Once and Future Prince

Prince holding a rose with his shirt offSo i wanted to post this pic of the musician Prince to illo a certain kind of crazy-eyed Gemini guy look. He’s totally got this going on. Some Gemini men have eyes that skitter around like anxious ponies. You see it in conversation, should they feel trapped in any way, such as if someone asks them a too-personal question.

But Prince has also got a Scorpio Rising, Mars at Zero Aries and Moon in Pisces. So any Scorp and the Mars for his physicality (and the skittery eyes could be sheeted back to Moon in Pisces or his being a Gemini).


He’s also kind of genuinely weird: he converted to being a Jehovah’s Witness, explaining it was “like Morpheus and Neo in the Matrix” and that he’s gone from being a huge-selling artist to relative obscurity is possibly a lot to do with him having become a Luddite. “The internet is completely over,” he said in 2010. “Computers and gadgets are no good for you.”

Pluto – his ruling planet – is exact conjunct the Midheaven at 29 Leo so i would like to think that when Neptune finally gets off opposing that in early 2012 (it has not been good for his career lol) that he will perform some sort of a stunning comeback. ย Because i used to think he was a genius.


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56 thoughts on “Once and Future Prince

  1. He still is a genius, Mystic! You cannot be a genius in the past and not be one now!!…you simply are a genius as you are being. He did a concert just recently in Paris and it was a fantastic show to watch and be a part of. The whole stadium was full of Prince addicts, all ages, nationalities as well as races. Even people who their first language was not english were having a ball. What was interesting was that his passion for musique was infused with something higher…his connection to spirituality is his musique + creativity. His scorpio ascendent would definitely have a play in this – being motivated to explore the mysteries of life in a way which is beyond the surface level. His gemini sun allows him to ‘communicate’ his thoughts in a musical fashion. To sum him up would be PASSION, PURPLE, PRINCE….+ maybe PLUTO for his phenomenal longevity!!! ๐Ÿ™‚

    • yes… genius!!! he lurks out of the spotlight, being both a massive egotist and wierdly eccentric. but he does appear from time to time, sometimes unannounced and for free, like his amy winehouse memorial, paris etc and he still commands huge audiences, big as ever. he’s been making those kind of silly pronouncements (about the internet, hip hop etc) for many years now. his personal charisma is intense – i’ve seen him bring a stadium to it’s knees! but he’s also a dick, apparently. which is why he’s not reunited with wendy and lisa… at least not so far (hope hope hope).

  2. Just back from the Yoga Ranch.
    Saw the replies from the Yod Ladies. Fantastic!
    Gemini eyes lasered on me one night in a club, i swear they
    vibrated, kinda wriggled with intensity. KNow that look from Prince
    pix above. The eyes need to be dark brown to see that beam.
    Yes, i also like Prince’s music and his proteges.

    • Hope the yoga ranch was fab Pegs! Would love to get into some of those positions but lower back fused…. :??: Oh well, least walkin’ and outta pain. Sounds like you are doing good? x

      • Hello Sweetie Girl,
        The yoga ranch’ is the nickname of the beach house 200 kms north
        of the city.
        Yoga postitions consist of going to the water’s edge and stretching ๐Ÿ™‚
        and doing a sun salutation if there IS any,
        after much imbibing of CowGirl’s comfort cuisine & Aquaman’s vast
        cellar of fine wines. That and taking the Kelpies for a half kilometer walk.
        As i haven’t DONE any yoga for 12 months, i am totally seized & stiff.
        it’s gonna be a long journey back to flexibiltiy after stopping!!
        Hope all copacetic in downtown Palm Springs. x

  3. I love Prince’s music. His musical talents are genius but as a person I could probably take him or leave him. ๐Ÿ˜› I’m not really a fan of his newer stuff either.

    Give me Computer Blue and I Would Die 4 U!

  4. Slightly off topic perhaps . . i remember seeing an interview of Eddie Murphy’s brother (can’t remember his name but looks v. much like Eddie). Anyway, he was saying that he, Eddie and a few friends were at a mutual friend’s place and Prince was there with a group of his buddies. Eddie and co (jokingly) asked Prince and co if they wanted a game of basketball thinking that Prince would be really crap. Well, they played and Prince kicked their sorry arses! Eddies brother was saying Prince was playing in his high heels and the rest of his get up but was a demon on the court! Seems like his talents are endless ๐Ÿ˜‰

  5. With Neptune conjunct the NN opposite Venus think that’s why his music can often have an other worldy tone….Purple Rain…that’s my personal fave…When Doves Cry, Raspberry Beret…he can do the love songs with a twist of angst to them and a bit of naughty (Pluto/Scorp). I never listened to his music in depth as far as having a collection or anything tho.

    Above, doublekataka mentioned “weirdly eccentric”…He has Uranus in an 8 degree square to the NN.

    He was on The View here in U.S. some months ago. Maybe if anyone interested they can look up. Sherrie Shepard made a flirt toward him and he sorta dissed her (through body language…yipes, I felt sorry for her).

    Think it was sorta funny that he told Kim Kardashian to get off the stage when she would not dance. She had said it was “humiliating”. Think with Prince and that Aries Mars at 0, you had better attempt something!

  6. “that heโ€™s gone from being a huge-selling artist to relative obscurity ..” I’ve been paying attention to Regulas thing interestingly as it’s fallin to virgo. I also has Regulas stuff aspecting w two other 29degree positions. I can’t feel more humble. even feel wretched and hidden. All the foggy /dreamy ambition has been gone- Yes, due to the Neptune opposition. Also, the 29degree leo FullMoon in the beginning of this year was the critical point. Interesting for me that his stunning comeback is expected. Would he be far more one of us on stage? What I mean is that…all the films favored nowadays are based on REAL stories of ordinary people. ex, 126 hours, the whistle blowers, the soloist, even king speech.. so, I have been attentively guessing Prince would also be more..ordinary but still hero who finally overcome the loss of his baby and his current love life.

  7. He did a concert in Montreal last month and people loved him, he went way overtime (lots of energy) and people were talking about it like it was a religious experience.

  8. I’ve been waiting so long for his comeback, I hope it’s as kick arse as that basketball game. When I first looked at pic I thought Aries somewhere in his chart, the hair, on the nice lil bod.

    So timely MM. This morning in self review ( max critique ) mode over a performance I gave lastnight and ya know, its kinda hard for me to connect with folk who seem to be running on such a low voltage. When I’m in full strength I can actually feel like lightening is going through me from beyond. But I don’t think my eyes do that fireworks show. Just my entire autonomous nervous system , lol. Sun, moon, mer , saturn in gem. Puppetry of the planets? ๐Ÿ™‚

  10. Prince’s career is doing fine, he’s been more domestic, secretive or elusive, perhaps?

    He periodically puts on series of concerts that sell out. During the 3121 period he was playing very small LA venues owned by a boutique hotel group with tickets priced at $3121 and $312.20 They sold out. 7 shows if I recall.

    He is not obscure, he’s elitist and successful enough to work the way he chooses, which means staying put and letting the mountain come to Mohammed. He has recently done two “residencies,” 21 affordably priced dates in New York and then in LA.

    If we are lucky, Neptune leaving his Pluto alone will end the platonic religious phase and put him back in the Scorpio-Pisces, tantric combination of spirit and sexuality that made him famous. His is by far the best live show I have ever seen, long performance with multiple encores. So talented.

  11. Love him…..Purple Rain, Diamonds and Pearls favourites. Saw the Diamonds and Pearls concert, best live concert I’ve seen by far. Long live the prince !

  12. Prince=So many good songs!

    My top 5 most faves
    1.Let’s Go Crazy
    3.When Doves Cry
    4. 1999
    5. Erotic City

    In that exact order

    He is such a unique guy, with unique sex appeal.

    I’m a 90’s baby/kid so I remember hearing his music on the radio often. But I didn’t realize all those songs where by Prince til a few years ago. lol

    HE WAS A JEHOVAHโ€™S WITNESS!??? Mid life crisis? My mom is a year younger than Prince, and it seems like she was kinda going though a religious mid-life crisis too.

    Could you imagine Prince going door to door? Would you be able to slam the door on Prince? lol

    • ๐Ÿ˜† Remember when 19 had some religious door knockers. Invited them in and we had a chat. They were Baptist however and told them I might come by the church…Never did tho, they just seemed so sincere..

    • My fave is Rasberry Beret.

      And yah, seeing I have Mars Neptune in Scorp and a Gem DSC, tis no wonder I find him sexy. I love that he’s so out there, unpredictable and with such a unique image.

  13. Computers and gadgets are bad for you. Doesn’t mean we’ll stop using them any more than people give up convenience food or convenience anything, but tis a fact. So on that score he’s not so weird.

  14. Someone once asked me what I thought about Prince. I told him I liked everything about Prince except Prince.

    A few months ago, I started dating a girl, her Prince-related email address was kind of a warning sign. Her blog full of Prince stuff was kind of a red flag. The Prince tattoo was the dealbreaker.

  15. Love him. Not with terminal intensity, but totally love him. The though of sleeping with him is a little creepy too.
    But if you wanna dance, flirt, dance, be suggestive, dance and be a bit naughty, Prince is your partner in crime.
    Plus, the next dress up party I go to, I have promised to go as Prince.
    It’s cos of the hair. Lord knows I can’t do the splits, wink, then come back up in (all in heels).

  16. My boyfriend looks very similar to prince (although better hehe..). He’s a gem sun moon pisces and mars in aries. Except a capricorn rising… I’m the scorpio rising! haha

  17. oooh me and prince we are very similar, gem sun, scorp rising, and pisces sun… though my mars is not so strong, as it too is in pisces… im no where near as artistically talented or lithe, or anything… but i did totally love him as a teenager…

  18. omg, have never heard someone so aptly describe the eyes of my old Gemini assistant “skitter around like anxious ponies” is too apt, lol.

  19. Scorpio rising. venus uranus on asc.libra stellium… i was singing darling nikki since i was 6!!!! he is an eccentric, was an outcast ,labelled as a faggot etc…who gives a fuq! the man was stylish like me and isn’t a limelight junkie since scorpio rising abhores it…

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