The Neptune Adventure

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Kathleen Lolley

This week’s combo of Neptune Direct and a Full Moon in Taurus is beyond weird but it’s also got the potential to be totally brilliant.

Here’s how to manifest the awesomeness.

The Neptune dimension demands that a practically shamanistic respect be paid to the era from 1996/97 until now. No, you’re not wallowing in the past but anticipate surreal little signifiers referencing the old era now dying. Think dream messages, strange synchronicity and sudden emotional or psychic eureka moments that have you walking around oh-my-godding in amazement. If you want cosmic guidance, you got it. Tune in. 

Neptunian Caution: It’s a shocker of a week in which to get out of it. This is not judgmental at ALL but with Neptune so profoundly active, if you submerge yourself via Blue Devil Hoochie Juice or Space Dust (my euphemisms for alcohol, drugs) you run the risk of attracting negative entities or awakening your own previously conquered vulnerabilities.

The 2nd major dimension of this week is the Taurus Full Moon. If you know your chart, check out 18 degrees of Scorpio and Taurus as that’s where you can expect a breakthrough and/or heightened awareness. If you don’t know your chart, never mind! Because this is all about ferociously pragmatic ambitions re-ignited. You can take even the most complex set of emotions and ground it in your earthly desires. Yes: Sex and Money.

So bid bye to the old era dying off now, honor any ghosts without getting into tedious dialogue/navel-gazing re this, listen to your intuition and triumph via an insanely practical new set of goals. Taurus is always gut instinct/physical wisdom. Love your bod. Be pragmatic and visionary.

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185 thoughts on “The Neptune Adventure

  1. Hmm the Full Moon is all over my Sun, Mercury, Mars, Chiron & Ascendent. Should be interesting. Physical wisdom was seriously lacking over the weekend. No more drinking with the Pisces/Gem couple! They are wayyy too much “fun” for me lol

  2. hey i like this, like a secret club house!!!!

    i have this in my 8th house and it is appropriate. without going in too to many details – i managed to do everything neptune on the weekend – the dust and the blue devil AND ending up in bed with someone i should not have been in bed with.

    in fact, it was not even a bed. But my point is that i have now decided i am not owning my power, behaving like a dick, pretending i am really hopeless with money and parenting (mature things) when actually i am good at running a household, a good employer and a good mother most of the time.

    So why do i feel the need to portray myself to men i fancy as an incompetent scatterbrain? Sorry, i know this is not my therapy session but this fits for me.

    • Oh darling, not too much self-flagellation, we’ve all gotta cut loose sometimes. and it does sound like you always do it with style. but great that you own it, and I am hearing you too. A bit of a sober Neptunian wake-up call taking place in the subconscious. Not a bad thing to monitor thy impulses every now and then.
      Neptune stationing direct in my sixth house and have had massive health-regime urge in the past few days. I’ve even sworn of beer for the rest of the month!!! Yikes. Gonna have to get real friendly with soda water… Gulp.

    • probably coz you’ve got the smarts to realise (even if it’s unconsciously) that men are threatened by capable, intelligent, sorted out women. The scatterbrain personna makes ’em feel all comfortable and superior, thus less mucking around for you and easier to get what you want out of them.

      The question is – do you really want to hang out with this calibre of bloke? Not all guys are quite that superficial and naff, tho’ they’re more challenging to locate since they don’t tend to loiter around in bars trying to inflate their fragile egos by picking up attractive scatterbrains. They’ll be doing something useful somewhere … or reading a good book.

      Perhaps your challenge is to allow yourself to be the real you, like you said: good at running a household, a good employer, not hopeless with money and to top it off a good mum. Let all your strengths hang out and wear ’em proudly like the awesome Leo you are …. somewhere down the track a non douche, who’s sorted himself out and looking for a strong woman to hang with might start paying attention? In the meantime you might start enjoying your own power.

      • I agree prowln, and lovely lovely TLS you are not alone, so many women do this, I’ve read articles written about it…. its BECAUSE your so powerful, beautiful and intelligent that you do this, as prowln says!

        I do this stupid thing where I start talking occa and say “midday mate” and get all butcher when I really want to be femme and seductive, but that’s some ingrained fear response, gotta keep working on it….

    • TLS, my response to your why-do-I-do-that question is:

      1. Sometimes we just revert to old (anciently old) patterns. Its as simple as that. That pattern of behaviour probably served a good and reasonable purpose for you at some point but now it may be way past its use-by date. You don’t need to analyse it (but you can if you want). The best thing about being matchoor is that we can identify these patterns and simply drop them because they no longer fit. We have choice. And we have the authority to enact those choices as they pertain to our own behaviour.

      2. Imprinting of gender roles can be very strong and deep and come from unexpected places. Our generation of women also have the imprinting of the feminist generation asking us very fiercely to buck those roles, so sometimes we have a kind of conflicting polarity playing out within us. Don’t worry about any of it. Let all of it go. Just be clear on what YOUR OWN values are, then try to check that your behaviour (actions) some how reflects those values (or at least is not in glaring opposition to them). This is how you be your true self with less angst x

      • thank you everyone, i am oddly touched by this and they are extremely helpful thoughts – food for my mars spiritual transit. You have saved me the therapist i was going to book!

        lilith, scorpio, in the money sector. i will do anything to avoid having no money, anything. not from a snob attitude, just like security. and, well, everything. one of my friends just got into serious financial shit with a divorce, tax bill and mortage foreclosure, i was able to help her out and it’s important for me to be that woman. UNLESS I AM around a man i fancy when i put my finger in mouth and try to do lolita. not consciously.

        from now on – lilith not lolita. thanks!!!!

        • Lilith was nobody’s bitch, and was prepared to totally go it alone rather than dumb down.

          It just occurred to me, she might currently be in opposition to your Leo sun if you have a birthday around August 20, or if you have other Leo planets between 23 and 27 degrees. Lilith is currently at 25 Aries.

          The coquettish stuff with men is probably on your chart too, with maybe some harder aspects to Mars — squares, opps, etc. Maybe moon mars? Or venus mars. Next time you get an astro consult I reckon Mystic’ll dig it out.

    • One weekend of succumbing to Neptune is nothing to feel bad about. It is funny, because Mystic’s tweet was SO spot on – everyone was either completely on it or off it. I did not have one drink all week or weekend and on Monday I felt so tired and shitty and down – unfair! Anyway, my point is sometimes you have to have fun and not feel bad about it. And I bet you are a great mother pretty damn near all of the time.

    • One weekend of succumbing to Neptune is nothing to feel bad about. It is funny, because Mystic’s tweet was SO spot on – everyone was either completely on it or off it last weekend. I did not have one drink all week or weekend and on Monday I felt so tired and shitty and down – unfair! Anyway, my point is sometimes you have to have fun and not feel bad about it. And I bet you are a great mother pretty damn near all of the time.

  3. I just LOVE this illustration. LOVE! I want to touch it. Seems “fuzzy-smooth”

    10th house full moon is where I would want it to be if I could choose/4th house a good counterpart

  4. 😯

    Taurus in the 2nd house with Chiron at 16 degrees & Scorp in the 8th house with Uranus house at 22 degrees…my brain is like mush… 😯

    96-97 is really apt as I have been doing major brain reprogramming (literally) from that era for the last few years, without much relief I might add, however I’ve persisted and have been very pragmatic about that – in hope that all the hard work pays off.

    *runs and leaps on the bull for a little ride*


    • 96-97 is so crazy apt, ain’t it?!
      Myst, this analysis was a whole room full of lightbulbs going off, thank you!
      Yes, that time was most definitely the beginning, the germination point, of a phase I now feel I’m concluding. So great to meditate on that seeding stage 15 years ago, as it really is just so clear when I contemplate it.

      Oh, and BG…. Giddyup Cowgirl!

      • 😯

        Yeehaw! Wanna jump on Lexi? It’s ok, I use to ride in equestrian and in rodeos when I was kid, you’re in very good hands! 😀

        I also use to ride our pet goat… 😯

    • 1997/98 to March 2011: marked the beginning of two major things that defined my life: study and a personal relationship. both started in 1998, and both ended in 2011. I don’t do drugs or alcohol. My way forward has now made itself clear and it’s a good journey.

  5. Natal neptune in Scorp at 18, end of twelfth house
    Natal Sun in Toro at 19, end of sixth with venus 26 toro early 7th

    Interps welcome

    • actually, to add to that. kinda interesting as this full moon will be a like a transiting new moon for you, if you know what I mean.
      I’m guessing an experience akin to those serene and soulful new moon insights being projected outward, worn on you and acted upon in a full moony kinda way. Get your guru on!

    • Maybe a breakthrough re work that is imaginative?!? I have the same houses being activated seeker. For me it’s all about my imagination and inner work and my career/work/daily life. It’s all feeling really organic and passionate, really in tune. Mars right on my mc is also making it more intense and ready for action..

  6. I have Moon and Chiron conjunct exalted in Taurus up on MC in my 10th, and Uranus in Scorpio in 3rd of communications but on cusp of 4th – home. Yes, a brilliant week for pushing forward and surrendering the past.

    Thank you Mystic, as always, for the post.

  7. Got pregnant with my first child in 1997. EVERYTHING changed. I had two more when he was three. All three have strong neptune energy. The oldest with neptune conjunct sun in his 1st house. The twins are Pisces suns with Neptune in the 1st house.
    We are an escapist bunch of dreamers.
    Now they are so much older, amazing, selfreliant people. I am finally have freedom to do things since 1997. SO grateful and loving it. I go everywhere alone, much to other’s suprise.(except if I do have my kids with me). I arrive when I want, leave when I want, leave with who I want.

    The full moon falls in my 9th house Taurus and my 3rd house Scorpio. no planets near either the moon or sun though.

    Been hoochie juicing and space dusting some, just enough to keep the darkness at bay. I usually am so sober I could be a don’t do drugs spokesperson. Will be careful to up the spiritual vibe too.

  8. Thankfully will are on the last bit of space dust, then we are free from our occassional fun thing to religious daily use….greenery only mind.

    Have been psyching the Piscean up for a new fresh start with a gap in the gear.

    This beautiful advice has come at the perfect (once again) time.

    Nothing at 18 degrees, scorp or toro.

    • oh….I love your avatar. I love bunnies being born in the year of the rabbit. This one looks like she is having a Uranus Aquarian moment.

      • Thankyou Fushia,
        It seems he was drawn for a foo fighters show, with david bowie / aladdin sane make-up….


  9. Full moon in the 10th a smidgen off my midheaven and Neptune square my mercury.
    Some more info re a future business relationship I’ve been prodding at for ages will be coming my way this week. By the end of it I should know whether to invest more energy or walk away.
    And I have a feast with a Scorpio (who’s Sun is at about 22 Scorp) planned in there too, yummo.

  10. Great advice as always, Mystic, thankyou.

    Natal Jupiter in 10th, 19 deg Taurus and natal Neptune 20 deg Scorp in 4th. It feels very tough at the moment but I’m having insights galore re time from ’96/7, so I’m trying just to go with it. I started uni then and am about to wind up in the next 6months with PhD. Also started current relationship back then. I feel like ‘the cosmos’ is talking to me every night in my dreams. Signs everywhere. Weird but reassuring. Trying not to overdo the Blue Devil… I’ve just set up meditation / exercise space at home which is helping with clarity/grounding.

  11. Hmm – conjunct Sun and Uranus. Bring it on. 97 was the end of the school era, and the entry into the Uni/young adult era. Today I turn 32, so I guess I’m just an adult now. Well, i did buy a vacuum cleaner on the weekend. My first.
    This energy also explains my strange wakeup overnight, not being able to get back to sleep, and quite surreal dreams about people/family that are not part of my daily routine. Moon curretly EXACTLY opposite to my sun. Ok.
    I am also waiting to hear if I go back to central Qld for 12 months in a step towards my career goals. Uranus could bring anything in the next few days I’m guessing. Am prepared to jump.
    Taurus also rules my second house, and the cusp is at 14 degrees, so now it is PINGING. It all fits that there will be a significant change for me, esp in work/career/earning capacity/fitness. Oh wait, Mystic told me that in my Mars in Virgo scope. Exellent.

  12. Gahhh … 1996/1997 was the beginning of the shite right royally hitting the fan for me – and it basically didn’t really stop. One lousy decision with tremendous consequences, made when I was too young to know better, led to a series of progressively more lousy decisions with even more shitty consequences, led to basically a breakdown/mental health problems yadda yadda.

    I’d love to say I’m wiser, stronger, more aware and I probably am – but I’m also more jaded and cynical about the world too. A bit like a female version of the protagonist in Fight Club without the cool Tyler Durden dissassociative personal disorder.

    So if THIS is the end of THAT … then all I can say is bring it the fuq on!

      • hmmm well yes Neptune was there – in 96 in the 8th in Cap and by 97 in the 9th but still on the tail end of Cap. Actually I must admit this transition heralded the end of my consumeristic capitalist yuppy wannabe fantasies – by 1999 I had more money than I knew how to spend properly, a house that I’d carefully decorated via exuberant consumption of everything on Freedom Furniture catalogues, great job, great boss, a husband who was on my side and great in bed … I was utterly, utterly miserable.

    • I worry about this sometimes too. As in, I know I am stronger and smarter now, but am I too cynical and not open enough? Maybe it just comes with the territory and part of living through Neptune means we don’t fall for its charms so easily the next time. Even if it feels sort of mean.

  13. Had a dream visit to my old boarding school last night, similar to what I’ve had many times before, where some how I’m back at school and have to do year 12 again. Except this time I actually start saying to myself, hang on, you did this years ago, you don’t need to be here! And then I start running through the place trying to find a way out, yelling at people blocking the doorways to get the fuq out of my way! Hopefully I can finally let go of that era now, surely 11 years of processing horror boarding school restrictions is enough right?!

    • oh dear….
      I can’t stand those dreams, and I always think, I graduated. Why am I here again for 2 more years???!!!! The horror of it.

      • those dreams are ALWAYS meant to say there is an important lesson/bit of wisdom that you’re missing right now in your life and that you need to learn it/pay attention.

        It’s your subliminal mind trying to make that point to you in a full on schooling metaphor

        can also be low level anxiety about deadlines but i have found the first interp to be always pretty much bang on

        • Thanks mystic, taking this week off work with stress leave, will use the time to meditate on the lesson I’m not grasping 🙂

  14. 96/97 very significant date. I was in a relationship and madly in love. It ended when Neptune went into Aqua and I’ve been pretty much single ever since. I’m due a new love damn it!!!
    Full moon wil transit my 4th house – Jupes 22 degrees, opposite Neptune 17 Scorp in 10th. No idea what will transpire. My mind is still in Neptune fog.
    Last night I dreamed of walking through a fog in an abandoned building. I was following friends but lost them in the fog. So Neptunian… can’t wait to see what I dream of when Neptune goes direct.

    • you are due! I hope it manifests for you soon.
      Your dream is so Neptune….fog in an abandoned building….I would like to go there.

    • Yes, of course there is love & lovers out there for you SofC! Lots of it/them. If Neptune is the trigger to the end of this love era, you might not ‘see’ the new love as he is at first? Or you might meet him at the movies, or a watercolour class… 🙂

      I worry that so many people sitting at home watching dvds on their ipads in bed (or whatever it is they do) don’t get to meet each other or have the joy of going to the movies in a theatre and being part of an audience. I realise as I type this that I sound like a luddite and 100 years old!

      • Thanks Nat, I’ll try and get out n about.

        As horrid as my venus/Saturn transit was, I think I needed to have it and I’m glad I did. I’m ready for a REAL relationship now. I’ve developed a more mature philosophy/outlook. Prior to that I was as mature as an exuberant non-committal Saggo moon teenager. I always wondered if i would EVER “grow up”
        Well, the Saturn transit certainly helped in that regard! I’m finding older men and men my own age very attractive… and beards 😆 How saturn is THAT!

        Hope you’re healing well from your op and that you had support at home x

    • LOL re the beards revelation – I’m pretty sure I frequent the same areas you do and there are a lot of them about – beards that is. Happy birthday for whenever it is in case I miss/have missed it x

      • well, hipster beards of course 😉 I sat in a cafe once and nearly all the guys had beards. I was grinning like a cheshire cat. Hehe. I wonder when the trend will die. Thanks for b’day wishes. ‘Twas on Sunday x

    • Me too. Had nothing but bad luck in love, but as posted yesterday a guy who I have not had any contact with since 1996, contacts me out of the blue. It almost feels like we have unfinished business. Very very bizarre. Found friends when the fog lifts? Let’s hope!

      • hehe… bad luck in love sums it up. *nods knowingly*

        I’m having drinks with an ex work colleague next week. He sent me a text saying he can flirt to his heart’s content now that I’ve left the company.

        Not entirely sure that he’s available but looking forward to seeing him and curious to see what happens… I’m cautious, weary and excited all at once. But hey nothing wrong with having a drink.

        Good luck with yours and keep us posted Kataka4 🙂

        • Excellent! Yes mine is overseas as well! Can’t stuff it up as easily lol! Don’t know his full story yet either. But as you day no harm in seeing where it goes! Gd luck

  15. All I want is a good night’s sleep. I have not had a good night’s sleep for over a week and I’m well and truly stuffed, can’t think straight. Looking forward to the Full Moon, maybe some changes and not feeling so damned uptight inside. Sorry for the rant, but I’m feeling seriously under the weather at present.

    • Libra Aquarius, I’m with MM. Adding magnesium to your diet will help w/ the insomnia, not to mention help in calming your nerves. Most of us are actually borderline deficient with this essential mineral. Just be sure to add it slowly as it has a laxative effect 🙂

  16. Getting the brilliant vibe of the Neptune/Taurus transit. Lots of synchro happening. I am totally amazed at the profundity of it all. Shamanistic respect is being paid – in the last week especially have been checking out info re this. Yes there are endings and beginnings happening and I am loving it (even drew Kali from my Goddess deck).

    But what’s with the gluttonous devouring of food? The last two days I have been ravenous as though I haven’t eaten in a month. And yes it’s all junk. 😮 Literally going from one food stuff to another. Hope that today or by the full moon that will have disappeared. Wait I just think I had an epiphany 😮

    • full moon in TAURUS – greedy guts central lol but is good to be aware of when you are trying to devour your issues, non? I say that as a woman who has just eaten more or less her own body weight in potatoes these past two days.

      Fret not guys – Mars is about to be in VIRGO. the current emo eating this is v. full moon-jupiter in taurus + mars in ( you know) stately leo subverted by neptune.

      i am seriously now so hot for mars in virgo.

      • Hah – between my last visit to the naturopath 3 weeks ago, and todays visit, I put on 4+kg, despite being on a detox, and I’d even LOST weight last time, so was feeling chuffed. My naturopath was SHOCKED. She cannot believe I am that sensitive to slight changes in my diet – so she thinks I may have ovulation water retention… I don’t think so! a week away at a workshop in 5star accommodation, with food coming out of the woodwork, and limited exercise totally the culprit. I KNEW I’d chocked on some kilos – I could feel it in my clothes. I’m with MM – bring on Mars in Virgo. And thanks to my Aqua mum who bought me some gym pants for my b’day!

  17. Yes, like Lex, the lightbulbs are in overdrive from this post. 1996/7 was when I went to Japan to continue my Chinese medical studies and began my Shamanic journey for real. I thought I just went to learn acupuncture and herbalism but it went way deeper and I began to experience weird supernatural shit and synchronicities for the first time.

    Lightbulb flash two, which didn’t occur to me from Mystic’s DIY Astro post on our Aqua houses, was that Neptune has mostly transitted my 3rd house for the last yonks, which I found par for the course, BUT it’s been in my solar 6th (!!) since 1996, which explains not only my career/day job as professional witch, but the weird, practically anti-business anti-commercial model under which my clinic operates — like it’s not in the least calibrated to the economy or any other obvious reality apart from an extremely rarefied, out there, Neptunian one. Difficult to explain but take my word for it.

    The third flash, was that the full moon will be lighting up my Mars Nep on the 12 house cusp in Scorp, plus my Lilith return. I was thinking perhaps I should give the gossamer kaftan an airing, and perform some kind of witchy shamanic ceremony, but when I thought about it, I realized it won’t compare to the shamanism I perform every working day, getting people out of pain, or helping their fertility or their breathing or digestion or frazzled souls etc

    But I’m planning to wear black every day this week.

    • “which explains not only my career/day job as professional witch but the weird, practically anti-business anti-commercial model under which my clinic operates — like it’s not in the least calibrated to the economy or any other obvious reality apart from an extremely rarefied, out there, Neptunian one.”

      Did I ever tell you I think you’re really cool? …

      My business isn’t either (calibrated to the economy or any obvious reality). In fact Aqua housemate mentioned the other day that I was the only person he knows who does not spend the majority of their day in activities geared towards money making and material acquisition. I work enough to pay my own way and eschew materialism as it’s never brought me any joy anyway. I value the time I have to potter around doing my own thing, walking to my own drumbeat, slightly out of step with the rest of this so called “reality” – which I have to say I’m increasingly casting a suspicious eye over.

      • Thanks prowln, xx.

        The clinic has been totally run by Neptune. When I need money or to shore up financial resources, the appointment book is full, and when I need to do or explore other things, the book opens up and gives me the time. I’ve learned if l go Virgo about it and try to control it or understand it in any mundane sense, I suffer. So I’ve learned to trust there’s a higher purpose at play and not to fight it, and to remind myself of the many benefits — completing studies and projects I’ve always wanted to, including the study of astro, which in the end have made me a better healer. It took a while to get my head around all this. Hence the almost blinding lightbulb flash about the 6th house.

        • YEP! Absolutely the same! When I was about to move house a couple of months back, I was umming and ahhing about it as the bank account was somewhat light at the time. Decided to bite the bullet and do it anyway, as knew intuitively it was the “next indicated step”. Bingo! Within a couple of days got a five grand contract that covered all expenses, some household purchases I needed to make, plus enough to live off for awhile.

          I often get intuitive inklings that work is coming up so I better clear the decks and get cracking, or that work is dying down as I need to focus on x, y, z in other areas of my life.

          Although I’m not a Virgo, I am a bit anal about finances and have spreadsheets up the yin yang. One thing I’ve found is that if I put an expense in my monthly budget, regardless of whether or not I think I have the money for it, somehow a job appears to cover the cost. It doesn’t seem to work on frivolous things like … a porsche (tried it) but it does work on things like car servicing, medical expenses or important self care stuff.

          • Whenever I’ve been neurotic about money, career recognition etc in the past, my astrologer has advised me to be less Virgo and channel some Pisces (I have Chiron there in trine to my Neptune), i.e. trust the great Mother.

            So I always have what I need, and I’ve made sure I used the time to develop other areas of my chart — 4th, 5th, 9th & 12th houses — including chilling out occasionally, lol, rather than putting everything into my top heavy frikkin work work work Virgo stelliumed MC.

            Haaah, thinking about this has just made my impending Neptune oppositions feel a lot more manageable. Thank you Mystic, xxxox.

          • Chinese medicine mainly, so it’s nil technology apart from my bare hands, some needles, a cupboard full of herbal extracts and a head full of knowledge. Patients come looking to get out of pain or healthy or pregnant or all of the above, without side effects. And when we achieve those things, their lives change for the better. Very few conventional doctors can deliver that package, yet my profession is still widely regarded as hocus pocus.

            At least they no longer burn us at the stake.

            • Uber, thank you for explaining so tidily how you work. It’s fascinating and inspiring. On a Piscean note, it makes me smile to see how Neptune opens the flow of service to need.

              I think you live in my town, too. There are actually hocus pocus practitioners out there, or semi-skilled. Being away from my hometown means I don’t know who is who. How do I find you?

              • Sorry, book is full, I won’t be taking new patients for the foreseeable future and I don’t advertise. Best to ask around for recommendations, and look for a therapist who gets results in difficult or chronic conditions.

                I don’t usually talk about work. The password protected post made me reveal more than usual, heh heh.

                • Yes, had a feeling but thought i’d try. I do hope you don’t mind me asking. Have had many recomms from enthusiastic people but have not seen evidence of results/relevant knowledge to the condition, or much other than simple but vague enthusiasm. Thanks for replying.

                  • I hope you find someone good, and I don’t mind you asking at all!!! Sorry. I feel bad really that I can’t help more people, but that’s part of the healer’s journey. We have to understand our limitations, otherwise our careers can be very short, and we end up with even less capacity to help.

                    Seriously though, when a patient truly wants to be well, they find the right healing. Sometimes it means extra searching, expense, inconvenience, time etc. but don’t give up.

        • Uber and Prowlin…
          glad to read ya’lls posts. Above I mentioned my neptunish children, but the other major thing during this major neptune transit through aquarius in my 6th was my jobs….very neptune in character and operation.
          I have cut back on alot of the healing I use to do, mainly to focus on mothering.

          I also have had major health issues that flare on and off during this neptune transit, which I have posting of late about. Which is so freaking ironic(or chironic) since most of my jobs have pertained to healing. I got a call today from a therapist saying disabiltiy had requested my medical forms so I know the disability process is under way. I am nervous. I need faith and will focus on the outcome I desire.

          • hey fushia

            I had a huge process to go through to transition between my ideas of control and trusting that things would work out ok. It took me years and years, as for reasons I won’t go into, I was not exactly a person that trusted life. I still don’t to a degree. I basically got pushed to the edge – reached bottom – until there was nothing left to lose. Hard journey, maybe for others it’s easier? I don’t really know … I have had healings from a good friend – I don’t exactly believe in it, but hey I like and respect her so gave it a go. Things and people have been put across my path to help me out … which is cool since I’m pretty much anti hocus pocus mumbo jumbo new age anything. 😉

  18. I’ve got a moon 17 deg in Scorpio in the 12th. awesome. I wonder how much more crap is going to explode. :/ It seems everybody else around me is exploding.

    • yah i just tweeted this – this full mooon seems to be evoking a lot of bitcherel AND troll peeps.

      It’s not just me, i’m hearing it from all over.

      And you know what? I reckon it’s because they can’t handle this new vibe that’s coming in. So they turn their anger/venom/bile onto the nearest person who seems tranquil and cool.

      • sorry to burst into this conversation, but I just wanted to affirm the troll thing. someone I cut out of my life in july and with whom I haven’t made any contact since, & vice versa, JUST e-mailed me today trying to weasel his way back into my life. I did a protection spell against this dude back in july and I’m just ignoring him. hell yeah.

      • oh dear….I told off my son today. He just won’t stop nagging me. His mars conjunct pluto is so intense sometimes. I hope he doesn’t grow up to be a stalker. I felt bad about it, but it worked. He stopped harping at me(so he wasn’t tranquil and cool).
        no other blow ups though…from me or towards me.

        • fushiafairy, calm, sweetie, you don’t need to “go there” with the negative interpretation of mars conjunct pluto in your son’s chart. I have a similar problem, my son has mars square pluto – at 0 degrees, so it is intense. But he has always played sports, and I have impressed on him that he will always need to play sports, to channel that energy. Those Mars/Pluto natives need a physical outlet.

          • Thanks…..
            I sounded really harsh, but it was just the mood. He gets so worked up over me at times….calling 8 times in a row. Hence my frustration and joke.

            But really, the lad is amazing. He is my soulmate in so many ways. I adore him. He is musically talented. Although very bright, he had to struggle at times too, dealing with an unusual learning curve that he worked to get through. Now there is no way you could tell how far behind he was at reading….He reads grades ahead.
            He has done sports for many years, but over the last year started skateboarding, which is more up his alley.

          • I’m glad you said this, Fox, because I was going to more or less say the same thing. I mean, FuschiaFairy, you didn’t ask, but I would encourage your son to do also seek out a sport where he can compete against others. The Mars/Pluto person needs to dominate, in my opinion. Or, like Fox says, destroy. He needs to go to war, fearlessly stare down and wear down his opponent.

  19. That big, fat Toro Luna Transits my 11th House which is Taurean ruled. Will be doing a world peace meditation that night for 11/11/11 – am Ruling 11 guess it is apt.

    Also i look fwd a bit of community, carols & whatnot there as I have no church/community etc. & being a SAHM can be.. unstructured.

    I hope to find some support there (in terms of spiritual interests and healing mainly) as the people i have met have been wonderfully clean of aura. Rare. But that’s different to feeling akin. Here’s hoping! *clinks glass of random Neptunian substance with Bach Remedy base*

  20. MC in Scorp at 16 degrees. True Node in Taurus at 16 degrees in 4th house. Can I go home now. (Buries her head in her pillow….)

  21. u guys are great!

    And georgesand – i have neptune at 19 scorp and jupiter at 23 taurus, its squaring my asc as well but this is GOOD…

    I would be fenging up my house if i were u, yes? And releasing non core career goals…what degree aqua your ascendent?

  22. romance, erotic empowerment, creative zing, needing to leave behind a particular friend/group of peeps?

    prep for next year when you get a Jupiter Lilith transit – wow! Something u need to risk societal condemnation – to some degree, be outside the group – so that you can self-express authentically

  23. how ridiculous….I just had a jealous moment where I thought….I don’t have anything near those degrees….pout…..LOL

    I have enough transits going on thank you very much… Transiting mars, jupiter, saturn, chiron, neptune, pluto all contacting natal planets….and now mercury and venus are scuttling up to my neptune. Transiting Uranus isn’t hitting anything, but natal uranus is being trined by neptune. JEEZ
    NO wonder I am flipped out exhausted!!!

    I’m afraid to even look at the asteroids or Lilith.

  24. that’s so weird, before you even mentioned the 96-97 stuff, I had been having, for the past few weeks, strong memories coming back seemingly out of nowhere from that exact time in my life. kudos : )

  25. Hmmm, the full moon will be at the end of my 4th house, conjuncting my 5th house Cusp. Maybe something related to romance? I hope so, because I had to snap myself out of going down a familiar path this past week. Almost lowered my standards because I was growing tiring of being alone. Once I realized I have a 12th house stellium so I should suck it up, it was all a big WTF. My 12th house actually disposits itself in the 5th via Jupiter, so maybe something mystical too.

    So far I’ve been getting high off of neptune the PG way via movies, books, and that new show on TV called “Once Upon a Time”. Im starting to realize the reason I’ve never sneered at neptune despite my Cap Rising is that its always temporary window for escape from darker moods and days. *sigh*

  26. Will be on Toro ruled IC (3H), opposite Venus & Saturn around 17 deg Scorp (9H conjunct my MC).

    Currently have Pluto transiting over my Mars/Jupiter/Neptune. Neptunian astro weirding seems to flavor this transit with a lot of psychic warfare/synchronicity of the scary kind. Afraid of drawing certain people/influences in, but not sure how to avoid it.

    How do I make the best of this?

    • Looks like I had Uranus and Neptune my ascendant back then in 96-97. That was… an awkward stage. Horribly freakishly awkward.

      Whoa, have I finally lived down my awkward stage? I guess I do feel far far removed from that person I once was lately.

      • don’t take this the wrong way but my vibe is that with any pluto mars thing you (a) do the ruthless self regeneration thing and (b) up your fighting spirit. Your new soundtrack – marine cadence…

        • Thank you, Mystic.

          It’s a helpful reminder. I can get soft, let influences take over, immediately regret it.

          Must… Not…

          A ghost visited me in my dream last night. I met with him at the airport. I sat in his lap, and he all but pushed me off of him, wouldn’t look me in the eye.

          I’m gunna take that as a “back off.” Maybe I’m the ghost.

          • The you that sat in the ghost’s lap could be your conscious self, ready to confront the ghost — there you are sitting in his lap, you can’t get closer than that, but for some reason the ghost can’t handle it. That could be part of yourself, resisting the revelation, or the ghost could be someone in your life or an event from the past…Might be useful to unlock the identity of the ghost.

            Why the airport? Is the ghost something or someone arriving from a distance? Or are you departing?

            You also asked how to make the best of this, and if I might add to what Mystic suggested, always take the high road — so enact the high aspects of the planets involved in the transit. Make yourself aware of the low aspects, and do your darnedest not to carry those out, even if other people are trying it on. So for Mars, be prepared to act and move, but without aggression and impulsiveness. For Pluto, be prepared for transformation but without resorting to underhandedness or malevolence. Etc. Good luck.

            • + for Mars, assertion rather than aggression, firmness and self assurance rather than hostility. That kind of thing. Beats the shit out of psychic warfare and low arse crap of that nature.

  27. Thanks Mystic for the inspiration and the encouragement to reflect. ‘Splains a lot. I’ve been very uncharitable about my friend Mister Neptune so we are now good friends, sort of. I’ve written about what I’ve come to see/know on my blog, but I would never have known to encapsulate the experience without your promptings.

  28. Can’t remember 96/97. I think that was lots of space dust, blue devil hoochie juice and dancing… Super Neptune though!

    • oo i love it! that full moon is at the midpoint of my moon and neptune in scorpio and also conjuncting them both + ceres + juno as well as trining jupiter, pluto and uranus in the 3rd/IC/4th and some weird square thing to my sun in the 4th. I’m a bit edgy about mars conjuncting my natal mars at the same time but fingers crossed that’ll all come out in the wash hehehe

      and the 97 era was saturn returns – that’s when I got my shit together – am back at the half return now – the day transiting saturn started opposing my natal saturn last week I had a dental appointment and after a phase of complete debauchery, yesterday I just stopped dead in my tracks and thought, that’s enough now! But that’s how it works with me – I go hard and then just stop. Mars square neptune works if you know how to wrangle it – and it takes a while to master if you manage to survive the baptism 😀

      Any other late ’68 babies having an amazing time right now? This is our time people – I’m definitely feeling its goodness and I hope youse are too.

      • right, no, mars will not be coming out in the wash, I suspect he will be coming out in fatigues. sometimes i wish i wasn’t uranus conjunct sun because that makes me QUITE irritable when I have to spend my time around wall to wall inane chat about cats and babies. fuqing cats and babies. fuq. And then if I’m lucky there will be talk of the method of recipes and how the genius’ are going to ignore the instructions and wing it and add a bit of this and that. Oh how liberating that must be. To think for oneself whilst cooking. There’s nothing like a bit of fusion to bring the taste buds to their knees. Sometimes I feel like I’m treading water in a tankful of molasses with my “colleagues”. There is no “I” in them. I might have to self-medicate myself through this says my neptune to my mars.

    • ha sorry to gatecrash your post love – I was going to say something about the space cadet era and then decided against it, was sure I’d clicked away but now here we are together in this neptunian zone. We were doing the same thing at the same time all those years ago – I still have my space pants will never send them to vinnies there’s too much love in them 😉

      • No, its great, am just embarrassed cos my posts are so …trivial, but I love the blog, so! I didn’t realize you are a little Monkey child? Bet you were a proper little jitterbug on the dance floor. You made me think, I have to go look up Saturn now as I half my tooth came out flossing yesterday, so gross.
        Btw I go hard and then crash too, I always thought it was a Tiger thing as I don’t have mars squaring Neptune?! Nice to see you here, been a mystery girl of late!

        • yes I’m monkey magic with gem rising the monkey’s accentuated and uranus conjunct sun = rhythm. no mystery – no time, life is on turbo right now and I want to feel, see, eat and breathe every single moment of it in. It’s the beginning of the rest of my life you know? These current transits are phenomenal especially because I’ve been consciously working towards them since ’97 and I’ve made it! It’s all falling into place like better than I could’ve dreamed so i have not so much time for the astrofiending right now cos I’m emerging from an inner and outer revolution on my way to my destiny. Haha yes! That really IS how it is right now. I hope things are well with you too – especially your health lovely and your new business xxx

          what I want to know as well is where is pegs? Has she been around?

          • Lady Pegasus is quiet on the Western front, I hope she is well? Maybe a bit preoccupied? Hmm. Born in an egg on a Mt top hey? Am the curious cat that wants to know what was seeded and what has sprung forth? Now I am seeing Athena sprouting off Zeus’s head.. but I know you may not be able to say without giving away yr online privacy. Too bad! Things are so great for me, thank you for asking! Have one more.. shamanic exam, if you like, at the end of the month! It’s been the most wonderful year. I feel like all the dreams I never dared even hope for are coming true… I’m actually GOOD at this stuff.

            • you ARE good at this stuff! But this stuff is nebulous, ephemeral etc. so sometimes it’s hard to remember what exactly it IS that you’re good at – because it’s not of this earth it’s on another layer/frequency. So easy to forget how you help people with your etheric talents because they’re not mundane – I got totally lost sometimes when I was doing healings etc. like I no longer existed because part of my process was to step out and let the energy come through. It must be amplified being a mum to small children too. It can be a thankless job the motherhood at times i imagine? and exhausting in this weather. Have you considered keeping a diary of what you’ve done in the otherwordly realms to help people so that when you feel this way you have something physical to hold onto and peruse to confirm your greatness? There’s nothing trivial about you my dear.

              • Your timing is resplendent. As I read your post my 3 yr old just walked in with poo on his hands… at midnight. Sheets, books, toys etc. Yes. Toilet training him is proving to be my personal Waterloo. This is him in nappies still, mind.

                Actually the kids are very heart centred and all the effort you make is lavished back on you with interest. You learn patience, so do they. You learn to control your temper, so do they. You learn love, it multiplies like fluffy gremlins etc. in the end I am better because they push me to my limits.

                But they are a gift too. They are amazing people, I am honoured to have them in my life.

                Also they ground me. I am forced to honour the material world and work according to their rhythm – would be slow but it seems every time I sit down to meditate I have pretty tripped out experiences. I think if I had all the time in the world I would be out on a dangerous limb as I am very extreme without these small anchor people.

                More Neith eh?.Like the Spider, she weaves the world into reality every day.. More curious. 🙂 I do keep notes of the big visions, it’s a good idea.

  29. Wow big week! I have Chiron at 21 Taurus ( my progressed moon is somewhere in taurus too with the only obvious charasteristic being comfort eating.. ) and Juno-Lilith-Magdalena at 16-17-18 Scorpio.

    1997-98 was a period of my first experience with imposter syndrom: losing faith in myself- self-sabotaging – losing more faith in myself.. Neptunian escapism from the work I had to do ( where was my saturn?.. WOW just checked and saturn was exactly opposite my natal saturn!! )
    Followed by the neptunian relationship of a decade of my life – my marriage, immigration to another country, 3 kids, separation, trying to find my own feet at last..

    Yeah, tough times, delusions, depression but also some major awakenings ( can it be used in plural?..). So many agonising hours when I just wanted ( sometimes still want ) to be someone else, live a different life, go back and re-write those years.
    But now I feel that I don’t want to erase the past, it’s all part of my life. For the first time in a while I feel that it has been very rich in experiencies and definately lessons.

    TheLeoSocialite, your words about owning your own power resonated with me, I often present myself as a mess, but I know I’m so much stronger than that.

    I also have dreams that I’m back in high school/early uni OR about to give birth. Both dreams make me panic! But I guess I need to open my eyes to something in my life/confront something or take that leap, allow the transformation, the birth of something new.

  30. Hmmm Saturn in the 8th house for a 18 degree taurus connection and then there’s venus and mercury for the scorpio 18 degree connection.

    Next week is actually all about sex and money (although not at the same time I think).

    And there is definitely an end of an era thing happening which relates to that 96/97 timing.

    Life is huge at the moment and it feels like the potential for amazingness is there but only after surviving the minefield.

  31. 1997-1998 would be a period when I evolved gradually, slowly, painfully into being on my own. The only thing I wouldn’t want to say goodbye would be the feline diva who joined my life in 1997.

    Last night I had a Neptunian dream, or so I thought.

    I was singing in a dark room, lyrics “some of us, some of us..” Don’t know the song in wake-life at all. Then I noticed a chubby, yellowish lizard walking on the wall toward me. I tried to turn on the light, nothing. I pried to open the door, locked. Lizard got close as I managed to open the door, turn on the lights outside, nothing.

    The funny thing is, I was not afraid of the lizard, I only wanted to see if my guess “yellow lizard” was correct. Panic started when I realized someone intentionally locked me in and turned off the lights.

    I tried to search the meaning, and the only plausible explanation I can come up with I can’t access my intuition. Which fits to my intense desire lately to sit down and meditate on non-attachment.

    Saturn pressing my Cap Moon into a square sponge.

  32. Quadrupled,

    Lizard – imo – is about your reptilian/primordial/limbic brain right ?

    And it’s always about something primitive – this is saying wake up to a really primitive truth – it’s got to do with sex or territory. I would not be meditating or even sitting down – i would be looking around to see whose fuqing with your stuff, your lover, your security, your turf

    the lizard is fat because it’s successful at what it does, it’s prob yellow as something to do with your solar plexus chakra. u are not scared of it as it is on your side. it’s like a wily old marines vet telling you to watch your back.

    tell me if i’m right lol

    • Thanks Mystic for this angle.. You are right, if I take lizard as my primitive instincts, then lots of people are fuqing with my turf at the moment.

      For the first time in my life, I considered taking anti-depressants if such help can make me move along the current.

      The coming December eclipse is bang on my Sun, IC so I guess I better buckle up and start listing exit routes.

      I know Neptune rules my chart and right now squaring natal Saturn, Venus, Jupiter, Neptune at the moment. No way I am taking anti-depressants.

  33. I don’t know what this means for me, come Friday’s movements in the big sky – can anyone suggest?
    Moon @ 27 Toro 10h (The full-moon will conjunct my natal moon?)
    Uranus @ 10 Scorp 3h
    Looking forward to Mars going into Virgo though.

    • offhand; you perform a coup chez work or someone does a number on you.

      defs major news/eureka flash and end of moribund crap re vocation, setting you up nicely for excellent stuff mid-2012

      • Thanks. I have had to deal with nebulous business/work issue this week. It’s been building for sometime but I’ve been scared to act because of the power of the person. But if I didn’t, things remain moribund for the project/team. I am taking this to be end of moribund and nebulous crap.

  34. Hmmm. In 96 I took up a job that is coming to an end as we speak…it is the end of the end, and that ending has been such a process. Job has been a very big part of my life, majorly influential – but huge changes (scary, good) in work and life now well underway. This coming full moon opposes Mars, and squares VenusPluto conjuntion. Note to self – make sure there is plenty of Rescue Remedy in the house, remember to exercise, meditate, eat well… Thanks MM

  35. OK, so this sounds it might be a like a close one. Natal moon is at 22 Toro in the 5th house opposite Neptune/Mars Conj at 17 Scorpio (11th). Close, or no cigar?

    I welcome more revelations – each one is a surge forward in my consciousness – small or large. I gave up the BDHJ and space dust a while ago (after a revelation or two), so no danger of being out of it when my quota of revelations kicks in. But with Jupiter in Taurus and Moon in Taurus I may yet be in a dessert-induced coma.

    PS, It’s lovely in here, with Mystic hanging out and shooting the breeze. Yeah, I know it still happens, but this is like the old days!

    • Close Virgolish! Your going to have a very bright light shone on that opposition.

      Hey, I have my Mars at 19 Scorp and Nep at 21 Scorp at the end of the 11th, cusp of the 12th. I think my revelations started early with this post, or perhaps I should rub my hands together and wait for more.

      I didn’t know your Mars Nep opposes your moon. Have you belonged to any spiritually focussed (or drug focussed) groups? How do you think the opposition has played out so far? Wanting to have fun but being brung undone somewhat by substances? Or Mars Neptune ‘characters’? Dunno, just chucking it out there.

      I’ve mentioned this guy before: and although you’ve given up the BDHJ etc, his book, ‘Drug Repair That Works’ is a super inspiring take on how to replace the highs of BDHJ with more enduring, ultimately satisfying spiritual or creative highs. You might enjoy it.

      Good luck with the revelations!

      • Lol UV, I wandered past his clinic last night on the way to dinner, and was remembering the time of the colon or whatever it was that MM mentioned a while ago. I am still intrigued by that post, I should wander in and grab a copy….

      • Hmmm, great questions! No, never been caught up in anything like that, but have (had) a habit of hooking up with guys who have alcohol/drug issues. All my Virgo bits (Sun, Merc, Uranus, Pluto, POF) are in the 9th house, which makes me a ‘seeker’ I think (or is that Saturn in Pisces?). That fits, but is tempered by a razor sharp bullshit detector. If fewer planets in Virgo and a less anti-authoritarian nature I might have been a willing cult subject.

        Thanks for the book recommendation too. I don’t have any residual usage issues re: the BDHJ – I had one of my lovely/hard revelations a couple of years ago about being stuck in a habitual drinking/depression cycle, and it just ‘fell away’. No-one was more surprised than I! Now the body doesn’t want it, or enjoy it when I VERY occasionally partake.

        Then I went to the yoga ranch a few months ago and the last of my remaining flesh food (seafood, been non-meat since 13yo) also fell away. Now I am on a minimalist kick and go around my place giving the old ‘stinkeye’ to things that can’t justify their presence in my world. I am getting really good at letting go.

        But that leaves the Mar/Neptune vs Moon opposition – what would be the signifiers of positive handling of this set-up? Am I about to be tested?!

        PS, I loved reading more about what you do in the dayjob and balancing all via Neptune! So very fascinating.

        • Heh heh, a loaded 9th house makes you a seeker for sure. We have similar astro. My 9th is loaded with Leo Virgo. Then Mars Nep does make us a bit susceptible to being cult bunnies. I may have gone further than you, but 9th house Jupiter square to 11th12th Mars Nep made sure I was always getting turfed out of groups, because I used to ask pointed Virgo questions about why their philosophy and actions differed. lol.

          Fab that you could just drop the BDHJ with such finality. During Uranus opp??

          You might be tested if the opp isn’t working. But I have a feeling it is. If your Mars Nep was out getting sloshed and your Tauro moon was doing excessive hedonism, you could be in trouble. But if your Mars Nep is doing a dignified spiritual journey, and in the 11th, possibly with like minded others, and your Taurus moon (with Jup) is doing earthy creativity or joyous involvement with kids, or knows how to have high Venus fun, enjoying the arts or self expression or romance, and you can do both those ends of the opp without negatively countering each other, then it’s working

          • Holy cow Ubers, you are right! It WAS around Neptune opposition to all my Virgo bits, transitting conj natal Saturn.

            Thanks for the affirmation re: current illuminated opposition – I am thrilled that you responded so fulsomely. I am looking forward to the full moon magic in the morning.

            I feel like we should be besties. I (heart) my Virgo friends!

            • oopsie – not Neptune opp, but Uranus, as you say. I’m gonna mine this seam a bit more and do a timeline as MM so often suggests.

            • Sorry, no, it was Uranus opposite Sun, with Saturn conj Sun at the same time (Uranus return was a couple of years before, when I had a big work upheaval and started on this journey of self discovery). Anyway, I’m talking to myself now – thanks for the inspiration to go looking!

  36. Thankyou very much for this post and the daily scopes for the rest of the week Mystic 🙂 I so love the beautiful images you use, they stick in my head, and haunt me in the best ways 🙂

    Moi Nep Asc, Chiron 1st, Taurus Moon 29 deg 3rd, conjunct NN and near Jup in Gem 4th.

    I will cope, and it is nothing to fear, and “I can”…
    Could say more but i’d just be crapping on and missing the point hahahaha….

  37. The Neptune direct thing, been monitoring via Mystic and Mikey. Since Aqua rules my 4th house, I’ve defo had revelations, bittersweet, the deets of which are too long, even for me. Suffice to say I’m very grateful I’ve always been independent, and this gives me an opportunity to Phoenix it yet again, related to ‘family’.
    Been thinking long and hard of legally changing my name for a while now, as in seriously considering it, and not necessarily because of the family-NeptuneAquadirect thing either. Merely as a further expression of the Phoenixing: I choose *my* name.

    The Taurus full moon thing: smack BANG on my Descendant (and obv opp my Scorpy rising). Helloouww… This feisty strong woman is defo ready!

      • Hiya shell, same here about you! =) How are you and what have you been up to? Hope it’s just as springy where you are. (and not too hayfevery)

        Btw, in these past months have benefited from the talents of this Reiki healer-clairvoyant woman. Originally from Melbourne, she now resides in Brissy, though still consults every month in our city (in Fitzroy). The real deal, she’s *amazing*, and I dish out such critiques rarely. If you’re interested, lemme know. (and I don’t get anything for this btw, just think she’s amazing with what she does AND down-to-earth grounded person)

        • Yes, I’m okay love, plugging away at the thing which is due soonish. Pretty worn out but plugging away.
          Though spent today cleaning and gardening and then stuffed myself silly with fabulous Italian so that was a nice change.
          Your contact sounds interesting. I’ve had one good and one very ordinary reiki session in my time and thus tend to go for old faithful acupuncture and $20 chinese shoulder massages, but would appreciate a different possibility. You can email to me if easier shellbanana at
          Good to see you honey bee xxo

  38. Can I please go a bit off-topic here and ask if anyone knows if someone who was a bit overweight (not obese though) would lose a couple of kilos if they had a colonic irrigation session? I am off to a spa retreat next week, and could get this as one of my treatments, but am not sure as I would only really want it if I would drop a couple of kilos. I have a bit of weight to lose in general, so maybe I am carrying a couple of kilos of ‘anal plaque’, lol?

    I know there was a thread months ago where there was a vid of colonic irrigation, I will go back and look at that thread too…

    • Not sure it will give you the results you seek (nice idea though!). Best to focus on body tone and consider a colonic as an opportunity to refresh your relationship with that part of the body?

      I have only tried a colonic once, but it focuses the mind on the diet and intestinal workings like you wouldn’t believe! You don’t want to eat anything heavy for a long time after – I don’t eat meat or junk food, but I avoided dairy as well for a while.

    • I remember Jenni Edgely use to run a ‘cleansing’ place on the gold coast, maybe she still does ? where at the end of the week they would all take this ‘great shit’ (maybe they used colonics?) and take a photo of it. Yep, its true. Now I’d say that some of those craps were heavy man, 2 kilos for sure. They had the weirdest stuff in them, rolls of hair, euwww, gross, but impressive !

  39. lol…..looked down onto my table just now. Right next to my computer is a black pencil and in big white letters on a purple cloud it says NEPTUNE. LOL . How appropriate. so I pick it up and it has a small picture of Neptune and is covered in facts about neptune…..

    Here is what it says(the Upper case letters are in purple on the pencil)….
    Neptune is 57 TIMES larger than Earth.
    Neptune is the WINDIEST PLANET in our solart system with winds up to 1200 mph.
    Neptune takes 165 Earth years to orbit the Sun, so since being discovered it will orbit the sun for THE FIRST TIME IN 2011…….

    Wow….That feels big, the first complete orbit since being discovered! I wonder when that will be exactly.

  40. I just had one of the lowest neptune experience at work yesterday. So much so that I’m still feeling drained from it. I guess there’s two sides to everything. *sigh*

    • blah…so sorry.
      been doing serious neptune work here, but it has been okay. Just not motivated.
      I hope today goes better for you.

      • Thanks girlee, I might just try fighting fire with fire (or water in this case)…..just wash myself of the negative vibes. Or I’ll just go to the gym…haha. I just hate being manipulated that way, so much that makes me wish for the days when we only admitted Pediatric Patients. Sick kids are so much more straightfoward.

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