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preraphelite Mary Magdalene

Frederick Sandys 

Yes everyone, there is an asteroid Magdalena – a.k.a. Magdalene aka the Mary Magdalene.   

She is asteroid number 318 and you can go flip her into your chart via the amazing asteroid options on Astrodienst. 

WHAT does it mean?  Well, extrapolating from myth, poetry, magic and all I would be saying Asteroid Magdalene had something to do with the Divine Feminine, yes? 

I’m completely thrilled to find my Magdalena conjunct Lilith, lol! 

Mary Magdalene and her relationship with Jesus Christ was obviously a huge theme of the mega-selling (and astrology-riddled) Da Vinci Code, she has her own Gospel and lately she’s morphed into a super-heroine.

Obviously we never weight asteroids so heavily as – say – a hefty Venus-Pluto-Moon conjunction BUT just for kicks, go check out Asteroid 318 Magdalena (if you don’t know, the regular people here in the comments will be helpful, i know it) and see if she is doing anything in your chart.

I’d expect to find a prominent Magdalena in people who HAD strong ties to a traditional church, perhaps even worshipped devoutly as children or felt a connection to Christ but whom moved away from that.

Mary Magdalene – like our Lilith – evokes strong Madonna-Whore dichotomy, don’t you think?


fashion model in church looking punk
Vixen Magazine – Elias Wessel



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125 thoughts on “Asteroid Magdalena

  1. I have Magdalena at 25 Scorpio, in my 7th house, opposing my natal moon which is conjunct my natal Mars, yowza. And all of this makes a very nice t-square to my Pluto in Virgo in the 5th.

    I was raised Catholic, and remember very clearly that day in 4th grade that I suddenly realized I was being lied to , and that this was NOT the only true religion, and that the kids in my Catholic school were not happy for some reason. I never looked back – that was freeing for this Sun in Sadge, also in my 7th house, at 3 Sadge. Does this mean that Magdalena is conjunct my Sun?

    Oh, I grew up to first be an atheist in my early 20’s, and a bit later to realize I’m a healer and psychic, which is what I very happily work as now. I have questioned every male and female authority, while not needing to fight them anymore.

  2. I was raised Catholic but turned away when my children were born. I always thought they were harsh & cruel w/ punishment. sick even. Then all the crap about the prients never surprised me.

    But I was just today looking at condo’s in Fla sent to me by my realtor, I saw one that was nice it was claled Magdalena. Funny coincidence. I thought who would name a community that?? Of course it is an old one the unit is $59Gs.

    I decided that I will never BUY in Florida. In fact I dont want to own anything, I prefer to rent. But its extremely difficult to find a rental who’ll take 1 dog much less 3.

    Oh sorry this has nothing to do with your version of Magdalena and I’m not nearly as edu as you all are in astrology. I still felt the need to comment. I hope you didnt mind.

  3. My natal Magdalena at 8 Leo is within seconds of being exactly conjunct my 6th House cusp, my Mars and Karma #3811. The world is my church.

  4. SWF seeks Son of God. Must be into healing, miracles generally and have sorted out any mother/father issues. I like long hair, beards, piercings and tradies are most welcome. Please respond with a current photo and tell me what you would like to do on the first date.

    • Yes, had strong Catholic church ties as a child, emancipated myself at 12 from the religion, but still drawn to go to old churches when I travel. Love Christ, always and the history with Mary Magdelene, wife and mother of his children.

  5. I have it in Aries in the 12th house doesn’t tightly aspect anything.

    But I was raised christian/catholic. I really don’t feel much of a connection to the Bible God, and Jesus. And by 17…I stopped praying to God.

    But now I work at a Catholic School. I can respect people in the Christian Catholic community…as long as they aren’t the fundamentalist type.

    I wonder if the 12th house plays a role in the undercover agnostic thing I’ve got going on.

  6. I’m loving all your ideas and convos around this asteroid.
    My thoughts…
    I think Magdalena could be a VERY interesting asteroid to look at in synastry.
    A tight conjunction of your Magdalena with a major planet in your partners chart could bring up myriad interesting observations, no?
    The sacred bride / devotee wife / woman (read: brains) behind the man
    or in worst case scenario, the PR wife of the guru cult-man bigamist…

  7. Madonna’s is interesting : sextile her sun, opposite lilith and trine chiron, and Sinéad O’Connor has Magdalena square sun and MC. Seems to fit well.

    I have her conjunct my Eros and that’s all, can’t say I’ve noticed!

  8. Okay, Magdalena in Scorpio trine to my ascendant in Cancer, square to Pallas in Pisces and conjunct to Neptune in Sagg. My sun is Aries and I have 5 planets in Taurus. All in House 10.
    I’m not sure what it all means. Magdalena in Scorpio seems to accentuate that dichotomy mentioned in the post.

  9. WOW, all this is so awesome reading here Mystic, Thankyou…The pictures are v. interesting and beautifully expressive, in that they give me an idea of different aspects, ways of interpreting Magdalena, as in all the above comments above, which i have to come back to and read as have to get rest.

    I love the beautiful intelligent/reflective/thoughtful looking first one, as if assessing her options, maybe in a brutal/unfair situ she’s had to face, and the powered up angry warrior who looks like she’s regally her own force and fully knows she can get what she wants regardless of patriarchy kind of thing.

    My Magdalene in Aqua 11th house conjunct Mars, sextile Eris, and trine my North in 3rd. I was brought up a strict Catholic, Saturn repressed very much so by both parents, rels, deeply religious. My dad’s father was the only one of eight children not to become an ordained priest, many relatives, including some female ones went into the church for life. I was educated by two beautiful nuns as a kid, Sister Patricia and Sister Mary. I stopped believing in the Catholic religion when i got fed up going to church every Sunday by self, and thought parents were so ‘un-christian’ at home etc.

    I now see something of divinity in most religions, and deeply believe in what i call ‘divine intelligence’ – it’s in every beautiful atom all around me everywhere i go, & ever since a grief experience, i’ve believed that ‘soul’ saturates our entirety constantly…as described in your post re Easter Inscription, exactly sums up my belief in the

    • oh, the third one, yes that’s me leaving the church ha ha ha !, Very nice suit and body lingo, a bit spooky too, like she’s had her exorcism now and she’s finished with the church.

  10. Now I’m totally WOWED !!! Didn’t realize Lucifer was also Mary Mag !!

    Many thanxxx for the en-light-enment Mystic, & another nudge in another direction of enquiry !! I do looove the pics too, esp the chica who looks like she could be having an alone but marvellous orgasm in that magnificent cathedral !!!

    Hmmm well – asteroid Magdalena is in my 1st house, opp my Sun – seems significant, guess its all the lies distortions & abuses perpetrated by churches over the centuries that makes me so anti religion, tho I’v never studied it in detail … and I’m certainly not anti spirituality or reverence, well yes I’m irreverent too but only about certain things & def not others !!!

    And opposition is an integrative aspect, si ??

    • I studied it as a child. Always loved the messages about Jesus, The Christ prophet. His messages seemed pure and resonated with me, but did not care for the religious dogma and social games attached to going to church.
      I moved away from religion/Church altogether.
      I can absolutely relate to Mary Magdalena as a archetype.

  11. Woah, Magdalena in the 1st conjunct Venus (Libra).

    So my self-image has always been tied up in trying to identify myself; there has been conflict in my life as to whether I am a “Madonna” or a “whore.” I thought of myself as pure & good until people began calling me a whore/slut/etc. in grade school. I had never done ANYTHING to justify this judgment; I was simply different from other people in that I exuded some kind of inherent power. At least, that’s what I’ve always been told.

    Ever since then, it’s been a battle to try & remain “pure” in every way. But of course, the people who called me names had NO idea what the names meant. It really bothers me that kids have the ability to do this to each other- so much damage is caused and adults don’t even realize it.

    • I have a similar experience.

      I have Magdalena in Scorpio/1st House conjunt Scorpio Neptune/1st House.
      I dressed punk rock (still do but different artsy/punk) in high school and was immediately called a slut, whore, bitch, lesbo you name it because I shaved off my long beautiful hair for spiked hair and later a platinum blonde mohawk (which looked really cute btw).
      I was actually shy, straight A student but, loved new wave/punk music and wanted to express my creativity through clothes. i was shocked when I became this evil person to others.
      To some I am too boring, don’t take drugs or party enough to others I am a complete evil whore and I have suffered false rumors about me my whole life. I always tried to see what I did to cause it.
      I attract male attention even when i am trying very hard not too. Wearing frumpy sweatpants to run to the cornerstore with no makeup.
      When I do not reciprocate the attention I have been grabbed, and cussed out and called whore, bitch and death threats even.
      I absolutely hate this negative attention.
      I am petite and I do not have big breasts or implants or anything that would attract this kind of attention.

      • Just as an aside, the ‘SlutWalk’ movement was founded to counter the assumption that women are assaulted, as a Toronto cop put it, ‘because they dress like sluts.’ It’s an utter fallacy. You could wear a burqa, or dress as a nun, or shave your head and wear hessian and lock yourself indoors and it wouldn’t deter the kind of male that perpetrates sexual violence. The problem is with the perpetrator, not you.

        • I agree.
          I feel like if I wore a Burqa I’d still get harassed. Some men are truly weird. I am psycho magnet.
          I don’t mean to imply if a women have big breasts or dressed hot they should be harassed. But, I try to dress down and frumpy on purpose to help tone down any attention it doesn’t really work.
          It seems to be a a problem that men think they have the right to push around women.

          • ScorpioRising you sound beautiful. I love it when people dress and style themselves to express what their individuality. I really enjoy seeing peeps who dress with some effort when i’m out and about, it’s refreshing like seeing unusual butterflies.

            It’s crap when people are hassled tho…

            Saw three men walk up the street in my little town a while back…It was such a laugh and it made my day, i’m sure they weren’t locals tho, they had the biggest smiles on their faces 🙂

      • Wow, me too!!! Amazing. Because I always think I look absolutely disgusting without makeup/without being “dressed up” to go out … but apparently it doesn’t matter AT ALL. I still get intense reactions either way. Sometimes it’s even worse when I’m not “made up” because people feel they have the right to violate me; when I AM made up, it almost seems like people are intimidated by me and afraid to even make eye contact. So I feel protected in a way when I put on my most beautiful persona lol

    • Just be pure to yourself, and in the way that’s important to you. To hell with everyone else. Jesus was like that, extending love, compassion and respect to lepers and prostitutes, regardless of popular opinion.

      Kid’s mostly have no idea what they’re saying when they abuse other kids. Some kids I know were calling someone a douche the other day, and their Grandmother asked them if they knew what it meant, which of course they didn’t. I suggested she tell them, but she baulked. I didn’t. I told them in scientific terms and with anatomical exactitude what a douche is and does, and they were mortified, lol. They’ll probably keep saying it though.

      • Well in my experience (and I tried same thing when my 11 yr old son started calling people douches or “douche bag”), he was already well informed as to it’s particular medical and non-medical uses. I didn’t let on my surprise but since that particular discussion, where I may just have used my med knowledge to gross him out (a little), I haven’t heard the term used again in my prescence 🙂 And I blame his, ahem pre-education, on him now attending an all boys school (years 5 to 12) with the younger siblings of much older brothers who are of course the all informed. His chart ruler is Mercury (conj MC/Jupiter/Saturn) – Virgo rising and LEO Sun like his adoring Mum (his Venus in Leo exact conjunct my Sun in Leo).

  12. Magdalena AND Lucifer in super tight conj True Node/4h

    No religion growing up, yet I identify with both figures.. er, figments?

  13. it’s in my leo 2nd house sextile my ascendant which is conjunct lilith. i had an official run in with the catholic church over my display of literature about the marion cult, the black mary statues, druids and the sacred mushroom in the cross at the entrance to their chapel once. Marion prevailed – she was on private property. There was a lot of “you know not what you do” and “I know exactly what I’m doing” – I was attracting an awful lot of fascinating misfits and freaks. Ahhh the glory days. Things are pretty quiet round here nowadays. LOL

    • lordy what could THIS mean… my magdelena is conjunct the aqua’s juno hehehe as if his lilith conjunct my venus, mercury and pallas in the 5th wasn’t amusing enough and our magdalena’s are exactly opposing – his is in my 8th.

  14. From The Encyclopedia of Myth & Secrets referred to in above comment:

    “The Gospels say Jesus cast seven devils out of the sacred harlot Mary Magdalene and appeared first to her after his resurrection…(Mark 16.9) Books later eliminated rrom the canon by Christina censors gave further curious details about the relationship: Jesus loved Mary Magdalene more than all other apostles, called her Apostle to the Apostles and the “Woman Who Knew The All” and often kissed her. He said that she would excel every disciple in the coming Kingdom of Light, where she would rule.”

    In medivieval bibles she was called Mary Lucifer – Mary – The Light Giver. It was said Jesus raised Lazarus from the dead solely for love of her. There was no grace that he refused her…”

    Quickly: there is HEAPS in this book – Magdalene temples have been demolished all over the old world…AND note how Venus as Morning Star is named Venus Lucifer – the light giver…

    Who changed “lucifer” as name for meaning light-giver/bringer of light to
    mean cloven-hooved evil devil with intent of bringing about fall of mankind?

    That’s rhetorical but really…

    • Bloody interesting, yeah, and for film nuts, Scorsese’s ‘Last Temptation of Christ’ (based on the book by Nikos Katzanzakis) covers a more Gnostic version of the Christ story. Right up my Mars Neptune in the 12th alley.

    • Fascinating stuff here. I want more! My natal Magdalene is in Scorp (in my 9th) exact trine to Saturn conj Asc in Pisces and Mars in Kataka (5th). If I ever wanted a thesis topic, this is it. [Aside: when deciding whether to continue onto PhD studies way back when – late 90’s, I decided I wasn’t passionate about anything enough to bother.] Well, now I know! I love your work Mystic, you always energise me with new inspiration and or fantastic humour, kisses.

      • I am a Scorpionic Magdalene too but in my 1st House conjunt my Scorp Neptune. Opposing my Taurus Saturn in my 7th. I think this explains why some men see me as a Madonna/Whore complex.
        Men project a lot of weird issues of women on me. It seems to be getting much worse the older the men who get stalker-like crushes on me, then hate me later when I do not show interest back.
        I am not interested in sleeping with other men, I am happily married but, that’s not enough to keep them at bay.

      • maybe there’s no true evil as such, just the true light (truth) hidden by the dark pretence of lucifer wannabes then : )

  15. Oh and the guilt re orgasms, that is sad. SO sad. Read the Barbara Walker Encylopedia of Womens Myths & Secrets for more on that.

    AND actually (this is a la the Soul Birds comments) heaps on ancient ideas on exactly when the soul enters the body – the Catholic church itself had the Doctrine Of Passive Conception, which claims that the soul arrives in the 5th month.

    It is my most magic book – details here

        • SO busy and pretty awesome thanks – had some peeps who are v successful/established in their realms which is the realm I am training to be in make the opening moves to offer me work in exactly what I want to do with my life – before I’ve even finished my qualifications and they didn’t even know what I was studying – which was strange in that it confirmed I am on the right path and also that now that I’m on it it seems to move quite quickly!

          Otherwise the tail end of the old realm is providing/travelling better than ever before so it’s like the ultimate temptation to linger in the past that is now coming to fruition which is clearly incorrect thinking for future times but quite pleasing for the now. Just have to keep in mind that if the beginning of the new thing is so on target it is far better to follow through on that as it evolves because the fruition of that will be even more exciting if it starts with the bang it seems to have started with. If that makes sense… it’s as if whatever you think can be made manifest really quickly right now. You just gotta think clearly and know your truth is all. Haha yes it’s that simple.

          Glad to hear you’re taking your health thing in your stride – I had a big pulse of your energy about a week and a half ago and hoped you were ok x

  16. NOT to sound needy but does anyone think the combo of Magdalene pics is particularly impressive – took me AGES, hello?

    Oh and am i projecting or do a lot of peeps here – like me – have Lilith/Magdalene? That would be unreal!

    • Love the comic strip pic! The juxtaposition with Church art is very much part of my own print image collection.

      Magdalene/Lilith trine for me, not conjunct. She trines Pluto too. She sits 1 degree into the third house and begins a swathe of Egyptian asteroids.

      Finally just did my Egyptian asteroids and they’re off the hook, Isis/Hatshepsut conjunct True Node, Venus, IC trine Uranus. Nefertiti on Saturn in Tau 6th and Ubasti both squaring plenty so there’s a huge mirrored butterfly on my chart.

      RC church, Hinduism, Judaism, Egyptology, Graeco-Roman and Eastern Euro… a rom-style mishmash was my religious practices from aged 9 til…

    • Very nice combo – awesome pic that top one too! Very rich post. Definitely feel that Magdalene is powerful for me and opposing Lilith is super interesting.

    • Yeah you should poll how many have a Magdelena/lilith aspect lol. I love the first picture, it’s so life like almost like a photograph.

    • I love the bottom pic and the comic strip pic is pretty cool too.

      My Magdalena conjunct Eros in Scorpio in 5th opposite asteroid Lillith. Apparently my Divine Feminine looks hot clad in a latex nuns outfit…

    • I always like your illustrations!!!
      And have said for years when working on someones feet….”It must be the Mary Magdalene in me,that compells me to do this work.”
      And your blog helps me figure out more of myself again…
      Huge Hugs xoxox

  17. London, it’s interesting about guilt and orgarsms, sexuality as a battle..

    My sexuality is my religion in a way..
    Sometimes I do feel guilty as I seem obssesssed with it but it’s inescapable so it must be serving a purpose.

    • Yes my chart seems a bit combative really, my Scorpio planets want sex, sex,sex and my Capricorn planets say no no no it’s wrong, or something lol. I think I’m obsessed, not that I have comparisons to other people but I must think about it every day at least once and hour probably lol.

  18. Magdalena conjuct Lilith and Juno in scorpio in the 4th house.

    I have identified with the energy of the scorp Lilith before I even knew about Lilith or where it was in my chart, it all fell into place when I found out. This multiple conjuction just reinforces that feeling.

  19. Eeek I don’t know what this means lol. Mine is in my first house conjunct my Moon and Mars. Also 5 degree’s conjunct my lilith but doesn’t label it as a conjunction on, perhaps only tight orbs allowed.

    I tried so hard to escape my religion, my parents are atheist. But a born again christian friend recently got me interested again. The only battle I have is my vanity and sexuality. I feel guilty when I have an orgasm like I’ve done something wrong, it’s not major like stops me enjoying myself but it’s there in the background lol.

    • Mary Magdelene was a social outcast when she became an apostle — punished for her sexuality — but Jesus respected her, loved her and made her an equal. Such a powerful story and makes sense on an internal level in terms of self acceptance, self love (ahem), but also destigmatizing female sexuality.

      A conjunct within 2 degrees will be most resonant.

      • It’s tough, I’m also a mother and I have this whole axis of wanting to be feminine and sexual, but also a mother and a good role model. I guess it is that whole madonna/whore syndrome, only I apply it to myself lol. Not to mention Moon conjunct Mars combat between being nurturing and sexual.

        My lilith is at 16 degrees Capricorn and my Magdelena is at 11 degrees, that makes a 5 degree conjunction doesn’t it? Or at least I thought so.

        • Asteroid orbs are kept tight within 2 degrees because they’re not as powerful as planets, but hell, if ya feel it, ya feel it.

          I don’t see sexuality and motherhood as mutually exclusive. And Mars conjunct moon doesn’t have to be combative or even conflicting between nurturance and sexuality, it can be passionate, and when the passion is well directed, very productive and very satisfying. You might be the über Mum, the über dynamic feminine, the über multi orgasmic lover extraordinaire all at once. In Capricorn may take time to grow into, but should become more powerful as you age. Capricorn is such a powerful sign, and so enduring.

          The Madonna Whore thing is a patriarchal imposition on women for no other purpose than to keep them subservient, so I say ditch the guilt. If it’s difficult for you on a personal level, perhaps envision what you would want for your daughter, (niece, female friends…) I imagine you’d want them to have a satisfying, safe, guilt free intimate life, where they know their needs and accept themselves. Then extend that to yourself.

          All that religious guilt is oppressive horse shit.

          • Yes you are so right, of course who doesn’t want that for any woman. Ahh asteroid orbs are all tight, I didn’t know that. I don’t know what I feel with all these asteroids, whether I feel it or not lol. Theres not much info on asteroids that I can find on the web.

            • I need to log off, oops, but some nice person here might help out with a link to Kim Falconer’s site. She’s the asteroid expert.

              What you might be feeling is Capricorn being a bit of a tough position for the moon — not impossible, mind you — but can be a bit uncomfortable with the full expression of emotion and sexy, femme power, particularly when young. A bit repressive. But, once you grow into it, it’s also a very solid expression of that power and Cap moon can also have nerves of steel, to the point of invincibility! In sextile to Scorp planets should work harmoniously, with tons of passion, grit, depth etc. Cap Scorp is toughness personified. Harness it baby!

  20. I have Magdalene _ON_ my MC. Not conjunct… not holding hands…
    These two are one.
    I wonder what that means. My Divine Feminine is my true calling?

    By the way: I did my 100km bike ride. Took a tumble and rode 40km on some scratches and bruises and STILL MADE IT.
    I have also have my very own radio show. For those that made suggestions for the show name, I went with Zen Arcade.

  21. I have magdalena 5 degrees Pisces (7th house) conjunct vertex at 2 degrees Pisces. Magdalena squares my Jupiter- Uranus conjunction in sagittarius (4th house). My parents made me go to church twice a week (my natal saturn-pluto conjunction squares my ascendant, too). I was baptised catholic and had to go to an all girls catholic school but was expected to attend my mothers anglican church on Sundays and to play in the anglican church netball team- weird huh! So until I was 15 or so I was forced to go to church on Saturday night and Sunday mornings. I have not attended church since and neither do my parents!! They stopped going about nine years ago.

    • Sounds a lot like my upbringing. My Magdalena is also in Pisces. Church once a week, EVERY week, plus more during holidays … was an alter server and so were my siblings. I was baptized, obviously, but I was the only kid in my family who freaked out at the thought of confirmation … the idea that I would be falsely committing myself to a church. Ick. So I also stopped going around 15. Not only that, but my parents very rarely go anymore, they’ve chilled out a lot … I did a lot of talking over the years about how much I dislike religion and my parents have opened their eyes to a lot of injustice / perversity going on behind closed doors.

  22. Honey, when I read this my Madonna was in mid-change to my Whore outfit, saying no fair and that the “outfit” (derisively said to point out its rather scarce nature) has already been a bit over worn lately. I’m scared to check to be honest haha..

  23. I wonder what this indicates in synastry…..being another person’s Mary Magdalene? That is intense.
    Mine is on same degree as my scorpio exboyfriend’s pluto :O I mean, oh dear.
    also square is moon exactly. Sextile his venus, mercury(exact), and neptune. Trine his Magdalena. ummmm…..this resonants. I feel slightly uneasy.
    His inconjunct my venus exactly.

  24. My Magdelena 0 Capricorn (an Aries Point), conjunct the Dsc and Saturn opposite Mars. Mars and Saturn…that’s alot of male energy going on there…

    Was told I had been a nun in other “times”. In this life, was “saved” by the church by confirming my connection to Christ. Understanding come a long way since then as far as the traditional sense, but for those New Agers that claim Christ a “myth”, I simply don’t agree.

    In a broader sense tho, all realities a “myth”. If a greater mind behind the scenes changed reality however by incarnating as a great teacher not His fault I guess that things became askew.

    On another note, going to see the Toro next Wed, 26th. The New Moon day. Yes I called and he has been busy with business (trans. Jupiter conjunct Sun). The day we met, he had told me he had a deal in the works. What kind, I don’t know.

    Very fascinating when I follow the astro thru out. Read that if one looks at the “meeting chart” (which I have) and the eclipse just prior to that, it will tell which parts of the synastry were being activated when two people met.

    Eclipse just prior was in Cancer 9 degrees. This was square his Venus, 10 Aries and my Sun, 11.

    This shit for reals peeps…lol

    And what will be so totally fun besides the things Mystic outlines in her write up on the scopes, is that besides the New Moon, the Scorp/Venus stuff square to Mars in Leo….Trans. Mars is conjunct my Uranus, trine his Venus/my Sun and his Mars. A grand trine..

    Dude won’t know what hit him (Uranus)….(but let’s not get hasty here). Still getting to know him.

    Mani-pedi – check…a polish change tho will be due. And I had a hair cut last weekend… a facial, exfoliate. Hey, a girl must utilize all weaponry…I’m an Aries with Venus in Taurus….

    After the rain, it’s like in Gone With the Wind when Melanie tells Scarlette…

    “but he must never know”….about the tears and upset (Moon in 8th 😉 ).

    Felt was being very Uranian individuated yesterday when I called and said, “hey doll, hadn’t heard back about co-ordinating anything”…then his long spill about work (do still think tho that he felt a tad foolish but he will never tell as well. This is what happens I guess in getting to know someone. Now we can move beyond that initial Full Moon stinger and if we should decide to see each other again, I’ll just lightly mention that if he calls and he doesn’t leave a message, I’ll just wait for him to call again).

    Called yesterday because I’d felt a shift in the energies. Namely, in myself. Did a one tarot card reading regarding how he felt about our convo…It was the 10 of Cups…

    Keep you posted…x And thanks so much to Mystic and all the supportive peeps here. Yes Pegs, been a long dry spell from love and doing things differently now.

    Going to ask if he has a girlfriend (I don’t think so, his car is always in the driveway alone at night) and when he says no I’m going to say that I don’t have a boyfriend so we’re both “free”….To just have fun hopefully…He still under his Uranus opposition and what I’ve learned about Venus Aries opposite Libran Moon as he has, is that it’s a juggling act to fulfill one’s needs while being with other. Do understand that with Venus/Lilith square Uranus.

      • Thanks doll…And want to mention that Pisces doc’s wife was in the office today. Her name is Marley (so cute)…

        She is tall and willowly..Her blondish hair super long…I was like “wow, I didn’t know that was you”. Her hair was in large billowing waves. She truly reminded me of a mermaid.

        Asked Pisces doc what sign she is…She is a Pisces…born on same day as him…two years earlier…


        • And he is Virgo Moon/Mars and some other things…Uranus, etc.

          You should see the filing system he has set up at his computer. I could not help but giggle…

            • lol…Because I must (~can~) drive by there when I come home from work and at other various times…hehe

              Hey, tonight I did not drive by. Made the conscious decision to go another way. The energies have shifted..Leave the man in peace…Oh if only men knew what we go thru…

              And do think as well, it was the universe’s way of letting me protect myself. x

              • OMG you’re hilarious sweets – you’ve done the “drive by” with others and made “discoveries” in the past I know LOL They’re not all the same toots – some of them are splendid – I hope you’ve found one of those xxx

                • At this stage, saved me time as to whether I’d bother.

                  It’s a main four lane road. Not a neighborhood street.

                  Yep, drive by after intuition woke me up was how I found out about the money counterfeiter and how I found out I was being played by someone else.

                  Pluto in 3rd.

                • Pisces son in law had suggested from the get go that I should run a background check. He has Sun in 8th….Saturn conjunct Moon.

                  😆 A little extreme at this point.

                • Trust is an issue I am working on, intuition has served me in the past too (players).

                  Always knew when the ex was lying, could read him like a book. His Neptune in 1st so he was shocked when I called him on it.
                  I was right, btw.

                  Nothin’ wrong with watching yo’ caboose, girl. Nothin’ at all. That’s just good Cappy sense. 🙂

                • Apologies to our male readers in advance for this stereo-type but…

                  It’s kinda like what they say about men who will fuq anything…

                  Meanwhile, women will “spy”…

                  Because well, “it was there”….


                • Speaking of Mary Magdelena (one of my patient’s name is Magdelena..a sweet little hispanic older lady)…

                  But I’ve noticed how my kids censor me so….

                  The first time it was annoying….I wasn’t cussing or anything but I got alot of ~MOTHER!!!

                  Then this last time, confessed to Kataka daughter and her Gem boyfriend that I often say “Jesus fuqing Christ” in my head.

                  Daughter was like ~MOTHER!!~

                  Why do they censor me so?



  25. at 1 degree libra in 2nd house. it is close to pluto but 5 degrees apart. No major aspects, just semi sextile venus and sextile north node(2 degree orb though).
    I have always valued her, felt her importance was brushed aside by the churches. Jesus appeared to HER after his ressurection( or so they say).

  26. wow! i am loving reading what everyone had to say so far about this asteroid

    my magdalena is:
    -opposite mars in scorpio
    -trine moon in capricorn
    -in 5th house w chiron + true node (chi + TN in gemini)
    -probably the only thing i have in taurus

    interestingly, my Lilith is Trine that very same mars which Magda is opposite
    maybe my feminin/masculin characteristics are either at war or in harmony, depending on the moment/way you look at it. or maybe i have issues re tryin to show my madonna-side to the world, but knowing that in my private life i’d be a whore lickity split. hehe.
    hmmm… shall ponder all this newfound knowledge.

    as far as my religion experience is concerned,
    was raised catholic by my Very Catholic Mother (baptised, communion, quinceanera, confirmation) but now am more agnostic theist / wish-i-could-be-disciplined-enough-to-be-buddhist. i go to catholic mass to appease my mom & to buddhist meditation-for-world-peace to please myself. when i was in college 3000 km from home i went to catholic mass every sunday at a beauutiful basilica– it made me feel close to my far-away-family & gave me faith when i felt hopeless/lonely/anxious about exams & term papers.

    but i respect/recognize all religions. i wish i could practice them all, except the evil/cruel ones. i have a muslim friend who i will join for prayers next friday. wish i had a jewish & hindu & zoroastrian friend so i could join them in their ceremonies (probably harder for an outsider to go to jewish temple, innit?)

  27. Maggi is conj jup. 9th in scorpio along with chiron also in 9th house—-raised a catholic and recovering nicely, thank you! Llith in cap sextiling them ,I really am a nice bitch.
    One of my specialties is reflexology–Mary Magdalene –chaneling through?

  28. Nada happening there really. In Pisces in 2nd House (as is my Lilith). Maybe that’s why I’ve never been impressed w/ any church? I dunno….

  29. Mary Magdalene conj Merc in taurus in 2nd house, trining Neptune-Uranus in Capricorn. Like Lilith, she seems to have a liking to my chart.

  30. Opp my sun to 1 degree !!! – closest aspect to my sun except vesta sextine,
    am i an anti mrs-christ ????

    I always think jesus & mary were ok in their time, but the whole christian mash-up a HUGE con …

    • Me too leony! Magdalena is in Aries and opposing my Sun in Scorpio to one degree. No wonder I’ve always questioned authority in the church since I was a child. I grew up Episcopalian and went to church till I was 15 because my dad was the music director, but I never really got anything out of it. I embarrassed my parents more than once by telling my Sunday School teachers that the stories in the Bible didn’t make any sense. As a teen I got into Wicca and earth-based traditions, which made so much more sense to me. I still like to study world religions and find them fascinating, but I’m essentially an atheist now. 😛

  31. 😯

    I have Magdalena at 11 degrees in Leo 5th house where my True Node lives.

    I grew up in a small country town where going to church was kind of like socialising. My dad never forced us to go to church but I liked it and would cruise over to mass on my bike after a morning swim in the creek. I remember getting into trouble once by my Aunt for going to the Anglican church for mass (some of my friends went to that church) but I didn’t understand why she was so mad… I still don’t.
    I’ve had my holy communion and my confirmation. My connection to religion is mainly because it reminds me of my dad and I feel closer to him because of that. As a 9yr old losing your dad, I needed to believe he was still ‘around’ and honestly… I still need that at 30… 😯

    • That is beautiful BG. Ditto, I totally relate to your story.

      exciting to have Leo 5th house and NN there too – the traditional house of entertainment (I’d call it the studio or arty parlour with a magical tree standing tall in it or at least a Narnia cupboard – if it were a room), romantic pleasures and an artistic/imaginative/creative spirit, playful. You are blessed, fun for a Gem to have Leo NN.

      I have Eros in Capricorn in 5th, which Pluto going over it has manifested in a range of fun creative ways.

        • Hey Bg,
          Pluto transiting my 5th house with eros in cap could have gone two ways for me, I think: thinking seriously about/having children, or creative spirit.
          It’s most definitely manifested in creative expression. Like a ‘need’ to express my creativity’. I’ve realised that in this transit I;ve poured love, time and money into doing so.

          In progressed chart, I have venus on pluto – another transit which has reqeuired umpteen amount of pluto juice! no fun there. but wisdom for sure. I also get into Bjork, and am natally a bit plutonic as it’s “on” NN and other personal planet.
          Love your blog!

        • That’s progressed venus on pluto, for specificity. I have pluto in libra too (on NN). Natal venus in virgo, but progressed on lib pluto…

          • 😯

            That’s awesome TVL. I love exploring and being creative, sometimes it is quite a challenge! Seems as though you have done a great job in harnessing that. I love Bjork and can get totally lost in her music. I’m so happy you like my blog, I really enjoy working on it. 🙂
            I’m still learning about astro and I think I’m a bit plutonic also – trines Gem Sun, Gem Venus and Gem Moon. I’ve only learned a few months back that Pluto was transitting over my Natal Uranus in Scorp 9th house 1990-1991, which was around the time my parents died – separately and 10 months apart. Pluto is tough! 😯

            • I’ve tried looking back to the time when my father died when i was young, but haven’t been successful so far in terms of transits. For me, it’s in my birth chart (my sun-pluto aspect). I agree, pluto is terribly tough! It’s great that you’ve got NN in leo/5th Bgem; I’ve got Leo rising – utilising the playful, creative vibe of leo/5th house has helped me a lot in dealing with pluto.

    • I have the same as you. I am thinking it has to do with the Divine Feminine or church and your ability to heal others when you can’t be healed. In the 4th house means it probably happened when you were young. Or it could be something happening in your house now.

  32. The Church and Christ have been loaded concepts for me, Latin Mass since a kid, bad experiences, rejected the church with horror – still do! But embraced Jesus as an energy vibration after some, well, divine experiences!
    So Magdalene is close but not conjunct my Sun in Leo. Trine Neptune, opposition Lilith & PoF, square Hygeia and trine NN!! Wow!

    • As it is sextile my Gem Asc I guess I feel like yakking on.. Magdalene is in my 2nd house of values and material possessions too, a sensuous but spiritual gal?

  33. Wow, almost bang on my ascendant with a 1 degree conjunction, exact quintile to my 10th Neptune and trine 5th Chiron. Was raised by Portuguese immigrants so naturally Jesus was around. Caused quite the stir on a family trip with grandma and 3 other uncles and aunts when I refused to kneel to an altar. They started calling me a witch so I took them up on it and started studying/practicing Wicca. Didn’t stick with it though.

    Perhaps this asteroid also has ties to being the family scapegoat? ie the danger to the traditional structure? I certainly experienced that though perhaps that is something particular to this asteroid on a PISCES ascendant? Or interpreted in any house, it could be where we are unfairly represented? Just a jumping off idea, I wouldn’t say that’s the whole thing. Anyway, this looks like this will be a very intriguing post!

  34. Another right on astro cliche in my chart.

    Magadalene conjunct Cancer ascendant, trine Pisces Sun.
    I was raised a generally, but not practicing, US Southern Baptist.
    Just a holiday Christian, Chrismas/Easter. Parents were partiers,,, partyers,,, help me out Virgos, you’ve corrected me all day.
    Haute Vigs won’t make me snap back.

    At 22 I converted to the LDS religion and was as devout as convert can be until, Uranus approached Pisces and Pluto conjunct my Saturn square Sun, then BANG!!!
    Reversed, reneged, redefined.
    Amazing how you hit on these things.

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