Secret Moxy Mission Of Eclipse Genius

World Standard Surreal Pop ArtGlenn Barr

I used a detail of this pic a little bit back but i also LOVE the whole pic, right?

Note the pure moxy with which this woman is striding the temple or whatever it is.

AND yes, i did see the three-headed-hound-of-hell on the left (If Cerberus is an asteroid, i don’t wanna know) and the post-apocalyptic landscape et al.Β 

BUT SHE is ignoring it and just striding on forth, towing her Magic Moxy Potion behind her.

THIS is the attitude of the Saggo New Moon Eclipse – whatever demons pop up in our path get blasted with Pure Moxy Potion.

So the Global Financial Fuqery is set to intensify with Uranus Direct switching on the Zap Zone?Β  We meet it with even more ingenuity, amazingness and guts.

Moxy, Mojo, Chutzpah, Guts, The Fool or The Magician, Qi, Instinct – Get It All On.Β 

This Saggo New Moon Eclipse is your cue for Eyes-Wide-Open Optimism – not ill-informed, not naive but confident in your own magical powers of Pure Moxy and awesomeness.

Oh and if you have not already, time to fuq the past off. Old dreams have a distinctly merde odor to them from now on.


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106 thoughts on “Secret Moxy Mission Of Eclipse Genius

  1. This line up of planets does seem to be heralding in something quite profound, a whole new paradigm. What with the speed of light now maybe not so quick. . . . Doing the stars today for the month, I reckon we should not be so down on the current Mercury retro. It’s a good thing, a timely thing. The current crop of Pisces are in for such a soulful treat when Neptune comes a calling.

    • Thanks for comment re pisces… Still feel very much in before/after neptune state of mind (earlier MM post).
      Toro, Pisces rising, moon in leo

    • I agree, if I was to pick a preferable merc retro sign, it would be sag. The awkward truth. πŸ™‚

    • I don’t hate merc retro either. I mean some days its annoying for transport and a unnecessary 15 email relay but a chance to pause and review the scene, make changes, plan. its brilliant. esp with mars in virgo I mean we need this no?

    • HOLY SH* Yeah!!!! I think we deserve to shine without guilt or addlement for a century’s change.

      I know I worked my Piscean-ness today to assist others with true communication during Merc Retro, but without servility and without milking it down, which is the reason i usually use all my Sagittarian-ness as a protective front. If this is what it’s going to be like, then YES YES YES. Like i was just a perfect blend of the Sag and the Pisces and the Earthed Mars-Saturn-Pluto, but with all the super freak psychic chart aspects fitting right in too.

  2. OMG yes happy thanksgiving Americana Peeps!

    And damn you anonymous 1234 i will now look up my Cerebus AND voila…

    it is 1 degree Taurus, not really doing ANYTHING in my chart but just in my 3rd. CAN i react like a triple-headed hell hound in everyday communications?

    Sometimes, but i blamed that on mercury in Aries. Hmm. Thank you for that.

    • lol I had to look mine up too. conjunct IC. my door bitch of the house comments now appear to hold a different gravity…

      so the above picture really is my house and I am justified in wanting a 3 headed hellhound pooch πŸ™‚

    • I always found something sexy about Greek mythology lots of swooning and damsels in distress.
      Happy TG fellow human beings – enjoy

      • I liked the goddesses in mythology who thought the damsels in distress were silly tw**s.

        • yes! The goddess Athena, and Aphrodite seemed very capable ass kickers to me.
          Not to mention my favorite Greek tragedy of the beautiful Medusa. That’s how I came across MM by researching about Medusa and viola serendipitously her blog popped up. Such a great synchronicity.

  3. Yes, Cerebrus is all too real for me. It is conjunct my moon in the 11th. Although I would consider myself an expressive person, a good communicator, when it comes down to the core of my emotions, forget it, it is locked away. Cerebrus keeps me very guarded

  4. lmao no problem. Mines sextile my Sun at 1 Aries. I really like the idea of Cerebus being like a “guarded” type of aspect. I do tend to keep my Gemini side on the DL, and try to play up my Aries side way more.

    Any advice on conquering the Hound of Hell? because hes stitting on some stuff that i really want.

    • Charm or brute strength.

      Cerberus will never give you a free pass out of hell, but Orpheus got past him by playing his lyre and lulling him to sleep, and in the Aeneid, someone gave him spiked honeycakes. Hercules managed to capture him alive without weapons, but he was, well, Hercules…

      • Well if you notice, it looks like there’s a cake there in front of him. Decorated with flowers.

        She knows how it works. πŸ˜‰

    • I think Cerberus is the essence of the underworld, all the scary, devouring, threatening stuff. He’d eat you up on entering and make sure you never left. It’s another metaphor for the loss of innocence I guess, or all the unpleasant realities of growing up, and I’m imagining his place in your chart symbolizes what you have to do to transcend those lessons and resurface stronger and improved.

  5. Keyword for cerberus is “guarded# since this creature was known to guard the entrance to the underworld….. Mystic, are you guarded in any way shape or form in your communications? Or maybe secretive….? Or maybe you like to communicate about hidden things….!! Like astro and such….

    Jus guessin around πŸ™‚

  6. so the financial crisis is only going to intensify? Why haven’t the political and economic elite picked up on this yet? It’s like looking at those real housewives (american reality tv show) who dress so pluto in sag with their gaudy jewelry and overgrown hair.

    • The system we are living under can’t be fixed. It s a dying animal and those politicians are hanging on because they are afraid. The only way out is through. It can go easy or it can be really painful. For those with no vision it’s going to be really painful.

      • There is a great line in the I ching…can’t remember the reference hexagram ? but anyway.. its about how powerful elitist structures can only be defeated/transcended by people not taking notice of it, not feeding it with fear or awe. Making it irrelevant to your life. Slowly the structure weakens and dissolves into the earth. Its real power drained.
        Just turn the other way and move forward with your plans. Forget about all the political and financial machinations the media hype us with, its all nonsense. The gibberings of mad people.
        The idea of course is to not move from the frying pan to the fire. What is the system that will replace it ? thats whats being decided now, thats where our focus should be…not on the IMF/EEC/UN/US/BANKER whatevers, as Erika said, they are already gone.

        • sorry i really don’t mean anything but i dont understand what it means by ignoring it all….i mean, okay we watch it fall great but what then? and wouldn’t ignoring it ALL and waiting for all of it to fall take a gazillion years, when we could pull it down ourselves with our own bare hands? Isn’t that what every revolutionary has ever tried to do?
          Lots of questions but please explain.

          • Not ignoring Rosebud, unravelling. If every Australian decided to basically put their super (12% of all wages soon) into bank accounts, and not invest these dollars thru investment bankers, for example, it would totally decimate the investment bankers market in Australia.
            It is ultimately a way to win, yes, to destroy, but it is non violent, legal and extremely easy. Just move your funds to a simple interest producing bank account.
            The issue is, why aren’t people already doing this ? Fear.

            • ahhahahahahahahaha ok had to bring in my dad to explain the explanation above- Well look I’m not Australian but isn’t it true that you’ll be taxed if you don’t invest? I’ve heard taxes have been going higher and higher lately, not many people can afford to be taxed on not investing as well…….that’s the government trap?

      • Agree completely but there are a small minority who have made absolute shitloads out of it and who will fight tooth and nail to keep it struggling on. Tagging along with this small 0.1% ‘elite’ are a substantial amount of try hard, would-be’s if they could-be’s, who will also fight tooth and nail to keep capitalism alive in it’s current nonsensical, irrational form. It’s so obvious that capitalism has been and is nowt but a brainless cannibal.

        • well i have a serious quetsion:
          capitalism sucks but wth are we going to use when we throw it out? we can sit around and bitch about it to no ends but WHAT is the cure?

          • Every individual taking responsibility for the current mess and making changes to their own behaviour. Thats all we need.
            Look , I’m an aries sun, merc in aries, born to rip and tear. I’ll go down to Goldman Sachs and burn the place down with you. I would.
            The other way is better though. Slower but better.

            • so basically the idea at hand is that each and every person cleans up after themselves and keeps their money away from anything that’ll keep the corporations alive and all that, right?
              I think that’s a great idea, but in order for that to happen, a huge rise in awareness needs to take place. That’s why communities like this one <3 are so powerful, but not everyone is wired and ready for change…how do world-changing thinkers change that then? right now the people who ARE aware of what's going on around them and are acting against it all are pretty much waiting for the REST of the world to wake up and help them along…or have i got everything wrong? πŸ˜€

      • How does Neptune play into this? I fear neptune more than pluto but not uranus. Pluto in the third house though wasn’t so bad. I really learned how to write in this period.

    • I know. It’s so weird when watching news reports re anything financial or political these days. It’s all so last century.

      • IT IS! and so is racism, sexism, homophobia, and every form of prejudice. Also ignorance regarding the treatment of our fellow beings and conservatism ( which is really a form of control practiced by the ” ruling class” to keep the peasants in line. )
        All of the old ways of being are falling away as they should because it’s the 21st century and there has been a shift in consciousness for so many people. From top to bottom. Interesting o watch it play out but it is scary because in some ways you feel like your life is in the hands of those that do not care for life at all and really as far as real awareness they may be miles behind. My entire life I have seen this coming. From when I was a child the way that society is set up has made no sense to me. I want to believe we can have a world that makes sense.
        What DavidL said, must let go of the fear. I must be a part of positive

      • I agree! I’m in a macro economics class and they don’t even discuss what is going on. Economics as an academic field is divorced from reality.

        • The purpose of academia is to give you a thorough and detailed knowledge base from which to develop your own understanding. If they taught around a current and unfinished event, without the benefit of hindsight, this would certainly be rather opinionative and biased teaching. There’s a name for that: propaganda.

          • Well-observed, Millieu. One of the main purposes of academia is to teach us HOW to think, not WHAT to think. Hopefully this results in some people using their own brains (& values) to question and analyse things for themselves. Its a bit hard at times to wade through the deluge of spoon-fed mush spewing from most media outlets, but that is part of the challenge.

            • Thank you, nat. I see so many wrapped up in their own values and choosing material designed to provoke discussion among students, but unaware of how biased their material choice is to begin with, let alone their “guided questions” to stimulate discussion. Our values can be so intrinsic we don’t notice, yet that is precisely the academic’s duty.

              How’s your health today, lovely?

              • on the mend slowly, thank you. Confidence a bit bruised but I will heal! Have a nice weekend x

  7. Like the picture, jibes with the movie I was watching earlier. Went retro with Tank Girl. Excellent advice. Bring on the crazy and I will meet it with my mojo working.

  8. Geez wish I hadn’t looked mine up. It’s conjunct my Cap moon in 1st house. Lol. I’m really not an Ice Queen, no really I’m not!

  9. The dog is hers for sure. Raised him from a pup. I’ve met cute women who own vicious dogs. They work well together.
    The new moon in sag is always welcome. The year nearly done, everything is green and warming up. Soon the sand between my toes…aaahhh. Everyone walking around with very little on..YESSSS.
    Thanksgiving..hmmm, don’t really know the true cultural meaning of it. Any succinct explanations from our post Atlantean rainbow nation ?
    I’ve read about the Native American pot latch ceremony where someone decides to give everything away. The image used in my NA cards is the turkey, they call it the giveaway eagle ? Any connection with Thanksgiving ?

    • Basically davey, before all the bull…the settlers from England came on their big ships (some of my ancestors included btw), and were grateful that the Indians shown them how to cook and cultivate stuffs and then they had a big dinner.

      Of course all of that could be bull but I suspect there is truth to those first glimmerings of friendship. πŸ™‚ x

  10. LOVE the pic Mystic. Feels tres relevant at the mo – Sag rising striding through Hades with nothing but myself and my magic in tow. Have found it challenging not to get distracted with…well distractions. Bunch of social opportunities that while normally I’d jump at decided some other things were more important (I think pulling the nine of swords last night as advice helped me choose wiser too lol). The pay off has been that I got to spend the day as I wished and have had some real insights into where I’m at right now and why. Letting go of the past and futures that could never be. Took your advice to heart and set some intentions for the new moon as well as doing a motherpeace reading. Very enlightening.

    And thanks Anon1234. Have Cerberus conjunct chiron (along with Eris :o) in the fifth. Protective regarding creative endeavours and/or children??? Funny I also have Anubis (conjunct my sun and trine uranus though). I do see these in a similar light as the protectors of the underworld and I love delving into dark subjects in order to heal (both myself and others).

  11. Forgot to add: one thing that’s REALLY hard re the current astro – rad candour but keep your mouth shut (new moon sag with merc retro). WTF?!? Triply hard for a double Gem with Sag rising. UGH! Waiting for merc retro to end, waiting for merc retro to end, waiting for……

    • yep about the big mouth. Got stoned at beach today and caught myself babblling like mad. ….so I stopped and said “blah, blah, blah’. Then I completely shut up before I embarassed myself anymore…lol. Funny.

      But yesterday, I was totally honest with exscorpio soulmate about him coming over. IT led to an explanation from him and a peaceful conclusion. He didn’t come over today, but I bet he will soon.

      • ahahahahaha if onlyi’d found this out earlier! lately everyone’s been telling me i’ve been speaking nonsense like mad :S

  12. my Cerberus is in Leo in the 12th house. I am guarded about my creativity and my spirituality.

  13. Checked this out just after I’d finished my own eclipse processing. *So* apt and empowering – thanks Mystic!

  14. Love this pic! Doubt that is moxy potion tho – looks more like an urn. She told the taxi to wait while she takes someone where they belong.

    Cerberus in Libra 5th House. That seems like a fun pup?! Charming, playful – oh look I’m missing an eyeball… Kind of a Judge Judy placement if she were a doggy.

    As for the financial issues, it’s really more that they are crime issues.

    There has to be a revolution people if want their freedom, justice and, well, in some cases, money, back!! It would be a start if Goldman Sachs was dismantled.

    • :O :O WHAT IF SHE’S COMING TO DROP IN THE ASHES OF HER OLDER SELF because she’s new, rejuvenated and blahblahblah?!

      • Dunno. She looks way too casually dressed and comfortable there. She’s a very naughty girl. I think this could be just another annoying ex.

        • he’s mixed in there with the ashes of her prior self. Upon removing him from her life she rebirthed into the newer, more at ease in any sitution, self. He was such a horror that not even this place can through her out of her mojo. Three headed dog, whatever. That’s nothing compared to my ex and the hell he put me through.

          • where is my virgo…..not even this place can throw…not through.
            Though through works in a weird way.

          • ‘we see things not as they are, but as we are’ πŸ˜‰
            & fushiafairy, at least now you can be free as anything? congratulations for getting through πŸ™‚

  15. In the picture I just noticed the television junk yard in the corner ( televisions are heavy modern symbolism ) and the birds at the top look like girls. Also it looks like someone baked the cerebus a pretty cake to distract it. I take this to mean not only will most work but don’t underestimate the power of pretty and sweet.
    Also the symbolism of the flying eyeball at the top of the temple and the arrow pointing the way. Looks like she is going to the underworld to face her fears.

  16. I’ve lost my moxy map. I honestly don’t know which way to turn; none of the fistful of directions I scrawled down nor the official directory agree with each other or are up to date/ make any sense for the current terrain in which I find myself. Everything looks the same but at the same time different. I’m at the point where I say “oh fuq it what’s the point?!” , toss it all aside and just start walking- I’m bound to spot a landmark sooner or later. The less I tell people, the less stick they can give me for just wandering through life not really caring too much.

    All this talk of venus and new romance etc, it’s like a foreign language to me. Love whatever that means is just a hall of mirrors and at least the arid plains of Saturn don’t come with the same sense of vexation, insecurity and confusion. With saturn you just doggedly continue and at least you get somewhere eventually. Astro constantly on at me to be on the alert for / hold out for/ ignore for now / pounce on New Romance just doesn’t click.

    Definitely feels like saturn transit depression kicking in. Sigh.

    • Oh I know EXACTLY how you feel. I get depressed or just roll my eyes whenever I read about Venus transits. So Venus is about to party with every planet in town eh… where’s my invite!!!?. Why is it that I only ever feel the Saturn/Pluto/Mars retro transits? Must be my natal Venus square Cap Asc.

      What Saturn transit you having? I’ve just had my Saturn on Venus. Was horrible.
      Have nothing further to add. Just wanted to say, I understand.

      • Hey Scorptropic how did Saturn/Venus manifest for you? For research purposes, interested to hear how it works/ed for other people.

        • Hey Charley, I wonder how Venus/Saturn transits in other signs might manifest for peeps. Mine’s 7 degrees Libra and quite prominent in my chart, maybe ‘cos my MC is also in Libra and Libra is exalted in Venus.
          Anyway, I would best describe my transit as Saturn smashing my rose-tinted glasses. I’m a huge fan of Oscar Wilde and to a Venus in libra – beauty IS everything. I have quite a few harsh planets & plenty of squares in my natal chart, so I need my Venus in libra. The Saturn transit left me lying in the gutter but I couldn’t see any stars. Everything was ugly. It was unbearable. I’ve heard the Saturn/Venus transit referred to as the HAG transit it. That was certainly true in my case. I felt ugly, unlovable, past my use-by-date, and that I had aged 20 years!!
          Healthwise I went to the dentist to get teeth cleaned and ended up getting a filling, crown refitted & a root canal!!!! I also had a hysteroscopy (a polyp removed from my uterus) – how Venus is that!! I’m sure having a Pluto on Cap Asc transit at the same time only exacerbated the Venus/Saturn transit.

          I guess my Saturn reward for getting through the transit is maturity in relationships (I definitely needed growing up there). I’m also attracted to older men now too. Had enough of stupid boys.
          Think that’s about it. πŸ™‚

          • Well mine was Libra too, 13 degrees and I have a massive stelium of Libra/7th house so it’s pretty prominent for me too. It was Nov last year until September for me and I haven’t found anyone else who has knowingly been through it recently so was just very interested to hear how it manifested. Sounds similar in many ways, I have it natally anyway so perhaps I was already fairly used to that energy because it wasn’t as harsh for me. I did however really struggle with feelings of self disgust, I had really bad acne for most of the transit, felt unlovable despite having several ‘lovers’ during that time. I felt like I didn’t deserve actual real proper love and like I didn’t want to be seen by anyone. The speed in which things changed after Saturn shot forward was amazing and it left me with a real changed attitude. Absolutely gained a love for older men, they now have to be at least 10 years or I’m not interested. Also gained several older, female friend/metors which I only realised recently.

            Thanks, it’s useful to discuss how transits effect others so you can kind of clock it up and see what was astrology, what was just life or timing etc.

      • I know..! I have moments of optimism and ‘snap out of it pisces! Life is amazing and you’re IN IT!!’ And then morose crap again. Aforementioned vexation about Amazing Pisces Scientist continues to rear its head in spite of me swearing off men who just Do Not Seem Interested. Aagh. Saturn is aspecting a lot in my chart esp Sq moon, opposite venus and chiron, conjunct nn.

        • I have similar problem. A guy shows interest and then it all goes up in a puff of smoke. I was supposed to have drinks with an ex work colleague and after a few flirty emails, texts etc and arrangements for catch up drinks, he’s just disappeared. HE was the one that contacted me. Should have just let me be. Instead I got all excited about the prospect of having one FUN night, only to have hopes dashed. It’s as if Saturn found out about it and went “oh no, no, no. None of that fun stuff for you young lady!” ONE fuqing night, it’s all I wanted. Is that too much to ask?! Sheesh!!
          Maybe you and I are sensitive to the last stage of Neptune in Aqua, you being Neptune ruled & I have Neptune conjunct Sun. I would love to press the fast forward button to Feb 2012. Not too long to go now. x

          • Yes I wouldn’t mind hitting the Factory Reset button on my life.

            I find that the best approach to saturn is to eliminate all positive expectations. Think like a dour victorian-era person and be suspicious of any potential frivolity. Dunno if it’s a neptune thing? Maybe.

    • PCFR & Scorptropic, I feel for you both. I know you are both gorgeous and have loads of Venus charms that will bloom in their own time and their own way for each of you. Do not lose your love for your life and for yourself while waiting for relationships to develop.

      Moxy can go missing even when we are in a relationship. The grass is not always greener… My moxy has definitely gone AWOL lately and a cold wind of insecurity and anxiety is blowing around me. I feel like hiding in a cave. Over the past 3 days I think I have experienced a classic combination of Dark Moon in Scorp + New Moon Eclipse in Saggo + Mercury Retro in Sagg’ x Mars (men) in nitpicking Virgo mode = my husband deciding to sprout forth with (numerous) opinions about my weaknesses and out of date habits and how this lets myself and our relationship down. Sigh. Some of it is true but effing hell it has knocked me for 6. He has gone through a period of deep reassment of his own bad habits/outdated ways of seeing the world and is now in a way better place mentally and emotionally than he has been in years. I am not feeling nearly as mentally or emotionally robust atm, but I took it on the chin. Secretly made a list of dot points of the issues he raised and decided which ones had some validity. (put a satisfyingly big fat line thru the others!). Funny that Mystic mentioned elsewhere about Mars being like the bouncer for this New Moon Eclipse. Yep. Mine was even issuing edicts about my dress code. *rolls eyes in emoshonally immatchoor fashion* He has Moon in Saggo. Radical candour/philosophical thought? Yes. Preachy & long-winded? At times.

      I really like Mystic’s encouragement above, viz., “…This Saggo New Moon Eclipse is your cue for Eyes-Wide-Open Optimism – not ill-informed, not naive but confident in your own magical powers of Pure Moxy and awesomeness. ” I like it. I want it. Even thought I ain’t feeling it right now I will walk tall and keep going. Not for my husband but for myself.

      Keep on keeping on x x

        So amazing, in fact, that you can take what sounded like a litany of criticisms on the chin and with grace and humility turn the mirror on yourself. Your fabulous gentleness and insight with us lot here alone makes me think your blood is worth bottling. But *ouch* indeed since the critique came from the one you love. Darling! What’s a few old habits when you can soothe a troubled Pisces on the other side of the state, settle a seething Scorpio in Seattle, disarm an Aries in Adelaide, all via mere electrons in cyberspace?

        Ok so maybe an update of your MO may be called for, I would never know, but as long as your man realises what a freaking treasure you are in spite of these perceived issues. If you need references I would gladly vouch for you. In fact you have a whole Nat cheer squad here who’d show up with pom-poms and lycra (hahahahaha) on your door step if we could.

        And YES MM’s quote up there is perfect .. Thank you for the reminder I had overlooked it in my moment of blah-ness.


      • I’m sorry to hear about that little bingle Natty.
        Whilst I am sure I don’t need to say this to you, don’t forget, you’ve been poorly, and had some role playing switcheroo things going on, to stir the pot a tad. And personally I think we downplay the extent to which general messes with your head. The last one I had really did take me a while to get my brain back to proper functioning order.
        Sounds like you have your reactions under control. But for the sake of being a you, for you, as UP says, you are amazing!
        Be good to yourself petal xxo

        *cue poms poms*

      • Yeah what PCFR said. She’s more eloquent than I.
        cue Pom poms…
        *give me an N*
        *Give me an A*
        *give me a T*
        What does it spell… *NAT*
        You are awesome!!

      • oh my goodness… you girls are SO FABULOUS. Thank you so much for your loveliness and generosity, you gorgeous things. References & a cheer squad with pom poms. Fantastic. I feel very lucky indeed to know you via cyberspace. Big Love x x x

        • Nat, firstly I love you, you are one of the most amazing women I’ve ever had the pleasure to communicate with x Now hubby, no way would he ever bother to pluck up the guts to say those things if he didn’t love and respect you. Your at a beautiful point in your relationship, really. Every criticism levelled is from now on both yours. Your a team, write them
          out, stick them on the fridge, draw pictorials..then just forget about the details. I think you could look at this as a turning point ? Not a trend. X

          • Thank you very much, davidl. Your idea of this being a turning point not a trend is very helpful. Thank you x

          • That’s a really cute approach dl. Team effort. I think I’ll keep that in mind for future couple scenarios (agh). Honesty does take guts but it’s nice to have it a little sugar-coated coming from a loved one. Innit?

      • You’ll get it back nat. When your moxy is on, it’s the highest quality out there. We should bottle it.

        • Thank you dear Über. In honour of optimism & the pile up in Saggo, this morning I put some cheesy anthems on the stereo and shimmied around the lounge room. In the nude. πŸ™‚

  17. OMFG WTF mercury retro hello. Just been on a career jaunt in the uk, I’m on the way back to the continent (home) when I got randomly stopped at security, stuck in line behind two tourists with 2 onboard suitases full of jam!? As the jam was jar-by-jar extracted and they ummed and ahhed as to whether they would go and check it in – my gate closed – nothing was wrong with my stuff and when I finally got past security I could see the plane but the staff wouldn’t let me on. Now I’m stuck in Luton with no more flights leaving to my destination from anywhere in London on easyjet today…

    I better meet the love of my life here today, he better have really great arms… sooo aggro…

  18. There was some serious energy last night when I began to focus and use it. Time will till with my energy work.

  19. Had a follow up with my tarot lady from a month ago.

    Thought you might find this of particular interest Mystic as Toro is Libra Moon and Saturn has been on his Moon for some time and I know your’s too.

    She said that the Toro is emo withdrawn (understandable with Saturn conjunct Moon). He also has Venus in Aries and apparently, he has behaved in quite an immature fashion in the past with leaving certain relationships hanging up in the air…Lesson time I guess…I remember I dumped the Pisces/Leo Moon-Mars and Saturn shortly was upon his Moon in 5th…

    Never the less, it is understandable about the Venus in Aries too as his Mother acusses him of being just like his father…uncommitted, etc. His Mother and Father were never married. His father black and mother white ( I’ve mentioned this before). Maybe in ’69 (and I’m sure) this was not acceptable.

    Never the less, the tarot lady is so accurate in that she said that my guides told me to give him until Dec 27th.

    Do you know that Dec 28th Saturn moves off of his Moon by one degree?

    How the hell did she know this? And, she told me to work with my dragon energy more. I’m feeling fab lately…the eclipse was right on my Jupiter in 6th trine Mercury/trans Uranus.

    Woke up Thanksgiving morning from a dream of the Toro on the phone with me and he tickled me under my right arm and I wondered how he did that being on the phone. I laughed and laughed so hard that I could barely even whisper the words.

    Then after my three and a half mile walk, I went in the jaccuzzi with my cell phone in my bra…

    Dammit…Phone ruined. Mercury retro same exact day…

  20. with natal mercury in saggo in mc with sun, but not conjunct, and jupiter in gem in ic – yes, it is profoundly so funny seeing the madness of all that merc in saggo described in outer world as the maddest things…i’ve always secretly known i was a jar of nutella, sweet, but blissfully born somewhat mad, and forever in a chocolately swirl of oblivion to serious facts and figs…and gawd i dislike having to do ‘proper logical thinking’, seems too much hard work and so taxing, unless i’m randomly interested in some molehill that i can turn into a mountain of interest, all unplanned of course…the scientific method, well, in my meraggical view – does work in reality, gets nice bridges and important stuff discovered and built safely, but rules out so very much of interest and intrigue and humanity too, esp. from psychological perspective methinks…ok better go and get all serious again in the real logical world and finish current project – can’t believe it, actually focusing on ‘one’ project at the mo & making steady progress…wtf…must be eclipse effect πŸ™‚

  21. So I get a job offer as soon as Mercury goes retro….and I didn’t know them from before.

    How will this play out astro friends!!!??????

    When mercury goes direct the whole thing will blow over?

    • The offer itself may not ‘blow over’ or disappear, but there maybe confusion about the details. Details go astray or haywire in Merc Retros so be diligent in seeking information. Get absolute clarity from them about exactly what is being offered. It is easy to mis-hear and mis-communicate during Merc Retro. If a contract is involved, triple check all details before committing. Also ask yourself if it is what you really want – does it fit with your values & the direction that you want to move in? It may not be possible to delay your reply to them (i.e. let the offer ‘soak’) until Mercury is direct, but do take your time to think carefully about it. Good luck.

      • Thanks so much Nat, that really helps.

        I have been wondering if it is what I really want! And the details are very vague.

        I look forward to seeing how this plays out.

  22. Cerberus conjunct Saturn and IC in last degrees of Toro. What a team. I’m not even sure what this could mean, but I’m so Saturned out already. The thought of Saturn teaming up with Three Headed Hell Hound doesn’t sound particularly good.

  23. Girls just want to have fun…..
    that is where I am at…screw off saturn.
    Letting the past go…yes please, thank you. Looking forward.
    Have gotten more mojo regarding work, but only so i can get it done and get out of town for a week or two.

  24. As a Saggo on a mission to recover maximum moxy mojo, I just have to share the anthem I discovered yesterday to accompany me on my journey (fingers crossed this works, wish I knew how to fo the fancy embed vid thang):

    • not to belabor the point or anything, but you’ve really gotta click that link. So SERIOUSLY Saggo… hay rides, sunshine, HORSES, turquoise instramentation, mad plaid quasi-clownish getups, happy mash of cultural rhythms, gleefully and unrepentantly optimistic and downright good fun. yeahhhh.