When The Going Gets Weird, Uranians Thrive

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Twelve more normality days till Uranus goes Direct again, hitting on Pluto and triggering the Zap Zone.

But leaving behind the Astro Global Financial Fuqery for a mo, let’s also use this for some D.I.Y. Astro, yes?

Uranian People are going to be very much of the moment soon. That’s Haute Uranian (progressive, genius, utopian) and not the Lower Uranian type, right?

So firstly, HOW Uranian are you?

You’re looking at Aquarius Sun, Moon or Rising, a strongly placed Uranus (like next to the Midheaven or similar) and/or a loaded 11th House.

You could also see how high you score on How Strong Is Your Uranus?

Lol – more than 25 is considered “very strong” – i have 52.

It’s time to work your Uranian bits. The Aqua bit of your chart is about to be activated.

Next look to where you have Zero Degrees of Aries as that’s your Zap Zone Central.

There are some interesting date correlations here too, the subject of the next Daily Mystic email.

But as D.I.Y. Astro is all about learning your chart, please get it in front of you and jump in. As always, the Astro-Fiends will help motivated newbies & I will dive in too, if i get a chance.

So this is threefold

(1) Figure out your natal Uranus-Aqua – how Uranian you are and how you can max that out so as to thrive in the Zap Zone.

(2) Then look to your Zero Aries point as that’s where things are likely to flashpoint in the next six weeks. Change; could be challenging, could be amazing. Either way, it’s a shakeout of stagnant energy.

(3) How well do you incorporate Uranian energy into your life? Look to harmonious aspects made by your natal Uranus for cues as to how to do this the (relatively) easy way.  

Have Fun!



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168 thoughts on “When The Going Gets Weird, Uranians Thrive

  1. I scored 43, so yep, Uranian, with Sun, Moon & Mercury in the 11th.

    I have the natal ’60s Pluto/Uranus conjunction, so am pretty Plutonic as well.

    I’ve learned a lot about power in the past decade – am trying to own it, & to channel it constructively these days.

  2. Wondering if anyone can give me an indication of how the Zap zone may affect me when Uranus goes direct. I’m a grand trine earth baby with Uranus in Leo in my 11th house. Yay! But my 0 degrees in Aries is in my 6th house conjunct my Mars at 27 degrees in Pisceas and right on my DC. I also have Chiron in the 6th house. Does this mean I get sick due to my work routine going haywire cause I’ve had an Uranian urge not to work but simplyu manifest money through mental telethapy? Some one please help!

    Nervous Taurean.

  3. I only scored 18, yet I feel very Uranian! I think that having Uranus conjunct Sun should count for more! I hear other people complain about Uranus transits, but for me the feeling has always been that “Uranus is my friend.”

  4. i’m about to get the uranian motherload soon. MC living zap as of March in Aries zero point 9th house (im living internationally atm) to pursue career/life with meaning. Uranus marching (or whatever move it makes, electronically hovering) towards MC. Uranus is not close but 5? degress natal conjunct sun/merc in scorpio 8th house is aquarius. Mystic doll, I am taking your advice but I am still going to have to decipher the weird arse code that is attached to all this. Pluto square MC sounds scary. Has anyone had this transit/ how does it work

  5. Scored 35 Uranian… Have 5 degrees Aqua rising
    Uranian qualities aren’t the ones I like the most about myself…
    Scored 41 Plutonic. Pluto squares the Aqua asc, so perhaps it’s a tie.
    0 Aries is located in the second house, along with my Aries moon.
    Natal Uranus in Saggo in tenth house.
    In the next six weeks I should be reuniting with my husband and moving back into my house after what will be a 3 month separation. A lot of therapy and a total breaking down and purging of old/bad energy has been involved. Looking forward to it being like a “new” relationship. It already is. I’ll be glad to be home, back to school, back to working.

  6. I scored 38 on the Uranian test, which shocked me a bit at first, although now that I think about it, I do have a loaded 11th house (Sun, Mercury and Chiron in Aries and Venus in Pisces) and the Midheaven in Aqua. If I’m understanding the Zero Aries point correctly (which, coincidentally, is conjunct transiting Uranus at the moment within 1 degree) – it sounds like I’m going to be developing a social life with more eclectic people, with whom I can feel more confident?

    This would, actually, make a lot of sense as I’m going to be moving out of state at the end of the month, and spending a lot more time with my boyfriend’s peeps, who tend to run more interesting and eclectic than some of my peeps. My social life at the moment is kind of stagnant and fraught with bad juju (people talking smack about one another because they’re bored, etc.) and I’m growing weary of it. I’ve just not done a whole lot about it the past few months because I knew I was going to be leaving anyway.

  7. I scored 35. And that’s with out counting quintile, semisquare, or sesquiquadrate if I have any. (I don’t know how to do that stuff yet.)

    And I have 3 asteroids 0 deg. in Aries… Carnegia (Found no info on it), Lachesis (one of the 3 fates. woh cringes…they where so creepy in that disney Hercules movie. lol), and Klotilde (also found no info.)

    I have Uranus in Cappy house 8
    Mars in Aquarius house 10
    Mid Heaven in Aquarius house 10?
    and(Aries) Sun in 11th house