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The House of your astro chart with Aquarius on the cusp?

It’s where you’re already living in the future and/or another dimension. Both concurrently? Why not?  Because it’s not like you consider the Time-Space continuum to be linear or anything.

It’s the area of life where you could be seen as sociopathic, your detachment is that advanced here.  Sentiment is not only naff, it clogs your aura, dampens your Qi, could even lead to candida.

The Aquarius house of your chart is where you’re bats but so brilliant. Everyone thinks you’re a flake in this regard but then wham; you were right all along. Beyond right – genius.

So Aqua in the 4th House means you bring this other-worldly consciousness to chez You, real estate and your attitude toward family of origin. In the 10th, it’s like your public image. 8th? Financial genius-sexual eccentric (i don’t like to use the word deviant as it sounds judgmental, lol). Aqua in the 7th: No way should anyone try to impose a bourgois relationship paradigm on you.

You get the idea?  For more info on The Houses, check The Houses sub-category of the D.I.Y. Astrology cat.

It gets better b.t.w.  Your Aquarius area is soon to be functioning a WHOLE lot better than it has in ages. Neptune vacates in Feb (as it did in April to August) and heads into Pisces where it is way more at home.  Your Aqua vibe is left to vibe out unencumbered by ambivalence and slippery Neptunian energy.

As always with D.I.Y. Astro, the amazing peeps here will help out newbies in the comments, as will i have a mo to dart in.

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197 thoughts on “D.I.Y. Astro – House Of Aquarius

  1. How likely is it for me to loose my sense of reality altogether if my 3rd house Aquarius (15degrees) contains the sun, moon, mercury, Venus, and Jupiter? How serious could my suicidal moments get? Thank you for work shared, much appreciation for its uplifting abilities. <3

  2. This might be a stupid question but I’m confused about which side of the house is on the cusp? I have Aqua Sun at 24 degrees in the 9th house. So is it my 8th house that will be activated? Or 9th or even 10th?!! Thank you!

  3. Aquarius in 7th – I don’t know if my relationships are peculiar when & if they happen, but my past lovelife has included perhaps two devastating Uranian-style relationships which burned briefly but brightly. Never dated an actual Aquarius though. The past few years of Neptune in Aquarius have meant intense idealisation, often acting like a Pisces in terms of unrequited love for someone who barely even knows I exist. Have vowed not to do that anymore… looking forward to the return of the clear view Neptune offered earlier this year.
    Other people might view my romantic life as Uranian, since I am a bisexual (prefer the term ‘queer’) feminist, & I either am doing one night stands or intense love affairs, casual dating is not for me. Or, as now, determined singledom.
    Also I am notorious among friends & family for my disdain of marriage & conventional family structures. My sister, who has Moon in Aquarius in the 2nd & Taurus in the 7th, is obsessed with marriage and will discourse on its proper conduct for ages (she’s a Libra of course!).

  4. Aquarius in the sixth house in south node. I will be so glad to get neptune out of there. It’s been an interesting decade.

  5. Aqua rising, sun, mars, mercury. I’m also ready for Neptune to go sleeping with the fishes. That slippery little sucker is sliming up in my face space.

      • Isn’t this a great opportunity for aquacentric people to feel connected to each other though? We can all commiserate with eachother. I liked that little April – August taster we had… my clothes combinations felt better and more like me.

        • Yes! I only have Saturn in Aqua in 2nd & Psyche in Aqua but with moon in Sagg in 11th gives me an Aquacentric vibe.
          April – August taster was awesome!!! I have Neptune/Sun/Mercury conjunct in Scorp, so Pisces Neptune will be trining all that. A welcome relief from all the squares & opps.
          Let’s compare notes in Feb 🙂

  6. Aqua Mars house 10 and N. Node House 9.

    Well with the Mars…has to do with the physical right…with this backtracking…I almost went for the type of guy…I swore off…I knew he wasn’t the right fit for a stable relationship…but I still looked forward to something happening. Well it fizzled out before anything happened, and I realized the guy is kind of douche….what a shocker. lol And I’ve learned from the past that there are consequences for “having things happen” with the guy your friend likes…I’ve had some opportunities…but I decline cause I am a good friend now.

    and with the 9th house and 10th house and N. node
    I got burned out and am taking a break from school…and the new person that works over me is kinda a bitch and talks to me like I’m her bitch sometimes. UGH. So I realize I need to prepare my self for something better, and continue my education.

    that’s what I have noticed.

  7. Yesterday I was definitely away with nebulous Neptune and thinking that I’m zig zagging between the past and the future, and I cannot touch down in the present. Trying to enjoy the now, but so impatient for the new.

  8. Aquarius is my ascendant, so I guess this directly applies to me in personality, temperament and constitution? According to Astrodienst.

  9. No Aqua on any house cusps for me–mine’s intercepted in my 12th house. I’ve got Capricorn on the 12th and a Pisces ASC. I’ve never been sure how to interpret it.

  10. Aquarius in my 2nd house. I definitely feel this. My younger sister and brother have gotten jobs before me (i’m 22). I cant seem to get myself to be motivated to go out and get one. I wanna work at a daycare/preschool, I wanna be a kindergarten teacher and I have 100+ volunteer hours in a kindergarten, but I don’t wanna have to change kids diapers or anything ¬¬ So to make money I’ve been sewing stuff to sell. Doll clothes and purses mainly. My monster high outfits have done really well, but I haven’t made any recently and I’ve been buying soo much more than usual.
    Maybe my unstable income will suddenly earn me loads of money when neptune moves. ;p

  11. This finally makes the Aquarian fourth house thing make sense because (a) I am the least “home-y” person on the planet, (b) I am a fucking alien compared to everyone in my family, and (c) I don’t relate to “home and family” at all. I fail at both, as a matter of fact.

  12. Aqua rules both my 7th and 8th houses ( I have gemini and saggitarius intercepted, so leo and aqua get to double their influence ).

    Relationships.. A constant struggle and a constant search. I want one just as much as it scares me. Libra sun finds it painfully unnatural to be on my own, saggi venus wants its freedom and fun. Scorp lilith/mercury bring a lot of intensity.

    While I feel like my 7th house isn’t happenning, I think I compensate with my 8th, what else can you do?.. Unconventional? Perhaps. Detached? Wouldn’t say so.

    Interestingly, according to my solar return chart, I’ll have aqua as my ascendant most of this year. It feels good. Leo ( my natal ascendant )takes up a lot of inner steam ( all that drama lol )

    Does anyone know how to make sense of all the charts: natal, solar return, relocation, progressed?.. I am overwhelmed. 9 years ago I moved to australia ( from europe ) and voila, am now a scorpio ascendant with 5 planets in the 12th instead of the 4th.. All the charts tell a different story, do I still mostly rely on the natal one? And that’s not considering the transits..

    • I am also keen to know about the relevance of the progressed houses.

      I changed countries a few years back and all my planets are now in the 12th house! Can’t say its been fun here.

      Spent a lot of time alone and hiding.

  13. Wow. Just did a random google ‘cos I’m clueless about my mercury in aquarius in my first house. Happy about what I found though: Uranus, the higher octave planet of Mercury, rules Aquarius; so Mercury is in its most favorable sign (exalted) in Aquarius. You’re intuitive, original, steady, universal, an excellent judge of character, communicate well with all types of people, and are usually involved with groups or organizations. Your intimates, however, may accuse you of being impartial or democratic to the point of being impersonal. A natural inventor, you’re fascinated by the latest technology. You’re idealistic, think of the world as a unity, and believe in putting into practice what you preach.
    Yup. That’s pretty dang accurate of me!

  14. Okay, who wants to help me out~

    Aqua in the 4th house where there are no planets, but on the cusp of the 3rd house where there is Uranus, Neptune, Saturn, and the Vesta asteroid.


    • Oh, it looks like I do have Mercury in my 4th house…and Mars in Gemini. Interesting that my chart is so focused on communication hmm

  15. Aqua rules my 9th, so … I am genius in truth seeking, in my quest for meaning in life?
    I have Jupiter in the 9th too (though in Pisces) so quadruple that!
    Gosh, I hope so. 😉

    • I have Sun, Merc and Midheaven in Aqua in the 9th. Constantly planning/daydreaming/wishing for next travel trip. We went to Ireland this year and already thinking about Australia. I take mini road trips to revive myself. Tomorrow will be another one. I feel restless a lot, especially with Venus and Merc moving into Saggo.

  16. Aqua in 11th with venus conj mars – oh fuq what a life of hard lessons, was so shy and horrible fuqin childhood, am teary now just thinking about how far i’ve come in this life…Still, many have had far, far worse.

    Wierd maybe but i have never been flirty/precocious type either, more like wallflower/mouse.

    Cannot wait till Pisces happens, a new volume of life for sure.

      • hey prowln, my progressed asc has been in cancer for almost as long as i’ve been alive, soon to move into Leo (hehe).

        I honestly don’t know what it feels like to *not* have a progressed asc in cancer – maybe we can check back in a few years and i’ll see if i am a different person.

        i always put down my sentimentality and hoarding traits to being a sooky pisces, but my GOD if it’s only a slowly passing phase…*finally* i can throw stuff out lolol

        • hmmm … interesting. Mine switched from Gemini to Cancer in around 1990 so let’s say 18-19 years old give or take. By the time I was 24 or so, obsessing about security had pretty much swamped my brain and I’d had a baby. I have to say I was not prepared for any of this sort of stuff having previously lived life in a creative, free spirited manner – probably rather glib about relationships too. Well I can’t say it’s all been fun (Saturn and Pluto transits in the mix), but I am an awesome cook, know how to ground myself at home and have the most gorgeous double Piscean daughter so … benefits! Looking forward to the shift to Leo tho – 2015 roughly 😉

          • Well I’m now an Aries Rising (by progression) conjunct natal Part of Fortune and transiting Uranus, and I’m living it, loving it. Thinking now that’s why I’m just out there with my fire energy more than ever before (with my watery/earth dom chart despite being an awesome Leo 🙂 I think we need to embrace and own our transits and progressions – it’s our duty, with insights and evolution as our reward.

          • cool, we’ll both become Leos around the same time, give or take a year, prowln 😉

            true FF about embracing the transits and progressions. I mean, i don’t know how many of my traits i can lay at the feet of a progressed ascendant but if it means in a couple of years i can dedicate a percentage of my income to looking hot, keeping the show going on, and the general confidence and charm of Leos, then bring it on !

    • only diy here but i’m guessing it means your ascendent is coloured by that influence…

      eg. I have Uranus on my asc now, moving near the end i think, and i’ve totally made over my life majorly in so many ways, in ways i never could have dreamt, that it’s like the old me was a completely different woman…I’m utterly thriving and i realise some of my posts sound like i’m psycho-bats-insane, but in reality i’m quite reserved and do listen more than i gabba, i guess i’ve had to come to terms with the energy charge of Uranus in how i present myself without realising it at the time for eg. 🙂

  17. it rules my 9th I guess that makes sense 1998 makes sense too in terms of 9th house things and the aquarian that happened then too interesting but maybe shell if you’re not over it by now cos you worked your ass off up above do you have any esoteric thoughts re the 9th and aqua? I quite like that yours is in the 7th – quirky loving styles 😀 men who think strong women are lesbians are dicks do yourself a favour & give them the flick immediately so they can go find the doormat of their dreams… or not.

    • ha, yes, they generally receive a suitably Saturnian look of disdain, and never any quirky loving styles.

      Anyway, I don’t really know what your uni stuff is, which limits my ability to make ridiculously apt bullshit statements.
      Is the aqua an early aqua though? Was he really your neptune trine sun transit?

      Um, 9th house Aqua, looking to release yourself from the shackles of society through some kind of quest for higher knowledge, and a tendency toward crazy guruy cult folk 🙂 ? Then neptune comes along with all his enthusiasm for a vague quest and off you go into a smudgy world of arty study stuff?
      Distracted by the Hamster Wheel sorry. ah …

      • Or maybe Neptune came along which kinda brought Saturn out saying, stop faffing about with that freaky shit, and Uranus was refusing to answer or cooperate and pretending he was off doing something else important, and who has that lump of gas to tell him what to do anyway, and then Neptune wiggled his little fishy finger and said, ah, come, I will show you the way of the future, and just not mention the HECS debt, or the bureaucracy, or the slave labour tutors who don’t want to be there.
        Cue Saturn cackling in the background.

        • interesting I’ve never looked at that – there were a shitload of quite nice transits happening when the aquarian arrived – transiting neptune was conjunct my vertex and trine my sun uranus jupiter and pluto and transiting moon, venus, mars and jupiter were trining my natal neptune – if they were all in water signs is that a grand water trine? Transiting Chiron was conjunct my moon, transiting north node was conjunct my mars and transiting lilith was conjunct his natal lilith and my venus and mercury. Thanks shell that’s some good food for thought. I can see now why it’s like some kind of weird magic love – just can’t shake it off no matter how badly we annoy each other and believe me it gets annoying. If I was looking for romance stars for some kind of ritual they’d be some of the kind I’d look for. It’s like a really beautiful spell was unwittingly cast.

          Oh and re the actual question fine arts with a digital garnish – although at the time neptune was entering the 8th which is where my aqua begins it was all about film but film has evolved in that time so I did too – film died while neptune was passing through my 8th. I wept when kodachrome passed. And my sad polaroid land camera with bellows is now just a beautiful bakelite ornament… sigh

          • Is it not the task of aqua to subvert the dominant paradigm?
            I like the film interp, there’s the whole sense of separation provided by the camera, and all the fancy techie stuff.
            Although yes Polaroid film is problematic.

  18. Aqua (with Mars) occupies my 8th house but the cusp is actually in the last degrees of capricorn. One-third of pisces to go before Neptune exits 8th house..

    Sexual deviant/eccentric… financial genius? hmm, I WISH. *leer*

    neptune-mars transit coupla years ago was a doozy.

    I just had an unrelated idea, so I shall share (as I am wont). Maybe all my Libra-ruled 4th house action means that I should seriously consider Stepford Wife-ism as a career option. After all, Pluto and my NN lives there too, opposite Venus and more in my 10th.

    They say you have to confront your biggest fears to grow, right? And libra rules balance, relationships, 4th house rules the home, family, inner life. So if I marry some wholesome guy, develop a beauty fetish, and live in suburbia and breed like a rabbit (agh then RUN LIKE HELL) maybe that will test my plutonic limits. I mean, I might die of something soul-destroying in the meantime, but it’s worth a try right? pluto’s all about death anyway.
    back to Aqua matters – NN trines my 8th house Mars anyway so maybe there’s even some gold-digging potential in there, you know, 8th house of other people’s money.

    Jeeeez there is potential here ! Why was I bothering to be all independent when I can get my kicks living through others!
    (ignore bitterness: am working through it OK)

    signed, Slightly Unbalanced Pisces

  19. I have Aqua in 6th and on 7th house cusp, but only a couple of degrees of my 7th is Aqua… not sure what that means, but from knowledgeable peeps here maybe it means Aqua rules my 7th? I do have trouble sticking to any kind of routine and have always had a bit of an issue staying interested in long-term relationships. Well, the functional ones that is, lol

    Neptune is right on my natal Venus in Aqua just now…sigh… it’s been a very interesting time, love-wise. Next stop for Neptune is my Sun, Merc and Saturn in 7th. Blue Devil, anyone?? Am vowing to practise Aqua detachment and channel haute Neptune until it all blows over!

  20. Aqua on cusp of 7th/ rules descendant. Yep, key relationships always non-conventional, lots of freedom/ detachment, others look-in and say wtf much.

  21. Aqua on the 12th here….. sociopathic dreams? Perhaps a good thing I didn’t persue a school teaching career afterall.

    I have Pluto at 29 degrees ( Virgo) and I notice Neptune has been waltzing on the spot in late degrees of Aqua for a while and coincidentally, the last 2 years I have gone a bit off the radar with social conventions, more than usual, in the dreams that inspire and guide me. (Am a regular attendee at the soirees of Neptune and Jupiter already)

    Started with the sensible step of breaking up with an actual psychopath , and deconstructing all my ideas/ideals/fantasies/hopes etc. This is still a work in progress but I feel like the Aqua vibes of objectivity , unity through diverse individuality, and humanitarian consensus overcoming religious fantasy etc is working at a very deep level in my life-making processes and some of my goals and aspirations at the moment I cannot even speak of for fear of sounding like a total tripper and “nuisance to society” . Not very comfortable but, when is Pluto work or Neptunian consequence comfortable?

    Be interesting to hear if anyone else has had a late degrees natal planet daliance with Neptune in Aqua. Or am I the only one going gangbusters on getting the green and post-climate-change , post-reformed-capitalist, post-anthropocentric and just-love-one-another-industries and share-and-make- music-in-the-trees future here now?

    yes, the future is here, and it’s hyphenated! lol

    • I have aqua in the 12th house too! A smidgeon of it passes onto Pisces the home of my ascendent. I fear ive had no shake ups in my spiritual life such as yours (it sounds pretty amazing/profound/cleansing – say no to psychopaths indeed!) I feel that in my last 2 years the biggest reforms I have had have been re relationships. More so abt ppl who I felt were soul friends – not so much lovers.

      Is anyone else feeling that? Like major growth and comebacks with ppl/friends/the community – losing peeps and finding new ones that fit you better?

        • “The 12th House is good.

          So take a look at the sign on the cusp of your 12th House and forgetting everything you have ever been told or thought re the 12th House, let’s just say it is the sector of magical and amazing resources, that you may take a little while to remember how to use. Lets ramp it up and say it’s like your karmic gifts from a past life.

          Yes, even though it’s true that 12th house signs/planets are often things we shun at first.”

          from the houses categories.

          makes sense. yes, i guess a lot of hidden shit kind of exploded in front of me between april and august.

          twinfish – karmic trust fund? could you pls elaborate? 😀

          • Thanks for that info. Yes, am led to thinking of the 12th house as the house you can tap into whn you’re wise enough in yourself . Like when you get out of your own way and stop making shit up and pull your own weight etc, then you get the goods on the things in your 12th cos you can handle them wisely. So I wonder if this transitioning of soul friendships and kindred people is like your evolution of likeminded friends ( Aqua ) That could sound really appallingly snobbish and I don’t mean it in any social strata kind of way. Just in terms of cycle of personal growth. Perhaps?

            • I have 12th house Aquarius too with Chiron and Lillith in it. So am wondering how the detachment fits in with 12th house Aqua?

              I can relate to the bats but brilliant theme if 12th house stuff could be about being aware of what’s normally hidden away from self and others (aquarius) My reading of situations and people is sooo left field as I can see stuff that is deep below consciousness but it generally turns out to be true.

              My daughter has spent loads of time in hospitals (12th house institutions) and I’ve always had the ability to be calm (detached?) in the most difficult of life and death situations ….maybe this is 12th house Aqua? where as her dad is always an emotional mess …..which is me too in many areas of life being Piscean but not this one.

              • I am spending time at hospitals a lot of time lately. Oddly, for a Pisces rising who cries sometimes even when watching a bird gliding, I am collected at hospitals – Aqua detachment with Pisces compassion is what works in hospitals. I hope your daughter is healthy and happy.

      • Yess Strangelove, that’s true for me re soul friends and finding my real “crowd”. Thankyou for that lightbulb mmt x

        • And April – August ’11 was fantastic for me. Life completely turned around in so many ways; so am looking forward to Neptune full forward into Pisces from early 2012.

    • At work, but have Aqua ruling 12th too. What you write resonates a lot with me.

      Neptune sitting on 29Aqua is shooting rays of confusion to Jupiter at 29 Scorp, and to Venus/Saturn at 29 Taurus.

      Will try to write later.

      • Hey Quadrupled, you have Jupiter at 29 Scorpio? 9th house. Wow! Do you get majorly impatient with small-minded BS or are you too busy focussing on expanding consciousness, or what!
        Shared degrees of different planets occupying different signs seem to create a sympatico within the psyche, don’t u reckon? As well as an intensity!

        • Wow! We really need to find a vacated post and compare our charts sans hijacking the convos. I am still on the learning curve of harnessing Aqua 12th house – karmic trust fund is an excellent description. After Pluto and Saturn pulverized my chart, I needed to find a place to fall back. Detachment helps, I discovered. Mars is also there, I was used to blowing up unexpectedly, now I am using Mars in Aqua for pushing my inner boundaries with yoga and pilates.

          Retro Jup at 29 Scorp sits at the cusp of 8-9 houses. All I can say about that placement is an unshakable belief that this life is beautiful and has tremendous capacity to inflict pain. Yet we endure because we laugh.

          I am slowly sliding into “moment-to-moment” awareness state.

          twinfishrising, when these transits are over, I believe we will evolve to who we were meant to be. But it is hard, very hard for this Gem Sun/Pisces rising.

          • sometimes i love my pisces rising – other times i wish it were an aqua rising 😉 even a virgo rising would be excellent…hehe

  22. Mystic or peeps… How long has neptune been in Aqua??

    My public image, Career (10th house??) took a major slide December last year… coupled with me being totally uncomfortable but ambivalant about it.

    Since July this year I’ve been crawling back but im thinking maybe this explains quiet a bit of my actions and thoughts at this time…..?

      • Well that would be right.. thats the root of the cause… so thats all going to lighten up..? beautiful 🙂

        • Gem, Neptune moved into Pisces briefly from April to August (as Mystic mentions above). So think back to that time for clues as to what may manifest for you when Neptune gets back to Pisces for the long haul in Feb 2012. Personally, I’m counting the days! lol

    • Neptune has been back in aqua for 6 months or so? I think it’s moves into Pisces feb 2012. ? Better check with the pros 🙂

  23. Aqua in the fifth house, got into art and writing late in life. Can’t stand conventional art like landscapes, still life, etc., but really, really love Aboriginal desert art and off-the-planet stuff. I DON’T go for twee fairy stuff, gives me the heebie-jeebies, but I can easily float off to the galaxy to download visions for my writing and artwork.

    • Wow cool. Having seen your artwork I now can visualise better how Aqua 5th feels. The indigenous themes and the space themes wrap together. Didn’t your artwork recently resonate with a community? How Aqua … humanitarian.

  24. Aqua rules my 8th house, only Chiron here… I’m a great believer in the concept that sexual energy used correctly can heal the world and all the personal wounds we carry. I do openly talk about it and people just smile, or run. Spiritual energy is perfectly manifested and reflected thru our sexual meridians. It’s yoga, meditation and aerobics in one stream. is that deviant ? Maybe ?

        • yes, I agree. I have chiron parallel my virgo venus and virgo ascendant conjunction.
          The wounded healer is still a healer. sometimes our wounds don’t heal, but add stoic endurance to our compassion.

      • isn’t Chiron the ‘wounded healer’? Not healer. It is symbolised by a key = key to unlock our pain. You are wounded and need to heal wherever you have Chiron? it sounds more haute neptune to me – that claim – sexuality and healing is a spiritual connection. Do you have Neptune in 7th or 5th?

      • The message that has come to me from, umm, lets say, higher spiritual sources is that our sexuality is the major part of our spiritual teaching down here and the uplink to higher states of vibration. The message basically is drop all this nonsense about it being ‘irreligious’ a lower force. The fundamentalist bullshit about it needing to be hidden or submerged is exactly why we are so damaged. Its our birthright. So my views are possibly more intergalactic than vedic x

        • I agree – there’s way too much emphasis placed on having a simple shag as being somehow unspiritual. Unfortunately sexual shame is so pervasive that having a simple shag does end up becoming a shameful and/or empty act because we are taught to not fully immerse ourselves in that moment, as well as having a bunch of expectations about what’s supposed to happen after. Even if you have personally made the attempt to elevate beyond those collective unconscious beliefs, you still end up with potential partners who are inhibited, uneducated and emotionally stunted, full of shame and who are frightened to own their own sexuality.

        • ok, sweet. i’m off to uh, get spiritual then.

          BUT here’s a question then. solo sexuality, same as some coupled up scenario? and what sort of coupled up?

          I decided quite a while ago that since sex is a fundamental part of our biological existence and is rather pleasurable as well, what is the point of being all monastic about it? failed to see what was so sinful about it. I grew up catholic but thankfully shed that guilt rubbish a long time ago. why deny yourself something on the basis that to “indulge” is weak or something similarly silly.

          anyway regardless I prob have a long way to go.

          interesting you are, kids

        • and for the record. i know i probably said all the wrong thing just then, typical boorish me-style, but… i am not sure i completely agree with your idea DL. There’s just too many people who simply don’t care about sex / sexuality, or are indifferent or have other ways to get someplace, for it to be ‘the only’ way to a higher dimension or whatever. The minute I hear something that sounds – to me – like I am ‘supposed* to do something, or be or behave a certain way, to achieve exaltation of some sort, my hackles and bullshit antennae go right up.

          Now i totally know you are not some kind of guru dictator type so don’t take this to mean that I am putting you in that corner. Simply that we all have our own ways of reaching a higher place and for any number of reasons, many of these ways would not involve sexuality.

          mind you i do most certainly agree with both you and Prowln about the immense disappointment when we meet someone whose sexuality is so base and shallow, their perceptions can only detract from the experience.

          hope that makes sense xx

    • 12th Aqua for me as well.
      Home to my Saturn & Venus (Chiron also but the last degree conjunct Asc).

      I’d take a jab at it Owl but I’m a novice and I don’t want to color you with my guesses.


    • Me too Owl and Liz and it’s the one area of my chart that I don’t get. No planets only asteroid Psych. I have quite a few deep connections with Aqua’s and a couple have been major loves. Current Toro bf has Aqua 5th house with NN conj Mars in Aqua (I too have NN conj Mars in 5th but in Kataka). Any help here appreciated much. x

    • Not necessarily, you might just have a very different and very individual take on spiritual matters, depth psyche, the arts, and perhaps an ability to perceive obscure or obtuse connections between things, or to relate with the group in an intensely private way.

      I think everyone grapples with getting their 12th house, because it’s about both the unconscious and the big picture — the stuff that’s accessed intuitively.

  25. I have Aquarius in the ninth house.

    And major s is going down in my life and I just want to leave. Change my name. Drop a jillion pounds. Get a nose job. Be a new person. Because the person I am? Her life is hell. Her life makes her want to stay in bed. Her life makes her feel nauseous all of the time, it’s so awful. Her life is making me tear up just talking about.

    I already cut my hair off. I don’t have anything else to do other than quit my job and drop out of school. God, just take me anywhere but here.

    • BRIGHT! What’s happened to your moxy? Your pzazz? Don’t savage your appearance. Don’t hurt yourself further. Well, cutting your hair’s ok, that can be seriously liberating.

      You need to summon up the guts to call for a good friend, doll.

      Kisses, hugs, light XXX Be safe XXX

    • whoa baby. some psych going down in your life. what happened?!
      Bright is a totally awesome name, don’t change that. (i was being cheeky there by the day).

      where you are at is totally going to change, I promise. whatever black hole you’re in now will dissipate and you’ll be left saying, ‘thank F*ck i didn’t quit my job’. because honey, you’re going to want some money to stay brilliant like we secretly know you are.

      nauseating life is no good my sweet – try to take stock and do a base-case analysis among the bleakness – you live in a country where you can *have* a job and be at school. I know i would kick someone like me for saying that while you’re in that state of mind, but trust me you gotta go for the basics in times like this.

      just don’t think about your life at all for a few days, or weeks. get up, shower, go do your daily routine, have dinner, brush teeth, go to bed, even though you feel like you’re an empty machine dragging your soul over barbed wire just doing that.

      could i suggest some good escapist activity like decent, exhausting exercise, some great books, thrashing through your wardrobe to toss anything you hate? mull over what got you into this state, then attack that?

      hash out the ghastly feelings occupying your lovely, gorgeous psyche with a deep and understanding friend.

      lastly, but not last at all, treat these feelings like a shitful virus your mind has somehow contracted to stop you from feeling ok about your life. your brain is spamming you – don’t listen to its crap. and if there really is something genuinely not OK, then take just one tiny step to shifting that.

      keep us posted…good or bad x

      • I love that Piscean… “Your brain is spamming you” !! Brilliant. That’s exactly what it’s doing too isn’t it. I’ll use that in the future.. Thanks. xoxo

      • Thank you. I can’t talk much (literally, I can’t communicate very well these last few weeks) but I really love and appreciate this, and am taking it to heart. Life just went to hell and I can’t tell you why or how, because I want to know these things too so I can fix them, but it’s all so f ing hard that I wish I were on house arrest a la Lohan.

        My life is such a black hole, I pulled the Tower last night, and I’m too tired to fight. So I’m just going to do what I do and let it suck me to whatever multiverse is on the other side. It’s obviously inevitable, I’m obviously fated to go in that direction, so eat veggies, drink water, get enough sleep, and go with it.

        • Bright, are you having a heavy Pluto transit or something? I feel a bit the same – too tired to fight. Pluto on my Asc.

          Hang in there. x

    • A bit late coming in, but Yay PCFR! Good advice.

      Bright, take care of yourself, and keep reminding yourself it’s only temporary. Thankfully you have a job and a course of study, because those things are a base or a launching pad to bigger and better things.

      A patient recently lost her drug addicted mentally ill brother to suicide and she feels utterly devastated. She took two weeks off work, but since she returned to work, she’s found the petty politicking and interpersonal snits in her office unbearable. And rightly so. I’ve encouraged her to go into survival mode. Get enough sleep, plenty of good wholesome food, 3 good meals a day, a bath, & space wherever possible. Don’t try and make major decisions and at work, just do what you have to do, go through the motions and shut out the rest. Seriously. It’s how you’ll get through it.

      Are you having any major transits? Pluto, Neptune or Saturn? Let us know and we’ll give you a hand where we can.

      • yes i was wondering pluto transit too . going through the motions at least keeps the basic operating system at functional level.

        hey bright if you’re reading this maybe homeopathy too? walnut or something? big bear hugs … (bear hugs aren’t homeopathy, they’re just nice)


          • Hmm, can’t read your chart as the file has expired. Pluto could hit Neptune hard if you’ve been kidding yourself about something. Do you have planets in the early (around 5) degrees of the cardinal signs — Cap, Aries, Cancer, Libra? Aka the Zap Zone.

            Also, could it be something to do with your father’s death? Some unfinished business? I’ve found people can be floored, and totally confused by what is getting to them, and then we look at whether it’s an anniversary of someone’s passing, or a date significant to the person who has passed. Hits the subconscious first, and bringing it to consciousness can help.

            Hope this helps.

            • I have Jupiter at 2 degrees Aries and Neptune at 7 degrees Capricorn, and my uncle’s suicide was three years ago on November 4-5. There’s always a lot going on in the Fall – it’s also the time of the year that the childhood abuse happened back when I was seven.

              I keep pulling the Tower (traditional tarot) and No Escape (vertical tarot). I get it, I get it, I get it. Whatever this is? It’s happening. And I just need to let it, no matter how much I hurt.

              I’m thinking about going to an Al-Anon meeting tomorrow night. Maybe it’ll help the emotional stuff.

              • Wow, yes all the indications are there for supercharged change. Uranus is on your Jupiter, which has the potential to be awesome, finding a new direction for yourself and new, radical or unconventional ways to expand your horizons.

                Pluto on Neptune, which will intensify in the next year or so, is perfect for quitting drinking. In fact, I’m thinking Pluto is hammering you to quit, giving you a taste of how things might be if you don’t. Pluto isn’t always easy, but it’s the energy of profound transformation and renewal. Channeling higher Neptune through this transit would help you — exploring spirituality and or your artsy/musical side, but at the same time staying grounded in a healthy routine.

                The Tower is also a card indicating renovation, or demolition, but so you might build something better in its place. By all means let it happen, but I’d also encourage you to grab the rudder/take the reins. Steer yourself to something stronger and healthier for yourself.

                You’re clearly feeling a lot of pain. There’s a lot there that you’re dealing with, and I’d say to you it’s difficult, and probably unrealistic to deal with your pain alone. Definitely enlist some support for yourself from reliable and trustworthy people — friends or family, a sponsor, or therapists if you can afford them. Al-Anon would be a good start, and online try aftersilence.org

                You’ll get there. I know people who’ve been where you’re at and gone on to do utterly amazing things with their lives. Good luck!

                • I’m not even a secret alcoholic who is ashamed and saying that they’re not an alcoholic. After growing up with an alcoholic in the family, I drink one drink, twice a month, if that.

        • Also, I’m hittin’ the Pluto juice and red wine hard today. Not even worrying about “ohhh you’re not supposed to drink while stressed” today. If I need a shot glass of wine to make this manageable, we’re going with that. I built up some drinking credits when I specifically stayed away from drinking after my dad died.

      • Hi Uber Virgo, this too may be a bit late commenting, but wow, your patient only took 2 weeks off work with the trauma. Perhaps suggest taking another 2 weeks in 2-3 week’s time, take a holiday/plane ticket away for a week, and take up one therapy per week for eg one week reiki, the next week massage, the following reflexology, etc.. – work through the body as the person would be exhausted – psychically, physically, everyway possible. But yeah, one foot in front of the other … as Mystic says – ‘cleave to routine’. At least until they can start to think again and move through things. Best wishes x

    • oh dear. I feel you, been so going through this too.
      simplify as much as you can. hugs. do what makes your soul feel like it is healing. keep doing it.

  26. Aqua divided by 2nd and third house. Merc in second and Saturn, Sun & Mars in 3rd. I found this with on an instant google.

    sounds good . . . .

    Mercury in Second House.
    This is a good position for economists, corporate planners, salespeople, writers with mass appeal, and professions involving communications. Values are often more material than intellectual. You may a special gift for making money by teaching or in some way communicating money-making ideas to others.

    [sigh] I wish.

  27. 3rd house Aqua moon… Have been reading various descriptions of 3rd house and not really getting a grasp of what its about. Daily communication, local travel, interactions in the immediate environment…? No I can’t even chance an interpretation… though I do wonder if this is related to my current preoccupation with thoughts about technology and how this facilitates our interpretations of the environment and relate to more-than-human others. I’d appreciate insights anyone has on this one, thank you 🙂

    • This makes a lot of sense. No planets there, but I have 3rd house Aqua — 3rd house is ruled by Gemini and therefore the house of mental activity, communication, siblings, short journeys etc. — and I like to think 3rd house Aqua thought patterns, ideas etc are so far out there and ahead of it all that even the zeitgeist has to eat our dust!

      We’re going to be individual thinkers, with our own ways of communicating, and an interest in technological, futuristic and humanitarian concerns. Also, I’ve managed to go completely under (or over) the radar with the shite sibling rivalry dynamics in our family. They’ll never pin me down, lol!

      For you, with your moon there, all of this is a gut instinct. No one’s going to pin you down either.

      • Too. 3rd house Aqua Venus.

        Funny, just realised my Aqua Ma’s comment to me as a child was frequently that she admired my broad choice of friends, often comprising the underdogs and outsiders. (Not = she liked each of them!)

      • Thanks for the info Über Virgo. I really feel a strong Aquarius connection in my daily life since learning about and focusing on my Aqua moon, and the more I nurture that, the more emotionally satisfied I feel, and the more in touch with my everyday creativity I am. This includes a new found interest in reading science fiction! Particularly the Culture series of books by Iain M Banks, which are so satisfyingly socially advanced as well as soothingly technophilic 🙂

  28. Aqua in the 2nd house I can make lots of money but find it hard to hold on to been more conservative in my investments ! So I take that the aqua in Pisces cusp thing will enhance my super powers to make money ????. My ideas are a little scare other than just be my crazy self which seems to work ! I am getting my power back it seems with the mars Virgo energy ! Confidence does play a big part !

  29. I don’t feel Aqua anything and I honestly wish I could.

    North Node in Aqua in my 2nd house… What does it mean? Why I’d like to be a humanitarian but despise groups? (Scorpy Pluto in the 11th house).

    • Aqua generally despises groups due to their innate dislike of conformism. The humanitarian thing is more along the lines of organising people to work together in order to resolve global problems like poverty or disease. Aqua is idealistic and gets the shits with things like politicians who brown nose to big business whilst everyone else is subjected to austerity measures (just as an example).

  30. Aqua in 2nd house. It squares my Jupiter in Taurus in 4th. Interesting… Well before the GFC I decided I wanted to be debt-free. Sold my apartment when Jupes entered 4th house & now wondering what to do with $$. Hard when Neptune is transiting 2nd. Wish it would hurry up and go direct already too!

      • oh, and I remembered I wanted to tell you about the Brisbane Media Map. It’s a listing/profile thingy of range of media/creative industry organisations in Brisbane, developed by QUT folk. Should google easily. Perhaps of use to you?

        • Moon was in Sagg when I was up there. Felt like I was in a B-grade version of ‘Catch Me if You Can’. Qantas flight cancelled on way home, so caught plane to Newcastle then horrendous 3hr journey on a train full of drunken bogans back to Sydney. Crap weekend!! Did a lot of soul searching though. I don’t think I’m ready to move yet. It’s November already & I’m worried about finding work and just plain exhausted with trying to make things happen. So dazed & confused right now. Hoping the fog clears once Neptune goes direct next week.

          • bummer dude. blame Alan though and not your dreams.
            Still, those reality check moments can be useful, even if just to notice the fog xxo

            • oh Alan pffft. Don’t get me started. What a creepy little weasel he is. KNEW he’d be a Cancer. There’s somethng about Cancer men that gives me the creeps. *shudder* Oh and b’day is this Sunday 🙂 x

  31. Perfect! Aqua is on my 5th. And I’m currently working at becoming a set designer for films. Help with my creative projects are just what I need!

  32. Aqua rules my 7th.
    I’ve had people say some interesting things to me about how they perceive me one on one relationship wise. Something along the lines of intimidating (charming I know, and says more about them personally, but anyway). Or men who don’t get why I’m not fawning think I’m a lesbian (though they may be the default ‘excuse’ most men use for non-interested females?)
    I think Aqua detachment is a bit of a facade.
    In my case a 7th house projection of my ‘pay attention to me’ Leo Asc/Mars and ‘determined to appear in control’ Saturn rising?

    • Please please Shell answer my question above – I always get so confused with houses. Also, if the cusp of the house coincides on the chart exactly with the line that divides two signs, is it the sign previous or after that is the ruler of that house? What does it mean when the cusp is in one sign but the bulk of the house is covered by another sign. These are questions I always wanted to know the answers to!!

      • I had a go above.
        The lines between houses always have a degree, minute, second measurement, so your house line will either be for e.g. 29 56 1, or 0 2 3
        If it’s 29 something then its the previous sign that rules the house (even though most of it is in the other sign).

        What that all means re how it operates … someone else can probably add. Given we are talking about a system that is ‘suggestive’ in many ways, you can probably decide whatever you think makes more sense to you.

        When planets transit those split sign houses, you might get a shift in how the energy/activity plays out.

    • my ex hubby has aqua on 7th. Emotionally detached from our relationship, but oh so loyal. His interests in women are definately along the lines of unusual. I am odd myself and the girl he is with now is too.

    • Aqua rules my seventh too, but with neptune boy did i overidealize someone a few years ago, but back to myself now for sure, freedom in all relationships.

      I never said yes but after some gemini blackmailing i almost did. So glad i didnt- i just cannot be satisfied with being stuck to one person. Let alone a Gemini. Hes all air libra moon aquarian ascendant.

      Not enough passion even if i had a libra 7th house…

      • lol….that would be me.
        My work schedule has ALWAYS been erratic. Largely due to the nature of the work I am involved in.

      • I think you’ve hit the nail on the head there. I’m an embodiment of the whole ‘ the best revenge is to get on with doing you’re thing really really well’. I love sticking it to the non-believers by achieving amazing outcomes through hard work, determination and the gathering of important allies.

    • Are they conjunct? i.e pretty close around 5 degrees either side? Maybe an initial spastic sounding dollar making enterprise turns you into a entreprenurial bazillionaire. You purchase improbably property (think tin shack in the desert or something) that you find out is sitting on a hithero undetected gold seam …

  33. I’ve got aqua on the cusp of the 9th (North Node) and 10th (Mars & MC) houses. I’ll be glad when Neptune buggers off as my public image has taken a big fat walloping since it’s been there – put on lots of weight plus become a bit hermit like for my tastes. Couldn’t even figure out what clothes I like to wear (lost sense of style???) which is just utterly ridiculous for someone who usually likes to carry off a slightly wayward but interestingly put together wardrobe. Way too much snorting of space dust and sculling of the Blue Hooch as well – blaaaaaah. Over it. Ok was fun – at first. 😉

    Coincides with Mars moving into Virgo – as we all know until the next century or something – plus in my progressed chart every single planet and his dog is lobbing into my house of Virgo.

    So I shall become an anal compulsive exfoliating freak with immaculate spreadsheets but still appear to all and sundry like a whack job space cadet genius?

    Perfect. :mrgreen:

  34. I myself have Aquarius in the 4th house and I believe we are placed within a group called “family” that was specifically designed to transform the deeper lessons we are here to learn. I didn’t always feel that way, but my experiences have brought about that understanding. Yes, I’m sure I appear Sociopathic to others with Aquarius in different placements, but from my vantage point.. “Family” is only “earth deep”.

    • I also share Aqua in my 3rd/4th House.
      Have unusual tastes in home decor and choice of family or tribe. Lately, I have been researching ancestry/genealogy for my family of origin and finding tribe of similar minded artists.

  35. 2nd house. So I’m basically sociopathic-otherworldly-futuristic with my finances?? Doesn’t comfort me since Ive been trying to get saturn with my savings, but the truth hurts. =__=

  36. I have aqua on my 6th house cusp…no planets there.
    health…on special diets forever, long before they become mainstream. Always for my health though, not just some fad.
    daily life…erratic, never like a schedule.
    jobs…have had unusual ones.

    • I share Aqua in my 3rd/4th House.
      I do have strange otherworldly tastes in art and decor. Currently it reflects my love of Halloween and Day of the Dead.

      • yes, me too – and actually my dad is an aquarius – and family and extended family of eccentricity altho isn’t everyone’s? but society had to point that out to me, wow, you guys are odd.

        and home decor taste … all normal to me … but visitors say, wow the potential, i give them blank looks, it takes me so long to see what they see

        actually it is all comes down to an attitude … people making a whole of assumptions based on stereotype … the aquarian family suddenly glaze over with the boredom of bothering with categories … maybe

    • I have 4th house aqua too… with Jupiter natally hangin out there… I think I understand it as global consciousness of family or something… i dunno…. im glad myst added some info up there about 4th house aqua…. after a weekend with my family of origin, mostly good, some terrible moments, i cant even comment here, im in letting go and get it out of my system/aura/move on mode… if im offended by their rudeness, inconsideration, slowness, unawareness, then who’s getting hurt… ME…. detach, take off the latch and move on…

    • Hello BG You saucy minx you,
      I have Aqua in 11th too, with North Node at 0degrees (so that’s the direction i’m heading is that right ?), and south node in Leo. So does that mean for you that you ”came from” Aquarius or were Aquarian in a pprevious life ? (you know what i mean, so if my south node is in Leo, it has been said that is where you were last life….) … Enjoying reading your blog too btw ! xx

    • I have aqua in the 11th too…with my sun, merc, venus, jupiter and vesta sitting in there for good measure!!!

      I have always been a bit detached/sociopathic with friends. I don’t mean to be, but I seem to keep most peeps at arms length and sometimes find it hard to make new friends. Argh! I want Neptune to go away asap!

      • hi Sara,

        Funny you should mention at arms length, a friend painted a picture of me years ago with a hand out as a “stop”, i asked her what that was about, and she replied ‘that’s pretty much as close as you let people get”. Do you have a harder time connecting with earth signs ? tootle pip. x

        • Hey Goldenfleece 🙂

          Ah that’s quite funny – I think it sums up we 11th house aqua peeps well! I have do have a hard time with virgos and pisces (but maybe thats my mars, moon, saturn and uranus in sagg?!), most toro’s but I’m OK with caps! What about you? You find earth signs a bit tricky too? xx

  37. Don’t quite grasp the on the cusp concept but I can tell you is that 2/3 of my 1st House is in Aquarius (the other 1/3 in Cap). And not sure if I’m ahead of myself in anything. Lol. I do know that this whole Neptune transit in my first house has been quite interesting…. And will be glad when it’s over!

      • Excuse Fushia Fairy.. can you assist me too..?

        My aqua is Half way into ninth and tenth houses. Nealry bang on the middle… whats this mean? Am in ninth or tenth? Whats the relevence?

        Thanks in advance

        • Cusp of the house is the line that marks it’s beginning, so if your 10th house cusp (also known as MC) starts in the middle of Aqua, then Aqua rules your 10th.
          Quirky career paths, IT, astronaut, unable to be a corporate whore etc.

          • Hi Shell, could you pls help me with my Aqaurius?? I beleive I hav eaqua in my 5th house which sits at 29 Cap and 6 Aqua, does this make sense ? What doses it mean ??

      • Ah! Thank you. So in other words, I’m a flake about making money? That sounds about right….. But why does Astrodienst list Pisces in my 2nd house in the extended chart selection? In either case, I know it’s the worst placement for the 2nd house….. Sigh.

        • Does the line between the 1st and 2nd houses fall in Aqua, or Pisces?

          If your first house is really large, then Aqua may be – bugger now I’ve forgotten the word, but it’s something like intercepted. As in it falls within the first house, but doesn’t rule it. That is if your 2nd house cusp is in Pisces.

          • Shell, what if the house cusp and the end completely encompass the sign. I have Aquarius in the middle of the 9th house, but the cusp is in Cap and the end of the house is in Pisces. Slap bang in the middle of my 9th house is my moon. Signifying?

            • That means aqua is an intercepted sign (or whatever that word is).
              I think that this means that you may have trouble expressing that energy, cause you’ve got ‘nowhere’ to send it.
              I’m not sure how having a planet there would complement that, perhaps it gives you the release.
              I’m just guessing here – I’m better at the map reading than the map interpretation.
              I know someone on here know’s about intercepted houses, Sweetie maybe, or Whatever?

            • so yes, Aquarius is intercepted.
              Intercepted signs fall completely within a house.
              Whole sign and Equal House systems do not have intercepted signs.

              An intercepted sign and intercepted planets have a more difficult time being accessed. Look to the sign and it’s ruler that falls on the beginning of the house.
              GeorgeSand, you would look at cappy and Saturn to utilize your Aquaness.

              • Very interesting Fushia Fairy. I have my Asc and moon in Cap, also in the 1st. Actually it’s very enlightening! But how to use it, that’s the hard part.

                • yes…I know what you mean. I have mercury in gemini intercepted in my 10th. Seems like i should have a mercury career, but I don’t and never have. That interception….I have Taurus on the cusp. My venus is in virgo in the 12th. That is way more in line with my career than the mercury. I find that even with that mercury in gemini I just can’t describe things. I can look at a chart and FEEL it, but to describe it to someone is difficult.
                  So I look to music and dreams to get in touch with that mercury.

                • if i’m 29 degrees aquarius rising… does that mean that my aqua is in the first house? and what does that mean?

                • Yes, your rising sign is where your Ascendant is (Ie 29). But obviously most of your first house is in Pisces, which is relevant for transits.

    • hmm, aqua mc, sun, mars and merc here… neptunian much since 1998 , but I feel the tide is finally changing, letting it wash over me, no anchor, let’s ride it together

    • So, for all Aqua ascendants, we’ve been having a Neptune transit? Career/money sure seems to have been my trouble point since June 2010. Can’t seem to keep jobs!

      • Wait! Apparently, I have Aqua on the sixth house cusp. It looks like it starts at Pisces, but the chart explains 6th House Aquarius 29°53’38.

        So…what’s that mean? I’m bizzare in my day-to-day? Sure am.

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