Sagittarians Al Fresco

Sagittarian Beetles Having Sex

So okay HOW do i know that these are both Saggo beetles?

Who’s going to prove to me that they are not?

My vibe is true.

And Sagittarius is THE Sun Sign with a penchant for outdoors sex.

I mentioned it on my Facebook yesterday and some of them admitted it STRAIGHT away.

Saggos frotting it up al fresco is probably even more likely than Virgos and their nurse thing.

Is it the fresh air? The “fear” of discovery? That Saggos are so often in a foreign country so subliminally desiring to sort of “christen” the land with their seed?


AND DO ADMIT that the beetle with his face to the camera above looks TOTALLY SAGGO?

She could, it’s true, be a Virgo distracted by wondering if the leaf they’re on is actually diseased or not.





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65 thoughts on “Sagittarians Al Fresco

  1. mars in 9th(saggy’s house) in taurus trine my venus in virgo. I am a nature girl.
    My oldest son was conceived in a tent. We were living outside at the time. Easily a quarter of the sex my ex hubby and I had the first couple of years was outside. We slept outside all summer and that spring we were ouside then too. He has north node in sag.

  2. This picture officially seals the fact that everyone is having sex but me. It also answers a question I had just yesterday about whether insects have sex…fantastic.

  3. O and i was conceived outdoors my aunty told me. In an orchard next to
    my father’s harley davidson- with- a side- car. yes it WAS the 40’s ๐Ÿ™‚ so
    maybe that’s the reason for the intense love of le nature.

    In French Polynesia making love is called ‘fait le nature’ to do the nature.
    Before i knew that, when asked why i was there, i repied for the nature, which
    caused many grins from the locals and many propostions ๐Ÿ™‚

    • AHHH-HAH-HA-HA! Just like a Sagi to unwittingly plonk it right out there! Don’t tell me you DIDN’T want to faire la nature?? Innocence and straight up knowingness – pure Centaur!

  4. For this Sagg, making love in nature is The Ultimate scenario, particularly
    in warm waters of the tropics, any beach at all anywhere, anywhere beautiful
    as a backdrop, maybe it’s the fresh air that stimulates. Other than nature, yes,
    the fur by the fire place. Have large collection of (antique?) furs because i worship
    the animals they come from. Shall eventually donate them to native animal shelters
    to comfort the babies who habe lost their mothers.

    Nothing is as sexy as sex in the wilds al fresco, although nowadays it would
    have to be twilight or night coz it’s the lighting, darling, the lighting to act as
    gauze over the lens as i can’t put vaseline on their eye balls now can I?

  5. All this Saggable talk of al fresco lovin’ has had me wondering, is it just moi or are today’s generation of men really averse to discomfort?

    All parties in my Lovers Rotational, when it was still in effect or should I say when it springs back up to life, seem to have a LOT of gristling when it comes to doing elsewhere aside the bed. Dios mio, you should hear the whining, “I got rug burn, I can’t bend that way, why can’t we use the bed it’s way more comfy, etc etc” – and these are all blustering young men.

    The worse was from Mr. X who literally went on a discourse, which included relevant history about why the plush sheepskin rug in front of the mirror no less was traumatizing. I was a bit stunned thinking that surely, this is par for the course in one’s range of experiences.

    Apparently, not. Also, I find it interesting that Sagg Men seem to prefer exactly that pose above.

    • Oooh just saw MB’s post, yes, it explains it. Mr. X is a Capp sun with Aqua Rising and a Sagg Moon. Venus in Scorp.

      And now that I think of it, most of the Rotational have Virgo something – hmm.

    • ๐Ÿ˜€ this whole thread has had me giggling all day. I have a certain day I would love the astro for. tagged wall with partners name, did the deed, got spotted .
      goddess bless the saggos + their jupiters X saggos really know how to have fun

  6. Sagg rising and Sagg Venus here…

    As romantic and enticing as outdoors sex sounds, my Cap sun just can’t seem to get over the possibility of getting bitten by ants or developing rashes from itchy grass.. My Leo moon also hates the idea of matted hair and sticky, dirt-covered sweat.. Eww.

    I’d rather screw on a bed or kitchen table. Even a hardwood floor, to be honest.

  7. Being Saggo, my daily horoscope for Sat / Sun read like this:
    SAGGO: The North Node in your sign is enhanced by the Sun and Venus. You get an amazing omen or message re who you should be, love or life direction. Divination such as the I-Ching or Tarot is super-powered and so are your dreams. Even the most random dialogue is important.

    Over the weekend, had the most amazing dream. In waking life I am single, no children, but in my dream my honey had blazing ginger red hair, three kids (I couldn’t tell if they were mine.) It was pouring rain outside, and I was home with the kids, dinner on the stove. My fave dream intrepretation site said red hair signals change in the dreamer’s life, cooking is very lucky, and rain is a symbol of spiritual cleansing and renewal. There were many baskets filled with different kinds of fruit on the table, also very lucky.

    Very interesting. ๐Ÿ˜‰ xx

  8. just for fun, was in austria on way to Hungary just pre Berlin Wall collapse and did it alfresco in a field with sunflowers and what appeared to be wild dope plants. in the middle of it all, or at the end, can’t remember exactly a formation of military jets flew over…it was fab ๐Ÿ™‚

  9. Sagg Venus. It’s a nature thing. Fears and/or excitement about “getting caught” have to do with being intensely civilized, so it really doesn’t factor into the equation for a Sagg.

  10. No Saggo in my chart, but I can attest to Saggo’s prediliction for that sort of thing. I don’t mind it (my 12th house Scorpio Mars/Neptune especially loves it in or near the ocean), but it’s not on the top of my list. A past multiple Saggo and then later a Saggo Mars, however, made it a point of bringing it up as a top priority. It’s an active fantasy in their minds.

  11. I love boy beetle’s nonchalant wave to camera ! Must have a Leo Moon.
    Looks so cheerful about being caught in the raw.
    Is that an Equity card I see in his pocket ?

    • and a mini microphone..he’s saying “did you get that”…. “do we need to do it again”…. “whatever”

      • hilar D
        ‘bit to the right?’ ‘hunny drop the antenna a bit’
        . Like the movie Love Actually where the 2 porn star stand ins fall in love.

  12. I have zero Sagg yet defntly up for outdoor shenanigans! A view of the sea, the sky or the sand adds a certain something to the joy of getting jiggy. Only in nature though – none of that back alley business.

    Possibly my Mars/Venus/Neptune pile up in Scorp just doesn’t give a rats about getting caught? My Taurus moon is surprisingly ok with a bit of discomfort if there is a (ameh) ‘payoff’.

    • I have Saggo rising, but my Virgo overrules such outdoor recreations.

      I object to windburn, sunburn, turfburn, afterburn, stinging nettles, midgie bites, wasp bites, dog bites, prickles, green ants, malaria, lyme disease, leeches, blisters, shagger’s back and sand in the crack.

      A Virgo would have to plan for all contingencies and would end up porking in a hazmat suit with orthopedic support, slathered in SPF90 and calamine lotion. It rather kills the spontaneity.

      My 12th house Scorpio Mars Nep function slightly differently to yours Virgolish (Venus in Virgo though). They overrule any Saggo exhibitionism. Indoors, in the dark. Blindfolded is good.

      • I have to say, bug spray is a must! Bug bites or sunburn or getting sand in certain places ruin a good time outside. ๐Ÿ™

        I have Venus in Virgo too, but I balance it by bringing supplies just in case the mood strikes. a mini-trash bag to always pack out what i brought in.

      • Erm.. Uber you got me there. Virgo Rising means I travel with what I call a whore pack, pardon my French. Think the Scout’s Be Prepared Motto applied to the potential of sex.. extra undies, mini toiletries, wipes, all sorts of protection, fragrance. Discreetly of course.

        As they say, luck is when preparedness meets opportunity. So when a man nuzzles in to whisper, “You ALWAYS smell/look amazing..” I think, that ain’t no coincidence honey.

      • porking in a hazmat suit… you are funny. Small joys could come (pardon the pun) to a Virgo via the preparations eg. slathering with SPF90 could turn into fun, non?

      • interesting….
        i have venus in virgo and virgo rising. My venus does trine my mars in taurus in the 9th(saggy’s house). I love sex in nature, but i am a nature lover. Used to sleep outside for months in the summer with my ex hubby, very sweet memories of our lovemaking then.
        New virgo lover and I made out outside last weekend. He is into nature too…..6 planets and virgo rising. He has sagg moon i think though.

        prepared yes, cause sponteneity happens and i want to go with the flow….

  13. Yes the SaggEx and I travelled the world and yes there was motorbike sex, beach sex, ocean sex, rice paddy sex.. etc. Can’t stand that kind of thing really, won’t be doing it again. Never got caught thank God.

  14. Well I have jupiter in sag and outdoor sex is always on my mind while hiking, driving in the bush, beaching, actually, come to think of it, its just always on my mind, indoors or out. Wifey (venus in sag) and I have been caught out twice and she now refuses if there is the slightest chance of being sprung. One of those times was extremely embarrassing as we were caught by a whole family and it must have taken the parents quite a bit of explaining as to what we were doing…don’t ask ๐Ÿ˜‰

    • i could comment on this post but i wont………. and btw, wed supposed to be extravaganza re- aqua love life as per horoscope prediction came in at a big fat zilch. Not even a whistle or a fart let alone a big song and dance. BOO HOO but otherwise it was n AWESOME day! Nice waves on the point , cash in the bank, new threads(t shirts and boardies) no wetsuit today! winter is over Yaaayyyy . Missed my 12.30 departure for sailing due to hoards of tourists blocking the roads into Mooloolaba as it was a show holiday and pupil free day at school. Perfect spring weather but no luck in love , i saw a few ladies in bikinis and at the beach wearing not much but i dont even think a female talked to me today besides the lady at the store who when i asked her for a block of wax she replied “do you want warm or cold water wax?” that was it . I should learn never to expect anything re horoscope predictions and read them at the end of the week instead of the start of the week.

      • Sounds like a great day Damons, its perfect weather up your way now for a slow cruise through to summer, love it…the women bit, well, my words of wisdom would be ‘seek and you shall find nada’. Basically stop looking. Works for me. (this damons is one of the mysteries of women, shhhh) the more you want them the less they want you, yep…its a mind fuq, but what are you going to do. Play the game!

  15. No Sagg here adore the outdoors, in fact, it’s my preference of late. Night time under stars, storm rolling in, is like another dimension makes for unforgettable sex.

    Adorable beetle may have Leo moon you know thinks, knows, there’s an imaginary audience. lol.

  16. i have no saggo but loooove the outdoors for a bit of hanky panky. Me thinks its the scorpio in me that wants to be caught. but of course it must be comfortable no banging up against alley walls or nuffin. a leo has got to have some standards. Altho a late night train ride after a drunken day at the races comes to mind. It was *ahem* comfortable.

  17. Sagg Sun & Venus and have always had the fetish for an outdoor romp whilst sunbaking at the beach. I don’t want to get caught; it’s the sun against the naked tanned bodies that just floats my boat…. sigh ๐Ÿ˜‰

  18. Went out with a saggi rising for 3 yrs and yes he was def the outdoor stud. I totally hated it – taurus rising and now I’ve got the hots for a saggi sun man but now you’ve got me worried….

    • I have a Taurus rising and a Cap moon Bell…but clearly the Sag trumps although if it’s freezing cold or not aesthetically pleasing I’m not all fired up!! It’s not so much about being a stud but more about intimate with nature…

  19. Yup.. I concur. Something about the great outdoors.. kinda primal and earthy and the sun on my skin.. or rain..

    As far as not getting caught goes… it’s not really the spice… but the spice of possibly getting caught.. well that’s a whoooole different flavour entirely and can add a bit of zing to the feast. Laughing… but not waving from any erotic vantage point because a Saggi wouldn’t have the lap top within cooee of a good romp like that!!

  20. This beetle reminds me of the saggo boy i loved at 21. Everyone should have a Saggo boy when they’re 21. He liked spontaneity, doing it beside a river or in the sand dunes. I, of course, loathed everything about it, the lack of dignity, no nice sheets, wrecked hair and most of all — the bad lighting.

    • Hands up LS. I nearly married my sagg boy at 21. Thank god I had the maturity not too. would’ve been stifled, living in same place, babies early etc. His idea of a wild adventure was a surf trip to Ulladulla. great in bed tho-.he taught me me a lot.

  21. Sag Moon. Am partial to outdoor sex. Being in nature is so invigorating – very animal. Agree don’t like the idea of ‘being caught’.

  22. I have Saggo rising…and yes to outdoor sex!
    The way I see it, why confine that activity to indoors? I’m not into the “being caught” thing though.

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