Sleeping Styles Of The Zodiac

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Courtney Love asleep

Richard Kern – yes this IS Courtney Love in her her little Crab nest, lol.

Body Language experts say how you sleep – your actual sleeping posture – can indicate the sort of person you are.

You know the drill: if you huddle up with your hands in the ‘guard’ position like a boxer, you’re maybe a little bit defensive but if you’re starfished across the bed, you’re an egomaniac. The “Swastika” sleeping stance apparently signifies extreme confidence and leadership ability.

So the task du jour: To establish whether there is any astrological correlation with different sleeping styles.

Please share your Sun Sign, Sleeping Stance and a vague suggestion of your general psychological state. eg; are you sanguine, an optimist, Type A high-achiever but nutso paranoid etc.

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162 thoughts on “Sleeping Styles Of The Zodiac

  1. taurus sun/scorpio rising. when i’m about to go sleep i have little tolerance for anything but my nest.

    when i want to get a great sleep i do it in the corpse position – unfortunately my partner fidgets all bloody night and that’s not really possible with him in the bed. so i usually sleep on my belly, head to the side, arms under me or wrapped around a pillow. the little dog sleeps curled up somewhere next to me or on me so i suppose that factors in. cap moon might also. sleep time is business time.

  2. Gem sun….I always fall asleep cuddled up in the fetal position, hugging a pillow. Since the ex and I broke up, I put a pillow against my back too. We were hardcore cuddlers….miss that. He was Leo and liked it best when we cuddled in the “King” position…go figure. Him lying on his back, me cuddled up in the crook of his arm:

    Most of the time when I wake up in middle of the night after intense dreams, I am laying on my back with my knees up and arms over my head. It always surprises me cuz I could never fall asleep in that position!

  3. Virgo/Cap

    on my back, hands on chest.

    Until I start snoring when elbow in the ribs will get me to roll over.

    Then it is either left or right side, with ‘top’ leg drawn up, ‘bottom’ leg straight, and arms the same, usually with one hand under the pillow

    • Oh, personality-wise, key words would be

      take people at face value
      take things as they come

      • Great way to stop snorers is to pinch-hold their nose, they automatically roll over with no memory of it. Technique I used on ex-scorp – v effective.

  4. I forgot what a slob Courtney was. I think I tried to forget what a slob she was. Even when I knew her, way before Hole and the whole thing, she was a slob. I had to look closely at that pic before I realized there was another lump of human flesh next to her. Even when I was so poor I slept on a foam slab like that, I was never such a slob.

    Anyway, that pic reminds me of a statistic I read, some British newspaper did a survey on how often people washed their bedsheets, and was surprised to discover about 30% never washed them. Ew.

  5. Aqua sun, Scorpio moon, Libra rising. Sleep on back/left side, and usually wake on back with arms up, always covered. Bedding must be fresh and clean, pillows replaced every few months. Foam mattress is important. INTJ.

  6. Does anyone else think they might have been a leopard in a past life?

    When I was a little kid I used to climb the trees in my grandmother’s yard. There were a lot of low broad branches and I remember easily sprawling over them leopard style and dozing until someone called me. Lots of central body support and your arms and legs hanging free. Plus you’re up off the ground and away from sneaky predators while being able to keep an eye on the scene below you. I think I must have been a leopard in a past life. I have Jupiter in Leo, maybe I find a kind of free-spirited joy in napping as the big kitties do.

  7. Taurus Sun (Scorpio Moon). I almost always sleep on my side as if I were spooning, even if I’m alone. And yes, I like to spoon when I’m with someone. Occasionally during the night I’ll switch to lying on my back with arms and legs splayed out, usually to cool off or just change my posture, before returning to the spooning pose.

  8. Kataka Sun, Virgo Moon and I sleep exactly like Courtney Love is pictured there. *facepalm* I’m also an INXP since people brought Meyer’s-Brigg up (50-50 for Feeling and thinking always).

  9. Well I started something weird during winter I think, and have only just realised that I am still doing it – I often start off on my back with my hands palm down under my bum! Am sure it had something to do with trying to get warm – but sheesh its an odd one. Am sure I spend most of the night rotating from one side to the other, and don’t think I spend much time on my back
    Cap sun aqua rising – a bit vague and scatty sometimes – but tend to overthink all the wrong things …

  10. the writing on my F5 key is wearing out and i am running out of other websites to procrastinate on. *starts to look strung out and a bit desperate* new post! just one fix! 😉

  11. Oh that’s what i referred to as Max Dupain style upstairs. What??? I’m up to 7% now??? Who finds these statistics? Don’t tell me: STATISTICIANS. Slice n dice people.

  12. Ooh, fun!

    Sag sun (Leo rising, Libra moon) & I sleep in all kinds of untidy, sprawled poses 😛 Mostly on my side. For years I’ve been asleep as soon as I hit the pillow (so not much time to think about it), but lately I’ve been a bit insomniac-ish, and it can result in me tossing/turning till I end up fall asleep diagonally across the bed, haha! Good thing I have it all to myself. Unless the cat has decided to curl right up against my legs. & then I have to accomodate her and stay still… of course.

    Vague psychological state: mental/work mania, passionate, cheerful but intense

    • I often share my bed with my two burmese. Cat 1 – she: lithe and easy to slide legs under to move about; Cat 2 (alpha male so usually takes closest warmest possie possible) brick in silk, literally he pins me to the bed. When I’m in need of deep sleep I banish them from the bedroom. They scratch at the door for ages but have learned to toughen up and ignore them (there are plenty of cosy spaces in the house for them to sleep)! Weirdly they never give up on trying though.

  13. taurus sun, libra rising, aries moon, pisces venus

    i tend to sleep on my side curled up in a ball. i always need to be under some kind of blanket when i sleep, even if it’s hot. my ex used to say that i cocoon when i sleep… kind of like a self-swaddling haha

    i’m fairly outgoing, creative, loving, and fair… however insecure about certain things about myself, even though i don’t show try to show it to others.
    also i am pretty stubborn

  14. Aries Sun, Taurus rising, Scorpio Moon

    During nights I sleep using “soldier” position with a pillow under my knees, because it reliefs my back and allows my body to “breathe” thoroughly. None of important organs are blocked by your body weight, so it’s a very comfortable one to take.

    While napping, my body is in the “foetal” position. It goes well after having a nice lunch.

    To sum up…My opinion is that sleeping positions that I have show only a concern for my own body.

  15. Too late to respond to this one?

    Cap sun, aqua moon, sag rising. Major hermit and misfit, overly sensitive, workaholic… and just plain odd.

    I sleep under a massive amount of covers (i.e. The Hamster Nest) with the windows wide open and a fan on. Even in winter. Random, strange sleeping positions — had many people check my breathing while sleeping, because I literally do not move for hours and seem dead.

    No partner now, but used to share a twin bed with the fiance — so I obviously don’t mind being smothered or having someone in my space; but I do generally sleep better by myself.

  16. taurus, a variety of moods -quiet when alone but people have eluded I’m hyper I sleep in any position my 3 dogs will allow me to, lol But if 1 sleeps in her bed, another goes into the sofa and I’ve got just one left I start out sleeping on tummy hands under & over pillow, legs wide apart. I NEVER eat in bed! Any crumbs would annoy the crap out of me…I prefer to be comfortly numb 🙂