Be Squared

“It is not the mountain that we conquer, but ourselves…”

Mountaineer Edmund Hillary (the first person to climb Mt Everest, along with his Sherpa Tenzing Norgay) is an excellent example of positive use of heaps of squares in your chart.

He’s got cardinal squares – which is what the Zap Zone of Uranus square Pluto is. Cardinal squares may be a pain but they sure as hell get results.

So Sir Edmund has his Capricorn Rising square his Moon in Aries square his Sun in Cancer/Kataka.Β  So how did he relax? By setting out on technically impossible expeditions into wilderness terrain. Capricorn Rising is, of course, the ultimate climber AND needs to impress via official feats of amazingness. He was also packing a powerful Mars-Pluto conjunction in Cancer/Kataka. You could argue that Mars opposite the sign in which it is exalted is weakened but with Pluto alongside, i think not.

Plus the dude had North Node in Saggo, I’d say he was doing his chart just brilliantly.Β  He apparently absolutely hated talk about the past, even Everest. He thought it unhealthy.

Never let anyone tell you that square aspects in your chart are a bad thing; they get you motivated. Too many trines and you sloth out on your sofa for years at a time, passively absorbing whatever crap culture radiates your way from the television.

And re Sir Edmund, how craggily gorgeous are his Cap Rising features?


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49 thoughts on “Be Squared

  1. Crazy. My Capricorn rising is square my Moon in Aries, square my Sun in Sag. Almost exact same astro.

    I’ve had some very profound and life-changing dreams about climbing impossible mountains, too. Must take a note from this fellow and do something amazing with all these squares.

  2. I have only one square which is my MC (not sure what that is) squaring uranus. It explains why i have no motivation.

    Anyway, here’s a tidbit about Edmund Hillary. I read this article about him that said he was so shy about asking his wife to marry him that he got her mother to ask on his behalf. I read this and thought “he’s got to be a Kataka – phobia about rejection”. Checked Wikipedia and sure enough….

    Rest of the article pretty much confirmed that he was an all round good bloke.

  3. 4 cardinal squares and I have plenty of drive
    The Sun Square Mars,
    The Sun Square Jupiter,
    Mars Square Pluto,
    Jupiter Square Pluto.

    • add to that, Mars Square true Node and Jupiter Square true Node. New Total = 6.

      Sun Square Jupiter (orb of 3).

      I read somewhere about ‘bedding the squares’. I take that to mean the sign that squares my sun would be good for me?

  4. Libra- Sun, Mars, Mercury
    Aries – Moon
    Capricorn – Rising, Sat, Nept, Uranus
    Cancer – Jupiter, Chiron
    NN Aquarius, 2nd house

    Cardinal? Squares? You bet! Results? None, just a never-ending stiff neck. I envy you, Edmund.

  5. Hehe, I’ve got the same Sun and ASC as Mr. Hillary but instead of an Aries Moon, I’ve got an Aries Mars which loosely *trines/sextiles* my SUN-ASC opposition. Mars is squared by Saturn/Uranus though. Not sure I’d ever climb Mount Everest, but where I’m at now compared to 3 years ago shocks me sometimes. I was sure I’d never get out of that hole. -__-

  6. I have the reverse square of mr Hillary
    Aries sun and Cancer moon.
    yep it is a weird one I feel , maybe the reverse is easier as you have spiritual drive to get over nostalgia and wateryness, not as I have nostalgia and psychic goo contaminating your ambitious drive.


  7. Oh Mystic, not comfortable with the “his Sherpa” business. That sounds like a bit of British Imperialist racism you learnt a long time ago in school. They both climbed Everest. How about just “with Sherpa…”

  8. I wonder who has the most squares in their chart? I have Ten.

    Moon square Mars
    Moon square Saturn
    moon square Uranus
    Moon square Pluto
    Moon square chiron

    Mercury square mars
    mercury square Saturn
    Mars square Jupiter

    Venus square Asc
    Jupiter square Saturn

    It’s exhausting!! *sigh* Oh, to have a chart full of trines. Struggling to find the motivation to get out of bed in the morning at the moment. Must be my Pluto/Asc transit and four major planets (including Chiron) are retrograde at the moment!!! Probably pinging off all my squares. Off to sloth out on my sofa in protest πŸ™

    • Wow, that’s some action there…I have six just using the major placements

      Two cardinals: Sun sq Saturn, Mercury sq Saturn

      Other, non cardinal: Pluto sq Jupiter, Jupiter sq midheaven, Uranus sq Neptune, Moon square Neptune, Venus sq Uranus

      I’d say the cardinal squares give for drive. Hell, just someone tell me where we’re giong okay? (joking…)

      Funny cuz I’m not exactly sure how I ended up with AC/DC on my ear buds at 7:15 in the morning …

      ~It’s a long way to the top if you wanna rock and roll..~


      • most of my squares are fixed/mutable. Only one Cardinal. I have plenty of drive though – Scorp sun/Sagg moon…. well not at the moment with Neptune transiting 2nd house.

        I’ve been to the top Sweetpea. It’s lonely up there.

    • I’ve got 12 squares, mix of cardinal and fixed (and 2 t-squares) – can totally relate to the exhaustion. Next life I’m reincarnating with a stellium in Taurus and a comfy couch.

      • Hahahaha… YOU win!! More squares than a Rubik’s cube as you mentioned on some other post. You’re not wrong! πŸ™‚

        Have you done the “How strong is your Saturn?” test:

        I got 83. It’s the highest score of all my planets. Hard to believe Jupiter is 2nd on the list but of course I don’t feel it as often as I’d like ‘cos Saturn likes to rains on the parade.

        • Whoa 83 is mega Saturn! I scored in the high category for all the planets. The only almost almost off the scale score I got was Venus at 57 (which might explain my desire to reincarnate as a Taurean with a comfy couch…)

  9. Cool. Now I know what to do with my Capricorn rising square Aries Moon square Cancer Sun. P.S. I don’t do relaxing. Relaxing = boring.

  10. I am also appreciative of reading positive things about squares as I have a couple that you can read some pretty negative things about. Apparently my Venus square Pluto means I have to watch out for becoming a prostitute.
    I say take the square and own it! Use it for your own devices…

    • same here (Venus square Pluto)!! You can really get down reading a lot of the doom and gloom stuff out there, esp with this little aspect it seems. But then I read that Goldie Hawn has this in her chart, and she’s had years of blissed out domesticity with Kurt Russell, right?

  11. Good to know that squares can work for you too. I’ve got Mars-Pluto conjunct as well and i always have to rip $h*# up it seems to find sanity.

  12. In both his and Tenzing Norgay’s biographies, I like how neither of them could be drawn out on ”But who touched/reached the top first ?” , because that would be missing the point, they did it together. Respect.

  13. Square? Who me?

    Well – in my situ, i so wanna not be square like a mad thing, so i do have a need to go fully hexad in some ways for sure, but there’s this other side to me that is deeply Saturn rule adherence, and that’s all reinforced by Neptune, Pluto and Uranus and so overall keeping serious things fully sorted, but excessive, lazy and unambitious and mental-bental in good times for sure. Polarities and lessons to be integrated all four chart sectors, it’s been a wild ride, now a new phase of who i am unfolding, never dull then, just when i thought i knew myself ha ha ha.

    Lack of fire, little physcial energy except when on autopilot duties, incorrectly focusing on scary things been a lifelong battle, not to mention my enmeshed thoughts and feelings and excesses. It has all been lessons to learn for sure and disappointments to accept and live with, who gets everything they want and who is fully perfect in this life anyway?

  14. ~how long do I have to climb up on the side of this mountain of mine~

    Chris Martin, Speed of Sound….Aqua Mars square Leo Uranus…

  15. Very amazing feat! Go cardinal squares!
    I have 4 cardinal squares! And two cardinal oppositions! involving jupiter and chiron in Aries, Sun and saturn in Cancer, and Uranus in Libra.
    When I set my mind to something, it gets done.
    But I do get lazy….moon trine neptune likes to dream away.

  16. I love these kinds of posts about inspirational folks working their charts to the max. Yay, Mystic.

    He was a super cool guy, universally admired and went on to establish foundations in the Himalayas to improve the lives of the local people. A genuine hero and role model.

    • totally agree UV. Right now the only thing that motivates me is examples of awesome individuals conquering their lives through sheer determination. none of this romance-o dreamo venus career finagling other people crap. no offence to anyone who is actually enjoying that in their lives, good for youse all (lol). but for me it’s get outside and do something with your life, or else you might as well lie down and die now.

  17. Read his bio, he was a very good man in many ways, naturally and simply fearless.

    Hilary sounded so wholesomely macho in a fearless, graceful, quiet, yet bold way, in all aspects of his life. He was a good husband too, i read. Me always loves the healthy-naturalist-outdoor-man looks. Yes definitely a ‘Sir’ in my conclusion.

  18. Lovely Mystic ! Great example of how to live the cardinal squares- through action. My squares are fixed, is a surrendering of the self-will, so apt- it includes biggie 11th house Scorp Neptune to the 8th house Leo Venus Jupiter conjunction.
    Was really tuning into the higher Neptune today to be sure, (wonky transit action) it is constant vigilance, but squares vibrating high are even more powerful than a trine because they are a result of your flexed spiritual muscles. How cool is that !?
    I love to hear positive stories of people overcoming their personal difficulties, and he is a fine example, and a handsome craggy Cap rising, to boot ~
    bless x

  19. I’ve got more squares than a fuqing rubik’s cube in my natal chart and have been getting zap zoned and eclipsed to the max for what feels like an eternity. It’s been absolute hell but every day I count my blessings for the astrology knowledge that helps me work the energies for better rather than worse. A long way to go yet but at the rate I’m going I’ll be fit for world domination by the end of it… watch out fuqers, she lives!

  20. good question virgo cat – i think there are a couple of posts on it in the archives, in either the Sex & Astrology category or the Astro Compatibility one…definitely something in diy astro as well i think

  21. So many squares and oppositions in my chart. But we’re just talking about squares huh? Scorp Rising square Leo Sun square Mars in Toro. I actually did used to be very lazy and unmotivated when I was younger, but now I’m a fiend and take my work very seriously. Life starts now and I’ll get nowhere on the snooze!

    This guy sounds amazingly motivated. So I take my work seriously but I don’t know if I could climb Mt. Everest. I’ll leave that business to the Cardinals. I tell ya no one gets it done like a Cardinal.

  22. good to know about squares
    jupiter sq to my sun is productive. i really don’t understand adult peeps who can’t get their shit together.

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