A Girl Like Sappho

Sappho with her girlfriend ErinnaSimeon Solomon – Sappho & Erinne

For various reasons, not so much is know for sure about the life of Sappho, the poetess. Some of her work…here.

We know she was admired by Socrates and that Plato called her the 10th Muse, that she was born on the Greek Isle of Lesbos & that she loved women, the one named Erinne was said to be the subject of much of her love poetry.

And we also know that she is an Asteroid – number 80 – posted about already here:  quick recap, you’d think that in your chart she’d show writing skills and a poetic bent, yes?

But could asteroid Sappho signify womanly gayness? 

Please don’t berate me if that’s not some politically correct term, i am sure Sappho would not begrudge poetic licence? 

I mean, she was gay (and famous) enough to have the isle of her birth turned into an actual adjective for female homosexuality, was she not?

My point: if you’re a female loving female reading this, please can you go check out your asteroid Sappho (via Astrodienst Extended Options) and report back?

The classic astrological indicator of such is a good strong Venus or Moon with Uranus aspect but i am not sure about that. It hails from a day when Uranus touching any of the personal planets, Sun or Moon was seen to denote “perversion” and i don’t think it’s a perversion, you know?

Obviously the asteroids are fun, extra little nuances but let’s try this and see.

 I ran the Sappho test through the charts of some famous lesbian brainiacs:

Susan Sontag – Sappho in Libra conjunct Moon – can’t tell how close, no birthtime.

Djuna Barnes – Sappho in Saggo conjunct Moon

Gertrude Stein – Sappho in Libra opposite Neptune but not really doing much.

Radclyffe Hall – bingo! Sappho in Leo conjuct Venus AND Uranus.  She was fascinating, pursued women with almost as much fervour as a Byron and was put on an obscenity trial for The Well Of Loneliness – due to its lesbian themes and plea for greater “tolerance.”

So – thoughts and data please…

Sappho book


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Kat Grim

phew— this is real. I have Sappho sitting directly on my moon in Leo and I am a deeply gay woman.


so i have sappho in Libra (11H) trine uranus and eros? also biquintile Saturn in Taurus, and semi square venus in Leo and sextiling Mercury also in Leo… and this mercury retrograde i have REALLY been asking myself if im actually lesbian.


I have sappho in leo along with POF, moon, mercury, lilith, and Saturn in the 11 house. She is conjunct with mercury at 2 degrees, and trine with my pluto (also at 2 degrees). I identify as bisexual with a preference for women.


I’m a wlw, although it took a while for me to get around it.
Here’s for the data: Capricorn Sappho in the third (With a 8th-house gemini moon, and a 9th-house venus in cancer), opposite Venus 7° degrees.
Also, Ganymed (homosexuality for men?) conjunct exact my Libra Rising.


Hey! I am a wlw guess you could call me bisexual. I have my Sappho in Gemini, 8th house and it is trine my moon and sextile my saturn.
My 8th house is in Taurus, Moon in aquarius and saturn in aries. I am a taurus sun, Libra asc, pisces venus and taurus mars and my 7th house is in aries, eros in scorpio. Dunno exactly how much info you needed but I hope this helps!
Also what does Sappho in Gemini mean?


My Sappho in Tropical Astrology is in Scorpio 10th house…My Sappho placements in relation to the rest of my chart are as follows:

trines my Chrion in Cancer 7th house,
conjuction my Pluto in Scorpio 10th house,
sextiles my Neptune in Capricorn 12 house
sextiles my Saturn in Capricorn 12 house
& what looks like an upside down Quincux my Venus in Libra 9th house


oops my Sappho semi-sextiles my Venus in Libra 9th house!

Blue Moon

Sorry about all the typos But yes Jupiter in Sag, Sag rising with Sappho and Sag moon Plus I have Venus in Leo in the 8th so I am not a sex addict or a lesbian. I just adore beauty, pleasure and seduction. I never wanted kids as a child. I wanted to be Jessica Rabbit. Shrugs Last week three women I’d never met before started sentences with, “I’m not a lesbian BUT”. I try to keep it haute now that I’m old but I could just as easily adopt kids in a few years with a woman as I… Read more »

Blue Moon

Hahaha! I’ve been with more women than most of the men I’ve been close to. The trouble with women is I get too emotional about them. Even girls I’ve just met. I get like “thunderstruck ” and come on WAY too strong. Sometimes I think the only reason I modelled for 17 years was because of the multitude of beautiful women and the ease of luring them into decadent all night parties. Sometimes I’d have up to six in my hotel room at once. I love women. My “ex wife” the woman I lived with (we had an open but… Read more »


An article I found once by a lesbian astrologer, that I can’t find now of course, indicated that she’d found a high percentage of lesbians with either Moon or Mars conjunct angles. (Moon is someone highly woman-identified, though of course not necessarily sleeping with them. And the prominent Mars would be a perhaps more butch expression, of going after what you want, is how she put it.)

…I have neither of those indicators.

Here is a rather involved study of The Astrology of Lesbianism: the Charts of Fifty Women. It uses sidereal charts.



Yes, quite lesbian. This is one supposed indicator of lesbianism that I can’t find much going on with my chart. … It’s in Scorpio, trine Mars by just over one degree. And I just now noticed a VERY tight Quintile to Chiron (orb less than one minute). Quintiles are supposedly natural “gifts” yet Chiron represents wounds, eh? …So who knows WHAT that effect is…yet I oddly might agree with that contradictory assessment of my love life…

Eris Golden Apple

AstroQQQueer indicators?

[[Intensely Queer and also very long periods of wanting to be an abstinence-practicing monk/nun-gardening-hermit type. Sometimes very femme, sometimes very beyond-gender-binary.]]
1) Eros conj Chiron opposite Uranus across AC-DC axis
2) Unaspected Sappho in Libra.
3) Mercury in Libra is my most-aspected planet and I lament that there is no place for the hermaphrodite archetype in our culture.
4) Uranus 29 Scorp near DC Square Mars 5th.
5) Mars conj Pallas
6) SagVenus conjunct Neptune. [older women, witches, musicians]
7) Uranus semi-square Moon in 9th.

can we get a composite list sometime?


My Sappho is in Sagittarius in the 7th house in close conjunction with Uranus and trine my Leo Venus in the 5th house. And yes, I am very gay, lol.


I am a big Gay !
I have sapho in exact conjonction to y MC between my venus and my sun.
I have been into Astrology for a long time but checked my sapho yesterday for the first time and was not surprised.


trine moon (scorpio 🙂
sextile mercury (taurus)
conjunction-venus (pisces)
trine-jupiter (cancer)
complicatedely gay sometimes lol


my Sappho exactly conjuncts my DC, no other major aspects to it


Sappho sextile Moon. Both conjunct stelliums: Kataka 5th * Virgo 7th. Hetero all the way but love women’s minds and bodies. Wouldn’t exclude a female lover, just hasn’t come up. But I’m sure it (a woman as a singular lover) wouldn’t be enough, I love men 🙂 Venus/NN/Mars/Moon conj 5th house; trine Uranus/Merc/Pluto/Sappho conj 7th house.


I’ve got Sappho conjunct Venus 1 degree orbis and I’m hetero.

I might be bi curious,but I’m not lesbian.

I’m confused now


Shocking! Conjunct Venus in Gemini at 1 degree orb! Doing several aspects, the same as Venus. Deeply in love with women, with this Gemini vibe maybe I’ll be with men also?


8th house Sappho in Scorpio square Venus and sextile Moon. I like women exclusively, but then again I have an 8th house moon (a stellium there along with mars, saturn and pluto) and a lot of Uranus in my chart! That seems to be a partial indicator of bi/homosexuality 😉


Interesting article. I’ve got to check and see what’s in my chart. If it’s not there, it’s still okay that I love women, right? lol… Thanks!


Mine’s in the 8th trine my ASC ruler Saturn and Uranus in the 12th. I’ve had my experiences in the past, but I’m most definitely all around attracted to men only.


Erica Jong wrote a great novel about Sappho called Sappho’s Leap — excellent read, seemed to suggest she actually “swung both ways” which fits with a lot of the pansexuality ideas being posited here.


Well notd, QOTJ.
Pantheism expired vibrantly throughout her life/ longings, not to be confused with pantiesm . Hehe.




sappho in pisces trine uranus. Is that sayin’ it? I’ve had a couple of lesbian lovers but don’t necessarily ‘identify’ or ‘represent’ …


ooh! It is actually sappho in pisces opposite Saturn and trine Uranus. Is that good?! Or terrible? I have no idea!

The Empress

Loving this post and love Sappho – have a Sappho companion book by my bed that I have been dipping in and out of recently. 😮 I think Sappho in the chart can read to a love of women whether that is sexual or not. Maybe just a deep love and joy in their company for those not sapphically inclined. As for me I have always loved women. Find them fascinating and beautiful and the female form has always inspired me. Kim Falconer’s write up of Sappho feels spot on too. My Sappho in Virgo sits within 5 deg of… Read more »


Sappho 4 degrees from my sun so you can say it’s conjunct but I can’t say it really influences me – I neither write/am crazy about poetry, nor am into girls. Hope that helps somehow?

The Leo Socialite

oooooh i have sappho rising!!!! Bring on the gayness. Okay admission, it has occurred to me, from experience that there is very little men can do in bed that cannot be emulated by an enthusiastic woman with, um, accessories. it is very hard not to be a bit sappho when modelling because you are working long hours, in strange cities with your only real company being gay guys or gorgeous woman. and too scared to be gay at all now because girl-girl politics where i live are huge. my gay mate is constantly embroiled in insane dramas. With men you… Read more »


so true LS. gotta love men for lack of interest in D & M’s. I love the way men go to their cave/shed/golf course/quiet space and fix “it” themselves. No major sappho action myself altho i do love the female form all curves and softness.

Domestic Triffid

Verrrrry interesting Mystic ! Sexuality aside (I’m with Freud on this one* – polymorphous perversity. Humans will shag trees, milk bottles, rocks – you name it. We are a generally horny species. Gender distinctions seem a little…. Victorian IYKWIM ?) anyway… back to me… my Sappho Biquintiles my Rising sign in Virgo, Trines my MC in Taurus and Sextiles my Mars (I suspect that’s less kinky than it sounds…) which I think holds great promise for my No.1 personal career goal, which is to become a professional poet….. The Trining the love of beauty in my MC and the drive… Read more »


Aqua rising — with #80 conjunct neptune in 8th have been propositioned by both sexes. But very hetro mself.


Forgive if I’m vague but just realised why i’ve deleted several unsent replies today: Venus and Merc on my Moon, and three degrees off natal Neptune. The words are nebulous today. Sappho plum in the centre of 10th house, in Virgo, though cusp of 10 is Leo. Sappho trines Mars in Capricorn. Though heterosexual, i realise from this exercise that many girlfriends are gay or bi. Don’t know that this signifies sexually, as i’m never attracted to friends, but in terms of GENDER identity i am often drawn to LGBT literature/press/likeminded people. I don’t think this is unusual, however. I… Read more »

aurora lights

i admire your brain’s power mille…good for me to read you, you sound so v.educated, blows me away & i am envious 🙂 i appreciate that you share your ideas, what you wrote on posts with Leonora Carrington’s artworks blew my mind, some of it was over my Mercury afflicted head for sure, in a good way tho, in that it was refreshing for me to see there’s so very many sophisticated yet valid ideas, behind the sincere appreciation of works such as art and poetry as you say. 🙂

aurora lights

i’m not a gay woman… but i do get on great with gay girl neighbour and we have actually supported each other thru grief of losing our beloved animals at same time. she also feels comfortable enough to talk to me about her girl rel. romance highs/lows etc,. i do love my women friends & relatives, esp. the honest, realistic, strong and principled ones…i only really have female confidantes and without them i think i’d be lost and miserable for sure. i love beautiful women too, some women are just so stunning to look at it amazes and fascinates me,… Read more »


You always sound beautiful, aurora. Lovely Sappho placements!

aurora lights

Thanks milleunanotte, you are so kind, *feels happy inside and smiling too* 🙂


Ooh, a chance for self analysis of a psycho-sexual nature. I’m there! I haven’t looked up Sappho before, but she’s nestled close to my Sun in Scorpio, only two degrees away! Uranus is also in Scorpio, but not conjunct. My only experience with another girl was in college with a Cancer friend of mine. I was curious and experimental, but she was full on in love with me (which I didn’t find out until later) and I felt bad about not being able to honestly return the emotional attachment, so things got awkward very fast and that was the end… Read more »

aurora lights

i adore, adore kd lang, what a performer she is too


heard a beautiful rendition she did of Leonard Cohen’s Hallelujah on the radio this morning. lovely.

Ãœber Virgo

That’s from her album ‘Hymns of the 49th Parallel’, featuring songs from Canadian songwriters — Cohen, Joni Mitchell, Ron Sexsmith, Neil Young. It’s worth every cent.

Ãœber Virgo

As the troll above so politely pointed out, there are over 16,000 asteroids, so in other words, our charts are packed with them, so they have nowhere near the significance of planets. More of a flavour. But for that flavour to be significant they need to be in tight orbs, within 2 degrees.

Thanks for the info on k.d. lang. Neptune sun would have to account for the charisma, and venus conjunct mercury in Libra for THAT VOICE.


Is that how astrodienst calculates it? So asteroids aren’t labeled as being conjunct unless they’re within 2 degrees? What about the other aspects, squares, trines, etc.?

Ãœber Virgo

I’m not an expert, but conjuncts are most significant, and other aspects less so from what I’ve heard. I’m sure Mystic has written about it somewhere.


I know that the conjuncts are the first thing to look for, I was seeking clarity on whether asteroids use the same classification as the planets do for a conjunction. That would explain why any aspect over 3 degrees wouldn’t show up as a conjunction in the natal chart. Astrodienst doesn’t have exact answers about that.


paul simon who is clearly not a lesbian or even vaguely butch also has mercury conjunct venus in libra = hence his crazy lyrics I saw a documentary about him once and he explained his songwriting process so very lateral and totally tangential I’m not familiar with KD but that combo definitely makes for ease with words.

year of the fox

He’s also a Libra male if I remember right. Those guys are almost never “butch” and the Libra women always have a hint of masculinity.


ha! that’s true – i wear the pants chez whatevs


love KD Lang’s music. Saw a beautiful Vanity Fair magazine cover of her being mock shaved in an old fashion barbar chair by Cindy Crawford. sooo sexy

The Empress

Love that cover. So cool.


fascinating post. She’s quintile mars in the 3rd and conjunct my moon in the 5th, I’ll leave that to your imaginations but combining that with venus conjunct mercury in the 5th in libra = I do love poetry. What fascinates me most about this post is the “butch” thing. None – not a single one – of the lesbians I know are “butch”. There’s a whole world of learned gendered behaviour from masculine codes that some seem to be drawing from to define what a woman loving woman looks like. I understand it makes sense to do that in order… Read more »


You’ve said that perfectly, whatevs. Courage, confidence and independence in a woman do not make her mannish, nor does nonconformity to feminine fashions. I think gender and sexuality get simplified in some people’s vision.


oh yeah true – but I can 100% see why it happens tho – we all do some of that simplifying so we can just get on with things without having to assimilate new concepts that challenge our learned / ancestral mental constructs. all that feminine masculine stuff is so hooked in with mass media and how characters are portrayed too it’s insidious. There’s nothing wrong with being a “butch” lesbian either but I think for the hetero woman observer buying into that look as an indicator of sexuality is partly because it’s so much easier to make someone into… Read more »


Sapho conjunct Uranus in the 9th, inconjunct Venus for me. Hmmm. Had a Palm reader once try to tell me I was gay and one or two dumb-arse, chauvinist, pigs have said ‘what are ya? A dike or something?” I guess I could seem a bit threatening and therefore must be a lesbian, to many a small man because in the main I am completely disinterested in impressing them with me womanly wiles and usually turn out to be more of a man than they are. Sexually I’m pretty straight however and not sexually attracted to wimmens at all. Haven’t… Read more »

Scorptropic of Capricorn

Can so relate to a lot of that Link! Especially the disinterest in impressing them with womanly wiles. Might explain why I’m single Haha… but I couldn’t be bothered.


Sappho conj Ceres & Neptune on my MC + Quaaoar & Ixion (??) getting quite crowded up there & all in the 10th – wtf – ummm career, what career, lol ?? My years of lesbiana cooincided with Pluto transitting there – I never felt like I was gay but always felt it was a choice, part of my world to explore, & had a few quite intense love affairs. Prefer men now, not to say I’d never go there again, but not really inclined. Actually really wanted to go to Lesbos when I was living in Istanbul, but never… Read more »


Sq Jupiter & Uranus


I also write poetry about my experiences of love, but only for me, I play with words, describing feeling surroundings etc, but never complete them into any proper form. Sometimes think I should, but its, well just a personal process really.

At the moment I’m doing them in spanish, its fun & amuses me, helps me detach learn understand, whatever


two lil girls.


Wow. Sappho conj my Asc in Pisces. I’m only bi though. I don’t even look like a lesbian, the butch kind, anyway.

I Am a Ram

My friend is on the verge of becoming a straight out Lesbian vs a swinging one 🙂 Plus she’s super artistic – actress, dancer. She has – Virgo Sun and Sapph in Virgo (it says 20 Vir 14’10”) I think Uranus is sextile (The star thingy?) her Sun. It says – Uranus 26 Sco 52’0″ and theres also a 3 above an A in the box with her sextile. I think there’s some important (?) things going on with her Sun and Moon and Mars like black dots joining her Sun and Moon and Sun and Mars. Does this help… Read more »

Domestic Triffid

LOL !!! Try reading up the articles in Astrodienst on the Houses & Apsects – its a good start. I look through Mystic’s categories (drop down menu on the left) then go through Astrodienst, Astrology-numerology and Cafe Astrology to figure out what the hell people are going on about. Its a learning curve like a cliff :)))) I haven’t got around to Stelliums yet, but I j-u-s-t about have a handle on aspects and Houses :)) Plus the peeps here are always helpful (although some of them know so much I wonder why they read Mystic as opposed to having… Read more »


No one has mentioned that prominent Capricorn planets often indicate lust and attraction for the same sex. (possible connection to PAN the half goat half man and his famous orgy-like exploits) I have seen overwhelming evidence of this in my research. Even the mildest Capricorn emphasis seems to yield some likewise mild evidence eg. one subject developed a girl crush; a female sexually harassed at work was stalked and followed home by a Lesbian; one hit on by a long time gal pal; and personally having a crush on a guy who unbelievably turned out to be a Lesbian female… Read more »


The problem is it is not clear how to define ‘lesbian’.
Real lesbian vs Just enjoying sex with female as female. We know there are alot factors to push someone to be indulged in same sex-craving bond, peer pressure, craving something experimental, inferiority in their own feminity…
So it will be in different indications on chart.

year of the fox

I was just thinking a similar thing. To identify as “lesbian” the first thing you have to do is identify as “female”. What if you don’t identify as “female”? or even pay much attention to “traditional gender duality”? That’s my problem. lol.


that’s your uranus sun conjunction talking foxy = cannot identify with the traditional model of anything

year of the fox

I know. It runs roughshod over Sappho I’m afraid. 😀

The Empress

I so relate to that whatevs. Uranus has a lot to answer for lol

Scorptropic of Capricorn

yeh, that explains a lot… my moon Sagg square Uranus.

Sappho in Scorp in 10th


sappho in libra in the 2nd house…..has a 7 degree orb conjunction to uranus. 5 degree orb to Eros. Those are larger orbs than I care to use with asteroids though.
I like women, just short on experience.

in other realms…..any one else with the DREAMS this morning. really, i didn’t need to go there. Even in the dream I didn’t believe it.

year of the fox

Sappho conjunct Jupiter exact in the 1st house. I’m outdoorsy, butch-y looking and acting but have never identified as a lesbian. I don’t normally write poetry unless it’s funny and bawdy.


Sappho conjunct my NN but that’s it. Some key to my destiny that I’m missing? I have very defining and intense relationships with women and although some of them have been sexual I wouldn’t even consider myself bisexual. I need men in my world to balance me.


Sappho exact conjunct Moon in Aries in 4th house. Don’t fit the lesbian theory, but love writing, and wrote buckets of poetry as a kid – won national prizes – and loads of lyrics in my 40s.


Lady-lover lady here and big fan of Sapho. Great post ,MM 🙂 Asteroid Sapho in the centre of my tenth house in sag and right oppositemy sun/merc..I am not too cosey with publicity of my saphonica side but as far as writing and adventures of Sagg goes, hell yes! My woman shenanigans have been the wildest and highest inspirational experiences. As a cheeky 10 yr old I wasn’t shy about my crush on the religious education teacher . I played up and harrassed her for attention in usual 10 yr old crush style til one day after several warnings to… Read more »

Scorched Earth

Diggin your candid post TFR! Tell the story!!!

Scorched Earth

.. and I mean write it .. the book.. not tell it here..


😉 thanks babe

Ãœber Virgo

Yes, ditto, they sound like great stories.


gotta laugh tfr; was just about to add to my post by mentioning how many female teachers/mentors/much older female friends tried to seduce ME (moon conjunct sappho me) when I was younger (ie pre and just past age of consent). Talk about surreal experiences, since I was both very mature mentally but sexually, and emotionally, as naive as all get out. Maybe we moon-sappho in aries types are just plain naive full stop – or maybe it was ven-nept in scorp on asc – or pallas in cancer 8th – or lilith in libra opp moon-sappho that attracted them? Wish… Read more »


I have Sappho conjunct uranus in scorpio, venus conjunct mercury in aquarius. Ive been pondering my sexuality, a little apprehensive to admit that I may want to jump the fence, so to speak.


ooh and moon + venus in opposition.

Ãœber Virgo

BTW, Mystic, the third link is wonky. Connects to Wiki when it should connect to your other Sappho post. k thanx bai.

Ãœber Virgo

Sappho is 2.5 degrees off my retro Venus, bang in the midst of my Virgo stellium of sun merc ceres venus MC from 1 to 11 degrees of Virgo. I’m not a lesbian, and never had any curiousity to try it out. (Disclaimer: Not that there’s anything wrong with it) Kim Falconer’s take from the previous Sappho post rather appeals though: ‘tactile, indulgent, luscious, heady & yet extraordinarily smart’. Thank u Kim. And I do rather love my literature, but really, she seems to blend in with the rest of my goddess loaded line up. Then again perhaps it’s time… Read more »


If you think there is no wrong with it, why not try?? Sounds hypocratic. Rainbow world never buys it.


I think you mean hypocritical.

Not liking something is personal preference, not necessarily a moral judgment.


I tried being hypocritic but i didn’t like it so I went back

Ãœber Virgo

Hippocrates would have taken or left it too, as long as it did no harm.


‘kin oath


LOL, thank you both for going there, was gonna, but I wasn’t sure Uber had taken her hippocrytic oath or not so I left it, do they do that when studying acupuncture?


Bisexual Leo with Sappho conj Mars, Venus and Pluto in Libra asc.


hmm sapho conjunct descendant in scorpio trining mars in pices and sextile venus in capricorn…do think women over all more attractive physically but only really turned on by men…(if that makes sense-i think its a polarity thing)


Yes I love female beauty and all beauty but for sex beauty is not so important……..only like men for physicals……..I am really really into the arts and never happier than when dancing etc. I have Psyche Mars conj Sappho not far from Uranus in !st house. Love doing massages to anyone including the dog.


Sappho conjunct Mars in Leo. If only I could kick the man habit, I would!




in the sun?


LOL zinnias do well in the sun


Um…. wow.

I just checked my sappho, and it is in a very prominent part of my chart. Very poorly aspected. Being mistaken for gay was a big problem in my life for a long time…… This was until something changed in my life, which is very much linked to the planet it conjuncts in my chart.


Just to be clear -there is nothing wrong with anyone’s sexual orientation. It was the negative stereotypes that were a problem in my life.


Oh, and women still come on to me (pretty brazenly) to this day.


HA! I feel your pain (in reverse), Emily! No one believes I’m gay based on appearance. I have actually had people try to argue the point with me based on the fact that I “don’t look gay”… Ahhh pretty sure I would know whether I am or not!! lol Stereotypes suck.


Yeah, its difficult when people tell you outright that you are wrong about who you think you are. “Are you sure?” … “How do you know?” Why don’t people realize that the problem isn’t that its about sexuality, its that their basically telling you that you’re hiding something or just very confused?

Scorched Earth

Projections and perceptions about how things/peeps should be. Allocate no time to debate in that arena coz you’re dealing with someone else’s idea of how it is and they are the only one able to change it anyways.

Scorched Earth

Hey Em.. I get a few women that get real interested too.. they don’t assume that’s my stance but they still have a go .. so to speak .. even when they know. But I’m not fussed or offended and I’ve also had a number of gay guys want to get a little more than chatty… now when that happens you’re talking ‘weird’ in my opinion (not bi.. very gay) .. they’re not putting me up there with Kylie or Cher.. they’re thinkin… mmmmm, let’s not ponder that. And.. yeah, I gotta close by saying I DO NOT look like… Read more »


I think its partially about letting people know their boundaries. You might actually have a different gay-friendly look than me? I think I’m more on the Mariska Hargitay side of the spectrum, haha. Well, at least we know we’re hot?

Scorched Earth

I’m good with boundaries.. sometimes too good perhaps.

Yeah, look I have no idea.. certainly aint putting it out there but it’s always been a thing. I just attribute it to my open nature and lack of resistance to anyones way of being. But I’m quite happy to roll with the last comment you made.. yeah, at least we know that.. LOL!

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