Venus In Space

Venus In Space

Ryan Heshka 

Hey hands up who is in the mood for some relationship weirding, new flirtations and/or fresh-feeling action? 

See your horoscopes for the actual deets, of course.

BUT Venus is about to trine Neptune so there is some major fantasising going on, maybe soulmating, if you’re not just escaping off into lotusville with the Blue Devil Hoochie Juice and some seriously whacked out “lifestyle” visions. 

Then the Love Goddess zips into Scorpio – technically in her “detriment” but always interesting and trines Chiron, sextiles Pluto and opposes o.t.t. Jupiter all next week and at the same time as the Full Moon in Aries. 

The Full Moon in Aries comes but once a year, it’s always a doozie for relationships. Aries is ruled by Mars and the Full Moon in Aries opposes Sun in Libra, the sign ruled by Venus. This year Saturn gets in the mix so it’s crunch-time for relationships teetering on the brink of more or less commitment, flirt-scenarios that could go further, finally getting over an Ex..

Love-questing, pair-bonded or determined to be fiercely solo, it’s hard to avoid this Venusian-Full-Moon Weirding. Some peeps are more affected than others (Libra! Scorpio!) so please check your personal Horoscopes. 

Oh and Venus into Scorpio = not a good time to let anything obsessive get out of hand. Can’t you channel it into cleaning, fitness, empire building or something? 

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84 thoughts on “Venus In Space

  1. Do I have to just put up one hand?

    Oh yeah… and I have training and a 100km bike ride next week. This girl has her obsession covered.
    For Now.

      • Things that I love:
        Sun sign- for the love of god, do not make any moves right now.
        Rising Sign- DO IT! DO IT! DO IT! NOW NOW NOW NOW NOW.

        Excellent. Just as long as we know where we are at;)

  2. My hand up too. Natal moon in Aries being squared by Pluto and conjuncted by Uranus, about to experience Full Moon, natal Lilith in Libra, natal Venus-Neptune-Theodora-Lucifer-Asc in Scorp (not to mention Eros and Psyche close by in Scorp), square my natal Mars/NN in Leo (where mars is now) and natal Chiron in Pisces (almost where it is now, a la Chiron return in a year or less).
    The weirding is definitely on, and I am doing my level best to stay sane and boundary-wise and cautious as all get out. Boundaries, boundaries, boundaries. Wish me luck with all the Venus Neptune going on this weekend….

      • thanks vl! the i ching tells me that there is a return (yes) and that greater forces than moi are involved and that i should just let them conduct the orchestra.

        so hard if you have aries moon. if I can hang on to the tao of being/not initiating during this Aries Full moon and its aftermath, then I reckon i might just well have grokked a major saturn in libra lesson.

        • ‘let them conduct the orchestra’ – Love it!
          Yep, I know all about having cardinal energy (moi lotsa-Libby + firery leo rising) and how hard it is to practice the tao of being…

          I often think to myself, VL, *don’t push on the door marked pull*.
          My wise Piscean-Moon Mum says, VL, you’ve done all the hard work don’t stress so much all you have to do now is just take the things you want when they come towards you. It’s like I have to get out of my way to let life in. vl

  3. It already weirded up about the EXACT moment of my Venus opposition Mars transit moment today ….

    Ran into Ex . . . as he waited for his New whatever . . . minimal ironic exchange, we both knew what was up . . . I walk on and Eyes Well Up . . . this stuff happens and happens and happens and I just want to kick us both up the arse . . .

    thankfully, there are these lovely borders grown from ‘knowing/creating thyself’ and so my soul is shook but not shattered and there is no ill intent between us . . . but bloody hell …. and I really really really appreciated having my familiar, my dog, with me at that moment

  4. So many times now, when Mystic has heralded some transit or aspect and all that it entails I think “Well I started doing that 10 days (or so) ago” you know -uncharacteristically committed at the gym or last week (equally uncharacteristically) lying on the sofa drinking glenfidich and soda and rerunning exchanges with ex soulmate from long ago. I mean -who’s got time for that? but I wasted hours and hours doing that last week and also received an email from relative of soulmate “Wondering how I was” This week I am completely over it and am just doing more de-cluttering – not interested in drinking or dreaming at all. wtf?

    • I’m often ahead of schedule with the astro too – it depends on the degrees and how exact it is in terms of your chart so no need to worry. Or ask Mystic for a personal consult – she’s damn accurate!

  5. Transiting Mars squaring my natal Neptune, so why not just throw that into the damn weirding mix. If I agree to this thing tomorrow night, it will make all the other experiences I’ve had with my year-long Uranus opp. Venus transit look tame by comparison.

    • inchy, you tease! looking forward to an edited post-coi… er, post- whatever… report sometime over the weekend!

    • Thanks, Fi. Any reports will have to be heavily nuanced, as I won’t be able to discuss anything directly. As in, I wish Ms. was around, she could give me a few suggestions about this thing.

    • And you, too, Fi, about what you wrote up above? I can’t keep all those asteroids straight, but you sound stoked, so reports from you as well are due soon.

      • hon, you should try living those asteroids. oh, and did I mention that I was born with Sun pretty much bang on the Great Attractor (ie black hole tractor beam!), conjunct Pandora. Boxes (in shape of humans, often) liable to suck me into black hole (and using all their gravitational pull to tempt me/ drag me/beg me to open them) always seem to appear in my life even when I do my best to be a hermit a la Venus in 12th.

        Determined I will not end up in black hole, since I’ve been there before with this particular box. Not so much stoked as terrified.

        Keeping head down this weekend. Have made sure I am not available for much of it by planning other things. Will report back after the Full Moon – or better, after last quarter. That’s when Full moon and decisions that need to arise therefrom really tend to solidify, in my experience.

  6. Very glad you included “determined to be fiercely solo”, for that is me. x

  7. no… ive lost my mojo… a flu and paperwork up to my ears… I might miss this one, was wishing a virgo moon popped up out of somewhere tomorrow…. but no alas tis not to be tomorrow…

    I liked mm’s daily email advice today, it was something like just be detached and spacey… fortunately thats all i could be….

  8. Ugh, there is totally a guy I’m crushing on right now, but circumstances (including but not limited to our mutual shyness) have prevented me from really getting to know him as of yet, and I’m DESPERATE to know his astro. I Facebook-stalked him (we’re not at a friend request place yet), but his profile is private. Now, my Scorpy self would’ve been disappointed in him if it hadn’t been, but come on! Show your birthday! I need to know what I’m dealing with here.

    • T, there are a lot of “background check” services websites out there. Many of them offer a basic data service for under 3US$ that frequently contains the birthday. I have used them several times when I’ve been in that similar “gotta know” mode.

      • True, but I’m not really comfortable with that. I value my own privacy so much that I can’t help but respect others’, and that seems too invasive to me.

    • you’re a scorp, that sort of means you have instant allure right, work out where you can just run into him and chat a bit surely?

      • My Scorp allure is hidden behind a LOT of Pisces Asc/Moon insecurity, unfortunately. Mostly, though, it’s the situation–we work at the same place even though we don’t work together, and there’s no privacy and not much opportunity for natural interaction (plus, it’s work, so I’m busy all day). I’ve got to buck up and think of something, though. He’s soooo cuuuute.

        • aha….sympathy…i’m sure something will come up…perhaps just let the universe know you’d like to clear a path for getting to know this guy a little more! unless you’ve already put that out there 😉 good luck..

  9. Libras and Scorps affected by this crap? Great. I’ve got Libra Sun, Mars & Pluto, and Scorp, Mercury, Moon, and Lilith. I’m still angry at my stupid non-love life and don’t want any part of it. Not unless impossible crush guy from far away makes a move, which he probably won’t.
    So come stupid love-weirding if you dare. I will slap your pathetic @ss down.

    Saturn is still grinding over my Sun and this has really been the dullest birthday month ever. 🙁

    • Fox, I turned my stagnant non-existent love life around – or at least have created a nicer illusion that I have a love life, and I swear you can too. You’re funny, you’ve got a body that causes guys to run into trees 🙂 so, come on, work it. I know it’s blah boring same old advice, but find a group who does stuff you’re interested in. Go do things with the group. Do the online thing – nonchalantly. Get outdoors. Go to a bar – yeah, I know, not the meat-market-type place, but aren’t there some nice pub-like or places with a patio where people just hang out? Mystic gave me the same advice and I did it. I set up a schedule forcing myself to get out and be social twice a week. It’s exhausting sometimes, but it is paying off. Yes, I whine because I still don’t have anyone regular around, but if forced to be completely honest, I don’t know that anyone regular would fit right now because my schedule is overflowing with so many interesting people and things to do. There, that’s my Saturn message to you.

      • Thanks for the advice InchbyInch!

        Here’s my problem:

        I already get out and do things. I’m not some gross slob who stays in and watches soap operas all day. I’m Saggo rising. I skateboard. I climb rocks. I kayak. I do a ton of stuff! I belong to a fuckton of sporting clubs and what not. I’ve lived in this town a long time (20 years almost) and I already know everybody in my hobby scene and already dated enough where it’s too close degrees. All the other single gals in the same social scenes and I all pounce on any fresh blood who come into the scene. So hobbies are not a source of meeting people for me. I’m also too old for a lot of the fresh blood so it’s slim pickings if I get any at all. I really don’t want to date under 30 years old men and I’m not interested in 60 yr old “cripples”. Hell I’m not interested in my own age group if they are going to be “cripples” and you’d be surprised to see so many.
        If I spend any more time outdoors, I’d live there.

        I DON’T do the online thing. I only meet 80 year old perverts and ugly old fat guys who don’t have a job. I tried it for 2 years seriously and found nobody. I think I met that 300 lb loser who tried to say he was fit and then almost got a heart attack walking up a hill. But the coup de grace was him bragging about how he can have booty call anytime on our first and only date. The other person I met was some really old nasty guy who thought he was going to score some exotic bride. I am however great at getting my friends hooked up with people on the online dating scene. I wrote 2 singles ads that resulted in my friends getting married. So I know it’s not my ability to write things that make a connection with people. And yes, I posted decent pictures of myself.

        I do sometimes go to bars, but all the people I meet are people I already know. (Same as the hobby problem above). That’s what you get when you live in the same place for 20 years.

        So I’ve been reduced to trying to meet people online (but not in dating services) and crushing on them afar. It’s sad, but I think I’ve run out of dating options in my own town because of how many people I know locally.
        I’m actually scared that “Boob-looking” guy might actually know some exes of mine or friends of mine. I tried Mystic’s tarot method to check to see if he was “taken”, The Hermit card as an outcome doesn’t sound too good to me. I think I’ll leave that one alone.

        So it’s back to crushing on someone from afar. It’s not that me and Mr. Crush-Afar can’t make it, but we would have to meet in person for anything good to come of it. For now, that is a pipe dream.

        so that’s the situation guys….

          • That’s what I’m thinking! That’s where my plans have been. :D~~~~(drool) It’s the last thing to try.

        • Well, you have made a persuasive case, especially since you are in a small community. I may have to use some “tough love” on you though to make you try again. 🙂

          I liked v-g-g’s idea, strategize with that!

          (By the way, I never thought of you as being a slob who sat around watching soap operas all the day!)

          • =)
            Oh i know…that comment about being a slob wasn’t for your benefit. When i go back and re-read my comments on this forum, if i didn’t know me, I’d swear I was a lazy, fat slob that sat around, ate bon-bons, and whined ‘why am I still single?’ while reading the latest romance novels or soaps in a house full of cat urine smell. But the anonymous nature of this board keeps me honest. I can be truthful here about how i really feel.

            I really do take most of the chances I can to circulate and meet. Tonight, I even went to a protest rally. I met no one of course.

            You can’t meet anyone sitting at home waiting for someone to burst through the wall like the kool-Aid man.

            • although, it WOULD be cool to have the man burst through the walls like that, even cooler if it was the actual Kool Aid man himself 🙂 🙂 🙂

            • Foxy, I SO get where you are coming from.

              LOL, I am so NOT going near the online dating thing, given what I have heard.

              Worse, I am uber-busy, and and the things I love doing tend to be creative pursuits that need alone time, or involve musos who are either attached or with serious substance issues. No, I don’t have TIME to join a fuqing bushwalking club (my sista’s suggestion) and worse, I am so not attracted to bushwalkers or academics (which is where I work but of course all the one’s i come into contact with who are worth a damn are taken).

              It is a nightmare, possum. Worse for me right now, since the ex who broke my heart but seems to have grown up and with whom I have so much in common is back and wanting to start a band. And I need that. But I know that I could play 100 gigs and still not meet someone I want. Because I have played 400 gigs since age 22 and not met someone I want in a pub. Still, I need to emote, and I need to sing to let out all my very intense scorpy bits, so I will probably do it and do my best to ignore the massive Aries dick that I love – and which still stands to attention the minute I come within a metre of it – drumming right behind me and my microphone. Sigh. At least it adds to sexual tension in performance, which is a highly important ingredient.

              But then, I know I am a bit odd, since, in spite of a high sex drive, and decidedly heterosexual bent, I am so not interested in about 99.9% of the males I ever see or meet. When I am, I am seriously attracted. But even when I try to tell myself to give those I am not attracted to physically time, in order to let them grow on me, it never works. Or if it does, it ends up being the worst mistake I ever made, since even if such guys turn out to be hot lovers, my first instincts about compatibility (emotional, if not sexual) have turned out to be pretty damn good.

              Anyway, you are not alone, sweety. There’s lots of us out here going “how the fuq do I meet someone?????????” when all of the good commonsense suggestions of friends and family haven’t worked.

              • Okay, Fox and Fi, my loves, I feel I must add a little more. Both of you have Saggo influences, so when I hear Saggo spirit sagging, it makes me pugnacious.

                All I’m saying is that, while you can’t always get what you want, if you try sometimes, you just might find, you get what you need. I join your lament – I too find the pillow beside mine too empty. But my Scorpio needs for at least hot heterosexual action, if not actual union, and my Libra needs for at least male companionship, if not actual romance, are being fulfilled. This didn’t happen until I heeded the call of Uranus opposing my Venus, telling me to shake off my dislike of online dating, joining groups, and getting out of my hermit-like Scorpio Mars in 12th shell. (Fox, you’ve got same thing with your Moon, and Fi, you’ve got same thing with your Venus, so I know what that is like.).

                So all I am saying (again) is be open to things you have previously objected, but also to look at what you have already (Fi, I really hope you join that band), and see that much that you long for is already there.

                Not to take away though from your legitimate need to complain on the blog though!

              • Thanks Fi! You seem to get it. It’s not the quantity of males I meet; it’s the quality. If they can’t even make the initial cut of don’t be a fat-ass, don’t be hideous to look at, and have a career, I’m not giving them a chance, waste of my time. And I don’t need GQ model handsome. I just need someone I can have sex with with the lights on.

                Do you have a Venus in Virgo as well? I know a man friend with this placement and he didn’t settle down until a ‘clever’ girl got herself knocked up by him “accidentally”. He was a restless type always looking for that next girl action and a Libra heart-breaker as well. He’s not my type at all, but I found it intriguing to watch his doings. The male Libras are so different from the female ones.

                Do you remember the laughable debacle of when Mystic mentioned the “Peach Blossom Remedy”? I decided to give it a go. If only I had a human-sized fly swatter for all the ass-wipes I met that month. It certainly delivered with the amount. It’s funny looking back but at the time I was completely wiped out emotionally and would cry from the effort. I think that’s what happened to me with online dating. I was actually told by someone who specialized in on-line dating and from eharmony that I would do better to meet people in person because i do not have the personality it takes for online dating. (I have no idea what that even means. Perhaps people who are good at online dating are more emotionally resilient?) Do you have this problem too Fi?

                But yes Fi, I am about to embark on trying to meet someone long distance but not through a dating service. Sounds impossible doesn’t it? It might be what could work. I’ve already given everything else a chance. A long shot option sounds better than a no-shot to me. Have you tried this method Fi and does it work for you?

    • i’m going to go with inch’s advice too, if you need socialising action. other uses for saturn-sun is to turn the attention onto yourself and trust that the awesome will come later. you know, check/reset boundaries, simplify complications, file winter clothes, re-sole shoes, whatever

      I can relate to the far-away / not avail crush scenario (STORY OF MY LIFE) and getting the shits at nothing happening. If it helps, my approach has been to say, “OK then Nothing, fine, have it your own bloody way then” and just get around doing my own thing. it’s been pretty good actually once i let go of the need to have interpersonal action, although you’re a Libra you live and breathe that stuff so I am no help there.

      Occasionally force myself out of the house – Saturn is transiting my 4th, it’s like i am wearing leg-irons – to make sure i know what the outside world is like beyond uni, work, and places to eat.

      getting out alone is my MO at the moment not sure why, but i have met some super interesting peeps that way. love be damned! just love life instead. (don’t roll your eyes 😉 )

      • Thanks PCFR! I’m more doing that than socializing. Business has never been better. Other aspects of my life and job are amazing. I’m really channeling Saturn whenever I can into health and life and the results have been stunning even me. Saturn really is a can-do sort of guy.

        It’s too bad my love life is the only patch of dog shit remaining that I can’t seem to fix. As a Libra, it’s a true embarrassment. And to think I spend more time alone than i do with others. I am not a “normal” Libra. I console myself with my crush when I feel lonely. It’s much better than pining after long gone Taurus or bitching about exes. There is at least potential even if it’s far away and “impossible”.

        And yes I hate being social. My Scorp Moon is in the 12th house. I FORCE myself to get out of the house. I am not an extrovert so it is difficult for me. But i still have my active hobbies that take me out of my house but I use them for enjoyment and not for “meeting people”.

        • haha crush consolation, omg, so true!! it’s a little flicker of joy/hope/excitement in an otherwise lacklustre heart realm.

          yes, i tend to go with the hobbies / outings for personal fulfilment & interest, happening to meet people is an added benefit but i can’t say i go out of my way to collect friends that way. unless that is my specific intention for one reason or another.

          think i need to work on my own saturn stuffo now… *looks around at chaotic home life*


          • yes, everyone needs an imaginary lover. If you look at it a certain way, he’s not actually imaginary. Rather, the universe just hasn’t gotten its sh*t together to bring the two of you together yet.

            • Good point! I never thought of it that way.

              On a rune reading I got the other night, it advised me to do the “aurochs” thing by removing personal obstacles from my path. I’m doing that as much as I can via Saturn-ing. I figure once enough have been removed, the universe may provide an assist? yes? I’d like to think so.

    • And remember, Fox, I’ve got Libra Moon & Venus and Scorp Mars and Neptune, so I’ve totally got your back on this one.

    • Yotf : could you look to the element and the sign your Venus is in for guidance/ refresher of inspiration? The descendant too and combine it with your sun. For eg., is your venus in a service-oriented sign, creative/artistic, flamboyant, alternative, practical, freedom oriented? Run the same list for your sun and descendant qualities (likes, element) and you may have more insight on where to look/meet-cutes.
      Happy birthday by the way! VL

      • Thanks. My birthday won’t be until next week but I am happy to absorb early wishes for b-day. 🙂

        My Venus is in Virgo. It is conjunct MC so I am doing a very Virgo sort of job. and it is um… ‘illegal’ to date clients and no chance of meeting people at work as I am not into chicks. Meeting other people who might be doing the same job as me isn’t going to happen as my field is very competitive and is already locally filled with dickwads or ones already married. Already tried that path.

        I totally hate/love men whose Sun is conjunct my descendant (Gemini). It gets ugly fast. I wonder if it’s because Saturn is there or because it would be square my Venus or opposing my Neptune? As much as I love to look at Gemini and talk to them, there is no way I am ever dating one again.
        I was completely broken after one kept me on a string for 6 months before telling me he was marrying some other girl he hadn’t even bothered to introduce me to.

        • Yotf: I too have the same venus- on your MC (like Julia Guillard has) — what about community (that’s kinda 11th)? My venus and mercury trine my MC – I’ve been involved in charities (jogging, raising money, awareness stuff). A virgo colleague of mine is heading-up fund-raising campaigns to help her daughter’s school build a new hall – and she’s doing it via fashion parades (Sooo Virgo fashionista!).

          Wow, venus in virgo, gemini descendant and libra sun – mercurial artistic

          ..I’m the same with male gemini’s – I used to go out with a gemini photographer who worked for a newspaper and his goal was to move into fashion photography (to photograph fashion models of course!), then years later a gemini who fronted an indy-band. vl

          • Absolutely! I am regularly involved with volunteering and helping my peeps.

            I think Mystic said it best about Venus in Virgo. We are so choosy about our potential mates that it makes it difficult for them to even get an “interview”.

            Gemini men are so dreamy but not worth the dream IMO. Let someone else wake up to the nightmare reality. It won’t be me.

            • yes, we’re v choosy about potential mates! most treasured/long relationship was with a man with Venus in Virgo.

              …rather than ‘nightmare reality’ i’ve come to think of it in terms of ‘it’s someone else’s turn now’.


  10. I’m going to build my “this-granola girl-finally needs-some-intense-creative-outletting-and-cash-flow-empire-Empire.”

    Gonna build it and they will come. (creatives who want to build with me)

    Let the mens find ME.

  11. This Full Moon will be within a degree of my Mars, with the Sun exactly conjunct my Uranus, and both trining my Venus. I’m Kataka with Aqua Rising/Moon, so Uranus and the Moon are pretty significant for me.

    Don’t know what’s in store but let’s hope it has something to do with a certain flirt-scenario finally going somewhere…

  12. both hands up…..
    I have been fiercely single since the last failed attempt at bonding. But I last night I dreamed of a man, so clearly. I have been attracted to older men lately(saturn conjunct venus happened….anyone else look to older?), but that has passed. This morning though, there he was, not too much older, maybe 10 years, and we were drawn. And when I awoke I though, how nice would that be? Oh so nice.
    After venus trines neptune, It will sextile my natal venus, then trine my natal descendant. So maybe. But if not, totally okay.
    Been way more thinking of how I want to give notice at my job, today. I may do it. All this Libra is in my 2nd house and I need to make better money for the time I spend. I have work lined up too. so…..

    • oh dear….i have aries in 8th…joint resources. libra in 2nd. I have some serious 2nd and 8th house decisions to make. I need to make them and move on with my life.

  13. My hand is up. I am enjoying my flirtation with a guy that’s moon conjuncts my rising…and his Pluto trines my mars…he may be the one who puts me out of my dry spell. We are putting in good effort to just socialize and get to know each other…I do not feel pressured or rushed one bit…(That’s how I like it)

    Gem Rising
    Aries Sun
    Scorpio Moon
    Venus Pisces

    I like the older guys…my attraction to older guys…is not only getting older but also stronger. It just seems to work out well with the older guys…maybe it’s because older guys are less likely to be fickle and more sure of themselves.

    I read somewhere that having 8th house Capricorn, can possibly lead to being attracted to older men.

  14. Def been feeling soulmating lately. You’re spot on. And “soulmating” is a fantastic verb.

  15. hands up:)

    oh me! me, me, me! pick me!

    but maybe that’s too desperate???;)

  16. Seeing how this Moonie thing works…

    Pretty interesting…thank you Mystic…

    Been trolling around the web leaning a few other things as well..(I must understand things….Pluto/Uranus in 3rd)…And, glad I got that “hidden dragon” I Ching last night….I would have not taken any further action anyhow but from what I’ve read, the Aries full moon might make some go bonkers… 😆

    The Toro only lives down the road about a mile by the corner markets….what’s a girl to do? :mrgreen: ..Speaking about the Scorpio transits coming up, I can spy on him anytime I want and believe me, of course I’ve peeked…what am I stupid? Or not a normal woman? ‘Cept this is where the “hidden dragon” comes in…he’ll never know…. 😉

    Anyway, the Toro/Libran Moon/Aries Venus had made his first call to me the day after the New Moon had been conjunct his Libran Moon, my NN and opposite my Aries stuff and his Venus..

    Now the full Moon will be conjunct my Aries Sun/stuff/his Venus and opposite his Moon (exact) and trans. Libran Sun other stuff…

    So that’s pretty interestng…you have a Sun and Moon on each side reflecting back…Male/female thing….

    Hmmm, lets see if what he said when he met me “I see you” holds true.

    Yipes, yes we’ll see if he calls. Would not upset/touch this apple cart with a ten foot pole.


    Will be out of town this weekend….baby doll…gdaughter’s birthday yesterday…she was 10! Her first double digit b-day. She was terribly excited about that….We are doing her party on Sunday….

  17. Good grief, I have to sleep and shake this cold, but Mystic’s posts are always to the mark, I can’t help but blurt out.

    I once suffered insanely and inanely under an unrequited-love spell, a Scorp who later turned to be a manipulator, unfortunately. No contact etc for a long time, two different continents, no chance to meet.

    For the last two days I commute with someone who looks like his twin. Doing my best to keep sane but it is not getting any easier, I am shaken, torn, missing the fuq-wit a lot.

    Knitting may be a good activity, keeping hands busy to prevent gawking at the guy.

    How long this weirdness will last? I want my non-existent love life back.

    • Oh doll that’s tough. I know what you mean tho about the “non existant” for so long for me too. There is at least a semblence of “peace” with the non existant lol.

      My daughter asked about things and I told her that actually, if he ends up a simple “afternoon muse”…well, I’m actually okay with that. And that’s how Mary had her little lambzie Uranian transit… x

      • Sweetpea, so happy to read about the muse in your life. There is a time for every single person in our lives, when the time is ripe, fate starts cracking the clock. You are living your Uranian transit, live it to the fullest.

        This twin-guy popping up like a jack-in-a-box is a message, but what? I haven’t decipher yet. A little bit disheartened over this cloud of feelings, just when I thought I was happily moving forward.. As if fate has pushed yet another homework. bugger..

        • Maybe it’s to help you keep healing Q? I know it sucks…Just when we think we are done, something pushes our buttons again.

          But the plot thickens. May I say that Progressed Saturn and Venus had been in opposition for yonks? They have moved out of orb or at least on the very last fringe.

          Had this patient today….a Pisces, again ten years younger. Funny as crap…He started asking me what I like to do for recreation, what is my fave restaurant/food…He asked what days I work, etc.

          Cancerian female patient comes in and we always chat men. It has mostly been her men tho. She is 41 and seeing someone 26 but has another man interested as well….and several others. She is tall, blonde and gorge. She is funny also and we always have laughs.

          Anyway, she says Pisces is interested. I had thought something was up.

          So with this Uranus transits hedging in and Jupiter moving in on Venus the flood gates have opened. This is the third ten year younger man in four weeks.

          So ladies take heart. I am 52 for gawds sakes but having the time of my life. Younger men don’t always go for younger…They go for the confident older ones too. They say a man is attracted to your essence and falls in love with your virtue.

          Can’t say I necessarily need to fall in love and this time I’m doing things differently. In the past thought I always needed to make a choice between this guy or that guy….No more…I will roll with the times because the times are changing…lol x

            • lol…Yes they are and I think the universe is telling me to not take one thing too seriously…Do not get too hung up (in earth fashion) on any one thing/person too much..That was the message today, surprise, surprise when Mr light hearted Pisces (but God he has been thro hell physically and emo) popped in.

              Even for a Cap Moon my Gem rising/Mars has always loved a bit of chaos 😆 x

              • He is a Palm Springs cop and was in Baghdad twice…He is a Pisces but a soldier…Just like Pisces doc was a football player..

                Much more than what we think a Pisces is…

                Did not get however that his humor shades his shadow like we Gem influenced can do..As he comes in, guess I’ll find out.

                • And I do not believe in war, but I respect someone who believes enough (Pisces) to put their ass on the line…

                  • Just reminds me how self indulgent I am at times with petty concerns.

                    I need to go to bed… 😕

  18. not about venus….
    the moon is in aqua…detached. no. I am freaking out. ugh. been aquaing like mad for over a month and now meltdown. have not cried(except once) in months, crazy for this crybaby cancer. but today, all sobs. WTF?

  19. My gemini friend/co-worker’s cheating Libra husband comes back from his deployment. Ooooo, I have a feeling this will be make-or-break for them.

    Me? I’ve had a recent dream of a significant Ex (Scorpio) but I don’t think I’d ever be lonely enough to take him back. I think pluto in Cap has obliterated my tolerance for bullshit these days, maybe thats why I’ve been alone for so long. With it opposing my Juno, I only want what I want and hopefully won’t settle for less this time around.

  20. I have just found out that I was born around the time of the full moon ( in Aries ), I’m turning 30 next week ( on the full moon in Aries of course..), Saturn has moved on from my natal Saturn to my natal Sun. Next in line – Jupiter ( natally conjunct my sun ), Pluto, all in Libra, and the rest of the planets in Scorp and Sagg.. So THIS is just the beginning. Hmm.. Intriguing.

    Loved the aqua moon, this detached self-focused vibe was so unusual and peaceful, not sure what to expect from my combined solar/lunar return but somehow I have a feeling it’ll be anything but boring.

    P.S. no actual love life atm, and for the first time in years I didnt give a fuq about it this past week..

    • Herehere AOF! I think Saturn on Sun and FM Aries makes it cool and easy to be sensible, detached, smart with self in terms of love/romance.
      Nice birth chart placement of Jupiter-Sun-Libra. Yes, totally THE beginning for you.
      Which house is that in?
      Happy birthday too, by the way.

  21. VL, thanks! Most of my planets are in the 4th house ( and here I am housebound, being a single mama of a watery/firey bunch ): saturn conjunct sun that is tightly conjuct jupiter, both of them conjuct pluto that is conjuct mercury.. Mercury is in scorp though.
    I’d LOVE to be sensible and detached ( maybe after the saturn transit? one would hope.. ), FM in aries doesnt make it easy on me, oh no. At least I like to think that it ( together with leo rising ) keeps helping me get back up after falling over and over.

  22. Very interesting post this one about getting out and about meeting new peeps, online dating etc. I have been there done that and been given same advice from well meaning friends. But I find whenever I have a have a ‘no one loves me think i’ll go eat worms’ stage something always comes along to make me smile.
    or I go out and find something.
    I have dealt with some pretty intense stuff last 3 months and now its a bit settled shazam the universe delivers me a little sign.
    I met the Lusty’s sister this morning by accident and had a great chat. She is the first family member I’ve met and now I’m outed I feel like a breakthrough has happened. We are getting gf -bf ish which I’ve been resisting and so has he for years. Yet it feels so warm….