The Astrology Of Wanderlust

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Your Wanderlust Levels are astrologically determined by Jupiter, Sagittarius and the 9th House.

Any of these themes activated will render you more wander-lusty than the typical person.

By activated i mean maybe you’ve got Jupiter close conjunct Sun, Moon or Saggo Rising/Moon…a loaded 9th House…

All of them activated and you’re probably reading this from some far-flung city, where you’ve gone on an officially flimsy pretext, some mysterious business and/or “just because.”

Some peeps see a plane and shudder, happy to be grounded that day: Wanderlusty 9th-House-Saggo-Jupiter types see a plane or a train and wonder wistfully to what exotic destinations it is travelling.

They have no baggage – only luggage, pre-packed and ready to go.

Their mobile – like their brain – is always on ‘roam.’

You can go to Astrodienst & bung your chart across the world, to see which of your aspects show up in which city. I hear negative reports of trips to one’s Pluto spot. Technically speaking, you could zoom to your Jupiter or Venus line for a damned good time.


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148 thoughts on “The Astrology Of Wanderlust

  1. so funny. I JUST got off the phone to multi Saggo friend who on hearing my leaving the country said it explained her consistent sighting of road signs to drive interstate on a whim and see me.

    I am a lot less like this nowdays but suitcase living never seems to escape me and I am happiest when I have a destination in my head esp for work (saggo moon+ venus/neptconjunct 6th opp Asc) 9th house Ceres Aries conjunct MC trine moon – bold movement is my faith and nurture

    have an annoying habit of attracting people as I am leaving town

    • Hey Ms. I had a friend many moons (years?) ago who would move cities and right before moving she would meet a significant other in the place she was leaving. … I don’t know what to make of it!

  2. mars in 9th….traveled to 39 states before i was 25. The twins I had at 25 put a halt to the traveling for awhile. But managed to drive across the continent with them and their brother twice and took them island hopping in Hawaii also. We are planning our next grand adventure now. Hate to fly so that keeps the adventuring to North America.

    • neptune in sag in 4th house…..use to live on the road for months at a time in my younger days….gypsy.

      • I have the same Neptune and Mars. I’m not a traveller – I like holidays rather than long trips away from home BUT I like to move house. Find it exhilarating to start completely afresh in a new city and make a home there.

        • interesting….I hate to move house. Have done so a few times in the last couple of years, but before that I didn’t move for 14. We did move a lot when I was real little though, till I was 8…military.

  3. I have taurus in the 9th house. I have a dear taurus friend and we always seem to be traveling companions.

  4. Libra with no activity in the 9th house, but I always seem to have a burning desire to travel — even when I’m just done traveling, I just want to be on the go again. Venus and ascendant in Sagittarius could explain that.

    What does Jupiter in the 7th house mean?

    • Saggo rising will do that to you.

      Jupes in the 7th is benefits from partnerships or marriage. Travelling with a partner?

    • I have no activity in y 9th House, but I love to travel esp. fly and have been traveling since I was a child.
      None of my plants, placements can explain this yet, unless it was transits that spurred my travels.
      Life is too short and there’s so much left to see!

      • Jupiter Scorpio/1st House
        Saggo/2nd House
        Cancer/9th House
        Jupiter Trines Pisces Moon in 4th House

        I would love to travel more, if I could. But, I dream, read and watch everything I can about exotic places and foreign countries. Been to every state in the US, except Alaska. Been to Asia, Europe. Love it!

  5. Saggie Sun and no 9th (Taurus) or Jupiter (cap) BUT am a rabid armchair traveller. Spend hours researching trips/B&Bs/Gites/Campsites.

    Dream job ? Antiques dealer – buy up big in Isle Sur La Sorgue and ship it home to flog at an outrageous mark up (I think I may have told you all this a couple of times before. I’m STILL waiting for someone to offer to go into partnership with/bankroll me. Hint hint.)

    I’m trying to drag The Swarm to Bali – one of my friends is moving there, so excellent excuse to fire up some new passports. Suspicious Virgo spouse pleased at the prospect of not paying for accommodation – he’s already been to Bali – loved it but got Giardia, so is worried about the water.

    And then once we have our passports and a practice run to Bali under our belts, the world is our Mollusc of Choice – as long as the water’s clean 😀 😀

  6. I’ve got Saggo rising and Venus in the 9th. I lurve travel. I make every excuse for a trip.

    I currently live on my Saturn line. Tres depressing but supposed to make me super independent, which it has. But i have secret plans to visit my Venus line in the near future. mwahahaha.

        • Envy. My thing never ends..continue..continue..depressing depressing depressing since Saturn/Leo. ten years.

          • Are you living on your Saturn line? Because that’s like living where Saturn can kick your ass every damn day.

              • Put your info into astrodienst.

                From Lauren below: Under astrodienst’s main page at the top you’ll see a series of icons, “personal daily horoscope”, “short report forecast”, etc. They’re on a slideshow and “Astro Click Travel” is on the 2nd page.

  7. saggi/neptune ascend
    leo jupes 9th house
    travel – even the most inane day trip –
    activates my inner glamourpuss –
    my posture totally altered – upright and alert
    and i swish my hair lots – uninhibited/anonymity/energised

    and that bedroom above is heavenly familiar to me

  8. Mercury, Venus, and S Node in the 9th. Hm, not sure what that means. Maybe it’s about how I love foreign languages. Saturn in Sag, I’m not going anywhere.

  9. Libra, with Jupiter in the 2nd house and Uranus in the 9th. Have lived in 39 different houses, lived and/or worked in six different countries, visited 11 different countries. Currently have house up for sale with intention to move overseas. Very itchy feet at present, Pluto moving over my IC. Since 1994, I’ve moved from Perth, WA, to Qld, moved to the UK in 2002 and lived in 2 houses there, and since returning to Australia in 2004, lived in five different houses. and three different States. Itchy feet? Seriously. I can’t imagine staying in one place for long, love not only seeing new countries but also love all the wonderful friends I’ve made in my travels.

    • I can’t imagine staying in one place for long-totally.

      MM mentioned “negative reports of trips to one’s Pluto spot” do you know what this mean? Since 2006 I haven’t/couldn’t. VERY suffocating.

  10. Don’t believe the nego Pluto hotspot theories. My Pluto line cuts right through the centre of Berlin, the city that continues to be a kinda spiritual home for me… if only I could get back there soon… sigh… lusty lusty wanderlusty sigh.

    • Glad to hear this. My Pluto goes through Ireland and I would live to go there to my ancestors land. Had astrologer tell me it would be transformational, maybe hard, maybe karma. Well I shouldn’t let that put me off, with Pluto ruling my chart, I could say it would be business as usual… but… Venus and some other ‘easier lines’ go thru nz and my first and only trip there so far was beautiful, I really connected to nz, want to live there, and fell in love with the place.

    • So glad you said that – just planning a trip to my Pluto line! Which also happens to be the other side of the world so I can’t just hop on a bus home if I’m not having fun. Berlin is fabulous isn’t it…

      • Ireland is on my Plutes line too. Had some really intense experiences there.

        Some things happened that I can’t even admit to myself, let alone here!

        But all a necessary part of my transformation.

    • I felt my cities Boston, NYC were great vacations, travels but, I just didn’t want to live there. But, yes trans formative times of my life I was drawn there.

  11. heheh, just flashed my chart over the globe

    all my zeniths are in the ocean. Jupiter BANG on for Hamburg, Berlin, Zurich, Milan

    nice little handshake in the south of France coast with venus. Notable mention to Mexico City and Calcutta. Moon node right through Ireland on Dublin. Think I would like Mexico but this could be further tainted by my wrestling urges.

    • i just did the same and totally explained the off planetness of some travel to meet the family of my new lover, with my child, we were a one-month old family (madness yes). It was through pacific northwest america – i thought it was romance surrealism but actually, natal neptune streaming straight down through seattle etc explains SO much. Nay, everything.

      • amazing. I have always been drawn to hamburg and berlin but fell in love with hamburg. jupe is all over germany

        • ah the hamburg hit – and milan – i love milan – and berlin and i think jupe does something over calcutta for me to – very drawn to india but shit, who isn’t? so many germans in my life lol

          0 mexico – frieda – that makes me think, did you ever see that book on her wardrobe? weirdly, i never really noticed her clothes, a most natural skin for her, and i could never get past her eyes, but these images of the empty clothes – so beautiful … anyway, i may be drawing a long bow ! Ms – Frieda’s Fashion – Mexico ???

          • haha. would be cool in its own way though i am far from a mexican beauty. I am snow bound soon but will dream of outlaws and pirates

      • I love the PNW too. I lived in Seattle for over 20 years. I have Jupiter and Saturn crossing through it. So, many opportunities but, none of it easy not by a long shot. Had to work really hard to get where I was going constantly.
        Felt like Sisyphus rolling that rock up the hill, only to find all my hard work undone and had to start over and over again. I became a pro at dealing with Chaos there.

    • major astro fail.!
      Jupiter line -Hamburg, Gothenburg, Marsceille
      Zurich pluto asc
      Berlin uranus venus mc line

  12. Those factors are also prominent prominent in intellectuals, philosophers, academics and religious leaders/thinkers. Travels of the higher mind.

    Venus and Jupiter lines are good. Doubly so if you have them conjunct. With Jupiter conjunct the Sun or the Moon, consider moving there. Love those lines lots. Though some have observed cancers, not katakas, are fast moving and lethal on relocated Jupiter lines. The condition of Jupiter and the 6th matter muchly.

  13. Insane wanderlust, oh my god. I have my Jupiter (which is trine my sun) in the 9th house.. and I’m dating a Saggo whom I met abroad. Oh dear.

    • That was me down to the relationship with the SaggEx! (Are you Gem Asc? Sagg is on my DC, love Saggi’s). Except my Jupiter trines my Moon!

      Lived overseas most of my youth, but my 2nd House Sun kicked at the Saturn Return and ordered me home. :) Lots of luck Nicole.

  14. Jupiter conjunct Neptune in Sagg. Always day dreaming about running away overseas (Japan is the preference today) but my 9th house Cap Moon reminds me it’s not sensible or realistic work wise. Travel is strictly holidays at appropriate allotted times : )

    • I have Cancer/9th House and just ignored it and left on travels, adventures regardless then urge to want to have a homebase/nest.
      I like to move to other places so, I can nest there while away.

  15. Oh how do you do that thing where you put your chart across cities!? Does anyone know?
    I’ve got two months free in November / December this year and I just can’t decide where to go! There’s too many place to choose from. Perhaps if I go somewhere that agrees with my Venus I’ll get a hot exotic lover?!

    Saggo rising
    Jupiter, Mars, saturn, North Node in 9th

    • Under astrodienst’s main page at the top you’ll see a series of icons, “personal daily horoscope”, “short report forecast”, etc. They’re on a slideshow and “Astro Click Travel” is on the 2nd page.

      I have Sag Rising and North Node in 9th too. :)

      • I’ve decided to have a go at this as I’m likely going to South Korea within the next year. When you get the map, are the only relevant lines the ones that go directly over the specific country? Asian is big so there are lots of lines, but for me, only one line over SK. Usual / unusual?

        • Try clicking on the exact spot on the map. It’ll bring up a pop up window with what I presume is the strongest aspect for that place.

          Not unusual, I don’t think. I have a major stellium on my chart which seems to go berserk over north America (I’ve always had a major attraction to that part of the world), but much less over Australia. I guess it depends on your chart.

  16. Sydney dwelling Saggo having too good a time in New York, smack bang on my Jupiter line. That’s why I keep coming back I guess… always with a flimsy pretext. EEK!

  17. Aqua moon in 9th house with Saggo neptune 7th and Toro Jupiter 12th. Lived far apart from family since age 14 and went overseas solo at 18 with a backpack. Even when staying in a place longer than a year, I changed house/apt/couch/floor as frequently and abruptly as I seem to be a magnet for weird sort of roommates or landlady or people. My career also mimics my peripatetic living existence- short-term consultancy! The bright side is people have this tendency to pick me up as if I’m a stray cat and offer me free housing and even cashiers at groceries would give me free food stuff at check out (believe me, I don’t act or dress like a beggar, could it be for my part of fortune in Aqua 9th?). Every email I got has opening line: where are you now?

    Toro sun & venus 12th, Gemini rising, Leo Mars 3rd

    • you said peripatetic. I love you. in a platonic word-loving kind of way. gives me faith in the world, you does…

  18. I have a smaller version of that exact map as a poster in my dining room! 😀

    Not sure how to read the chart over the map, but there are no lines crossing over where I live, or for most of the eastern US. My Neptune/AC line is closest to the west and my Pluto line is closest to the east. The pop-up info says that being east of Neptune is more beneficial and being west of it, and that being west of Pluto is more beneficial than being east of it. So I guess living inbetween the two is an ideal spot for me? It says that being on the Neptune line, changes in life will happen without much notice and that all transitions will happen effortlessly and in a relaxed manner, leaving me to feel carefree and happy, pleasant and removed from the ordinariness of life.

    My exact city is the Moon Crossing/Mercury region, so that also means intuitive communications. Good place for story tellers, poets and historians.

    I looked at Sydney, where I lived for 6 months last year and it’s at my Mars Crossing/Jupiter and says that here is where I have the strongest will, the most self confidence and the most success. My Jupiter Crossing/AC line is over Melbourne, which is says “is one of the best and most pleasant places to stay in terms of global astrology”. Someone should put that on a t-shirt. 😀

    I don’t think I have much in my 9th house (Pluto one degree away from being in the 10th and my North Node), but I have Sag Rising conjunct Neptune in the 12th. Jupiter does seem to be factoring in a lot of the places I’ve traveled to, even though its in the 8th house (but in Leo).

  19. Moon in Sagg, venus in 9th house. Always wondering and wandering wistfully.

    Saturn’s transiting my 9th at the moment… no wonder exotic overseas destinations have lost their appeal but I’ve still got itchy feet and very excited about my short trip interstate!! :)

    Oh, and with Venus in 9th, certain foreign accents make me weak at the knees.

  20. l have jupiter conjunct sun&mc in the 9th and 9th h. mercury.
    Funny l also have a world map in my bedroom :)) soon Jupiter will enter my 9th h. yay! can’t wait..l feel like going already!!

  21. Hate travelling! Hate moving! I only like short trips, particularly road trips and have a fetish for caravans.

    Sagg moon and NN in Aqua in the 9th. Jupiter conjunct Neptune trine Merc so definitely have the mind constantly on “roam” … just prefer to do it from my Crab Den.


    • ‘roam if you want to, roam around the world…without wings, without wheels…without anything but the love we feel’ (was just listening to this on the radio)

      • see that’s the issue I have with travelling long distances with a demanding body attached: tampons!; where do I wash my underpants?; is this food really sanitary?; is this water full of e coli?; did I really spend ten grand to travel overseas for the priviledge of getting ripped off by every tourist operator within sniffing distance, taxed across multiple economies, a bout of intercontinental gastro or even worse – worms, scabies, parasites or some far out creepy bug that derived from the Congo but is now located in a market stall selling cheap bacteria, I mean food??; crappy hospitals, injections, air plane food, air planes; backpackers from South Africa.

        Honestly I think travel is one of those outdated things from the 60s like jazz and peace.

    • You and me both! ::lol:: I watch Anthony Bourdain to get my travel fix. (Ironically he’s also a Crab, but with no Sag that I can see…..but thanks to an episode where he was with a Vedic Astrologer, I have deduced he has 9th house Mercury/Venus).

      As I said below, I wouldn’t mind traveling by plane if I didn’t have to worry about money. But I do LOOOOVE road trips, alot cheaper.

  22. I’m not sure of the astrodienst interps for these lines, but then astrodienst interps can be a bit dodgey.

    Anyway, the lines seem to make sense. I have Mars Asc and Neptune Asc over Tokyo, with Sun MC and Merc MC, and did a huge amount of study/career training there, and had a nice Saturn return doing a battle of wills with a wannabe guru (Mars Nep), which did wonders for modifying my perspective. Then I moved to Western Japan, close to my Jupiter MC line, where I did the real, expansive study.

    Apparently Brisbane is my moon trine Asc line, which makes for good emotional relationships. And I thought I only stayed here to be close to my mother.

    • Sun, merc, venus, jupiter in the 9th, plus Saggo rising. Landlocked too long now.

    • It’s all quite fascinating isn’t it. Not sure about the reasoning behind it, but love the ideas it throws up.
      Having such a busy 1st house, I’ve got a lot going on ‘close to home’. NN-SN line runs through Adelaide – place of origins, kinda clicks, while Mars Asc runs through Sydney, and I so came to Sydney to do Mars action.
      My Moon Asc hangs out with you in Brissie Ubes, while my Jupiter crosses Melbourne. Now that one’s odd, I’ve had a mixed relationship with Melbourne and really thought I might end up there, but every time I’m there I get flooded with this strange melancholy and sadness that’s hard to shake. Not very Jovial. But maybe ‘cos my Jupes is Retro…?

      • Not sure if I get it either. I mean what if your Jupiter line is over Sierra Leone or Kabul? I don’t think I’ll be going there to find out! Perhaps more to do with where you’re at and whether you’re evolved enough to do the hi astro. Baghdad? Winnepeg?

  23. Definitely happiest when ‘going places’ boarding trains, buses, planes for long distance journeys. It’s the allure of the open horizon, walking out of the airport doors to a completely foreign culture, new smells, new people. New FOOD.

    Jupiter in Taurus sextile Sun and Merc in 9th. and trine moon in cap/8th ~ish.

  24. I have Sun conjunct Jupiter, Sag Rising and Sag Venus but I don’t really like travelling. I have moved around quite a bit but not through choice. Although I have settled in London. I did have the option to move back to my home town but I couldn’t bare it. I wouldn’t mind moving to Paris or something and have some kind of calling to India.

    But this map, providing I went to the right bit is quite interesting, always good to find new bits on But I can’t make head nor tails of it lol. Apparently my Pluto/Mc line lands me in Nigeria it’s not somewhere that I’ve wanted to go to. Alot of my points lead me to Africa. Most go in the ocean, maybe Neptune conjunct my Asc wants me to go off sailing lol. Some other parts are in North Eastern Russia and another point in New Mexico. Oh well I think I will stay where I am for now unless I have a reason to leave.

    • Oops I mean Mexico. Do the lines count anywhere or is it the point where that little circle lands?

  25. Most of Asia is pluto’d out for me.

    I was in Thailand for three months. I escaped pluto rays at first.
    But in the end i was on my knee’s!
    I was so fatigued from not finding a decent room, i couldn’t even open my eyes. I had caught a boat from Malaysia to Kho LIpe in thailand. They forgot to stamp my passport after putting it on the wrong boat.
    I am on my way back to Oz and in KL airport. Somehow i end up drawing their I am marched to the office and grilled for half an hour. “Did i come from Indonesia, why did i not get a stamp, around and around for half an hour”. The Malaysian official eye balled me and looked into my very soul. with a evil glisten in his eye he said, “Explain it to the malaysian court”.
    I was so fuqing tired that all i could do was stare back into his eyes.
    When he finally released me, i just made it minutes before take off. I opened my passport and there was writing in Malaysian, translated
    “She came by boat”.
    Here is what pluto says in

    t is important to resist the temptation to manipulate, and to unmask corruption, intrigue and secret power plays. You are unyielding and have the sure-fire instinct of a detective, which enables you to discover the truth. Your discoveries may cause public sensations and diverse controversies. A certain level of caution is therefore advisable, as it is difficult for you to avoid responsibility for your opinions in this location.

  26. Whenever I see a plane I do wonder where it’s going and wish I was on it. Sun and Venus in the 9th house. I also get incredibly restless when I’ve lived somewhere for more than…I don’t know, ’round the 6-year ballpark? I start to feel fenced in or trapped and want desperately for new scenery. Which is kind of the predicament I’m in right now. Le sigh…

  27. i’d like to go on a destiny, north node trip, first stop easter island, then off to South America to see Nasca lines, and check out Mayan sites, doing a super healthy group hike, ideally to one of the undiscovered sites in the jungle with archeology peeps (who know where they’re going)…then, coz i never do anything by ‘halves’ of course, a nice awesome posh cruise around Alaska…then home via couple of days in Hawaii, ok a week, then home :)

    only one problemo tho, i take myself wherever i go ! :)

    • oh, north node in house 3 comms, travel writing maybe, yes ! I’ve always been a natural hospitality/cuisine critiquer too…If there’s dead flies in the window of the fish and chip shop/cafe, never go inside, ever…

  28. Where’s Whattie, this post is her dominion indeed.
    I just looked at the map again and realised after years of living between my Saturn/asc and mars/asc line I moved to live between the Saturn/dsc and mars/dsc line, and then back to the the first place. Hmmm
    Now i live between my North node/ic and Uranus/ic lines.
    I once lived near a venus line. It was also in a small town in the US Midwest. No thanks.
    I have Jupiter in the 9th, conj South Node and MC, but in Taurus. I travel slowly, and prefer to live in, rather than flit through places.
    Really though I manifest the higher knowledge aspect of the 9th.

    • My whole line things are really disappointing. My Jupiter/mc line, which would rock, goes through Sydney, which I defn do not like.
      My Venus lines run through the ocean or the middle of nowhere.

      Would that stuff be useful if you wanted to enhance something lacking or difficult to deal with in your chart?

      • I’ve cracked the code of sydney over the last few months but I get what you mean – I feel exactly the same as you do about sydney about where you live tho! LOL Do you and I have good jupiter synastry? My mars neptune lines cross over sydney (I have mars square neptune natally) and holy crap YES the lines speak volumes 😀

        • Jupiter synastry yes, though I can’t remember what. My jup/SN conjunct, 11 – 13 taurus means I’m going to do all your business planning research or something one day so I recall.

          Always good when you ‘suss’ your place. If I could be bothered to think on it I’m sure I could come up with some good reasons why I spent so long doing saturn/mars (my rising planets) and have now moved on to my IC aspects. Funny though cause I don’t think I grasped the mars/Saturn thing till I got out of the zone. A diff funny, I meant to move here for years, and didnt, and sometimes get this real feeling I should have moved here long long ago. Like I got my IC and AC things around the wrong way. Oh well.
          Maybe when I’m ready to max out the career Sydney will work for me, though the cringe in me doubts that.

          I hope your new adventures are going well.

          • yeah there’s some good forward oriented shit happening thanks shell, Uranus on the MC opposing uranus sun will do that to you. I’m on my path of that I’m sure – so busy and no me time hence hardly any posting. Yeah that’s right – your jupiter/south node is in my 11th house loosely conjunct my part of fortune and I think opposing my mercury venus conjunction? or maybe my neptune or moon… funnily enough my venus mercury minor lines are over your hometown on the map : o)

            You know that thing about grasping mars saturn in retrospect? Thats how I find I always grasp saturn transits – I might be on a tangent and focussing on something big but once it’s over I suddenly epiphany there’s been a whole load of other things that I somehow managed to get sorted without realising it.

            Hows your world? Lots of work?

            • I’m really glad to hear that re your path.
              Always lots of work in my world :)
              I’m just recovering from something, physically and mentally, that I undertook for path reasons, but can’t properly process yet, beyond seeing it’s going to be a long, slow, difficult, interesting path.
              Its a relief to get back on to more stable 9th house only really dependent on me ground. One paddock at a time, or at least not 4.
              Ah tired rambling. Buono notte bella

              Break a leg!

            • I think it’s your moon.
              I think our moons are trine, and your moon also around my NN IC.
              Does that mean Melb is a moon line for you?

                • my moon has a weird arc across the middle of australia not the same path as my other planets I guess that’s because of being born around equinox + within 5 of midnight I think both those things mess with the arc? who knows, time to do as mystic says & go dream of other dimensions with the aquarian by my side – he also has lines over the outback and dreamed in colour for the first time when he met me – I like that I helped him switch on his rainbow coloured dreamtime with my uranian lightning rod. sweet dreams shell xxx

                    • Yes I’m okay health wise thanks for asking.
                      Doing one of those worn out after high involvement stages. But given how busy all that was, and how poorly I can get in the aftermath of those kind of phases – I actually am doing very well this time.

                      Getting more preemptive in my old age.
                      And unfortunately do not have much time to give to recovery at present so just gonna have to manage as I go. Thank god for $20 shoulder massages at my local shopping centre!

                      I hope your birthday is even more awesome than you imagine!

                    • I keep reading that bit about your moon being over uluru *sigh* so poetic! I even checked my moon, but it was over Mildura..

                    • LOL re lake mungo I was thinking I’m sure I’ve been there and googled it – you are referencing the film or the fact it’s an archaeologists wet dream? Have you seen that news report about the indigenous people of australia being descended from the very first tribes that left africa – they were so much more advanced before our peeps were – thousands of years it took the rest of us to start walking round exploring. I’ve always felt a quiet sense of wonder at their culture and it makes me wonder about how tribal energy works through time/space. I had a great dream a few days ago that tribal elders were telling me stuff and showing me how to use plants. It was the nicest way to wake up, feeling gifted.

                    • Yes, I meant the place, for Andie, as it’s near Mildura.
                      I did see that piece of news. Clever clever people they are, go the Aboriginals! :)

                    • Wow whatevs, that is a very special dream. You are blessed. Will check out Lake Mungo now Shell, you make me laugh! :)

                    • my posts keep getting eaten and I’m being told I’m posting too fast – the sun’s sitting between my uranus sun conjunction and uranus is opposing it don’t wordpress realise nothing is happening fast enough ACTUALLY?

                      HAHA I’d forgotten about that – If I’m forced to do it I’ll dedicate it to you – maybe write your name on my ass or have your gravatar tattoo’d on it xxx

    • I too have Taurus in 9th. I have Chiron in Taurus in 9th. I suppose traveling is a bit healing, but when I travelled (a lot on my own, since I was 17 y-old, and to some non-english speaking countries) it was often to historic, archaeological digs which took my interest and I think is v taurus (i.e, digging/earth). These days I have my feet planted on the ground a lot more (Taurus = fixed; 9th house is mutable energy which isn’t me). I too manifest the higher ed./knowledge aspect of the 9th these days, and alot of metaphysics.

      • Yes I wonder how much the Taurus ties the 9th things down. Makes them about physical things/values. It defn helps to anchor my study stuff.
        Travel as healing sounds like a great excuse to travel.
        I also have Chiron in the 9th, but in Aries (which is actually the ruler of my 9th)

        • Do you mean Mars is the ruler of your 9th?

          Aries in my south node and in my 8th and jupiter rules my 8th and is linked to a loaded 2nd house and relates to my career. I also have taurus in 10th (taurus stretched across 9-10th MC). in the opp house I have scorp in 3rd. taurus and scorp are opposites and 9th and 3rd are linked too (… not sure bout my analysis of that yet.)

          I like the lining of plantes and houses.
          ie., 4th and 10th are parents and is so true for me.

          • yes, we have similar set up, Leo rising.
            my 9th starts in Aries, but jupiter is in taurus, along with MC and a crap load of other stuff in the 10th.
            I often forget about the fact that Aries is on the cusp of my 9th. I might be a bit Arien in my pursuit/communication of knowledge, but Jupiter wants to anchor it all (along with my 10th house Taurean Venus and Merc)

            • yeah, we totally have a similar set-up shell.
              I met a gal in my astro studies a couple of yrs ago with same sun and moon signs and similar placements, but she had no fire in her chart and struggled with heaviness, motivation, etc. i have earth venus and merc too, but in the old virgo.

              what’s your sun and moon signs shell?

    • synastry:
      My partner’s Sun+DS is on my birth city. My P+DS is on my partner’s birth city. We’ve met where my V+DS is currently sat on.

        • it’s the planets descent and ascent in the hemispheres i think so if you’re born in a certain part of the world the planets would have been ascending on one hemisphere and descending in the other at the time – cos the earth is round 😀 So i think they delineate to show the energies of the planets would effect you under the dominion of the same planet but with a different strength or nuance if you were on that line in the other hemisphere when travelling? If anyone else can explain that I’d love to hear it cos I can’t be bothered buying that book that explains it all.

      • ha funny – my pluto line goes through my place of birth as does uranus and when I first hooked up with my love the very first thing we did was unwittingly travel to one of his lines together. I can’t remember which one but it was crap LOL

    • Thats interesting shell, I also have Jup south node but in kataka Have never much liked be a flitter or a tourist, love to live & get to know a place, feel its vibe & study its people history flora etc ….

  29. Mercury in 9th house. Jupiter in 5th Pisces (square uranus, mercury trine jupiter, jupiter trine midheaven), Saturn and Uranus in Sagittarius AND I’m flying to London tomorrow for a mini-break – 5 days. If anyone has advice on what to see please advise.
    V & A museum
    Museum of Natural History
    A Musical
    Perfume buying in Knightsbridge
    Coffee shop dwelling to get uni work done
    Chanel exhibit at Harrod’s (I find her terrible interesting)

    • Those are all awesome things dont skip the V& A or the Tate. Coffee shops can be a bit disappointing as several chains. have a nice time. Wander around Soho too good for coffee shops and shops.

    • >coffee in london is disgusting, try “flat white” they have a couple of places in west london/soho- NZ baristas are taking over! if like me your coffee IS a flat white no one will know what you are taking about, they drink starbucks… Antipodeans hide here

  30. Jupiter in my ninth house! Sun and venus also in my ninth (all in pisces). 2 years ago I finally left my smallish home town and travelled by myself to the other side of the globe. It did wonders for me emotionally, spiritually, physically.

    Yet recently I have been getting the Itch again…

  31. Moon conj Mars conj Neptune in Sag all in the 9th house and the 9h house is Sag. Wander lusting constantly, even if I’m not actually going anywhere! It’s been an issue for me actually because it also manifests in the inability to commit to stuff an just settle (eww) although I’m working on it.

    • yeah I’m with you in spirit charley – I feel like settling is what stagnant ponds do – I have to have a suitcase visible in my house to feel OK about the world. Or at least some boxes that I’ve never unpacked thus saving time later when I do inevitably move! I have that good old pluto jupiter uranus IC conjunction opposing my 9th house from the 3rd and most of my moving is a multitude of moves within a city with a new city every few years. I haven’t been without a storage room for 4 years for the stuff I can’t get rid of but don’t need with me.

      The aquarian goes a bit mental if we have to move house too much god knows what that’s about – probably being irritated with carrying everything actually… but when we both get itchy feet we rearrange the house and that seems to release the pressure for a few months. His need for at least a full years lease has taught me that sometimes living somewhere for more than 6 mths to a year means you can actually focus on the rest of your life and not the quest for the new home – it’s conducive to everything else getting sorted. How’s your new place? Or did you move again already? 😀

  32. I have Jupiter exact with Chiron in Aries 9th house, square my saturn rising. Until my saturn return 6 years ago, I only owned a backpack and always had to move…
    Now with two children under 5, and restrictions placed on any movement, I am yearning constantly. It hurts. So I don’t move anywhere. No sunday drives or anything to remind me of movement.

    I always had a world map on my bedroom wall, no matter where I lived in the world.
    I know exactly what I was doing on any one day of my twenties, as I was in a different country, or on a different journey every year.
    This is the longest I have ever been in one place as an adult – 3 years…and it has been one long blur.

    I grew up as an expat child, 2 years each Algeria, Abu Dhabi, Indonesia, UK before coming to Australia. Family holidays – riding across Sahara by motorbike when 3 years old, etc.

    Funny, I tend to attract mostly Sagittarius men, but then they disappear…

  33. I’ve got Mercury and Uranus 9th house, but alas, lack the funds to do much traveling. I do, however, live right smack on one my Jupiter lines–and yes, I’ve been very lucky here. Feeling so content where I am soothes my travel itch.

  34. My chart ruler is in Sagittarius and I used to LOVE traveling as a kid, but now in a real adult world words like “funding” and $$$ come attached to it so I don’t love the idea as much anymore. Damn this economic slump.

    *I guess if I didn’t have to worry about money, I would definitely be going all over the world every weekend or smt.

    In did do the astrodienst thing once and I was so excited to find that my Jupiter/DC line ran right through Madrid since I’ve always wanted to visit there.

  35. Moon,mercury and venus in sag in 9th house. I love to travel but don’t always get to do so. If I can’t travel I go to ethnic neighborhoods in the city. I love to read maps.Love languages. I can hardly watch travel shows or read travel books because of jealousy “wanderlust”. I just returned from a week in south america and was very depressed at having to return.

  36. Yes, Jupiter in Libra in the 9th. A Cancer girl who can’t stay home. I have a bag packed for Europe and a bag packed for Asia/S. America/Tropical. I put my huge house in storage and wandered Europe for a year, keeping a storage locker in Zurich with 4 seasons of luggage, each season packed in a different case so it was easy to switch out when the weather changed.

  37. further to my first comment. I spy jets overhead and wish to myself, I wish *I* was on that plane going somewhere fun!

  38. “Consciously or unconsciously, at this line you are in search of a partner, or completeness of some sort. You feel more socially integrated, identifying more with others, and match your own needs and interests with those of your life partner. Relating to others becomes a central issue. .”

    That’s the description of the line running right through my mother’s village (Sun/DC). And no, I don’t exactly feel like I fit in there despite knowing the language since I’ve been living the Western life for 3/4 of my existence, but it still feels like home. What a typically crab thing to say. *headdesk*

  39. I have a serious case of wanderlust now after this post. It doesn’t matter if it’s a road trip or not just need to feel the wind and be on the road, preferably driving to The Doors through the desert.

  40. Merucury-Mars-Venus-Neptune conjunct in the ninth, all in scorpio except Neptune in sagg. Sun in sagg in 10th. yes,sigh, i do wander around the globe looking for answers ( i was the only one in my family born over seas and now live there!) , but never have enough money to go as far as a I want and always find the answers from some clever virgo I sit next to at work. am always paying off debt.

  41. Ummm actually I am reading this from some far-flung city, where I’ve gone on an officially flimsy pretext, mysterious business and “just because” !!

    Jupiter trine moon, sagg mars & venus & pallas in 9th house.

    And its great to be away from the neptune line I’v been living on for waaay tooo long.

  42. sun/jupiter/mercury conjuct in sag….compulsively nomadic since 15, (as in moving every 3 months min-even if just a few streets away) with a few stints of living over seas and a couple of longer jaunts through lesser known corners of the globe. My family just thinks im pathologically unstable! lol

  43. Hehe, Sun in 9th, i love travel! And ideas…my best friend has Sag rising and she’s similar to me…
    Currently grounded due to broken toe and out of date passport but i find the internet and learning / writing a pretty good travel substitute. Cannot believe how much contact we can have in this day and age, with other countries/cultures/ideas thanks to the internet. It’s amazing!

  44. Interesting. I really don’t know how to read a chart but I have Sag in 9th and MC, doesn’t look like I have any planets in the 9th though. Anyway, I have major wanderlust – born with it. My father calls me a gypsy. I’ll go anywhere, especially somewhere I have never been before. My theme song is “On the Road Again”, never happier than when I am on a road trip. I have lived in 16 different cities and a handful of counties and I am far from done LOL

  45. Wow, that astroclick travel thing is scary accurate. It basically described what my life was like everywhere I have lived. I’m going back to Acapulco!

    • Hi Lioness, I’d love to hear your experiences under the Venus/Moons Nodes crossing… I am considering moving somewhere with that!! Thanks

  46. sun pluto uranus in 9th virgo
    Jupiter in 3rd cancer (opp pluto and uranus)
    Sag on 12th house cusp with no planets

    what does it all mean?

    • Rad transformation and shining your light through travel and higher learning.

      Expansion and benefit via communication, language, intellect.

      Expansive inner journeying.

      In that order.

  47. Yep, Jupiter in 9th house conjunct Sun in 10th house. I am a wanderlust queen. I get antsy if I stay in one place for too long… namely, same hometown for the last 12 years of my life… luckily, I’m going off to college in a year or so. Can’t wait to blow this popsicle stand, man.

  48. I have Jupiter in Cancer house 2
    I have Saturn(Capricorn) in the 9th house….that must be why I feel deprived of travel for pleasure sometimes.

    Here are my aspects
    Sun(Aries11) Square Saturn
    Moon(Scorpio6) Sextile Saturn
    Venus(Pisces10) Trine Jupiter
    Jupiter Opposition Uranus(Capricorn8)

    I’m not like one of those people that has all these fun exotic trips planned all the time. The last time I went on one of those real vacations…was in 2002…My Jupiter return I believe…I went on my dream trip Disney world…and a bonus of Niagara falls.

    So I’m hoping I’ll have the same luck around my Jupiter return in 2014. And go to like Vegas and then some!

    I come from a family that only travels to camp and visit family. And in my show biz days I would travel to New York for Auditions…but that doesn’t count as a vacation. Me and mom would stay at my grandma’s retirement home in Jersey.

    If I don’t get to go anywhere to just enjoy myself I get depressed…and then rebellious.
    I’ve been cabin-ing around the state with my family the last two years…and it does make a difference in my happiness and sanity.

    I like living close to the ones I care for most…but I do need the occasional change of scenery.

    And asteroid California is RIGHT ON my Venus. I went there when I was 2 with family so I don’t remember didly. But I psychic told me that I would end up spending the rest of my life in California…who knows…only time will tell. (he was right about me gradating high school…at a time when I was close to flunking out)

  49. I fell in love with morocco and made the mistake of marrying it. My Juno line is there. I got a great kid and crazy ex out of that situ. Astrologer told me the dates of having kid and divorce by reading my chart. Crazy the things that are meant to be. I still love morocco. It’s a mad place thy feels like home.

  50. I’ve got Sagg in my 9th house along with Uranus, and enough Jupiter activity I’m not even going to list it….

    And yes wanderlust… but in bouts. It comes and goes. Sometimes I’m tearing my hair out and eating the wall paper I want to get away so bad. Other times, I never want to even look out my windows. lol

    And that my friends is about the limit of my astro skills. *bows*

  51. I have Jupiter, uranus and pluto all in my 9th house and mars in Sagg. I spent nearly 10 yrs in the travel industry living over 3 continents and travelling the rest. Stopped working in the industry but all other roles since have involved lots of travel even when I wasn’t wanting it. That said, I’ve also moved house about 18 times in 15 years as well. Family and friends can’t understand the stagnant feeling I get being any one place for too long. But! I have to create a nest/home feel everywhere I go…. but I blame my moon in cancer on that!

  52. When I was old enough to leave home without anybody noticing for a few hrs I would go tramping in the local bush, “exploring” . Just to see hwat was beyond the neighbourhood. By the time i was 16 I had discovered the local transit centre and knew the Greyhound bus timetable like the back of my hand. Would ring home in the evening ” Mum, I’m calling from so-and so’s at such and such, so I won’t be home for dinner.” Not just down the road or across town but just popping into a country town 200 kms away.

    Before i turned 40 I had lived in over 100 different addresses. Apparently this is not something you tell a love interest.

    I have a loaded 4th house opposite a Saggitarius MC with Jupiter in it. So, likewise, I have had countless jobs, and several of them dream jobs..Not something you tell a potential employer ( but I don’t really do that employer/employee thing anymore. Have come to learn that I would rather be down and out than under a thumb until I can be self employed… Yes, Sagg on the MC.

    Sometimes wish i didn’t have so much wunderlust in my tenth house . Stability is good, but I have lived like it’s an incurable disease that I never want to catch.