Colin Farrell Does Pluto

Colin Farrell magazine cover

I think Colin Farrell is a complete genius. Gorgeous too, obviously.

He’s been non-stop Pluto transitting for six years now: Rehab & fatherhood having altered him heaps, he’s now doing Pluto over his Capricorn Ascendent.

THAT little astro-passage began earlier this year with him reciting a poem at the funeral of Elizabeth Taylor, the very Jupiter-Saturn The Leaden Echo-The Golden Echo.  Can you think of a more surreally theatrical Pluto moment?

Weird, yes? They were apparently good friends. Then again, you would think she would have a thing for beautiful and talented complicated Celt men.  But way to go with Pluto conjunct Ascendant.

He’s a Sun-Venus conjunct in Gemini: dipped in blarney juice at birth no doubt, super-charming & Mercurial with Moon in Cancer (this one likes the older woman, he had a crush on Marilyn Monroe as a child and used to write her notes, even though he knew she had passed)  & with North Node/Midheaven in Scorpio: Super-success and influence when Saturn gets there in a few years time.

Part of his nouveau thing is less complicated-fuqed-up-addict type characters and more fun roles, like in Horrible Bosses and Fright Night + he’s doing the remake of Total Recall so he’s HAD to become a gym-bunny.  The transformation from chain-smoking, dipsomaniac, demon-stalked hot mess to hot, healthy, happy and at peace with himself has been fantastic, yes?

Pluto-Tripping may not be fun but it DOES work.

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38 thoughts on “Colin Farrell Does Pluto

    • ditto that~ one moment in Ondine my galpal and I held our breath in awe
      he is spectacular, thanks Mystic for the pm oogle yes yum

      • good god or merwoman goddess… that movie just made me realise how fuqing sexy he is! never known it before… am totally besotted….

        loved that movie, between sigur ros soundtrack, lovely cinematography, ethereal females, and rough irish loverboy, it was all ON!

      • That’s another one i mess him up with!!!! It’s like I keep super-imposing someone else’s picture on his name. :d

    • YOTF! No way can I confuse the two. WF – just eeew 4 me. I guess it’s personal and I do share CF’s Kataka Moon & Gem Venus. Me too with the Pluto Phoenixing – has passed my Venus, NN, Vertex, Mars and now has my Moon in sights.

  1. I’ve always thought Colin Farrell was a little creepy and unsexy. I’ve never understood the fascination.

    But that said, I recently saw Fright Night (which was entertaining but not as classic as the original), and thought that he MUST have something in Leo. The swagger was too over-the-top and he even hissed (I’m a hisser too, what can I say?). Looks like he has Mars in Leo. Ha! And the guy who played it originally was a Leo sun (he was creepy too).

    Who says only Scorps get to be vampires?

    • I didn’t think much of him until I saw ‘The New World’. I’m converted. Beautiful film too!

      I’ve heard ‘In Bruges’ is bloody funny but very very dark. It’s on the list.

      • I haven’t see The New World because Native American movies always make me apprehensive. But I have a small crush on the actress in that movie and I want to see her in Princess Kaiulani (even if it only got 5.7 stars on IMBD…). She is an Aqua and Capricorn dominate. Of COURSE I like her. 🙂

        • It’s worth seeing. If anything it may romanticize the Native Americans, but the metaphors are beautiful — a clash of civilisations, love, betrayal, tragedy — and it does a great job of exalting nature, and all that was lost of the ‘old’ world, I guess.

          • I agree UV, I thought The New World was beautiful. Beautifully shot certainly and CF was great in it with his hang dog eyes expressing volumes.
            I found In Bruges hysterically funny, despite the gore towards the end – but then I quite like dark humour.
            Ondine he was sexy/broody/hot.

            He also had a cameo in the movie Victoria Guerin, about the Irish investigative reporter who was killed for exposing drug lords.
            He chats her up in the street as she’s watching a TV interview with Eric Cantona through a shopfront window. He plays this typical Irish lad with a thick brogue and charm. She tells him how she met Cantona once and during their chat he goes from mutual footballer admiration to admiration of Veronica. His final line where he tries to chat her up is brilliant and funny and the whole vignette is deftly done. He totally steals the scene which when you’re playing opposite Cate Blanchett is no mean feat. More than just a pretty face.

  2. I totally agree: his chart indicates brilliance, v clever.

    Yet, it’s not just that his chart is radically interesting.

    More than that: he is working in an industry which will assist to bring his chart to life / live and play out and grow his chart.

    I’ve got ascendant envy. I wish I had his Capricorn Ascendant. I’ll have to settle for Saturn, which is in the ball-park being it’s ruler I guess.

    Great Monday arvo post MM, thank you! xo

    • My Leo sis is Cap Ascendant. Does not know the meaning of the word ‘pressure’. Formidable femme.

  3. I will never.ever. forgive him, or whoever directed it, for Alexander.

    Plus I don’t have a lot of time for complicated-and-screwing-up-other-peoples-lives. Got over that one by about 22. Not terribly impressed by a man who leaves his children – I hardly count that as “Fatherhood” – he dumped his last sperm-recipient when the child was barely a year old

    Soooo much more interested in people who have it together. Men who take being a Father seriously. People able to make and keep a commitment. Hotness counts for NOTHING next to such a complete lack of moral fibre.

    How about Pierce Brosnan as a beautiful Irish man with a soul the same shining colour as his eyes ?!? A man to whom “Fatherhood” actually means something ?!?

      • …didn’t know that about Colin, don’t follow his personal life, scruffy and dark- eye candy in a selkie movie, too bad that puts me off him. My dad and I had Saturn conjunct, steady dependable. Pierce Brosnan in Thomas Crown Affair ? mmm yes please…Rene Russo is stellar as well….or may I suggest new dad Cappy Sun Orlando Bloom, a kind generous gent.
        Great to hear some kudos for Pluto on Cap Asc x

    • Suspect Cap ascendant has something to do with aversion to fatherhood – possibly something to do with his own father?
      An ex of mine who also has Pluto on his ascendant right now has same aversion: partly fear of the responsibility; partly subconscious memories of his own father’s reaction to him (as first son) diverting his mother’s/wife’s attention away from hubby.
      In fact, hugely competitive/difficult relationship between child/father has blighted the growing up of at least two of my Cappy ascendant friends. There are no doubt hi-Caps who make the best fathers ever (determined not to repeat the sins of their own), but then, the ultimate low-Cap story is dour old father time himself, Kronos, knocking off his kids out of jealousy/sense of having his power threatened/fear they’d eclipse him etc.
      That’s my theory anyway…

      • All I’m seeing is judgement, who really knows him or his partner(s). We are all imperfect. Judge? Then expect to be judged. Relationships are complex and only those involved really know what’s going on (& often not).

        • Was doing the opposite of judging – ie responding to somewhat more critical posts above by saying that there is always more than meets the eye to these things – so no apologies for that here. Often, at least in my experience with Caps, father experiences have some relevance.

        • I was responding more to Mystic’s take that Fatherhood has altered him heaps. I’d say he’d have to actually *be* a Father for it to alter him. Leaving before your kid is a year old does not make you a Father…..

          Also judgement ?! Hell yes !! Soooo not impressed. I am quite happy to be judged by others – go for it ! You may judge me as a judgemental person 🙂

  4. Ah, see, there must be something about my personality/chart that is repelled by the Colin Farrells of the world. He seems greasy-skeezy-gross to me.

  5. I LOVED him in Horrible Bosses!!! Totally changed my opinion of him – now I think he’s awesome! Previously, I thought he was a bit daft.

  6. ..and I thought I’d be the odd one out by finding him a bit unexciting… or “greasy-skeezy-gross to me”. Thanks Bright: could not have said it any better myself.
    Perhaps if he shaved or at least washed…

    • I think he ought to be WAXED within an inch of his life. Would at least wipe the smirk off along with the depilation.

  7. Well he’s nice ‘n’ all, but I got my own Sun-Venus in Gem, Moon in Cancer and Scorp MC man!! 😉

    Colin I hear is a dedicated papa to his older kid, but I really don’t know the full story. You hope people try to keep it together for the sake of their poppets if it is healthy and possible.

    Gotta say that Colin is a Dragon, full of ego, bombast and thunder (while my hub is an Ox, cool and methodical).
    As for the Sun Venus in Gem, I think it shows as pragmatism in relationships which can be patient and loving or clinical and lacking heart depending on how it is used.

    His sun is in the 5th, kinda powerful placement, so fun and games and plenty of kids seems possible? My Gem’s is in the 4th, the silver screen not so much, more the cook-pot, bless.


  8. Had to comment to defend his “absent fatherhood”. I have never been a fan of his but saw a complete transformation after the birth of his first child in 2002/2003. His baby was born with Angelman’s syndrome and he has been a huge supporter for years- making publix service annoucements, etc. He mentioned it on the talkshow circuit several years back and is doing it again this year. Here is a recent one on Letterman

  9. Ack. I just think that “Fatherhood’ is something you DO on a daily basis, not TALK about on a chat show.

    I’m sure that having a baby with a serious illness has changed him; and yes, I know nothing about his relationships with the mothers of his children; and yes, I am being hideously critical and judgemental.

    Its probably because I don’t find him hot, and I don’t find “complicated” hot, and I don’t have a lot of time for blokes who change their minds about a relationship within a year of fathering a child within it (if that made any sense at all ?)…

    A friend of mine is a relationship counsellor, and one of the things she tells struggling couples is not to break up within two years of having a child, because the odds are that its sleep deprivation, or exhaustion, or Weetbix-in-the-eyes or all of the above, rather than fundamental flaws in the relationship.

    I also have a number of girlfriends who were abandoned, and I use the word advisedly, in the same situation because the bloke involved just found it all too hard; so maybe I am projecting onto Colin just a teensy bit here.

    Anyway, this column is a paean to the hotness of Colin rather than his unknowable attributes as a father, so I shall butt out and go back to my handbag designing instead…..

    • You got it right the first time; no need to back track. Colin’s relationship with his 2nd baby-mama ended not one year after the child was born but SIX MONTHES after.

      For the next year of Henry’s life, Colin only saw Henry when it was convenient for HIM. There was a lot of tension, and apparently still is, between he and his ex in regards to Henry. She’s no push over.

      There are still questions about how involved Colin actually is with his 1st son. There is no doubt of his generosity towards both mother’s, but it’s been said in the international press that his “good father” image is a facade and he needed/needs a lot of coercing to get personally involved with his kids.

  10. Oooh! I’m so excited! I’m North node Scorpio, too. Really? Super success?! Yay! (I knew it 😉

  11. In terms of sexy Irishmen I prefer Aidan Turner (who by some odd coincidence is also a Gemini), but I think finding out that Colin is a Capricorn Ascendant *might* help me make sense of my own Cap Asc. Because truthfully, I’ve never identified with the traditional static interps since they make us out to be 100% conservative and based on that, if you saw me on the street….you would not believe I was a Capricorn Asc. LOL

    I also have a Cancer Sun/Gemini Venus so we kind of do have the same energy swirling around, but I’ve never cared for him outside of the “New World” and “Alexander” (yes, I said it). His personal life is off putting. I like youthfulness in some areas, but I don’t care much for the “peter-pan” syndrome.

  12. All I can say is if I ever met the man, and from what my chart looks like against his, it would be a flirt match in heaven haha. We both have water moons and my Mars in Gem would totally peek his V.I.G. easily *hehe*

    Also the Rodden Rating online calls for a “C”, which means that his Birthtime is not as accurate, due to no real source of where it comes from originally.,_Colin

    (I also use to think he was dead sexy when I was younger lol not so much now from the looks of that photo!)

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