Sagacious Advice From A Pisces

Nobody Tells This To People Who Are Beginners

This is from the Piscean broadcaster Ira Glass & wow, i wish someone had told me this when i was 18 and getting my (ahem) poetry (mega-mawkish) rejected by mags.

The point he makes about the “killer taste” is just gold.

Whaddya reckon?

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does it depend a bit on what sign etc you are??? I mean surely some signs take criticism in their stride and others don’t do so well. A piscean will no doubt be more angsty about failure than a Saggo who can pick themselves back up? What other things in the chart point to resilience and tenacity? Anyway for me with Aries Sun and Saturn in the first conjunct my ascendant in Taurus – I don’t do criticism so well – I am already hard enough on myself – but dislike others noticing the same. I was a pretty good… Read more »

Ãœber Virgo

I think any sign does resilience and tenacity, but perhaps it’s more a specialty for the fixed signs (Toro, Aqua, Scorp, Leo) and it’s certainly helped by Saturn. Perhaps search for Mystic’s Hi Lo Astro articles, at least on Taurus. For you, your Taurus rising could be a strength in that Taurus energy digs in, powers on, makes things manifest and is highly likely to finish tasks and do them well. That is backed up by your Saturn Sun, which is willing to put in the work and build solid integrity that endures. The challenge for you is to not… Read more »


Dear mountaingirl, you know it’s not so much the criticism but the delivery. I’m Piscean, with Saturn Tau. I can take constructive criticism when it’s appropriate, requested and from a trusted person. Some people think they have a right to intrude upon your space with “advice” at the worst moments, when you’re already low or self-doubting/self-flagellating. Others don’t realise they simply are not welcome to do so. I often ask and make space for supportive criticism from certain people. Sometimes I tell those same people, “Not right now.” It’s different if you’ve hurt someone’s feelings, but they still don’t need… Read more »


This advice is wonderful and exactly what I needed! I’ve been suffering from writer’s block for about a year and continuously wondered if I had the talent to cut it… Will definitely keep on swimming after reading this. 🙂

fallen angel

CLAP CLAP CLAP CLAP.. Hon, support you all the way.

You are NEVER heavy handed with the moderation, in fact you rarely do it from all the years I’ve swanned around here and I DO truly appreciate the protection it affords our little democracy here in le Planet d’ Mystic. Sometimes, the Queen must simply speaketh. Or stomp her well-shod, and pinkly pedicured foot down.

Banning is actually kind, non? Considering you could’ve simply turned them to stone… soz, my Pluto slip is showing.


Yes, he was just rude. And long winded with his rudeness. A relief, thanks.


Muchos gracias Mystic. Wasn’t coping with the constant minefield this site had become!

Ãœber Virgo

Yay! Ding dong the la la la etc

Bravo Mystic!


did the right thing homegirl


many thanks for good housekeeping Mystic x


Praise be to God…was thinking I would just not come here anymore if had to be subjected to that drivel…Had honestly thought of an electric fence around my posts….

Anyway, thank you Mystic..x

Ãœber Virgo

I took a look back at that Gaga post. You did well, sweets. Came out of that with a million times the dignity than that person has on their best days.


Oh darlin’ of course you know it would have been ALL to easy to pulverize….lol

High road, yes


cool… didnt like the specioally reserved zings at uber v

sorry typing poor just now

Ãœber Virgo

Ta, that’s sweet, but don’t worry, I have a teflon hide.

Ali B Aqua

Still trying to lose the gap. Love it.

Gemini 1001

I am trying to finish my PhD AND I NEEDED TO HEAR THIS right now!! Bless


LOVE Ira Glass and love this “poster”!!!

Needed this, actually.



I’ll keep this in mind, as creatively speaking….nothing is relevant to me right now. No motivation to do anything aside from gym workout. I haven’t even had the will to pick up a book. My nosy/superopinionated/but well-meaning Leo co-worker is adamant I’m depressed, and I’d really hate for her to be right. 🙁

On the subject, it is a surprising thing to hear from a Pisces but I guess that’s what you meant by them being underestimated.

Ãœber Virgo

What’s your astro?

The Zap Zone/cardinal squares left a lot of people shell shocked, and sometimes it’s good to just chill out and regroup. At least you’re still going to gym. Pluto direct in 10 days might also help.


A number of my Cancer planets + my afflicted Aries Mars is in the Zap Zone, and the New Moon eclipse really did a number on me. My birthday was even better (not). I think its mainly irrational thinking now: things are sooo tranquil right now that I can’t believe it…I’m just waiting for the imaginary shiiite to hit the fan (which hopefully never will). And yes, my Aries Mars/Virgo Moon keeps me moving even when I don’t want to. I know deep down inside exercise helps with these moods too, so I don’t want to stop. If this is… Read more »

Ãœber Virgo

I don’t know if you have Mystic’s Luna Luxe, but she talks about ‘doing your moon’ as the best rejuvenation, so Virgo moon can get into a solid healthy regime — good diet, good schedule etc, plus getting in touch with the earth — gardening, spending time in nature with your feet or whole body on the ground. Hope you feel better soon.


YESSS, I have Luna Luxe and its awesome! Dunno why I forgot about that…doh. I’m definitely gonna try blending the Virgo/8th house moon placement and see what happens. hehe

And thanks! 🙂


Yes but no one ever tells you that when your older and creative
suddenly all that hard earned experience and knowledge counts for shit as it is
an ageist world that values the next young thing.


saved and totally adored! it is almost like a mantra if you read it a couple of times…is everything in life about work? yea….


I like that poster. It reminds me of what they said in my painting classes, “your first hundred paintings are crap.” I always say, “it takes a million mistakes to become an expert, so get busy making mistakes!” Thomas Watson, the president of IBM, said it much better than me, “If you want to increase your success rate, double your failure rate.” I’ll note that my first published journalistic article took me about 3 years to write, with constant prodding from the editor who wanted it. The next article took only 1 year. Then I got it down to about… Read more »


similarly “if you aren’t making any mistakes, you aren’t trying hard enough”, although I prefer the sporting version “if you don’t throw up when you cross the line, you weren’t trying hard enough”


Saved the pic in a folder for my Aqua sis to discover later on. She is coming out of Neptune fog when her career stalled while her peers’ have taken off. She needs to be reminded that she too is special, like others.

I remember reading 10000 hrs rule has a scientific backup, but I may be wrong.


naahh i can sense the wateriness in it- all the gushing and the affirmations and the general sweetness about it- can see my pisces friends saying this, or maybe the cancer bestie.

fallen angel

Really? Even when he suggests “Put yourself on a deadline..etc”? To me, it’s more an invocation I think every craftsman could appreciate.. hone, hone, hone. It has overtones of Capp & Virgo on it. Maybe this is why Pisceans & Katakas were voted the uber underestimated? Meaning regardless of our nebulizing & sideways stepping about, we know that only doing the work, works. But I do understand if it doesn’t appeal to everyone, we’re not all motivated similarly. I love it, and really, I think they should print this on the cover of blank notebooks they hand out to school… Read more »


FA–ditto. this reads as very pragmatic to me. a keen observation


Yeah, Glass has it nailed. I spent ten years on my first novel, but didn’t find out later about the 10,000-hours-to-mastery idea brought up earlier in the comments. But it’s true. I’ve kept my earlier drafts and they just plain suck. The idea is there, but the delivery is terrible. At many times along the ten years, I wanted to quit. I’d set it aside or whatever, but I always thought about it. The characters wouldn’t leave me alone. It was like being haunted sometimes. I’m glad I stuck through it, since I’ve realized my artistic temperament is sometimes not… Read more »

year of the fox

I saw this awhile ago, but it’s still beautiful!


someone sent this to me last week

Libra w Aqua Moon

There’s also this vid on it which is a bit of fun.


kinda goes back to einstein…1%inspiration…99% perspiration…
must say ira glass has a much more inspirational way of putting it 🙂




Haha. I stand corrected:-) Edison it was!!


Brilliant, elegant, inspiring.
Thankyou Mystic. You are so generous.

Reminds me of a quote on a crumpled piece of paper I have kept for years, from Paul Tillich’s 1989 book On Creativity –
” When I do not commit myself in full
to that which matters most
I inhibit and frustrate myself”

Saturnian with a cause.


i like that twin fish. And i love this post. Nobody told me this stuff. But like the best stuff, you find it out and feel proud that you’ve found it out by hunting ad fishing yourself. Thanks Mystic. I love Ira Glass. The only ”talkback’ I;ve ever enjoyed.
To me it’s like training to be an olympian – doing something creative – but this just puts a neptunian (softer) spin on it…


Saved in my little folder of “pictures that inspire you when you feel like laying down on the carpet a la George Michael from Arrest Development”.


* Arrested Development


I think this advice, too, is gold, for the solo arts. For group creative work e.g. performing arts or film, for example, it is not only about the battle with oneself and one’s work but also with the group and I think, for me, that is the hardest thing and I’ve never cracked it.

MM I think that you are such a talented writer and I know that your skill has turned people onto astrology – they became hooked through your writing, your inimitable turn of phrase.


Mind you with natal Saturn conj moon in Cap in 11th house, of course I’d find groups difficult….


Snap, saturnian, only I have natal Saturn conj. Pluto in 11th house and groups are VERY hard.


Glad I’m not the only one struggling libraquarius!


I promptly saved that to my desktop to read when I go back to writing my novel. I got halfway – felt exactly what this is about and then started applying for “real” jobs. I will finish the novel – but I’m doing a Fitzgerald (or “insert one of many other authors”) and taking a break to go back to it later. I think beyond persevering I need the freshness of leaving something to gestate further.

fallen angel

Question not your need for variety or drawing from the er.. teat of the Regular and the Ordinary. Inspiration abounds everywhere, thankfully so as Procrastination can does too, eek.. but I think after a point you just need to trust yourself to respect what you need, so you can Be.

Then Create. Am sure you’ll hop back to it sooner than you expected Woo.


I’m going to send that to all the creatives I know.

Mystic, no need to share your mawkish poetry as suggested above – all the hours you put into it have led you here, and I for one am truly grateful.

Venus a-go-go

You have no idea how much I needed to hear that right now…






tripleditto – !
with thanks x


so perfect timing MM. My mantra ia put myself on a deadline every week. No excuses


I reckon you gift us a poem !!

Perfectly timed as per usual Mystic.

Pisceans are my due north, my magnetic rays sail towards them when words with wisdom are needed most.


Recently I heard a guy being interviewed on the radio who was talking about what it takes to ‘master’ your art. He said do 10,000 hours of it e.g a musical instrument or whatever, then and only then will you have mastered your art. Sheesh.

unpredictable pisces

ok, so let’s say 40 hours a week, times 50 weeks makes…2000 hours..times 5 years makes 10,000 hours. Give or take a year for bludging, parties and holidays, plus add another 2 years for some paid work….total 8 years…That’s still less than the time I’ve been doing The Day Job. OK right. 8 years to mastery! I can do this!


Yes, my gem asc of course knew this as a youngster but misinterpreted and did 10000 things for 1 hour…doh!


I don’t know why people put a time frame on something that I don’t feel takes time. Some people will master a skill faster, some people will master a skill slower. So what?


Was that Malcolm gladwell? That was the central premise of his book ‘outliers’.

Jen Scorpio

So clever, so elegant, so simple, so commonsensical. I can hear Ira Glass actually saying this. If you want to hear really clever things regularly (often spoken by Ira Glass), you should subscribe to the podcast “This American Life”. The programs are full of really clever things like the above. The story about missing child Bobby Dunbar (The Ghost of Bobby Dunbar) is astounding.


There is also a This American Life iPhone app 🙂

Love his wise words!!!

unpredictable pisces


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