King Gemini

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He looks like a Gemini and he IS a Gemini. Was a Gemini, whatever.

King Charles II was the Restoration king, the party king, coming after the Puritan rule of Taurus Cromwell, whose goal was to “reform the nations morals.”

What better a person to restore frivolity, sex, wits, freedom of speech, art and all to a puritan-weary nation than a Gemini King? 

He kept packs of dogs and serveral other sorts of pets; his fave dogs – a particular type of spaniel – were named after him and his nickname was the Merrie Monarch. 

“We have a pretty witty king,

And whose word no man relies on,

He never said a foolish thing,

And never did a wise one”

He loved the Aquarius actress/orange seller Nell Gwynne, whom he plucked from obscurity and showered with riches/titles etc AND the deeply Scorpionic Barbara Villiers, a countess + a schemer by birth. 

He even supported Aphra Behn, a genius Cancerian playwright, spy and columnist – and considered the first English professional female writer. Despite the times, King Charles did not seem to be sexist. 

His eyes look madly Gemini, mercurial, noting everything and composing his next witticism. yah? 

 Aphra Behn

“All women together ought to let flowers fall upon the tomb of Aphra Behn, which is, most scandalously but rather appropriately, in Westminster Abbey, for it was she who earned them the right to speak their minds. It is she–shady and amorous as she was–who makes it not quite fantastic for me to say to you tonight: Earn five hundred a year by your wits.”

Virginia Woolf, A Room of One’s Own

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23 thoughts on “King Gemini

  1. She looks very much like that tall blond warrior female actress, the one in armor, on Game of Thrones don’t you think?

  2. He looks so droll. They should definitely put pictures in the dictionary and when they do, they should put King Charles II’s picture next to the word ‘droll’.

    Thanks MM, my curiosity is piqued, this is totally the way to make a proper history buff of me!

  3. I was thinking he looks so much like Robert Downey Junior… Did RDJ actually play him, or what is the restoration lit film that is being abovementioned here?

  4. I was just studying mt genealogy and recognized this lineage of my family tree King Charles II is my 9th cousin 8x removed- crazy!! I love reading about historical events and people.

  5. Now there’s a louche look for you..

    I didn’t realise Aphra Behn was a Cancerian too. And the Scorpio.. I wonder what made him go for Watery women?

  6. 😯


    ‘He loved the Aquarius actress/orange seller Nell Gwynne, whom he plucked from obscurity and showered with riches/titles etc’

    Omg! That’s how I got Dr Aqua into the sack… 😯

  7. Just finished studying Restoration lit in two classes. that little rhyme was made up by the Earl of Rochester and I just had a nerd moment. Also, love love love Aphra Behn. Great stuff. How’d England go from that fun era of prostitutes and gambling (Las Vegas today, kind of) to the annoying ,uptight Victorian period? An astrological explanation could be helpful. (Also, I’m American so my English history is limited.)

    • a nerd moment? that earl was hot, jonny depp played him in a movie AND i have, not sure how, the FILTHIEST book of, um, poetry written by John Wilmot, earl of rochester.

      and not that i have been studying restoration lit (but i loved the robert downey jr movie about it!) but so as you know, i don’t think england has given up prostitiutes and gambling?

      king charles does have gemini eyes – sleazy, bloodshot, troubled and not to be trusted. he reminds me of my ex-husband, obviously.

  8. Wow! He reminds me of my very Gemini musician/ businessman ex. I’d add fastidious and vain to their list of traits. But regardless, I do love my Gemini men!

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