Mars-In-Virgo Fever Symptoms

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Do you have Mars-in-Virgo Fever?

I have – perhaps having natal Mars in Virgo makes one more susceptible? – and the prognosis is that I’ve got it till next July. As have you if you’ve contracted Mars-in-Virgo Fever.

Here are the symptoms. As you can see, they are both mental and physical. 

* Delirious Gym Enthusiasm. For example, i have been and continue to be delighted that my gym has introduced a new Core Class.  Only my Sagittarian Dental Hygienist understands just how awesome this is and that it’s worthy of euphoria.

* Scheduling up 2012 so that all appointments are “taken care of.”  Inability to relax until this is achieved.

* Agitation and Euphoria over cleaning products – the Coconut Scented one above is the current object of my Mars-in-Virgo Fever induced obsession.

* The strong desire to transmit useful information with every single conversation.

* Heightened snob agenda and the belief that people who fail to observe personal hygiene protocol are actually dangerous.

* Refusal to speak in platitudes – everything has to be exact. “It’s me glands” as opposed to carefully studying the results of one’s Genetic Profile test, highlighter pen in hand so as to easily reference appropriate supplement purchases.

* The compulsion to edit and/or filter everything. A whole house water filter. Scheduling five hours to edit one’s iTunes. Uncluttering for leisure.

* Fitness-Diet-Money Tracking and the belief that this can in fact be a substitute for traditional religion.

* A quasi-shamanic style constant high, achieved via having calculated both upside and downside scenarios for every possibility whilst on the cross trainer that morning. These “calculations” replace what used to be “moods” before Mars-in-Virgo Fever was contracted.

Is there a remedy?  Neptune in Pisces may have some curative powers but that won’t be until Feb 2012. In the meantime, there is some evidence that Mars-in-Virgo Fever may actually bestow Eclipse Immunity.

Three or more of these symptoms and you likely have Mars-in-Virgo Fever….have You?

Please also report any additional symptoms that you believe could be associated.

IMAGE: Rob Cham


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148 thoughts on “Mars-In-Virgo Fever Symptoms

  1. today, despite being sick….
    went on walk. Organized and restored things under the stairwell. Went through daughter’s enormous clothes collection. Airing out my blankets and saging the bed. Yea!!! Virgo!

  2. Yes, Mars in Virgo is manifesting for me as an obsession with getting crap out of my house and cleaning. I think it’s actually the combination of Mars in Virgo and Jupiter in Taurus. Either way, yesterday I dropped off stuff at the Goodwill and then last night I made another pile for them after purging one of my (very few) storage cabinets. I’m finding it easier than ever to throw out old bits that I’d held onto for sentimental reasons (I’m assuming, because now they just look like junked stuffed in a cabinet).

    • Also (just read the rest of the bullet points) remember now that I cleaned out my downloads and documents folders, mixed up an essential oils house fragrance spray and am absolutely loving that suddenly I have become very practical about shopping, as in: not doing it.

  3. Oh my… i definitely have this fever.

    a. rejoined the gym and have mapped out the next months worth of step classes and zumba

    b. de-cluttering for leisure! oh yes, when I get home from work these days my ideal evening is spent dumping stuff i no longer want/need/use.

    c. filled my calendar jan feb 2012 with enough appointments and events to overwhelm the masses….although I have always loved a full calendar.

    d. every convo i feel i need to communicate something “EUREKA!” worthy.

    -e. however, i know i should be saving money, but these days i am all about retail therapy and spendning money on dresses and bras that i really dont need, but desperately MUST HAVE…..obscene amounts of money.

  4. I speak in platitudes when I’m telling someone to shove off because they’re boring or have no degree of self-awareness because they’re boring.

    From now on I’ll get more to the point. “Hey Suzy, why so negative ?”

    A dude came into the store and told me I had lived a previous life in the 1930’s.
    Me: “Well, I love art deco, finger wave hairstyles, the fashion, tell me more .”

    Dude: “You were a man in that lifetime.”

    Apparently, does anybody know this ? You switch genders lifetime to lifetime, like at a fancy dinner party, boy, girl, boy, girl. Is this true ?

    That he held more information about the universe in his soul than anyone.

    Que ? Next time he comes in I want to know how he’s making the world a better place with all this knowledge.

  5. It’s off the scale. Very useful when it comes to work and getting things done.

    OCD has gone into over drive I spent 3 hours cleaning the kitchen (behind shelves, washing the freezer, reorganizing the tea shelf, ridic) before I even ate breakfast.

    I swear to god I am such a typical Virgo yet I don’t have a whisker of it in my chart, even my Virgo house is empty. Nothing.

  6. I cannot ramp up cleaning as it becomes ineffectual obsessing and environmentally damaging, so…

    I’m using Mars in Virgo to become more effective in personal growth: meditation, positive attitude and mindfulness where the attitude is not naturally positive. Fighting my own negativity just creates a big guilt trip: ruled now as ineffective waste of my energy. Been watching how little changes have made me feel that now i’m getting on to a different style of living must mean i’ve wasted my intellect, my energy and sense of adventure. Worried for a bit, then decided it’s simply a sign of real change. Trying not to work harder but ‘smarter’. Read my saved psych profile from astrodienst and decided not to be weighed down by the ‘flaws’ in my nature. Have ceased to dig into my past for the reasons for any negativity emanating from my mind.

    The past dig is no longer useful. Overpreparing future contingency plans wastes my present. It’s what i do now that forges a new future, and more importantly, a new now.

  7. So … I’m in a state of low-level edginess/boredom all the time due to knowing that I should be studying but feeling (a) inordinately horny to the point of being unable to concentrate and (b) feeling like I need to clear out, sort though and generally edit my room, wardrobe, computer files, possessions, life.

    Accordingly, I have practically nothing left to wear, can’t find anything on my computer, and a series of piles of paper around my room. It’s all “in progress”. Getting there though.

    I haven’t had any male attention of an intimate nature for almost a year. If I had wads of cash I would just go hire me a gigolo. Sadly I am a penniless (im)mature student.
    Last week I miscalculated the number of double shots of hooch I could drink on an empty stomach and a married friend chivalrously walked me to my bus stop, and then perhaps less chivalrously kissed me and suggested that we adjourn to a nearby alleyway. Much in all as that sounded delightful, I am pleased to report that my better nature somehow surfaced and I declined his generous offer and slipped away home. Boy was I suffering from Blue Hoochie Juice side-effects the next day though.

    So I still got it, if “it” is the ability to attract highly inappropriate yet annoyingly sexy men who are essentially unavailable for a decent relationship.

    Am considering hunting down a sex slave to keep it in the basement. May have to revise plan due to (a) lack of a basement – perhaps he can live in a box under the bed? and (b) they cost so much to feed. Back to square one. A sex-starved Scorpio is a very pathetic thing indeed. 🙁

    • Okay, TMI I know, but I am having the severe horniness problem too! Awful. Glad you did not succumb to the married friend, the alley sex would not have been good enough to mitigate the horniness problem (I bet) and your remorse-filled hangover would have sucked.

      • I successfully avoided him again this evening. Minus the vodka binge.
        Am still possessed with the urge to do radical decluttering. Have just discovered lavender-scented all-purpose cleaning spray. It actually smells like lavender, too, not like el cheap air freshened fragrance. I could become addicted to cleaning. (if I finally clear off enough blank surfaces to be able to clean them…)
        I have this theory that if I clear out my room, my brain will have corresponding space to absorb info instead of freaking out about random stuff.
        There’s also the theory that if you’re single you need to first “make space
        ” in your life and then a new bloke turns up. Somehow that seems to make some sense to me at the moment…

          • I have never in my life been this single before! Aren’t you so sick of all the theories?? The feng shui and the visualisation and the meditation and EVERYTHING. Why is it so hard?? *whinges*
            Oh well, at least with the decluttering and scented sprays we can languish in a pleasant environment.

            • I’m definitely sick of all the theories! Not counting the flings and meaningless encounters, I’ve been single for the entire 13 years of Neptune in Aqua! and yes, I’ve tried it all – including getting my home professionally feng shui’d and it’s all a load of bloody RUBBISH!! I hate Feng Shui with a passion!! 😈

              I’ve also tried NOT trying. So I just give up. My pet peeve is people saying “it will happen when you least expect it 🙄

            • AAARGH! It will happen when you least expect it! It gives me a tiny insight into how much it must suck trying to get preggers. Stop drinking. Lose weight. Gain weight. Stop trying. Stop eating wheat. etc etc
              And coupled with the FRUSTRATION of hearing married women complain about their husbands wanting sex and then said husbands trying to have it off with you…
              it’s certainly more than enough to send one running for a gigolo.

            • Hahaha, yeah I’ve already seriously contemplated hiring a gigolo but it wouldn’t turn me on knowing I’ve paid for it 😆 ah well, ya gotta laugh.

            • …. yeah, laugh hysterically, with that tinny edge of desperation. Sigh.
              How can it happen when I least expect it when I think about it all the time ?!? It only happens* with totally unsuitable types, such as the horny husbands Lucy the Leo mentions. And random guys who come up to me in the street late at night and offer to “make you happy tonight”.
              * By “happens” I only mean “getting offers from”.
              And yeah, I’m definitely feeling very single … in some ways it’s a very independent and strong feeling, but being a sex-starved Scorpio is not so good. honestly, I’ve felt single for longer than I’ve BEEN single – when I was in a long-term relationship the husband was not that into me so not much action there either. SIGH. If I ever do find another one, he is gonna have to be willing, well-endowed and lust-crazed. Otherwise he gets squirted with the lavender all-purpose spray and de-cluttered from my life 😉

            • I am obv not a Scorp, but have 8th house sun and Saturn, so I am right there with you! Maybe that’s why we’re single? A well-meaning, slightly inept accountant is just not going to cut it, we want Rhett Butler to be rude to us and then carry us up the stairs to ravish us. Or at least I do.

  8. my natal mars virgo is manifesting in organization rather than cleaning. as I have no home still. pluto saturn seems to have rendered me a houseguest while I ‘prep’

    I am loving this energy though it is a bit brutal for rest. so its body clock vs the schedule. I need like a permanent IVF of vitamin c and zinc so every time I expend energy I am double dosing lol. Vitamin patches? something. has anyone invented this yet? My life is officially insane again. Trying to get some kind of wtf schedule without pissing my body off as the chinese Dr has given me an official warning. If I could bionically re create myself I would atm. Don’t they know I have work to do in this flailing climate before I become extinct?

  9. My natal mars in pisces, and just at this mars transit Virgo time I have started doing laps at the Olympic size pool, am and pm. Really for my mental health but the benefits are holistic. I’m cleaning out my psyche too and while I’m at it my heart and goals, not much ha!

  10. I’m a Virgo. Also, according to previous post, “digging” the Uranian (Aqua Moon) Vibe.
    And I can safely say “YESYESYES” to every single point of the Green list above.
    It must also be noted I’m absolutely loving it, despite my usual restlessness. I’m Getting. Shit. Done. Lots of mini goals noted and even toying with (heaven forbid) Long term…
    BRB, organising my Universe. Here’s to hoping I actually get some sleep in before next July.

  11. Yes have 3 symptoms of M In V. Love the last one ‘calculating’ replacing moodiness. Now I can justify my calculated indecisiveness
    I had a fridge defrosting frenzy today. Also deleting old mobile phone numbers and making playlists. eeeek. I’m now onto Job applications

  12. My gorgeous sterile house now Mars is transiting! Threw everything out but the cats, fumigated house with toxic flea killer so the only thing thriving is my Pluto in Virgo in 4th

  13. And while we’re at it, what’s your favourite supplement ?

    I’m not taking anything at the moment, but am quite keen on the ayurvedics – Triphala, Shartivari, Guggul – what would you recommend ? What has changed your life ? What haven’t you edited out from your supplement spreadsheet ?

  14. My natal Mars is in Virgo. I’m totally in it. This is the biggest cleaning spree I’ve been on in years: both physically and psychologically. I’ve been decluttering like mad, obsessively cleaning and I’ve broken up with my parasitic friend (whom I hold no grudge against, it just was not working for me anymore). Also, I’ve been working with considerable discipline, which has been somewhat of a problem in the past… So, I think I’m qualifying… and I wish it would last! 😀

    • I am with you on that. Decluttering, cleaning, house, car, computer, and career.
      Organizing everything. Getting all my ducks in a row for the big New Year!

  15. I am a stellium Virgo, but all my “energy” is going into work projects. And I guess I am increasing my running but difficult to keep at with all the work projects piling up. Cleaning occurs to me but I am so focussed on other stuff that the cleaning takes a back seat—but, I am on the kids more to pick up after themselves (they just adore this)

    I am much more organized and spreadsheeted with work stuff (day job and otherwise) and use lists like I breathe air.

    the international challenge org that hosts writing a novel in month of Nov. has these great virgoan widgety things that track words counts and daily word averages and calculate how many words per day to finish, etc. I love those things and obsess on my word counts. It’s a carrot I use to keep going. I will write a mere 200 words and plug that into the widget so I can see everything change and readjust–4,918 words to go…

  16. my take on mars virgo emphasising a natal virgoan saturn is this very stately proper pace at all of the above – no mania – no burning up energy on NOW – tortoise philosophy – slow building of long-lasting reserves

  17. I’m in the sunshine coast , away for work, sitting in my hotel room and just noticed 2 pubes on the floor, euwwww, I feel like going down to reception and going off, mars in Virgo is showing me things I never noticed before 🙂
    omg, 2 more in the bathroom…

  18. some…
    working more…check
    back to super duper uber strict diet…check
    exercising again….check
    wanting life, house, stuff in order….check
    sobering up…check.

    Though a lot of this may be due to mars finally out of my 12th house and into my first.
    Natal virgo ascendant.

  19. I have been getting high on many of the above points but the best ones have been like you TLS fluff spending/debt (more like Saturn?) – hunting, detecting & editing it. I’m amazed at how details driven I am….for me it’s a miracle lol. Fluff & grime eradication it’s just not eradicating but precision in dealing with everything/one from loved ones, to call centre/shop staff. Everything seems to be calculated before activated. Very android.

  20. Nope, not one skerrick of Mars-in-Virgo fever, I’m extremely happy to report. It sounds exhausting. The older you get, the more laid-back you get. I’ll leave all the hard work to you young ‘uns, you can do my share 8)

    • Well, mine is really limited to pressing down a spray bottle with my index finger… 😀 so I will happily do some for you *sprays around LibA liberally*

        • I think i do enough cleaning to cover everyone here, Libraquarius. The happy ‘i just did spring cleaning/garage uncluttering/mattress vacuuming etc” posts amaze me. I do these things regularly+ and feel a twinge not to do it more often, as i used to.

          What the heck are dust bunnies? Dust doesn’t stay long enough to form creature shapes in my house. If there be dust bunnies, I be Elmer Fudd.

          Like your spray idea, Andromeda. My Pluto/Lilith Virgo and Sun Pisces could be equally happy drenching myself and my home in a fine mist of essential oils and alcohol.

  21. For Mystic cuz she (Mars fever) ~hot~

    Told Toro co-worker today that Pisces/Aries Merc/Mars-Moon in Virgo doc doing just oodles for us therapists. A newly styled and “more room” staff room…He said he ~will~ get the dance floor and disco ball I requested… 🙂

    Gave us our paychecks before the holiday thus enabling us to not have to drive back to the office over holiday weekend..He told me I can use his computer anytime I want…stuffs like that. He’s grand and super sweet.

    But totally with the Mars in Virgo…Walking at 6:11 a.m. this morning and saw the sunrise pink clouds and all…The pool lastnight @ 8:00 pm.

    And esp with Cap Moon over the weekend emphasizing my own Moon, even vacuumed the drawers and cleaned out everything within an inch of it’s life. Pile of crap to the dumpster..

    Ahh, sweet organization…the world is right…

    Giggles galore still with the eclipse having been on my Jup in Sagg. It’s like all the giggles I had not giggled but had been meant to be giggled are coming out now… 😆 x

    And in Mars in Virgo fashion…bedtime at 9:00 (okay, we’ll squeeze it to maybe 9:45…and meditating again. Any light I can bring in to help others is my duty as well as for self 😉 ).

  22. Have I EVER got the fever.
    Natal Mars in Virgo Stellium speaking too, but cripes have I hit Mars-o-mania.
    Yes I’ve been off Beer and Bread and any other Wheaty-Gluteny food for three weeks and looking ridiculously hot but am so fuqing over it now. And yes bleaching my mattress protector and allergy-seal-pillow covers gave a bit of a kick, but…

    Have become total skank-aphobe. I work on Sydney’s grottiest “night time economy” strip, and the Monday morning post-weekend-eclipsy-booze-binging-party-peeps detritus drove me to utter distraction yesterday. I threw a mini-tantrum in which I proclaimed “you know, there’s just a point you get to where you’re fuqing sick of stepping over puke and human shit on your way to work each day”. THEN I went to the ATM – let’s not even start on the state of that.
    Went to the Post Office and had minor rage attack while waiting in a line for 20 minutes to collect a parcel while Idio-Man ahead begged the parcel-dude to check “one more time” for his precious package that had clearly never been sent. This did not bother me as much as realising there is ZERO cognitive, rational order to the numbering of the PO BOXES at this particular post office. They jump in sequence sometimes 5 numbers at a time, 1094 could be next to 1087 and ontop of 1129 and as much as I tried to find the pattern I couldn’t and this put me seriously on edge for like AN HOUR.

    These are just a few examples. The Mercury Retro havoc in my office and electro equipment is all in play too, and I will quell my crazed Mars-hypertension now before I just start typing endless expletives in a long long line down the screen.

    Mars in Virgo is suppose to be GOOD for me isn’t it??
    Humph. I’ll glug another veggie juice, wash it down with a Rosehip tea and trust the Moon getting outta of my sign will chill me the fark out.

  23. Wondered why I was feeling europhic after Bamming the bathroom.

    Then read this post and laughed.

    Felt cavalier about toxic fumes whilst scouring.

    Not sure if that’s a symptom?

  24. I have natal Mars in Virgo but definitely don’t have the fever and I’m naturally immune to eclipses and venus transits.

    All I want to do is sleep. My dream life is so much more exciting than reality right now.

    Neptune is transiting my 2nd house. I’m so unmotivated to do anything!!!

    • I’m a Scorp too with natal Mars in Virgo and that’s all I want to do: sleep! I don’t want to do anything either. What is up with that?! Glad to know I’m not alone. Lol.

      • you have Cap Asc like me too. You think it might be Pluto?

        yeah, I dunno what it is… don’t care really, i’m kinda enjoying it. I’m taking the rest of the year off. 😆 Maybe I’ll get motivated or inspired when Neptune moves into Pisces. Hurry up already!!

        • I do and maybe you’re on to something about dear old Pluto. Neptune will move into my 2nd House. Has to be better than in my 1st, right? But yeah, I don’t really care either. Have always been pretty low maintenance when it comes to all matters domestic.

          • I can’t remember what happened when Neptune was in my first. It’s all a bit foggy. Hm, Neptune. … it figures.

            Pluto transits – Water off a duck’s back for Scorps 🙂

          • What degree is your Cap Asc Lucy? Mine’s 3 degrees. Pluto is at 6 right now, so it’s slowly moving away. Neptune is bang on/exact degrees on my Saturn right now. So that Neptune wins 🙂

            • 12. What happened when good ol’ Pluto was on yours? Unmotivated and sleepy you say? Very curious to know!

            • oh god no! The lack of motivation is from my Neptune transit right now.

              Pluto on Asc has transformed me into an authentic version of myself. I’ve been feeling more like a Capricorn than a Scorp. I left an industry that I’ve been in my whole working life (it wasn’t even intentional… long story) and cant bear to go back, because I just can’t fake the person I have to be to thrive in it. My tolerance for bullshit is ZERO!

              I’ve also become completely debt free. That was a personal dream of mine long before the GFC/Pluto in Cap vibe. I was pounding the calculator like crazy on a daily basis for months, sorting out my super etc, in order to become financially independent (very Cap Asc non?)
              My love life is non-existent, so I may as well work out a way to support myself into my old age.
              I’m only 47 but feel like retiring right now. I’ve read that Neptune transiting 2nd (where my Saturn lives) can manifest as a desire to retire and focus more on the spiritual side of life.
              That definitely resonates with me!!

              Part of the lethargy, I must confess, is due to depression, my venus/Saturn transit (that’s just passed) and a realisation that my life hasn’t turned out how i expected, so I’m trying to change things but it gets exhausting and the Neptune transit doesn’t help with decision making. I have a vast reservoir of energy and willpower to draw on, if only I can actually DECIDE what it is that I want.

              Next thing on my list is to get a job that I enjoy, but considering it’s almost December I feel unenthused to really do anything about it right now. I might think about it while lying on a beach. The Whitsunday’s look appealing 🙂

            • Thank you! To be honest, I am a bit worried about the upcoming Pluto transit, but a lot of what you have said is already familiar. Recently sacked from job I hated but was working my guts out at. Like you, it’s December and I know I need to pick myself up and move forward but…can’t be arsed right now. Coming out of Saturn squaring Moon, Venus and Ascendant and so was a leeetle bit depressed for a while, but am not now. Non-existent love life. Spent day ferrying my ex’s horrible mother around and doing stuff for her and then had to go into his apartment. Saw engagement cards and worked out he has been engaged for months and not told me. (we have a 3 year old and were engaged for 4 years)
              Just feeling a bit like you described – life hasn’t worked out like I thought! Sick of the general merde and know that positive changes must come from me etc, but…jesus. Am just a bit TIRED of it all! All the effort.
              I suppose authenticity will be nice but frankly the Whitsundays and falling in reciprocated love would be nicer. xx

            • Ouch! oh you poor thing, what a horrible way to find out about the engagement! At least you’re rid of the horrible ex mother in law. I’m grateful I don’t have kids or an ex to deal with.

              Reciprocated love would be nice wouldn’t it. Nothing I can do about that though, so I’ll just book a trip to the Whitsundays. Qantas owe me a free trip from the grounding, last time I was in Brissy. Relocating to another state was one of my ideas for change but I’ve put it on the back burner for now. You can always rely on Saturn to snap one back to reality. “what are you gonna do about work?…”

              I don’t think you really need to worry about Pluto. Sounds like you’ve been through enough already! I’ll keep an eye out for your posts if anything further develops. x

            • Oh thank you! I hope your Whitsundays holiday is amazing and filled with lusty, tanned available men! Will be good to take some time off. x

  25. I don’t follow Vesta because i am convinced i was a Vestal V. in a past incarnation and it did not go well, i did a post on on it somewhere, I have Vesta conjunct my Mercury so probably SHOULD get into it more than i do.

    It’s like Ceres. I have a permanent resolution in place re these two.

  26. Is something going on with the asteroid vesta? I keep thinking about vesta lately. I read Vesta has a virgo/scorpio energy.

  27. Will have to add;

    1. Physical detox symptoms from drinking water instead of, well, anything else and from fresh-based, no-carbs after 11am diet change…

    2. Near pathalogical obsession with increased control and expansion of financial situation; have alerady started looking for the property i’ll buy after i save the deposit (that i’ve just done the budget for)

  28. I have Mars in Virgo in the 8th and I can report that I’m much more interested (obsessed?) with all the banking / money details. But the whole cleaning jag hasn’t hit me one bit. I wish it would actually since I tend to be a slob.

    Ooh! now you’ve activated by Mars in Virgo. Just noticed the follow up options. I love it! So much more efficient 😀

  29. yes c’est moi!

    same thing – spending up on things like organic sheets as i am suddenly noticing everything. But cutting back on heaps of things i can suddenly see are just FLUFF

    really getting off on the mind body connection. making myself more time and an uncluttered mind by diarying ahead and cutting out unnecessary appointments.

    Who knew we would enjoy this so much? can i just say that i found some of the kundalini thread below a bit scary? it reminds of a really bad “spiritual retreat” i went on once.

    if you organise your life like mars in virgo, you won’t need to retreat from anything. now excuse me i am going to book the cat in to get her teeth cleaned and order a new filter for my vaccum leaner while doing pelvic floor squeezes.

    i have the fever

    • I’ve totally been into the pelvic floor exercises lately! I bought a new mattress and bedding. It’s like I MUST rid myself of anything with a low vibe.

      I thought about posting a link to MMs post about the Gebers on the kundalini thread. Definitely feels like a bad spiritual retreat. I feel uncleAn for participating in it. Mars in Virgo, away!

  30. Lol! Mars in Virgo here too. I have been frequenting chemists demanding they empty their shelves of rubbing alcohol. They ask suspiciously what for?

    It’s for creating sprays. I mix it with water and various organic essential oils – most often lavender or sandlewood or orange as the main ingredient with depending on function.

    I use them as room sprays after healing sessions, as a healing-crystal spray (where water isn’t handy), hand disinfectant, floor spray (I have food throwing toddlers), mood altering substance (if there has been an argument or tears for example) and always have a bottle handy for dodgy park/cafe tables, after changing nappies, or for shaking hands with someone I just saw not wash their hands after using the toilet etc etc.

    Throughout my house there are big spray bottles for the living areas, small fancy bottles for my hand bag and so on. It’s now officially an obsession.

    • Hmm. I like that idea. If I had life savings, I’d blow it all on home fragrance. You’ve given me an idea. Though, I want my house to smell like fig and insanely expensive body lotion. Not sure there’s an essential oil for that.

      • The ethanol disintegrates the crappy fuggy energy. It’s really very distinguishable once you start to get sensitive to it. I used to be anti alcohol till I got into this.
        If you are super rich, you could use nice Vodka and essential oils? 50/50 water. I use 65% water. I ran out of Isocol and used Bombay Sapphire – it was divine.
        The crystals much preferred it I can tell you.

        You could get a good vanilla and fig essential oil and just spray it with water I suppose. Ethanol has a smell of its own, it’s more compatible with refreshing smells.

        • Actually depending on what it is for I mix according to what my skin can handle – the crystals don’t need a strong spray either.

        • Moon in Libra with Saturn on it here!

          Okay – ethanol is good, yes? I did a post on ether sometime ago

          It is a GOD. Of Air. But please tell us more re the effects of ethanol? I always assumed it was toxic.

          Also, i think am easy d.i.y scented candle recipe would be AWESOME! Because i swear these things have a 1000% mark-up, i adore them but seriously want to make them myself.

          You sound like you know what you’re talking about – please enlighten us….

          I just got a L’occitane room spray but i swear it smells like bog spray in a roadhouse diner toilet

          • Being as sensitive as you are will sense immediately – test this yourself! Try it with vodka and water if you like. I mean you can drink the stuff, your skin can handle it.
            In Pranic Healing they use this to cleanse hands and space after healing. Master Choa K.S. was clairvoyant so I assume he perceived the way it broke up etheric gunk in the atmosphere. It’s a bit like the effect of salt in cleansing and disintegrating negative energy, but for air. It’s really noticeable.

            They call these protocols (along with other techniques) ‘Etheric Hygiene’ – sooo Mars in Virgo, love it.

            • Cannot endorse but I found this – they use ethyl alcohol in their product not isopropyl alcohol which is harsher.

            • Btw, soz if this is not um, scientific or historic enough! But I will relate that I whipped this out after bunch of remarkable healers had finished their job on a hot day and were sitting about in a funk. They were all grabbing it and spritzing themselves like crazy and sighing with deep relief! So, if that helps.. 😉

          • Try these French scented candles Mystic. I got mine from the Antique Centre on Dowling St, Surry Hills. Not too expensive. I think it was around $65.

            I got the Cedar one at the moment. The fragrance is so divine I wish i could wear it as a perfume. *sigh*

        • There was an episode of Oprah about Kirstie Alley who loves cleaning and is a clean freak and she uses vodka for her bathrooms. Cheap vodka. She says it is the best thing ever and carries it with her for loos on planes etc. When you say ‘mood altering substance’, is rubbing alcohol drinkable? *clueless*

          • Ha! If you haven’t tastebuds, Isocol is a maybe? They asked me why I wanted it at the chemist – I told them I prefer wine for drinking, thanks. Go Kirstie, she is so right!! Vodka is product of nature afterall. 🙂

          • Well that’s all i need to say to Aries Counsellor…

            “Thanks for all your hard work, angel, i’m off the grog but don’t be alarmed at my stockpiling Grey Goose, i’m simply spraying it about the house to disperse the negative etheric energy!”

            To think when i was a teen with insect-phobia, AquaMa was convinced i was getting high on flyspray.

            *sigh* They always suspect a Pisces.

          • No, do not drink rubbing alcohol. Isopropyl alcohol is not edible. Some Ethyl alcohols are denatured and that means they add methanol or some other thing in it to prevent people from drinking it. If you drink it, you will poison yourself or go blind.

    • P.s. my 3 year old Mars in Virgo son was vacuuming this morning after my 2 year old Mars in Leo son had spread oats all over the carpet, “what a mess”, he said, “oh my Gosh, we need to clean it up”.
      (Later he hit me when I poured slightly the wrong amount of milk in his breakfast..).

      • My 3 year old son is just the same (without the hitting but with the neat freakery) but has Mars in Gem. Hence I suspect it will shortly wear off. Fun while it lasts though!

        • Had to laugh in recognition andromeda! My mars-in-gemini son is fairly fastidious and likes things to be neat too. Demands a face washer if eating a mildly messy meal.
          I know about Virgo-ness, but do mars-in-gem have a neat thing?

          • Ha – you are both L – Cats. Where are your kid’s Mars in Gemini placed? What house? Gem and Virgo are both Mercury ruled too, mind.

            • I have Mars in Gem myself in 6th house but am not naturally neat at all. I mean, i am quite neat but I have to WORK at it. If it were socially acceptable to be a total slob I would love it. Son’s dad is also Mars in Gem (love how astro is genetic) and he IS a TOTAL, total slob. Disgustingly so.
              Son’s Mars is in 11th – fighting with friends??
              I find Mars in Gemini means saying mean things when arguing, unfortunately.

            • Re the astro being genetic, I am Leo with Cap rising and his dad is Aqua with sagg rising.
              Son is Cap with Leo rising, Sagg venus and 4 planets in Aqua. So interesting. (to me).

            • Well, I can’t tell, maybe your son will fight with his friends over their slovenliness! It is amazing about the synastry of family. My partner is Merc in Gem, so is my no. 1, then I have Venus in Cancer, as does no. 1 and my son also shares Mars in Virgo with me – weird.

            • Yes, I knew ‘genetic’ wasn’t the right word! ‘Synastry of family’, thanks. It is so weird and to me, is proof (if you needed any) that astrology is real and far from random or accidental.

    • Heh heh heh. I use triple distilled Rosewater as Toddler-spray. Just as they open their little mouths to screech, I hit them with a good blast of it… The screech stops and they toddle off to wreak havoc elsewhere in the house…. I’ve been dousing myself in the stuff for years.

      I know I keep doing this, but may I HIGHLY recommend Aussie Soap Supplies ? They do cheap rosewater, orange flower water, ethanol (used to take the bubbles out of liquid soap and stick layers together), essential oils plus candle-making supplies etc etc.

      My current moisturiser is a blend of Damask Rose, Calendula oil and Vitamin E oil, all in a little deep blue squirty bottle

      • Nice one, thanks Dom Triff – I hadn’t seen you recommend it before, so thanks for repeating yourself. Glad to know a good place to get ethanol online – ta muchly! Toddler Spray, must add that to the list of possible purposes. I admit I do tend shower them in in Lavender mist if they are getting narky!!! But they actually love it, hold their arms up to receive it!

      • I LOVE ALL THIS MOTHERING ADVICE but really won’t it resemble dog-training a biiit too much? not that i mind of course, heh heh

  31. Me too with the sleep BG. I wish I had Mars in Virgo, I love it! I am mildly grossed out by the thought of drinking too much. I am buying too much (Mars in solar 2nd), but this is prompted by suddenly noticing that my cushions are showing signs of wear and tear and need to be replaced. Or I need new sheets and doona covers. Dentist appointment booked. Diet – always pretty good.
    Am not exercising but wish I were. Oh well, pretty happy with the resu7lts so far.

  32. 😯

    I have natal Mars in Virgo in the 6th conjunct Saturn… 😯

    * Sleep – was generally quite simple but now that I have Mars-in-Virgo Fever, I sleep for a few hours and then I am WIDE AWAKE 😯 . I have to count sheep to fall back asleep again… or name the front benches of the House of Representatives ( WHAT? Don’t give me that LOOK!)

    * Posture – is very important to me right now.

    * I’m a neat freak – always have been, even more so now… 😯

    * Spending – I have spent a fortune on organic bed sheets, covers, towels etc. A FORTUNE! I couldn’t sleep the first night I put them on the bed, I was wondering if I was TOO organic… 😯

    * Music – I’m constantly listening to music.

    * Exercise – ALWAYS!


  33. Pruning… started with the wysteria on/over/through the back fence until two green bins were full. Have to wait a fortnight now…
    Also, throwing out three things a day. Just walk around the house, open cupboards and drawers and choose something to throw out.
    When I feel I am slipping into Low-Whatever instead of Haute-Whatever, I recite: Mars-In-Virgo; Mars-In-Virgo

    • nope me either. More like Mars in Virgo Lethargy or maybe it’s Full Moon Eclipse Dysmorphia? Everything just feels boring and tedious. Totally unmotivated. Oh well … maybe when Uranus goes direct I’ll get my mojo back.

      • I’d prefer to be on fire and getting an amazing number of things done but all signs point to not stressing over chores that can wait another day ((week)) or two. I’m all about creativity, identity, and relationship revolution for me right now. Do what is truly needed for my path. The rest will happen whenever I get to it.

  34. Virgo sun and ascendant here. I’ve always been pretty on the ball with tidying up and health regimes but lately I’ve been super compulsive with supplements! And have found myself more paranoid about possible health concerns. I’m wondering if that’s maybe eclipse stuff though as I’ve been feeling very freaked out about all the possible things that could be wrong with me Like they actually already are.

  35. Have cranked up the Permanent Eating Plan, despite being Highly Menstrual. Resisted pizza, chocolate, wine and excellent Chinese from just down the road by applying mini-motivational posters to the toilet and re-reading my IChing readings on the subject (Our inner attitude determines whether or not we are able to receive help from the Cosmos, and in turn be of help to others. A weak inner self that vacillates from doubt to desire, from hope to fear, exposes us to the attacks of chance, because we are out of balance…)

    On the other fronts, well I have Virgo Rising, so I already have a tidy iPod/Organised Bookmarks/Grocery Cupboard organised alphabetically etc

    In terms of decluttering had a massive chuckarama then moved house, so the only things left to declutter are the children, and I believe that’s illegal….

    Is combatative smugness or guilt-tripping as a blood sport a symptom ? LOL !

  36. I suddenly became revolted by all my underwear and had to throw them out and buy new ones. Today. I can’t wait for the weekend when I’ll have time to clean out my attic. My natal Mara is zero libra

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