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So guys, it has now been approximately 40 months of Pluto in Capricorn and yes, we have the Global Financial Fuqery to contend with.

But what of our ACTUAL Capricorns?

Goat-Peeps, how have you morphed in the past three and a bit years?  Pluto being the planet of transformation and all.

Note: Pluto went into Capricorn in late January 2008 but then zipped back into Saggo for a few months. So i’ve subtracted those months.

Capricorns, between now and then? What’s the main diff?

Of course, if are NOT a Capricorn or Cap Rising, you can still pass through Checkpoint Capricorn (ie; comment) by simply referring to the Capricorn area of your chart, yes?


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Oh Let’s see in 2008 I started chanting a Buddhist mantra, 2010 I left my husband of 25 years, a very powerful successful controlling man (his rising cap 9) and went after what was rightfully mine. I raised his two kids and He, threatened them with $ if they continued to speak with me, I moved out of state for 2 1/2 yrs, was successful in divorce proceedings, He passed away 2 months after the final decree. Oh did I forget to mention he had a major opiod addiction , I told him I was leaving because I wasn’t going… Read more »


I just love that illustration on so many levels!


Sun, Moon, Mercury and Venus in Capricorn:- Early 2008 – Finally graduated after years of hard slog doing degree/working/dealing with chronic pain – free! Mid 2008 – made redundant along with all co-workers when place of work shuts down – redundancy payout from job that I was over anyway – yay! – Meet supposed “the one”, start slide into his lifestyle of excessive alcohol, begin the slow descent into life of dom.abuse Early 2009 – Am offered job teaching and researching at university – take it! Late 2009 – Become pregnant at point in relationship when have just raised the… Read more »


We should talk, see above! We are survivors!


Dear Scorched Earth, I feel for your last few years! and identify…but esp bout your feelings re your mother. Mine too a Capricorn mother and used always to have the easiest of relations with her and think her really on my side… but in last few years I feel weirded by her saying things like ‘I don;t want to be a mother anymore’ and very much acting that spirit out…she takes no interest or only a token and vibes that I/we/others have let her down… hard to deal with as that attitude is so self-fulfilling. BTW, my brother, her only… Read more »


no Cap here but Pluto in Cap is heading towards my 5th house yes Capricorn 5th that’s my thing! Can not wait for Pluto to get there already and mess up my 5th house all the way!! l can feel the just needs to explode, the whole 5th house of mine ….delicious! SO far so good l guess creativity to the max that’s what l’m waiting for!

Scorched Earth

Cap moon. Oh, and both Venus and Mars in Cap. Jul 2008 – well earnt redundancy (sought after, pursued as a key project on my books for around 3 years in the tail winds of Pluto in Saggi (1st)) Aimless.. chilling.. pondering direction… time passes…. Early into 2009 got a temp job in similar old world structure to pay for things and pass time while contemplating, old band fractures, ugly end with egoic psycho guitarist venting in a projected way primarily at me. Mix of many things and no ego in saying lust had muddied the waters on his part… Read more »


mine’s been the first half of Protea’s story… huge effort but massive excitement to get to europe in 2008 and find a job; lots of loneliness and doubt alone in bizarre brussels; then gfc and all adrift again after only fulfilling the tiniest bit of the dream to see more of europe. tough times in 2009 on wise return to oz (12 wks work and in those 12 wks i got shafted not once but twice by women who seemed nice but were shockingly horrid). all 2010 slog and boredom but safe and employed and finally moved into a place… Read more »

Gneiss Moon

Love the Cappy Shag illustration – looks like my place ! Cap rising, so Pluto is cleaning house in 1/7, energy exchange is on the table. (7th balance, and my Saturn is on MC in Libra at the mo) Fairness, kindness, balance, home (Cancer on 7) all of these are prominent. I have a big Neptune squaring Leo 8th so there is regeneration of energy, (Sun conj Uran/Pluto natal) but I am aware of how much Leo generosity will cost my health in the long run if I don’t put a stop to those who continually take without giving. And… Read more »


Pluto’s been on my cappy mars for years, now it’s entering my 12th. Yay!!! Welcome to rest of my life.
Nope, I don’t feel anything jelling yet. Maybe it wasn’t meant to be!


Enough of Pluto already says this Sagg with Cap rising. 40 months and have re-structured zilch, i’m sorry to say. Thought as i have natal Mars in le Vierge,the current transit it would motivate me, fire me up, alas. Shall blame it on global financial fuqery and not blame myself too much. Very happy with Jupe in Taurus and the weight gain in all the right places & glad Saturn is off my Moon & Neptune in the great cosmic merry go round. Just reading about my Pluto-Saturn conjunction in 8th and the barriers it can represent in achieving objectives.… Read more »


I’m cap rising and I am just different now from how I was in Jan 2008. You name it, it has changed. My dress sense, men choices, my hobbies, my attitude to art, my philosophical attitudes, my belief structure, everything. Ironically I think I’m a lot me like ‘me’ now than I’ve ever been though. And I take a lot less crap than I used to.


Cap Rising opposite Cancer Sun. Pluto hasn’t even touched my ASC yet but in 3 years I’ve gone from being at rock bottom to the soaring phoenix. I’m still not at ideal place emotionally/mentally but I’m generally happy to have an actual career now (Nursing degree!!!) over what I was in 2008 which was broke, burnt out, chasing after self serving idiots (who are now chasing after me…my,my, how the tables turn), and losing my place at University. That summer that sent me packing back to mom’s place, I discovered my writing and was (truly) discovering myself. The whole career/making… Read more »


Yes! Cutting ties to toxic people!!! That was a big part of it for me.


No Cap in my chart, but it’s in my 11th house and it’s been pretty wonderful for me. For the first time in my life, I’ve made friends I really connect with. Have also been doing a lot of personal transformation, as Cap also rules my 12th (I have Aquarius intercepted there).

My chart is mega-Plutonic, though, so I think I just work the Pluto vibes well in general.


Cappy Rising and my life has changed almost completely since January 2008. First, my grandson was born, then I was injured on the job, fired from the job a really good one with good pay and benefits to living without money for 4 months and applying for jobs while on crutches, Sept 2008 found a new line of work and loved it, then yet another line of temp work in spring of 2010, son and grandson moved in with me August of 2010, sold house in August 2011 and moved to a nice apt while son moved in with an… Read more »


Over the last three years, I have deliberately uprooted myself from my past life and I still don’t know where I am. In June 2008 I went to fulfil a dream, in another continent, came back ‘home’ after a very intense year and had a mini breakdown on returning. Stayed for a while, but I was not satisfied on returning so I went back. Now I find myself in Europe and longing for this continent again…. of course I will go back, which entails more change and movement yet again! All of which doesn’t seem conducive to my very Capricorn… Read more »

Cardinal Idealist

Sun Conjunct Saturn and North Node plus Mercury Conjunct Uranus AND Neptune in Capricorn – 5th house. Last 3 1/2 years have been a wild Pluto ride… I honestly can’t recognize myself back then. Best part? Since that house is packed, the next decade WILL continue to be a transformation journey (btw Mystic… PLEEEASE some Pluto-surviving tips for the heavily afflicted?). And I have Moon Conjunct Venus in Aqua (6th), so I won’t be done with it any time soon. As Mystic has said before – it’s not so pretty to see (even though I always try to keep my… Read more »


well, I have a Sea-Goat ruled third house, but pluto hasn’t even got there yet, and it has been all second house stuff for moi – demolition and experimentation in order to find more authentic and efficient existence … putting in place a sustainable loopback system that feeds me bread (wheat free ;)) spiritual energy, etc etc


Feeds you bread….lol.. as in money? Good one…Breaks out into old 70’s song by ~Bread~…Baby I’m a want you, baby I’m a need you…. 🙂


ha … i can go with those lines Sweetie!
Altho, crooning/mooning for money always seems undignifed to me 😉


Yes, I agree, luckily they were singing about a woman…lol


So being a FireyBovine, you are mostly Earth and Fire?


lol, indeed; objectification is fine, just don’t consume me!!

yes – i confess to being v envious of “ScorchedEarth’s” moniker … brilliant

i had this moment where i realised my working with clay is very fitting lol

7 fire
4 earth
1 watery – like Pegs, I crave water
the breeze is generated by moon and pluto
makes me think of bushfires but nah, am mellow


Feel like it’s been a full circle in some ways.

Current 26 Libran Saturn, 5th, square Cap Moon 26, 8th…8th ruled by Saturn. Not as scary as that sounds but a good sobering assessment of reality and feeling in control…sometimes control is good, no?


Moon which rules 2nd (Cancer…. & what we earn), is in 8th and am looking at next steps in life and how that could support me.

Someone once said “you can’t hide behind massage forever”….

Smart arse..


lol x


Got adrifit a bit about the topic matter but Pluto exact on natal Saturn in 7th so yeah, big whoo-haa about men (Saturn square Aries stuff) and money…Saturn…as mentioned, ruling 8th. We learned alright about all and we still be learnin’..

Love Lily Allen’s ~The Fear~ …she’s a Toro/Moon in Libra/Merc-Venus in Aries…probably why she cusses…lol….Mars in Gem…oh so relate to that! No birth time tho from what I saw…

Love her tho and love her trailer… 🙂


o – Lily Allen is my astro twin!
Gotta haave a think about that one.


Cap rising at 7, Pisces Sun, Sag Moon Had a pretty rough time up until a burnout over a year ago. Found out (at age 49) that I have ADD and could at long last explain certain physical ailments (I developed CFS a long time ago) I don’t need to go back to the job that wore me out and I get plenty of time to recover. Now I still feel tired and my memory seems ruined, but I feel more bold, experimental, free and totally ME than ever I’m making up for lots of fun that I missed out… Read more »


Cap Moon: 1) Jan. 2008 (no comment, but total and complete change within self) 2) Jan. 2009 ex lost job 3) Jan. 2010 marriage separation and entered a post-grad program 4) Jan. 2011 began new career 5) Jan. 2012 (?) 🙂 Don’t know but things feel like they are, oddly, advancing the way they should There’s a lot more that is “completely new” and could never have been foreseen in Dec. 2007. I did know that “change” was “near” but had no idea how drastic and strange it would all be. My life took a sharp turn, that much is… Read more »


For the sake of trying to be clear about what Pluto’s entrance into sign felt like, it was as though a giant wrecking ball went swinging through my life. But that was the grand entrance. After the wrecking ball crushed everything, it was a matter of cleaning up in its wake. So I feel I’m now on the end of the clean-up stage and simultaneously in the building stage.


early capicorn on 5th…no planets in cappy.
One great thing happened late Jan 2008…went off Gluten for life! Within 3 days my health was vastly improved. Never going back….
Massive family vacation that was loads of fun, then a month later left my husband.
crazy love affair that took me to Hades
moved 3 times and bought a house on my own! when pluto dipped back into my fourth house.
my relationship with my kids has changed, for the better I believe. My eldest is a teenager now.

12th house Virgo

Our astro seems to be similar. We must have had other aspects going on in common because seriously – my life since 2008 has been crazy. Went tromping around Morrocco for a few months and came home ready for divorce. Love affair that took me Hades – check – improved relationship to children and my own sense of mothering – check. Funny how that goes, funny that such once-in-a-lifetime things happened to both of us (my only child is 6) within the same time. Totally blame the astro, but I am so much better for it now. I’m ready to… Read more »


We do tend to have similar storylines at times.
My rising is at 3 degrees virgo. Venus at 0*virgo.
Leo moon 6*
cancer sun 17* with cancer saturn 22*

Agree, I am much better for it too. But I just don’t seem to know what I want.
Right now a tad bit bogged down…health and house repairs.
Just got my quote from my painter….gulp.


Scorp w/ Cap rising here and my life has bee radically changed since January 2008. Geographically (moved to another U.S. state), financially (better situated after tweaking my approach), and most importantly, spiritually (won’t go into the personal deets here but take my word on it). It’s been very painful and scary at times but immeasurably positive in the end. Of course this isn’t the end, but just the beginning 🙂


P.S. Don’t know if this is relevant but I also have a Cappy moon in the 1st house and all my Scorp planets in the 10th.


I also forgot to mention that I got my teeth fixed 🙂


Late Gem Rising – so Pluto/Carpicorn in the 7th.

Single ever since then. Whenever I´m dating (becausa that´s the most i seem to get) I analyze the other with X-rays and they never seem to be good enough. I see my flaws as well.


I am also a late Gemini rising with Pluto/Cap in the 7th.. I have had tumultous relationships the well longer than the last few years really but since Pluto crossed my descendent I have have had some disturbed behaviour coming out in the b/f’s I’ve had and they’ve been stalky as well.. I’m single currently.. Pluto seems to have cleared away all of my relationships.. I’m just hoping that He replaces the mess and leaves his permanent healing to my 7th house relationships..


Cap Sun. Early 2008 I changed my social circle and started to gallivant outside.. 24/7. Favorite hobby since. Mid 2008 I moved half way across the country, had a psychotic break (which since then I’ve dissected and risen above), and impulsively moved all the way to the other side of the country (networking and socializing and mis-adventuring). I’m lively now. I have noticed something weird since then and that is that all of my off-the-wall “bucketlist” to-do’s have been happening every couple of weeks, by themselves, when they day seems to start out the most normal. Accidentally end up in… Read more »


awesome -congrats! Drop acid with a gyspy!


My Capricorn friends have been evolving before my eyes, some of them in quite a dramatic fashion, it’s been fascinating to watch.

I have it in the 10th + the 11th, both areas of massive change for me since early 2008. It’s also been tough, early degrees have been squaring a lot of the Libra + Aries I have and that’s going to continue for a long time yet. Luckily as a Scorpio I kind of get off on Plutonic energy.


Cap Asc 08-09 my last year at wellesley in boston, mass, completing a degree in cinema + media. spent most of the time alone, as my graduating class left in ’06. explored lots since i finally had a car up there. smoked grass everyday. 09-10 lived with aunt in austin, texas, to help take care of her 2 children as she was post-divorce, worked nights & needed help. once again with the exploring, the car. had a boyfriend for 6 months, most of it long-distance. smoked grass 10-11 back to my hometown in nowhere, texas, at a tiny noname college… Read more »


11th house cap. w/stellium conjunction of saturn, neptune, uranus. Became deeply involved and sucked into a suffocating relationship and got out in 2010. Not long after entered another relationship which was def. karmic but had to end. Lots of new friends and simultaneous severances of most of my friendships. Also became interested in astrology about 2009.
Also, my hopes and dreams have been evolving dramatically throughout this whole time.

Cap Rising

I’m 5 degrees of cap rising (gem sun, taurean moon/mars) & since 2008 i ended a 7 year relationship, moved to europe, signed to a major music publishing company, wrote pop songs for people, started to become a singer in my own right, recieved major label offer – Since the zap zone of this year i broke up with my friend-who-was-boyfriend, have just very serendipitously moved into the apartment of my dreams for almost no rent next door to my best friend!? 🙂 fell madly in love with someone completely unavailable, dealing with loads of powertrippers & feeling mega isolated… Read more »


My second house is Cappy territory. My natal Saturn sits just inside the second house. When Pluto crashed across my n. Saturn back in 2008, my monetarily charmed life, which had reached something of a zenith as far as biggest, nicest home, lovely community, thought I’d live there forever, crashed along with the SoCal economy. I got out with nothing owed to anyone because I sold all my pretties and two of my paid for vehicles. I used to buy cars for cash in those days. I researched the cheapest, yet stable and still opportunity-filled place to live in the… Read more »

12th house Virgo

I’m curious as to where the cheapest yet stable and opportunity filled place is.


Moon in Capricorn here. More open-hearted in last few years and also more practical with emotions which is good.

losing my religion

I saw an Alex Grey documentary, which was great. Was that one yours Aurora? Okay, Cap. sun in 10th house at 9 degrees. Late 2008 I had emergency surgery that radically changed my life but that bit of business may have been to Uranus opposing Uranus 6th/1st house. Recently went on Ayahuasca retreat and when my natal sun conjuncts transiting pluto in feb/2012 I hope to be going into business for myself. Just need to get over my chronic fear of public scrutiny/disapproval. Been using as my mantra (thanks to MM) the Rumi quote “Forget safety. Live where you fear… Read more »


Losing my religion – Great Rumi quote, love Rumi! I didn’t make the earlier doco’s wish I had. Wow aya, sounds amazing! well done


It’s been a wild ride!! So jan 2008 got back with my ex after a couple of weeks break and by march we had broken up after living together for almost 2 years in Adel where I was pretty sick with CFS and I went back to Melb to live in March. 6 months later feel deeply in love again, love at first sight on a tram moved in together even quicker and loved deeper than the relationship before. Both were quite amazing yet toxic relships. 2008-2010 was spent having an intense kundalini emergence/spiritual emergence… got very sick, psychic and… Read more »


ALEX GREY? My hero. Have had his Sacred Mirror book since
’93. An advanced way to learn Physiology & Anatomy visually.
I still use it as a teaching tool for visualisations & energy centres
of the bod.
Congrats, Aurora, would love to view the doco if it’s around somewhere.
Turkey? With the Jade Lotus Methodoise peeps?


Hey Pegasus yeh he’s a total hero of mine since 93 too and I got to travel and be friends with him and his wife over 10 days, a dream come true! 😀 I’m looking for funding to edit the doco its 40+ hrs of footage from his 2011 Oz tour. Or to pass on the job to a dedicated editor. Oooh I know the Jade Lotus peeps 😉 I was going to do some work with them yet I ended up coming back earlier. I wonder if we know each other? My name is Yasemin I used to live… Read more »

12th house Virgo

Capricorn on 5th house cusp.

Wow. My whole life has changed since 2008. Divorced, had a spiritual awakening, etc. I would say the most rewarding aspect of what has been some really tough times has been recovering and owning my intuition; expressing myself creatively, being a bit more fearless about who I am…that sort of thing.


Had celebrity affair and left psychodramatic, secretly-cross-dressing, drug-abusing Gemini fiance. Left house, car, job, and stepchildren behind, took only some clothes and some wedding-related debt. Hit new highs re benders & sex, and new lows re shambolic life-falling-apart-ness. Somehow managed to pull it all together and finish honours year of degree, meet stable and handsome Italian Sagg, replace gin with olive leaf extract, and get into PhD/Masters with phat scholarship. Now have lovely house, gorgeous boyfriend, no debt, and state of relative calm.
Main change is….I think I grew up…?


Awesome. I love growing up!



gemini moon

In the 8th house definitely feeling the changes inherited debt/taxes from family …finding solutions very slowly can’t wait till I am out of ZAP ZONE quoting Mystic! since I have Cancer Venus opp. now too!! 🙂


Dec/Jan 2008 was when the Cap & I started breaking the rules & actually started talking openly about our “friendship”. It was definitely a trigger for her to make some major transformations (she came out to her parents… & was subsequently kicked out of home) but I can’t place how it’s played out for my Cap Moon. Will have to think about that one.


My IC is at zero Cap so for most of 2008 I was renovating the house. Had always thought I would be complete crap at renos, and would find them impossibly stressful – but I so enjoyed the process, the people I met, the results…also managed to finalise my PhD in the early parts of the renovations (as Pluto was completing its transit of the third?) – something I would have advised others as being completely insane (to be renovating and finishing off a thesis) but it was so not. Now looking forward to the trine with my Sun.

plutonic gem

Cap third house where north node lives and breathes… think I have got a lot more authentic and direct in my communication, w siblings and every day uncovers more authenticity about the way my north node self unfolds. Was reminded by fellow north node in cap friend that Capricorn asks for us to develop our own authority in our lives, yep developing that too… it ain’t easy, but its worth it : )


Pluto moved into my Capricorn 2nd now 3rd and yes, my communication became blunt.
I learned to say what I mean, mean what I say.


having Capricorn in the first house and Pluto settled there, I feel lighter. Some say I am scary now..Pluto in the first is empowering for sure. A certain intensity prevails. In a physical sense for me… I seem to be getting leaner for some reason. Probably because Pluto has shed every last bit of misery and shame from my 12th house..there were really great things too.:) so much learned and experienced so far..
Sometimes I can see truth, I am like Tesla like that only not as much like Tesla..


And I am venus in cap.


Around Jan 2008 I was almost there when it came to leaving behind a toxic relationship. Freedom! But then I got into another one 6 months later and it still lingers under guise of friendship.


Jan 08. Shot through. Started a New Life, somewhere where I wanted to live. Used that as The Theme. It’s been a long haul, but my life gets a little more authentic every day. Wouldn’t trade it for quids.


ps. Sun in Cap, moon in Scorp.


Ninth house cap.

Jan 08. Got lung infection, went back to finish degree I never thought as couldn’t work.

Did honours. Now 2 postgrad courses.

Sooo…. I heart Pluto in Cap forever for this Virgo, Taurus Rising. : )


I got very ill and had recurring respiratory and sinusitis in January 2008. My immune system took a nosedive which caused my adrenal glands to be overtaxed. I was working a ft job, had two bands and finishing my BFA degree. Those were two very stressful years from 2008-spring of 2009.
Capricorn is my 2nd/3rd House and no planets residing there strangely enough no transits in my 6th house at the beginning of 2008.


Jan 2009
Extremely ill and now with migraines.
Toxic job and co-workers
Graduated BFA in spring
Moved across country
Happier times, health improved.

Jan. 2010
Pluto moves into my 3rd House
Moved again to cool new city.
Haven’t been happier in years!

Jan. 2011
Pluto moves into my 3rd House
Things starting to really gel for me.


Cap caused us to really Phoenix! : )

Let’s keep getting better!

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