Sleeping Styles Of The Zodiac

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Courtney Love asleep

Richard KernΒ – yes this IS Courtney Love in her her little Crab nest, lol.

Body Language experts say how you sleep – your actual sleeping posture – can indicate the sort of person you are.

You know the drill: if you huddle up with your hands in the ‘guard’ position like a boxer, you’re maybe a little bit defensive but if you’re starfished across the bed, you’re an egomaniac. The “Swastika” sleeping stance apparently signifies extreme confidence and leadership ability.

So the task du jour: To establish whether there is any astrological correlation with different sleeping styles.

Please share your Sun Sign, Sleeping Stance and a vague suggestion of your general psychological state. eg; are you sanguine, an optimist, Type A high-achiever but nutso paranoid etc.

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164 thoughts on “Sleeping Styles Of The Zodiac

  1. My sun sign is leo

    My sleeping stance is normally on my right side in ball. I normally don’t move alot unless sleeping next to someone I will role into there warmth.

    My personality is cautious, manic depressive, artistic, compulsive, impatient, individual, energenic, active.

  2. Sun Gemini

    Sleep position : varies, but never huddled up. Responsive to environment/ company.

    Psyche : varies . Responsive to environment or company.

    Gem moon and I have been known to sleep on my phone.

  3. I usually start off on my side, dukes up, but always wake up on my back with my arms starfishing out, or folded behind my head, or one arm across my forehead, or even with arms up in the air at right angles to my body.

  4. Kataka

    Sleep Position Alone & Unobserved: Yes, the Swastika.

    Sleep Position with Lover: The Spoon.. though somehow I always end up spending more time as the Big Spoon even when I start out as the little one. And even if size-wise it’d make more sense for me. Hmm.

    • Re ending up as the big spoon, me too. And it gets my goat. ( kataka venus and mars sensitivities) is it possible to cuff their hands around you or something. I don’t care if its not voluntary just friggin act like you wanna hold me, is that too hard? Lol.

      • I like being the big spoon when sleeping, feel claustro as the little one unless it’s spoon sex, then it’s ok. But sleeping, i cannot have anyone wrapped around me making me feel trapped – need my space!

    • Twinfish, I KNOW!!! I used to get annoyed but I’ve since figured out that apparently, they love feeling the breastage on their back, the soft rise and fall of my breath there and not feeling like they may squash me.. all reasons cited btw.

      It helps when my hand is held as I wrap around.. tho thankfully, I’ve been lucky where turns have been taken. Isn’t it funny tho how they Auto-Big Spoon when the horns are coming out? haha..

      FF, I actually do think about that, not everyone likes the same amount of cuddles.

  5. pisces sun, aries moon, leo ascendant.

    i usually sleep on my left side, right on the edge of the bed. the temperature determines how curled up i am. my husband and i sleep back to back with the cat in between us. i usually sleep with the covers over my head since i’m very sensitive to light.

    my attitude id determined by the amount and quality of sleep i get…i’m downright mean when sleepy! my overall personality is worried, selfish, very patient, surprisingly good with people, and critical of self

  6. Gemini Sun, Aquarius Moon, Taurus Rising. Need to start out lying on my right side, then on my left side, then on my back, and then I usually fall asleep on my right side.

    Hate sleeping with people, any people, even have trouble with my child. Can sleep in full moonlight when I’m sleeping alone, but with another person in the bedroom, i find it very hard to sleep. Will never permanently share a bedroom with another adult – we can have separate rooms and he can visit then go back to his own pad.

    • I’m totally in the ‘separate rooms’ club. I love the idea of getting a visitor, or sneaking into his room, but maintaining own space. Hell, I’d even go so far as adjacent apartments if it was practicable. To me it seems more romantic than bunking down with each other night after night. I blame my Aqua Venus (with a Uranus square) for this.

      • Oh, me too! Surprise visits are hot … not to mention that getting a brilliant night’s sleep by yourself is pretty great too. I also have Venus in Aqua – can’t believe I’d never made the connection before!

      • It is so elegant to tap on your lover’s door when having separate bedrooms.
        Politness and charm and hello darling may i enter, or would you like company,
        and they all wore soire de peau or satin and smoking jackets, tailored Pj’s
        with pockets.
        So civilised, so 40/50’s Hollywood, so Venus in Capricorn.

        • i’m sorry, it SOUNDS a lot better than it really would be….
          what about in a few years when Honey Dear stops getting taps on her door, or when she stops getting the feeling he wants her creeping into her bes…when it sort of becomes like a permission slip and not Your Rightful Place as the Beloved, Even When You Are the Behated.

          Like…it just wouldn’t be like marriage then, wouldn’t it? But then again, I’m all for that idea…like, one night a week. so i can put all the crap i want in my hair and not worry about no husband telling me i stink!

  7. Oh, and personality-wise, I am a loner, pretty self-sufficient, and hard to keep up with. So quite possibly it does mirror me!

  8. This Leo takes a while to fall asleep (Aqua moon, maybe?), and I usually start off on my back, switch back and forth between left side and right side, and then I always end up sprawled on my stomach. I’ll go Swastika style if it’s warm and simply because I’m a bed hog and like the way it feels when I take up the whole mattress, haha.

    But inevitably that gets uncomfortable and I’ll end up lying straight, sometimes with my hands tucked away beneath my thighs because for some reason that’s comfy.

    Head always resting to the left! The right side hurts my neck.

    Oh, and I guess I can be a little paranoid… :) But mostly just a loner that likes her space and hates feeling controlled by anything/anyone.

    • Speaking of paranoia, I’ve always had a habit of sleeping with the covers on even when it’s summer. I’ll just stick my foot out to cool down, but the covers on make me feel safe. Yeah, like they’ll really stop a killer’s knife, but it’s my thought process regardless. :)

        • Nice! Also forgot to mention that I am Scorpio rising. Could explain the slight paranoia and need to be shrouded…

      • Omg yes im the same idk why, also its weird coz i fall asleep infrong of a nice warm fire with music .. But im a canser sign. 1/7/96

  9. toro sun/libra moon/sagg rising

    range from foetal boxer, to lying on my back with my hands crossed over my chest (that’s more the wind-down position), to my predominant, the runner … one knee up, one arm behind, the other crooked in front, diagonal line over bed, which kind of fits the saggitarian rising and the tendency towards the flight reflex … lol

    • i too monitored last night and note that there it is actually not a boxer because i tuck one hand between my knees and the other in my armpit!!!!
      Defensive AND FRIGID????? LOL
      I wake up sprawled, thankfully, release somewhere in my dreams …

  10. Aqua sun.

    Can not get to sleep unless on my side/stomach with one knee up & one arm up under my pillow and head. This is a hangover from when I had to sleep with my first son when he was a new born baby, long story.

    Kataka moon. Like the spoon when sleeping with the male species providing they don’t snore, fart or thrash about during some dream analysis, it shits me off.

    • I echo yr sleep position Savannah but nothing to do with babes, just always been this way. Often wake on my back or tummy with head under the pillow, all depends on many variables. Kataka Moon too.

      Oh and need a low fresh soft pillow – none of those huge hotel “pillows” thank you very much.

      • Yes FF! Nice pillows & no slobber stained, flogged out sad things. Wake in same positions too. Must have a sheet covering even when we have 28 degree nights here, security thing I think. Nice heavy doona’s and blankets in winter, womb like lol.

  11. Libra Sun, Libra Ascendant, Aquarius Moon. Sleeping on my right side, spooned up to my husband. Or if I’m on left side, he’s spooned up to me. One arm over him or, if I’m on the left side, up beside my head. Have to have some sort of cover, even in summer and even if it’s only a sheet. Love winter when I can snuggle down under the super-duper heavyweight doona we brought back from the UK. I’m artistic, creative, a know-it-all, stubborn, motormouth, sensitive, kind, need-my-space person. Don’t fence me in.

    • Yep me too LA with some sort of cover, even only a sheet, it’s a security thing. If u believe in the Myers Briggs Personality blah blah – I’m an ISFP – aka Introverted with Sensing, Feeling and Perception. Having a Bachelor’s degree in Psych and common sense, know these things are a continuum – I think I’d be close to centre re Intro/Extraversion personally. And it’s been years since i’ve done the test and of course we are always evolving. Getting way off topic …

      • After reading all the posts below, seems not off topic at all, in tune after all.

  12. Gemini sun – Scorpio moon – Aries mars/venus
    l like sleeping on my belly or on my side with my hands by my face like a boxer. l’m big time defensive. l don’t like people to hold me l can feel suffocated l like to hold them. l guess l like to be in control.
    l also have problems sleeping with anyone at times and feeling their energies it makes me anxious so l crab my stuff and go on the sofa or other room and relax by myself.

    • Wow, same here… Though I’m Scorp Sun, Gemini Rising.
      I need space, usually don’t like being touched (no matter where, be it the arm, leg, back…) while trying to fall asleep. Of late I sometimes manage to fall asleep when my partner holds my hand, but usually after a few minutes I wiggle free.

  13. I do the Swastika!! How funny, I’ve never heard that term, but that is pretty much my horizontal posture. That and a stomach sprawl. Capricorn Sun and an over-confident leadership M.O. And at risk of outing my Virgo Moon as… well… cold – I DO NOT do spooning, snuggling or cuddling. Bed is for sleep. It’s functional and I want space and comfort and to not be disrupted. I also generate and exude a serious amount of body heat (Moon-Mars-Asc conjunction maybe?), especially when sleeping – people describe me as a human hot water bottle – which I hope is a nice sensation for the bedfellow, but does mean I have little tolerance for snuggles, I just end up baking.

            • Funny. Reminds me of Practical Theology class (yes I went to a private Catholic Uni) where we actually had a lesson on distinguishing between pre-marital sex (sex now with intent to marry) or fornicating (non-committed sex).

              We all walked out of that class going, “Wow, just using that word makes me horny.. say do you feel like a bit o’ fornicating?”

              Conjugaling is so much better.

        David, that’s just gotta be the cutest phrasing ever & ever,
        Bless your Black Heart. Worth your weight in gold for
        that term. May i take it and use it and bypass intellectual
        properties bureau :-)

    • It must be a Virgo Moon thing, because I agree with you about needing space and comfort for sleep. I have tried to be a cuddler and a spooner, but if I start out that way I always wake up turned away from the other person, as if worried that they’ll steal my oxygen or something. I also do a sort of half Swastika when sleeping. Usually on my side, one arm under the pillow, one leg completely stretched out with the other leg bent up. In yoga it’s called the pigeon pose. I’ve always been rather nocturnal and sleep better during the day than at night. I can sleep deeply even if it’s bright and noisy outside, versus trying to fall asleep at night when I have more energy and want to be awake.

      Psych notes: Independent, introverted, sensitive, free spirit, deep & complex.

      Scorpio Sun, Sag Rising, Virgo moon

      • Oh the Oxygen thieving, yes, must be a Virgo phobia too. It’s like, you can swap spit, sweat and unthinkable fluids with gusto and ease but then find yourself breathing their recycled air and it’s suddenly squeam-factor-7…

    • It’s also a position that helps people fall asleep easier, since their range of motion for fidgeting is decreased.

  14. Can I just say, all of you are cracking me up with your one sentence personality descriptions!!
    I particularly like sariel’s combo of: worried, selfish, very patient, surprisingly good with people. lol. cute.

    • sometimes a person can be summed up with a few choice words. should’ve added “able to make people cry with honesty to a fault”. how unpisces is that? and nuttier than an aquarius looking to get probed by an alien.

      • no offense to any aquarians out there, but they do have a reputation for being nutty and fascinated with aliens. thats something to look into, stereotypes!

        • What about a fear of aliens? Is that a Pisces phobia? I have a Pisces friend who has had a life long phobia of aliens. She refuses to watch any movie involving aliens, alien abductions or UFOs. Try to even talk to her about dreams involving aliens and she’ll tune you out and then lecture you on how seriously NOT funny that is. Which of course provokes people to casually mention things like crop circles just to see how she’ll react. πŸ˜‰

  15. Aqua.

    I toss and turn.

    I am described as “unique” in terms of my personality. I would say that I am delightfully eccentric.

  16. Pisces sun, aqua rising and saggo moon…so like sleeping alone and space! Do tend to sleep on my left side but turn onto tummy when i wake up in the night. And then wake up again later with pins and needles and a wildly floppy arm :)

  17. Libra sun, aqua rising & sagg moon … love to sleep alone, but don’t often get the chance. Preference for right side, both knees up and hands on or under pillow.

    General psych state – pretty easy going, optimistic, carefree … unless tired from not having enough sleep lol then extremely short tempered, grumpy etc.

    Has lover that always wants to spoon, due to my lying on my right and the right side of the bed, he gets to be the big spoon, if we start off the other way, I get to be the big spoon. Needless to say after alittle while, I venture away cause I need my space, can’t sleep all cramped up.

  18. Leo Sun, Gem Asc, Scorpio Moon. I look like I am rock-climbing, star-fish to the side on the tummy. I am loud and shy, manic and sensitive, sweet but sometimes a stirrer.
    Lately I am sleeping a lot in a foetal position, but I that’s mainly to avoid toddlers kicking me in the head.

    • Am ENFJ. Interestingly on another blog for conspiracy theory there was a survey done and nearly 90% of peeps were INFJ…

      • How fascinating considering INFJ is the least common type – only 1% of population apparently (although how they get that stat, who knows…)
        So there’s very few of us but clearly we all flock to that one conspiracy theory site… perhaps I should check it out? hang with my kindred and psych each other out?

        • I’m apparently INFJ.

          1% sounds ridiculous. How can i have as few tuning-fork-vibe buds as that?

  19. 😯

    Gem Sun

    I like to do the side sprawl and pretty much hog the bed. I like to tell Dr Aqua that I’m snuggling… but really I’m just spreading out.

    I’m playful, love communicating, plus I can be kind of quiet and a little introverted at times (Pisces Asc) 😯

  20. Diagonally. Whole bed. on back. Various combinations thereof. When single, which is a lot of the time. Deep, restful sleep unless going through extreme stress such as terrible breakup or mad work pressure (rare). I’ve forgotten how i sleep when someone else is present. pisces 9th house sun, gem asc, cap moon 8th.

    • now i remember. sleeping entwined with lover is nice. except for summer when king size bed is necessary to maintain air-space and not steam to death under the sheets. hm.

    • oh, right, personality type. ENFP. or: solitary, observant, irritatingly self-critical at times. annoyed by intrusive questioning, jealousy and aggression. Resents needy, overbearing types. loves being on the road, water or in the air. affectionate when sure it will be returned. sentimental when no one’s looking. likes animals, the ocean, sound data, erudition, too many cocktails, cooking and being taken to dinner. shy.

  21. Libra Sun/Moon, Pisces rising. Curled up in a ball or occasionally the swastika. Melancholic personality.

  22. It is probably not so cool to admit, but i lived in a bedroom much like this most of my 20’s… i am gen x, and courtney was our/my role model… lucky we made it out alive really!

    GEm sun, scorp rising, pisces moon – haunted? maybe… but have mostly been a deep and active sleeper, until recently, having developed late 30’s inclination towards insomnia or just needing less sleep…

    I talk a lot in my sleep (gem), thrash about and have been known to throw punches in my sleep (disturbed scorp… maybe) I dream A lot and love them (pisces)….the last many years, i have taken to sleeping on my side of the bed, which is just the side i prefer, cause there is no onelse in there… but i doubt i would be able to adapt anymore if there was someone… no changing sides here! Im the side sleeing, arm under pillow and head, legs scissored, swap sides sometimes too many times, to the point of agitation, until i sink into a dribbling slumber. I havent ever been able to sleep on my back very successfully, though did the other morning for a while to give rest to my aching swimming shoulder.

    Im a lovely combination of polar opposites (of course) though working towards balance of motivated positive radiant health, melancholic bitter and angry, light, witty – or responds to wit, apathetic and passionate, dark, brooding and a dash of learned helplessness… these days though i admire my whole lot more independence, though my pillow wouldnt agree with that!

  23. Mystic, do you think the 12th house rules sleeping position? It has to be an unconscious thing, yes?

    I don’t have one sleeping style – I range from curled up in a ball hugging a pillow clutching covers over ears to spread out a la diva with hair artfully placed.

    I recently spent a huge amount of money on a super luxe mattress designed for ‘side sleepers’ and have ended up with back ache due to *not* sleeping on my side consistently enough. Apparently the mattress doesn’t give enough lumbar support for back sleeping or tummy sleeping.


    • we’re adding our personality type?

      OK, INTJ… but unconvinced on the introvert part. perhaps that just makes me uncommitted to being an introvert? (I have spent a long time in Hermit mode) Definitely independent, willful, changeable, opportunistic but also empathetic/compassionate, equal-minded, creative and addicted to beauty.

      • lol I thought ‘meyers-briggs’ first but i don’t know if that was the requirement πŸ˜‰

      • similar to you TA i’m not so sure about the first letter. the “E/I” depends on the scenario, imo xx

        • The E/I in Myers-Briggs rarely relates to whether you’re outgoing vs reserved, it’s more to do with problem solving. When faced with a problem do you need to extrnalise your process, write it down, talk it through, step back and look at it (Extrovert) or do you draw it in, think it out in private, analyse by yourself and then talk about it once you’ve already found your solution (Introvert).
          Im a big show-offy talkative Introvert myself.

          • Great take Lexi on the Into/Extra! Being an Intro I never quite got that as though I like time alone, I am totally a people person and need contact. love your explanation, thanks xx

            • FYI see above post to LibraAquarius and I am an ISFP – not really any surprises there.

          • huh. interesting. I am still pretty sure I am an FP but the rest may have changed, it’s been a few years. I vaguely recall extro/introversion being where one felt more energised, with people or alone. i will revise.

          • I first took the test as a teen (my step-mother administered them daily) and was an INTP, but these days I score INFJ. got more emo and judgy with age :-)

            • She administered them to clients, not us! lol.

              That transition to a diff type kinda confirms my theory that we begin life more like our Rising and grow into our Sun sign. In my case, mutable rising = P, cardinal sun = J.

  24. I tend to fall asleep in corpse pose, right in the middle of the bed … not a big sharer of my sleeping-and-dreaming space. I’m a fairly light sleeper, so any extra noise drives me nuts … thanks, hyper-active brain! I tend to wake up in a sort pf pigeon pose on my right side, with one arm under my head and my left leg at a right angle, spread out diagonally across the bed.

    Pisces sun, Libra ascendant, Gemini moon = hyper-active brain that is prone to some intense dreamscapes. Psych type, INTP, so fairly introverted, quiet and solitary … very much an ‘internal’ person. I guess my sleeping style reflects this, particularly the sleeping alone part – separate rooms are the way to go. Sneaking in to the other’s room at night can be A LOT of fun!

    • I’m a pigeon pose person too. When I dream I tend to have crazy stimulating and fragmented dreams, so that I wake up feeling more tired than before I fell asleep! Nothing freaks me out more than being woken up while in the middle of a dream. I’ve had people try to have conversations with me while my brain is still caught up in a dream and while they claim that I was awake and answering their questions, if they ask me about what I said a few hours later when I AM fully conscious, I won’t have any idea what they’re talking about or any recollection that they were even in the same room.

      I love to sleep though, I love being “at rest”, peaceful and tranquil, submerged and swimming around in my own deep thoughts. I’ve got Neptune in my 12th house ruled by Sagittarius, so maybe that says that I look for freedom and truth in the realm of dreams.

  25. Virgo Sun, Cancer rising, Aqua Moon plus Virg in three other things…

    The recovery position, always required for a proper night’s sleep!

    • OK aside from your AMAZING moniker, could you please explain recovery position for me? Is this like a post-CPR thing or a post-coital thing?

      • My recovery position would be in the bath or shower.
        Think it’s on your back, slightly turned to a certain side
        for heart regularity.
        Sleeping on your back was called the Royal Position and also
        the best for prevention of winkles.

      • Recovery position is how you leave someone who is unconscious but breathing, say, if you’re the only person who can go get help/the phone.

        It is a position on the side, with arms and legs helping keep the patient from rolling onto their back or onto their stomach, thus blocking or potentially blocking their airway.

  26. Crab sun aqua moon

    Belly sleeper with arm and leg up. Photos of me as a bambino sleeping exactly the same.
    When I roll over a highly dramatic hair flick is must, difficult to pull off when sharing the bed. Not a touchy feely person so can tolerate touching feet only with sleep overs.

  27. When sharing my bed, how I sleep is totally dependent on the other. My Leoboy son, easy, we are one (obviously not in any sicko way), but both can sleep easy without disturbing the other. Cannot share a bed with my Aquagirl – she at 13 is my height and all legs and arms and never stops moving! I have to move to the couch/her bed/the floor/anywhere to get some peaceful sleep. The ex-scorp hb used to entrap me in some kind of rigour embrace that totally scarred me for life. Would wake up with a request of an early morning “hugs” which turned into a rigour embrace that i couldn’t escape without threats about losing my job if i didn’t turn up on time. Totally creepy. Latest lover (Toro Sun/Lib Asc) is so relaxed I let him spoon me (helps that he’s 6′ 4″, so lanky to my 5’4″ and he’s so easy going, no entrapment at all. Sleep so deeply with him. I spoon him/he spoons me, no memory of changing positions, quite blissful.

  28. range from foetal with hands around my face (hangover from pain of grinding teeth days) to pigeon. Toss and turn when on my own but the lusty is such a quiet, still yet stiff kinda sleeper I just match him. But no close spooning which is ok don’t like being bear hugged while asleep. i do cuddle up a bit and whisper things to him while he is asleep that I wouldn’t say out loud. Maybe these sweet thoughts have floated into his alpha state as he is sure getting smoochy.
    Both Leo sun, me aqua rising, he kataka rising both venus in Kataka.

    • Personality? – warm, intuitive, cool under pressure, affectionate,funny yet quirky. Loyal to the point of stupidity, slightly vain and mildly seething with frustration some of the time.

      • I think “loyal to the point of stupidity” is a common Leo trait. I’ve been guilty of it all my life and most of the time it just frustrates the fuq out of me because loyalty in others is hard to come by. Le sigh…

        But my Aqua mom is wonderfully loyal and I think I get a lot of it from her. She’s frustrated too, hehe. πŸ˜‰

  29. Virgo Sun, Virgo Rising, Taurus Moon

    Sleep Position: I often fall asleep either flat on my back with arms a little away from my sides & legs a bit apart, or the fetal position; I wake up usually in fetal position

    General Psychological State: Stressed, worried, curious, analytical, attempting to solve the world’s problems

  30. Libra Sun and INFP

    I sleep on my side “flamingo” style with one knee up and I’m an active sleeper always changing sides and moving. It is usually my left side but it is not unknown to sleep on my right. As a child, I used to sleep on my stomach, but i changed it after I was told that doing that makes wrinkles worse. A guarantee of insomnia is to try to sleep on my back. I can only do that in Savasana to my yoga teacher’s chagrin. I “guard” my stomach in my sleep. My macrobiotics friend says it is because I’m subconsciously guarding my weakest body system. I sleep heavily and unless I am awoken in a rude/loud manner, I won’t wake up easily. I sleep easily for long hours.

    If I share a bed with someone, I make them sleep way the hell away from me (after cuddling while I am awake). I am a small person and if they are fat or just even tall and a normal weight, they create a weird dip in the bed that messes up my back. Also they tend to exude a lot of body heat which makes me cuddly in the winter but escape in the summer. I think it’s created a unconscious preference for small statured men who are normal weight or lighter or skinny, tall men.

    In one sleep book I read that people who sleep on their backs are “royalty/leader-type”, people who sleep on their sides are “Intellectuals/scholar-type”, and people who sleep on their tummies are supposed to be good with keeping money/loyalty/secrets.

  31. Scorpio Sun. Fall asleep on my back, one leg bent at a 45 degree angle with sole of my foot on my calf, arms crossed with hands on my stomach. I awake with the bed a complete mess. Cover and sheets twisted, sometimes a pillow on the floor. When I was younger I was known to kick my bed partner. Ideally I’d love to have separate sleeping quarters as my husband and Siamese are very loud snorers. Lol!

    General psychological state: Calm and collected on the outside, but either agitated wanting to punch you in the face or simply happy, content. Bottom line: moody internally, but show only to those closest to me.

    • Same here! (Also Scorp Sun, also calm on the outside and usually on the inside, too). I fall asleep either stretched out on my back– with one leg bent or outside the covers for temperature control, because I can’t sleep if I’m too warm– or right side, but I wake up contorted in the weirdest positions, with the covers all over the place.

      • Haha yes, I’ve found just sticking one foot out of the covers does the trick if I’m too hot.

  32. Cancer sun, aqua moon

    I fall asleep exactly as Courtney is in the pic, except on my left and on the left side of the bed. Always facing out. Often wake up on back, hands neat at side or on stomach. Hardly move the bedding. Can’t sleep with any light visible, any noise or any person. I hate spooning. Not touchy feely at all. Must have at least sheet.
    Am independent, emo aware, melancholic, highly functional, methodical.

  33. Pisces sun, Cancer rising.

    Hold me all night and I’ll be yours forever.

    I am a natural side sleeper in recovery position or fetus for the most part, but if I am very, very tired I have been known to sprawl on my tummy. Sometimes I wake up in the starfish.

    I am: super sensitive (to a fault at times), a cat spooner, guilty when I kill my plants, a human baby jungle gym, and a forever day dreamer who has impatience for others who day dream. I listen to the sound of a dish washer to sleep.

  34. Gem sun….I always fall asleep cuddled up in the fetal position, hugging a pillow. Since the ex and I broke up, I put a pillow against my back too. We were hardcore cuddlers….miss that. He was Leo and liked it best when we cuddled in the “King” position…go figure. Him lying on his back, me cuddled up in the crook of his arm:

    Most of the time when I wake up in middle of the night after intense dreams, I am laying on my back with my knees up and arms over my head. It always surprises me cuz I could never fall asleep in that position!

  35. Scorp Sun = very, very still and slightly hidden, incase of predators who might need a quick sting. It’s a really bad idea to wake me up! Sag Moon + Mars = running man position, upper body down, face down into the pillow, legs and arms like I’m mid sprint, also have to be on the outside and nearest the door for quick commitment phobic getaways. Even if they’re just from myself. I don’t know where my Aries rising fits in, maybe my insomnia and need for melatonin, sleeping pills, lavender oil, camomile tea. Epic Libra stellium requires beautiful sleep surroundings, bed always made perfectly before I get in, nice smells, oils, etc.

    It’s been so long since I’ve slept with another on a regular basis but le Crab and I used to sleep facing away from each other but always have the soles of our feet touching. It was just right, kind of summed up our relationship too.

  36. I like to sleep on my side…but as if I’m posing for a sexy photo…it’s weird! I’m a aries/taurus, by the way…lol.

  37. Aries Sun, Pisces Rising, Gemmie Moon.

    After observing last night, i start off on back with one hand on solar plexus, and one arm around little 4 year old Ram. We then do a little tossing and turning and i usually end up spooning him, 5 year old Aqua-naut comes in anytime between 1am- 5ish and likes to come under other wing..

    I am forever hopeful and optimistic. I can’t focus on one idea long enough to stick to it (in the past, am currentlyworking on it). I despise any form of bigotry or cruelty. I fire up way to quickly but am over it in a blink of an eye.

    I am hard on myself, whether sticking to good eating plan, how i talk to the children, how i drive, but can also laugh at my absurdities . I like to change my mind and be proven wrong (sometimes).

    I am not patient. I like to stick up for and protect the underdog. I get a kick making people feel better about themselves and laugh at themselves too (and me). I like getting people to see the other point of view..( i think this has to do with 4 planets in Gemini ).

    I believe in magic, and signs. I believe.

    • hmmm, upon further refelction re the sleeping, i keep my cards close to my heart/chest, in keeping with hand on solar plexus during sleep.

    • hmmm
      Aries Sun, Pisces Rising, Virgo Moon
      Firstly, I need a cover unless the air is hot as balls. I always try first on my back, pillow under legs (pillow introduced during 1st pregnancy) but it is a rare night that I maintain any one or just a few positions. Though I seem to attempt it nightly I’ve never been able to spend much time at all sleeping on my belly because it creates too much tension in my lower back. I am an afterglow only spooner – otherwise I need my air and space.

      My #1 sleep position is on my back pillow under legs and #2 left side with pillow between legs – but I move around into all positions.

      Like goldenfleece ^ I am an optimist, my own worst critic, impatient, enjoy getting people (and myself) into a positive spirit, and have a hard time committing to one task/scheme/ idea etc. for a few reasons. My light side is a creative humanitarian seeking harmony while my shadow is a bit paranoid, overly practical and quick to anger though I quickly forgive and forget. Working hard these days to spot the shadows before they tip the scales.

  38. Kataka Sun, Libra Moon and XNFP (I/E is too close to call) personality type

    I sleep in very much the same position as Courtney in the picture, with the addition of a thin pillow or pillowcase between my legs. I don’t favor one side over the other and will face toward or away from my mate but I do like a little distance. Touching a foot or a hand touching my hip is fine, but no intertwining or spooning.

  39. Been monitoring and can now report:

    Like to read on r side, flamingo. However, have a few changes of position. One really good one for me is the Hanged Man: on back, leg straight and other leg bent knee sideways and foot behind thigh (arms not crucifixion style though!)
    Stomach with head on arms (what’s the famous Max Dupain photo? It’s like that.)
    Often knees/a knee bent perpendicular if on stomach, or lower leg crooked to ceiling if on back.
    Prefer to lay diagonally across bed. Even if someone’s in it.

    Lots fire/earth/air in chart; Water Sun; scoliosis rising. Personality – yes, occasionally.

    • “Often knees/a knee bent perpendicular if on stomach, or lower leg crooked to ceiling if on back.”

      Fq sound like broken doll – other way round. On back, knee up; on belly, leg up.

      Also been known to relax kind of upside down, legs up headboard, or dangling head off sofa.

  40. aries sun, venus pisces, leo moon….sleep side lying with hands under pillow, elbow bent or in recovery position, but restless and toss and turn etc. having kids cured me of my penchant for deep sleep and insomnia tendencies are now ever present. Love dream and have heaps especially at moon time.

    I love watching my kids sleep – completely opposite style….my outgoing 8yr old scorp girl is like a horse and gallops around the bed all night and ends up in all sorts of positions – upside down, sprawled across the bed starfish etc. She has a double bed which is lucky otherwise I think she would end up on the floor most nights. Absolutely can’t sleep in same bed as her. My little introverted 5yr old Piscean boy just curls up in his side and pretty much stays there all night….looks like an angel when he sleeps.

  41. Libra Sun/Aries Moon

    Chronically anxious but also usually pretty happy; quick to anger & quick to forgive (if an apology is forthcoming); not casual about attachments; imaginative & introverted.

    I sleep in classic fetal position. I can’t fall asleep spooning, unfortunately – too uncomfortable for a full night (there’s always one too many limbs in uncomfortable places, etc.)

  42. Scorp Sun I always start on my left hand side, arm under the pillow and sleeping with part of the duvet under me and the rest wrapped around me, then I sleep on my back with my knee’s up and then I turn onto my right with my hands between my knee’s. My sleep is very organised and I don’t like being hugged or spooned when sleeping Capricorn moon maybe.

  43. Aries Sun house 11
    I sleep on my stomach, back, or side
    Sometimes I sleep with one legg wrapped around blankets or LARGE pillow.
    Sometimes I have a pillow for my legs/feet….it helps if they are tired and aching.

    Whatever of these I end up doing…my right hand is always resting on my crotch. (and no I’m not in my pants.)

    I took a quiz two years ago I scored highest in Sanguine, and Choleric a close 2nd.

    People that know me well know that I can be dramatic, opintionated, and persuasive.

    And first impresions of me varry.

    And my mind set at this very minute is I was about to say content…but then my uncle walked in the door…but right now it’s opinionativly(if thats even a word) passive, and did I say annoyed!? But in general I’ve been in a content mind set all day.

  44. I do a version of the swastika, but usually with my left arm tucked under me, my head facing right. I would say I have leadership *potential* but I am generally all sorts of awkward and mostly prefer to lead no one but myself. I’m very gentle, loving, neurotic, happy, health-obsessed and have fabulous taste in everything (if I may say so myself), particularly concerning arts and aesthetics. I also love a good cuddle, but don’t find it ideal for sleeping.

    Virgo sun / Virgo rising / Libra moon

    • Just found this, pretty interesting!

      “Freefall position – Those people who lie on their bellies with arms under or wrapped around a pillow with head turned to the side, make up 7% of the population studied. Freefallers are brash, outgoing, and are very uncomfortable with criticism.”

      I am seldom the first two but as a Virgo, the last bit is spot-on.

      • Oh that’s what i referred to as Max Dupain style upstairs. What??? I’m up to 7% now??? Who finds these statistics? Don’t tell me: STATISTICIANS. Slice n dice people.

  45. I sleep left side/right side back n forth all night. Two pillows that I drag with me when I roll from one side to the the other. One pillow to throw my leg over, the other to throw a breast over….. and hold close. I have a faux bear blanket/rug that I hibernate/sleep under and keep the room cold… like a cave. I’m in total “guard down” mode while I sleep.

  46. taurus sun/scorpio rising. when i’m about to go sleep i have little tolerance for anything but my nest.

    when i want to get a great sleep i do it in the corpse position – unfortunately my partner fidgets all bloody night and that’s not really possible with him in the bed. so i usually sleep on my belly, head to the side, arms under me or wrapped around a pillow. the little dog sleeps curled up somewhere next to me or on me so i suppose that factors in. cap moon might also. sleep time is business time.

  47. Virgo/Cap

    on my back, hands on chest.

    Until I start snoring when elbow in the ribs will get me to roll over.

    Then it is either left or right side, with ‘top’ leg drawn up, ‘bottom’ leg straight, and arms the same, usually with one hand under the pillow

    • Oh, personality-wise, key words would be

      take people at face value
      take things as they come

      • Great way to stop snorers is to pinch-hold their nose, they automatically roll over with no memory of it. Technique I used on ex-scorp – v effective.

  48. I forgot what a slob Courtney was. I think I tried to forget what a slob she was. Even when I knew her, way before Hole and the whole thing, she was a slob. I had to look closely at that pic before I realized there was another lump of human flesh next to her. Even when I was so poor I slept on a foam slab like that, I was never such a slob.

    Anyway, that pic reminds me of a statistic I read, some British newspaper did a survey on how often people washed their bedsheets, and was surprised to discover about 30% never washed them. Ew.

  49. Aqua sun, Scorpio moon, Libra rising. Sleep on back/left side, and usually wake on back with arms up, always covered. Bedding must be fresh and clean, pillows replaced every few months. Foam mattress is important. INTJ.

  50. Does anyone else think they might have been a leopard in a past life?

    When I was a little kid I used to climb the trees in my grandmother’s yard. There were a lot of low broad branches and I remember easily sprawling over them leopard style and dozing until someone called me. Lots of central body support and your arms and legs hanging free. Plus you’re up off the ground and away from sneaky predators while being able to keep an eye on the scene below you. I think I must have been a leopard in a past life. I have Jupiter in Leo, maybe I find a kind of free-spirited joy in napping as the big kitties do.

  51. Taurus Sun (Scorpio Moon). I almost always sleep on my side as if I were spooning, even if I’m alone. And yes, I like to spoon when I’m with someone. Occasionally during the night I’ll switch to lying on my back with arms and legs splayed out, usually to cool off or just change my posture, before returning to the spooning pose.

  52. Ooh, fun!

    Sag sun (Leo rising, Libra moon) & I sleep in all kinds of untidy, sprawled poses πŸ˜› Mostly on my side. For years I’ve been asleep as soon as I hit the pillow (so not much time to think about it), but lately I’ve been a bit insomniac-ish, and it can result in me tossing/turning till I end up fall asleep diagonally across the bed, haha! Good thing I have it all to myself. Unless the cat has decided to curl right up against my legs. & then I have to accomodate her and stay still… of course.

    Vague psychological state: mental/work mania, passionate, cheerful but intense

    • I often share my bed with my two burmese. Cat 1 – she: lithe and easy to slide legs under to move about; Cat 2 (alpha male so usually takes closest warmest possie possible) brick in silk, literally he pins me to the bed. When I’m in need of deep sleep I banish them from the bedroom. They scratch at the door for ages but have learned to toughen up and ignore them (there are plenty of cosy spaces in the house for them to sleep)! Weirdly they never give up on trying though.

  53. Kataka Sun, Virgo Moon and I sleep exactly like Courtney Love is pictured there. *facepalm* I’m also an INXP since people brought Meyer’s-Brigg up (50-50 for Feeling and thinking always).

  54. Well I started something weird during winter I think, and have only just realised that I am still doing it – I often start off on my back with my hands palm down under my bum! Am sure it had something to do with trying to get warm – but sheesh its an odd one. Am sure I spend most of the night rotating from one side to the other, and don’t think I spend much time on my back
    Cap sun aqua rising – a bit vague and scatty sometimes – but tend to overthink all the wrong things …

  55. the writing on my F5 key is wearing out and i am running out of other websites to procrastinate on. *starts to look strung out and a bit desperate* new post! just one fix! πŸ˜‰

  56. taurus sun, libra rising, aries moon, pisces venus

    i tend to sleep on my side curled up in a ball. i always need to be under some kind of blanket when i sleep, even if it’s hot. my ex used to say that i cocoon when i sleep… kind of like a self-swaddling haha

    i’m fairly outgoing, creative, loving, and fair… however insecure about certain things about myself, even though i don’t show try to show it to others.
    also i am pretty stubborn

  57. Aries Sun, Taurus rising, Scorpio Moon

    During nights I sleep using “soldier” position with a pillow under my knees, because it reliefs my back and allows my body to “breathe” thoroughly. None of important organs are blocked by your body weight, so it’s a very comfortable one to take.

    While napping, my body is in the “foetal” position. It goes well after having a nice lunch.

    To sum up…My opinion is that sleeping positions that I have show only a concern for my own body.

  58. Too late to respond to this one?

    Cap sun, aqua moon, sag rising. Major hermit and misfit, overly sensitive, workaholic… and just plain odd.

    I sleep under a massive amount of covers (i.e. The Hamster Nest) with the windows wide open and a fan on. Even in winter. Random, strange sleeping positions — had many people check my breathing while sleeping, because I literally do not move for hours and seem dead.

    No partner now, but used to share a twin bed with the fiance — so I obviously don’t mind being smothered or having someone in my space; but I do generally sleep better by myself.

  59. taurus, a variety of moods -quiet when alone but people have eluded I’m hyper I sleep in any position my 3 dogs will allow me to, lol But if 1 sleeps in her bed, another goes into the sofa and I’ve got just one left I start out sleeping on tummy hands under & over pillow, legs wide apart. I NEVER eat in bed! Any crumbs would annoy the crap out of me…I prefer to be comfortly numb :)