Virgos Of Fashion In Dialogue Re Being Virgos

Carine Roitfeld with leopard

Interview Magazine

 LAGERFELD: What I think is particularly accomplished with you is that you always have a vision of fashion and a fashionable woman, but you also have a very successful life as a family woman. You have beautiful, intelligent children and they give you stability and credibility in the eyes of others.

ROITFELD: It’s because I’m a Virgo. Either you are a good Virgo or a crazy Virgo! The good Virgo side of me is educating and raising the children-being there for them.

ROITFELD: People might think I’m very hard, what with my black makeup, my hair over my eyes, etc. My innocence didn’t always help me, but it did preserve something in me that maybe others don’t have anymore. I’m inside my bubble, you could say, and thankfully so, because I don’t think daily life is always great. It protects me. I don’t know if it’s my sign, but Virgos are very faithful. I’m a faithful friend. I’m a faithful lover-

LAGERFELD: I can tell you are, indeed, being a Virgo myself.

ROITFELD: We’re a faithful lot. Faithful in many ways.

LAGERFELD: Some people don’t deserve our faithfulness.

ROITFELD: Some don’t, but once we learn that, I can tell you that we also have a very good memory. I have a memory like an elephant. I don’t forget anything.

LAGERFELD: Me neither.

ROITFELD: Sometimes I do wonder, Where will I be in 10 years? And I just can’t answer that. I can’t project myself a decade into the future.

LAGERFELD: Me neither. As far as I can see is six months ahead.

ROITFELD: I can see into the fall, or next January, after vacation . . . That’s it.

LAGERFELD: That’s all I can do as well. It must be one of the faults of Virgos.


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45 thoughts on “Virgos Of Fashion In Dialogue Re Being Virgos

  1. Yep, moon in Virgo, saying HELL YES to being unable to see where I will be in 6 months time. My sole trader empire, started 10 years ago, had a business plan that said “Just freakin’ DO IT!!”. Never had a 3 year / 5 year plan. Anytime I am asked, I look blankly at the enquirer and then compliment them on their shoes. GREAT diversionary tactic.
    Not sure I am on board with Lagerfield saying that it is “fault”, I just see it as cutting out the un-necessary paperwork / gant charts / benchmarking. Wherever I will be in 10 years time will be exactly where I need to be.

    • Scorped up I’m a Virgo Moon as well – diversion, usually appealing to vanity or comedy (sometimes from out of the ether) is a major weapon in my self defense kit as well. I am always amazed how it works to turn the spotlight away from some point or another that needs to escape unnoticed by the person I am facing. A page gets turned and we’re onto a brand new point.

      Along with the Moon are Uranus, Vertex and a stack of better known asteroids are in Virgo all opposite my Pisces Asc, Venus, Chiron and another slew of well known asteroids. I am loyal to a fault and naively believe all in my circle return their loyalty to me (and to one another). If, well – when I find this not to be so I will be crushed though you won’t know the depths of my injury. You will forever be out of my bubble though not excluded from my life. Severe disloyalty and your shite is tossed curbside – on a future date I’ve carefully charted so as to minimize the mess.

  2. Lagerfeld, who usually comes across as a terrible know-it-all in my opinion, actually manages to sound human and ironic in quite a likeable way!

    My boyfriend is a Virgo and he never seems too worried about his (private and professional) future… Something I can’t rely to, being a Scorp with Scorp Rising. If there’s no scheme, no distant goal – ACHIEVING IT ALL or something of the sort – I feel lost. Maybe that’s why we’re good together. 😀

    • I once read that Virgo’s goals are so tangible to them, so real, that they may express their confidence in the final outcome through a kind of procrastination. Being a Virgo, I’m constantly amazed at my own ability to put things off yet still pull them off in the end. I think your boyfriend suffers the same affliction as me…

      • I didn’t know that was a Virgo thing! My friend is a Virgo and I’m envious of his ability to procrastinate and then at the very last minute (usually the night before), he manages to write college essays and get A’s on them. He never stresses about it either. I end up leaving things until three-two days before and get so anxious that it’s a wonder I even get it done. But I have Merc in Virgo, so maybe that’s the saving grace. 🙂

        • i was like that in school…last minute, pull it off, make As.
          Yes I can procrastinate, but I DO get it done.
          I don’t see the future….day by day.
          Virgo rising, virgo venus.

      • poppykettle,

        This describes me to a T. I have this trust in the universe that things will be fine, and I tend to believe, as well, that things will get accomplished in their time. Thanks for wording this in such a way as to go “click” for me.

  3. …but, if one reads the whole interview, Karl keeps referring back to himself…

    • Greetings Scopriness,
      Earlier this week i went through a few days of really picking up on when people changed the conversation round to themselves ( in a light way not a brooding way, lots of Gem in chart – making up games/scenarios for all surroundings -ha ha i’m doing it now!). I’m not sure if it is a Virgo trait though, it seems to be all the rage! …however family and closest of friends don’t seem to…
      Neptune in Sagg ? looking for patterns ? hmmm.

    • oh that is soooo me. I can just sit in silence around people no problem. But when I do talk, the details need to be included.

  4. Virgo Sun conjunct Pluto, Venus Leo. Loving MM’s ‘Virgos of Fashion’ articles + is one of those (not so?) suprising things about the apparently understatedness of Virgos that they should preside so highly in this area of detail, taste, beauty & form. Go Virgs!

  5. What a Virgoan conversation! The understanding of the loyalty, the criticism of others close to them, the worry about the future and the self criticism… IN THAT ORDER.

    Just placed a gift delivery today to my Virgoan sister. We were once described as “the head and tails of the same coin”. We both share Sag rising, among other planetary configurations. She is harsh and beautiful and her love is Virgo pure and Sag direct. She also cares for me when noone else can know that hurt…plus some zingers thrown in. I gasp like a landed fish sometimes at her bluntness, but I never run away. She can also SEE my visions when i begin to describe them to her. I have clairaudience with her particularly of all my siblings.

    She is frowningly anti-fashion. LOVE her.

  6. oh how i worship at the shrine of carine. mistress— i mean — MYSTIC — where is carine’s other astrology? Something in LEO??? Please?

  7. Perhaps this conversation is proof Virgos should never speak to each other.

    I like that the bit after Carine says she is a good Virgo has been edited out. Apparently she went on to say KL is the crazy Virgo and then they had a bitch slapping contest.

    And then the interview continued. Mutables don’t hold grudges.

  8. I really like Caroline Roitfeld. She is so real compared to the many other headcases on Planet Fashion. I suppose that is the European sensibility coming through; have noticed that many Italian women are the same.

  9. Hmm.. It has been my experience that Virgos are incapable of admitting they have any faults, they are too focused on other people’s faults.

    • Oh no, not to ourselves at least, we just don’t tell anyone about that. But we won’t deny it if you find out. We might think you are not being specific enough about what our faults are, and then say you are wrong, not because we can’t see your point but because we think you’re a little off on what’s actually the problem. But in our head we have a list of at least 1500 of our worst faults. We criticize no one harder than ourselves.

      Very virgo comment

      • This is the thing that always used to bother me about a few of the Virgos I know. Critical and nit-picky, which is no good for a Leo. I used to think many Virgos were just up themselves know-it-alls, but I’m starting to realize that they’re just vulnerable and in a way, their own worst enemies.

        Virgo must be made to feel better about themselves, and stop being so critical!

        • Gee, I just spent 2 hours with my Virgo ex-gf trying to make her feel better and stop beating herself up. It didn’t work. It may be impossible.

          Anyway, during this exchange, I thought back to something I said to my long lost Cancer gf during an argument, “I’m going to make you happy, whether you like it or not!”

          • As a person with most of their chart in Fixed signs, it’s hard for me to comprehend such an insecure mentality. Of course I have my moments too, but I usually pull myself out of it quickly. I’ve found that Virgos can really wallow for a long period of time, and like you said, trying to convince that they don’t have to be so hard on themselves may be impossible. I recently got back in touch with an old Virgo friend who I hadn’t talk to for about two years. She is the poster child for Virgo self-criticism! In the past I used to get too easily annoyed by it, which attributed (partly) to us going our separate ways.

            Now I just try to be patient, having figured out that Virgos are just as hard on themselves as they are on others.

            But I love those words! I can completely relate. “I will love you and you will like it. Or at least stop feeling sorry for yourself and start seeing yourself the way I see you.”

          • That’s very sweet of you.

            I can tell you it’s not impossible, but it’s surely a challenge.

    • exactly.
      Self-critical, hyper-critical to a fault. I am learning to not be so hard on myself and then in turn I have more compassion, understanding and empathy for others as well.

    • Pisces is awesome. It’s like one of the most psychic signs out there! enjoy!!!

  10. sooo agree about the future planning thing! Am a virgo and have an inbuilt diary in my head which is very reliable but only stretches two weeks or so into the future, never write down appointments etc, just remember them.
    Also loved the reference to the bubble, reminds me of the ‘umwelt theory’ I can really relate to this need for protection, this constant maintenance and refurnishing of this personal habitat, and how ill I feel when it is threatened.

  11. I am having some kind of awakening of love for Virgo traits or of themselves even! Also combine that with grokking taurean sentiments on this t dark moon and hopefully my anxiety will be kept at bay. One beauty of moving to small rural area is the lack of white noise and traffic, the breeze in the trees and birdsong dominate the airwaves and it is superbly good for my nervous sysyem. Unfortunate some things like massage and yoga classes are not readily available but I just have to do that for myself. Surrendering to the slow and aiming for clarity.

    • PG, congratulations on moving to a rural area. That’s great. Rural Australia needs more people, especially clever thoughtful ones like you. I am from the country but lived in a city for many years for Uni & work etc, then moved to a different country town in NSW. Lack of a good yoga class & good Thai/Indian/Japanese are the things I still miss the most. And weekend paper delivery. Remember that you can get DVD yoga classes, yoga magazines & book trips away for yoga camps to help support your practice. I am guessing you will eventually find some massage therapists around somewhere.

      The first things we noticed when we moved were how many people waved and said hello (even tho we knew none of them), how fast I walk (I kept overshooting the end of town!), and that we had about an extra 2 hours in every day. This was simply the time we no longer spent driving in traffic, sitting at traffic lights, looking for a park, and or standing in queues. I kept over-budgeting how long it would take to do a list of things in town. It’s great to live near a town that has NOT ONE SINGLE traffic light and to pay not one single cent for parking. I still have a DJ’s card and order by phone or internet what I cannot source locally. I keep a shopping list for when I am in Sydney, Brisbane etc. But honestly shopping quickly lost its allure as a way to spend time. I only buy what I need now. I used to think that was what I did in the city but no.

      Best of luck with your move. Did you have a job to go to? Do you know anyone in the area that you moved to? Keep us posted – I’d love to know how you are getting on.
      x nat
      Advocate for Rural NSW

      • Hi Nat… thanks for the encouragement… yes i moved for work. I moved on my own, so there is a bit of getting used to the new environment. And yes rural Australia does need good people, but there is not much to entice them. The independents elected in the last election are right when they say rural australia has been forgotten about for a long time.

        Im not much of a city person anyway, and didnt utilise the city to its full extent when I lived in it anyway. I prefer coastal living, but dosnt most of Australia? Well a majority do when you look for employment and there is nothing going in coastal towns.

        Yes Im going to buy a yoga dvd to keep my practice up. I also have cd’s and books with ‘spiritual’ for want of a different word talks and stuff to keep me in heart practice. Fortunately I can drive a couple of hours south and have access to some of the best therapists I know, so every now and then I will be able to do that.

        Thanks again nat, its great to have support. xxx

        • Wonderful PG, I live outside the rat race pace as well & wouldn’t trade it ! It is blissfully peaceful of an evening and the smell of fresh air is primo ! I know you will find peace and relaxation in the quiet, and I do the same with vids and cruise the internet for reading. Enjoy your new home… X
          Not familiar with the woman above, but Karl is completely over the top, entertaining simply in that regard. Can’t recall if it was his butler or another designers butler that was on a doco spray-painting the grass green before a big shindig. mmmkay, that’s weird. Such a different lifestyle than mine.
          To the commenters below, maybe Mystic has Virgo planets and the frequent posting of things Virgo reflects her self-exploratory nature.

          Lastly, my sis has a 6th house stellium and when we were painting my walls, she shoots me a look and says deadly serious, ‘ I don’t spill’.
          ha…as in Don’t Even Go There. was cute.

  12. same for me re future planning – it does just seem to unfold though I have often retro-actively seen what might have been a better path d’uh! (sun, venus, pluto and mercury in virgo). note though this weekend’s daily scope for virgo from mystic – virgos, plan for all those months of mars in virgo – i for one am gonna give it a try!

  13. I love the convo and it vibes very agreeable to me with my Venus in Virgo.

    I do have to interject that while Virgo may think he/she is being “faithful” it is following his/her personal definition of that word. lol. I’ve witnessed plenty of cheating Virgos up-close and watching on the side lines to know they are just as prone as other more “cheat-y” signs.

  14. I had read this interview earlier in full. My fav bit is when he says to her about her kids “You’re also lucky because they are very beautiful. It would have been difficult to have an ugly daughter.” Wow….. so glad that this wizzened old freak still has sway over how women are expected to look, ahhhh the wonderful world of fashion.

    • Exactly what I thought. Can you imagine having healthy, happy children that are not beautiful enough! The horror.

  15. I don’t like either of their fashion styles, but that’s just me. I prefer Valentino.

    What I find….odd…. about her is that she lives off horse tranquillizers. I can’t remember what it is she takes – I read it in an interview with her 6 or 7 years ago now, just as she hit white hot – and she’s completely blase about it, but definitely something heavy duty – Googled it – Lexomil a benzodiazepine. Just doesn’t quite fit with the rest of the Virgo thang….

    Ah there we go – just read year of the fox’s comment “Virgos are just as prone as other cheat-y signs” :)) Yeah – she’s cheating.

    • LOL! I get tired of people always complaining about Libras, Saggs, Pisces, and Toros as being the signs prone to cheating, but I find ALL the signs cheat for their own reasons. I have been cheated on 2X by 2 different Virgos while I have not cheated on anyone. One of the Virgos actually secretly eloped and didn’t tell me or his friends or employer about it for a full year.

      And yes Domestic Triffid, from what I’ve experienced, perfectionism comes at a cost. Virgos are prone to neurotic stuff which is why if they aren’t embracing their hippie herbs, yoga, meditation, and what not, they will be embracing pharmaceuticals to help them with their nerves and sensitive digestive system.

    • You’re worried about her too? I’ve been wondering for a while if she has an astrology fixation. It’s all she bangs on about day in day out.

  16. Virgo’s are often a combination of virgin and whore -No they are not usually prone to cheating, just can’t uphold the virgin ideal all the time – sometimes the whore part comes out to play……

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