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Pagan Martyr ScholarHypatia was a famous astronomer, pagan philosopher, mathematician, numbers theorist, astrologer, experimental scientist, political figure and teacher of Ancient Alexandria. Profoundly liberated for her time, she refused to marry and drove her own chariots through the streets of the city. The invention of the astrolabe is accredited to her.

Hypatia Pagan MartyrHideously, she was killed in 415C.E. at the hands of a murderous Christian mob, incited to rage by a bishop and against her her teachings, freedom and alliances with the non-Christian power-elite. Some say her death was a martyrdom and that it also marked the beginning of the Dark Ages.  Hit any of these links for way more info; it’s worth it.


Hypaita book Michael Deakin

“Life is an unfoldment, and the further we travel, the more truth we comprehend. To understand the things that are at our door is the best preparation for understanding those that lie beyond.”


Hypatia in her templeRachel Weisz as Hypatia in Agora
Hypatia’s birthdate is unknown and heaps of her writings were burned when the Library of Alexandria was torched (is anyone noticing a theme here?) Her father was a scholar there and – unusually in those days – encouraged her to be educated and free.

She is a fitting person to remember with the Sun JUST into Saggo and trining Uranus: Freedom of Speech is vital, yes?

Hypatia is also an asteroid – number 238 if you want to see where she is in YOUR chart, using Astrodienst.

Not that i know what she would signify in your chart. Like all the Asteroids, Hypatia 238 is interesting to check out but not madly important in the astrological scheme of things. To take a guess, asteroid Hypatia would have a Hecate-Athene sort of a tone. The need to speak your mind, be educated, erudite and free but with a sombre tone.

Rachel Weisz as HypatiaSo totally want to see this movie – i can’t believe i missed it when it came out. Has anyone seen it and if so, whaddya reckon?


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33 thoughts on “Asteroid Hypatia

  1. I saw this movie with a friend when it was in limited release in the States a couple of summers ago. I cried at the end, and then we walked in old city Philadelphia, railing against the stupidity of christianity.

    My Hypatia is in Taurus in my 6th house, squaring my 9th house Leo Sun/Uranus conjunction.

  2. Always had a fascination for the Library of Alexandria.
    To see it depicted in the movie was mind boggling. The parchments,
    the way they were stored, the layout…the BEAUTY.
    So saddens me that it was destroyed.
    And still there are problems there, perhaps karmic from the past
    or just ongoing since then. A city of huge light & huge dark combined
    with each other.

    • I would love to read all the scrolls. I have always dreamed of ancient libraries. In my dreams I am the protector of libraries, or illuminating manuscripts or writing books on ancient parchment.

      • Beautiful imagery SRising.
        I grew up with this in the background (a family member reading and talking about ancient cities, stories etc. since I can remember) and pursued ancient history in school, then took off when I finsihed to explore archaeology, then studied at uni.
        I’m going to check out this movie – thanks – Pegs.

  3. Oh, my, I don’t know if I should admit this, but the name “Hypatia” brings to mind the prolific porn actress Hypatia Lee. This was the stage name she chose. She’s a Scorpio, a porn star (though I don’t if she performs anymore), a co-producer of the ribald movie version of The Canterbury Tales, and a musical performer. Profoundly liberated in a different way.

  4. Hypatia is sitting with my Moon, Jupiter and AS in Aqua, and is exactly trine my Uranus. She also tightly opposes my Venus, which is one of the more profound Astrological A-Ha’s I’ve had in quite a while.

    Very interested in learning more about her now…

  5. Oh, and I have Klytemnestra (asteroid 179) conjunct Jupiter in Toro, which did not work for me — I think of her as her story as hyper-emo — all revenge and cycle of murder. Her daughter is killed and then she kills her husband then she is killed by her son– a bit too much for me.

    I like having Hypatia there–more intellectual– though her story has a violent ending too.

  6. I have Hypatia conjunct Jupiter in Taurus at 1 degree. So yes, the ideas of freedom and education –both are important to me.

    In fact, I believe education IS freedom. Like the saying “The truth will set you free” and also like a Sanskrit saying that goes “Sa Vidya ya Vimuktayeh” –it means “That is knowledge which liberates.”

    Currently, transiting Hypatia is conjunct my Sun and Neptune in Scorpio.

    I am definitely going to check out the movie.

  7. I feel dizzy….

    Hypatia 29º Scoprio conjunct True Lilith 0º Sag conjunct Uranus 3º Sag = Sun/Moon Midpoint at 2ºGem

    Everything in the 5th house

    Now I understand a loooot of things….

  8. Yes, totally watch it. Not one of my favourites but definitely a great character performance. It may be that the narrative is historically based and limited to certain events and a smaller number of characters but i found the story less rich than i would have liked. Then again i watched it during a low patch so i may have been looking for something else. The ending! My word it will split your heart in two!

  9. Cool.
    Hypatia in the 12th House in Taurus. Need to be erudite in a physical and metaphysical, mystical, lost and divine way.. I think.

    Opposing Moon in Scorpio trine Pallas & Vertex.

  10. Perhaps she’s got a lot of Air in her chart, Libra and Aqua – ‘The need to speak your mind, be educated, erudite and free but with a sombre tone.’

  11. I saw this film a few months ago and it was very good. Rachel Weisz (a Pisces I think as is her new husband, Daniel Craig) was very good and just exuded her intelligence. I can see why it didn’t get a lot of promotion. The Christians don’t come out of it looking very good. There’s also a play about her currently playing in Brisbane called “Fractions”.

    Apparently, and surprisingly as she was quite unconventional, she used to get her fair share of suitors. She would give them the brush off by giving them her used rags (from her period) as a way of demonstrating that they should give up their romantic notions of her. Aquarius is my guess. That’s one way of letting a guy down I guess…

  12. Interesting that this is posted on the same day that Saggie son living in Sth Africa sent me a link about a new Protection of State Information Bill which has just been passed there…

    ‘The editors of 18 daily news publications said in a joint editorial on Tuesday that it was “the first piece of legislation since the end of apartheid that dismantles an aspect of our democracy”.’

    My Hypatia is on the exact midpoint of my Gem moon/Lib mercury trine (merc exact on Asc) – so sextiles both. His (Sag son) Hypatia exact on my Jupes in Pisces…haha. He and I can have a rocky relationship, but it works well when we meet on ideas, philosophy (our moons are broadly conjunct).

  13. Agora I loved it. Loved her beautiful sandplay demonstration, so wonderfully simple and visually erudite, (if you can be visually erudite.)

    I strongly believe that women have much more practical minds when it comes to matters of physics and mechanics. It’s a such a shame and a loss we’ve been treated and conditioned to believe that we’re moronic when it comes to how things work, why they work, and how to fix them. Conditioned it could seen since at least the day Hypatia was killed off by fanatical, stupid men.

    The Xtians all dressed in black were typecast as sinister and as the mob they were, they sure didn’t disappoint; a truly terrible and tragic scene, crossed with love and hate. Great sets, and I thought Rachel Weisz was natural, unaffected and completely gorgeous.

    • Rachel Weisz is a natural beauty. Love her.

      “killed off by fanatical, stupid men.” They felt threatened by her knowledge. It goes over their heads.
      To think we could enter another dark age, but i will chose to believe wisdom and beauty will win out.

  14. In Scorpio, in my 9th house.

    I loved the film Agora- loved it. I was so furious and trembling afterwards – the loss of culture, the ignorance. I can’t bear it.

    It aslo reminded me of the great book “Fingerprints of the Gods” by Graham Hancock – it’s a different subject but like Agora, it’s another reminder of the wisdom of ancient cultures.

    • In Scorpio, in my 1st House.

      I too loved the film. Re-watched it last night after reading MM’s post.

      Ignorance and violence destroying knowledge they couldn’t understand. scares me to think this could happen again.

      • ok, took another look Hyptia is transiting Scorpio in my 1st House.

        Natally, Hyptia is in Leo in my 10th House sitting on top of my Leo MC.
        Explains, why I am so outspoken in my music/art career.

  15. Thanks for the distraction, oy wahadda day, feeling the Saturn on MC. Overloaded with work and more piled on + time constraints. oh, sure, okay, yeah, right followed by manical laughter

    Hypatia conjunct my Neptune. I saw the movie and Loved it. She was a free thinker who rejected the suppression of ideas and free thought, which of course meant she was very dangerous. I loved the scenes depicting her clever mind working out the motion of the planets with the tools of the time.
    Definately worth a watch, a protector of knowledge- love her.

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