Scorpios Have Skeletons…Not Only In The Closet

Ryan Gosling shirt off

Saw Crazy Stupid Love and loved it…Ryan Gosling is, obviously, excellent.

And voila this quote from an Esquire interview:

“…Ryan Gosling reveals: His apartment is full of skeletons. “I give them nervous systems made from Christmas lights.” He pulls out his phone, thumbs his way through his photos, and says, “Look.” It is the second floor of his apartment, and there is a skeleton, bone white and incandescent, standing, or hanging somehow in the window. “I made the table, too,” Gosling says. “From a church door…”

Skeletons, church door furniture…I mean, come on…

SO he IS a Scorpio…Multiple Scorp. But there is more. He actually hits a lot of the resonant male astro-themes we have spoken of here.

Like, really. Get this.

* Multiple Conjunct Scorpio – Mercury, Lilith, Sun and Uranus in Scorpio.

* Mars conjunct Neptune…in Sagittarius!

So he is a Mars-Neptune man and a Multiple Scorpio.  Could it get any better?


* Venus Conjunct Pluto in Libra.

I’d wager my next Saturn transit (lol) on him having Pisces Rising. The goobly eyes, the slight simpering vibe that Pisces Rising guys  have…Or maybe, dear God, Gemini Rising?

What do you think? 

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Craig Harold

Is Gem rising a bad thing – expand Mystic n friends? Because I am one and curious. Thanks x


you won me over at “Venus Conjunct Pluto in Libra.” LOVE


I saw Crazy Stupid Love too. And loved it as well. Love Emma Stone! And Mr Gosling too, of course. What a honey! And that topless shot has me all hot under the collar (cos I’m wearing a top, you see). So he’s a musician too? Oh stop!! Love him even more now. And.. he’s Canadian – I’ve never met a Canadian I didn’t like! Sigh…

Can you please do an astro-profile on Chris “Captain America” Evans – or have you already done one? (There are plenty of topless shots of him…) 😉


Libra 15 is magical. Not a good place for Mars, though. it’s always rampant and bullshitting.


Hmm, I have leo sun sagg moon/rising and the only sign I have in scorp is pluto, which squares my sun and sextiles with neptune, saturn, and mercury; I am 22 and Goth & proud, I looove skulls and skeletons and adore horror movies, especially old or bad/indie ones. The 1920s inspires me more than the typical victorian goth though. However my younger sister has tons of scorpio. Sun, venus, jupiter, pluto. Dunno her rising sign. But she’s not really into goth at all. Her favorite color is white & she’s not into skeletons, skulls etc. This guy kinda creeps… Read more »


Oh, I love him! Had a crush-fan thing going since The Notebook…yeah, so I’m a sap/sucker for romantic movies.
Since then, he’s just impressed me with his acting ability. Like fellow Scorp Leonardo Dicaprio…he is not afraid to go deep and raw in his movies. Even if his characters are mostly silent, like in Drive….the seething intensity/charisma is still there. I’m stoked he’s getting so many roles right now…


I have a Scorpio stellium plus multiple aspects to Pluto.

I can`t stand all this Gothic nonsense…skeletons, grave yards etc.

Trite and trivial.


SO attractive. I do like Scorpios. Don’t find him that hot in this photo, but I do fancy him in general. is also best thing to happen to the internet in ages.


Funny, skeletons and church doors don’t say Scorpio to me, but rather Capricorn…strong Saturn…and specifically, Saturn in Libra.

Love the electric lights for the skeleton. Def Scorp, there.



Gneiss Moon

Deleted scenes in the Notebook, I think is where he says he had this ‘move’ from back in the Disney days (hehehee soOo Scorp-love it) that drives women wild. Some sort of full body gesture I gather- good lord, bring it !
Nice pic for the am coffee, Mystic. He’s a musician too with that Mars Neptune, I had forgot that, but his songs are up on the web. Now off to read the above.

Venusian Virgo

Dear God—my brother, a Scorp, used to decorate my room with skeletons. It took me years to figure out I had no particular taste for them. Like, I get it and all, but leave it for a special occasion … like Halloween. Now I let Venus do my decorating.


I have heavy astro chart laden with Pluto/Scorpio energy. Venus in Scorpio. So, I am in love with film-noir and skeletons. I let my Venusian Pluto do my decorating. 😉


Yeah I was big on the skeleton stuff back in the old days, had an amazing set of christmas lights with skeleton heads. Deffo channelled the Scorp in my early teens to early 20’s decor, now it’s 100% Libra.


Actually that’s bullshit, the fake skeletons moved onto real taxidermy and bones/skulls of animals. Dammit, once a goth always a goth.



venus a-go-go

I have no idea.
All I know is that i have an Aries friend who has just gone completely gaga for him.
Like teenage lust obsession…

Uranian&Plutonic Virgo

Which Ryan is my preference: *Always* have been Gosling over Reynolds!

Luscious Leo

Eyes and necklace remind me of Pisces rising (I know Pisceans are not big fans of things around the neck but I think it’s ok for Pisces rising) But actually, I don’t care what his rising is – he just gorgeous!!!!!!!!!!!


His thighs are fine by me.

Hmm, still not a fan of his.


Not sure if it’s the pose, the pants or for real, but eeuuww – wide hips on a man is totally unsexy. As for rising, I’d guess Aqua as I know that look.


…. and sloping shoulders, not my taste. Broad, straight and strong (with narrow hips), bring it on.


Ok, I’m a shallow bitch tonight….

L Cat

Ah, fluidfeline I have to agree with you physique-wise: – it’s the sloping shoulders that are a huge let-down for me too! Most definitely.

The Virgo librarian

that could be a shoulder slogan – ‘broad, straight and strong, bring it on’!




Barf. I’m sorry, but that whole ‘look’ is so Mommies boy/ butter wouldn’t melt…I actually find this photo totally creepy.

Complete and utter turn off – instant feelings of distrust, repulsion and suspicion.

“Who me?! Would I lie to you…?!”

– So, yeah, perhaps the Gemini thing.


That is a perfect description of his expression: “Who me? Would I lie to you?” I was wondering why something about his face put me off.


He’s born the day after me same year, we have different moons but the rest of the planetary action is the same. That’s my astro, male astro? That explains a lot ha. ‘We’ also have a lot of Libra, Venus, Jupiter, Saturn and Pluto.

I’m going with a water rising, Pisces or perhaps Cancer with those sloping eyes and mouth. I kind of L.O.V.E him and he’s really not my usual, maybe it’s because we’re astro twin soulmates or something.


my partner is Pisces rising with Uranus, Mercury and Sun in Scorpio. He has exactly the same goobly eyes!


Don’t get it – also saw stupid love movie and really that was so boring and I was not impressed that much with this scorpian’s performance- is there anyone else who felt this way ??? p.s. movie buddy also thought very average


I’ll say that his character in The Notebook annoyed me so much that since then I’ve avoided his movies. I haven’t seen anything else with him in it, although I’m curious about Drive because all over the internet people are gushing about how good it is. I wonder…

The Empress

I always sensed a Libra vibe which makes sense given his Venus/Pluto. As for his rising that mutableness is evident so Pisces or Gem would work. Pisces like to use their hands hence the making of stuff for his apartment. But this pic also reminds me of an imp which gives him more of a Gemini feel. Heck I dunno. He sure is cute and a fine actor. Okay the more I look at the pic 🙂 – his build actually lol – the more I see Gem rising. I know a Gem rising male who has a very similar… Read more »


after more tea I can see possible gem on the smirk “not telling: look

The Virgo librarian

I think he is Pisces rising – cinema cinema cinema.

I am curious about his Moon and NN, less so about his Jupiter.

I love the trousers he is wearing and that pic!

Jen Scorpio

You do? I think he looks like a 30 year old virgin who’s Mummy forgot to tell him to put his shirt on so he just went out without it anyway. I don’t really get it. But then again I find Steve Carell’s cool geekiness irrestible. You look at him and you think to yourself “I could get him”, and that is a powerful thing in a movie star – accessibility. Unlike the dreamy George Clooney, who is just so out of my league. MMmmmmmm, George………. Thank goodness we all like different things, otherwise it would be a boring old… Read more »

The Virgo librarian

No, sorry Jen. It was meant to read ‘trousers IN that pic’, not ‘and’.

Me Venus in Virgo likes well dressed/groomed with an edge/earthy-roughness, cool/stand-off-ish, intense glare, book-ish.

he has cheeky grin and fake tan and hair slicked to one side (could be for a role??)

nice trousers though


Yeah, the sense of humor with the skeleton maybe a bit too quirky for a Scorp. I think if I had a skeleton in my house (outside of the closet) it would be an animal skeleton. They’re just so much more interesting in design than human skeletons. So I wouldn’t mess with it by adding anything extra. The church door refurbished as a table is very Scorpio. I’ve got an old pipe organ bench serving as a bedroom side table in my house. Great place to fold and sort laundry onto. 😀 I thought at first we might have the… Read more »

Piscean Closed For Renovation

also, it’ll be nice to go and see him in a film where I *don’t* cry my face off.

Piscean Closed For Renovation

oh whoops! was meant to be stand-alone comment. oh well !


Love that movie, have been a Goslingophile ever since – did not realise he was in Lars and the real girl for ages though! Of course Drive is at the top of my go-see-next list… I thought he had a lib stellium though, I don’t really care lol, whatever he is it’s hot (I’ll vote pisces rising – I know a venus in pisces guy with that cheeky look – hmm, um is venus only a gal thing, mars for dudes?)


Hmm this would be part my own Astro, I’ve always been surprised with men who are gemini rising I never seem to pick it in them so maybe he does because my first reaction was, really? will have to check out more films. Just checked his chart, lots of Libra, Cap moon. That look he is pulling here is so much like my old sagg mate i think his rising was Aqua, but yeah, same look.

Piscean Closed For Renovation

I’ll tell you what I think. I am IN LOVE with Ryan Gosling. Scorp…sag…possibly pisces or gemini…it doesn’t get any better. *wicked grin in his direction*

Piscean Closed For Renovation

my current real-life scorp fixation also has venus-pluto in Libra. I’ve been researching this aspect. seems ok. lol


Definitely Gemini rising!


I watched this last night! Remembered while watching he’s Scorp. Gosling’s acting was amazing, in conjunction with his performance from the last film I saw him in, Blue Valentine. He annoyed the heck out of me in that, then intrigued me… great character portrayal: possible Piscean element. Cheeky skeleton decor = Gemini; DIY electrical projects = Piscean. Showing photos of his home: NOT very Piscean. This interview quote has lots of refs to HANDS…Gemini?

Carrell’s acting is also impressive (face; timing) but he’s not a hot Scorpio


I’m with you Mystic, on Pisces rising. I so KNOW that look, from a dear family member who is Pisces sun, Pisces rising. We have a plethora of blokes with Pisces sun in the family – but only the Pisces rising one has this look.


Turns out he is Pisces Rising if is accurate about his birth time being 2:34 pm.


Looks like he is definitely Pisces rising, his birth time is listed here and here also:,_Ryan

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