Big Bull

Red Bull Founder with Racing Car Driver

Red Bull Billionaire Dietrich Mateschitz (right) with Virgo Racing Car Champ Mark Webber.

Red Bull makes me cry and i’ve no idea why.  So i can’t drink the stuff but the man who invented it – Austrian ex-ski-instructor Dietrich Mateshitz – is fascinating.

Look at the guy. At nearly 70, he is clearly extremely fit & super-hi-Qi in his vibe.

He started with nothing and is now a billionaire who finances a ridiculous array of extreme sports, owns several soccer + Formula 1 racing teams, has an awesome huge island in the South Pacific, collects aircraft and has now decided to become a media mogul.

This article has a bit in about the bar he has just had put into his private aircraft hangar:

“…The architect almost killed me when I told him I wanted to add that,” says Mateschitz, standing on a balcony and pointing straight up at the Threesixty Bar — a circular all-glass room that appears to be suspended in mid-air. It’s extravagant, unnecessary perhaps, and that’s precisely the point. “It wouldn’t be Red Bull if it didn’t start harmless and end up as a catastrophe,” Mateschitz says. “And architects are really only paid discussion partners anyway.”

I love that, “paid discussion partners.”

SO of course we have to look at his astro: Moon, Mercury, Venus and Sun all in Taurus. The guy is a multiple conjunct Taurus and lol the key “magic” ingredient in Red Bull is Taurine.  I know it’s meant to be some sort of a wonder amino acid (i take it to make hair grow) but it IS named after Taurus, the Bull and well, Red Bull. ‘

Do you think he identifies quite strongly as a Taurus?

Here is another pull from the article, totally Taurus:

“An amiable man, Mateschitz is also quite serious, prone to beginning sentences with the phrase “It is a must.”

Right. And he’s got his Mars in Cancer conjunct the North Node. Interesting. Crab Mars peeps ARE canny business-peeps and Mars-Node fights for their rightful destiny. Always.  And understand: this guy was written off as a JOKE when he first tried to market Red Bull. Nobody grokked the concept of endurance/energy drinks and everyone said he was crazy to take on coke etc.

There is no time for his birth but i think Aries rising (some of the pics of him online have mad, RAD big Aries bushy brows, you know?) and there is his independence, adoration of sports  and “paid discussion partners” is like how Aries Rising types would see even a judge trying to throw them into jail lol.

Aries Rising would put all his Taurus stuff in the 2nd/$$$ sector.  If not that, Leo Rising for sure.

Dietrich Mateschitz is single, btw.


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Scorched Earth

Don’t do any of those energy drinks.. Red Bull included. I find them too trippy and Qi muddling.

I don’t know what to say about him..that pose has propelled me on a time warp somewhere back to a James Bond movie of old.. he’s the evil Dr X standing smiling from his 360 degree bar as he surveys his captive below casually sipping on a Reb Bull with a deep resounding belly laugh.

Ok, jokes aside… love and underdog story so good on him for that!

The Virgo librarian

I thought Aries rising at first – for the sports, extreme sports, car racing etc. But also note the way he is wearing that black jacket – like it’s a cape – could be leo performance, and the car racing stuff too?!
But then I think Multi-Taurus stuff in the 2nd for sure.


A man like that will give ya a slap on the back for being a big girl who can pay off your own credit card.


yeah, but the hand stays a little too long..lingering on its way to your glutes


Hmm sextiles and heavy multiples say onething. Heavy determination and like libras and scorps, fixed and patient. Well done

Raché (Aqua/Tauri)

Wow, he’s like the most Taurean Taurus of all time. Taurus energy confuses me though because it seems that male and female Taureans react to it differently. And Taurus dudes always look so dudely and the women very feminine (usually).

I have Mars conjunct North Node in Aries in the 12th. I understand what Mars+NN in Aries means but it being in the 12th throws everything off.


I’m a 22-year-old female with self-esteem and I’d SOOOO HIT THAT!!!


Really? What astro are you?

Raché (Aqua/Tauri)

lol i actually think i would too. but i have venus in capricorn in the 8th.


Okay well as a Taurus he is really living his astrological destiny, isn’t he? Wow. I mean we get into Leo’s for all their branding, but I don’t think I have seen a Leo get fame, millions and hoochie mama’s for putting their astrology on a CAN, then putting “Leonine” amino acid in it! This is some kind of astrological branding record.. Though it is just advertising, it’s not like he invented anything really, the Thai’s would have done that already of course. On a personal level.. he looks like he is made of granite, and if ‘it’s a must’… Read more »


He definitely vibes Taurus! Did he have a “quickie” before his conversation with the race car driver? What IS that spot on his pants next to his crotch??? Leave it to my Scorpionic eyes to zero in on THAT!

year of the fox

LOL! There IS a spot! Good catch! My eyes don’t even go there in pictures anymore. :/


but you didn’t notice Masso at the top mentioning the same thing ? keep practicing x


Taurus men make me cry and not in a good way. I know, I lived with one. There can be only one arrogant stubborn person allowed at a time!


Well, soz bull man. I drink Rockstar.

Aries afterall…. 😉

year of the fox

I”ve suspected that Rockstar was invented by Aries and Monster drinks by Aquarius, but I could be totally wrong. But i see a lot of Aries like Rockstar and get grossed out when you tell them the urban legend that the secret to Red Bull drink is bull testicles.

Gneiss Moon

Ha HA am not surprised, sweets ! LOL * 😀 *
I chug coffee.
Energy drinkies makes moon in 4th ToroTummy go upsidedownie, went off pop years ago – same thing.


lol guys…

Actually, I drink whatever is on special. 2 for $3.33 🙂 Monster…I was thinking Pluto…lol

7-8 hours massage…five of those straight.. a girl needs all the help she can get.

Hey, but I’m going to Octoberfest in Big Bear, weekend after this and meeting up with Kataka patient/girlfriend….she is hilar…

Which reminds me, was Libran bro’s b-day today. Must call.. x


Don’t buy Red Bull….over priced….. 😉


Yet, ~Red Hill Mining Town~

No matter one’s aversion to what they think of U2 nowadays and Taurus Bono….I love his song writing, lyrics especially, and jeepzus gawd almightly…

He is sexy there..

year of the fox

some Bulls not destined to have harem or even a cow. Some Bulls are destined to become lunch. lol.






“It wouldn’t be Red Bull if it didn’t start harmless and end up as a catastrophe,”

I think this may sum up how his relationships with his architects end up.
I know one for whom this was the case.

year of the fox

LOL! Best one yet.


Mateschitz says. “And architects are really only paid discussion partners anyway.”
Yes, year of the fox I get the sense this refers back to something. Wish I could say more…

The Leo Socialite

my vibe is that Big Bull would have very, very VERY specific needs in bed. Good success story though! I think he knows all about how taurus he is and trades off it to sustain his ambition, like yells “bull” affirmations in the morning and tells his people not to fuq with the bull etc. I mean, Red BULL? TAURINE? God there would be a lot of chicks out to land him. Fit, full head of hair billionaire who parties with coolest sportsmen on planet, has own island, no brainer. A Carla Bruni, naomi campbell type Virgo racing car driver… Read more »


Yes, nice pic of Mark Webber.. Virgo racing car champ.. Reminds me of a virgo pilot I used to know..


I’m mature enuf to remember when this stuff first came out. i was working on a National Uni games drink van. We made a killing on it and set me up for a Uni blue award lol.
I still believe its all lolly water.
just this arvo my 17 yr old son called an apple ‘natures lolly’


“architects are really only paid discussion partners” make my blood boil WTF!

It would seriously suck to work for him.


I find him attractive, but not the shoes and i always look to a man’s shoes.
Austrians can be arrogantly sexy and he’s doing the Italian thing of sweater
or jacket draped over the shoulders, that i find a turn on.
Shirt a little tight. I could improve him, then marry him.


ha, funny Pegs. Sounds like your kinda man!


I love the style rundown then marry pegs


I reckons Aries rising as well … a Leo rising would be far more vain and do something about the eyebrows, plus I would have heard of him before. Interesting re the north node/mars combo. In a recent astro report I did for a Libran friend (birthday gift) I said that due to his NN conjunct Mars and Uranus in Scorp and all in the 6th house – that he was gonna invent something amazing and not to write off any spontaneous flashes of inspiration. I mentioned that there might be a period of research involved, but that he had… Read more »


Hey, maybe Prowls. Don’t have too much time for thought tho…heading to the gym…


If you haven’t, I’d also look to what houses Mars and Uranus rules as to draw in those energies too.


he has some red bull on his pants…


or in his pants behave venus


it was an exciting race..

The Virgo librarian

I thought it was just on my computer screen…


Is he aware of his astrology? Or was it just a coincidence, nice pic of Mark Webber though. Loooooove him. Don’t love Redbull though, taste horrible.


Funny world.

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