Are You Pluto-Psyched Today?

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Mireille Darc


Yes, yes i KNOW there is a fantastic How Strong Is Your Pluto online quiz thing here but honestly, you can tell today real-quick if you’re Pluto sensitive or not.


Because by midnight Wednesday, you will have had a bolt of brilliant psych-realization. Depth psych. Like an insight that has you oh-my-godding mid-stride as you walk up the street to buy bog paper or something.

Think, deep, motivational and empowering.

If you don’t get it, you’re either not so tuned into the Pluto-vibe (that could have its advantages, for sure) or you’re busy getting off on some strange Neptune High.

Pluto insights are never convoluted or difficult to decipher: they’re bold and quick ย – like a headliner.

I’d tell you mine but it’s WAY too personal.

That’s the other thing about Plutonic Insights – you tend to want to keep them your little secret, lol.

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103 thoughts on “Are You Pluto-Psyched Today?

  1. Well, no epiphany yet… though there’s still time!

    I’ve actually been mostly cleaning today. And re arranging altar spaces and preparing offerings for tomorrow’s new moon beach outing.

    But even if I did have an epiphany, I’m likely to keep it secret. ๐Ÿ˜‰ It’s sort of just what I do.

  2. I scored a 28 on that test i am so plutonian..

    Pluto trine sun 10 points
    Pluto trine mercury 5 points
    Pluto sextile neptune 2 points
    Moon in scorpio 5 points
    Venus in the 8th 5 points..

    Prettaye cool test but missed out on this post before i had a chance to see.. Ima lways having bizzaro genius insights the worlds never ready for but i thought it was just the aqua thing…

  3. I have a newby-astro question: Pluto is conjunct my natal venus, and venus is conjunct my natal pluto in the next few days…is there a name for this kind of double transit thingy?

  4. this is amazing. i woke up at 5 am today and had my pluto psych realization. i was omg-ing like no other. it came to me through a dream and i woke up realizing it. i sound kinda like a nutcase but i’m absolutely serious. also had a little bit of another realization after that. pretty great stuff.

  5. another Venus Pisces here.
    (w/ Mercury 12th house Taurus, Aries Sun, Scorp Moon & Pluto with 2 lilith moons all conjunting together)

    ah yes…I’ve been pretty good at not getting involved with those guys for a year now…but then my friend introduced me to this guy. Oh God, so my type a year ago…Works under the table…so he probably barely works. Has baby moma drama, has tats on his arms, grinds up perk. pills and snorts them up his nose. (so a bit of a bad boy…but usually guys that do that have wunds)

    But other than that he seems nice! Not outspoken or anything.

    plus he’s 10 years older than me so it like old additction meets new addiction. LOL

    LOL doesn’t help that my Mars trines his Pluto.
    but then we have other aspects that ain’t good. like sun opp. venus…and venus opp saturn…so thats another sign….this is not gonna work. lol

    Wish me luck people…:P

    Yeah, I’m starting to get an obsessive crush…but then part of me is like wtf, h3ll no!

    But yeah I’m pretty Pluto pyshed today…I’m even wearing a long leather skirt today.

  6. I waited at intensive care, thought about death all day. A friend, Pisces Sun, Cap rising, is going through hell, her 8 year old son is terminally ill. I think Pluto is transiting her ASC.

        • BLESSINGS.
          my 3 children are all cap rising and two of them are pisces suns. Pluto is still moving through their 12th. After entering their 12th, they experienced their first major loss….a best friend and his mother. Serious soul searching, at the tender ages of 3 and 6.

  7. apparently i am not plutonic at allllll
    i’ve had four HUGE BIG LIFECHANGING revelations running this week. like, really. really really.
    first three little secret things about things that happened in the past that shed a LOT of light on what was really going on at the time…
    the fourth was just like…..i was sitting around in the car worrying worrying thinking about what i’d do later on what i’d do if something-something happened, how’d i react, just making myself go CRAZY about all this….as normal. i do that alllll the fucking time.
    and then i was just like ‘but none of that’s happening now. all i have to do and think about rightnow is whatever’s in front of me. that’s it.’ and it sounds like it came out of some shitty ‘Motivation for Dummies’ book (and maybe that’s why no one cares to tell about their supa-plutonic- revelations except for me and my big-mouth spread-the-word-save-the-world aqua sun) but i immediately felt like 5 thousand pounds were lifted off me. trying to live by it right now. it’s a little tricky since old habits die REEAAALLL hard, especially since that particular habit was in use virtually 97% of my life but yea. go pluto! <3

    • not insomnia exactly, but awoke fully awake after being asleep only an hour and a half. Thankfully was able to go back to sleep. Been having intense heavy dreams.

  8. Scored 38 on pluto test. Pluto now conjunct my sun. Had night of intense dreams and woke up feeling good (unusual for me). Yesterday I had a breakthrough. I stopped fighting the moment and lo and behold I had more energy and vitality.

  9. Plutonic but I don’t trust my math or skills.

    Can one be doing both but with completely different area’s of their life? I had hours and hours in a car this last week. Plenty of deep shit happening & plenty of Neptune dreaming.

  10. todays ephiany was my new strategy to deal with Lusty gone awol.
    I’ll try not communicating with him and see where that gets me. keep up the mystery that is me ha! its easy

  11. Is it possible to have three grand trines? cause i just looked at my grand trine properly and realise that not only is there the mercury/uranus/jupiter grand trine, but there is also the venus/uranus/jupiter and the saturn/uranus/jupiter grand trines going on!!

    Does anyone here know anything about this?

    I remember my astrologer friend talking to me about it but it was about 12 years ago….

    • Sounds like you have a stellium or multi conjunct trining uranus and jupiter. I have something similar because I have sun and mercury conjunct trining my ASC and moon node conjunct. All those planets involved beefs up the grand trine.

  12. well of course im plutonic… mercury gets a pretty strong look in there too….

    Im with MM on this one, insight is too plutonic to reveal, even on an anonymous forum… My day involved some very plutonic activities and a deep transformation for myself to boot!

    The sense of personal power that came from today was probably evolutionary for my synapses! A bit like the first and only time I went hang gliding… something fundamentally shifted in me…

    Im chuffed, tired and integrating! Started the day with an unexpected cry with myself and ended with a big smile on the inside! thanks pluto : )

  13. Thanks Mystic!

    Within an hour of noon, one major, career-changing secret revealed, and some extremely good advice from Pluto himself on handling that and some classic Plutonian matters. He’s always been good to me, his advice has always paid off, and I will take it again. Following the advice is expensive but the payoff is priceless.

    I planned on dropping by this week, but an emergency made it sensible to move that meeting up.

    35 on the test, but this is much better confirmation.

  14. Something Ms. said on here a few blogs ago about romantic expectation getting in the way of potential powerful muses really sunk in today. Turned one of my trad paradigms upside down totally .Thank you for the spark, Ms. ๐Ÿ˜‰

  15. I had a mental breakthrough/clairty about my relationship philosophy this afternoon that came out of nowhere, I can imagine it will crystalise by next week.

    Tres Plutonian right herrrr.

  16. my pluto is in virgo in 6th house
    im been getting messages about sugar
    somebody reading a book about the evil’s of it
    then i ate a crunchie and had to lie down.
    Also that, like Madonna says
    Unless you have control over how your body
    looks, then your basically got no control over your life.
    Something like that.
    If only i could get over my challenges,
    neptune square mars
    saturn opp sun
    Pluto makes me remember that we are eternal.

  17. Omg. Cant see any 8th house in my basic chart and pluto in virgo in 9th house. Not sure if I have any pluto revelations going on, but I do know someone at work is fully pushing my buttons and I’m rethinking job engagement big time. Or has it just been a bad day?

  18. 40 points in Plutonian test and in dire need of major insight, if possible in as few big red words as possible. As soon as possible. Bring it on!

  19. pluto moment…..saw a small california king snake wrapped tightly around a lizard, killing it and eating it….truly awe inspiring. Was at a concert, outside in the smoking area, and someone pointed it out. I have been finding snake skins and seeing snakes a lot lately….
    this new moon is conjunct my natal pluto.
    didn’t really have an ah ha moment. I worked, rested, had horrible allergy attack with itching, rashes, increased temperture. FUN stuff. Then went to concert and danced, smoked pot(rare rare occurance for me), danced more. Eyed a cute guy, very normal looking for the crowd, and wondered why I was drawn to him. I like them stranger. I truthfully like this guy who is oh so bad for me and wants to keep me in his back pocket. I refuse, and despite how hard it will be, I am ignoring him when he contacts me again. (Saturn nods approvingly).

      • lol…yes.
        i believe I will have to be a bitch at some point, but will try tactful ignoring first. But being a bitch might scare him off for good…or intice him more. He is mars in leo, so he adores the chase I believe.

    • just did the quiz….only got a low moderate, which I don’t agree with. I believe I am more plutonic because I have jupiter in the 8th(blowing that energy up!) and NORTH node in scorpio, so moving and learning, walking in pluto’s shoes.
      I also have a YOD with pluto and neptune meeting with mars.

  20. running on the pluto juice! scored 58 (!!) points on the test.
    pluto mostly trines/sextiles all of my major planets including sun, moon, ascendent, venus, merc etc. i also have pluto in the 8th house AND 2 other planets in that house. phew. i got a pretty damn good insight in bed last wednesday – the kind where i lay there paralysed from the cogs whirling around in my brain at 2am unable to sleep.

    i got some great advice today which = small insight into things

    i can’t wait for a big plutonian hit later on. it always seems to refresh me and reassures me of the path i’m heading towards.

    • I scored over 60, nearly all squares on the except true node (trine) and Neptune though. So probably means I am low plutonian if there is such a thing??! Hopefully this means that it will mean that I have s chance up overcome obstacles!! Anyway the change in my emotions and energy over the last 24hrs has been startling. I was so down last night, but feel strangly positive and prepared for change tonight.

  21. I’m quite plutonic I guess being a Scorpio and having Pluto transit my first house continuously hitting my Mars and Moon with all these retrogrades. Heard from flaky lover. Find it hard to say no, then middle of the night I thought no way am I being a doormat any more, gotta put a stop to this. But I often flit through yes and no’s. Unless a better epiphany is awaiting me today. I hope so fingers crossed.

  22. Pluto on my ASC. I’ve had 2 very (that’s VERY) big opportunities land on my lap in the last 24 hours and both of them have to be kept under wraps.

  23. I’m fairly plutonian. Scorp planets. 8th house asteroid farm. pluto trine asc (grand trine eros 8th) sextile venus/nept semsqure moon/jup/NN

    all I want to do today is sleep. sleep like the dead

    • And a Bon Sioree MS to you as well, keep on rockin’ as you do well.
      After my life threatening illness and biff on the nose, am on track with
      excellent recovery. So energised from kicking the cigarettes, now 10 weeks,
      want to kick ass! You would know that feeling wouldn’t you? If it don’t kill you
      it cures you.
      8th house Scorpionic issues can quite homeopathic & phoenix-ie when informed
      about them.

      • i’ve always said if anyone is going to hit me you better get me cold the first time cause you do NOT want me to get back up. I will come back with everything I have. This goes for life too. Somewhat mars induced philosophy life-is-boxing but it works when I need to lay it on the line

  24. My Epiphany? I’m far more interesting & impressive when i’m cross.
    That’s when the Arrows of Truth fly.
    Never start anything you won’t finish.
    Quoting the rules to those who have forgot is good & OK.
    Happiness is a New House.
    It’s true smoking keeps the angels away or any other spiritual entitiies.
    Rethink my intentions & reshape my future.
    How do i choose between a Bose sound dock or new digital TV?

    • Being a non-fan of television, I would go for the top qual sound system every time…but that’s just me.. you can always use a nice 22in (or more) monitor as both your TV and computer screen, just have to hook em up the right way xx

      • Thanx Renovator,
        The Sound Dock is $70 off at mo & i have 2 older model ipods,
        one set to sorts country music which i play on the highway outta
        Am proud owner of a ‘antique’ Bose CD & radio player, over 20 years old
        only takes one CD at a time, so i’m foreva making compliations so as to not
        changes discs. It’s only ever needed one service & a tiny replacement of
        some gidget. In these times they may allow L/By on sale items to remain debt
        free ๐Ÿ™‚
        Wasn’t Myst saying ‘do your Pluto or Neptune and as Neptune in Libra
        MUSIC is way to go.
        I love it when writers reply, it’s a little kick on, ain’t it.
        Am actually ‘closed’ as well for re-arrangement of life purposes. Porpoises even.

        • BOSE is da boss aren’t they? i have a little pair of computer speakers best eva. perfect for my little flat and they kick ass turned way up.

    • I don’t own a television; music, apple and books is me. I’d go with a big apple screen, a groovy printer, and a dock (I don’t have any of these though). I’m thinking of learning to play the cello. VL

  25. Mirielle Darc, a French actor. Wasn’t she the sister of Catherine Deneuve who died,
    if not so, she was that era of French Lovelies.

    3 Planets in 8th house, Mars, Saturn & Pluto. Healing Arts, Sex Therapist,
    Occult Studies, Psychology, yup, they are/were my fields of study and work.
    Even more Planets in the 11th, if Chiron counted.
    Pluto in Leo, have to dress well and have great hair to do my healing work
    as part of the psychopomp.

  26. I had an epiphany after our stove blew up last night: “Get thee thy arse into gear!” Good Plutonic lesson and so it is being heeded. BTW, an electrician gave the kiss of life to stove today, much to the relief of me and my purse.

    • My vacuum cleaner blew up yesterday (so bad in fact that the smoke alarm went off) and today my over blew plus a hot plate! Is this Pluto’s work or Uranus?

      • Uranus is electrical. Being in Aries could mean blow-ups & booms.
        Toss all carpet = no vacuum. Horrid things anyway, decidedly non-
        sexy beyond unless you have a mate & do it in the nude or as a french
        maid. Actually that fantasies past it’s use by date also. Just in cute shoes then.

        My Mars in Virgo fantasy is getting a brand new warehouse studio
        with no dust in the form of fluffy insulation falling from the ceiling
        and stone-ie flooring = minimum cleaning.

        • Pegasus – We have a vacuum cleaner but I have no idea how to use it, my husband does the vacuuming. He was sweeping the floor once with the broom and asked me if I’d like him to show me how it’s done, but I politely told them that as he’d found the on-off switch, I’d be happy to leave the sweeping to me. He did comment once, when he was showing me how to operate our vacuum cleaner in the UK that I must be the only woman he’s known who has to be shown how to use a vacuum cleaner. But don’t worry, I soon forgot how!

        • @ Pegasus. I have all tiles with the exception of rugs. Must have a vacuum for the rugs otherwise my Virgo moon goes into melt down. I happen to be one of those strange prehistoric breeds that believes cleanliness is next to
          Goddessness. I have different cleaning equipment for different surfaces and no, I’m not OCD – it’s just my Virgo moon having its way ๐Ÿ˜‰
          Yes, back to Uranus. It’s in my 5th opposing my natal Pluto in the 11th so couldn’t make the connection with the blow ups happening???

  27. First house Pluto conjunct Mercury, Mars and AC square Midheaven and sextile Neptune. Finally figured out how to boil down my artistic theme. Def eureka moment.

  28. Pluto
    sesquiquadrate with Sun (2)
    sextile with Moon (2)
    trine with Mercury (5)
    square with Venus (5)
    opposition with Mars (5)
    biquintile with Jupiter (2)
    semi-square with Uranus (2)
    sextile with Neptune (2)
    trine with Rising (10)
    trine with Midheaven (10)

    – 5 points for Pluto in Scorpio
    – 3 points for Venus in 8th

    Grand total: 53

    Guess I’m Plutonic?

  29. venus and moon are astride my pluto …. a storm is brewing … no epiphanies but many interconnected moments just on my venture to get sushi for lunch and a very clear text message in my dream last night. it didn’t wake me but i remembered it’s content this morning. can always sniff out a plutonic phase.

  30. According to the test – PLUTONIC. And that’s without Lilith, Athena (and others) conjunctions counting. ๐Ÿ˜ฎ Feel like the last few years has been Pluto life to the max. Thank you Pluto in Cap. Was a struggle and a challenge but the minute I let Pluto just transform my life everything became so much easier.

    Today there seems to be a lot of little insights, kind of like tiny fireworks going off. Have also had a situation recently – yes one of those secret little insights – that’s been challenging me. Did my cards the other night and BAM the death card. Yes I’m listening now. Yes I get it – even though I didn’t want to (which seems very Pluto). It all feels like a new beginning. Again.

  31. By 10am Monday morning I had the epiphany that my whole life is in fact jekyll and hyde. My personality. What I do for a living as opposed to my moral values. I thought I was on or off / black or white โ€“ not duel.
    Scorp sun & moon. Fish rising.. (Pluto in Libra in 8th house)

    • Holistic means bringing together into a whole, the 2 sides of us.
      Authenticity is aligning your truths with your life.
      Takes years & then some. Incorporating the Shadow into one united

  32. Oh i’d never seen this test, i am quite the pluto hussy it seems…hopefully still evolving

    and yes i had an epiphany, but it was more a subconscious thought that moved into now. it stopped me in my tracks but it didnt shock me, it was more ‘oh shit, of course, why have i been denying this?’

    im in love with my best friend. we slept together last week. im never going to tell him though

      • i am gemini, aquarius rising, he is cancer, scorpio rising.

        i dont know. i dont think so. he sent me a message saying ‘lets end this before it goes pair shaped’ and i agreed but then, i was in denial. (AND UGH TEXT MESSAGE?! REALLY? and this guy is normally so classy and thoughtful)

        he’s retreated back into the shell now and havent heard from him in days. i drew the strength card today so i think quiet stoicism until i see him is required. and then i have no idea….

        • that is pass aggressive! So cancerian and the manipulation of it SO scorpio, jeez.

          he is not saying “I am ending this” or it is over. he’s making a pass agg suggestion.

          get him around on some pretext and seduce the fuq out of him. Or wait it out. no response. He will come snivelling back, you wait.

  33. Yup got some insights. One of the ones I feel like i can at least mention is that i read a really good article about Mars conjunct Pluto natally and I feel it really describes me well.

  34. Just about to go to bed and tomorrow going to class. We’ll see if I have some sort of psychic revelation then. What fun!! ๐Ÿ™‚ My Pluto is in Scorpio in the 12th house. All that water should give me visions shouldn’t it?!

    • I did the test anyway just for fun and got a total of 63. Wow! Though I’m not sure if they were counting asteroids as planets? I’m not all that surprised because I’ve always felt very Plutonian, even before I started looking into my natal chart.

      One of these days I want to get it done officially so I’ll know what signs, planets and houses are dominate. Don’t know if I can figure it out on my own!

  35. Wow, had mine 45 minutes ago while watching tv, just came out of nowhere. It wasn’t personal, it was multidimensional, literally. Been pacing back and forth ever since working the theory (Mercury in Virgo at 29 degrees, I gotta sort out the details. The Gemini notion of the concept itself being enough just doesn’t hold for me). As I’ve never encountered it anywhere. And yet it feels so….certain. Gave myself a small break to let the unconscious have a go by coming to the blog and here Mystic is, right on target, as always. How DOES she do it?

  36. Scored a 48 on that little Pluto test.. and yes.. same here .. A HUGE insight going on. and yes again.. one that I want to keep to myself.. but it’s jaw dropping huge. I’m stunned. (Great insight.. thanks Mystic)

  37. been getting major insights on all things, big and small, even that which I don’t really want insight into. But that is the Virgo/Scorpio lifestyle, so I’m not shocked or concerned by ‘plutonian’ developments within the last 24 hours (more like 48). In fact, I feel oddly protected when I go through these kinds of phases.

    Let’s just say…classic but extended views into inner workings and deep subconscious issues


  38. i had an insight but more to the point was very motivational and persuasive. That was at around 2pm tuesday bst/gmt. Orbs and timing can be +/- .

  39. Verrry curious. Sun, Mercury + Venus in Pisces here, with Virgo moon and Leo rising (cuh-razy, I know) and my Pluto is in 7 degrees Scorpio and trines my Sun.

    I wonder what my headline will be??

    Perhaps my wilder than norm lucid dreams and repeated deja vu’s will tie something together?

    Maybe that pesky ex? My writing career? A budding new love?

    **My 8th house is in Aqua, and quite frankly I cannot stand another “tortured artist individual” one more time. My Piscean nature takes to wildly with the wounded birds, and my affinity for picking the “different” ones tied up in a sob story package has gotten quite old.

    Oh midnight, I wonder what is in store.

  40. thanks for the heads up mystic. glued to study today, so mind is more or less unfettered and free to roam the fields of psych insights (could do with a few headliners instead of the twitter feed that is my mind atm) x

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