Asteroid Goddess Nike!!!

Nike The Goddess of Victory

Was looking at fitness gear on the Nike site – no I’m not shilling for them but my Mercury in Aries loves reading stuff like “You are in charge-You are entirely up to you” etc..right and then i thought well, I know Nike is actually a Goddess and the Goddess of Victory at that but is she an asteroid?

And voila guys, Nike is asteroid 307.  Currently at 22 Scorpio.  You can go and look her up on your chart using Astrodienst’s Extended Options.  Just enter the number 307 & voila.

We haven’t had a good asteroid craze for a while and it will take our mind off the Zap Zone, yah?

My Nike is 11 Cancer/Kataka which gives me a Grand Water Trine with the Midheaven in Scorpio and Saturn in Pisces. I am claiming it. My Saturn could totally do with a trine from asteroid Nike.

What does Nike mean in your chart? Well, the meanings are obvious. Strength, speed, victory – where you win.

The Roman name for Nike? Victoria.

The modern names Nicola, Nick, Nicholas are all from Nike and hence also mean victory.

So, where is YOUR Nike? And does she fit? Are you a winner?

Nike Of Colchis

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I’ve got Nike in Sagittarius which is trine to my Jupiter in Aries.


Nike 6 degrees Aries, pretty much conjunct Venus. Sounds ok to me. Bit scary for teh boys. Heh!


I have Nike conjunct Lilith in Leo, 7th house. My 7th is packed: Mars and Merc, conjunct on the first degree of Leo, and POF in Leo/7th also. But I hate business partnerships, shun them like the plague. And I am NOT a relationship winner, either. Unless you consider being sole beneficiary of a tragic/genius husband who died suddenly in a hotel in Cambodia, as sometimes happens to unmedicated bipolars. I am doubtful about any positive effect conferred on me by all these planets in my 7th. Victory? Sure, if Victory is finally being left alone to some peace and… Read more »

Water Pig

Nike is 15 degrees Pisces in my 8th house sextile my sun in 10th/MC. The only other things I have in the 8th house are Juno (Pisces) and Eris and Pholus (Aries). The 8th house is really interesting. Death, secrets, taboos, inheritance, maybe intuition? If it’s a winning vibe then I would say my intuition has been enhanced especially when I am with other people or groups/public. The sextile to the sun in 9th shows that maybe my intuition re work, travel, study has been correct. The 8th house is also about working with the collective but not so much… Read more »


Nike in Scorp, beginning of 5th house, conjunct Pluto on my south node and trine Jupiter. So I win at… light hearted romantic flings? (squared with the moon – not happy about it).


nike conjunct sun in aries in the 10th..yes !


yay! me too – nike conjunct sun and chiron in 6th – marathon-style winning??? maybe i win at my new vocation – grad dip counselling??


I think in my case the placement is saying … at 50 I can win career wise, maintain innovation, even if I don’t win that often, the will to win is still there.


HOT and impressive… but not surprising 🙂


Yes he is; not a surprising conjunction davidl ….


Oh, davidl, do you want to come over to my place… just for drinks and nibbles 🙂 see my Nike placement above…


And I think we have a venus-mars connection from memory 😉
I’ll play dom and you can pretend I’m UV – I’m very good at improvising.


HAIRBRUSH spanking


though i do have a riding crop…


lets go the riding crop, but you will have to promise to leave your spurs off. x


I have Nike at 21 degrees of cancer in the 12th, i win psychologically?
Trine venus in the 8th and uranus in the 4th. I win in love..yes.

Squares pluto in the 3rd. Mental to vocal communication challenges…


Okay, happy to report back that my Nike in Scorpio in the 10th house came through. Literally got a job minutes after writing my earlier whiny post about being stuck. So there you go. I will never ever doubt the stars again 🙂


Yay! If you have excess happy job karma, please do send my way! I’ll be sending out a resume this week and hoping for the same good news. 😀 Congrats on getting unstuck!


I will Lauren. And good luck to you! :))



Nike 13 degrees in Leo 5th house with True Node. Currently transiting natal Scorp Uranus 22 degrees.

I call my Nike’s – Saturn shoes – since 2005 all I’ve done is sweat!! Endurance sports mainly, swimming, cycling, running. Also have natal Saturn in Virgo in 6th house with Mars and Jupiter…



Oh good point! Nike-Uranus transit happening at the moment – OK, cool, we can make that work for us yes?




I however did sprain my ankle today while doing a full on Saturn workout…

Its cool though, totally fine… 😯

venus a-go-go

You have _got_ to stop hurting yourself during these things, BG
(Although I did have a cry during yoga for no reason that I could see, so maybe there is something in my statement for all of us).


I agree VGG… BG, do we need an intervention? You gotta stop hurting yourself lovely. Are you maybe not doing a proper warm up?? Virgo nagging will ensue, you do know, yes… xx



😆 I promise Lexi I did warm up!

I can’t believe how much I have injured myself in the last 3 months. I have never had this many injuries before! I think the Gem eclipses in June had something to do with it, triggered something…
I think the first set of injuries/inflammations could have been a virus but the ankle was hardcore Saturn workout. Wrong Saturn shoes, not enough ankle support etc.

I have never cried during a yoga session but have wanted to during a cardio session and after a 100 push-ups… 😯

Venus a-go-go

Ahhhh… But have you gone to a class with you Mum, listened to her get all down on you family, refuse to engage which resulted in her having a bit of a crying tantrum in the car and then do a class of back work (this girl has some back issues). I couldn’t even look at the teacher afterwards. It’s right where I needed to work, but didn’t want to (was too tired, not strong enough).
Yesterday was a bit of a mess.



*hugs venus a-go-go*

venus a-go-go

Thanks BG:)

I just looked at where my Nike is. It’s on my MC. Not conjunct. On. Both 28 degree Cancer.
You would think that I would have a better time at work, huh:)


I’m also a Cancer/Kataka Nike – but at 29 degrees, exactly conjunct my 12th House cusp.
I’m victorious in psych-outs? Winning at mind games? Excel in my own undoing? Yeah, guess that sounds about right…

Mauvellous Capricorn

I’m highly competitive, and my name is derived from ‘Nike’. Nike sits smack on my IC, apparently “IC describes the roots of our being, which support and sustain and nourish us on an inner level, and which are the source of our potency and power in the world”. Freakish. I find that I often have to ‘tone it down’ – let’s say that much. And perhaps my need to be competitive detracts from my true goals in life.


Nike in Gemini (Yes – more air for my air-starved natal chart!) in my 4th house. And she’s conj my Venus in Gem. I also have Jupiter in Taurus (end of 3rd) conj IC….. Here’s to victory in veusian seduction at home leading to jupiter bounties. My Scorp rising Aquagirl has her Toro Moon conj my Jups and she is named after one of the forms of Nike 😎


I’ve always loved Nike. I’m going to have to track down where she is in my chart after dinner. Speaking of which – I was gutting a spaghetti squash and I think I had my Pluto moment. In between squishing squash, I thought, very firmly, “my body is telling me that it is time to be a vegetarian. I can’t wait for when it tells me that it’s time to go vegan.” There are some logistics to veganism that I must work out, but I’m so proud of brain for listening to this super strong message and translating it into… Read more »


Just last night i put Victoria, Roman Goddess of Victory
from the Goddess deck of cards on the altar with a tea light
in the salt lamp in front of her.


Love this. Well done.

Synchro too – just discussing how life so full of elevens and moreover 29s and there is Nike at 29 Sagg, my ascendant (albeit at 10deg). Nike is “Sesquiquadrate” Saturn in Leo 9. Makes sense.

Ãœber Virgo

Have you had bub yet?


God no I was really hoping it would out today… still waaaiiiting. Is hub’s birthday tomorrow, have to wait and see what this kid has in mind! 🙂

Ãœber Virgo

Wow, it’s going to be a multi conjunct Libran! Even if it doesn’t show for another week. Nice. Very artsy. Good Luck!!!!!!! xox


thanks!!! think it may arrive very soon actually! 😉


I have Nike conjunct Venus in Aries in the 7th House. I’m not sure that’s such a good thing. Venus in Aries is already aggressive, and adding Nike …. explains a lot!


1st house Libra conjunct aries. I do all my best work when I’m under threat and need to ‘win’. I’m not as competitive as some I know but once I want an outcome I’ll put the hard yards in to achieve it. That does cross over into the realms of fitness, albeit in bursts across my lifetime. I am in such a burst atm, successfully reshaping after about 7 years of having other priorities. Some minor aspects to Saturn, mercury & Venus but what stood out to me is an opposition to chiron. As a younger woman I had an… Read more »


It opposes my North Node?? I shall be a loser??

Nike in 8th house, Leo.


mine is 2 scorpio, in 7th house, sextile my venus .
I have no clue what that means.


Mine is Scorpio too, conjunct Pluto and South Node all in the 8th house! Not 100% sure what that means for me either….
My nike is also squaring and opposing a coupe other asteriods in my chart.


Nike in Virgo in the 10th, very close to my Merc in Virgo. Winning at career and public recognition? Well I don’t have a career at the mo, but oddly enough I felt like I was being stared at unnecessarily all day. Does this count as public recognition? Lol.


Bought myself a pair of Nike walking shoes a couple of weeks ago and yes I’m a winner and I won’t use a single outbreath of energy to convince anyone.

They’ll just know.


haha nice.


Nike in Virgo in my 11th House. Victory in my community, leadership/teamwork?


I have Nike in Capricorn – 4th house – opposite Mars in Cancer, 10th house.

I’ve NEVER been victorious in my family/home life. So I know there’s an alternate meaning for this placement. I think it indicates that I am victorious in knowing my REAL home, which is spiritual in essence.


My Nike is at 5 degrees Aries….only about 4 degrees away from my Aries Mars. Cool.

I know conjunctions with asteroids are suppose to be very tight, so I wont say they are conjunct. When I’m in the mood, I do love playing sports and games to win…does that count? As for where Im actually winning right now, I’ve been struggling a bit a work but hopefully will prevail.


I would say so. The kind of victories that Nike was associated with in ancient Greece were mainly that of wars and sporting games, like the Olympics. If you look into her family history you learn that Nike’s siblings Cratos (supremacy), Bia (force) and Zelus (rivalry) were also associated with competition, albeit ‘fair play’ was not as important as winning out right.


That’s pretty interesting re: her siblings, I wonder if they have asteroids too…..hmmm. Or maybe it resonates with me because my Nike and Mars are in the 3rd house of siblings and mental pursuits…haha. Nice little synchronicity. It does all come together though, I’m pretty mellow otherwise but when roused or provoked I play to win…..that is, until someone gets hurt…hahahaha.


Nope, I looked it up, but the only other one with an asteroid is Pallas. But not the Pallas that was Nike’s father, Pallas Athena, who adopted the name later. Most of the earliest observed asteroids were named for women, rather than men, so it’s mostly female goddesses that appear on the list. My Nike is in the 3rd house too and my sister (also a Scorpio, as if that doesn’t make us rivals already!) and I have always been at odds with each other. We get along much better now that we live apart, but we still get on… Read more »


Cool! Grand Water Trine for me too:

Nike in Pisces (2nd House), trine Scorpio MC and Cancer Sun/Mercury (6th House.)

Love the idea of my MC trining Victory!


21 degrees leo in the 12th house. Nike trines my natal Jupiter in aries in the 8th house. I win at ….tantric sex! LOL….gotta love that 8th and 12th house connection there! ON an off topic…today I am LOADED with transits. Sun and mercury on my natal pluto. Transiting Neptune in my 6th trine natal Uranus(oh…maybe this is why the allergies have kicked it up hardcore). Chiron opposite natal venus(focusing on healing thoughs love wounds and making better choices). T jupiter moving towards natal mars in 9th(dancing like mad and wanting to drive cross continent). T pluto still square natal… Read more »


Retrograde in my 8th. Lol.


Can anyone explain the significance of retrograde planets in the natal chart? There were a few threads dealing with the impact of Merc retro natally, but what about other planets?

Ãœber Virgo

Retro motion is only significant for the personal planets; mercury, venus, mars, and only in that it gives those traits an individual or unique quality — they just operate slightly different to the norm. Old astro used to think it was significant for slower moving outer planets (Jupes to Pluto), but these days not so much. Not significant in asteroids. More useful to look at placements and aspects.


Nike – Leo in 5th house, squaring Merc in taurus, and Pluto in Scorp, but trining Venus in Aries. I do like my victories. As far as creative contests go, let’s say I’ve always been in the top ring, 3rd-1st place.

No aspect to Pallas/Ahena, which, if I remember correctly, is closely tied to Nike (?)


WOO nike in l e e e e oooo

i’m agoona go right ahead and assume it’s a good thing, leos tend to love themselves too much to even come near letting themselves lose, right? right?!
in my SEVENTH- i win at partners
i win at marriage (yesss after believeing i’d be the future Ms. Revolutionary Road)
i win at OPEN ENEMIES 😮 news to me but a very motivating perspective?


I also have Nike at Leo in the 7th 🙂

I feel I’m not so good at relationships though…

year of the fox

Nike in Saggo conjunct Jupiter in the 1st house.


Mine is at 20 degrees Scorpio in the 10th. And I can tell you that I am not winning at all. In fact, I’d say that I’m at stand off.


Mine’s in Pisces in my first house, and it’s exactly trine my 8th house Scorp Sun. I win at…being me, I guess?


Mine is conjunct my Scorpio Sun. What does that mean??


Mine’s also in Pisces in my 3rd house, trine Venus, Mars and Uranus in Scorpio. I win at communicating to people that I just want to be me?


COOL yes, I miss your asteriod posts.

I have Nike 3 degrees in Leo house 3. Doesn’t tightly aspect anything.
Ah so if its in Scorpio that means it’s in my 6h house right now. And work is where I’m winning I must say…I like my job, got a small raise, and another side job. And I must admit that I enjoy it.

And that’s good to know that it will eventully be in my 7th house….and I can finally win in that department. LOL


oooo! and then my 8th hosue….haha (need I say more??) WINING.
And then my 9th house…I’m also looking forward to travel wining. (I’m going to have to remember to keep my eye on this asteroid.

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