The Ultra-People

Brigitte Bardot by Andy WarholAndy Warhol – Gargosian Gallery – Pas Un Autre

“….Brigitte Bardot was one of the first women to be really modern and treat men like love objects, buying them and discarding them. I like that…”

Andy Warhol

Brigitte Bardot is a multi-Libran (Sun-Mercury-Jupiter) with an ultra-romantic Venus-Neptune conjunction and big-mouthed Sagg Rising – the perfect combo for a libertarian free lover, lol.  

Her Mars? In Leo. That’s a love of the hotties, for sure. And then you’ve got Moon in Gemini, just to lower the emotional boredom threshold to a thousand degrees below Zero. 

Warhol? He was massively Multi-Leo:  Mercury-Sun-Venus-Neptune in Leo ALL RISING.  He had Moon-Uranus in Aries trine Saturn trine all his Leo.

So, a Grand Fire Trine involving Uranus, Saturn AND Neptune.   He was a renowned ego-maniac, personage and artist whose art changed cultural everything.

There is a LOT of astro to learn in merely pondering just Bardot & Warhol, you know.

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37 thoughts on “The Ultra-People

  1. Like that they were both trail blazers in their own way but I’ve done Leo in Mars (Bardot) and Mars/Moon Leo combo…no thanks. Way to arrogant for me.

    I would say nice that Bardot turned the tables on men but that is not exactly fair either is it? Discarding peeps like they were tissues.

  2. Always thought that Andy’s art was ridiculously overrated. A soup can, really? If we’re talking artistic genius let’s discuss someone like Michelangelo. Sistine Chapel > Soup can.

    I guess I could take some pride in knowing that Leo accomplished the things Warhol did, but what’s so great about him being renowned for crap that a child could have produced? Yeah, no. Not taking any pride in that. He just makes Leos look banal! Do the minimum amount of effort and still have people fawn over it? Standards certainly dropped while he was around.

    • What i liked about Warhol is that he valued himself and he got paid accordingly. People make jokes about artists that get rich after they’re dead. Andy managed to live the life while he was alive. For that he gets points in my book! Plus he left much to develop future artists.

      • The man didn’t have a lick of artistic talent, but I guess he had commercial talent? He had to market himself exceptionally well to fool people into thinking that his art was meaningful… Haha! So I guess I’ll give him that. 😉

        • Well I mean Madonna did that with music in the 80’s. I certainly didn’t think it was artistic but it was a commercial success.

          Plus, art is a lie that tells the truth.

          • Madonna was cool in the sense that she was constantly reinventing her image and trying new things. Her voice wasn’t completely there, but I think that she did have a lot of creativity.

        • I think he had enormous artistic talent, but it wasn’t the conventional paint brush holding art academy sanctified talent. He was saying tons about the rise of consumer culture and pop culture, tugging the zeitgeist behind him. Not the same level of technique as Michelangelo, but I guarantee art students will be studying him in 500 years time.

          • I guess I just fail to see it because his style isn’t something I’m interested in. But that is only my personal opinion. I don’t like Warhol’s artwork but plenty of people do! Though I will say that while peeps like Michelangelo were technically trained, they had, he in particular, a lot of inborn talent. It looks conventional by our standards today but those guys were at the center of an art revolution. : ) Or maybe someone like Botticelli is more apt because he really pushed the envelope with his exploration of paganism, during a time that was heavily restricted by Catholicism.

            I do see what you all are saying about him being a hugely influential, and I understand. I’m just not a fan, personally, of his style. That’s all!

    • “He just makes Leos look banal”! Doing a great job yourself with those comments, I mean really ? The guy spawned a generation of art, music, fashion, culture.

      • It’s called having an opinion. And my opinion is that Warhol’s artwork is overrated.

  3. “There is a LOT of astro to learn in merely pondering just Bardot & Warhol, you know.”

    Mystic, I have learned so much more about astrology from your amazing, insightful and colorful comments. Just want to say “thank you,” and that I will be a forever devotee and subscriber.

    • Go to Astrodienst just to the left that says Current Planets
      and put in your time & date of birth.

    • And look for planets close to the Ascendant, so in the 1st house or toward the end of the 12th.

    • I’m Libra Sun with Sagg rising and yes, men as pets. It’s so true.

      But truly to make a Libra woman do what you want her to, you have to out-“man” her. No matter how pretty and delicate she may *look*, she has a man-brain. No, she’s not thinking of farts, beer, hot dogs, and sports, (ok sometimes we do) but she doesn’t understand all that come-hither crap. She wants a buddy and an equal. And by out-“man” her I don’t mean be a brute; but make her feel like a woman.

    • No. One is more devoted to one’s pets, and the stray animals Bardot rescues she keeps on her island and nurtures.

      Men are very expensive and time consuming as pets.

    • heheh

      I have men as sex pets (that sometimes turn into sex pests), not formally but I think all would agree. What is the astro for such hmm/

      • Venus in Scorp for starters, lol. Anything in Scorp. Can’t remember the rest of your chart.

        • ironically none of the venus scorps I know have this with lovers only professionally? my venus is sagg with said conjunction neptune (6th house -ruler of pets?? lol) but my scorp is all 5th house, probably something something pluto come to think of it? 4th house trine asc/eros?

        • I think it less in the traditional SM context given my sexuality, more in the above of sexual liberation and treatment of lovers as I think Warhol quote intended above. That said I have had a couple pets in the more formal sense but I am a better pet myself, more like a Tomcat meets uberpussy so i’ll go with lion taming 🙂

  4. Sun Merc & Jupiter in Sagg = multiple. Now i know why airport
    USED to be my favourite hangout, on the way somewhere else 🙂
    but now Australia is the best place on planet to live.
    Just found out what my Moon-Neptune conjunct gives me…..HELP.
    I’m a case for sure.
    Now i know why i feel things through the walls and pick up peeps
    emotions AND have had Mother issues AND why i think inspiration rules
    and why i get weirded out when i don’t work with my music & essential oils
    and why i need WATER so fiercely.
    Astro has been such a revelation, now i have a defence.

    • Yes, Pegasus, you need to wrap yourself in protection and over that a layer of armour. Constantly cleanse. Repeatedly refresh.

      Moon conjunct Jupiter conjunct Neptune here.

      • I’m fascinated by jup conj Neptune, how do you feel it manifests? I’ve had jupiter opposing my Neptune back and forth for a while now and I’d have to say it’s possibly one of the most …. I can’t even find a word for it, aspects I’ve experienced. My chart is like a guide to the zap zone and really out of all of it this opposition came along and has really at times shaken me up.

        • Poor Arian dealing with that! (Piscean = my doubt gives me confidence!) The hard aspects sometimes create big bubbles of gigantic dreams that always feel as though they’re being popped.

          Otherwise, conjunction=no boundaries: all is enchantment, compassion … don’t perceive the limitations, structures and differences between people that most people think are inevitable. Nothing can crush your faith… so you draw the faith crushers like moths to a flame. Have experienced cruelty even as a small girl. Have lost to others or given away all i earned often. Always rise. Still ‘gullible’ or trusting, but because i refuse to allow anyone/thing to steal my shining stars. Worship the divine every single day, every hour. Intense studies/practice of religions and occult since 9 yrs old.

          Also quite a dreamer. (Fortunate to have hard Saturn aspects. And plenty hard Mars contacts.) Wary of self delusion. MUST EXPLORE. WILL NOT BE TOLD HOW IT IS WILL TRY TO EXPERIENCE. And (psychically?) resonate too strongly with old fashioned sailors… travel and discovery by sea.

          SOme think my background is a mix of incongruent influences but to me all blends perfectly. Neptune synthesises, Jupiter expands. Addiction issues…various in the past…but the constant is liquor (conjunction is in 12th).

          That’s not the sum of me per se, but the sides to me that are Nep-Jup. Oh, a total gambler so i never bet. I do it with my life decisions, just for a game (the conjunction is in Sag).

          Wondering about attracting group projections, as well.

          • Practical self must add: addiction and gambling are not just astro, they are genetic also. Have seen the genetic ish play out in various signs in my fam.

          • Thanks Mille, I think you should be a spy or a diplomat, both actually. I love the way you’ve explained this…and I feel like I know you a little better x That connection to the divine was always a natural for me, have to admit lately I’ve turned away a little.

  5. I read somehwere an astrologer wrote that every person he had met who had a trine with Uranus suffered from thinking too much of their own opinion – jumped ahead regardless of others’ experience. Arrogant and lack of empathy. I have a grand air trine in uranus and could probably get this – ….anyone else agree?

    • Umm, the conjunct planets above all trine Uranus and though i am empathic, i know for a fact that people not close to me think i’m rather arrogant. Those who know me better say i’m of strong opinions but i always listen to other views and reflect on them carefully. I seek advice but i don’t like to receive it unbidden. I feel that noone can make a decision for me because they do not know me ( i have to hold lots of things quietly for various reasons/people).

      Do you think your Scorpio provides more empathy to the mix?

  6. and yes pegasus I totally agree – astrology has changed my life much more than I know it I think

  7. I have loved lookig up musicians birthdates to find their sign, it’s a pretty big zing when you realise what signs the artists are – like The The – Matt Johnson – Leo, all his albums make so much more sense from where he is coming from. To Laura Marling – who wrote that beautiful ”Ghosts” song, when she was 17 – Aquarian, and also the lovely Feist with her current lovely – how come you never go there – another gorgeous Aqua… The list goes on, It’s sooo much fun.

    Thank you Mystic, for making life (and people) more interesting !!


  8. Warhol did some way rad stuff with human body excrement/fluids, i don’t know much about that one, except that it was way way ‘out there’.

    His tins of soup were confounding/profound in many ways like “blatant obvioius in-your-face, but maybe not so not simpleton after all” in terms of his “before-his-time” cultural comments and predictions/observations.

    Warhol’s colourful portraits of beautiful slebs who were the ‘it’ peeps of the times, were my faves, and i think they were kind of like predictions/statements of western society cultural phenomenons too.

    Overall i reckon he was a genius in many ways, no mediocre or humble 9-5 for him, he lived his dreams, & got to show off his mind through living the art life, and made his own dollars, self-made, coming from nowhere special, & all while hanging out with the icons/most interesting peeps of his time. It’s very hard to sum up all his talents i think, he had so many, which like Mystic says, is why “you have to know a lot about astro” to fig. these peeps out. What an awesome life !

    A quote: “Being good in business is the most fascinating kind of art. Making money is art and working is art and good business is the best art.” A. W.