September Eleven Again

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Wow so weird to think it’s been ten whole years since that day; i was not going to think about it & we did some September 11 memories here in May, when Osama got nabbed but of course, the the coverage of 9/11 is so sad and spooky, it all comes up again.

It is also the birthday of my friend Not-The-Typical-Virgo, her solar return day now forever infused with melancholy and politics…I was asleep during it, having one of the scariest dreams I’d ever had and the ravens outside my window were flying in circles, going crazy.

Saturn is currently trining that Saturn of that time (it was the Saturn Pluto opposition) which makes me think of rebuilding and perspective, that beautiful semaphore-only remembrance mantra by the artist Beth Derbyshire:ย “War turns us to stone. In remembrance we shine and rise to new days”


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49 thoughts on “September Eleven Again

  1. Spooky alright. I was watching a doco on 9/11 and the lights flickered and then everything went black. No power. It’s too late to call the caretaker so I’m going to bed.

  2. This is also the anniversary of the military coup in Chile which deposed the democratically elected Allende govt in 1973.

    So a very solemn moment, as many people try not to remember those dark dark days. It falls in the midst of the lead-up to joyful Independence Day celebrations on the 18th – a big party time here, perhaps more so & more poignant because of the long shadow of the 11th.

    My Aust-chileno friend here was just telling me how he was in hospital in Sydney with acute appendicitis when he heard the news – yeah i had goose-bumps too !!

    Its a very exciting time here, students have been on strike for 3 months, with widespread support – its getting very little coverage in English language press – & then only if theres some violence, but change is in the wind for sure.
    The street marches are huge joyful celebratory, full of theatre music noise costumes art & games. Young people here are certainly shining and rising to new days.

    • Yes thank you, I was trying to remember where that coup was yesterday – I’m all about liberating the day from brand terror.

    • why are you striking? Are your fees going up? If anyone else there on strike for similar reasons? You’re right we never hear about chile just spain and greece right now. If you have time I’d love to know what’s going on in your world Leony.

      • Thanx for asking whatevs, I’m australian, looking 4 work here as an english teacher, but I’ll do my best, briefly …

        The main issues as I understand are the privatization of education, acheived during the Pinochet years & being furthered by the current govt, this strike began when they announced further cuts to education – same as everywhere else, very high interest rates on student loans which must be repaid even if they don’t find work, & the way schools are managed by municipal councils – its complex & I don’t understand – lack of public participation in decision making I think.

        Wikipedia has an article about the 2006 strikes – same issues, its on-going. es.wikipedia has some about 2011 strikes but when translated to english its a bit hard to get clear meaning.

        Basically its a demand for greater equity of access to education, public funding of education, & an end to corporations running education for profit.

        Its uni & high school students & even some primary schools with support of parent & teacher bodies, some students have occupied their schools / unis & theres rolling protests, often with union support as well, esp public sector & copper miners I think.

        Violence occurs when masked youths start throwing stones, blockading streets with burning tyres etc & Student bodies are working hard to isolate & prevent these occurrences, because then of course out come riot police tear gas & water cannon, & the whole thing is more easily discredited & true issues lost.
        Student leaders are encouraging lots of music costumes dancing etc in marches to defuse the anger & frustration that can so easily flare up.

        They seem to be determined to hold out for the long haul, tho it must be terribly hard for many students who struggle to afford their education, a young student in our house here is in that situation. Govt has made some offers but so far its been too little.

        I’m impressed by the political savvy & sophistication these young people seem to have, & the passion for freedom & justice. Many of their placards read things like the future is ours.

        • Hey that’s what’s happening now in places like australia and US – the privatising of education – they call it the knowledge economy. Wasn’t pinochet one of margaret thatcher’s cronies? She gave him a place to live when he was ousted? There’s some crazy things happening here with education like the peeps who run blackboard the online system most universities in oz use to provide readings and course materials etc to students is a business based in USA and they have a plan to make uni’s a cashless place under the guise of being safer to reduce muggings (???) and the need to carry (again ????) cash around on campus. money is so heavy you know? I don’t know how we all cope dragging our wads of money around. So they have an entire financial system they plan to roll out on campuses – where you spend using blackboard money. Like facebook money or money in the sims. That whole thing hooks up with the cashless society that banks and economists want to have going on asap. The raising of fees in UK that peeps rioted about last year also is part of a move to remove education from the masses too – intellectual de-skilling. Putting education back into the hands of the “upper” class. Interesting your words are thanks for sharing the info Leony.

  3. This day has made me quite ill. I can’t read the paper/watch the news anymore. So much laziness and lies, the media isn’t news, it’s press releases.
    Why not talk about MI6 funding Al Qaeda and the tragedy of a nation that bombs itself to create fear and numb the masses into inaction? Or wars over oil, or the thousands of engineers who say the chances of a building falling into its own footprint is impossible without explosives?
    It is too much for me!
    Today, in protest, I am sitting around and visualising a happy world, full of cultured and intelligent people who love their family and the Earth they stand on.

    • I totally agree with you. I’ve finally reconciled that I definitely feel for the people who suffered on this day, but I’m also tired of all the f–ked up politicking/propaganda that surrounds it.

      • I call it “squandered goodwill”(of others, toward the U.S.) ..How could there be any however if….

    • Thats right Andromeda, who would kill their own people just to start another war ??? Well war is seriously big business & I guess when yr in the business of killing y don’t care who y kill. The story put out to the public doesn’t gel – but the alternative one is too sickening to believe, so people accept it …

        • That’s okay, it’s emotional stuff. I am not sure that I should have said ‘they’ as a nationality, it’s a bit more grey than national boundaries admit I think.

    • “So much laziness and lies, the media isnโ€™t news, itโ€™s press releases.”

      Yes, that is the pure and simple truth.

  4. Mystic you are very compassionte for those who died. Mother had been the same way (I wrote about it on the New Yorker post).

    Some information that I have about the ancient origins of Manhattan and Long Island will be in my book. Because of that perhaps my view is a little different and detached.

    But maybe not. I have had an underlying feeling of weepy-ness these last couple of days and have given in to a few crys.

    It all started when I heard Israel “IZ” Kamakawiw’ole’s “Somewhere over the Rainbow” when I was in the grocery store Friday before work. A woman kept staring at me as I tried to conceal my tears. I had bought his cd for Mother (I always called her Mother, not Mom but rarely), but when I had been in Kauai in ’07 I had brought it back for her and the last time I heard that song was when she was alive.

    I think as much as she cared for those poor souls who had to jump out of windows in order to not be burned to death or those servants who died trying to help others….think her message is that there is something better.

    Meanwhile, this Sunday a.m., went to three different places to get my groceries done and was home by quarter to nine. And listening to Tom Petty’s “Running down a Dream”….It’ll rock ya right into to the next moment.. ๐Ÿ™‚ x

      • For the Pisces full Moon I checked his chart to see if any possibility of Pisces influences.

        Scorpio Neptune trine Cancer Venus…

        Guess that is close enough (Neptune/Pisces ruler….Venus exalted in Pisces)

        He was a Taurus/Mn in Scorpio

    • I dared to listen to his song and had another cry. Yes, breathe…as Mystic stated and I did. 8th house Moon needs that emo cleansing once in awhile…

      • Matter of fact, that’s one way to not get sick…emo cleanse….let it go!

        Oh you gonna bubble up
        Till it all spills over….

        Just like the cliiffs
        The clilffs of Dover..


        • crying is such a good thing i have found over the last coupla years, always feel a helpful release and now see it as a mini cleanse too, but an important thing i realised is that for years, i never cried because i avoided it, thinking that if i cried i’d lose myself forever, strange saying this now…and i love it when my friends and i cry on each others shoulders from time to time, it really is so decent and acceptable and ‘healthy’ and human

          i think this was a gift that grief reinstalled in me, crying, and i think it’s lovely that you can show emotions in public Sweetpea, whatever you’re feeling inside. i saw a girl in my town just days ago who had been crying, she was by herself and she still held herself, i though she was so gutsy, at the same time i did not want to be rude and stare so i didn’t, was just amazed that was afraid to show on her face how it was for her

          history of manhattan and islands sounds intriguing Sweetpea too

            • So sweet chirochic…It’s like giving birth, to another human or yourself….you just gotta roll with it.

              Yes, tho, hit me rather unexpectedly and I had just done my make-up! x

  5. A very Virgo disaster. Exceptionally dramatic, enduring guilt even though it’s not our fault, underlying sense of conspiracy overlaid with more guilt for thinking that could be so. It reeks of it! Total low Virgo. It actually leads me to think it was a plot. Low Virgo will plan an attack so clever it looks like it’s your fault! I have lived at the hand of this via a couple of them and it is sleazy and gross. They also have no care for who they hurt in the process. Soz to high virgos, just years of observation.

    • oh my…..what you say about total low virgo….plan an attack so clever it looks like it’s your fault….that explains so much about my ex who turned out to be a schmuck…..

      • Low Virgos are a scary bunch. I used to work with a bevy of them and I think I am still in Virgo recovery. They criticize you to death and make you think it’s all your fault that you don’t measure up to some ridiculous ideal of theirs.

  6. What always amazes me about 9/11 is how little it is discussed or dwelled upon outside of its anniversery. There have been a few novels, movies, art works about it but none of them have really captured the event for the collective american consciousness. For a few it led to an exploration of the “other,” but even then the American people have grown tired of other regions’ problems.

    AAC, I love your description of 9/11 as a low virgo event.

    • Yes, it’s like nearly being in perpetual that I look at it that way. Thank you.

  7. ๐Ÿ˜ฏ

    I watched an amazing documentary called Rebirth last night on abc. It was on the lives of 5 people over the last 10 years who were coming to terms with the pain and loss from 9/11. Watching them rebuild their lives over the years in contrast with the rebuilding of the twin towers site was absolutely incredible!

    Did anyone else watch it?

  8. Re: the blame-game.
    I know we all know the events of that day, what led to them and what came after, is never gonna be as cut and dry as the language-of-memoriam, in use today, would have us think. But for those 2983 names and the people left without them, I just feel there is a real need to zip-the-lip and let them have some uncomplicated, un-guilt-ridden, un-vitriolic grief.

    I don’t know, I’m as cynical as anyone, but I was heartbroken last night, and I feel that buying into the conspiracies and concocting new narratives of malicious manipulation only feeds the politics of fear the western world now trades in. It breeds more hatred, more suspicion, more powerlessness, more us-vs-them identity. And in the end, it’s still not “the truth” it’s just more finger pointing.

    I’ve been engaging with conspiracy theories about this event for a decade now, and my ten year anniversary resolution is NO MORE.

    Instead I’m going for these words, sung a week after 9/11/01, the night David Letterman went back on air.

    “And it’s time time time that you love, it’s time time time”

    • Beloved Tori….

      U2’s “Kite”…..they were interviewed and someone alluded how did they know?

    • While totally cynical about the creators of this disaster, I am also heartbroken and deeply respectful of those who have suffered.
      We need to be trading in positive ways to change things, I mention the idea of manifestation for this reason!
      Being aware that there is another story as to how this event may be viewed is really important, this is a mass trauma event and mindless fear breeds more sheep.
      But it’s not finger pointing at others which really matters, it is asking how we all contribute to the collective, what do we voice, think, fear? How are we taking steps to overcome these fears? If every one of us can give more love and make an effort to overcome wrong we can alter the status quo.

      I consider it my prayer to the Source and my song to the Earth and my poem to humanity if I take the time to see shiny, happy people holding hands! Xx.

  9. Even now I can’t bring myself to talk about this. There are just no words. It’s a grief that will be felt for as long as there are people who remember.

    • Unfortunately I think that is exactly the response that guarantees it will happen again and that is counted on. Coming to terms with grief can make change possible. Your feelings also matter catsmeow, I hope that you can resolve this grief eventually dear Lioness. Big hugs, xx.

      • I think I’ve come to terms, I just think that the horribleness was on such a grand scale that it will take longer than ten years for it to be “okay” again. I can’t talk about it in depth not because of overwhelming grief, but because it is still so incomprehensible to me…

        But I was 12 when this happened, and it’s very intense seeing something like that when you’re so young. Not that it wasn’t intense for all ages, of course.

        There was always be some amount of sadness surrounding this date. There is sadness surrounding all historical tragedies, though we learn from them. Thank you Andro. =)

  10. I didn’t want to think about this at all, but I am moved by reading here.

    I find myself thinking about Mystics nano-gnat comment & truth is we’re all nano-gnats in the sense we each have ability to observe perceive think do or say only fragments at any moment.

    How it means we all need each other, to share and access a few more fragments to put in our own little mosaic of knowing something of what is around us, trying to make some sense of it.

    How the internet represents such an evolutionary leap in human conciousness because it provides us access to so many more fragments and so relatively larger bits of mosaic.

    And how in that sense our idea of self really only has any meaning in relation to all others.
    So the less we project ideas like evil onto others & accept all as part of a mosaic of self is the way to have any sense of wholeness & to stop feeling so fragmented within ourselves.

    Evil does exist and it does exist within all of us, along with love and myriad other things & we are all complicit. To be aware of our own contributions, what we give, we also receive.

  11. a quote by Jung maybe ?

    “In the final analysis, we count for something only because of the essential we embody, and if we do not embody that, life is wasted.” C. G. Jung

    blessings and love to all those who’s lives were changed by this day in history…

    at the time i was doing 12th house secret work in large institution, and that day, the whole world DID abruptly change for sure ! Rocked up to work that morning and ‘nothing’ was taken for granted anymore…

  12. I’m deeply saddened for the peeps who suffered and the families and friends they left behind but that’s where it begins and ends. I have no interest in the hype, speculation or conspiracy theories and I am just as deeply saddened that so many more innocents have died since as a result.

    • yes millions have died and suffered deeply all around the world, the ones we don’t hear or know about too, a very overwhelming experience for all in so many different ways… i like to think we all are becoming more humane and more unified us all on a global level

  13. I don’t think there’s anything wrong with questioning the truth around what actually happened on that day. Questioning actually honours the dead and ensures that we as a society, as humans who consider ourselves “civilised” will not allow the unpleasant questions go unanswered – not only for our own sense of security and justice, but for those who had their lives taken and can’t speak on their own behalf. We have already had many disclosures in just this short year that have given us evidence – not conspiracy theories, not ramblings of those who’ve had a bit too much Blue Hoochie Juice – but cold, hard evidence from multiple sources: that our governments lie, that our media lies, that our financial institutions lie and that the organisations we trust, or who we’ve been told are trustworthy, have been proven to be rotten with corruption and greed. Love is fine … but if it’s not tempered with truth, then it becomes the most profound lie of all.

    • I agree with you Prowlincrab,
      I think Pluto in Capricorn will continue to reveal many deep hidden secrets and truths.

      • I’m comfortable with that – I’ve always sensed the undercurrent of lies, despite my hopeful disposition regarding mankind, and further disclosures will merely provide evidence and the opportunity for a fairer, truly equal and positive society. It’s not the end – it’s the beginning!


    • You’re so right – there’s nothing wrong with questioning it – questions are preferable in situations like this one. I’m just not interested enough to give it energy. There’s other things I question, this has never been one of them.