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Yes, I know i was going to call this the Saturn Support Group but then i did my Tarot with the question being (more or less) “how the hell am i going to cope with Saturn on my Moon for the next 13 months?” and got Five Of Wands in the “Advice” position.

So far as I’m concerned, that means get a grip, stop grizzling and come out fighting. So forget about “support” – this is now the Saturn Mastery Group. Or Mistressy.  The point is we are not going under just because Saturn is transitting whatever for more than a year.

Note: Saturn is from 22 Libra to 29 Libra until October 2012. So you’re in our club for SURE if you have anything in the late degrees of Libra and then we’ll also take you if you’ve got anything in late Aries, Capricorn or Cancer-Kataka. Other stuff going on? Try us and see but please don’t attempt to gain entry to our exclusive scene if you’re just talking about a cute little trine from Saturn to your Juno or whatevs. 

So here are some things that i always find helpful to remember with Saturn transits. Maybe you will too. There is also a LOT in the archives here, if you search the Saturn category. 

* If you are not looking after yourself in any way, you will be forced to with a strong enough Saturn transit. eg; i am typing this on antibiotics from having to have a root canal, prob the result of dental neglect during the heady years of Pluto & Uranus aspecting my Sun-Venus conjunction. 

* Dentistry – somehow – always seems to go with Saturn transits. Do not diss dentistry at this time. Find yourself a fang farrier whom you adore and get with the super-human oral hygiene plan, sans resentment. Besides, if you are now after your first Saturn Return, getting your teeth & gums properly maintained is the most youthifying thing you can do.  

* If you’re having a Saturn transit now, it WILL be for the next year so don’t just think in terms of a quick-fix, never a good idea with Saturn anyway. And it may feel onerous, i was really annoyed when i realized my Saturn-Moon thing was starting as I kept thinking “sometime in the future” but it’s NOW, but it’s actually excellent to be having a Saturn transit when Pluto is in Capricorn, the sign ruled by Capricorn. We will be like the crack troops of Pluto in Capricorn. No WAY will be we be too busy having a good time to do the right thing with the Zap Zone tensions of 2012…that’s Uranus square Pluto. 

* Spreadsheeting can be sexy. In fact, it will HAVE to be. Don’t lose a grip on your numbers – $$$, weight, folic acid count, whatever – crunch the numbers.  Saturn transits may make you bad-tempered but the Thin & Rich thing is not a myth. It’s mostly because all you do is eat (nutritionally optimal foods), train, sleep and work but still…results, yes? 

* Have a strategy for whatever ails you.  Triage it. As in sort out what is most important, don’t waste mental energy on crap. 

* Your mindset HAS to be mature – you can’t greet Saturn shite with victim mentality or a drama-queenie fluster attack, you have to be the Mature One. Even if you don’t want to be.  It doesn’t  matter whether it’s your kids, boss, parents, ex, partner or whomever stressing you, you’re the leader-person now. They say that the best grapes in the world are deliberately put through stressful conditions to improve their taste. 

* Relationships – no room for indulgence. You may enjoy psycho-drama with sexy hot peeps who won’t be consistent but that’s not a Saturn transit relationship. Get prepped for some mutual respect, glacier-speed build up of getting to know one another and possible longevity through time. Romances formed under Saturn transits tend to have massive endurance and strength. Maybe because you’re not relaxed and half-drunk when “choosing” your partners lol. 

Please share your thoughts on these and then your own Saturn Mastery Tips here.  



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203 thoughts on “The Saturn Mastery Group

  1. Uh-huh, my Sun-ASC Opposition is in 25-21 degrees of Cancer/Capricorn. YAY for Saturn T-Square….not. Lets see…..

    Dental? Check. I’ve already got one wisdom tooth pulled (it was actually coming through and that was an annoying biatch) and I’m still footing the bill for it since dental insurance didn’t come with my job. Oh, and I have 3 more that have to be extracted within the next year and a half.

    Though on the brightside:I hope I do get thin again, as that is really what happened when Saturn was going over my Cancer Sun in 2004. Lost 30 lbs in 4 weeks and I’m still not clear how it happened. This time though, I’ll be hitting the gym/eating healthier.

    Relationshipwise? I ran into a Gemini Ex I had met during the time I had Saturn on my Moon, Uranus squaring my Venus, and Pluto squaring my Mars. Starting to realize I have to acknowledge my part in the mess that happened between us instead of blaming him all the time. How’s that for karmic points? Problem: now I want to move back home to Southern New England to be closer to him and all my friends up there. Truth is: I have a life up there where I belonged, while down here I’m just confined to my mother’s house making an embarrasing salary for a Nurse. Meh.

    Job? Overwhelming, but I’m trying to fake it till I make it in only a way a Cap Ascendant can. I got moved to dayshift and its probably been the most emotionally draining experience I’ve ever had since the Ex-Scorpio. I miss the quiet of the nightshift and the fact that I fit in better with the nightshift staff. Now I feel like they’ve distanced themselves from me because Im now dayshift…..or maybe Im just being a paranoid-oversensitive-crab.

    • or maybe you’re being an intuitive crab uranus in your tenth might mean moving for work ?

  2. My Saturn return was fantastic. I didn’t even know what was happening at the time. I had a sit-down moment with myself when my husband was out of town. The question was “Are you going to do this?” “This” being have the family life I wanted. I quit smoking, lost 20 pounds, changed my diet and took up a 3xweek Bikram yoga habit. Never been so fit in my life! The returned ended in me pregnant with my beautiful Aries New Moon girl. Unfortunately, I started smoking again a few years later. But at least I have my girl, so Saturn does give permanent rewards!

    Saturn in Virgo was hell. Divorce, death, destruction. All needed to happen though, so I could reconnect to my creative/intuitive self.

    Now I’ve got Saturn transiting my natal 2nd house Uranus. Who knows what to expect from that one being Uranus is involved?

  3. I have Saturn in Taurus in my 10th house (Sun in Aries also in 10) so many of the things you list are second nature to me. It does bum me out a bit since I’ve doing my best to head to my north node in Pisces.

  4. My Cappy Neptune (23) and Uranus (27) did this.

    and a super-cool lol. glaciers have passed faster.

    i love talking to my friend, and being all like ‘I HAVE SO MUCH NEWS’ and it’s news to me but to anyone else it’s all NOTHING just like ‘look the glacier moved a bit see? see?!’

    • for the records: minor dentistry going on. found out that biting the insides of my cheeks (!!) is breaking down my teeth slowly but surely over time. I have indents where my teeth-tips should be.
      and spreadsheeting sounds so good right now. sooo good.

  5. Sorting out my teeth now pre Saturn return in January. Also Libra MC at 25 degree with natal Saturn and Pluto at 28 degrees. I guess transiting Saturn across my MC has started making me take care of my appearance. Just been stung by the dentist for £250 to have my wisdom teeth out and a grind shield, before she will even give me veneers and whitening procedure 🙁

    Do I count yet or do I have to wait until January to join. I need all the help I can get pre Saturn return lol. Gonna read all these comments properly. But what is everyone doing for their Saturn transits?

  6. I like to think that saturn-pluto transit is the “Prison Transit”.

    Well it was for me anyway, but maybe it’s because it took place in my 8th.

    • it was for me too….I actually got arrested…gulp. Didn’t do time though, but being the only female in the prison “lobby” with men was no fun.

    • I felt imprisoned in my life and by my ex. I walked around actually thinking that thought, “I’m in prison”

      but it was just my marriage

    • oh my goodness Owl, that is a great insight. Try Saturn- Pluto – IC. Getting me out of the house, at least to actually interact with other human beings, you;d have to light a stick of dynamite under me, or bait me with mango daiquiries and my favourite crushes. O’wise, Forget It. I”m still in that space but the transit over PLuto is easing.

      • BUT now it’s pluto square pluto. Freakin awesome. *deletes 4th house from chart*
        *feels better*

          • yeah, anything to report? pluto transits are hard to spot, but you only figure it out when you’re right in the thick of it, and still then there’s no escape for ages and ages …like you’ve taken a perfectly reasonable direction and then realise ‘o sh*t i am totally lost and 400km from where i need to be’

            having said that it’s squaring my 4th from 7th house.. you? x

            • well…I am questioning everything in my life.
              Pluto is going through my 5th now and my parenting, romance, and creative lives are completely transforming.
              My natal pluto is in the 2nd, so my values have been changing also.
              I feel myself changing all the time, not sure how I am going to end up. IT is tiring. I can’t make up my mind because I know I am in transformation mode.

              • ok, interesting…i sort of feel like the things that pluto is attending to in my chart atm are just stalled. i’ll see what summer brings and try to be ready for it in the meantime..

                good luck with the ongoing transmogrification!

                • Hmmm, have you considered that your closure for renovations may be more Pluto working the 4th/7th than Saturn (or Saturn doing the architectural drawings, whilst Pluto takes on the demolition?)

                  I ask cause he’s so slow, and, I was thinking to myself about how I didn’t have time to worry about a Pluto square from 6th to 3rd because I was too busy working my guts out to write my thesis … oh right … Etc.

                  • oh, that’s good shell, (if you’re still reading!) I just had an a-ha moment from your comment.

                    hope that thesis is going ok 😉 xx

  7. Hi there. Long time lurker, first time commenter. I’m a neophyte to astrology on this level, but according to astrodienst, I will have Saturn sextile my natal Sun (Saggo) starting the beginning of December. Does this qualify me?!! The astrodienst description sounds kind of rocking actually… all about recognition and stuff… is it wrong to be optimistic?

    • Sextiles are generally supportive, like saturn there with some useful boundaries that you actually agree with and want to do helping you along your way. It’s a good time to get your shit together without too much pain.

  8. okay Potentially Stupid Question:

    i can grasp the idea of transits loosely, but how come SOME people have them now and others dont? Doesn’t everyone technically always have transits for every planet?

    • What we are talking about here is transits to the natal chart, so yes, everyone will end up with a Saturn Venus transit, but my natal Venus is in a diff spot to yours, so will happen at a different times.
      Because outer planets like pluto and Neptune move so slowly then lots if people the same age have them around the same place. So Saturn conj natal Pluto happens early/mid 30s for example.

      Does that clarify?

    • pls never worry about any question being potentially stupid!

      okay, if say your natal venus is at 26 Libra then when saturn gets to 26 libra, you will be having a saturn venus transit.

      but if say my venus is at 4 taurus, then no, i am not having a transit of saturn to my venus

      • what if you have Venus in Libra – 7 degrees. When do you consider the transit to be over… when it’s out of the 3 degrees orb??

        • I’d say saturn has been there, done that for your 7 degree venus, TOC. Might be the all-clear there… Mind you, you still have Uranus opposing and pluto squaring your Venus, ish.

        • Or just when you decide your over it?
          I generally go any separating as it being done.
          Uranus opposition sounds like more fun.
          Like a radical shift in your home life might stir up some lurve action? With a bit of transforming how you come across thrown in?

          • Thanks guys, yippeee I have Uranus and Pluto to go. Anything’s better than Saturn. I’m Saturnian enough already.

            Shell, I’m actually looking forward to Uranus opp and I’ve been thinking a lot about how I come across ’cause I have natal Venus square Asc 🙁
            I’m sure it was Mystic who told me that peeps don’t always see how lovely I am. Makes sense they see super independent, self-sufficient, cold Cappy and not the lovely venus Libra. Lucky I have Saggo moon to break the ice 🙂
            I’m off to Brissy on Saturday to check out a flat. Can’t wait!!

            • 🙂 Thank you so much everyone, i’ve definitely learnt a lot , but now i have one last thing:
              I’ve got saturn at 21 libra, crossing over nothing. So how come I can still count for the Mastery Club if I’ve got anything in the late degrees of capricorn kataka or aries?

              • Rosebud, I’m presuming you have natal Saturn at 21 Libra. If so, then Saturn is crossing over your natal placement. So you are definitely having a transit!!

                What Mystic meant was, if you have natal Cap, Kataka or Aries then you belong to the Saturn Mastery Club ’cause Saturn is in Libra at 21 degrees right now, so it will conjunct (same sign) or square (90 degrees) the Capricorn and Kataka signs.

                The natal planets in your chart don’t change but the planets moving through the sky now do, so it’s those planets that cross over you natal ones. Does that make sense?

              • 🙂 of course you do. Ascendents are like front of house. Not many peeps get past reception if there’s a Cap at the desk. Lol

  9. Oh saturn..
    actually I need saturn. I am sure I am one of the neptune types the 90s forced into saturn rehab. That’s not code for addict. Sooo saturn returns, that went over the virgo-a-thon. Had it smashing mars/nn/lilith/jups then to saturn conjunct. I had like Mystics above dude story but not-so-happy ending. Still on the mission but mastery of extreme circumstances yes. Planting seeds for my future, still faithless on the overall as I feel totally beaten the shit out of in terms of trust for life to be at all decent but I am phoenixing darling so bruises heal don’t they/ Next round scorping uranus/merc/sun.

    • In my experience, when Saturn breaks down structures they are always replaced with much better / sustainable structures that truly work.

      I look back to the changes that occurred in structures when Saturn went over a couple of personal planets in Virgo and then/still over my Libra planets… much better for having the transit.

      good luck with your mission xx

  10. I feel supported by feeling a tribe of people also doing saturn at the same time as me!

    the thing i learned from having saturn square my moon a few years ago 9now it is about to be conjunct it for the year) is that you can not succumb to negative self-talk.

    your level of self-talk, self-leadership etc needs to get more powerful, positive and mature or you will just be a gloomy mess.

    • I’m going through this Saturn–Moon thing in combo with Mars and Jupiter– and I’m finding the work of Byron Katie to be useful (aggravating and tedious but almost magical— like word-play feng shui that redirects energy of the mind–or something like that…)

      Thought (a frequent one of mine)–“I am an unholy mess”

      gets asked by BK technique “Is this absolutely true beyond a shadow of a doubt and 100% of the time?” (and while it’s tempting in self pity mode to reply YES!, if I’m honest, I have to concede it isn’t absolute)

      THEN (the tedium begins, but the magic, too) One must rewrite that thought to tweak it–ie–

      “I am not always an unholy mess 100% of the time”,

      then “I am not an unholy mess”

      then I usually get stumped and end up with something like “I am” but one go could all kinds of places with the word play

      I cannot begin to explain the actual magic that occurs after I force myself to sit down and write out these plaguing thoughts and go through the horror of repetition of doing this method because it seems pointless at the time, yet it does something wild if I apply myself to it.

      • oh bsky! I know this approach. but not from BK technique. I wanted wo air all the crappy opinions i had of myself so i wrote em allllll out. WHOA. where did *these* come from?? Liberating – then i could workshop them…via deeper analysis (source of shite belief) or instant reversal – from , say, “what i want means nothing” to “what i want means everything” for example..

        it IS magical process with self-application.

        soz speaking in shorthand..

          • oh there was a pile of self-help lit in there somewhere to prime the thinking i am quite sure xx

              • hey if you’re still reading, i was thinking your next step for your example sentence (unholy mess) could eventually progress to “I am whole”
                I am not an unholy mess
                > I am not a mess, nor unholy
                > I am whole, and some parts of my life benefit from my loving attention right now

    • thank you for advice on square moon scenario. noted…

      Also if anyone’s interested, i was watching a youtube link that ‘Link’ first posted s’where, talking about “your brain is spamming you” – ie how to recognise and trash neg self talk. Another one was ‘why your brain is like Fox news’ – such a cute title – saying how if some self talk is making you feel shitty / low / inadequate, it is not to be trusted or believed! Like fox news. change the channel

    • Saturn sq Moon natally is also about getting on top of the neg self talk and making sure you nourish yourself (good emotional nourishment is a bit depleated).

      • I think it also helps to look to your Mercury ~ what you are creating with your thoughts…

  11. SO i just tripped over a fuqing scythe.

    Plastic. And part of my gemini’s daughter’s growing collection of halloween props but still. Disconcerting. Especially during a Saturn transit.

    Is this Gemini-ish? Halloween is the only festival she reveres and the Tooth Fairy the only deity she has any real reverence for. Maybe just Goth? Pluto in Sagg generation?

    • I suspect Geminis/ gem influenced love a bit of character work, role play dress up madness. Great way to unleash the personalities tumbling within 😀 Plus halloween is kind of gruesome and fun. What’s her take on zombies? always a good indicator (imo!!)

  12. I have late kataka in venus.feel saturn breathing down my neck as she drags me back to the classroom after I’ve tried to sneak off for some hooch or to meet some bad boy or just to slack off and stay in bed all morning. All the hours have been worth it and now I get downtime when I deserve it.

  13. I’m wondering…

    If we use Saturn to help ground us through a Neptune transit, then what planets/influences will help us cope with a bad Saturn transit?

    Neptune helps by adding some magic and escape (and BDHJ), dreams, visions of where to head. Uranus helps shake off the old and inject fresh life. Pluto keeps bringing focus onto some part of our lives. What helps most, I wonder?

  14. I have Aries 22 deg. in my natal chart…so Saturn is exactly opposing it right now…I feel like I’m in a better place now, unlike a few weeks ago was rough when I had both Saturn and Sun opposing my Sun.

    and I also had Mars oppose mars, and mecrcury oppse mercury all at the same time.

  15. I know I am feeling all cyborg-y and saturn trining asc makeover-y, but I am STILL, in spite of foreswearing all men and romance, just wondering, I am not even getting a *nibble* from any one. Foreswearng romance does not mean foreswearing attention, or at least CONTACT. *This* is the one area of my life (other than where on earth am i going to live next year) that I am completely bamboozled by. It’s like the universe has caught a virus that has deleted me from the memory of every man I feel a frisson of interest for.
    feeling a bit miserable about it. I really AM working hard to restore my inner life to something socially acceptable / attractive and it would actually be cool to see / experience some sort of recognition…from someone i can actually imagine myself in bed with for a change, if you get my drft..
    anyway.. :\

    • I sympathise PCFR, I’ve found myself pondering the same thing on occasion and coming up with no decent/useful or even remotely certain kind of answers. Theres just no answer to that question it seems. Not that that much helps with the asking. I guess it’s either an unknowable black hole of an abyss, or a piece of magic waiting to happen, or something in between.
      Fuck knows.

      • Sorry that problem wasn’t very useful. I guess it’s just about getting on with your stuff. It’s not a failing.

      • no it’s ok. there’s not much one could add; i thought ‘fuck knows’ was quite fitting really. ‘Twas a mere grizzle welling up from wherever I squashed it down anyway. just getting on with it is quite a good solution… cheers anon

  16. I took a while to respond to this because i thought perhaps i was over-reading my chart but in fact, i’m having an everything transit.

    Saturn conjuncting natal Uranus, trining natal Venus and NN. Hardly seeing anyone… friends? They were once my protecting circle against the public world that seems to find me incomprehensibly different, even simply to look at. Now i find i’m relating in public with less of my old haughty defensive scorn and sincerely searching for love in my heart (nice detached Aquarian love…natal Venus Aqua girl here). Sort of swapping the endless round of lovers for an endless round of flashing soul love (read: acceptance, tolerance) at strangers.

    Venus opposing natal Saturn in 6th house Tau. (I’m trying to hide from my natal Saturn the impending trashy houseguest, Jupiter transit).
    I’m highly compulsive and impulsive, and very sensitive to noise and light by nature (and scent). Of course, I now have a neurological issue to cope with. Guess what triggers it? OVERDOING IT. And it seems EVERYTHING fun or relaxed in terms of no-eye-on-the-clock Piscean style, pushing my physical boundaries. Oh… feeling beautiful? No. Using my powers of sexual enchantment? No. Forced to be disciplined, and somehow high attention to personal grooming is holding discipline’s hand. Weird thing is I have been getting compliments during all this. Someone even said to me when i was unwell the other day,”Well, if it’s any consolation, you always look gorgeous.”

    Pluto has been grinding over natal Mars, to square all these natal planets: Sun, Mercury, Neptune, Pluto, Chiron. Uranus is transhitting Sun, Merc, Chiron also.
    Jupiter has been trining my natal Mars, so some lovely amplification there.

    All of this is down to me. Only I can do this. I am my invisible enemy, and this is a harder fight than any external situation that has ever tried to flatten my face to the floor. I am learning that self love is not actually self indulgence.

    After the long drawn out process of bringing a year’s group bitcherel to public exposure (thank you earlier Lilith transit) i have changed roles at work. I didn’t realise this was a promotion! People have congratulated me and i’ve been, like, yeah, thanks + fakey smile. Then my boss said this week, “Congratulations!” (Scorp boss…few words means much to me 🙂 ) and i was about to ask what for. Walked away in wonder.

    Oh and the joke that Saturn has been chuckling away at for some time now is that at my age i’m doing all of this wearing braces. Now that’s fqing funny.

    • By the way, this little natal Mars in Cap chick is now having a MARS IN LEO 10TH HOUSE transit until mid-June next year, so you had best believe I am working this baby. Saturn’s bitch? Was for a while, bewildered and be-whinging. But guess who’s been sizing up the old man and making a saddle?

    • Ha, braces, that is funny, sorry.
      Congratulations on the promotion. A good reward for calling people on their bollocks, hooray for setting boundaries and taking responsibility. You go girl!

      • Cheers, shell! Yes, it’s been a great anti-man weapon. When they sidle up to me with the cheesy oneliners, I turn to face them, say thank you sweetly and GRIN. I love it!

  17. I’m definitely part of this group…

    Saturn conjunct Moon- 10th house (Oct 2011- July 2012)
    Saturn opposition Sun- 5th house (Dec 2011 – Sept 2012)
    Saturn opposition Venus- 5th house (Dec 2011 – Oct 2012)

    I’m trying to think of Saturn as a wise and benevolent teacher, but honestly, I’m afraid… Help!

    • yes dear neptune you are having The Saturn Mastery challenge you must breathe thru this transit think inhale to the crown exhale fully and slowly the diaphram Saturn is a healer and teacher for the soul work but always remember jupiter will bring you a gift after you do the work gracefully just breathe don.t ever hold your breathe You will suceed trust the work

  18. having Saturn in Libra is like wading through mud and molasses……and the only thing keeping me going is the faith that there are diamonds among all the debris

    i am a Libra with Leo rising, moon in Aquarius

  19. Just been looking at my chart and Saturn is moving into a square with my Capricorn Mercury – exact around Christmas day lol, then Mr Grim starts chasing down my Aqua Sun, getting to 1’38” before he reverses back over my Mercury. Am I in for an irritating ride here guys??? :/

    Maybe I should dump all my addictions NOW! 🙂

  20. Venus in libra
    Moon in Libra
    cancer rising (saturn now in my 4th house, base of my chart)
    mean node (north node) is also in libra

    I have been reading everyone’s comments, trying to figure out my life
    in terms of a failed relationship, failed career, bad situation in my house
    taking care of elderly parent without any help from libra brother…etc.
    when does this end???? I have no idea what happened and anything I can figure out to help me bide my time AND understand an aries and my own life, would be greatly appreciated… thank you! xo