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Gold To Go


Lately i’ve been getting emails asking for my astrological input as to whether to buy precious metals or which shares lol.

Truly, if i were able to draw upon my knowledge of the cycles of Saturn, Bast, the Moon, whatever to accurately say “buy Thorium from Zambia this week!” or “Sell Blue Devil Enterprises when the Moon squares your Pluto!” i would be a billionaire dabbling in Asteroid Resort Futures or something.

BUT i do have FIVE astrological thoughts on the Economy & so here they are. OBVIOUSLY i am not a financial advisor & this is not investment advice…

(1) What went down June to August this year is but a prequel to when the Uranus-Pluto square is exact for the first time in June-August 2012, 2013, 2014 and 2015.  So thinking about things such as the USA sovereign debt crisis – for example – if the fundamental situation is not radically reformed, mid-2012 will be the same shit only times infinity.  Same goes for YOUR personal finances with these timings. I would actually love to be so wrong on this but i think things are going to bounce along, maybe even go up but come the middle of next year, if real change has not been initiated, we will need to be resilient and psychologically prepped for tough times. 

(2) Instinctively, i feel like it’s time to be debt-free. Not judging or saying it is as simple as vanquishing debt in a single wave of one’s wand but debt-free is the new Everything. Savvy peeps i know from recent graduates (ie; not much money at this point) to self-made mega-bucks peeps are deleveraging as fast as they can and loving it. 

(3) Okay, when Pluto goes over your Neptune – as happens to everyone at about the age of 25- it is the quarter life crisis and the age when  any rockstar delusions about your life/ambitions etc get pulverised. So think about this; Neptune was in Capricorn (sign of commerce, biz and govt) from 1984 to 1998. This was a time when debt went ape. A whole lot of new biz belief systems also came into being then – from out-sourcing manufacturing to the 3rd world, to outrageous salaries being paid with bonuses for cost-cutting and so-called economic rationalism.  Pluto is now going through Capricorn, tracking over the path that Neptune followed during these years. Bubbles bursting. Non-authentic businesses going bust. Imaginary money or flimsy schemes dissipating. It’s just beginning. 

(4) Heaps of consumers are not so much hanging onto their money because they’re scared of what is going to happen to the world economy, they’re on strike from bad service, crap retail experiences and running themselves more and more into debt to appease some faux idea of cool. That feverish “must have” or “you’ve gotta buy it” tone to some media is SO pre-Pluto-in-Cap. Seeing world leaders talking like a bunch of coke freaks (I know, we’ll increase the limit…no, we’ll print more money) over their unsustainable debt levels is quite sobering, no? 

(5) No need to go all Mayan/dollar bills under the mattress/Anarcha Goo Goo on this. Good business will survive. It’s not the end of commerce, it’s the rebirth of commerce. If you or I – for example – manage to make an awesome Soul Restoration Serum that makes you look/feel fantastic, we can manufacture it without exploitation of workers or screwing the ecology and it’s reasonably priced, why shouldn’t we become wealthy off our genius? But that sort of over-priced, pre-Pluto-in-Capricorn crap service model has had its day. Some of the stores and companies out there are SO down-clued on this that they should be investing in dinosaur futures. 


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103 thoughts on “Astro-Economics For The Zap Zone

  1. Number 4 is my favorite. It’s all about corporate accountability and that starts at home. I’ve been thinking a lot about how social media will do with nep in pisces and Pluto in cap. We want to connect to each other but not to toe some bs invisible line. Society has a chance to reorg but it takes authenticity. Not sure how to make easy $ off that but we do live in interesting times.

  2. This is a really good post, thank you. “…..that sort of over-priced, pre-Pluto-in-Capricorn crap service model has had its day.”

    I am so looking forward to when this finally takes over. Maybe I will start flying again.

    • Alchemist, perhaps the debt is your personal investment into
      yourself & girls. A sign of faith in yourselves that the investment
      will pay off? Put the DungBug out to work as a model. Hair ads?
      Model in clothes catalogue – kute looks for kinda 🙂

      Say after me: My income is ever increasing.
      Rx 10 times a day.

      • my income is ever increasing!! (its TRUE!) I keep getting random refund checks and rebates sent to me – overpaid my personal loan and they sent me the excess; gas company forgot to give me a concession and sent me a check for it and a ‘goodwill payment’; got a bonus at work; the list goes on… also, looks like I’ll have a paid job to do while at home for a month recovering from my surgery (p/f reconstruction)…

        yes,yes, investment – am keeping it tight though – 12 years ago when Jupiter passed over my sun I got a job that paid me 10K a month – packed up and moved to Sydney with my girls and 4 months later it all went up in a puff of smoke due to Y2K (was an ecommerce job).

    • Sigh! Today is more painful tbh. Yesterday I was in shock, today I am aware my body is bruised and sore all along my left side, thigh to skull, my neck doesn’t move. Tongue is worse, though Gem says I sound cute with a lisp, it is painful to talk & eat, lol. Darn that Uranus/pluto opposition. How did I manifest this shite is what is bugging me? Ta daveyl.

  3. The only thing valuable about gold is the historical and cultural value which has been imposed on it for many thousands of years. Totally agree with you re land, food and water. These along with minerals come under “hard assets”. The difference is that the rest are not portable is all. In the western world we no longer save gold, but in developing countries they all do as they trust neither governments nor fiat currency. To buy a house in Vietnam you must pay in gold coins, you don’t take out 50 year loan from the bank. Perhaps when the paradigm shift occurs none of this will matter, but at the very least you can wear your gold and look pretty! Lol.

    • hmmm, well portability has always been its strength, so yes thats a good selling point. Though a debit card is probably more portable. Would you have a debit card so you weren’t carrying around gold coins all the time ? where would this gold be kept? in a bank ? sounds tricky.
      “To buy a house in Vietnam you must pay in gold coins” in Vietnam all the houses are valued by the price of gold ? thats a pretty volatile pricing model.
      In australia that would mean my house would be worth a different amount, every day. So is the house 100k whatevers? or 15 ounces ? or is it only 7 ounces tomorrow? See, your still tied to a steadying currency that values hard assets like housing or your all over the place. Interest rates don’t move like that, its how governments stabilise asset management.

      My other issue is that if it is limited (and currently being looted by investment banks), what difference does it make if it did become the new ‘currency’, nada,just swap $ for $old.
      Its a trick of the light.

      • Okay, I got a little help replying to you from the Gem! Is that cheating? I’d hate to get it wrong, it’s important stuff.

        “Though a debit card is probably more portable. Would you have a debit card so you weren’t carrying around gold coins all the time ?”
        – allows you make electronic payments in gold. No gold debit card yet, but I’m sure one will come in time.

        “To buy a house in Vietnam you must pay in gold coins” in Vietnam all the houses are valued by the price of gold ? thats a pretty volatile pricing model. In australia that would mean my house would be worth a different amount, every day”.
        – Yes that’s correct.

        “My other issue is that if it is limited (and currently being looted by investment banks), what difference does it make if it did become the new ‘currency’, nada,just swap $ for $old. Its a trick of the light”.
        – True, it’s limited in the western world, but in the developing world, it’s much more common.

        The money govt prints creates inflation. If people understood inflation steals from all the honest people who work hard and save, from the pensioners and retirees whose savings represent a lifetime of hard work, they would not want it. It is immoral, but legal.

        Gold is no panacea, but when currencies are being debased, it is natural for people to flee to any other assets they hope will maintain some of their purchasing power.

  4. Forget currency wars, gold standards……food wars, water wars more like it.
    You can’t eat bank notes or gold bars. Arable land, the areas not destroyed by this mining frenzy, will be the currency of the future.
    Sorry dromy but gold has been the go to for investors in tough times for centuries, it’s still the backbone of the current system, I see the current rush back as just another uncreative way to hang on to the old system, it’s value is an illusion and will probably be the hole that finally sinks the ‘wealthy’ who are basically out of ideas.

  5. Great post / comments. My simple tip: invest in your health, prevention is a keystone here. (Processed foods are the ones that attract the taxes, and in turn are taxing on the body if overdone.) I love Mystics’ reminder about teeth / bone checkups too (pluto in cap) – the dentist can be a huge money hole I have learnt by experience!

  6. Here Here, well said.
    Even if your not following any sort of astrology, most of the points raised are just common sense and if we as the consumer where to run our budgets this way, we all would be living in cardboard boxes on the street.

    Go Pluto in Cap time to change this greedy world.

  7. You are a true psychic, Mystic!!! Your point of Pluto evaporating what Neptune has dissolved in Capricorn is instructive to the max.

    Personally, like so many previous commenters, I’ve been on this page for months too, compounded by Saturn rolling like a big purple snowball over my sun, pluto, POF, trining natal Saturn and then the MC…

    I found some astrologer online, don’t remember the name, he said that when Jupiter transits within 15 degrees of the nodal axis for eight months or more there is a hyper-inflation “event”. Wonder if any of you MM mavens have researched / heard the same or similar.

  8. Erudite in the extreme MM,

    As a market info junkie might say, wherever you are gettin this from, you are onto the source.

    We should have ALL been waching closely for some years now 08/09 was the beginning of the domino effect of our western “fiat” economy, value is shifted from one place to another, that tends to change things for a long time,

    what value will we add to what to justify trade differential, i.e profit – something to spend

    Sure buy some gold, but dont imagine a future with great education for your kids, unless you BELIEVE in a future for those well educated kids to enjoy

    If gold became the standard again, almost all nations wont have enough to support the existing monetary system in any meaningful way, or at least in any KNOWN way, nuff said,

    This period may indeed help us to rediscover the integrated community that we need to prosper, but then 7 Billion and counting is a very big village

    • I believe, I believe! Well, I am praying that this time-line is one where sacrifice is not the option. I see us all in eco-domes with an awesome barter system, clean beaches and Tesla’s inventions for free energy are spread over the globe!

  9. SOm de Sol i am treasuring this, are you a capricorn? And sorry for ignorance but what are the currency wars?

    I was at a big end of town thing last weekend and they were saying the same thing with the forget about the “hold and forget” stocks of yesteryear, forget about big capital gain with property in the 1st world too, like the kind we’ve all gotten used to.

    i had the idea recently to do more in real life networking, love it

    • Sorry to disappoint … but it’s only good old me again – your long lost love! (“Aw my Gawd!” she cries) Was “operator error” with name etc.

      Well, you know I am not a Cap but feeling the Cap vibe pretty strongly, though – I would say via Saturn. Actually my life mostly feels like a continual Saturn transit … which makes me so damn “design-aware” at best but with no lack of challenges, delays etc at every turn. So the “long haul” is one of my strong points.

      Currency wars = what is happening the USA and Europe atm. Basically paper money is loosing it’s power. Each country / region is trying desperately to keep their currency strong – it’s good for growth, attracting investment etc. But since the major economic powers are so heavily in debt it’s looking more and more like … (just do that motion as if you were dancing to the B52s).

      re: Networking – Great – go for it! But just stay away from Rose Bay. Nothing happening.

  10. OK, this discussion has provoked me to make some notes (for myself, really):

    Money and other valuable things:

    – purchasing power is what really matters – esp. in the middle of the currency wars
    – from now on precious metals are prone to price manipulation (down rather than up) – be watchful and be selective
    – invest in worthwhile businesses that show discipline in the way they’re managed and resilience in volatile markets
    – invest in my own business, with the same discipline
    – in 2011 hold and forget stocks are a thing of the past – actively review your portfolio
    – intensive de-clutter – you have this year to do it – allow abundance to flow in
    – keep on with your soul work – it’s tough sometimes, big deal
    – stay with your breath and stay healthy so you can give more
    – barter and trade in your local community and enjoy the inspiration / gifts from others
    – value your friends and be good for them and to them – even more so for partner and family
    – when nothing works just love in whatever way you can on the day
    – social capital is real gold – build your networks face to face with people you and see and hear and touch

    For anyone here in the same zone / plane / level / space, what would your list look like?

    • god I love this. awesome

      >networking, I only do the face to face kind- looking to co create a collective soon-tick
      >value the ones you love – god yes- tick
      >barter system in place with local community- tick (I just literally paid off a tax accountant in home made vegan desserts, web design about to be paid in cheesecake)
      >entire living space/every document ever/memorabilia/studio being culled as we speak
      >live light love hard
      >treat myself as something to invest into

      • ‘Treat yourself as something to invest in’.
        Brilliant MS, just what i needed to mantra.
        Needed to affirm that i’m valuable and have skills
        as just coming thro’ my scary bout of sickness.
        Know you have had your share of unwellness in the past,
        so the very best of the best to you x

        • big love pegs. it is scary but you’re a tough chook, we find ways xx
          i am on lifelong management of unwell but i see myself more as a quality tester and hard lines in the sand about no to crap. wonderful to see the movement towards body as investment as well. I get sick I don’t get paid so its always been tough in that regard but investment into myself is so much more than just food, its the sleep i wasn’t getting, the respect for my own with constant short term, I play the long game now. Body mind needs to run well so we can function at best capacity, thats why my ‘diet’ works, its not vanity driven is value driven. Thank you for the kind words doll. Invest into you I am sure your cap moon will love you for it

          • ON your side MS, i absorbed every pearl of wisdom
            from the above. Saturn on my Libby Moon & Neptune.
            Mars rocking thro’ my 8th house planets 🙂
            LIke Fallen Angel know Pluto’s depths almost as a map now as you do.
            Just re emerging from seriously doing 8th house bizness and another
            baptism by fire by having to acknowledge my physical limits, and what 7 years of low grade but constant stress has manifested as.
            Likening it to the archetype of Changing Woman rather than the Crone, feels
            better to me.
            Maybe the Crone in her Hecate aspects needs to turn to the Underworld
            for a fuller understanding of the cycles of birth & death coz it’s probably a thankless job that not many want? Or only available to the very experienced.
            Penny drops galore in the Mind-Body Connection.
            Strength to you x

    • My list would look rather like yours!

      But must note all markets, especially gold and silver over the last 30 years, are manipulated! As a crisis develops the gold price will become more volatile both up and down.

      Gold price will launch when sovereign wealth funds & pension funds realise $USD is headed to 50% of current value. Then we will see the herd action in play in the US treasury bond market, with the converse play in gold & stocks.

  11. Yes, yes, yes. I just want to ‘retire’ debt. But how to do it?? Especially when you’ve got nothing coming in! No one in business wants to spend any money. Michael Lutin says that I (as a Sagg who is undergoing the Pluto transit of Capricorn in my financial sector), must ‘put my unique talents onto any business venture… and do what only I can do and give people value for money in that way’. That’s so right – no more ‘spin’ and cheap disposable junk re. services and goods. It’s the real deal now, ladies and gents. Anything superficial and exploitative that resists the change will be annihilated by Pluto. Change or (financially) die.

  12. Mystic you’re the best. I feel like I have such a “heads up” and plan accordingly. It’s amazing to watch this unfold on the world stage.

  13. Are you hoping that dominatrix lady who was on here a while back with the antique Japanese operating theatre or whatever it was is going to answer you David?

  14. Shells my new currency. Maybe i’ll deal in feathers.
    Perhaps i’ll put them together on paper and make cards.
    Always threatened myself with art work & writing when i retired
    and i recon just about now is a very good time as my Ulna Nerve
    has gone awol and like David Bowie in The Hunger the years
    are tolling up, but i will not drink blood to arrest it. Perhaps buy some
    big-hats but only if the service is impeccable & do a Garbo.
    Maybe i could be a National Treasure and never be obliged
    to generate money again unless for honey.
    It’s a sorting dross from gold. I liken my baby cottage industry
    to ‘going out for a memorable meal’ as with the both, one does
    not leave with anything in the hand. There is only the memory of how
    you felt and that should last 3 days :-).
    Money is a type of energy and as an energy we decide where we put it,
    who we support,and what gives the most value.

    The above MM is Pure Knowing. Brilliant. ANdromeda, you married
    the Right Man, smart and good looking 🙂

    • Lol, I want to add if we ever do have anything it will be because of what I wrote up there. People don’t like talking about $, but I just see that as part of the fear manifestation re it. We all deserve a good life.
      And yes, the best part about that Gem is that he is an ethical boy with the ability to prioritise things, so it’s not so much smarts, but just ability to weight importance. He is hot tho! (I think), ha ha, have to go to bed, whatevs said so, now Gem says so too.

  15. Well I will put it out there and say if you have not bought any gold yet, I would be buying even a small amount. It has gone up loads since I last mentioned this on the blog nearly two years ago. Am no expert in the field, but the Gem man is and he says conservative people are investing at ratios of 50% metal, the rest in divided in cash and stocks.
    Imagine if you buy just a few hundred today? It could be your child’s entire education fund if you sit on it. It might not, but given how things are looking, it would be silly not to take a punt. You can invest your superannuation in gold. (In any case it’s a good idea to check what your super is invested in, you may well be supporting Monsanto in some way and so many people lost a great deal in the last big hit).
    But it is very difficult to get knowledge when the mass media is directing you in the opposite direction. Successful herding requires the creation of emotional fear, while rational decisions, like buying gold, require extensive historical research, a solid understanding of current geo-political context & then disciplined action. It’s super scary taking responsibility for your future in this way.

    Especially as the mass media is so anti-gold. Gemhub says what he tries to do is ignore how he feels and observe the actions of concentrated wealth (not retail wealth, ie your typical mutual fund). George Soros, John Paulson, commercial traders etc… They are all slowly accumulating positions in gold. Hedge funds, retail and mutual funds do the exact opposite and stampede about depending on the “noise” of the day. So it is the concentrated players you need to keep your eye on.

    E.g. Bill Gross runs PIMCO, the worlds biggest pension fund. He has dumped all US treasury bonds and his biggest asset allocation is now gold.
    George Soros caused a panic as he sold all gold bullion in 1st quarter 2011, only recently people discovered he used 100% of these funds to purchase gold mining companies, which is in effect a leveraged position to gold.

    Well, I have banged on enuff. My Sun in the 2nd House makes this kind of talk really interesting to me. We are at the end of the time where property goes up and up in value so it is hard for some boomers to adjust to this concept.

    There will most likely be hard times ahead, which QE 1 & 2 have delayed but cannot avoid as it is effectively rising the price food around the world by devaluing currency. But it will hopefully result in people in the ‘1st world’ being more aware of the economic world is very corrupt and change that paradigm for the future. In Ireland the banksters are now siphoning off the super of the people, so really, you may have nothing to lose by investing it yourself…

  16. #2…

    It’s all made of thin air…don’t pay the fuqers…File bankruptcy if need be…They only wanted your obedience to an illuision anyway…It won’t matter!

    My Pisces Sun in law (Sun/Venus in 8th mind you..other’s money) saw this coming years ago…Said the air is only being let out of the bubble but slowly so us nit-wits don’t notice so much but the bubble is gonna burst at the cost of the middle class.

    This is where Uranus in Aries steps in… 😉

    • Capitalism created the middle class so it makes perfect sense they are the ones who will end up back where they came from when it all turns to shit. Capitalism has its up and downsides – everyone’s so hooked on the cult of the individual but the individual has to wise up to survive – FAST.

    • And if I can only relay how much my “Sun”..(lol..he does have Leo Moon)…but how much he takes these things to’s his work and life/heart…he literally cannot eat over this shit and loses weight…

    • Oh whatevs, my fingers are typing just as fast as they can…can’t tell you how often I feel the clock ticking…not that I have all the answers of course but I have some God dammit it!! x

      • talk about your answers to the peeps around you as well as here sweetie – I’ve had some crazy conversations lately – people are so ready to hear ideas right now because we can all hear or feel something ticking x

        • Oh whatevs this is the place where I come to play! It’s my release form the “responsibilites” I feel with helping the world…truly..

          But Son in law said “hyper inflation”…no, not the end of the world…just things will cost more..We will survive…of course we will and evolve…its our destiny…x



    haven’t had time to process all that you said Mystic. But I extremely like the overall tone and concept. 😀

  18. This is only semi relevant and I have about 2 min but MY god, security and love investment urges is high on the cards. My aries mc kicking in with the urge to BUILD (not reproduce) and not just my obsession with eco engineering and scando architecture/design but about something bigger than me, something for a future and something sustainable. This is what I want to invest in. Myself and a home to reflect my values and capture the best of nature without impact AND good design

    *saturn transiting 4th house just off IC marching toward natal pluto

    • 💡 I hear ya Ms this is EXACTLY the time when I was all about wtf am I going to be homeless when I’m old? Homeless with an aquarian might not be so bad but who’s to say the aquarian will still be around I suddenly started to think. I mean nothing’s guaranteed is it? Shit happens (uranus opposition is all about awareness of shit that’s not happening or actually making shit happen). That’s when I got the whole I need to make this capitalist paradigm that’s obviously not going anywhere work for me, take that cash out of the mainstream and use it to support things that I believe in.

      • oh yeah that was relevant to your astro revelation i promise 😀 similarly to your transit saturn was conjunct my IC + pluto + sun + uranus when uranus opposed it all.

      • there is rad new things in currency happening but you have to speak to Leo ex he is all over that. Cute re homeless with Aqua man. I could bang on about this but investing and value are big words for me atm, also I was thinking what could be a better present to my future self than a home that will not only honour the way I wish to use light and space in a dwelling but to create security and a hearth. I am getting so turned on every time I watch shows about sustainable design, maybe I should sign up on an dating site for sustainable architects looking for suitably twisted yet amazing future wives?

  19. Have you got a graph? (heh).

    I think you’re spot on about the consumer–too. Times have changed. I’m appalled at the low quality crap retailers attempt to foist upon us.

  20. This is fabu of course. I SO adore Mystic for pragmatic guidance vs useless fear mongering. Hard times ALWAYS happen in the cycle of life, but I love that we’re all on board with handling it as Evolutionary rather than just gritting our teeth thru it to ping back to the status quo.

    I’m not debt free as such but definitely hacking away at it with a machete. There was a point pre-recession when the price of goods & services here were getting ridiculous, and people weren’t thinking twice at all about even some reasonable measure of value. Though it’s been hard for everyone here, I think it’s been great that we’ve regained the ability to really understand what enhances rather than detracts from our lives.

    I’d also like to add that this economic climate is fast producing more entrepreneurs, as well as spawning a generation who are born suspicious of corporate drum beating, willing to think and create outside the box and is much more mindful of our resources.

  21. I reckon you’re spot on, Mystic. Only debt the Stealth Leo & I have is mortgage, and we are hurling extra $$ at that as fast as we can.

  22. its great that the astro has been so spot on with all this – the end of pluto in saggo and the collapse of overblown, holier-than-thou consumerism and greed, and the uranus vs pluto manifestations such as the arab spring and the english ‘riots’. here in australia (ruled by capricorn being ‘born’ 1/1/1901 as is the UK apparently, whilst the USA is ruled by cancer, so also in the firing line – see we have embraced capricorn sobriety (piss off, ‘david jones’) whilst riding the wave of plutonian ‘mineral resources’. Note the uranus-pluto square in the dogged face-up between the labor government and the conservatives over innovative ideas around clean energy. with australia ruled by capricorn we’re by now means out of the woods on all this, however.

    • That’s true, but Australia is still less entangled. Whereas the US has been pretty well bought and sold by the Communists it tried to oust in the 50’s. Their problems will be that they won’t be able to pay their armed forces and police and of course, it is the country where everybody has a gun. Control? Uk overpopulated and srewed it all up with the Euro crap will also suffer. Be so grateful you live in Australia whose resources in land and so forth are still high. The Mayans were a demoniac race, selfserving. It is said that when the land was joined to all form Bharat or India, these were the deamonic races who burrowed underground and ended up the South American civilizations. They actually did not predict their own ending? funny that. Stay within your means and with integrity. Because integrity is the big issue that Pluto in Capricorn is digging for.

  23. #5….This is what I have thought about….

    New Pisces doc would not have bought the chiro practice if not a good investment for he and his wife’s future…He has multiple Virgo fof ffs and researched several practices before making his decision…Kataka doc said he has “a shit load of money” (he used to play Canadian professional football) and Kataka doc no business dummy I assure you..Pisces doc stated that Kataka doc “had fine tuned his practice”..

    How’s that for the watery folk workin’ together…love em’

    Unless the powers that be strip every benefit clean, we are okay as we have many nurses, police officers and school teachers as our bread and butter and I thank God for that, every day.

    • And besides, heard somewhere, some tv program I think, that the Mayan sacraficed people so that the Sun would rise in the morning…

      How much stock can one put in such ignorance (not to slight them, but we are going forward, not backwards!)

        • You are one of them? Well the fuqers will only get so far..Do you know (of course not, of course 🙂 ) that my nephew is a Marine and one of the questions they ask (I heard this from his Dad, my brother), but they ask the Marines if they are willing to shoot on American civilians…If not, they ship them of to Afghanistan…chilling but I have faith in a higher power…

          But never mind all that tonight…still listening to “Zoo Station” Oh it a zoo alright… 😆

          • Chilling in the extreme, Sweetie.
            Usof A broke now, wait til they bring the boys back with
            the costs of rehab, medical etc. That useless war has cost
            trillions and we ALL know it!

            • Beyond…..just well, beyond…Beyond any sane prioritization.

              But today is Friday and am looking at the green scape around me…Green for healing….Get the feet wet…feed the little squirrel that comes around often whereupon I put a few crackers or bread pieces out for him. He is telling me to prioritize my own life and to think about things in a meaningful way. x

  24. And anyone, if you ARE investing, please don’t invest in industries or businesses that have a revolting exploitative business model. For example, any company that is not a signatory to the IMF’s Equator principles or has mining interests in countries experiencing insane levels of civil conflict, and similar potential humanitarian or ecological shit-fests. Do your research, put your money where your mouth is!! Thank you.

    • YES YES YES UP we are ALL investing whether we know it or not. Where is your super invested people? If it’s in the balanced or High or whatever in your super fund you are responsible for funding some of the things you might feel are morally wrong. Your 9% a year (if you’re in oz) is funding things that you might not want to support if you knew where it was going. So when you retire and start to draw on your super and think woe is we the oceans are polluted and the coal seam gas thing got a bit out of hand didn’t it? the truth is, if you didn’t consciously invest your super in the now, you will be indirectly responsible for causing those things. It’s time for the super funds to start being a bit more transparent so people (the ones who care) know where the money is being invested. Time to demand more choice from the fund managers – if you care, tell them you want more sustainable fund choices, bother them with letters (!? LOL) and emails, talk about it on facebook etc. More ethical choices on the list = a more sustainable life for all of us and those who follow. It’s the peeps who come after us that I am the most concerned about. We have to make sure there’s something left, some viable soil to plant food in, some water tables that aren’t toxic, some oceans with fish in them etc.

      • exactly whatevs!! I was going to come back and post “and don’t forget your super fund” , fab that you’re on it already 😀 Super funds and managed funds (among others) are called ‘Institutional investors’ and they account for VAST portions of cash being shunted around the world funding god knows what.

        Google “electronic herd” as well. in the context of international investment .. anyway author Thomas Friedman (fan of globalisation fyi) made up the term

        also a book coming out soon called “the greening of capitalilsm”, check it out.

  25. I continue to think you’re amazing. I also agree fundamentally with all of your points. shit-talk about money, people’s livelihoods and wellbeing, is no longer acceptable. Natch these (neo marxist?) philosophies take a decade or 3 to filter into the densest consciousnesses, but there is some great literature out there leading the way. Gotta watch for the lobbyists, hegemons and megalomaniacs keen to keep their sticky mitts on the $$, they will do their best to fuq with real progress!

  26. Regarding the boycott of spending on bad service etc my business has been shaved to premium and Stella quality by the reckoning times of the global financial wobblies. Instead of being bargained down I have been bargained up by my clients. Not bragging cos it isn’t about me, its this pluto in cap for sure. I have always been totally real in my management and “product” and go just beyond normal human limitations to deliver. Hard work no frills pays off now, definately . Ten years ago, with pluto in sagg I worked for a boss and making business boom was all about believable cutting edge spin, loosely tied to some essential truth. Now, it is just the work that speaks and commands respect. And clients now are also more interested in the format of my business more than the years spent getting ” formal qualifications”.

    Totally agree re debt scenarios too. Everyone wants their own steady foundations .

    • Well done TFR. It’s about being honourable and generous to your clients. And truthful. They’ll come back and also tell others. I wish you and your business the very best. What do you do, by the way?

      Credit cards: Having had my monthly credit card payment go up from $80 to $190 because I took out some cash on the card 2 months ago (all paid back) but not the full amount owing on the card, I can’t believe the robbery that goes on. It’s still the same amount owing as before, but the repayment interest has doubled. Can’t quite believe it’s legal to charge double the interest when I’ve paid off the cash I took out in the first place. I didn’t realise it.

      • Credit card regulations are evil. You probably have fewer losses at the poker table! Well I hope that doesn’t happen again for you. In answer to your question about my business – I massage at clients’ homes, at workplaces, at festivals. In three states 🙂 – a very mobile massage service.

      • Yes! You would scream if you knew what my credit card repayments were but same thing; i skipped a payment as i was away and did not get the bill and blam. Penalty fees galore. I was going to get mad at the bank but i thought, why bother, point is to pay it down and live within (gasp) my means.

        And YES! again. Only giving my money to people who treat me right.

  27. 😯

    This is genius Mystic! I am definitely in debt free mode and looking at different ways to spend money. I’m totally off consumerism and have been for quite some time, I don’t really want anything, I just want what I need and that’s it. Lately all I have bought are books and not much else! 😯

    • exact same boat bgem. Pluto in cap is a godsend thus far re the books. is this NN 2nd house finally kicking in? abhor the idea of owing anyone anything. I don’t spend unless I can count chickens hatching -growing- etc

    • I couldn’t help but overhear your saving and book buying reverie ladies, I too am there with you and have you noticed the more the computerised book becomes the norm the cheaper REALLY amazing books get? I’m finding the ones I could never afford before are on the less than $20 table all the time. The little voice in my head is also saying you will have to pay to ship these suckers across the ocean one day too so I’ve been far less gluttonous at the red hot deals table than I could have been.

    • Totally resonate with this Mystic. And point 4 jumps out particularly.
      Have done my debt free bit a few years ago and haven’t been consumering in a while either… Power to the people who will not be sold any more!!

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