Princess Scorpio

Princess Grace in black sunglassesThe beautiful Hollywood actress/Mother/Academy Award Winner/Princess of Monaco/Iconic Hitchcock Heroine/Alleged Sun Cult Priestess Grace Kelly was highly Scorped – Ascendant, Mercury, Sun and Mars – the latter being trine (ahem) Pluto.

For her 40th b-day she held a party to which only Scorpios were to be admitted.Β  But Pisces Elizabeth Taylor managed to score an invite by attending with her Scorpio Lover Richard Burton AND wearing this awesome Scorpio cloak.Β  The Scorpio clasp is diamonds, price on application lol.

Can you imagine being the sole Piscean in a room full of Scorps?


Elizabeth Taylor in Scorpion brooch

And here is SUCH a poignant old picture, no?Β  Btw, the coming Eclipse in December is bang on affecting Princess Diana’s Ascendant in Saggo AND as Saturn is on your Midheaven.Β  I don’t normally speculate on this sort of thing but one would expect some sort Diana-centric info to come out for sure.


Princess Diana with Grace Kelly and Prince Charles

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99 thoughts on “Princess Scorpio

  1. That’s amazing, my dad, his second wife, aunts and many uncles were all scorpios. They didn’t have birthday parties, they had Scorpio parties. Maybe they stole the idea from Princess Grace. Ha.
    Elizabeth Taylor had a scorpio moon so maybe she was ok in the scorp room.
    I love Scorpios…

    I was once at a laundromat and a Scorpio man was doing his washing and having intense conversations about sex and astrology with everyone who came in. He was good looking but super intense.

  2. I think the Fishies can hack it pretty well in a room of Scorps. πŸ™‚ If anyone can, it’s them!

  3. Yeah I agree, the Fish can take them. I have a fellow Scorp friend who used to throw Scorpio Birthday parties too until he married a born again Christian and that was the end of that.

    • Lol, but he won’t stay scorp-neutered for long. His next wife will be a pagan witch priestess.

  4. Have total new theory about Scorps! And that is they’re able to spread their Scorpdom like a disease, in essence turning those with whom they have intense intimate contact with into yes.. yet another Scorp.

    Or was that just me being Pluto’d?

    Maybe that’s what the All-Scorps Soirees are about i.e. World Domination (cue inscrutable, silent yet deadly intent stare).

      • I’m sure I’ve accidentally Scorpified other people. Ooops.
        One ex developed a disturbing obsession with elaborate “artistic rope knotting” and a few other impressively sordid things. I’m not particularly bothered about such, it’s just being around a Scorpio creates the atmosphere for others …
        also I really should stop with the bringing every conversation back to sex, gender, perversions etc. It does just seem to randomly happen – I’m happily chatting away to some outwardly decent-looking married guy and next thing he’s somehow talking about licking champagne off naked bodies … all very innocent and of course nothing further happened but there goes the tone of the evening, it spreads like a verbal virus.

        • That would be the Scorp gift for getting under one’s skin, below the surface to all that delicious dark material. I have a Scorp friend like that. One minute we’re talking about the weather and the next I’m spilling my guts in her confessional. She says it happens all the time.

          Welcome back!

          • Thank you!! πŸ™‚
            The confessional thing happens ALL the time. I should have been a priest. Hmm, dog collars, vestments, seriously hot….

      • Thanks PCFR (sounds like a hallucinogen, hmm how Piscean)..

        Well I found this out when people started assuming I was a Scorp..mainly as what happens to Tati happens to me. It’s like mini-sex therapy sessions that shift from the almost clinical (i.e. influence of size on blood flow etc) to childhood events that influence exactly why roller skates figure in sexual fantasy. That sort of thing.

        I wasn’t convinced until I noticed that I have a LOT of Scorps in my life and one of them held me down with a pincer to ask if I was sure I wasn’t one? Hence the theory.

        Though of course, I’m still very much a lot of other things.. maybe it’s the effect of the sting seeping through..

    • I can not tell you how often I have discussed world domination with other Scorps. I’m not even joking. So long as we don’t get into discussing WHO among us all should take control and lead the others. A ruling body of Scorpios would have to be some kind of secret society syndicate, fueled by rebellions so the system is constantly having to reinvent itself. That seems very Plutonic to me.

    • oh yes!!!!!
      Married to one for 14 years, with another one for over 2. MY ENTirE Adult life. so of course so excited to have the virgo lover….wouldn’t you know it, he has pluto conjunct ascendant!

      these back to back hard pluto transits have transformed me to the very core. Right now, so vibing scorpio. My cancer side has been subdued(dominated) by my jupiter in 8th and North node and IC in scorpio.

    • Scorps can bring out the Scorpionic tendencies in others, yes, I absolutely agree. I have a Scorped up 1st House with several major planets in Scorpio and when I dated Scorpios things were way too intense. Dated a double Scorp, a Leo with Scorp Rising, another Scorpio (I don’t know his astro chart) and best friend a Scorpio (highly packed 8th house). These didn’t go well or end well with the twos Scorpio Rising guys.

      The best relationship was with the best friend so, the intensity didn’t burn us up and drive us mad. Conversations were rarely shallow always about true crimes, film noir, sex and death issues.

      A Virgo is a better balance for me because of my highly intense personality.

  5. Grace Kelly was so beautiful, not warm or as charming as some, but very Goddess. Can’t believe that about the Scorpio party!!! How pagan? It’s hard to believe a princess was allowed to do that sort of thing. Then again, with all the weird stuff you read about online, maybe that’s exactly the shenanigans the royals get up to in their spare time. Either way, I love that Elizabeth does that mutable bow down to the Scorpy thing to score the invite!

    • Then again, it’s kind of a no-brainer. Hm, should I send my super hot Scorpy Hub to a an ALL Scorpio Party of super hot peeps alone? Ahh..?

        • She blinded any potential hot hubby stealers…They barely got a glimpse of the charming Welshman..

          Gem daughter said that gdaughter no longer needs a tuck in at bedtime or so the LIbran/Toro Moon/Gem rising announced the other night..

          “Mother, I have been royaly dissed”…lol

          Just to prepare you Dromz…x lol

          • a) Wow, do you know if Liz actually knew how to program her diamonds as proper crystals etc? I am not sure how much knowledge there was on such things around when she was a girl.. If she knew, my GOD, she would have had such mega protection. If not, maybe, that’s why she had such awful luck with her many ops? Some of those jewels were hundreds of years old and carried the bad luck of meglomanics and murderers.

            b) Nooooooo!!!! I live in kiss ‘n’ hug city currently!! I try to soak it up, but you are right to prep me, πŸ™ ai yaaa!

            c) Warm and charming you say? I just looked up her Moon because you said that, it was in Pisces.. I bet she SEEMED warm, I would l don’t know, I haven’t ever felt a pulse from this lady yet. I am looking forward to being surprised though!

            • Lol maybe charming def. then. Def. Not a cold vibe for me – maybe cool and graceful as hell? Ill try and find the article that I found it from

            • @Dromz…

              b) lol….yes, so cute when they’re little. Gem rising told her Cancerian Mercury and Venus Mother to not get “hysterical”.

              So hilar…

      • Soz, c) was for you! it was my feeling only from watching movies, that’s interesting though.

        • I’ve always read that people were surprised when they met Grace because they expected an ice queen and she was actually pretty bawdy and fun.

            • Yes i have heard the terms casting couch and nympho bandied about Grace Kelly but wasn’t sure whether to believe, there is that Mars trine Pluto tho…

          • You see that’s the thing with us. Just when you think you have us figured out we do something to blow your elegantly constructed theory out of the water. We love nothing better than appearing to be something that we are not. We are quite happy for everyone to think of us as ‘low-scorpio’ types, because we know that one day, we sill surprise everyone. We’re just biding our time, waiting for the right moment to reveal our true higher selves to others. There isn’t anything bad you can say about a Scorpio that they haven’t already said to themselves.

            • “There isn’t anything bad you can say about a Scorpio that they haven’t already said to themselves.”

              I agree, I prefer no one quite figures me out either. I’d rather be seen as a bad girl than a good girl. People take advantage of saints and martyrs.
              When called a lush, rowdy drunk cunt, bitch or whore. I just say thank you.

  6. would a scorpio rising conjunct saturn in scorpio, 8th house stellium with sun,mars, mercury trine pluto (scorpio), south node scorpio be invited?

  7. I’m amazed Liz Taylor went. As a Piscean I would avoid that party like the plague. Firstly because I know it’s bad enough when my mother and sister Scorps are in a room alone with me, secondly, I probably would have had sex with the large majority of everyone in the room, male and female included with my track record of Scorpios.

    • HAHAHAHA Jess ohhhh dear funny because it’s true.

      but i would still go. not for the sex mind you, although i am sure a few phone numbers may be exchanged LOL. imagine the great conversations!! if nothing else (although there’s always something), you can always rely on scorpios for stimulating chit-chat

  8. not so sure about princess grace’s purple outfit, but it was the 1980s I guess.. lady diana looks a little over it.

  9. Funny how scorpio attracts other scorpio sometimes. Imagine the other guests not invited just because of their sun sign? been a while since I could fill a room with other scorps but as I type this I was at an all scorpio drinks last night and one leo writer. he was such a leo too.

    • It seems Scorpios attract other Scorpios but, after the sting they try to destroy each other. Two Scorpions go in a room, only one will live to tell. They do not travel in tribes, and packs they will destroy each other.

      • perhaps true of the arthropod animal kingdom maybe this is where the eagle kicks in as I have a international clan of hot scorpio lasses and I love them all not going to sting my homegirls. x

  10. I got rejected from a waitressing job once because i wasn’t a gemini. If only i’d known my full chart i could have said ‘but i’m gemini rising!’

      • I worked for a company back in the 80’s where a Leo boss refused to hire water signs ’cause she thought they were too emotional. Pfffft. Clearly she had no idea about rising signs and that to have a Cappy rising = no emotions at work. Never shed a single tear at work in all my 25 yrs! Hm, okay… I came close once when my boss told me I wasn’t getting a pay rise after I had worked my arse off.

        In my line of work, earth signs are the hardest workers. If I was hiring waitresses I would def hire air or fire signs.

  11. I love Scorps but that party would be too full on for this Aqua. Liz Taylor had balls……

  12. I couldn’t throw one of these parties, I only know two Scorpio’s that’s my two nephews who are one this year. What a great party lol.

  13. I am going to a Scorpio party next weekend. Not exclusively Scorpio, but a clutch of them are getting together and having a ‘do’. I will proudly declare my (reformed) Mars/Neptune/Venus mashup in Scorpio and take my place among the hotness.

  14. What on earth would a party full of scorpio’s do? Eyeball each other? Sting each other with their hotness? Have an orgy? A seance? I can’t imagine there’d be much fun conversation … they’d have to Hire-A-Saggy to run naked through the room and dive bomb into the hot tub to get things rolling, followed by a Piscean dealer with some good toot. πŸ˜‰

    • prowln – spot on. I’ve often thought that a Hire-A-Saggy would be a great idea for any party, office meeting, Women’s Institute gathering, etc.
      I suspect what would happen at a Scorp party is: “eyeball each other”, practice disturbingly nasty psychosexual mind-games and then have hot, grudging hate-sex and detest each other forever afterwards whilst being totally courteous and lovely when you meet wach other. Well, at least that’s been my experience.
      I’d suggest – decor: baroque, with red velvet, and lots of closets and small spaces to accommodate 2 or 3 people, orgy room as an optional extra but only if it resembles the one in Kubrick’s Eyes Wide Shut. Drinks: champagne, absinthe. Food: possibly the lone Saggy.

      • Poor Sagg. But if they come in lame after one of their wild romps, nature must take its course.

        • Agreed. However remember Darwin said survival of “the most responsive to change” rather than the fittest, so the most adaptable (i.e. flexible Sagg) still has a chance. Maybe.

        • ahahahah I was asking myself who would end up as dinner. in a roomful of scorps i might feel like a seal pup in a shark tank…

      • you forgot wall padding, surveillance cameras and trained staff with thorazine at the ready

      • oooh love that movie tati except for the lame Tom cruise acting.

        me thinks i’ll get out my montage of ‘interesting’ pics tonight for when Lusty comes round.

    • There will be a hot tub. And some of that other stuff you mention.

      Also, I should have referred to them as a ‘nest’ of Scorpios. A ‘clutch’ doesn’t quite tell the whole story.

  15. Being the only Pisces at a Scorp party would probably be fun! I know I’d seek them out, but I’ve got a Pisces moon/ASC. I’d be drawn to the dreamy vibe. And would probably hit on them, ha.

    I’m now kind of bummed that I don’t know enough other Scorps to have such a shindig.

  16. A room full of Scorps? unf unf unf!

    My man has an Aquarian sun, but secretly he is really a scorpio… zey are zee best… zee sexiest… zee most interesting conversationalist… sooo marvelously subversive, and sooo easy to enthrall….

  17. totally wierd Mystic, was reading about her today astrologically πŸ™‚ ,

    Apparently her chart was a rare kind, in that it suggested she was to have glowed with ‘desirability’ as much as it could be possible.

    Her Pisces Moon in the 5th apparently trined all those Scorpio rising planets in the first the book said.

    Was in Marbella 89 staying in a friends villa and could hear this loud, loud party one night over on Majorca, i don’t know if this is true, but next day the locals said it had been one of Liz Taylor’s birthday parties…Had the happiest, most unforgettable and ott time of my life too, got to meet and hang out with an actor and his family every day by the pool in a lush green villa, wild πŸ™‚

    • mmmn, Liz Taylor in a room full of Scorp’s, i’m only guessing, but maybe she’d feel like she was the only fish wiggling about in those luxurious, yet deeply desirous waters πŸ™‚

  18. ” ‘eyeball each other’, practice disturbingly nasty psychosexual mind-games and then have hot, grudging hate-sex and detest each other forever afterwards whilst being totally courteous and lovely when you meet wach other.”

    Thank you for the chillingly accurate description, Tati.

    It would be funny if it weren’t so true.

    Signed, Recently Stung and On Detox from Scorp

    • “Signed, Recently Stung and On Detox from Scorp”

      e tu?

      High Scorps are great – am Gemini, my tribe has its share of gossip mongers, plus I have Pluto square Sun, so I know a couple of things about being secretly obsessive, but oy, a Low Scorp – what a vampire with a gigantic venomous attention.

      • I recommend total detox and cold shoulder. Act as if they no longer exist – you wouldn’t see them if you walked past, they are now in an invisible dimension.
        This will at least knock a Scorp slightly off course as this is our best haute break-up tactic. The Scorp won’t come crawling back (never!) but at least you will retreat with dignity and aplomb and they will secretly respect you and possibly remove some of the pins from the voodoo doll.

        • You are right.

          For this Pisces rising, cutting contact for life was difficult at first, I had believed one should not drop souls, but try to understand them. No trouble with the love for mind games but treating another without respect was unacceptable. This particular Scorp is welcome to push as many pins as fitting on my voodoo doll, let karma be the judge.

          At any rate, low-types of all signs hurt fellow beings. Scorps are no exception, just armed with different type of knives.

        • I have to go total detox because to try to explain or negotiate will only allow Scorp to sharpen his game.

        • i think a more piscean approach, and possibly even more subtle than the scorp approach, is when someone – lets say that ex-scorp – no longer *emotionally* exists to the pisces. The ex is about as relevant to the pisces as a piece of gravel on the roadside. Less even; a ripple that has diminished and is absorbed by the opposite shoreline on the otherside of the world never to be seen nor experienced again.

          This way although it may take a bit longer and some more self-analysis, the pisces does not even have to think about ignoring the other person, or waste precious energy ‘disappearing’ them – take the healing to the next level and bless the past, forgive us our trespasses as we shall not trespass against them (lolol that’s the first time i have ever used a prayer but it makes sense, you know?). this way any further interactions are psychically at arms’ length – it’s easy to talk to or cross paths with the scorp because you simply experience no static. the charge has gone.

          Slate clean, psyche clean, forgiveness moves to higher level, we regenerate fresh mind and heart.

          good luck xxx

          • just focus on your highest good and being the better person in the scenario; envision some kind of state of blissful happiness for your own existence. if highest good includes initial space-detox then so be it xx hope that’s not too fluffy for your current state…

          • but watch out for shitful boundary-crossing behavour from Ex regardless – saturn girl has a part to play in matters of the heart too. ok, over and out.

          • “The ex is about as relevant to the pisces as a piece of gravel on the roadside. Less even; a ripple that has diminished and is absorbed by the opposite shoreline on the otherside of the world never to be seen nor experienced again”

            Isn’t there a little of your Cap moon (?) coming through in that comment? Hehe

            • heh, i don’t know, is that a cappy moon thing? the emotional distance perhaps…
              i sort of thought it related to emotional healing and being at peace but totes open to interprtation πŸ˜‰

              • but emotional distance versus wholeness and ownership of pain/love, then truly moving on , i see as different things.

                • yeh i was referring to the emotional distance. The moon being emotions et al. Surely you don’t consider ALL your exes as irrelevant as a piece of gravel on the roadside?? 😯

                  Being an emotional Scorp, I always blame my Cap rising when i feel nothing but I guess Scorp water is capable of freezing over. Nobody I ever loved is irrelevant. They remain forever in my heart. Easy to dismiss and forget the ones I never cared for though.

                  I do see the difference between your last statement but that wasn’t clear in your first comment. I just pictured the lonely piece of gravel on the road and felt a twinge in my heart. I felt like that bit of gravel during my Saturn/Venus transit. πŸ˜†

                • it could be a safety mechanism, but honestly scorpy TOC, I have dated such fucking jerks it always comes as a real pleasure when I realise I have arrived at the point that they don’t even blip my hearbeat, for good or bad. it is a blissful serene feeling to look at them / think about them (if i must) and feel nothing but a cool breeze and open skies where the relationship once stood.

                  I’m sure it takes two to tango so I am as responsible for remaining in the relationship as they were for being assholes. But we learn. And trust me when I say I know exactly how it feels to be the piece of gravel on the roadside too xxxxx

                  • oh I know the feeling… it’s been a very, very, very long time since I’ve been in love (not since Neptune went into Aqua), so I’ve forgotten the process… and the jerks.

                    My sweet little venus Libra heart is wishing and hoping to appreciate the open skies with someone beside me. Perhaps Neptune in Pisces will bring the change πŸ™‚

          • That is where I ended up at the end.

            It is the indifference that ends the long road of agony.

            Whenever something reminds me the hurt, I whisper – let the person be away from me, close to heavens. No ill wishing, no cursing, no need to carry the responsibility, moral weight of forgiving, of further analysis, of being hurt, of anger. Just move on like water flowing through rocks.

            -signed detoxing Pisces rising

            • and RELIEF – freedom from all the crap that comes with relationships. (but maybe that’s just me πŸ˜‰ )

    • funny if it weren’t so true….most definately.

      The last scorpio sun taught me to sting in a way I never thought I was capable of. Still detoxing.

  19. In a room full of scorps.. the one and only.. H. R. H. Queen PISCES – No one before – no one to come..

    • I get this, nepturan!a… it didn’t seem at all surprising. A proper strong Piscean, that is, even strong in all your vulnerability, could do this beautifully.

      Your name sounds like you enjoy Neptune and Uranian influences, like Elizabeth Taylor, no?

  20. I so would love to have been at that party. Everyone knows my track record with scorpios….

  21. Diana centric info? I can’t imagine what. Is there a Diana asteroid? As in the princess?