Weekly Horoscopes & What To Wear For Mercury Retrograde

Mercury Pierre Et GilliesPierre Et Gilles

Hey Guys the Weekly Horoscopes for the week from Saturday Aug 6 are posted – go see: most of it is sanity-advice for all the Mars Merde. Make sure you read your Rising Sign as well please. If you don’t know it, go see Astrodienst.

Note the magical cadaceus in the pic of Mercury above. Dream of two snakes and it’s a message: from Mercury and to be noted.

We already know that Mercury Retro-Bats in Leo is going to be a bit over the top: what to wear for it?

Something like this?

Diana Pierre Et GilliesPierre Et Gilles

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31 thoughts on “Weekly Horoscopes & What To Wear For Mercury Retrograde

  1. Perfection Mystic! Super Leo, athletic and mythical with a touch of Saturn in Libra!

  2. Had my watch disappear a few days ago. Never miss placed it in my life and have had it for 14 years. Had tradies here all day working on my place so suspect it was one of them. Is this fair? Or is it fairy mercury folk fuquing with my head? In my typical Sag stellium self I have accused a gypsy looking workman of the theft. They’re making out like I’m crazy and that I’ve misplaced it. Any suggestions anyone? Much appreciated.

    • Apologise to the gypsy then in your best ‘poor lost female’ voice, offer a reward for ‘finding’ it. Explain how it was given to you by your old nana (show a picture of ‘old nana’ or any old dame you can google) and weep a little. One of them may ‘find’ it somewhere quite quickly.

      • Thanks davidl. Unfortunately my Mars Scorpio in the 12th and Sun square Pluto could not possibly pull that off . . . I just want him dead!

            • explain that nana could put curses on people when she was alive and that some pple in the family believed the watch to be cursed.

              • Ta. Yeh. That’s definitely up my alley. Just checked and Mercury was exact conjunct my Virgo Moon the day it went missing. Forgot Mercury is the trickster . . .

  3. OMG, I want this Naked Mercury Man so badly, I could barely read the post. Mercury bats in Leo? Would I think call for a moratorium on hair products and glitz? Kind of like Leo Austerity and Bling Deprivation.

    I’m possibly addled. I’m being Retro-Merced up the you-know-where, car a/c sporadic at the height of summer, my laptop went in for repair after it started making voodoo noises and the toilet overflowed. Odd though, it was Moon in Libra when I had to go to the Apple store which was opposite a Sephora… needless to say after waiting the requisite hour for them to finish, I swanned back into the star in a nebula of Tocca, Fracas and Chanel.

    The poor apple genius had no idea what hit him..sigh..can fragrance be THE new Venusian Beauty Solution to being Retro’d? He blushed as I stood there smelling like crushed flowers. What can I say, there was service and a smile.

  4. I am suddenly scorchingly angry. And there is NO reason for it. All I want to do is knit and any reason I can’t ie: children, food, clothes party tonight, is making me furious.

    I’ve been living in a fug of nothingness for a bloody month and a half, and now I’m angry ?! This is ridiculous !!!

    I am going to drench myself in Rose31 from Le Labo on fallen angel’s suggestion – I need that Venusian Beauty Solution ‘cos I’m being really ugly..

    *stomps off to find perfume*

    • Me toooooo, totally livid for not much reason! Pumped up and raring for a fight, Mars? Drink some Damiana tea, it’s the only thing that’s helping me.

    • Was in a snit yesterday as receptionist had previously double booked one of my patients and so I lost money on that mistake. I let that one go.

      Then yesterday receptionist has booked a patient for 3:00 but gave the patient the time as 3:30. She got there at 3:15 so I had to fit in as much as much as I could.

      Told the receptionist I had to “sweat my ass off” to get her done and that “I’m easy but have a breaking point”.

      Receptionist took no responsibilty at all.

      • p.s., think it was also trans Leo Sun on my Leo Uranus, 3rd, trine my Sun/Merc

        In Leo fashion, “the nerve”…. and doc is paying me for botched double booked appointment.

        He made a mistake on my pay last week and so far I have not seen the tip a patient paid me posted yet.

        **breaking point..breaking point**

    • How Freudian is that? I swanned into a STAR, I meant STORE but by Aslan, I think with the Retro Merc in Leo, anything galactic is far more apt.

      I am P.O’d by the grinding slowness of the New Boy orbiting back round to me – I think I Lilith’d another one, AGAIN! Should’ve known, he’s a Capp Sun/Aqua Riser. Grrr. Mars in Kataka is not helping.

      Domestic, don’t think *ugly* – think seethingly sexy whilst in a towering rage. I suggest you take the knitting sticks, affix it on thine mane and maketh like you have horns. Get some blood red lipstick, practice your snarl then use it. 😉

  5. I have been fantasising about this body and shazam he appears. Thankyou MM. He is sooo hot better go take a cold shower.
    A naked man with a purpose – love it

    • ooo just saw the girl. Not my outfit for merc rx in leo. More just got out bed red hair, more flesh, more cleavage , more attitude – she is way too cool for my fantasy I’m a conjuring for the weekend tete a tete with the lusty leo.

  6. I’m doing Mercury lol. I just never knew that – Mercury as my type. Not surprising i guess with Merc conj Uranus in Virgo in the 7th. No wonder I love talky sex and erotica. Before anyone gets jealous, Pluto conj that ensures much angst with all that hotness and sex. Like my Toro is an ex-addict and has to live by an extreme discipline schedule (3 years straight). Like tonight; he can only visit on worknights, not stay over, would prefer not to have sex but we can’t help ourselves, then he is exhausted the next day, when i get emo txts all day. Weekends are not as intense thank fuq. But goddess he’s worth it. Can anyone tell i have Venus conj Mars?

    • And what to wear? erm sexy but pretty (classy) minimal underwear – anyways it’s what the Libra rising Toro orders.

  7. The girl seems more Sag, since she is obviously wearing a quiver of arrows (even if you can’t see it, and she doesn’t have a bow).

  8. Past few days I’ve been so irritable, impatient. Going of in my car like a nut job when I hit a red light. Hope it will pass soon.

  9. hawt mercury! he looks more like aries with his muscular body to me. l guess as mercury you’ll earn your muscles from all that running around l guess. Now it’s time for a break!
    she looks off!

  10. mercury retro or not ideas are pooring in my head, but l guess it’s the full moon our way! yay!

  11. Ahhhhhhh Mercury retro……. As a Gemini Rising with Mercury conjunct Sun in Leo, I generally suffer enough with any mercury retro….. But, this seems kinda like some special suffering…. I think I need to wear a sign around my neck advising the world that I have now forgotten how to communicate….

    Unless you piss me off… In which case, my overall Mars “C’mon and fuq with me (or even annoy me a little bit)” feeling will overtake everything…. And you will be told…. At length….. Texting ex people should be banned at these times!!!!!!

  12. regarding weekly horo for Aqua, would return of old flame or rather a conflagration mean something horible, disaster a catastrophe or a nasty devestating experience? or does it refer to something wild , huge and out of control etc? i never really know with Mystic there is always several ways to look at her scopes… any ideas folks?