Is Capricorn The Devil?

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So i got this email during the Dark Moon last week and it was from a woman worried that Capricorn IS the devil.

I am not going to post the communique as it was a little bit fragile, you understand.

But basically the gist of it was that Capricorn is symbolized by the goat and so-is-you-know-who.

A recent dalliance with a Capricorn guy had only served to quicken her suspicions.

So right, here we go:

* In esoteric astrology the Zodiac does start with Aries (symbolic of birth, a seedling thrusting up through the ground etc) and then when it gets to Capricorn, that is symbolically like the end of this existence and then Aquarius & Pisces are sort of other-worldly. So technically Cap, Aqua and Pisces are when things get mystical but no this does not mean that any of these signs are zombies.

* The trad Christian devil is a riff on Pan (asteroid 4450 if you wanna check him out in your chart) an ancient Nature God, Sex Deity and general anarchic influence who liked to frolic around with his nymphs, pan pipes, wine etc in the land of Arcadia and YES, he had cloven hooves. He was said to be amazing in bed (obviously) and the god of all wild creatures.

* See also Faun/Satyr.Β  There is even a Faun in bloody Narnia who betrays the good Christian children and shops them to the wicked Snow Witch. But basically, the Goat, Pan, Dionysus and more overt side of Pagan/Pantheistic (nature worship) that was SO threatening to the Christians got subverted into the Devil idea. eg; the most common version of the Pagan afterlife was that it was the Summerlands, that got turned into Hell, also the name of an ancient Norse underworld goddess.

* Thor’s chariot is pulled by goats!Β  Ye olde Christians said that goats whispered lewd suggestions into the ears of saints, lol.

* Note how the Devil got given characteristics of Pluto (king of underworld) and Neptune (packing a powerful pitchfork).

* My theory is that Capricorns come in two key types: the Saturnine ones and the more robustly sensual live-it-up Pan type Caps.

* Capricorn is not the Devil, the Devil as such is not real and Goats are really cool. I seriously adore Goats, so gorgeous, eccentric and wise.

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70 thoughts on “Is Capricorn The Devil?

  1. Well that’s just silly. I know that religious type – one of them stopped speaking to me after I recommended a Louise Hay book to her (because it mentioned reincarnation. Sin! Blasphemy!)

    One of the most honorable people I’ve ever known was a Cap. Loads of integrity – the real stuff, not the self-congratulatory fluff. Supportive & intelligent boss, doting father, good to his wife (who admittedly had spent some time training him in his more immature years, but it takes a good man to accept fine-tuning), wry, compassionate, only occasionally lost his temper (and then it only amounted to a few passionate expletives – which shocked everyone because it happened so seldom). A hero of mine, actually.
    Goat folks the devil? Pah.

  2. The scariest most ‘evil’ person i ever experienced or knew was moi… πŸ™‚

    The day i realised that i knew was the day i knew would always remain ultimately grounded, confident and sane in any tough get going situ.

    Of course i constantly forget, but it kicks in when i need to get tough, always.

    Don’t all fears and feelings of lack and powerless all arise within and be felt within the self?

    Yes, i’d fight for food, shelter and survival if my assumed first world luxurious expectations and ideals were challenged, but i’d try to do the qi like my own queen bee, always obeying the higher rules of the hive, natural justice and all.

  3. A friend’s very christian cousin came to see me in a show and afterwards whispered to my friend
    “wow, he could play Jesus AND the Devil”
    My fave compliment ever, and totally Capricorn IMO. My personal goal in life is to strike the perfect balance of Saturn-Man and Dionysus, seamlessly interwoven.

  4. … every single one of us the devil inside … one of my fave INXS songs …

    Seems to me the folks who refuse to acknowledge their own devil-inside are the worst, scariest of all as they project it all out onto people & things they don’t understand ….

    My pan is 8th house virgo, conj juno, lol – have never married, maybe thats why – I am married to the devil !!!
    cap rising, scorp moon, pluto in the 8th, hmmm.

    Interesting story about the goat-man Cats, was he part goat part man, or did he run with wild goats ??

    I loove goats, used to milk goats every day & they are so smart & funny,
    with their wild yellow eyes !!!
    & I’m quite sure well capable of *whispering lewd suggestions into the ears of saints* lol !!!

    At times when I’v wanted to run away from the world I used to think I could be a solitary nomadic goat herder (goat-woman ??), lol

  5. At the moment I am having dark thoughts that a Capricorn Moon man I know is the devil. I am trying to cast him out of my mind.

    • No, no, no…your supposed to be sucking his helpless body into your labyrinth like vortex, it’s for his own good…move towards the light Johnny, move away from the cauldron Johnny, that’s it ..

      • ha ha, no this one is too strong for me, he’s all scorpio and cap moon, he will devour me unless I free myself ahead of the scorpio full moon . .this isn’t the one for whom I am the she-devil. He I shall continue to draw into my vortex until I can suck the marrow from his bones

  6. So I’ve seen Mystic post about peeps from a fashion site? Can’t remember what the site is but the people usually have their Sun sign displayed and I know we debated whether or not some long-haired model was a Libra or Scorp, seeing as he was adamant about being born on the cusp. πŸ™‚

    Anyway I looked through the site of course and found a woman who said “Capricorn, the sign of the Devil” or something to that effect. It’s stuck with me ever since! And I think it’s just good sinister/playful fun because I don’t believe in the Devil anyway.

    But I have heard stories from my Native American mother about a goat man that roams the badlands up north. The story’s all over the reservation, actually, AND the last time we visited her family (about 30+ years after her own experience), we were told by her Cancerian sister that my little cousin (an awesome little Leo) had been talking to this goat man. When my mom saw hers she thought he was the Devil because at the time she was religious. Now I think she just thinks of him as a demon or some strange mystical thing. Either way it scared her so bad that she blacked out. Now my Leo cousin made it sound like the goat man wasn’t that bad at all, but who knows…

    Anyway I’ve always been a little fascinated by goats (and goat men). Their pupils are the freakest things!!

    • Hi Catsmeow
      True – Square ! Increases peripheral vision.
      Is weird…I asked a friend who races horses, shows cattle etc. about her goats pupils and she had no idea what I was talking about. Now That I find odd.
      Weird goat story- are you talking about the chupacabra ? good halloween stuff, that. Read a book about a family in the west who had a portal to another dimension on their ranch, all sorts of weird stuff was going to and from, will try to remember the name of the book.

      • I always envisioned the chupacabra as more of a dog-like being. The name literally means “goat sucker” , cabra being the word for goat in Spanish. Legend says it tended to attack livestock, especially goats and that’s how it got its name. Last year there was a report of one being found and killed, but it was discovered to actually be a mange-infested coyote.

        Goats do have freaky eyes though, I agree. I looked it up once to see if there was a particular reason and found out that it has to do with increasing their peripheral depth perception. Cows, horses and deer also have rectangular pupils, but because their irises are dark they don’t look as strange. Most goats have pale irises by comparison.

        By the way, Cats, I remember that post you’re talking about. The fashion site is Backyard Bill. I remember that post specifically because I always labored under the impression that I was a Scorpio on the cusp of a Libra. Always made sense to me, but considering that the cusp idea is apparently so 30 years ago or whatever, I’ve now assigned my Libra qualities to other planetary influences. If I don’t want to scare people too much I can just tell them I’m Sag Rising. πŸ˜›

        • Yes Chupacabra and this thing I’m talking about are two different things (as far as I know). I’m pretty sure that the Chupacabra is from Central/South America, and maybe south western North America? This goat man (as I’ll call him) has been seen in North Dakota which is at the opposite side of the country. I’m also pretty sure the Chupacabra is known for eating up people’s animals (yes you’re right Lauren), and I’ve never heard of the goat man eating anything. He just roams around and scares people into unconsciousness – LITERALLY!

          I’ve heard of the New Jersey Devil which might be similar, although I’ve never been to New Jersey and I don’t know how that legend goes.

          Don’t worry Lauren I didn’t know about the cusps either until MM. πŸ˜‰ It’s something I grew up hearing so it made sense to me too, and then my mind was blown. Now I just assume that cuspers, when feeling the effects of both signs, probably just have both in various planets? So I think the general idea can still be the same it’s just a matter of technicalities. Saggo is a beautiful sign and I wouldn’t mind having it as an ascendant! You lucky Scorpion you. Of course I MUST proudly declare that I’m a Leo whenever someone asks about it, and I may or may not reveal my Scorp asc later. C’mon with those two at work I like to play back and forth between secrecy and TMI honesty.

          • Funny that you should mention the Jersey Devil. I’m from New Jersey! I’ve heard varying legends concerning him, but generally it involves a woman (thought to be a witch) who lived out in the pine barrens (“pineys” are sort of the equivalent of “pikeys” in Brit slang, or “red necks” throughout most of the US). When giving birth to her 13th child, she invoked the devil’s name and as soon as her baby was born it transformed into a beast and flew away into the woods. The creature is said to be part horse, part dragon and sometimes part man.

            Maybe the Goatman is more akin to the skinwalker mythology? Is he only a goat or can he shape-shift to resemble other animals too?

  7. If you say The Devil is a Capricorn , that makes more sense than Capricorn is the devil. I actually think that The Devil is capricorn, scorp rising and a gem moon…devastatingly sexy, friendly, unisex, knows how to turn a dollar, ruler of his domain, a leader, horny (loads), excellent parties ..phew, I think he’s sounding like husband material ! What do you think ladies ? Anyone want to marry the devil ? Anyone married to him ?

    My only insight into a closel cap was my auntie, my mothers older sister. Mum (cancer) and her were both into dynamic careers. Mum worked for big business men, my auntie built and ran her own business. She turned nothing into a lot. Now lives in a mansion overlooking the harbour. Mum still lives in the same modest house I was raised in. Its not clear who’s life is happier or more successful ? They are both very typical of their sun sign.

    • My no. 2 is Cap, Scorp Rising with Aqua Moon, someone on the blog once reckoned it must be the worst astro combo ever encountered, lol!!! He is the sunniest, huggiest child, let’s see how he grows his horns!!

      • That’s a beautiful combo!! And Capricorn children do seem to be the most well behaved, no? Golden children until you realise in pre-teens all that silent playing time was actually plotting a small revolution, military coup or corporate espionage. But at least they take care of themselves…
        I think Cap-Scorp combo is fabulous – intense, potentially unstoppable force, but very noble. Aqua moon throws some eccentricity into the mix. Beautiful.

        • Thank you sweetie, he is pretty awesome. That Scorp Rising makes for some magnetic character, and the Cappy is just relentless with it.

          At the moment he sounds rather like a magpie. But elegant with it. Sigh!

    • I’m not the marrying type but if The Devil happened to have that astro combo, I’d have to seriously consider becoming Mrs She Devil. (I’ve got Capricorn Sun, Scorpio Moon, Gemini Asc… I think we’d hit it off!)

      • Hehe, I’m a Scorp with Cap rising, Sagg moon, Uranus squaring it. Not the marrying kind either but up for some Dionysian frolicking fer sure

        • πŸ˜€ Venus square Uranus here! (Venus trine Saturn too though so if the Dionysian frolicking was any good, my arm could possibly be twisted to walk down the aisle in a sexy red dress and pitchfork heeled stilletto’s…I’d want a pre-nuptial agreement though!)

          • hahaha, shall we compare squares? I have venus Square Asc but Venus Quincunx (Inconjunct) Jupiter. I could never walk down the aisle. I would elope and just sign the papers. Couldn’t be bothered with all the frou-frou fussing.

            So, sexy red dress eh. Do you have venus in Aries ? πŸ™‚

            • Hehe, no – Venus in goat here , I just figured a sexy red dress would be appropriate wedding attire for a she-devil! πŸ˜€ (It would have to be a deep Scorpio shade of red though!)

              I’m not into wedding frou frou of the frilly white merangue type but in the unlikely event that I were to get married, I’d definitely take the opportunity to get dressed up and party (only I’d look more like I was off to a BDSM parlour than a wedding!)

              • *nods* i can picture it – Michelle Pfeiffer’s catwoman costume, except in red! Hot! Very she-devil/BDSM/venus Goat πŸ™‚

  8. Capricorn is the mystery area of my chart, rules the 8th house with just lonely lil’ Vertex there. I find Cappy’s very intriguing and I rather love them without really comprehending them.

    Cappy’s might be the Devil, but they say you should keep your enemies close and learn from them. You be grateful for the opportunity to learn from them, or you would be a static little moon bug with no opportunity for evolution.
    So I say, keep your Cappy’s close!

    Have Pan in the 1st House, in Gem. I don’t know if I look very goaty, but I have done my fair share of frolicking about in nature being merry with Pan types! Used to run out-door dance parties, kind of job description really.

  9. I have Saturn in cap in the 7th. It’s like this rod of ice/ steel that lives deep inside. I don’t often express it, but when I do, i can scare myself.

      • ~she devils~

        flippin’ hilar but I don’t doubt it for one second…lol

        Re:Toro meet up on Wed. Lots to tell but not ready to tell. Still assimilating.

        Happy Howls…thought it was over by now but not here in U.S. Most here partied on Sat night. I tho was at home listening to all my old Led Zep fave’s and well, smoking a little this and that….Fun fuqin’ city.


          • Pisces Doc big huge Zepplin fan. He’s 46. Said I saw them in 76’…I remember being 16 or something. He corrected me…(Moon, Mars, Pluto, Uranus, et al in Virgo)

            “Zepplin did not tour that year”

            “Oh, well guess it must have been 1977..I was 17″…

            I actually remember the precise moment I thought I’d be 17 forever. Was at a stop light and burned rubber…lol

            Anyway, should have seen how doc dressed for an old man tourist/fisherman/golfer..he even did a pot belly….lol

            • haha you got me thinkin’ of this really earthy guy I met around 17, we were hangin’ at a friends house, the Mom always hit the road on the weekend, so the two rowdy guys had great parties- well this late night outta town guy swaggers into the scorpion den…he could kiss like the devil- holy smokes ! Come to think of it – the oldest one of those rowdy boys could too. love the dirty zep
              x sweets been thinkin’ ’bout cha

      • Those were supposed to come out devilish-looking, must go back to the code book to see what happened.

        Seriously, david, as you must know, Saturn in Capricorn, its ruler, is significant. You will indeed experience your Saturn at a greater force than the average person. Use with caution.

  10. ah yes, the one and only cap man is relatively new in my life, but close friend … and Puck indeed, but also, grounded, more so with age i suspect …

    the cap woman, has that elegant, cheekbone, tasteful thing going on … quite flirtatious when need be, very quickly and subtly … brittle voice

  11. Nah.. not at all. My last ex was a Cap. Gorgeous man with integrity and a good soul and yes, sensual and loved a good romp and prone to be a bit naughty, playful and adventurous … so is that devilish?!? Possibly yes.. but only in a good way!! Nothing sinister and dark about that side of him at all. Sure everyone has their shadow but… for me I’ve always gotten into darker and trickier terrain with a Pisces.

  12. My ex (a capricorn) is the devil for sure.
    At first so damn charming, then the horns start to show.
    He is emotionally abusive, selfish and evil.
    He put my heart in a blender. Never to be put back together.
    But I am not going to judge all caps on him.
    Don’t think it is fair. It is like judging a whole race by one person.

  13. I began a 4 year opiate based addiction with a Capricorn, and got clean, with round the clock support from another one.

    I’ve not witnessed anyone’s heart break nearly as earth shattering as a Capricorns.

    Capricorns can wait patiently for love like no other.

    I rather like the stars in the sky image for Capricorn, with the fish/mermaid tale.

    tootle pips.

  14. Odd this post, as just yesterday I was loitering around looking at my natal chart and had a yen to investigate my Part of Fortune, which lo-and-behold resides in Capricorn at zero point, in the 7th house and conjunct my Saggy moon. So I’m not as natally “unearthed” as I originally thought. I have all that Cappy stoic energy at my disposal. Ironically I do have a lot of people around me who are either very wealthy, or come from wealthy backgrounds – although I myself am not! – yet! :mrgreen:

    It made me feel better about not having been entirely successful in my early life as Capricorn denotes slow, steady progress, with success often manifesting in the later years. Pretty much describes my business strategy to a tee … slow and steady build, no debts, minimal overheads and a reliable client base. Nothing flashy … but relatively stable considering.

    Regarding the relationship between Capricorn, goats and the Devil – well that’s just due to too much Ira Levin imbedded in the collective unconscious. As far as I’m concerned, there is no god and there is no devil – they are metaphors for that which resides within all of us. A suite of options in the development of self with both these icons representing extremes of the polarity between conscious, self awareness and unconscious, instinctive reaction.

    Goats also taste awesome I have to say … πŸ˜‰

    • Yep, goat curry, mmmmmm, with a naan to sop first and then the rice

      Goats and the devil/ our-baser-instincts,….

      convenience, the eyes are weird…. no?

      Had a goat once, delicious… but repeated on me


    • prowlncrab, you should give yourself LOTS of pats on the back for your Cap approach to your business. Given the current economic state of the world, it would be great if a lot more people took that approach to heart!

  15. PS… Most Capricorns I know are very serious about their work and I hardly see them indulging in their baser pleasures. Quite boring most of them!

  16. The devil is totally a Christian concept…. If you’re not Christian then you don’t believe in him/it. I’m amazed at how often people think that pagans are somehow connected to devil worship. Bloody Catholic Church has a lot to answer for!

    I also heard somewhere that the devil only came into Christianity in the Dark Ages? Will have to Wikipedia to find out for sure….

    • The more ancient books refer to Capricorn originally being the sea-goat, the ancient wise woman, so old and ancient, before the hysterical nonsense.

    • Look no. I believe in God and the angels and Lucifer. But I never believed in the Christian Faith in my entire life. It took for me to build up walls through pains caused by my experiences and then learning to overcome those hurdles and jump over those walls that lead me to find God. Christianity is a belief made by man to try and understand that which they could not see. What they could not see was the words thought in their minds that shaped who they were. The magic of the feeling they got when they truly understood this phenomena. However they created God to explain it, instead of realising that the magic came from within their own souls.
      Their souls were made up through the time and creation of the stars. Where they were placed upon the time of their birth is what shaped them. During certain times of the year their inner faith and foundations are shifted and through their correct decisions abundance is given. It is magic. It is a gift from God.
      Lucifer is real too. Not in the form of a being but again within yourself. Reading this out to my Capricorn friend who in our philosophising was wondering/asked what makes her so attracted to the idea of the Devil. Through this we found the answer. She knows it to be correct. I see it to be correct.
      But then at the end of the truth we found, that you have given us, your self doubt made me question my friend “But did you feel he was right?”
      Your belief shifted because deep down you did not velieve the magic you felt from how real and honest this sounded to you.
      I encourage you to seek more clarification on the matter yourself. If you came to this conclusion as a Capricorn study the sign.. study Lucifer. What was his sign? If not, do so anywau and research your own sign and you might find out why you are interested in Capricorns or the Devil. Maybe you once saw the Devil through a Capricorn. Anything is possible if you believe. Narrow mindedness leads to seclusion of ones true self. Do not live in fear that what you feel is real because other people feel something different to you.

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