When The Going Gets Weird, Uranians Thrive

Modern abstract art planet over lake Marius Roosendaal

Twelve more normality days till Uranus goes Direct again, hitting on Pluto and triggering the Zap Zone.

But leaving behind the Astro Global Financial Fuqery for a mo, let’s also use this for some D.I.Y. Astro, yes?

Uranian People are going to be very much of the moment soon. That’s Haute Uranian (progressive, genius, utopian) and not the Lower Uranian type, right?

So firstly, HOW Uranian are you?

You’re looking at Aquarius Sun, Moon or Rising, a strongly placed Uranus (like next to the Midheaven or similar) and/or a loaded 11th House.

You could also see how high you score on How Strong Is Your Uranus?

Lol – more than 25 is considered “very strong” – i have 52.

It’s time to work your Uranian bits. The Aqua bit of your chart is about to be activated.

Next look to where you have Zero Degrees of Aries as that’s your Zap Zone Central.

There are some interesting date correlations here too, the subject of the next Daily Mystic email.

But as D.I.Y. Astro is all about learning your chart, please get it in front of you and jump in. As always, the Astro-Fiends will help motivated newbies & I will dive in too, if i get a chance.

So this is threefold

(1) Figure out your natal Uranus-Aqua – how Uranian you are and how you can max that out so as to thrive in the Zap Zone.

(2) Then look to your Zero Aries point as that’s where things are likely to flashpoint in the next six weeks. Change; could be challenging, could be amazing. Either way, it’s a shakeout of stagnant energy.

(3) How well do you incorporate Uranian energy into your life? Look to harmonious aspects made by your natal Uranus for cues as to how to do this the (relatively) easy way.  

Have Fun!



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168 thoughts on “When The Going Gets Weird, Uranians Thrive

  1. I’m not very Uranian natally. Its in my 2nd house leo and only Chiron lives in aquarius. But I do have merc in aries at the zero deg, stationing direct, so Uranus is conjuncting. I’m loving it.

  2. I have North Node in Aqua. Karma? Destiny? I also have Uranus trining Merc, with Saturn in the 11th house, so something work related is about to come up, especially since I specialize in writing/communication.

    • I got 32 as well, I was slightly shocked but, absolutely makes sense now. Loaded 11th House, Sun in 11th, Aqua IC.

  3. 48, I counted chiron opp. (Virgo here with one foot in Mercury camp, the other in camp Chiron, lol) 2nd house aqua, sun conj uran/pluto 9, Mars quintile Uranus, shake ups are the norm. get Neptuney outta there and I’m friggin’ set.
    pic puts me in mind of the space dust space ship in Heavy Metal

  4. I got a 52 as well, but then I’ve always felt very Uranian – iconoclastic, staunchly individual, logical/intuitive thinking, affinity for computers. I have Uranus trine Asc so I naturally do weird with ease. 0 degrees Aries – 11th house … hmmm

    • Oh that’s so interesting prowlncrab – I’m strongly Uranian and I never clocked teh computer thang but electricity – of course and friends say I’m good with computers – I never thought anything of it.

      Thank you – that’s elucidating!

      • No worries! 😀

        I’ve mentioned this story before but when I first got my chart done by an old skool astrology (hand drawn charts), she said I would blend my creativity, which was apparent from birth, with new technology. I asked “what new technology??” She looked at me funny – “I don’t know. It hasn’t been invented yet perhaps?” A few years later when the personal computer hit I was hooked, the internet? Doubly hooked. And I work in graphic design so voila creativity blended with new technology. Funnily enough I have never taken to mobile phones. I find them irksome and get really offended when you’re in a group of people who are all fart arsing around with their phones. Makes me want to grab them all and smash the stupid bloody things.


        • What an insightful astrologer!

          And I’m totally with you re mobile phone etiquette – I have one biut hate it when people get anti-social with them.

          I particularly don’t understnad mobile phones in supermarket aisles, “Should I get red kidney beans or chick peas?”
          I so want to scream, “You shop, you get to make the decision! If it was so crucial to bug-a-lugs on the other end of your phone then they’d be behind the trolley!!!’
          But I digress from astrology……………

          • bwahaha … perhaps there’s a mobile phone hating astro signature?

            Oh and Mystic mentioned yonks back that Aquarius has an affinity to astrology. Even my Aquarius housemate, who is a maths/science brain, finds it intriguing in its accuracy. Apparently he’s investigating to discover the causal link between planets and people. I wait with baited breath …. 😉

        • ha ha, fart arsing! What a great way to explain that – that annoys me too, im also quite uranian

    • I’m same as you prowin. I got 52 and have always been the rebel who picks up new techo quickly. Design, tick. Uranian/inspired thinking, tick. Happily open minded to odd theories, tick. Also have Uranus trine Asc so people have always pegged me for an oddball, which I find fun :)

  5. Any tips for dealing with transiting Pluto conjunct Uranus/Opp Jupiter and Uranus Square Uranus?

      • It’s not that bad, the transiting Pluto conj Uranus thing. I don’t know how to pull that “become the transit or suffer the transit” thing off, though

      • For the entirety of 2012? Nah, im not going to be able to resist Jupiter moving over my Sun in June. I hibernated long enough during Saturn in Virgo. Im done with that, thank you very much. Besides, ive got Pluto in Scorp. Giving up isn’t in my vocabulary!

  6. not uranian at all. Aqua is intercepted and nothing in Aqua, cept a lonesome
    Psyche asteroid. 0 Aries in my 10th..Yes hope to get more days at work.. Moon conjunct Uranus natally in 7th house. Im Uranian in relationships?,but tend to attract prom Uranian men, may project it onto the other.

    • I’d call moon conjunct uranus a pretty strong uranian aspect. The scoring system is pretty good but should probably score higher for sun and moon aspects with uranus. Especially the conjunction.

      • Yeah i suppose, just did the test got 15 but I included north node and chiron which Uranus opposes. Moon conjunct Uranus is a 9 degree orb, she uses 8 degree. If that i would get a 5…very low Uranian..

        • I only got 18. :( I soooo want to be one of you crazy uranian peeps. But NO. At least my 11th is in Aquarius- splains why I have zero patience and tolerance for ppl who are DULL.

  7. I can’t remember what I got but it was high,not as high as my aqua girl at 64!! She is super Uranian with great hair :).

    Saturn on my A#se (sorry sun) is rendering me too busy to play here so must go now!
    *hangs head and slumps off with to do list*

  8. Aqua is 7th house, yep.
    Uranus is exact square my rising Mars in Leo, thus also square Asc.
    Uranus is also loosely conj my north node
    Yes I have in the past done some pretty outrageous things in ‘fuck this’ moments which I could describe a little like mars in Leo getting tired of saturns whinging and moaning deciding to go play with Uranus who is over there in the corner goading him on.
    Most of the time Saturn wins though.
    0 Aries is 8th house, which also contains my moon. But Uranus goes direct a smidgen off being sextile sun and trine Asc.
    I hope he brings me some money. I don’t have time for sex right now.

  9. I got 46 in the Uranian test but I am so NOT Uranian! I guess getting 83 for Saturn cancels out any Uranian qualities :)

    I’ve got so many squares in my chart that I scored high for every planet except Venus… figures.

      • knew it would be high but not that high. My second highest score is Jupiter (56). Don’t feel that either. I have a natal Jupiter/Saturn Square, which would explain the see-saw of depression and elation. Haven’t experienced much of the latter at all in a long time, just the usual melancholia :(

        • oh….me too….Jupiter square saturn
          plus saturn square uranus and jupiter opposite uranus!
          I get the depression/ elation and it happens fast!!

          • Not so fast Scorptropic..before Uranus was discovered Saturn used to be the ruler of Aquarius. I don’t think they’re so opposed actually.

            • I have Saturn opp Uranus too and for what it’s worth, in my experience I really felt/lived the opp in my youth but now I’m expressing my opp cohesively- think it’s a challenge that’s become a bonus personality (?) thing.

              Aqua rules my 12th house with no planets residing ‘cept asteroid Psyche. I’m really attracted to Aqua’s, though it’s probably because I have natal Uranus/Mercury/Pluto conj in the 7th house. I married, had children and divorced my Plutonian so now just wondering if my Toro could be my Uranian 😉 though probably not. But being Uranus, you just never know….

              • I have the same aspect! How did it express in your youth? I guess for me was quitting the religious structure I grew up in, also being over-confident in my endeavors (playing piano in front of people without practicing first hehe).

                I’m going reverse, first Toro, now ultra-Plutonic male. Both sides of hot, basically.

                • I rebelled against everything mainstream: worked as a Jillaroo in far western Qld, as a hippy in Byron Bay amongst other places, dabbled in the dark side: all as an underage teen. But so many times I instinctually covered myself and went on improving myself (Saturn conj Asc). Considering the dark side I ventured into in my early years, I’ve come out pretty sqeaky clean with my honours degree from top university and references which include some from national leaders – there is Saturn for you IRL – and I definitely worked for everything I have. I got serious before my first Saturn return and the rewards have been playing out ever since. Though sometimes it takes half a lifetime to appreciate where you’ve been and how far you’ve evolved, sometimes it’s an instantaneous inspiration.

                  • So not anon!! I’m out loud & proud – Leonic is a great Medusarism – that is me to my core… I LOVE MM and her work xx

  10. l have Saturn 11th house so l guess being Uranian is kind of blocked at times it’s something l should be real good at l guess…in order to feel really happy!

    l do love Uranian man types!

    Uranus aspects my sun so l can be off beat, opposing natal Mercury and l know how that works out…:)) and makes aspects to Jupiter and Saturn in my natal chart…it doesn’t mess with my Moon or Venus pheeew although l feel it does at times!!

    the Aries Uranus will conjunct natal Venus&Mars laterrrr

  11. But really the most important question here in a Uranian v Saturnian world (besides who is most likely to eat their children) is who is most likely to throw their computer out a window?

    • not me, that’s for sure! That’s just too silly and crazy and I’m too sensible. LOL
      Uranus usually comes up in my relationships (Uranus square moon)

      • Sorry I don’t get this “Saturn over-rules my Uranus” energy. Why the hierarchisation of planets? Aren’t we a combination of these influences?

        • This from a lady who named herself Saturnian?

          Computer troubles. I wish I could be more rebellious and throw it out the window without a care.
          But actually if one were to go via charts, Saturn would win in mine, due to aspects etc.
          The above was merely an obscure joke re father/son competition and supposed associations re responsibility technology and rebellion.
          Unfortunately no amount of mythology or stereotypes will make my operating system reload and if anyone says anything about mercury retrograde I swear i’ll be really bloody annoyed.

          • You’re right of course shell. How ironic. But that’s been my journey balancing the Saturnian and strong Uranian and Sagg energy. I say that the Saturn really HELPS rather than being a hindrance.

            You were right to spot the irony though.


  12. I got 30…35 if I include chiron. Pretty uranian.
    my aqua sun son….He got 49!
    my twins got 44! 47 with chiron.

    I have nothing at 0degrees Aries. Thankfully…have enough other transits going on.

    Uranus trine natal mercury. Unusual ideas, fast thinking, bizzare intelligent humor.
    Uranus sextile venus….like eccentric, genius, humanitarian characters.

    • Hey FF – see above – my Aquagirl (born v close to your Aquaboy) scored 59! What am I in for 😐

      • And I scored 36 incl Chiron. Uranus conj Mercury and Pluto and opp ASC/Saturn/Chiron and Square MC amongst other aspects :roll:

        • Hey FF
          I got some hard hitting Uranus aspects too…
          It is in a Tsquare opposing jupiter with both squaring saturn. FUN stuff there.
          It also opposes chiron and mars!!

          My son has mellowed out a lot..he had more energy, more fired up temper as a younger boy. He always wanted everything to be fair regardless of anything, hyper intelligent.

      • wow! Yes I saw her birthdate…he is jan 24, 1998. Cute…they are only 11 days apart!

    • oh, but 0 degrees aries is in my 8th house…..interesting place to have electrified by uranus.

  13. “Yesterday’s weirdness is tomorrow’s reason why.”

    I am going to have to take that Uranus test over again. I had my chart rectified, found out there was no daylight savings time at my birth. I’d been using DST and my charts were all wrong, so all the tests I took on Donna Cunningham’s site have incorrect results.

    And oh poor Donna. She retired from her blog due to hand and wrist pain while typing. She fell and injured her hands and had to stop working so much. Oh what a loss, that a mind so full of knowledge is having such trouble expressing what she knows through that stupid keyboard and mouse interface. I know she’s working with computer voice dictation, with mixed results. I’m hoping for an iPad 3 with Super Siri voice dictation that will save her from her problems.

    • I redid my test. My old result (posted on Donna’s site even) was 19. Recalculated, I got a 40. That’s rather different.

  14. My zero degrees Aries Point is in my fourth house, so what does that mean? Zap Zone = I’ll dis my family? Ditch my apartment? What? Sugarpies, I am LOST.

  15. What a surprise… Very natally Uranian with a score of 72 on that test (woo hoo! yes very happy to have that strong vibe). Midheaven in Aqua in the 10th. Zero degrees Aries in my 11th House. Being of the 60’s Uranus-Pluto conjunction generation …I did the Pluto test and got 62…hmmm. Natally both Pluto and Uranus in Virgo (along with Mars) in my 4th House. Yes…I prefer my own space. Thankfully there’s alot of action going on in the career/biz/study sectors right now – just as MM has noted for the last two years or so – very exciting, very welcome, bring it ON! Now… can Neptune please move on?…

  16. I score 46 on the Uranian test. O degrees Aries is the second house – no planets there. So has anyone got any insights re what that might mean? Money – problems or windfall? Or just change one way or the other?

    • I too have 0 deg Aries in second Saturnian and I’m having the most awesome (sorry to use that word but it truly applies) time in my career/day job/self esteem! Truly I am pinching myself daily re my job and have already scored a better deal and am earning great dollars doing something I LOVE :-) But it does trine my Sagg 0+ MC and I have a Leo Sun in the 6th house. I can’t remember your sun sign?? but just look at the aspects to Mars (ruler of the 2nd being Aries and early degrees of other signs. I also have Part of Fortune at @ 5-6 deg of Aries (2nd) and the astro is so playing out in my life atm.

      • Thanks fluidfeline – such generous counsel – thank you. My Sun sign is in Sagg.
        Mars (10th house):
        – semisqaures Jupiter 6 degrees (12th house, Aqua)
        – sesiquadrates (?) Chiron 2 dgrees (1st House, Pisces)

  17. uranus test – 36 (but yikes, neptune – 39, hopefully grounded somewhat by saturn – 27??)

    zero aries – 5th house

    anyway, for the first time in ever, ok, a long time, i had a mischevious, flirtatious thought which i may even act upon

    secondly, i have realised that the ONLY way for my income generation is via taking my self employment to another, massive, amazing level

    well, enough to pay mortgage is my first aim

    and i now approach my vegie garden as a necessity not a quaint luxury plaything

    so, no longer working for ‘The Man (or Woman)’, because, I AM …

    • zero aries – 5th house

      I got the same zap zone and been working to take my business from extra income to another level too.
      This zap zone feels exciting!

      Congrats on your path!

      • Thanking you both!
        And best scorpiorising … as you said, extra income to THE income …
        Am thinking there’s a new honesty to it as well?
        For me I think. xx

        • The energy has really started to flow in the last few days regarding music. The Aries in the 5th is my guess. I hope this continues for awhile longer. :)

  18. This is so much FUN! My total came to 40, and yes, I’m very Uranian. My current signature is: “Writer, artist, revolutionista, fully paid up member Arty-Farty Brigade”. I love techie stuff, will spend hours working it all out, do lots of writing, create symbolic art and have no interest whatsoever in still life and landscapes, adore futuristic stuff and find history utterly, utterly boring. In the UK for 2 years I felt absolutely stifled by the musty, dusty atmosphere there. As for 0 degrees Aries, is this for a transit or natal? Because if it’s a transit, then Uranus is sitting fair and square at 0 deg. 42 in my Sixth House. I have really embarked on dietary changes today, big effort for a Libran with Libra Rising, feels seriously weird and I think I’ll have to invest in a velvet whip to keep motivating myself (Librans don’t do leather whips, velvet ones are so much more tasteful). And am really writing, writing, writing. It’s as if I’ve opened a tap and it’s all pouring out – all the memories, experiences, advice and so on. I just adore all the Uranian energy around – the Occupy Wall Street movement, the uprisings in the Middle East, grist to my mill 😆

    • Ah – that’s where my count of 5 comes in – I LOVE history :) I loved the sensation in the UK of walking down a street that others were walking down 1800 years ago. I felt as if my feet were anchored more firmly to the ground. Odd sensation when returning to OZ of feeling as though I was floating a couple of inches above the ground.

      I DO love gadgets though :) Resisting an iPad….

      Have you heard of Scrivener ? Its a writing program to help turn the outpourings into, well, books :)

      I got the free trial version and then did NaNoWriMo and promptly haven’t laid down a letter. 😀 😀

      On another note, I didn’t do the Reiki Course – thanks for the advice !!

      • No, I haven’t heard of Scrivener, I’ll look it up for sure, thanks for the tip. Isn’t it weird how we feeling so differently about the UK? The only place I felt comfortable was at Haworth where the Bronte sisters live – perhap’s I’ll kid myself I’m one of the Brontes in a past life, snort, snuffle!!!! I love gadgets but I simply refuse to buy Apple products because of their overwhelming monopoly, I suppose typical Uranian to feel I don’t like being brainwashed by a company. And glad the comments about the Reiki course helped you reach a decision not to take part. I love Reiki but there are some real shonks out there, New Agey types up themselves. When I first started learning it in the ’80s and ’90s, there were all sorts of different Reiki courses being “channelled”, you name it, they popped up. It’s just very simple but some people can’t seem to help making it complex (and, of course, more expensive!).

  19. Hello, my name in Virgolicious and I’m a Uranian . . .

    My score came in at a whopping 60. Jeez, no wonder I am flying solo all these years, child-free, anti-authoritarian, kicking against the pricks, etc. All this time I’ve been reading about the Uranians and thinking ‘oh, you Aquas, you’re so zany’. Turns out I’m practically one of them! I do attract Aqua men (hunky doorstoppers, all) but they’re no good to me as I don’t play their games, not anymore.

    I’m not Uranian bats in my outward appearance (Cap rising is too classic-stylish for that, and my Virgo bits too practical – distinctive, I’d say) but I’ve had a lifelong dread of being ‘average’ in any department.

    Now that I’m in the rabbit hole I should see where it takes me!

    • oh, the homework:

      Uranus trines my Asc (Capricorn) and my Moon (Taurus, 5th house) – I think it is grounded by all that earth (plus Uranus in Virgo natally). So, grounded upheaval? Pragmatic rebellion?

      Uranus is also transiting my 4th house, squaring my Asc (I think?) so I can anticipate some upheaval in the home life. I am ready – I packed my books months ago and have been decluttering like a maniac.

  20. People don’t dig uranus where i’m from and if they did? life would be well advanced and narrow mindedness would be a crime. i got 37 including opp to chiron. 11th house stellium and uranus conjunct venus on asc.. plutonion in the 40’s..so things are intensely weird for me.. now i understand what a square is. it means people are annoying and we need a civil/ war or revolution so killing can be legal for a while..ugh hate people

    • You were joking about the killing bit right. Squares just mean challenges and dealing with stuff, extra learning. It’s where we have to stretch our brain and attitudes…cooperate, accept differences, anticipate and address friction (sans homicide!)

  21. I got to 47 and lost count. Uranus conj MC, trine Asc, Op Chiron, sextile N.N. Merc, Saturn, Mars, Sun in Aqua. I think I can’t help being Uranian. . . Happily . . . zip at 0 deg Aries, closest is Venus at 8 then Jupiter then Moon, in Fourth & Fifth so onwards with the unrelenting transmogrifcation of moi all and everything.

    Strangely . . . I’m unusually intolerant of too much whacky Uranian . . . stuff. I read somewhere typical Aqua when in a group of straights, wants to be seen as weird and when in a group of weirdos wants to be seen as straight.

  22. Erm.. I have a 0 on this test. The only thing that my Uranus trines is Saturn… I have an empty Aquarius and an empty 11th House…

    O degrees of Aries in is my 8th – Natally Pisces. Great – taxes, death and common property…

    Soooo NO Uranian energy in my life and a huge wallop heading for me in the 8th… SHould be interesting….

    • Oops read that wrong – I get a score of 5. Odd things is, I’ve always considered myself an iconoclast… Interested in Astrology and the occult; very much not a follower ( not a leader either, just don’t follow the herd) what is going on here ?

      Am off to do her other tests to see where my mojo lies :) Everything I have is bundled in the 3rd in Scorpio :)

      • Oooh my Moon is Off the Charts – 68.

        Mercury – 39 Very Strong
        Saturn 23 – Moderately strong
        Pluto – 47 Very Strong Indeed
        Neptune – 20 moderately strong

        So there you go – all my weirdness is elsewhere :)

        • Wow!
          How about your Sun?
          AND Jupiter and the rest? I couldn’t stop once I’d started.

          56 Moon
          49 Sun
          48 Jupiter
          45 Uranus
          38 Venus
          29 Neptune
          29 Mars
          27 Pluto
          Have your eyes glazed over yet?
          24 Mercury : (
          19 Saturn
          No wonder I’m enjoying Saturn transits.

          • Ahhhh – didn’t see the tab at the top of the page :)

            Sun – 66 oh dear

            Mercury – 63

            Venus – 56

            Jupiter – 53

            So basically, everything else is either very strong or off the charts, but I have almost no Uranian influences.

            Now I feel lopsided :( Still its like a strong hand in Bridge – if you hold almost all the Spades, you’ll have no Hearts or Clubs – you just play the hand that you’re given, and play to your strengths… In my case a deep emotionalism driven by curiosity, luck, discussion and a deep well of energy and enthusiasm. Can’t complain then !

            I am aware that I have a strong personality, but I have spent years, decades even, toning it down so that other people don’t run screaming….

            Am awful lot of it goes internally now – I am on a serious spiritual path, and am doing a great deal more art and writing; still its one thing I like about this site – its full of equally strong personalities, with very similar tastes in the occult, the spiritual and astrology :)

            We don’t always agree, but we are AWARE and CURIOUS. I have learnt SO much from joining in this community – some of the advice I have been given here is what has set me on this path to begin with – and of course Mystic herself….

            • Domestic Triffid – if you’ve got a strong personality, don’t bloody turn it down. That’s who you’re meant to be and you’ll feel discordant if you’re not at ease with who you are. I’ve mentioned it elsewhere, but I’ve got a real thing that people need to be their astro heritage, particularly at this time. I know I spent a lot of my life trying to fit in and tone down my inner Drama Queen, then shrugged and decided that’s who I am and it was a huge relief. The funny thing is that all my friends knew that anyway and didn’t take a bit of notice when I stepped out of the telephone box with my purple Drama Queen gear on. Go for it, whoever you really are!

  23. I’ll have to read this properly when I get home.

    I scored 31. But also have Juno conjunct Uranus (I guess doesn’t count) plus some near sextiles but not so close as a 3 degree orb. Surely having a double Aquarius (Aq sun , Aq mother) counts for something ???

    Feel quite Uranian – love Ideas and Weird stuff from left field, but not so much the technology. I like it if it is useful to me, but not so much for its own sake.

    Went to see the Genius Shamanistic Astrologer last weekend (Sun, Pluto, Uranus conjunct in Virgo) and she said “Aquarius types are psychic in a different way from Pisceans, it’s like they have an extra set of antennas just picking up stuff that other people don’t pick up” (her partner is an Aquarian).

    It is just as well I am going to see the Genius Shamanistic Astrologer as Zap Zone central on Zero Aries touches off my Grand Cross yet again.
    Persephone in Aries at 2 degrees faces off Pluto at 0 Libra, and drags in Venus /Medusa at 29 Gemini and Jupiter at 29 Sagitarius.

    So, last weekend’s session was literally “rebirthing” – I got to relive my birth and it wasn’t very fun, but it was very cathartic. I have previously got to relive my birth from my mum’s perspective and my dad’s perspective, now it was my turn, and SPEAKING of Kundalini stuff (as in the MM post below this one)…. I never realised that when you are born your feet chakras open up and let all the Earth energy in. It F***ing Kills ! No wonder babies kick their feet and scream so much.
    But apparently this is the Earth chakra energy coming in, so I actually do get to choose to be here this time. (Last time was very much not a smooth or pleasant experience).
    Luckily I am going back next weekend to hopefully process this some more!

  24. Aries at 0 degrees for me is half-way between the 6th (rules by Pisces) and 7th House (rules by Aries). So can anyone tell me which one do you look at? Both? Thanks!

    • Hello! I think you look at THAT point… 0 degrees Aries. So if there’s nothing ON it… then … I think you don’t have anything major going down.

      But I see what you mean about the border of the houses. I have nearly the same thing. But I have Mars and Venus in the first degrees of Aries, and they’re in 6th… So, perhaps if you have some planets closest to 0 Aries – you should count that house as your to-be-zapped.

      Hopefully someone who knows absolutely will answer!

  25. Natal Uranus, Pluto Mars and moon tight 10 – 16 deg in Virgo 11th hse
    Saturn 15 deg Pisces 5th

    Its all a bit much really…

  26. I think I have only 10 points (Uranus trine Asc). But I cant work out the Aries 0 bizo. Does Aquarius on my Asc node count for anything?

    Mine is All Sag (sun, merc, jup and nep) for me with some Libra (Moon +3), pisces mars and venus Cap. Sorry, thats gone a bit off topic.

  27. 43, but the mathematical part of my brain has left the building. zero degrees aries is in my 8th house. Definitely have my astro ‘L’ plates on. I cant quite understand how I work out transits?

  28. what do the dashed green lines on the astro charts mean?
    also what does the o with a little line coming out of it in the chart on astro that, i’m guessing, tells you about your conjunctions/trines, etc? and what does the thing that looks like a little table mean?

    the green lines go from my uranus to my saturn and jupiter (which are like 5 degrees apart from each other in Capricorn in 5th). and the little zero thing is at the intersection of my sun, the little tables are at saturn and jupiter. otherwise uranus trines my sun.

    venus in the 11 in Leo which is otherwise ruled by Cancer.

    and zero point aries? exactly on the line separating 7 and 8. does that mean it’ll hit both those houses?

    • wiki has a great page showing the symbols and their meanings. Just google:

      astrology aspect symbols

      I found it very helpful. I don’t want to post the link because I think the comment may end up in moderation if I do.

    • Second vote for astrodienst – on the left hand side they have lots of articles about both the Houses and the Signs. Its my first port of call.

      Also, try Cafe Astrology – they have some wonderful, easy to understand articles as well.

  29. I score 2! Is that a fail? How do I improve the balance of my chart? Or should I surrender to my beige, conformist and unsociable world view?

    • Actually this describes all the Aqua’s I know with lots of Cappy in their charts – Aqua’s do like beige – there was a post on it!

      Am I the anti-Aqua? Fnd Aquarians really mixed up bunch for this Leo – some get along with me brilliantly as we share the same interests. Others just do NOT, it’s like brittle genius alien meets stubborn proud entity from another universe. We should get along, but nup.

      Still got lots of them in my life, so I guess that is my way of compensating…!

      • I generally tend to get on well with Aquas, andromeda, because my moon’s in Aquarius and I understand where they’re coming from. But a couple I’ve met are seriously weird, no empathy with others and completely self-absorbed.

    • I meant to say and forgot, you are who you are and you come in with your own gifts and talents, so if there’s little Uranian energy in your chart, get a report and see where your strengths and challenges are. I don’t happen to think that there’s much wrong with being conformist if that’s how you’re meant to express your astro heritage. I think grounded people provide some commonsense for people like me who tend to be off with the fairies. This world needs people of all different make-up so there’s never ever a right or wrong. I just think it’s important to sort out who you are, accept yourself, project it to the best of your ability and if anyone’s critical, that’s their problem, not yours.

      • That’s sweet LibraAquarius. I agree – tbh I am not really very conformist or anything else.
        People see me as the colourful life of the party with often quite colourful clothes and a sometimes rebellious big mouth who is into all things shamanistic and crystalline? Pretty deceptive of me, I quite introverted in fact.

        Still, there is quite a lack of Uranian energy. Have Uranus in Libra in the 4th, even that is a polite and domestic placement in my mind.

        • P.s. I love Moon in Aqua, it’s such beautiful moon placement imo. I have moon in Scorpio and I tend to freak people out, too heavy. Enjoy your schweppervescent personality, 😉

  30. 27, sounds about right. I’m more concerned with the shake-up apparently hitting my 7th house… I just got engaged last month! I’m hoping that as our relationship is somewhat Uranian to begin with this will be a positive sort of thing, but still I feel a bit nervous to see that coming.

  31. Uranus in second house Libra trine Midheaven and square Saturn. Also going through a Saturn transit over my natal Uranus. Moon in 11th. Not sure how Uranian that makes me.

  32. Only a 33 but I guess that still very strong? It doesn’t feel that strong when I scored a 64 on the Pluto test. I am a Plutonian, yes! But I guess next I probably am Uranian. What fun for me. Even though my Uranian vibe isn’t as strong as my Plutonic vibe, I’ve always felt very Aqua in certain regards and I know that’s all on account of my Aqua moon. Do love logic, do love originality, do love the unconventional. I will dislike something if it’s popular. I will always root for the underdog. I will always like that person who’s a “black sheep.” When I was writing fictional debauchery at this one site I was the one always gravitating towards whacky things, so much so that that’s what I was known for. My own style of “crack” as they called it, which was fun!

    Only thing that gets troublesome is my cold Aquarian logic vs. high stakes Plutonian emotion. But even that’s considered fun by me, if not by those around me. Heh.

    • I have a heavy laden astro chart with Scorpio/Plutionian vibes, but also s got a nice mix of Uranian for balance.
      I root for the underdog/Black Sheep and am attracted to the eccentric, unusual too.

      • Same here! Very Plutonian, but also heavily Uranian with a loaded 11th house in Scorpio. I feel quite content in my nonconforming, out-of-the-box, eccentric, moody broody Dark Horse/Black Sheep ways. 😀

  33. Off-topic, but I need some help and I am putting the call out. Altho I am generally functioning well in my day to day life, bitterness, confusion and cynicism is taking over my psyche and colouring my consideration of the opposite sex. Maybe that’s been coming thru loud and clear in my comments. Anyway. Can anyone offer me some practical, useful advice on how to put the sugar back in my life / heart. I don’t mean all these motherhood statements like ‘ just take each day as it comes, be open to new experiences, stop and smell the roses, don’t give up hope bla bla’. I mean that stuff is a matter of course. But just something practical that might help to put the brakes on the insanely negative self-talk / downward-spiralling / crushing, tongue-tying shyness when I stumble across someone and experience a flash of interest. It’s like I do Everything Possible to talk myself out of the experience. Maybe cos all previous experiences have ended in a pile of shit and hey who wants to go there again? So, yeah. Any advice appreciated. X

    • I took this course – http://www.healmyenergy.com – and it helped me.

      Negative self talk never stops. But you can train yourself by saying “Stop” when you hear that voice nagging in your mind. You may need to sit with the feelings you have about yourself. The chattering is making you blame others/the other sex, so when it gets quiet you may have some fear or other darker feeling to process. That’s no fun, but with clarity that comes from it you can get grounded in your own power again. Charge into the bad feelings with a sword, slay the dragon yourself, that sort of thing.

      Not sure that words are helpful, which is why I suggested the above course. It changed my life, but is a lot of work and takes strong commitment. Not sure that works for you.

      Good luck!!

      • I saw a good homeopath regarding similar emotional stuff. i wont say what she prescribed as self -diagnosis isnt the way to go but it helped me HEAPS.
        Best of luck .

    • I get this too… I think it’s having a Cancerian moon… bitterness just burbles up from my past like bubbles from a stinking stew. Sometimes I actually curse out loud from it.

      It helps to tell yourself: This is only part of me that’s thinking this. This is the wounded part of me that doesn’t know any better. This part of me is wrong.

      And then try to look at what’s ACTUALLY happening, right here, right now. Not to be hokey, but be in the moment. Don’t worry about who you were, but who you ARE.

      • PS: I don’t think it ever really goes away… which is helpful to know. You don’t have to “fix” yourself, you just gradually make changes. If you think in terms of gradual change, it’s a lot easier.

    • As is often the case, the answer is in your question. Address the self talk. It’s not easy, but you need to apply some Saturn discipline to the negative stuff. Interrogate it and ask ‘is that TRUE?’ If there is any doubt, you dismiss the negative stuff out of hand. It will keep coming up, but gradually your querying will become habit, and those thoughts recede. Once you have undermined their power by applying some logic to them, they become less and less powerful.

      When you are feeling stronger, you can unpack the origins of the negative talk: ‘where did THAT come from?’. It may be from childhood, it may be the voice of a parent or an ex echoing in your mind, but it’s worth interrogating.

      I’m sure you wouldn’t tolerate someone telling you a baldfaced lie to your face – why take it from yourself?!

      I am speaking from experience here – slowly chip away at it and change your habit. Everything else will flow from there.

      • Fantastic, thanks vootylicious..I have sometimes gone to a ‘root cause’ analysis for some aspects of my life – will keep doing. Also asking myself about the truth of a belief or judgement- that is def something I can apply right away. Undermining the shitty stuff is definitely a great way to apply saturn transiting my libra 4th house . Definitely will help with the renovations. X

      • I found doing an exercise in ‘voice dialogue’, where you write from the point of view of the the critic who is bombarding you with negative thoughts helps to get these things into perspective. Our inner ‘critic’ serves a very useful function and is usually trying to protect the ‘child’ we left behind. Expect a few good grief type tears.

        White light yourself, and rarify the atmosphere around by repeating a positive affirmation or simple prayer–regardless of whether you believe it. Saying something positive over and over and over and over works like a chemical blocker in your brain in the same way that cocaine works. True! Legal and free! In the shower, hanging washing on the line, driving, wherever, just keep repeating it.

        Louise Hay’s simpleI approve of myselfcheesy as it may seem I found to be very quickly self-fulfilling.

        Also notice other aspects of your being. If your thoughts are racing and it’s black thought after black thought after black thought and other things in your body such as your metabolism are rocketing along & you’re having a lot trouble sleeping get your thyroid checked out with a simple blood test. You can’t stop your thoughts but you can slow them down. Personify the ones that routinely keep arising. Good luck.

        “You have the right not to be negative.” – Maurice Nicoll.

      • oh, and get hold of some self-hypno sessions from itunes – Glenn Harrold is the one I’ve tried (on self esteem). They worked for me during some tough times. As recommended by Mystic (and me!).

        • Just found pithy quote on twitter–

          “Resolve to keep happy and your joy and you shall form an invisible host against difficulties.”

          ~ Helen Keller.

    • Thank you, thank you.. – yes I think a double approach of chipping away at the behaviour and stopping the inward chaos in its tracks via the cold, hard light of logic (hahaha now *that* is the Aqua way! And so we come back to the topic) , as well as some deliberate unpacking /de-fusing of the underlying thinking with some proper work on self.

      Thus applying myself like an aquarian in matters of the heart could help to ‘air out’ this soggy emo-compost. Lol.

      Such good people here. X

    • PCFR, I just wrote you a very lengthy reply to your question, which as not posted, possibly because it had a link in it and is being moderated (or I exceeded the word limit – is there one?!)? Will check again tonight and if it is still missing I will have another go. x

      • Most probably the link Nat. I had trouble posting a message that contained a link without success, until I removed the html or # (can’t quite remember) at the end of the URL

      • Oh no, after you spent all that time nat. Surely you are dealing with enuf of your own personal things to not want to bother with my bouts of drama? See how you go xx take care and hope home life is going ok?

    • This isn’t the direct route, pcfr, but it does facilitate inner work to help understand where you’re coming from. Try creating a mandala, a symbolic picture within a circle. I did a video a while back, my first ever, here’s the link:
      I’m a firm believer that when you go within, you get answers from your inner wisdom, and if you find this video interesting, you might like to experiment and go further with mandalas. The first one I ever drew opened huge doors for me.

      • What a lovely thing, LA! Thank you for sharing your knowledge. It is so apparent that you are a beautiful soul (as if we didn’t know that already!).

        A brilliant way to share some hard-won wisdom!

        • Thanks so much, virgolicious. One thing I’ve found is that somehow the Universe/Creator or whatever you want to call the Unseen, will open up opportunities step by step. When I started teaching, I started off with 2 people, then 4 turned up, then 6 (sheer, utter terror), and then I got to teach in a women’s health centre with 16 women (blind terror). But those women in the group were just wonderful, so gutsy and willing to walk through open doors. I’ll never ever forget them. In the case of the video, I had never done one before and was part of a Play in May group where I mentioned mandalas and someone asked me to do a video. Gobsmacked. Then I discovered I could do a video via my webcam, and the mandala video came into being. Quite amazing, so I’m glad you enjoyed it.

    • Hi PCFR, my reply from earlier today has disappeared so hear goes again…

      Your question is about bitterness, confusion and cynicism dominating your thoughts and affecting your perception of the opposite sex. You ask for some practical, useful things do deal with this and to access more sweetness in your life. Your clear articulation of your problem and what you want is very helpful, btw.

      When I read your post 3 things jumped out at me (apologies if I am repeating some of the wisdom already offered by others):

      1. Bitterness, confusion and cynicism. These are all THOUGHTS. Thoughts can stimulate feelings. Our minds are like thought-bubble machines (or talk back radio) – they generate thoughts (& feelings) 24/7. Blub blub blub blub blub… And let’s face it, most of our thoughts are not that useful or relevant. We certainly don’t act on most of them. But even the brightest people, like your self, sometimes get stuck on particular thoughts (or voices) and they hook us in. We can become very fused with a narrow range of thoughts/opinions/judgments etc. With respect PCFR, I think what you describe here is an Over-Thinking Problem. The first line of remedy for all OTPs is to apply exercises or techniques to observe and then detach from the thoughts. There are many, many simple and effective techniques that you can apply when you are in the grip of unhelpful thoughts. The more you practice the techniques, the easier it gets to identify troublesome thoughts and not get carried away by them. I have collected some of the visualisations and simple exercises that I have found to be the most effective to OBSERVE & DETACH from my thoughts. If you like you can email me at astronat9 at gmail dot com and I will send them as a word file, or search the ‘net or find a therapist to teach you some firsthand. Don’t try to do it all on your own – find a good counselor to work through this issue with you and act as your guide. I recommend an Acceptance & Commitment Therapist and you can find one at www actmindfully dot com dot au – Find a Therapist. They also have lots of useful stuff in the Free Resources section. Keep looking and experimenting with different techniques until you find a few that click for you. Minds are very clever so it is good to have a number of different techniques to use.

      The idea is not to fight your thoughts, or suppress them, or argue with them (they are all forms of engagement). The objective is to learn to observe, name, make space for and detach from the thoughts so that you do not spend so much time in their grip. By doing this you become more open and aware to what is happening around you. That is, you become fully present in your life and not dragged off/under by particular thoughts or thought patterns. It is not always easy but it is simple and it does work. I promise!

      2. Cynicism. Cynicism is a call to awareness. A certain amount of cynicism is healthy. A small amount can also be funny. But when cynical thoughts dominate your mind (and then your behaviour) that prevents openness & GROWTH. Cynicism left unchecked leads to narrowness, constriction and joylessness. Each time you notice a cynical thought, name it and let it go. Maybe even thank your mind for its cynical thought – it is probably trying to protect you – so thank it and let it know that you can look after yourself. Cynicism can be like a little bell calling you to awareness; asking you to check yourself and come into the present. What ever technique you use to do this, doing something physical at the same time will help, eg. place your hand on your tummy to calm it or wriggle your toes to come into the present.

      3. The opposite sex. I reckon, with utmost respect to you PCFR, that what might be happening here is a bit of projection. You may be ‘hanging’ a bit too much of your exasperation and expectations onto men and onto the idea of having a relationship. It’s not ‘wrong’ to do this – we all do it – but I am sure that if you apply yourself to the issues above, this pressure will ease and the view will look much broader. And sweeter. Yes you have had some pretty ordinary and painful experiences with men in the past. Yes, some men (and women) behave like dolts/wankers. Yes, you want to have better experiences with the opposite sex in the future – AND YOU WILL! But that is not the thing to focus on. You cannot force relationships. You can bring the best of yourself to the table and participate in life but really the rest of it is outside your control. Again, a good counselor or therapist can act as your guide as you work through the maze of feelings and thoughts about this topic.

      Hope this helps dear PCFR. Just finally, remember that our struggles seem far harder when we are over-tired, under-exercised, have PMT or are worried about money/family/work etc. Be much kinder to yourself if any of those are the case. Love, nat x x

      • Thank you Nat! I will be latching onto your advice too – pragmatic yet nurturing.

        What do you do in real life? Are you a therapist of some sort?

        • No problem, virgolicious. These are not my ideas – just things i have picked up along the way that I have found to be effective. I am a scientist. I work in agriculture on broad acre crops (love plants and growing things). Cancer Sun with Moon in Aries likes to help with practical things to DO.

    • St pisces, link, lia, libraqua, Nat (have I missed anyone whom I had not already replied to?) Thank you so much, all such helpful stuff and definitely prodding me to do more work on myself.. Break the cycle! Bloody geniuses you are. Mystic how do you find ’em?

      Most days/weeks I am fine but the not-irregular crashing lows in matters of the heart are really starting to befuddle me so I will sure be using all of this advice.

      I love youse all and hope that I can somehow pay it forward – or back of course. X

      • You are a treasure & a delight PCFR. No pay forward or back required. Was also thinking what does Moon in Cap find comforting? Remember Mystic says ‘when you are blue, do your Moon’. Mountain climbing! I think you should get up on something tall/high when you are feeling down. There must be a high spot, water tower, high rise, if not an actual mountain in your town, which will help to clear your thoughts and get a realistic view of the balance sheet x

        • Your reply, nat, reminds me of when I was holding a workshop on understanding dreams. One woman had difficulty remembering the entirety of her dream, she could only recall a horse. So we all worked on that image and it turned out it was a symbol for her to rise above her current situation and get a higher perspective. Worked like a charm!

  34. Ps. On-topic: I have a bit of aqua/uranian energy bouncing around my chart but no major aspects/angles. I really notice/love it in other people I meet; totally dig these types.

  35. What happens when you have Uranus in the 11th house (in Scorpio)? Is that a doubling-down of Uranian energy?

    I most definitely have a plan for the Global Financial crap, hatched between me and the Aquarian/Secret Scorp husband, and maybe that Uranian thing is why.

    Incidentally, if you’re curious about what weirding is going to kick in about twelve days from now, take a look at the impending meltdown of the Euro.

    Headlines from the Drudge Report:
    –Britain draws up emergency plans for collapse of Euro…
    –IMF drafting $800 billion bailout plan for Italy, Spain…
    –Just days until collapse?

  36. um… So yeah. I’ve got a score of 52 as well. So I’m guessing that means I’m high Uranian.

    And if I’m reading this correctly (I’m a newbie to astrology on this level) I think zero Aries point is in the 11th house too. You’re suppose to be looking at your natal chart for that, right? Not some other chart? Please let me know if I’m looking in the wrong place.

    I have a whole mess o’ Uranus squares … Uranus square Sun (saggo), opposition Moon (pisces), opposition Saturn, square Ascendant (gemini). I have Aquarius at Midheaven, and uranus sextile Neptune, and conjunct Pluto.

    And no idea what any of that really means!!! Any help much appreciated!

  37. Only got a 36 on the test, but hey i suck at tests anyways. I still consider myself plan of Club Uranus. My zero point in aries is in the 4th house of house and home. yay.

    For someone who has so little actual Aquarius in her chart, I am a poster child for the Aquarian life.

  38. Uranus conjuct Ascendant and Saturn; square Midheaven and Mercury; opposite Jupiter.

    Also quintile Sun and semi-sextile Jupiter… how to deal with it? do tell me.

    I feel like a lo-Uranian. I can’t relate to Aquarius (my NN sign in my 2nd house)

      • Is NN your North Node?
        From cafeastrology: The Nodes of the Moon represent points of personal karmic imbalance. The North Node represents the kinds of experiences that we must work to develop in order to work with our karma, and to grow spiritually. The South Node represents those experiences and qualities that come naturally to us, that are over-developed, and that we tend to fall back on. The South Node can be a point of undoing unless we develop the North Node experiences and qualities. Thus, consciously working on these “life lessons” can bring us to increased happiness and fulfillment.

        • Yes, my South Node gets along with my Sun sign better (Leo and libra… all the love, drama and glamour). But if I don;t work on my NN it-s like a quintuple whammy because of all this Uranus aspects!

  39. Maybe I should call myself 6th house Meg, since that’s where my Uranus is. I only scored 27, but it’s an interesting zing of aspects in my chart. My sixth house straddles both Sag and Scorp, so I have a 6th house Uranus in Sag and 6th house Jupiter in Scorp.

    I also have sun, mercury and midheaven in Aqua in the 9th house, so my Uranus is more Saggy than Aqua. I also have a Virgo moon (and Virgo also rules 6th house), so there’s a strong aspect of earthy practicality thrown into the airy-fiery mix.

    My 11th house is Aries, so if Uranus is going to hang out there, it’s even more heightened. No wonder I feel like a ramped-up or revved-up version of myself. My personal Zap Zone will be softened by my natal Venus in Cap, plus all that Virgo.

    I’m counting the days until Saturn gets out of Libra and into Scorp, to activate my Jupiter. Work has been tough this past year, to put it mildly. I’m looking forward to not feeling so overworked and grossly underpaid.

  40. Wowzers! I didn’t realize how utterly outter planetary I am. That explains a lot.. I have uranus, saturn, and neptune conjunct and all square sun along w/a lot of aspects to other planets. I scored high on all 3 tests. My highest energy is uranian at 51 (if I include eros conj. aqua asc. and chiron opp. uranus). But I’m also almost equally saturine at 48 (if chiron opp. saturn is included). Neptune comes close behind at 40 (if n.node in pisces is included.) I have nothing at 0 aries but my sun has been feeling it at 7 aries. Uranus is transiting my 1st house..

  41. My natal moon is conjunct my ascendant in the first degrees of Aqua, so I’m definitely in the Uranus club. As soon as it moves forward it will:

    Trine my natal sun, mars, mercury and part of fortune. Somehow this sounds pretty good.

    Sextile my natal moon and ascendant. Mildly beneficial.

    Oppose my natal Uranus. This sounds not so good, or at least very tense. My limited research has turned up the phrase ‘midlife crisis’ for this transit. But honestly, Uranus just spent forever in opposition to my natal Pluto, so could it be any more of a crisis? Is there anything after Pluto, or is everything pretty much a big yawn?

    Uranus is currently quincunxing my natal Jupiter. Yup, I feel it. Go away.

    So how does it look when someone who is already super Uranian, pretty much doing whatever, whenever, changing courses at a moment’s notice, starting projects and not tied down much to anything, experience a midlife crisis? Am I going to fly to the moon? Start or join a cult? Settle down and breed?

  42. 48 & this is so fun to do these exercises Mystic…

    still have progressed Uranus on Asc, so prob channelling it by greater interest in astro these days…that photo of Johnny Depp actually looks like a blonde euro hadron collider witch who’s coming to visit this week…
    guy is an emotionally intell as well as ultrabrainiacal, sweet good young man, perfect son to his brainy genius parents who are incredibly proud of him, and i’m going to play his good auntie for his stay…gonna see if he might be interested in his astro, want to get his chart up on the dienst, because he’s a brilliant, brilliant genius wonder…but won’t push it of course, as he is a full on science head after all, he might indulge his batty aunt tho…he prob has Mercury conjunct and trining the Sun and all the outer planets or some amazing stellium with a Yod pointig to his genius life mission or some such

    Zero Aries on my Asc – yeah, no point being all scaredy ’bout things, everything will work out brilliant i prefer to think…seems healthier to think that way for me – i so can choose my own delusions am thinking…hahahha

    Uranus trines my sun, and very much sextiles my Neptune in 9th and radically opposes my Asc, i am a closet freak under a mostly Saturn veneer with a soft but true empathetic Neptune manner when my doorbitch Saturnalia says it’s safe to proceed. With prog Uranus on my Asc, am having a kind of ‘fuq everything i’ve believed/thought/known before that doesn’t positively work’ approach, i’m just new and fresh magically when i wake up most days, tis truly weird, and no big deal, but love it because i’m more open minded these days than i’ve ever been in moi loife :)

  43. Sun, Venus & mercury in 7th house Aqua, Lillith early Aries does this make me Uranian? Will do the score thing later when I’m not bouncing around Ina truck.

  44. Wow so I scored 22 (sounds about right) on my Uranian talents!!! My Aries lands smack on the 12th house – which I just looked up and is about mental institutions and prisons – which i figure is really about surrendering and thinking.. but I may be wrong..?

    So I look to my Natal Uranus in Scorpio and the 7th house which is about relationshionships right?

    So does this all mean I look to relationships to get me through time of reflection? Or am I looking in the wrong areas?


  45. I scored 48 cool. i’m a uranian girl in a saturn world. No zap sone thank goodness

  46. Mars aqua 13°49’31”
    Mean Node aqua 17°51’33”
    True Node aqua 16°58’41”
    8th house aqua 13°16′ 0″

    Chiron aries 13° 1’44”
    MC aries 25°44’43”

    Have no bloody idea if this means I am uranian or not????

    • Ok I officially have no idea what I am doing?
      Are you supposed to find where you have aqua in your chart?
      I think I am astroligically challenged LOL

      • If you have your natal chart, have a look at all the aspects to Uranus like square, conjunction, etc. Then you’ll be able to pick up how Uranus relates to other areas of your chart. If you don’t have a chart, go to http://www.astro.com (Astrodienst) and go to the freebie section where you can fill in your date of birth, place of birth and (importantly) time of birth. Look for the chart section and then you can print that out. It’ll show you all the planetary aspects of your natal chart and you can work from there. If you don’t know what the aspects are, do a search on the internet and there’s sure to be some simple information on squares, conjunctions and so on. Hope that helps. It’s a bit like a giant crossword puzzle!

        • Geez what an idiot. That would be the section that says aspects!
          Red faced. Mmmm not very uranian. More pluto. Thanks for your help LA. Much appreciated.

  47. I scored 43, so yep, Uranian, with Sun, Moon & Mercury in the 11th.

    I have the natal ’60s Pluto/Uranus conjunction, so am pretty Plutonic as well.

    I’ve learned a lot about power in the past decade – am trying to own it, & to channel it constructively these days.

  48. Wondering if anyone can give me an indication of how the Zap zone may affect me when Uranus goes direct. I’m a grand trine earth baby with Uranus in Leo in my 11th house. Yay! But my 0 degrees in Aries is in my 6th house conjunct my Mars at 27 degrees in Pisceas and right on my DC. I also have Chiron in the 6th house. Does this mean I get sick due to my work routine going haywire cause I’ve had an Uranian urge not to work but simplyu manifest money through mental telethapy? Some one please help!

    Nervous Taurean.

  49. I only scored 18, yet I feel very Uranian! I think that having Uranus conjunct Sun should count for more! I hear other people complain about Uranus transits, but for me the feeling has always been that “Uranus is my friend.”

  50. i’m about to get the uranian motherload soon. MC living zap as of March in Aries zero point 9th house (im living internationally atm) to pursue career/life with meaning. Uranus marching (or whatever move it makes, electronically hovering) towards MC. Uranus is not close but 5? degress natal conjunct sun/merc in scorpio 8th house is aquarius. Mystic doll, I am taking your advice but I am still going to have to decipher the weird arse code that is attached to all this. Pluto square MC sounds scary. Has anyone had this transit/ how does it work

  51. Scored 35 Uranian… Have 5 degrees Aqua rising
    Uranian qualities aren’t the ones I like the most about myself…
    Scored 41 Plutonic. Pluto squares the Aqua asc, so perhaps it’s a tie.
    0 Aries is located in the second house, along with my Aries moon.
    Natal Uranus in Saggo in tenth house.
    In the next six weeks I should be reuniting with my husband and moving back into my house after what will be a 3 month separation. A lot of therapy and a total breaking down and purging of old/bad energy has been involved. Looking forward to it being like a “new” relationship. It already is. I’ll be glad to be home, back to school, back to working.

  52. I scored 38 on the Uranian test, which shocked me a bit at first, although now that I think about it, I do have a loaded 11th house (Sun, Mercury and Chiron in Aries and Venus in Pisces) and the Midheaven in Aqua. If I’m understanding the Zero Aries point correctly (which, coincidentally, is conjunct transiting Uranus at the moment within 1 degree) – it sounds like I’m going to be developing a social life with more eclectic people, with whom I can feel more confident?

    This would, actually, make a lot of sense as I’m going to be moving out of state at the end of the month, and spending a lot more time with my boyfriend’s peeps, who tend to run more interesting and eclectic than some of my peeps. My social life at the moment is kind of stagnant and fraught with bad juju (people talking smack about one another because they’re bored, etc.) and I’m growing weary of it. I’ve just not done a whole lot about it the past few months because I knew I was going to be leaving anyway.

  53. I scored 35. And that’s with out counting quintile, semisquare, or sesquiquadrate if I have any. (I don’t know how to do that stuff yet.)

    And I have 3 asteroids 0 deg. in Aries… Carnegia (Found no info on it), Lachesis (one of the 3 fates. woh cringes…they where so creepy in that disney Hercules movie. lol), and Klotilde (also found no info.)

    I have Uranus in Cappy house 8
    Mars in Aquarius house 10
    Mid Heaven in Aquarius house 10?
    and(Aries) Sun in 11th house