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Tight Rope Walker World Trade Centre
“…Life should be lived on the edge of life. You have to exercise rebellion: to refuse to tape yourself to rules, to refuse your own success, to refuse to repeat yourself, to see every day, every year, every idea as a true challenge – and then you are going to live your life on a tightrope….”
Philippe Petit

Once upon a time there were Tightrope Walkers but it takes a Leo to turn it into High Wire Artistry, thus inventing a whole new category of, um, stunt artiste.

Completely cool guy – he’s so totally doing his chart:Β  * Sun in Leo conjunct Pluto if you please.

So like all Plutonian people, he probably thinks he is perfectly normal but yes, he does have a tendency to go over the top. His walk between the now annihilated twin towers of the World Trade Center became known as the “artistic crime of the century.”

* Moon in Aries – no exact degree as no time of birth but would not be at all surprised if it trined his Leo Sun.Β  Moon in Aries is the classic daredevil trait. And voila Mars in Cancer/Kataka so technically not so strong but conjunct Uranus.Β  A technically ‘weak’ Mars with an outer planet such as Uranus or Pluto becomes sort of super-heated. Like the Hulk, you know?

You can see his Uranian persona clearly in this, from the Wiki:

“…At an early age he discovered magic and juggling. At 16, he took his first steps on the wire. Petit learned everything by himself as he was being expelled from five different schools. “Within one year,” he told a reporter, “I taught myself to do all the things you could do on a wire. I learned the backward somersault, the front somersault, the unicycle, the bicycle, the chair on the wire, jumping through hoops. But I thought, ‘What is the big deal here? It looks almost ugly.’ So I started to discard those tricks and to reinvent my art.”He also became adept at equestrianism, fencing, carpentry, rock-climbing and the art of bullfighting. Spurning circuses and their formulaic performances, on the sidewalks of Paris he created his street persona…”

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29 thoughts on “High Wire Uranian Leo

  1. Really? Was so excited to see this, got the dvd, we were all sitting about…
    But all I could see was this intense ego, who did not care that other people were put out, sometimes even endangered by his ‘art’. Couldn’t even finish it!

    Why not go do it over an abyss – why where there are people who you could land on and potentially hurt? What a …low #$% Leo i.m.o.

    Pluto conjunct Sun? I think Elizabeth Kubler-Ross did it better (but she did have the NN there too).
    Maybe he could go to Uranus with that other rebel sporty dude from the other post? Or just turn inwards and conquer himself?

    • hahaha… couldn’t agree with you more andromeda!

      That quote by Philippe just makes me grumpy – MEH!. Uranian peeps don’t impress me anymore. Maybe it’s cos I have Pluto on my Asc. Zero tolerance for bullshit.

      • never actually heard of this guy before this post. Doesn’t sound good though, possibly falling on people. Wouldn’t go get the dvd anyways, but really won’t know. Still like that he expanded the art of tight rope walking to include other forms.

        • I saw the doco on SBS. It was ok. I’m just insanely grumpy at the moment. Must be Mars Virgo on my natal Mars transit.
          Cap Asc – naturally a grump. If I didn’t have a Saggo moon I’d probably be able to keep my thoughts to myself but I have to share πŸ™‚

          • Sorry if that was a little negative.. I know MM puts so much hard work into the posts, I feel a bit bad now. He is certainly very accomplished? I used to think I had a Saggo Moon Scorptropical, it’s really sad not to have it as an excuse.. will just have to blame it on my Scorp Luna!

            • I feel bad too. Maybe it was Gem moon squaring your moon & my sun. Taking my moon for a luxurious walk now. The only place to be during a heat wave is outdoors and near water. Love the summer heat πŸ™‚

                • “naturally a grump” hahaha Don’t be so hard on yourself ! I have Saturn conj Asc so know what you mean but have definitely mellowed with age πŸ™‚

                  • not being hard on myself FF. It’s true. I have too many squares to ever be mellow.

                    β€’ Saturn square – Jupiter, Mercury & Moon
                    β€’ Pluto square moon
                    β€’ Uranus square moon
                    β€’ Venus square Ascendent
                    β€’ Jupiter square Mars
                    β€’ Chiron square moon
                    and Lilith square Venus if that counts.

                    I don’t think I’ve mellowed at all. In fact, I think i might be getting crankier as I get older 😯

                    It’s not all bad though. I know I’m alive when I’m saying “fuq you!!” It spurs me into action.

                  • That is a LOT of squares! Some people do need extra grist for their mill to run like normal do you think?
                    These Uranian physical types send me – dunno why.

                    My only clue is that I am a mildly Plutonic Leo (mirror, mirror?) & I have Uranus & Pluto in the 4th (far apart in Libra). Uranus is opposite Chiron and square Merc?

                    Interesting about Mars as MM describes. My Mars is a shy lady in at 0 deg Virgo. Shy like a roller derby girl? She is skating in the same direction as everyone else only making a square with Neptune – otherwise no contact!

                    • you’re right, some do need extra grist for sure and work better under pressure.

                      We have the same shy lady at 0 deg Virgo.

                      “Shy like a roller derby girl” Love it!! Not shy in the 8th house πŸ˜‰

  2. I actually prefer Alain Robert, the “French Spiderman”, who also happens to be a Leo. πŸ™‚

  3. Plutonian people think they are completely normal?

    That’s a surprise to me. With lots of planets in Scorpio and a heavy Plutonian influenced chart I would say that makes most of us Pluto types more deeply aware at just how NOT normal and conventional we are in comparison to others. To go around thinking that we’re just like everyone else is a bit of an insult, since most Plutonians I know revel in their strangeness and their non-conformity.

    • okay so maybe “normal” was the wrong choice of word.

      Plutonic peeps DO often think that others share their intensity, their guts, their passion and can be let down when others are not willing to meet them on that ground.

      • Agreed. I i thought it was down to jupiterians and perhaps strong leo energy but its usually hard for me to tell the difference. I think pluto jupiter plays the part in real passion based on experience.

      • Wow, yes… Feel let down more than I’d like to, so I’m trying to get it through my head that others just aren’t that way. I think it’s helped, though the lack of guts can still be disheartening sometimes.

      • I agree with this. I assume everyone is burning with the same passions as myself, I have to remind myself it’s not so, that being mellow is just as valuable energy. πŸ™‚

    • Yeah couldn’t agree more. I always find myself going against the grain just do it. It gives me a sort of high. My Uranian moon just ups the ante. My motto is always “I do what I want!”

  4. I have a Leo Sun/Aries Moon/Virgo Ascendant son with Mars in Kataka (conj his Leo Sun). Feeling chilled about the daredevil aspect of his Moon but so far his Virgo Asc has reined him in I believe. His Sun is trine Pluto/Chiron conj in Sagg though….

  5. You know, I’m betting he has Gem Rising, so not surprised air signs would get him. And the Fire signs too.

    I loved the Man on Wire doco. Sure, he’s a thorough ego maniac and he never shuts up, but the whole twin towers walk, this tiny spec of humanity balanced on a couple of centimetres diameter cable, 300m or something above the earth, out there for 45 minutes, truly moved me. And I get vertigo in espadrilles.

    It was also interesting the impact his stunt and his personality had on his close friends.

    But ultimately, he’s such an interesting case study of outer planets mixed with personals — someone unafraid of pushing the envelope, showing us what we’re capable of at the very extremes of human ability. Totally inspirational!

    AND, looking at his chart, I’m wondering if that nice mercury saturn conjunct is responsible for his utterly incredible balancing skills. Mercury as in agility and Saturn as in stability. Anyone with Merc Saturn conjunct can vouch for this?

    • Lol, ‘am Leo, Rising Gem yet… Also have Merc conj Saturn? Actually I am kind of like a mountain goat, can hop from rock to rock with ease, never wanted to join the circus tho – Uranus in the 4th, to busy being challenged by fondue and unpaired socks?

    • ahahahahah iam an aqua- i fell in LOVE when i rad the post. the comments pointing out the not-so nice stuff about him brought my mood back down to Earth again =(

      look….he IS crazy and could’ve hurt people and his ego is ANNOYING AS HELL but the thing is…he was right about being egotistical. he didn’t fall or hurt anyone. he knew what he was doing. Personally, I’d rather be an egomaiac who DOES big stuff like that in my life than a humble Judy Blume nobody