New Age Nasty Chicks: Gerberas Vs Pterodactyls

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Pulp Fiction Witch So i love this cover – it would make an excellent online dating ad if you wanted to target the sort of people who want potions in their house and witches in the bed etc.

I think i actually prefer the Vintage Sleaze approach to paganism to the New Ageie ‘Gerbera’ one.

In fact, there have been quite a lot of posts here about the sort of dicky, annoying New Age men, right? Most memorably Bad Guru.

Courtesy of men such as the Find My Goddess Guy (i’m not linking, lol) and the Yod-Father, there have been screeds of hellishly amusing and evocative comments re such sleazebucket men. You know, guys who interpret the King of Wands in a spread as being their cue to get, well, phallic.

BUT what about the naff, awful women attracted to the New Age realms? It’s not just males who use it as an excuse to morph into complete twits or access their inner sleazy git. Let’s be fair here: no gender bias.

Lady Crab and I have split annoying New Age woman into two categories:

* Gerberas – they decorate a lot with this flower, even their website or brochure design, wring their hands a lot and like to pass off their laziness, incompetence or plagiarism as them being more Zen or “sharing the light”. They have secretly really intense, awful crushes on angels or aliens and are often raving hypochondriacs. In their past life they were always the Empress of Atlantis or Hatshepsut. They don’t usually have real psychic powers but they say they do and cover up the lack-there-of by sighing a lot, nodding empathetically or blaming YOU for not being clear enough for them to “read.”

* Pterodactyls – they are like a Gerbera lady but super-furious. They stride the earth looking to hex every potential lover not “evolved” enough to get involved with them. They’re often involved with married guys and spend an inordinate amount of time checking out the charts of his wife hoping she’ll be committed to a lunatic asylum and considering it to be a karmic relationship. They wear big crystal jewellery, love ritual and often turn up at big New Age functions where they get ultra-competitive with other Pterodactyls over whose got the most aligned chakras or channelling the most enlightened being.

Note that i did not say New Age Bitches out of respect to Bitch Goddesses such as Hecate & Lilith.

Anyway, what are your thoughts on this?

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139 thoughts on “New Age Nasty Chicks: Gerberas Vs Pterodactyls

  1. Definitely work with some New Age Gerberas complete with chunky crystal jewellery. They often wear the same hue for months on end, in a pack and praise each other on the colour each other’s wearing. Having a long term illness really brought out the ‘best’ helpful comments from them. Apparently i need to align my chakras better and perhaps wear a range of sarongs to work to show my complete ease with my new found enlightnement. Thank my lucky stars for Lilith in Virgo and a good sense of caring for my own body. Sometimes I hear people taking some pretty extreme advice on board. A client was getting some medical aid recently from medically trained staff when this completely flakey Piscean who uses baby talk and cutesy facial expressions (she’s older than i am) butted in with some random ‘help’ regarding essential oils.

    Love this take on emergency care!

    The New Age Pterodactyl delighted in telling me that i would be unwell for years, and suggested i had mercury poisoning.

    • Yes! Thank you, Gerberas love baby talk and to suggest that someone’s broken wrist actually just needs infusions of meadowflower and you know, wellness.

      • Both of them suffer from the proverbial “if you can’t be special in your own life” go off and “be special in the New Age”. Both species are a nightmare. Met one once who did a bells palsy, from channeling too much and she claimed she had no Karma and was about to leave the planet!!!. Fuq she must be the only person on this earth who has no karma. Funny thing though she had a “practice” which was very busy, attracting other delusionists!

    • Mitchell & Webb!! Funny stuff. Thanks for the intro.. I will be checking them out .. lots!

      • Yes, i found it on a support forum for my condition. The administrator has thorough and brilliant medical knowledge, as well as having lived with the condition for years. Watched it on a particularly bad health day, and it brought a welcome smile ๐Ÿ™‚

  2. Also can tell in a flash when people claiming to have psychic powers don’t. There’s definitely such a thing as practice and honing one’s craft but i’m a snob on this one: witches are born not made.

  3. We all know those types – meh.
    Don’t get me started…
    Funny how many come across as vibing this Spiritual Superiority/Snobbery complex.
    And I’m sorry, but crushed velvet aint flattering on anyone honey.

  4. One low desperate point of illness saw me at at the local ‘health’ store in consultation with a therapist. Walked away with Feverfew and began taking the recommended dose three times a day. Strange symptoms developed, including rapid heart and just weird feeling, like losing my marbles.

    Funnily enough, I had seen an episode of the BBC series on the history of food, Supersizers Go Restoration, in which Sue had given herself tansy poisoning and related the symptoms on her evening video diary. Checking online revealed that Feverfew is indeed Tansy, and that its use has ceased to be recommended medically, plus it is highly toxic. Thanks, New Age Bumf Pedlars!

    • Are you sure you weren’t just given tansy – abortificant extraordinaire? They’re not the same plant – do you have allergies to pyrethrum? daisies and chrysanthemums are in the same family. Feverfew is great for migraines and arthritis. A leaf a day keeps them away and I’ve never had a side effect from it after some years of use off and on. Tansy IS dangerous tho. Harbalists don’t really give it out any more. Feverfew is Tanacetum parthenium and Tansy is Tanacetum vulgare. Tanacetum is the genus and vulgare is the species. It’s like all cats are from the same family but not all of them belong on t-shirts LOL No let’s be serious, this is a serious business – domestic cats are from the same family as wild ones – but not as dangereux.

      • Woah! I threw out the bottle and can’t remember which species but I did look it up botanically. Mind, I’m not so great with daisy… it makes my body cringe. I have eaten chrysanthemum on several occasions, and not noticed any reaction.

        Not all cats belong on tshirts! Ha ha i used to have colleague who must have time skipped straight from the early eighties: he wore aviator SPECTACLES and often a fitted windcheater (!) with an applique lion on it. I could hardly breathe on those days!

        • YES! always with the applique – did his have a snazzy message in there as well? If you’re no good with daisy then feverfew is def not for you. The pyrethrum which is the key oil or ingredient or whatever you call it is also used in “natural” bug repellents for plants. It stinks.

  5. Met many a gerbera in my day. Do enough workshops and explore different modalities and you’ll always find a a fresh vase full of them.

    I have seen gerberas with big rocks too, also scarves, headwear and well just trinket laden carrying what I’ll loosely call a hippy bag ~ don’t get me wrong, I like some of this stuff too but it’s not because I’m trying to act like I just stepped off the magical rainbow escalator from heaven this morning and I’m here to grace you with my infinite knowing.

    Pteradactyls, well I don’t know that I know many but I daresay they cloak some of their spiritual mojo (reserved for private), hence not kicking around in a tie-dye caftan. I’m sure I’ve known a couple, def one although she’d make my astro chart reading look genius by comparison but she was a bit of a viper in those situations simultaneously playing helpless female.. can’t change the lightbulb type thing.. which I find infuriating and manipulating.

  6. I have a friend who demonstrated to me that the most spiritual people don’t bang on about how spiritual they are, they simply get on with life and do their best quietly without any noise. I used to say about Reiki Masters (sorry, I’m one myself so if I get up anyone’s nose, feel free to tell me) that a little spiritual learning is a very dangerous thing. One woman I knew portrayed herself as terribly, terribly New Agey spiritual yet said the most gross things about Aboriginal people. Another told me how Jesus has spoken to her then also started to shoot her big gob off about how awful and primitive Aboriginal people were until I told her to shut up, such comments weren’t tolerated in my house. My Aboriginal friend went to a Reiki healing circle and was heartily offended by the condescending attitude of the white women towards her, as if she was as thick as two short planks. My view is that if you claim to be spiritual then you need to extend it into every area of your heart and head, not to be selective about the recipient of your spirituality.

    • Libraquarius, you do not get up anyone’s nose. How can you when you just tell it like it is? There are great nurturing qualities in many different healing modalities, it’s just that finding an awesome practitioner is tough. As Mystic pointed out, it can also be a great cover for intellectual laziness and lack of empathy.

      Remember a while back when i saw your hand and then there was a link to your photo of hand? OK call me flakey for having an inkling of the energy you possess in those sparky creative hands of yours, but at least i know it’s simply my opinion. If you had lived closer to me, I was thinking of asking for Reiki from you last winter. Much respect xx

      • Thank you, milleunanotte, bowing deeply . What I found amazing was that when I was back in the UK where I was born, the healing work I did was virtually instantaneous, which was a hell of a surprise. I’d hold someone’s sore wrist and the pain would disappear. They’d say “Wow, I’m better”. And I’d say: “Eh? Are you sure? You’re not making it up?”. And I remember doing a healing on one person and getting such a clear vision of the movements they needed to do to get rid of the pain. Weird stuff, maybe because it’s a natural energy for me. As for Reiki, if you (or anyone else, for that matter) are around this area, feel free to drop in and say hi, and get some Reiki. Open house!

        • Very very interesting !! I have the same thing (tho not as strong) – I just don’t seem to “connect” here in Oz, even though I love it, and consider it my home, all the energy seems to flow much more easily when back in Blighty….

          Maybe its psychosomatic ? I have deep misgivings about the European History in Australia – particularly here in WA, what I know of it is awful, and I cannot help but think that the natural energy has been deeply disrupted as a result of the grotesque violence that was perpetrated upon the indigenous peoples here….

          Hope I’m not coming across as too much of a Gerbera here ๐Ÿ™‚ but its interesting to hear someone else say it….

          • I too had a different experience when I got here – when I go home poof! it comes on strong – it’s the difference in the energy of the land that I put it down to. Whenever an energy associated with indigenous culture has come on it’s been pretty powerful tho. I think it’s ancestral – find a tree from the land of your ancestors somewhere in your neighbourhood and see if you can connect more easily with the land with the tree as the conduit. Tune in to how it’s adapted, meditate on root system etc. see what you find x

            • Stones…find the stones. Go to Denmark, and ignore the faux-witchy community. If you ask them they’ll try to stop you from getting to the Teeth rocks. One looked pointedly at me and said take a photo if you find it and send it to us. Silly silly women. I found it all right despite the bad dreams, the nighttime drumming and the needle then scissors in my path. I wore a silver hat and a red coat and took PLENTY of photos. None of which i sent to the silly women. WA is a harsh and beautiful place. Careful of the wild energies there. Personally, i love it though it definitely made me shiver. Down South I become drawn to strange places in the bush , all not-listening wandering -off-the-path…you can practically hear voices going Miranda! Miranda! lol

              • Now I have goosebumps…

                The Dreamtime stories of WA remind me a lot of the Celtic myths- the idea of a cruel binding geas that you can incur by mistake, with no ill-intention on your part that forms such a deep part of the darker Celtic myths. In the same way, here you can make a truly innocent mistake – walking somewhere you’re not supposed to be – picking up a feather, or a rock – and suddenly you’re on the wrong side of the beings who dwell there, with almost no idea about where this sudden deluge of bad luck has come from.

                Careful of the wild energies you say…. goosebumps I say ! You’re so right.

                I’ve been to Gracetown, on Cowaramup Bay, three times and that was enough. That place is cursed. A pall of sadness hangs over it like a thick sea mist…

                Denmark, on the other hand, I’ve always liked. I also like Augusta, even though it seems the perfect setting for a Lovecraft story. Albany I like in and of itself, but the murdered whales taint the place. Esperance I have lived in, and like. Cape LeGrand is magical – no two ways about it.

                I shall go looking for the Teeth. I’ve always loved the bones of this place. I write poems to them ๐Ÿ™‚

    • Yep!

      The idea of ‘spirituality is sometimes quite distorted. Looking at yourself is fundamental and if a judgement comes up (and they do, it’s inherent in programming of humans) then it’s an opportunity to learn about yourself. address it within and not project it onto others.

    • Absolutely! My teacher told me “you heal by being.” It would be fun, I guess, to make my spiritual life a part of my ego in the form of clothes, gadgets, etc, so people could see and know how spiritual I am. But that’s just not how it works. The more spiritual someone claims themselves, the more distance they create between themself and spirit. And there is bad, bad, karma for people misleading others on the spiritual path. I don’t know about Gerberas and whatnot. Is that an Austrailian thing? In the States, its people doing everything from the heart chakra – both genders. As if the Creator made us with one chakra only. The “all is love” people deny everything unless its “loving.” Its a “nice” attitude that leads to all sorts of repression, projection and illness.

      • nicely put – there’s a lot to be said for the red orange and yellow chakras – the anchors.

        • Yeah, I don’t know why the lower ones are duh a tough sell. People make themselves crazy tryin to do pure heart 24/7

    • I used to work in an New Age crystal store and had to deal with the uber snobbie rich yuppie folks. They wanted to buy or possess Native American spirituality but,white man versions of dream catchers- ugh. If you are racist then buying trinkets or expensive large crystals isn’t going to change you into a spiritual person overnight. Somehow, the racism will keep getting in the way.
      However, the crystal pieces we sold were elegant and refined and actual quite beautiful. I enjoyed studying them and polishing them daily.
      I’ve seen them all the flakes, the snobs, the weirdos, the pagan witches. It was fascinating.
      Even Sting. lol!

      • Sadly appropriating fetishes and amulets from other cultures to gain cultural currency is the epitome of the age. We’ve lost touch with our ancestors and tribal culture and some people will do anything to appear to have a link with one no matter how tenuous. One of my lovely friends used to live in NY and she came under the influence of a woman who would charge her $1000 for candles and mantras to make her life “right”. My darling would call me and talk to me about it and she was working her ass off to pay for this woman’s candles whilst I suspect giving up food etc. to pay for them. Because I didn’t think it was right to interfere with her choices – she’s a grown up and I love her but I can’t make choices for her – I was left saying things like I hope this woman is teaching you how to fish and not just giving you the fish? Or this is clearly sympathetic magic / visualisation and it works like this… to try to take the layers of mystique away so she could see if it was candles she wanted she could probably sort that out without the need for the thousand dollar lady. I suspect the candle lady was a pterodactyl.

  7. I’ve had some pretty funny astrology consults over the last few years I have to say – I always think astrology is kind of not of that same genre of thing as say channeling or some of the other bastions of the gerbera pterodactyl types but sometimes the astrologers like to mix it up with some snippets of their own take on things as opposed to what your chart is saying and there’s been some pretty random suggestions made to me by them. Justifying/explaining their tangential extrapolation of your transits via their own quirky niche interests or lifestyle choices – just because I’m talking to you doesn’t mean I AM you. I had a goddessy one that made me cringe. I had to ask them to stop all that and focus on the chart. Only in a more irritated way than I just made that sound. It just made me feel like I’d wasted my $ and I could’ve read the chart for myself for free and not had to hear about the inuit goddess who was watching over me as I sweltered in 40ยฐ heat.

    • You had one of ‘those’ goddessess watching over you in 40 deg heat.. that’s so rare.. unlike my sarcasm.. such a special gift! LOL.

      Yep, it’s like if it’s not fluffed up with something it’ll be less plausible.. reckon it’s designed for the one who has the issue about charging for the service.. if it’s not a great reading that gets them right where they want to be (could be right where I think they need to be) then I will have this awful undercurrent rising about charging for this. Not all readings need to be AMAZING!!!!

      • No just the simple nuts and bolts works for me most often! but my chart makes peeps say off the wall stuff and sometimes I just need to know how to get along. I LIVE with the chart so it’s not news to me that things can get wacky you know? I also felt guilt because I felt like I was dissing the goddesses who had come to save me from the fate worse than whatever it was that was happening but they were being used against their wills I’m sure of it. The goddess WANTED me to stop the carry on then and there. Best astro consult I’ve ever had that mingled modalities was a chiron transit consult combined with aura soma consult. She was weird tho too but I ignored it. She accused me of memorising what the bottles were before hand and choosing not from the intuition. There’s more than 100 bottles. Why would I bother? She was just irritated and afterwards she told me her sad story and which bottles she picked when she first did it and how hers was all about cancer and mine wasn’t (because my chiron was in a different place to hers and I am not her DER!) so I forgave her the injustice of being accused of faking my own consult and wished her womb well as I left with my pretty bottles. Very strange.

            • God so true as well. I hate it when people whisk off into tangents (esp goddess or past life) in a reading. Its like just read the damn thing and stop crapping on about your “perceptions” of otherworld activity that is most def bollucks. Wearing white does not make you spiritual. fact. The best witch I ever knew was a massive bogan and could read and channel in her multiple pierced biker tattoo body over anyone anyday.

        • Yeah.. still running with exactly what I said.

          I’ve only had few astro consults, thankfully not mxed with auro-soma although I’ve experienced it’s weirding. All for the ideals at a higher order but, again, mix our own stuff into a read and you’re wrong.. staight up. No question.

          All I can say is that it’s an unsatisfactory result for spirit (maybe not ego) when the read-ee is questioning where they’re at in respect to the reader and the reader is unaware of this and obliviously interjecting their own stuff in the mix. Volitile chemistry.

          No wonder you’re walking off wishing her womb well.. weird but whilst there is this energy transeference btwn both it shouldn’t result in the read-ee feeling like they need to do something for the reader. Hello, sought consultation, paid for consulation, thanked reader for consultation, universal gratitude for enlightenment taken away to muse upon. End.

  8. Back in the new, New Age day, late 80’s/90’s, witnessed many being “spiritual” but were they real? Were they doing the inner work or just seeking to wave a crystal around and shazam. Luckily my loner parts with my own godness distanced me from such groups. I questioned if I was being arrogant. No, I was following my inner guidance. Don’t really judge other’s short sightedness tho as was told ‘”there is no place to go”…in other words, enlightenment is an inside job, it’s about perception and what a disillusionment bubble that popped for me…It was OMG…I get it. I knew then it was going to be work…

    Went to a workshop in ’96 and all were requested to wear white. That was fine but what did that really have to do with who I was on the inside.

    Seems so many got mystified by the symbology of it all. And now here we are…a huge reality check.

    My own sister thought she was from a mother ship so to speak. I suggested she go for the gold..the Higher Self, beyond all appearances. “For even you will see that (your appearance) as an illusion”

  9. Sounds like many women I met living around Byron Bay for 10 years. My friends engagement party got hijacked by these ptero types who decided she needed a hippy bonding ritual so they just took over. i went screaming for the hills until it was all over. it was cringe city.

  10. Ha ha!! I don’t know anyone like this, more stories! Really don’t like gerberas… But I did get told off recently for making judgments by a lovely lady in birkinstocks. She said I needed to be in the Oneness. I told her we were here to to learn make good judgements, that we already come from Oneness. She looked a bit ‘ohh’. Apparently she had written a few books on how to be happy, but I wasn’t sold.

    • interesting that you fixated on the shoes ๐Ÿ˜€ that makes me smile. I feel the same way about people who bang on about karma – western culture does not really get the concept of karma. It’s not payback vs smackdown. It just is.

      • My understanding is we accept our karma on a soul level, that we want to learn, and it’s not something we should ever observe without compassion when others are suffering through it…
        & I don’t mind birkenstocks if they are worn stylishly, but yes, I often see them as the ultimate arrogant spiritual pride shoe. “I am wholistic, I am ergonomic, I am cork soled, I am birkenstock..” so then I can be grotty and worn out. etc.

  11. I really rarely like gerberas, the actual flowers I mean. Culturally – sub, I find the gerbera to be more in the conservative realm of flower action, or if not conservative – straight types w the perfectly clean house, boring interior design, and bored housewife syndrome, maybe that’s a bris thing. I’ve frequented a lot of groups, workshops etc where these women you speak of are to be found, and I think there is more variety in the types you speak of… I must admit that at times, from the outside I may have appeared like one of these types, starting my “spiritual” journey wearing all white and having those blessed out eyes – they spin me out the most these days… I was learning a whole lot of info about body, mind, spirit, and I’m pisces moon, so can be like a sponge and absorb what’s around me, therefore I’m sure I came across like this at times, flake, out of touch with reality and having no evidence for statements I was making. But the experiential journey into body, mind and spirit eventually led me back to academia to ground the knowledge I had acquired. However I think the reason or one of them I would have appeared valley at times was because I wad never convinced and always had an internal rebel. Learning the art of philosophical inquiry and inquiry into consciousness took it all a lot deeper for me to something that felt real and explainable. There are many explanations or understandings for what is going on with these women but some of it is just plain old narcissism and delusions of grandeur. I’m inspired by my yoga teacher who is so down to earth as she talks about opening your heart, that I can feel her wellness, she is clear, alert and compassionate, no googly eyes or baby voice… oh the shame!

    • No shame lovely.

      Me~ rock chic, unashamedly but always spiritualises and always amused at external judgements of external appearances. Whatever, it means nothing.

      Gerberas cluster in Bris.. I agree!! I never new as many in Melbourne.. think you’d have clusters of the other type to be honest, at least if I dredge out archives that would be my experience.

      • Ugh, I am in Brisbane and have thankfully not recently encountered one. They are horrid! And so…90s. Like having a sunflower in a big jug with a Vincent van Gogh painting on it or something.

      • maybe like the future thinkers in the amazing animation suggested by larks on the pluto in cap books post the gerberas all cluster in particular geographical areas – it’s easier to be a gerbera in a balmy climate? In Melbourne I encountered a LOT of steiner anthroposophical (not sure if that’s spelled right) people and people who were obsessed with fairies. In Melbourne if there was a van gogh sunflower it would be embroidered or cross stitched onto something and hung on the wall with the kitsch but clever plate collection.

        • I’ve never been there but I’m wary of places that people shorten the name of and then when it’s dropped into conversation everyone just smiles inanely and nods like they’ve all been part of the same cult. The cult of Byron. Maybe they’ve all had a brush with gerberas? I’ve noticed the same kind of reactions to the word Noosa – that’s where people get their chakras in touch with their inner african drummer? And sorry don’t mean to sound rude/overtly urban but when you’ve never been somewhere and it’s not part of your culture you notice things about the way peeps from the culture you’re visiting react when certain words are mentioned. Like if you were in NZ in the 90s and said “nelson” you’d get a similar reaction.

  12. Just exhibited at my first New Age Expo in NYC and was astounded by the many characters wandering around in all their enlightened magnificence. I admit, I’ve been under a rock for quite some time, perfecting my potions and spells (no lie!) in relative solitude and serenity, but I was NOT prepared for the aggressive hysteria that permeated this venue. Yes, some of the women were half-baked psychics looking to balance any chakra they could get their hands on, but it was the men in this group who were like sharks. Had a self-proclaimed genius who called himself a Zen Master stand in front of me, ask if I had a lover and belligerently insist that I would be swept away with a desire to take on a second lover and bed him — no strings, he’s already married! How nice. Another Life Coach “remembered” me from a past life together in Ancient Egypt (perhaps he was Hatshepsut? LOL!). Aside from the annoying psycho-bats, the rest of it left me feeling sad for the many people who were wandering around like lost souls, looking for something they could hold on to. Going to hold on to my trine in Earth and stay grounded — my hope is that by doing so I will inspire others, practitioners and clients both, to do the same.

    Thanks for the opportunity to vent here. I love your columns and have so enjoyed the comments from this cozy, sane community.

    • Know where you’re coming from. My friend took me to a healing centre on Mt Tamborine and she worshipped the woman in charge. I went for a healing (as one does in the early days of spiritual enthusiasm) and when she walked out I felt an instant repulsion. Overrode it because I thought I didn’t know enough but my intuition was damned right. All the way through the healing session, she talked to her assistant about the gold jewellery she was going to buy in Singapore, and then she told me she was pulling out an evil spirit from my belly. Well, talk about a performance worthy of an Oscar – she strained mightily, teeth clenched, sweat on her brow, all to no avail as I was trying desperately not to laugh my head off. Once bitten, twice shy. I did hear her again when a friend shouted me a ticket to an international speaker on matters metaphysical. I thought the speaker spoke bullshit, was manipulating the audience4 and was relying on mass hysteria. I was the only one who refused to stand up and give him a standing ovation at the end, and then this bloody woman stood up with a so-called question but really an excuse to demonstrate how spiritual she was by having a vision of rainbow spaceships descending in a hole on earth. Yeah, right, cue for molto puking from moi.

      • This reminds me of the Crystal Castle in the Byron hinterland. I love me some crystals, but they charge entry to the place. It’s a shop. So already irritated by having to pay to get into a shop, I started looking at the overpriced crystals only to overhear the people who ran the place having a massive argument about money.

        Had to get out of there.

        • Find Crystal Castle too overwhelming though it is pretty. Having such massive crystals around makes everyone’s chakra’s just gallop and if you are in the slightest state of imbalance it can exacerbate that – thus the argument’s. I have a friend who works with some of the people there, he says they are actually really great, don’t know to say for myself tho.

  13. You are hilarious! I’ve met both having lived in places that attract inordinate numbers of them. The Gerberas, although annoying, are pretty much benign and can be easily avoided. The Pterodactyls, on the other hand, are very dangerous and must be avoided at all costs. But they too are pretty easy to flush out. HOWEVER, the scariest of all are those who appear to be Gerberas yet are Pteros in disguise — sort of like wolves in sheep’s clothing. I’ve seen far too many men duped and ultimately burned/ trashed (literally!) by those!

  14. Hehe very funny Mystic, and so on the money. And both kinds are total energy vampires – they hang on you even if they’re not talking to you. They love my partner (childlike, innocentesque piscean boy) – i’m a take-no-shit taurean with intense green eyes and dark hair which makes the eyes stand out more – one ‘look’ from me when they’ve attached to my boy, the gerberas wilt and the pterodactyls screech and tale flight lol.

    • The ascenders – I had a phase when I met a lot of “ascenders” waif women with mia farrow / rosemary’s baby haircuts or alternatively long straight hair like crystal gayle – always wearing white, looking like they just stepped off a cruise ship only less relaxed/sexed/tanned, they usually have some kind of geometric arrangement in gold hanging round their necks – it’s the matrix that’ll take them back to the mother ship – one day that ol thing’ll light up and bob’s your uncle whaaaaaa (that’s angels singing), they’ll ascend – their names are on the guest list you understand? They also hang in packs. It’s all very one flew over the cuckoo’s nest. Haven’t seen any lately – maybe they were all called up? Or maybe my frequency wasn’t high enough for them? They’re like the christian sub-sect that’s on a par with raelians.

      • and yes, even though they seem pretty innocuous ascenders are always on the campaign trail and if you’re not interested in joining their team they turn in a heartbeat – with a vacant look in their eyes and some kind of snarky ye shall not pass the gates of MY heavenly kingdom if I have anything to do with it way – not with words, with the vacant eyes – like the undead. Revolting.

      • Raelians! LOVE! It’s my favourite comment when people are being extra flakey: Oh, so you must be a Raelian!

    • god I am SO sorry about my random clickery today – everything in my house is wacky – the tv won’t get a signal, the computer /mouse have a glitchy jumpy thing going on and it’s all a bit haywire.

  15. My comment?


    I find the gerberas lethal… All that unpleasantness that they aren’t showing, is just lying in wait for when you piss them off.

    Gerberas are South African Dandelions, BTW….. They just rebred them until they were big enough to sell…..

      • It’s a daisy, not a dandelion. Different subfamilies. I think associating them with New Agey trends is due mostly to the fact that it’s become a very commercially used flower. I remember them being very trendy when I was in highschool in the mid-late 90’s, maybe as a way to reconnect with the hippie vibe of the 60’s. Lots of girls had stickers of them in their lockers, on folders or as decorative elements in their bedrooms. My sister had a big glass jar of fake ones that she had in her room for a while.

        Luckily I don’t think I know any new agey types of either sort. Most are people around my age who got into the neopagan trend in the 90’s, helped along with movies like “The Craft” and books written by Silver Ravenwolf or DJ Conway. I had a few books by the later, but never really liked Ravenwolf. I liked the rituals involved, the accessories of cauldrons, athames and candles, etc. and the lore and myth of the ancient gods and goddesses. But I was always more of a student than a regular practitioner. Though I still have several years of Llywellyn’s Magical Almanacs stacked in the corner of my bookshelf. ๐Ÿ˜‰

        • DJ Conway was one of the authors I used to choose when buying books for a pagan shop – great accessible writing style. I thought the solitary practitioner by Silver Ravenwolf was useful at the time but I remember thinking also that she seemed quite hung up on a lot of rules and regulations and if you want to do your thing on your own you clearly need a bit of freedom from all that. I love and kept the almanacs too – the moon ones are so useful even once the year is over.

          • I’ve got ’98 to 2004 still. Always looked forward to seeing what the cover art would be too. I liked that they were a mix of mythology, traditional lore, spells, recipes and craft projects. I would still be buying them today only I did start to notice that after a few years the material starts to repeat itself.

            I remember in those days the bookstores (even the big chains) had whole sections on “the occult” and “new age” practices. Now it’s called “spirituality” and is lumped together with angels, astrology, UFOs and past lives all on one shelf. I don’t even know if their are new pagan or earth tradition books worth reading or even being written now. My favorite author was always Vivianne Crowley. I still refer to her “Celtic Wisdom” for celebrating the seasons.

    • I meant metaphorically.
      As in… it’s a weed.

      Sorry. I’ll bust out my botanist/herbalist/florist background instead of making bad poetry next time.

  16. O.M.G. I have come across a gerbera before. They’re the ones who put on this front like they’re full of love and light when in reality they are full of nothing but piss and shiite, no? And its useless when you confront them on their bullshit because they’ll just project it back onto you saying that whatever problem you have them may really be unresolved issues with yourself from the past or some other passive-aggresive crap. And YES to the fake psychic abilities. I cannot believe this one lady who has been CONNING people with her so-called “insights”.

    The whole irony is that they’re the ones with the least depth; they sincerely believe spirituality/altruism/empathy (for whatever is their “cause of the day) is something for show. Rant over.

  17. Having studied Astrology in Calif in the 70s and 80s—-I can’t even count how many of the ‘experts’ wore big crystal jewelry and always chaneled, someone cooler than the person standing next to them with slightly smaller cyrstals on…lol
    I bless the day that the computer program was created to do the calculations for a chart, which allowed research capabilities to excellerate.
    Goddesses, astroids and sharing of myths, awesome !!!

    • Yes! Be your own guru. Foucault said knowledge is power, and it applies just as much to the occult and spirituality as anything else.

  18. This is funny . You have to feel some empathy for these types however as they probably came to this place from an epiphany during their spiritual journey but just went a bit astray. There’s bad types in all realms. I just smile and nod.

  19. I agree its a great feeling and needs to be experienced from within and not in some fuqed up chanting ceremony. I experienced it during the summer while i reclused from people. Headed to glastonbury uk to ‘shambala’ crystals selling for thousands but the woman seemed as shrewd as ever… My kinda bitch. AnywAy it seemed like she wanted to laugh at how people were bowled over by energies emitted yet she was cashing in on donations for the charity etc.. Its beAutiful but its personal and should not be exploited or you end up payi g for your gurus rolls royce and mansions… I think i have an idea! Watchi this documentry and be amazed. Mystic i think im in love with you!!!

  20. Haven’t met a human being with a heartbeat who wasn’t spiritual. Am wary of people who feel the need to tell me, they’re Chrisitans/Buddhists/Sufis Ascended Masters (wtf methinks) or one who told me she was born an Illuminati–had to go and look that one up which was kinda interesting.

    There’s a reason such people feel the need to tell you such things about how good/holy/enlightened they are and this reason seems to run counter to their claims.

    Had some dingbat (male) tell me he had decided to ‘invoke’ God. Gee I thought, God should be so lucky. Eeedjit.

  21. Would be interested to hear what people think of landmark?
    I think the descriptions above seem to fit? Yes no?

    • A friend told me about Landmark and I watched the 7.30 report. Anyone who claims they can provide you with instant happiness/success/enlightenment in seven days is a complete fraud, charlatan and scammer. Life happens. You go with the flow, walk your talk, sing your song and hopefully grow into what astro-wise you came into this earth to be.

    • haha, I was going to say after reading everyone’s experiences above the Landmark course my parents took me to seems tame lol.

    • Landmark uses stock standard group hypnosis sessions to give people a false impression they’ve made emotional and spiritual breakthroughs. They put large numbers of people in a room for long hours without proper breaks to increase their suggestibility and hype the fuck out of them.

      Google Werner Erhard, and read up on some of the shit that went down when Landmark was called EST. Also, there was a recent case of a woman suiciding after one of the courses.

      I’ve dealt with people post Landmark, who are wigging out because they haven’t been able to achieve all the success that was promised by the course. Instead of blaming the poor methods of the course, though, they blame their own inadequacies and end up more fuqed up than when they started.

      Libraquarius is spot on. Be wary of personal development courses that promise fast results. True personal development doesn’t work that way.

      • Yes my thoughts excactly. It is very cult like. People who I have come across that did the course became so damn pushy trying to get you to join in. Picked the wrong person here โ€“ peer pressure has never worked on me.

        As for the suicide, do you not think Landmark should have some duty of care?

        Dare I say it “The secret” seems much the same to me.

        • Pterodactyl territory for sure, but male and female. Very aggressive style, and lots of bullying if you don’t become an instant mogul.

          They backpedalled like hell about that suicide, insisting Landmark isn’t a therapy (damned right) ‘just a personal development course’. In other words no duty of care, and it was the woman’s own fault for suffering a depressive illness and not screening herself out. What they don’t acknowledge is how dangerous and potentially lethal it is to manipulate people are into a very intense emotional state. Particularly people with dissociative, psychotic or depressive tendencies.

          Similarities with the Secret, yes, also very aggressive, although it looks as though the GFF has pretty much killed that. And also with Scientology and Amway!

        • Actually, sorry Anon. Correction. The woman suicided after doing a Turning Point course. It wasn’t Landmark.

          Bullying participants to recruit more participants is part of the Landmark ethos, btw.

      • I’ve met landmark people too, they seemed similar to scientologists I’d met but happier. Was EST late 80s? I knew one of them too – worked with her – she tried to make me go, I told her I don’t do groups, she said it would cure me of that blockage, I said I don’t think so, we never really spoke again except when she was trying to lift the energy of the group. It was a news ltd company – try lifting that energy and see where it gets you. In the same workplace a woman kept trying to give me louise hay books on loan. When I said look sorry not really my thing but each to their own because she seemed to mean well she refused to give up. A wild gerbera (pre dandelion hybridisation?) with dreads (they WERE lovely dreads though skinny and smelled like a field on a sunny day) who had spent a lot of time in one of those cult getaway locales finding her inner african. She was the first person I ever met who would have a “healing” and then have to take a week off work. When I mentioned the healing seemed to be having the opposite effect she suggested I didn’t understand. I’ve since encountered many who have been healed and cannot summon the energy to return to work. I have sometimes followed in their footsteps ๐Ÿ˜€

  22. psychic tv cracks me up silly sausages, but good on them for providing a service and showing that it can be a successful ‘day job’ or biz hahhahaha ๐Ÿ™‚

    but seriously, if someone’s got what i’d describe as a co-ordinated & in-depth knowledge base and tends to focus on one area of knowledge, and do it well consistently, then i might think i could learn something from them as i’m already an amateurish/shallow dabbler in ‘everything’ already, i don’t need advice from similar. the peeps i tend towards have been doing what they do for years, have depth of knowledge at what they do, have a following, and tend to do one thing well.

    • what I don’t get is those contacting the dead medium nights where everyone comes in and the person calls out a name and tries to guess the deceased individual in the family and some really boring information about numbers or a scarf owned and then thats it, next one. I am utterly unimpressed by that. Do they not have actual information to pass on? don’t marry that guy next to you, that move to spain is a good idea, your boss is trying to sabotage your work, you should leave its affecting your health have you ever considered a career in ____? whatever not you have 3 sisters and one brother I’m getting a J its a male…

  23. Mystic ,when your done with the yearlies–please continue the rant, so we may get even more indepth..there has to be something even more primative than pterodactyls, yes???

  24. This is an interesting thread at an interesting time. I’m signed up to do a Reiki 1, after many years of avoiding it ๐Ÿ™‚ Its an eclipse thing, but I’m feeling quite ambivalent about it… I shall keep the gerbera/pterodactyl thing in mind….

    • I’m a Reiki Master, DM, and Reiki is very powerful. If someone tells you it’s okay to learn it in record time or to do Reiki 2 very quicky afterwards, run a mile. It’s powerful and because it seems simple, it can be under-estimated. I think Reiki is fine as long as you get someone who is ethical and sticks to the basics. Reiki doesn’t need to have twirls, flourishes and magic wands added to it, just the very basics and it’s fine. Sometimes you find you are drawn to do healing work yourself, but sometimes Reiki can lead you in the direction you’re meant to. Just tune into your feelings about the person doing the teaching. If you feel good about her/him, go ahead. If your intuition is sending off alarm signals – listen. If you’ve got any other questions, e-mail me at:, I’ll be pleased to answer any questions. Better be safe than sorry. I don’t teach Reiki myself now, but I’ve felt the power of teaching others and how it’s worked in my life. Like anything, it can be used for good or bad.

      • So glad you commented Libraquarius! I did Reiki 1 recently and it was a sorry experience that I had a bit of a time shedding through other methods. I know there are some wonderful teachers out there so I didn’t want to comment as my experience wasn’t positive, but that’s pretty much what I wanted to get across too. To the naked eye it was all kosher, but clairvoyantly the teacher was quite the vampire! She is quite well known and pleasant to talk to appearing neither gerb nor ptero, *sigh*. Anyway, blessings, may you have a beautiful and magic time with a sublime teacher Dom Triff, am sure your instincts are super finely tuned, xx. ๐Ÿ™‚

      • Actually I went to see my healer today and mentioned my ambivalence, and she said exactly the same thing ๐Ÿ™‚

        I had a friend mention to me that I could simply ask my Guides and Angels to attune me about a week ago.

        I think this is a test – intuition verses intellect. My intellect tells me that the offer for the course came at the last eclipse, and that this course will be held on the next eclipse; but my instinct is telling me that the people on the course will be no good for me.

        I have spent many months now working with a Healer whom I trust implicitly and I really don’t want a bunch of strangers putting their sticky ectoplasm over me when I’ve had two fairly full-on cord-cutting sessions, plus goodness knows how much alignment and clearing done. In my husband’s words, I don’t want to catch someone else’s psychic cold.

        I think if it were one-on-one I’d feel a bit happier, but the timing is still off (eclipses – I know, but the timing is still off)

        I’ve had a couple of interesting insights though, including “Why do I want to do Reiki if I don’t want to become a Healer ?” and “Given that I can already send energy, why do I need to do a Course ?” – “Why can’t I trust what’s already there, rather than seeking external validation ?”

        My cards tell me that the timing’s off and that I need to meditate and pray. My Internal Critic, Ivy (Inner Virgo) tells me that I am wittering on like a prime Gerbera ๐Ÿ˜€ but I do appreciate your concern and comments.

        My intuition says “No” and I will cancel on Monday.

        • The other unfortunate thing is that it’s now a lot more lucrative to teach or run healing courses than it is to try and earn a crust doing healing work. Just as it’s easier to teach healing work than it is to do the hands on hard work/hard yards, getting results/resolving symptoms day in day out. If you read any of those mags you get at the health food store, there are more ads for healing courses than there are for practitioners.

  25. Nice terminology Mystic and Lady Crab. (Hope mum & bub are well. Still up to the elbows in baby poo?)

    Those two types can fit nicely into what I call the sexual sycophants of the bad guru buffer zone.

    Back in the bad guru thread, I’m pretty sure I talked about a dude in northern nsw who was doing ovarian readings as part of his healing schtick. Since then, he’s moved on to ‘esoteric massage’, a euphemism for feeling up women in a ‘therapeutic’ context. The bastard even runs courses in it.

    He also teaches healing courses based on that Alice Bailey stuff, where you’re either a reincarnated angel or arcturian or a salami sandwich etc. One of which I attended (astro excuse: a packed 9th house, Saggo rising and Mars Nep in the 11th/12th) and watched some very vulnerable people lose their shit in very harmful ways.

    Anyway, this guy surrounds himself in gerbera and pterodactyl assistants who he’s training to be ‘healers’. He spins all kinds of bullshit to them, knows all of their sexual histories — through getting them to disclose during his ‘ovarian readings’ — and really just has them all running around for him doing unpaid work. They’re pliable enough to believe the bullshit, and bitchy enough to alienate dissenters. It works bloody well for the guru, because he has an unpaid labour force, and a buffer zone, that protects him from criticism/dissent. And what better way to legitimize this bastard’s perversion than to surround himself with complicit women?

    I wouldn’t mind outing this guy and his dim female followers, but there’s more risk of me getting hit with a defamation suit than being able to get any kind of misconduct charges to stick.

    • Too true. Sigh.

      The thing is, he advertises that service, and it seems women get drawn in by the veil of respectability he’s gained from keeping ‘nice’ looking women around. Even if a woman made a formal complaint to the police, she’d have to prove she was non consenting. He’s also not part of any kind of recognized or registered profession. If he was a physio or acupuncturist or something, his professional association could have him disciplined or struck off.

    • That turkey is about to experience karmageddon in the form of every regulatory authority in Australia on his perverted little arse.

      Why? Because me and my saturn sun conjunct in Aquarius compadre dug up the dirt and blew the whistle.

  26. I lived in the Gold Coast in the late eighties. Anyone who knows the Gold Coast in Qld and that time period would know that I had found myself in the heart of ‘New Age World’, it was actually like a new age theme park really. Most of it was absolutely hilarious and often gross. The Gold Coast had chapters of every frigging modality and crazy known to mankind.
    I was taken once by a friend to see this fellow…the fuqing “archangel gabriel” who of course was the body who currently channelled this great angel. Similar to Ubers story above he had a ring of women around him who busily made money out of his ‘extraordinary’ powers. After he had ‘channelled’ the angel, I couldn’t take it any longer and rose to question him on many of the aspects of his ‘performance’. The shock in peoples faces that I would dare ! my main gripe was his incredibly pained, garbled , strained speech of useless waffle while channelling ? I’m like what the fuq is that about ? are you telling me this 24 dimensional angel of eternal life can’t communicate effectively ? I was soon busseled out of the room. (300 people had just paid $50 each by the way, nice little earner…) and left.

    • Don’t tell me, David – everyone was “beloved”, “child”, chosen one of God, child of the Universe, blessed or something like that. Been there, heard that! And yes, when you question it, everyone glares at your. Not that that ever bothered me. Now, everyone, I’m about to channel, not Boudicca or Cleopatra, but plain old Fred Bloggs. I am SO loving this thread!!!!

    • good on you! lets out em. I did a similar thing once at an NLP event (grossest vibe in a hotel foyer) where I was taken to by brainwashed herbalist chick and as the entire crowd was just there to “visualise” a new mercedes…

  27. This sort of thing exists in all fringe areas of society in my experience. Doesn’t matter where you go – cultist self help groups, spiritual groups, political groups, religious groups – there always seems to be a self appointed charismatic guru at the heart of it (or a number of them) who are way too fucked up to appeal to anyone with an ounce of sanity or inner balance. So they gravitate to the fringes, where desperate and vulnerable people with little to no support, fragile mental health and huge emotional problems seek solace and comfort.

    It’s a sad indictment on our society that the sane cannot or will not help the insane/vulnerable/unstable … and so they are left with little choice but to be sucked in by these equally insane and unstable predatorial types who manage to maintain a charming front with a gift for the gab, but underneath are narcissistic sociopathic feeders.


    This is why I go to a qualified professional psychotherapist. She has had to not only undergo rigourous training, but also personal therapy herself. She is in contact professionally with other psychotherapists and is required to check in regularly with a mentor. In other words she must remain accountable in her role as a therapist.

    It’s not good enough to have “good intentions” … as the old saying goes, the pathway to hell is paved with them.

    • I reckon it’s less fringe than you think. You know I’ve diddled around in a few groups, and I’ve always been surprised at how ordinary the members are. It’s a bit of myth to say these groups only attract unstable people or weirdos. Lots of folks have spiritual yearnings which haven’t been satisfied by mainstream religion. Plenty feel marginalized from our disgustingly ruthless, commercialized society, and again a lot of people are interested in exploring healing, particularly in healing themselves, and we all know how hard that is to find in conventional medicine. Finding a good therapist is difficult enough, yah? But I’m very glad you did!

      People don’t necessarily know what to expect when they embark on a search for spirtual expansion or healing. I find sensitive, conscientious types are particularly ill equipped to discover there are so many nasty self serving bastards, or after the initial thrill of meeting like minded others, that group dynamics are tricky at best and lethal at worst. Also that healing and spirituality are massive commitments involving sacrifice and hard work. But it’s not like there’s much of an instruction book. (Or there are, but they’ve been co-opted by whack jobs, gurus, fundamentalists and extremists, lol.)

      I sure as hell tick all of the seeker boxes and will always be looking to improve on what I know. I’ve learned something from each of the nutty groups I’ve been part of, sometimes from the material they were teaching (like the Bhagavad Gita) and sometimes from their crappy group dynamics and hypocrisy (cautionary shit and what not to do). Importantly, to gain the skills I use professionally everyday I had to undergo a kind of long, ascetic and sometimes pretty harrowing cult like experience (thanx Neptune). It could have been the breaking of me, but was probably the opposite. I’ve sworn off groups now, but I wouldn’t change a bit of the past.

      Also, toxic interpersonal manipulation and mind fuq etc isn’t just confined to fringe groups and cults. I see more than enough toxic dynamics going on in corporate environments. And the public service, ffs!

      I keep thinking of that Sartre quote: ‘hell is other people’, lol. Dealing with other people has to be the most difficult spiritual challenge of all. You can’t blame folks for trying.

      • I agree about the Group dynamics – I got badly, badly burnt when I was very young (18) and have spent the last 20 years g-r-a-d-u-a-l-l-y learning to trust other people again. I am quite happy to discuss the esoteric arts, but will not join your group/go on that retreat/allow you to mess with my aura….

        In a way, its actually been quite protective for me as I am also a Seeker, but what the Wiccans call a “Solitary Eclectic” – free to follow my own path; but its been s-l-o-w because I haven’t had that level of support and guidance that you can get from a functioning Mentor (NOT Guru :D)

        Its been an absolute revelation finding a wonderful lady who was originally recommended to for my child’s appalling milk intolerance. She healed it in two sessions. It was also my first introduction to Kineseology (the things we miss when we have no guidance !!).

        But it has taken me over two years to come to know and trust this lady with the deeper energy healing work that she does – it has been a wonderfully rewarding journey – and sooo relaxing to have someone knowledgeable to talk to about these things.

        I prayed for many years for a Teacher (Hello ? Universe ? I’m READY !!!) but its kind of hard to find one when you don’t want to do Reiki (see my comments above) or weekend retreats, or go to Spiritual Churches. This one I found almost by accident* but I learn something new from her every time I see her ๐Ÿ™‚

        * Mental image of the old turtle in Kung Fu Panda saying “There ARE no accidnents”

        • From my experience of the healing journey, there is very little guidance out there, and finding a trustworthy healer is in most cases a long, arduous process of trial and error. Or trust and error in some cases.

          It’s normal and good to take time to trust a practitioner. For instance, I can tell you I’m trustworthy and give you a reassuring pat on the head, but you don’t know that’s true until you’ve known me a while. Also many people don’t know that modality and pracitioner are different things. For eg. you may have a brilliant kinesiologist, but I know kinesiologists who I wouldn’t trust with my small change, or who are just plain incompetent. Same goes for GPs, specialists, psychologists, acupuncturists etc etc. A modality is always operator dependent.

          Sometimes, and I imagine this is the case for prowln as well as many others, there isn’t time to learn if a practitioner is trustworthy. The patient has no choice but to open up and kick start the healing process in order to get themselves out of dangerous or very debilitating state of health or mind. The patient has to then trust their instincts or keep their fingers crossed.

          This is why prowln is right to recommend practitioners who are part of a recognized, registered and regulated profession, because that at least affords some protection and recourse in case of abuse, and also why I’m utterly incensed by the charlatans and amateurs out there messing with people’s wellbeing.

  28. this is hilarious – David L i had worst sex of my life in the late 80s on the Gold Coast with an Aura Healer. He said he needed a lot of blowjobs because of his karma (Crusades, Eunuch etc) but could not return the favour as it depleted his Yin.

    Gerbera and Pterodactyl – i had not heard these terms before but now that i have let them percolate over lunch – drank italian wine to help the italians, if govt had any sense they would drop the luxury tax on prada and ferraris – they make sense. Banker i was with thought they v.funny.

    Gerbera: i got into a fight with one of these at a 2nd rate health retreat. She was slagging off “brainless lingerie models” apparently preferred by lower evolved men and so finally i defended brainless lingerie models. Because she was such a cow, i ended up yelling at her things like “So you think snails have a soul but not models?” and “mousy hair and a big bum don’t make you superior you know.” Really bad.

    Pterodactyls: my impossible-to-irritate lovely libra friend is currently taking a pterodactyl to court. It’s at the end of 18 months of trying to get money bk this woman owes her from a business deal the pterodactyl messed up because of coke, a troublesome bikie b.f and other things i can’t say. Pterodactyl admits there is a significant debt owing but suggests my lovely Libra “write it off to karma” or “be less shallow and greedy, is it because you don’t want to take your children out of their fancy school doll?”

    On Saturday night Pterodactyle threatened to sic her spirit guides onto Libra friend, said what she was doing to her (debt recovery) would be burned into the Ashkaic Records forever and that she knew there was a curse on Libra the day she met her and saw the flames in her aura.

    i mean – w.t.f – lawyer is an Aquarius Buddhist who does Judo, really looking forward to having this matter “cleared up”

  29. WOw i’ve seen the light in here. i thought i was the only one becoming a cynic as far as spiritualistic people go..who’d ever imagine that the hippies are the most jelous and vindictive people around? it’s a very good thought out spin which helps to cover up the materialism they have embedded deep within lol. i gave a business idea to some hateful hippy to test him on his sincerity over his hate of greed and so pushed ideas where we could make it happen..lo andbehold he has started rumours about me while not returning my calls regarding business plan…my point is having nice things can get to people so much that they become the basser hateful low esteemed people they always were but fail to recognise. Fsrt against the wall during the next revolution to see love and (gun lazer) light!!! brap brap

  30. I had a lot to do with ‘hippies’ in a past life and found them just as commercial and cut throat as any non hippy business person. They sprouted the mantra “there is enough work for everybody” while being complete tight on finances and charging a fortune for their “hippy services”. I was lucky to find one genuine healer in Byron.

  31. So it’s agreed, they are just as materialist as materialists yet there are many who scorn money because they cant get it and so drop out like a big cry baby

  32. i find ungrounded spirituality thats wofty and full of jargon so silly, and i really relate to this post. however, there does seem to be a bit of new age bashing happening nowadays by people who deal with lots of new age concepts… this is the shadow of spirituality. it seems hypocritical to me. i too recognise people carrying on as highly evolved spiritually , when its pretty clear that they are far from that, and could do with putting there feet on the ground and being practical about life, but bothering to bitch about them seems just as un-evolved.

  33. Worked for a pterodactyl once. She had tonnes of crystals. I kind of like crystal jewelery. I recently made an eagle eye/carnelian necklace and I have a stash of pretty gem beads but the word spiritual makes me uncomfortable.

    The best thing about the Gerbera and Pterodactyl in question is the part of the fb page that says price range $$$$ Good god that is some expensive sweat lodging and quackery.

  34. i am so thankful for this post. i have been of late quite appalled by the behavior of many a new ager that could easily be categorized as one or the other of the above.

    the thing that makes me irate beyond measure is their derogatory comments regarding the pushy in your face behavior of some ultra conservative right wing Christians, when these folks do the same schtick of ramming their ideology down your throat and demanding you behave according to their belief system! the hypocrisy is stunning.

    i’m just really relived to know it’s “not just me” seeing these new age “archetypes”.

    it’s all love and light till someone turns into a pterodactyl! ๐Ÿ˜‰

  35. Bad gurus – how many can you count who have recently been outed? Guess all that meditation doesn’t work on the “little head”. And the Gerberas and Pterodactyls. Perxactly. Thanks for putting a name to the increasing number of mean girls I’m finding in the yoga community. Wearing lots of malas and LuluLemon pants doesn’t make you more zen. At all. Namaste betches…;)

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