort/happy moments/reveries torture.
        he’s teaching me boxing a bit and he’s skinnier than anything i’ve ever seen so maybe that’d help? πŸ˜€ tc and good luck

  23. This morning I rang ex to say:
    β€œWe are all waiting for you, where are you?”

    All the while consciously restraining self so as to not to say the unhelpful and inflammatory, such as β€œwtf with rant ”…as his not turning up was pass agg…
    And got a reply reminiscent of the genius intelligence, the circumference and profound depth, the subtle discrimination and intricacy of which I can never comprehend in this life which said :


    a-roar-(so-fuqing)-a-lit insanely inside today, but I didn’t go nuclear, like I worried I might, with Mars conj transit to 7th and potentially igniting Pluto conj Uranus in Virgo fuel rods. πŸ™‚

    Je pense que vous belle, I’m thinking of you beautiful! xxx

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