Her Aqua Moon?

Jane Eyre

“I can live alone, if self-respect, and circumstances require me so to do. I need not sell my soul to buy bliss. I have an inward treasure born with me, which can keep me alive if all extraneous delights should be withheld, or offered only at a price I cannot afford to give.”

Charlotte Brontë

She was, obviously, ahead of her time but she was also Moon-Saturn in Aquarius trine Mars in Gemini…And this quote makes me think of that. Here is her chart, what do you think? FYI she began work on Jane Eyre with her Saturn Return, ON that Moon-Saturn conjunction, obviously.

Charlotte Bronte astrologyAnd the capacity to be happily alone, to spend pleasurable time with yourself (or not, lol) is very much the Moon. So Moon in Aqua is sensational at it, for example.  For Moon-Saturn it would be a point of pride, if not also something developed by necessity.

Thoughts?  Actually, yes, let’s do this – not just your thoughts on Ms Bronte (I think she would have appreciated the opportunity to be Ms and not just a Miss or a Mrs) but your ideas on YOUR Moon sign and how it relates to whether you can or can not stand your own company. 

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and i am sun aqua y taumoon i can very much be w/o anybody around for very long periods


venus en aries and taurus sun, home body and independent add to the mix


I never get lonley, i lived in grouphomes most of my life early as a child, now that was lonleyness… Aside from my moon in scorpio, i enjoy my own out there thoughts immensley.. I feel like im on the universes trail of why and why not. And wish to share what i find to help others.. Just today i sat next to this lady on the plane (cancer) she thought i was quite out there. Just for talking about social stuff that is coming to light.. I feel cancers get my trying to get at the truth honestly, thinking… Read more »


Lots of aqua moons and peeps out there. Didnt have time to read everyones but got the gist most aqua-moons aware of their need for space. I’m aqua moon and have always felt slightly adrift on my own – out of the gang kind of feeling. (Im also Sag sun!). UNTIL RECENTLY – I am finally starting to breath a sigh of roominess and enjoy being “with” myself too 🙂


10th house Gemini Moon also Saturn right next to it. I enjoy my own company. I always figured that my moon being in the sign of the twins is what allows me to separate from myself and be my own friend. I spend a lot of time alone too, I winder if Ms. Bronte’s Virgo ascendant was somehow responsible for some of that. A sort of inner reserve. I have that too. I sometimes think I am a prude but I am not it’s just the Virgo bit. Ahh and her Venus in Aries, same as mine. I bet she… Read more »


I have cancer moon square aries saturn,I love the idea of a hermitage. I unplug my phone all the time because I hate the intrusiveness. The idea of people phoning or texting me constantly fills me with horror. I have reluctantly bought a mobile phone for emergencies but only 4 people have the number. I don’t live alone because I have children but my life is pretty solitary apart from their lovely selves. The nicest thing about being alone is getting into that groove where time washes over you as you follow your thoughts.


My father had an Aquarius Moon…very self-contained.

He seemed very cold to me as a child…but maybe he was just content with his own inner life.


scorpio moon love the alone time, but can do it too much to the point where it becomes self-perpetuating (neptune is also in there and conjunct)


Taurus Moon in the 5th – LOOOOOOOVE to be alone, especially at home among my comforts and where I can spend all day cooking and listening to music. It’s my happy place.


Gem moon in the 12th. Have spent long periods in relative isolation. I’m not anti social by any means but love my alone time. Although I live in a busy household everyone there knows that at some time of the day they hear me leaving the house for my daily dose of alone. Normally that means a quiet spot near the ocean. Funny thing is I never feel alone there it’s like I commune with other things ..the trees, the birds, the waves. Every thing has it’s own spirit and in my seclusion from people I just switch over to… Read more »


Gemini Moon -4th house (with Mars and Venus) I’ve got to have time alone to change the house round till it feels right again ! Mind i just read about 4th house gem that this is something we love to do, but the thing is we need to do it inside, not outside.

Love to be alone.


Wow GF, that’s interesting about the ‘ changing the house around ‘ stuff. You know I have moon in 4th @ 6 deg Gem, and I confide in you here ( I mean unless everyone reads every post on every moon, ) that I not only move the house around, I move house. Like in 20 years I have had > 65 addresses. And now I live and work in 3 states , by prefference to one abode of 4 walls. As I write this I’m having 3 days off of solitude camping in my house of prefference, a 3… Read more »


Greetings and Salutations Beautiful Nomad One ! I took this question to work today, I find i usually shoot something off and then someone says a different point of view and i’m like, oh no, i’m not like that at all, i’m like this .So I think i understand the question, I Do feel deeply rooted to my mothers side, definately, to the point where i tell the 2nd cousins all the stories about their dad when he was young (he was a quiet Freemason). Mainly as Mum had me a week after she turned 19 in 1972, with no… Read more »


completely left out / fogot 6 homes on NSW Far North Coast in late 80’s. x ( getting ready for Mars in Virgo correctedness) – sorry i dont know what it is with the edness – i blame working in the foul heat landscaping and digging blasted big trenches for some of today…


Kataka sun/Libra moon (unfortunately don’t know how to read the conjunct/square stuff) – absolutely crave time lots of time alone, but I also need to spend time with people I love. A real balance. I also find large groups of people tiring, and I’ve never been a “joiner” of groups, movements, ideologies. My interests/hobbies are mostly solitary ones.

It’s not very Libra moon of me, from what I’ve read.


I have moon conjunct saturn & pluto all in the tenth house and in libra. I think that my sagittarius ascendant conjunct neptune saves me a bit… I am an extrovert – that is what people think anyway but I do enjoy being alone and sometimes hate meeting people when I haven’t planned it out beforehand. it kinds of intrudes in my personal life.


i have a sun and moon in cap in the 11th square saturn in aries in the 1st and i don’t like living alone at all, i am happiest when i am living with people i like.
i also feel mostly unhappy being by myself (except sometimes) and it hurts my pride. recently, though, i have been trying to understand and change all of this, you know, change up some of those beaten down neurological pathways, imprints.
i like this post alot. heartwarming.


Moon in the 1st in Pisces. I NEED alone time, and lots of it. I can go days without speaking to anyone and be perfectly content.


I’ve got Leo moon w/Aqua rising and find it hard to balance what I need. I love to be out and about galavanting a few nights a week esp. on weekend nights. But I also crave being alone more. I enjoy the company of books most. Actually I find that I don’t enjoy very many ppl’s company, I just like to be around ppl. I’m pretty shy and don’t like group things but I prefer one on one every once in awhile. My moon is square pluto and opp. mars so I really can’t stand fakeness/small talk/pretending like you care… Read more »


same Kata. its a push me pull you with leo/aqua combo alho being opposite they should be well balanced.ha! i’ve learnt to enjoy time on my own as I was very very social up to 6 years ago ( with young kids). I just binge peep now and then retreat. Most peeps lives are too messy to get involved in heavily and aqua can’t do D & M’s. my leo gets a little bored too. I’ve also learnt no to bore my friends with my own stuff and deal with it . I do whinge a bit but not to… Read more »


Honestly, do not know how to read the chart. I REALLY would love to learn one day! Not sure where my moon is… haha! But I know I am an Aquarius (Jan 28). I must say, that I couldn’t agree more with a statement! Being a single mom for the past 8 years I guess proves that. Not that I’m too proud to connect with anyone, just want to make sure he is the “right” Mr. for me. If that makes sense. I feel that just because I’m a single mom doesn’t mean I have to hook up with just… Read more »

Water Pig

I have an aqua moon (7th). I really need time to be alone and find it difficult to commit to an event ahead of time. When the moon is in aquarius I often feel claustrophobic. I have to get out! I do have venus in gemini (11th) though so I can’t do it for too long. I do have neptune-sth node sextile moon and saturn-pluto (3rd) so imagination/ ‘rich inner life’ is a kind way of explaining that and I think that is part of that isolation. That sextile btw moon (7th) to the third house shows how ‘separate’ I… Read more »

Scorptropic of Capricorn

Haha.. I struggle to keep secrets too. I’m always kicking myself for over sharing! Scorp Sun/Saggo moon


she is such a Ms. 🙂



year of the fox

I have Moon in Scorp in the 12th house conjunct lilith. I lurve my alone time. A partner who does not give it to me does not deserve me as a partner. Alone time is how i recharge. How can anyone not like their own company?


Going with aqua moon, I will whine that I am alone but then need to take breaks from my friends and go off somewhere, preferably to another country. I also get very uncomfortable when people sit and read with me. I like reading alone.

And long walks by myself and wondering around town by myself. I will eat by myself if I have to. I heard some signs can’t eat by themselves? They always need company otherwise they’ll skip the meal, eat an energy bar?

12th house virgo

Saturn in Cancer and moon in Leo. I agree with the quote entirely. Who else do I live with but myself?


It’s funny — I always joke about how my Sun Moon and Rising are so vastly different. Sun in Pisces Moon in Virgo AC in Leo I find the older I get the more my moon reflects my inner state…If I am blue I need to write a list, plan something or clean. I need to read books on pyschology and write an article. I cannot stand floaty flaky aloofness, which can be daunting because my Sun wants to merge it’s current reality with all the lives its lived before and my Rising sign wants the word to notice and… Read more »


Moon in Scorpio Rising. I need my alone time away from people. If I don’t, I go crazy and fall apart/feel soooo rundown. Me time = recharge time. I don’t understand how people get bored by themselves, time spent by myself is a treasured necessity.


I’ve a Pisces moon.
I’m great with doing/spending things/time with myself as I find it very easy to just vague out and just … Sorry what?

(ps, however I actually think ability to be alone is perhaps more Saturn in the 12th in cancer, independence etc, reliance is weakness etc)


I am the same I like to daydream and space way out there…sometimes hard to concentrate.
Pisces Moon in 4th House


um well…

I really appreciate Ms Bronte’s outlook.

I have never wanted to be married or any such thing. wow, how ahead of her time, how amazing to have such a sense of self worth. i love it.

moon in gemini in the fourth house. restless intellect vs. yearning for stable home life. everything else in the upper half of my chart.


Okay am revising what I said after reading what you Aqua Moons said. I don’t like being alone, it’s a necessity for sanity and for my interests. If possible prefer if the peeps I am around are more enlightened than myself and wittier that’s all!

sag north node

can i please ask a random, off topic question… is true node about to be conjunct natal true node significant? i tried to google it and not much came up….

12th house virgo

Cool! My second nodal return is tomorrow.


I’m pretty solitary by nature (Moon in Capricorn opposite Saturn, square Pluto in the 12th), as long as I have one or two really close friends I can count on. I think Aquarians are just happy in their own company – my parents both Aquarians, and my sister with Aquarius moon. All have their own interests and need space, but they enjoy bouncing their ideas off groups of people as well. Moon-Saturn aspects and Moon-Pluto aspects are more defensive and can develop into “f you, world” if you’re not careful. Trying to get to grips with that tendency at the… Read more »


Aqua Moon as well, and I love solitude and being on my own. I really love people but with Aqua Moon and Sun in 12th, I need to retreat from the world to rest and recuperate and just sit. Peace and quiet is poetry for my soul, I can go a whole day or many days without noise, just enjoying the lack of sound. I first visited Haworth where the Bronte sisters lived when I was at university in Bradford nearby. LOVED IT! Then went back on 1994, and when we lived in Nelson from 2002-4 about 25 mins away,… Read more »


Loved reading this, thanks for sharing!


Aqua Moon as well. I need to be alone most of the time. As a child I frequently wandered off from other kids, either physically or in my own head, which was always much more interesting to me than reality. Although nowadays I recognise the beauty in the real world as well! My ideal relationship scenario does not involve sharing a great deal of my domestic life with my partner. Separate houses, or at the very least, separate rooms.


Me too. Hard to find partners who comprehend it though.


same, saggo moon but very keen on man cave concept for house and a lot of oxygen. as a woman this is frustrating as people take it as a lack of intimate love rather than your love to co-exist with space


I know, isn’t it weird? So many men are like..’so I need my freedom and my space,’ and I’m like “well, me too’, but when they see that I’m serious, it freaks them out and they either leave or try to sit on me. I’ve been told by several men, including a long-term partner, that the only reason I need so much space is so that I can cheat!! Which is just ridiculous. I’m deeply loyal to whomever I’m with, and I will do my utmost to care for them in a way that agrees with them, but I need… Read more »


I know exactly what you mean- genuinely throws most dudes when you are wired that way they take it as rejection though they would consider it necessary within their own needs. how is this issue gendered?

year of the fox

I’ve been told the same thing by guys. They don’t like it when you get your alone time but they demand theirs.


It IS a gender thing. Women are supposed to be nurturing. I AM nurturing, just not in the way most men seem to want (babying??). I’ve also copped a lot of flack from exes and others because I won’t stay in one place if it doesn’t suit me, and I travel whenever I want to/can afford to. I’ve been told I am flighty and escapist and that my daughter will suffer for my actions. I used to listen to this crap and wonder how I could become a good model citizen. Now I look at my absolutely perfect child, whom… Read more »


you sound very sorted seabird x


Took a while! I waver sometimes, but not very far


I was just thinking how moon in aqua is my favourite moon at the moment. It makes me feel so peaceful. It makes the desired detachment more easily achievable. As a libra constantly struggling for balance, especially with an opposing natal full moon in aries, it’s such a welcome break to be at peace.

I relate to SB words so much, yet I can’t seem to be able to live them. I throw myself into any promise of “bliss”, yet I couldn’t be further away from the real meaning of it.

libran dreamchild

I need & love time with myself (not by myself, great phrase crabbycrab!) but I think this is mostly as was raised as an only child (OK – do have siblings but they are so much older than me, I was the Only Child). Moon in Virgo… it seems to aspect pretty much everything so I’m not sure what to put.. In the 3rd house with mercury, mars & venus…. I know that I need time with myself to decompress, process and regenerate… Also do my best creative work when alone, but need inspiration from quality/nurturing relationships & challenging situations.… Read more »


Yes, a Virgo moon here as well. I spend a lot of time by myself and keep people at a distance. Then I get recharged and can be amongst others again. But don’t want to get sucked by emotional vampirism. I shop by myself, too, mostly because I don’t like spending more than I would due to someone else’s opinion. “Jane Eyre” struck a chord with me that’s been very deep. In fact, I’m plowing through finishing my own version of the classic Gothic novel, complete with a mysterious locked bedroom and a romantic subplot. It’s difficult. Jane was definitely… Read more »


Pisces Moon, at 3 degrees, and I actually prefer to be alone too. I should also add that my moon is in the 12th house, and I remember reading somewhere that adds to the being able to be alone thing?

Haven’t read Jane Eyre and probably won’t since novels from that era bore/annoy me, but I did watch the latest film adaptation of it, with Michael Fassbender as Rochester. Loved it, but I don’t exactly see what’s so paranormal about it. Just Creey.


I loved it too! Fassbender hit all the right notes, not too sombre, it was fun.


I watched that film recently. Really annoyed me?! Have not read the book, but something about the keeping a mad woman-wife in his hidden chamber, wild-eyed and pale, it just made me feel sick and angry.
Also, I do adore Emily Brontë.


ps Do love that Ms C. Brontë quote though. (Cap moon, love my own company, but sometimes feel that I only tolerate it)


I just thought the entire concept was incredibly boring, I didn’t feel there was much chemistry between Fassbender and Wasikowska, and the whole thing was so dreary and cold that I wanted a sunlamp.


Read what Libraquarius wrote about the home village of the Brontes, it WAS dreary in reality. So I thought it seemed as true to life and fantastic at once as possible! Photography was pretty great too I thought.
I do know what you mean about the chemistry though. She is a Libra and he is an Aries, they kind of square off in the wrong ways, though I thought they were perfect for the roles individually.


Pisces Moon in the 4th House and I love being alone to daydream, watch films, paint, read poetry, meditate. I am overwhelmed by others energy if around them too long.

Venus Ruled

Pisces moon in the 5th house… I also love to be alone. Daydreaming…. Yes. All the time. I also journal faithfully. I suppose it is my creative outlet. I find that when I’m with people for extended periods of time, I start feeling very negative. It’s like I soak up their negativity and problems. I get away to myself – and just like that – I’m feeling like a million bucks again. The ‘clean slate’ effect. I love my Pisces moon.

Aqua Ramette

Aries Moon – I recharge when I spend time by myself but only so I can get back out there again.

fallen angel

Virgo Riser with an Aqua Moon, yes, self-sufficiency and I USED to say something along the same lines regards living alone. Of course, I consider it predictable for myself to make a statement so solidly for or against (thx again to the Aqua Moon) so my perspective on enjoying my own company isn’t so much about solitude as dignity or sufferance, though they can certainly be both that. I think..it took me a while to understand that really, the having my own company is about freedom & independence, even at the level of thought. That just having someone in my… Read more »


Hear hear! Cancer sun, aqua moon, live alone with lovely dog, am self-employed and work from home and love it all. Love my friends too, and also change with (and enjoy) company. But I suspect that’s cos I know I can go home and be by myself! If I have social stuff a few days in a row I get stressed and have to take some time out at home to recover. Makes me sound anti-social, but my Saggo ascendant ensures I’m not. All that said, am single. Pretty hard in your 30s to meet someone who doesn’t want to-eventually… Read more »


Oh, am an only child and suspect that feeds into my enjoyment of being alone.


i am a aries sun with virgo rising and aqua moon. sun in the 8th, and an only child so i really need my alone time. i like socializing with others, but if i dont have time by myself, i get irritated.

fallen angel

Well..better Only Child syndrome than Lonely Child non? Having said that I was the last of 6 and a menopause oops baby, which pretty much left me alone most of the time. But hark peeps, it’s becoming more on trend to be together yet live apart, which can deliver a certain kind of sanity into a relationship. I’m 41 and while I love the idea of living with someone, and being cosy, I think I’d only be able to do it if they could give me the space I need inside that closeness. And yes, to being overstimulated by constant… Read more »

Lucy the Leo

I suspect a Saggo moon does not love solo time. Me = Cancer moon. In the 7th. I like and need alone time but ultimately I really want a companion. Just the one will do though, really.


I have moon conjunct saturn exact in sagg and I love and like to function on my own. But then again I have stellium in aqua to boot. I def relate to Charlotte Bronte’s quote above.
I also do have the mother issues that come with moon conjunct saturn!

Scorptropic of Capricorn

Lucy, I’ve got a Saggo moon in 11th house, and I need solo time like I need air. I’m an UBER loner. Always have been. I like to travel alone and can’t even remember the last time I spent an entire day with anyone. Three hours max and I gotta leave… get fidgety. I’ve never lived with a boyfriend and I’m not sure that I could. Ideal situation would be separate houses 🙂

Lucy the Leo

Interesting! My ex had a Sagg moon and I cannot remember him being willingly alone once in ten years. But perhaps there were other issues at play.

Ingrid Tosteson

Wows and Wells run deep in trine relationship to creep my place in the family of things. Here it goes, with this Legend of Literary feme-fame…Her moon/saturn conjuncts my sun, and joins the grand trine I have with asc in gemini, and uranus in libra…so she is something for me to realize in representing an awareness of who I really symbolize as a work of artist…my sun sits in the 9th house…and literary pursuits common to this placement, more than this, the longing to know…to understand and quest…much like her beautiful characters who journeyed to arrive in a blossomed realization… Read more »


Moon in Scorp also in trine to Jupe, but trine Sat & Merc all in H2o.

Dunno..most of my interests have me by myself, or at least in the Inner World – but it is quite populated there! I love good company.

Water is by it’s nature a little on the dependent side, so I can keep peace. But one should know the difference between excessive pride and self-respect as a fire-sign or you can get in a lot of trouble..


With yourself not by yourself is almost my life motto.
Aqua moon and in constant need of solo time. Just returned from my regular people detox week in Bali, barely said a word the whole time it was fantastic! Social rules and niceties are very taxing on the soul.


Cool motto! I just realised I do do people detox too in the form of Vipassana, 10 days silent meditation every 5 years or so. If I could control my mouth I would go to Bali, that sounds amazing!

Lucy the Leo

I am really not sure I could do Vipassana. I think I would be trying to make eye contact with people and stuff. Which is sort of verboten, no?


Yes! Weird things happen when people indulge themselves in that environment. My ex hotel started ‘cos my ex and a friend just started talking out under a tree and became besties! Or there was a wild tale of pent up sexual explodings in the men’s section heard on this blog… Cue bgem eyes.. yes an orgy! Don’t look at ANYONE. 😀

Lucy the Leo

Intense! Dionysian. It is funny how Bgem’s eyes just don’t stop being funny, you would think the joke would be over by now, but…no.


I just don’t know how to make the googly eyes…. 🙂




Oops, will try another one 😯


Ok it’s “:shock:” (without the inverted commas).



“shock” ?? 😀 Thanks babe!!


Aqua moon here and couldn’t agree more. I’m always complaining that society expects too much and dealing with people really exhausts me. As a Leo sun I can be social and do like being around people in general, just not actually interacting with them (unless it’s a one-on-one basis). I’d rather just observer and get my “people fix” that way. Having to deal with strangers and groups, especially, is asking too much.

I’ve always been self-sufficient and I hate the clingy stuff. I need spaaaaaace.

Love having an Aqua moon! Wouldn’t trade it for another.


I don’t have any major planets in Aqua but, I identify with being aloof, distant and the desire to be alone, but not lonely. My Aqua is 3rd/4th House with IC. I am unsure what IC stands for. Am researching it right now.


ok, got it! Aqua I.C. makes sense for me. I didn’t follow my parents careers but, I did follow their passion for the music and the arts. I ended up going to private art college and got two degrees in visual and performing arts.
I was raised as an only child because, my siblings were much older than me. I liked to read, draw and play alone.
I loved being alone, rarely felt lonely maybe a few times in a crowd that I didn’t belong in.


Maybe some of it has to do with your Scorp rising too? I’m also Scorp rising and I really don’t like bullshit and like michelle says below, bullshit hides in groups.

I’m an only child too with no siblings, so I grew up playing on my own save for the few times that kids from around the neighborhood came over. For me being alone is comfortable. The only time I’ve ever even thought about it is when other people act like you’re strange because you’re not surrounded by people.

Great achievements, by the way!


i’m Libra with Aqua moon and Leo sun and i also love being alone, don’t really seek out group stuff unless it is really set-up to do some kind of inner work or healing/sharing in a grounded intelligent safe space…..i much prefer one-to-one socializing….sooooo much more fulfilling and nutritious….in fact what is so great about one-to-one is that the bullshit can’t hold ground, it has less space to hide….but i think for some people that’s exactly why they don’t like it…


Love it !


Whoa! This has to be the closest Astro twin I’ve ever found! I also have a Virgo ascendant, Aqua moon, Taurus sun, Mercury in the 8th and Venus in Aries in the 7th! How totally jarring. That quote resonates hugely as well, but my moon is conjunct my NN (rather then Saturn) hence her voice sounds a little more.. miserly? But I subscribe to the same general philosophy of being true to yourself. Interesting.


Hermit/Socialite complex here – a Libran moon – in the twelfth house tho – and it opposes all my personal planets …


Also Aquarian Moon, also Mars in Gemini….I believe the sign of the Moon relates to what you need to survive emotionally. I always find with people when they think about this one, they realize just what they need. A key to understanding the self, and having time out for the Aquarian Moon, alone time, nurtures their soul and body. I certainly find it to be that way. Mars in Gemini in mine is interesting in the 8th on the South Node, unaspected, loads of ideas and information which come out of nowhere. Past lives I usually suspect, but certainly power… Read more »

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