Queen Of Leos

Lord Snowdon


I know most peeps have seen this pic of the actress Helen Mirren but i just saw it again now and was stuck anew by her Leonic charisma. And obviously the dedication to her Craft, multiple awards and adoration of the Arts.

She’s Gemini Rising (the Ascendent for enduring youthfulness of image) packing a zippy little Venus-Uranus conjunction, has her Moon in Aqua conjunct the Midheaven (love of the public) and her Leo Sun is conjunct Pluto for added oomph, regenerative powers and to render her an icon for her Pluto-in-Leo generation.

Sun-Pluto people are often somehow spokespersons/role models/symbols of their Pluto generation.

Like nearly all Leos I hear of, she is an avowed atheist. My theory is that Leos just can’t stand to think of anyone being more “senior” than them but i am sure it goes deeper than that lol.





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55 thoughts on “Queen Of Leos

  1. Someone up there (Catsmeow) said something about leos wanting everyone to shine. not just them. that’s a nice way to put it, I think there’s a good point there!

  2. Mystic, i love the pic of the horsey, thankyou. Love, love, love horses and the thrill of going full speed gallop over the fields and through the bush is outa this world…Must get back into it, such a blast for the soul. Been feeding two local horses, brown “Clownie” and big grey “Gun” apples lately just so i can pat them and look into their big brown eyes…awww

  3. I love Helen Mirren, beautiful, ageless in attitude, unapologetically shows her body and sexiness no matter age or politics, plays awesome roles, shows no insecurities to do with age and being an actress, and is a master at her art. She must be so smart too.

  4. There is something so regal about Helen Mirren! She just owns it, all of it, whatever ‘it’ is!!

    Also have Leo sun and Gem rising. I even have a Scorpio moon (in lieu of a Pluto conjunction) – the aqua moon I covet is missing though.
    Think Aqua moons are the most fizzy and delicious of all the moon signs to have natally.
    Am not regal like Ms. Mirren much, I think it’s the lacka aqua! (only Lilith in my case).

    Though I have to say this Aqua moon opposing my sun made me downright cranky.

  5. I have.never seen this picture, mirren looks amazing, I’ve always seen her as more sober than seductive, but she looks hot!

  6. Love Helen, she is so regal and elegant. Love the tattoo on her hand too, she was doing theater out west and got a little wild with the indians and ended up with a tat. She’s talented, gorgeous, and I’ll bet a ton of fun too~

  7. I completely agree with you prowincrab. I too have had problems w/ Libras and not so much Aries but Saggs. Something about the Fire Signs. And yes, Leo being a fixed sign like Scorp, is where I see the difficulty arises. I have the same issue w/ Taurus actually. Was in a relationship w/ a Bull and boy did that end badly! But I do love my fellow water signs and most of my friends are Pisces, Cancer (I actually married a Crab) and then Virgos. Lots of Virgos! Of course they’re earth but then again so am I w/ my moon and rising in Cap. But I do admire Leo women and their joie de vivre and dramatic flair. But just in small doses.

  8. Yeah, my sister has Leo rising – opposite my Aqua sun, so we’ve had our differences. I, too, seem to get along with signs that Aquas are not ‘supposed’ to gel with, like I’ve had multiple Taurus best friends and Scorp good friends. Could be my Virgo moon in 4th house and multiple friendly Pluto aspects. That’s why I got interested in astro in the first place – like a (typical) Aquarius, I wasn’t fitting the mold! LOL 🙂

  9. The signs are really just symbolic of energy frequencies that we’ve attuned to as individuals. Like the difference between tuning an instrument to a different octave, or a major or minor key.

    If I find myself not geling with a particular sign, maybe we’re just fundamentally out of tune with each other? No one is wrong or right …

    I’ve had spates when I could not stand Librans or Aries. Then I met different Librans and Ariens who changed my mind. I’ve always had a problem with Scorpios – which being a Cancer is not “by the book”. However I have found that I get on very well with older Scorps who have sorted their shite out (and maybe have some air or fire in their chart).

    Leo is a fixed sign and ruled by the sun. I have found that dealing with a Leo means getting out of the limelight and letting the Leo shine works best. It takes some humility, as often I’d really rather slap them upside the head. But standing back, giving them some space to be glorious and then cuddles and affection after work wonders. Then you have a very appreciative, kind and loyal Leo on side who will stick by you no matter what!

    • Know what you mean about the limelight. Aries/Leo sis has a shine, no doubt about that. Saturn influenced me seemed to turn into a wallflower.

      Funny what Mystic says about the atheist part. When sis and me got on our spiritual paths she proclaimed she had no ego.

      Talk about not seeing the forest for the trees 😆

    • I responded to your post but it got booted to two posts below. In a nutshell I completely agree with what you’re saying!

    • I read your post George!

      Pisces-Leo Moon/Saturn son in law very low key, but give him a bottle of beer & some music….he’ll sing right along.

      Always those other factors factorin’ in.

    • I’ve had the worst luck with Virgos and Taurus (save for one Taurus who I adore). I usually get along with Cancers fairly well, along with Gemini and Aries. I’ve only been friends with one Saggo (that I know of), but she was such a fantastic person that it’s endeared me to Sagittarius as a whole. Aquarius can be a love/hate thing (naturally), but I generally love them regardless of our tiffs, because they’re just so unique and cool. Pisces can annoy me and Scorps generally get on my bad side, and right now I am SO off Libra because the last one I knew betrayed our friendship.

      Must say that Libra has left the worst taste in my mouth, and that’s because I did care so much for the sign but it’s proven to be snakey. 🙁

        • And the strange thing about Libra is they’ll act like you’re their friend and everything’s just fine, then out of nowhere they’ll stop talking to you! Which is what happened to me. I still have no idea what happened, and more than anything I’m upset that she acted like my friend when she really wasn’t.

          At least with signs like Taurus you know exactly what you fell out over. I had two Taurus friends and the blowup was bad, but when the smoke cleared it was just that – clear.

          Yes of course there are good and bad apples of every bunch. There’s another Libra I know who I’m not particularly close with, but there’s no bad blood between us. And her interests are so awesomely unique! She just has that Air sign aloofness. Filters in and out of your life, so you never really have the chance to get close. 🙂

    • Ooh, I love this comment prowln *shine, shine (acknowledges mental slap on the head), emanate rays of glory, cuddle* I also feel like you can ‘hear’ the frequencies of the signs in a way, very good.

  10. I absolutely love Helen. However I have to admit a certain impatience w/ Leos — especially women. Always about me, me, me and SO obvious about it too. Don’t get me wrong, I have Leo friends and actually am very close to some. For some reason they come to me to divulge their secrets and insecurities. Could be because I am a Scorp, but who really knows….

    • The thing about Leo is they KNOW they’re all about Me, and they aren’t even ashamed of it. What gets them is how no one else understands it, and takes it so seriously. What’s the big deal, really? Everyone should be about Me! At least to some degree.

      • So true. I watch everyone covering up their ego with furtive shame and think, ‘what a waste of time, your dear little Ego doesn’t bite and it doesn’t offend me!’.

  11. Aries sis Leo rising….pain in the ass 🙂 Pluto in 1st. Yes she has presence but perhaps she might want to work on transforming herself as much as she thinks she does the world… 😉

    • My Leo aunt is nun, my teacher of things energetic is a spiritual, well, ‘guru’ of sorts and a multiple Leo, I have always felt Divine Love and am Leo, my partner in things spiritual is a Leo too.. I dunno about that one either! Even Jung was a Leo.

  12. I have a technical astro question too – if anyone keen to venture an answer.
    Is there any substantial /material difference between:
    – Progressed Mars transiting sun and
    – ‘normal’ Mars transiting sun (lol I wrote transiting FUN!)

    other than the timeframe, ie progressions are slower?

    thanks. 🙂

    • I would actually love a discussion (or enlightenment) on how to consider a progressed chart. What “weight” does it carry compared to a Natal? Why consider it at all? Is it just a “comment” that throws additional light on the Natal? Is it more powerful than Natal? What purpose does it really serve and how important is it in grand scheme of astrology?

      Although, I really like your Transiting Fun unintended concept. What transit IS the transit of fun?????

    • On a link I read to the effect:

      “While a natal chart lasts for your entire life, a Progressed Chart is for a certain period of time”

      Each day after birth representing one year and so the planets in the Progressed do move slowly.

      I peek at the Progressed Chart from time to time and sometimes gleen some goodies and at others just go “oh, I’m a Gemini Sun now” which can altho be quite exciting after 28 years as a Progressed Taurus or what have you, as for example it matches my natal Asc/Mars more and will accentuate (as Bluesky states “add comment”) to those energies over the long haul.

      Add into that my Mars Return Mars being in the Return Chart 3rd (traditionally ruled by Gemini) and I’d say Gemini energies of the Progressed are emphasized. That’s how I sorta weave it in but I don’t do alot with transits to the Progressed Chart or much synastry with the natal. Just peeks here or there. It works differently with different peeps and how much they might want to explore the energies.

      The energies of the Mars-Sun in the progressed U.P, will be over a longer haul and set off by transits to that aspect.

      Mars transits to the natal Sun will be of shorter duration. Maybe you already realize that but I’d say in either case they will certainly be energizing.

      Hope this helps. Just looked at my Progressed yesterday. Venus has moved out of orb of an opposition to Saturn. No wonder I didn’t care about a relationship for so long…

      • p.s., the Moon being the fastest moving planet it changes sign in the Progressed about every 2-1/2 yrs. So might want to plot that one esp.

        • I just progged into cappy moon 🙂 …but it’s the prog venus jammed between uranus and pluto that’s the kicker (prog uranus parked on natal venus degree) hmmm…inter-es-ting ! grabs tinfoil cap* lol.

          • all these comments just let me see how much i don’t know about astro, it seems like a huge mandala of uniquenesses with paradoxical samenesses, and dimensional too, like a multi-faceted whole crystal or a huge cosmic orb of knowingness and mystery…so much to be gleaned re self and other knowledge, hi & lo’s, and so much salvation to be had and look forward to maybe. Oh well better stop dreaming and get with the cosmic program 🙂

          • also uranus-venus, check mystic’s posts on the uranus-venus club, all kindsa innaresting things going on…you might need more than your tinfoil hat and wire coathanger space-alien antenna 😀

            • there’s an old guy in my town who actually wears a tinfoil covered tophat and stands proudly in the middle of the street near an intersection…somedays i drive past and see him and he looks more down to earth than i feel…okay void moon in cap for moi so time for dreaming & divination in other realms for now 🙂

        • yes progressed moon is a goodie. Hey, just checked and it is about to move into Toro. mmmmm nice!

          prog mars transiting sun, merc in 9th house. makes a LOT of sense

          prog Asc also a few years off Leo after nearly 30 years in Cancer.. well well! we’ll see.

          I like the ‘adds comment’ approach too. will bear in mind!

          • My progressed Asc in Leo with Uranus conjunct presently.

            Brings my Leo Uranus in natal 3rd dead on.

            Yes, the universe is telling me something…

          • Funny cuz just read…

            Uranus was in Leo mid June 1956-1962…

            “The rebels were born during this period….strong willed and a law unto themselves…”

            Course it takes shape in what house it was in at birth…

  13. I love Helen Mirren, though the roles I have most adored her in were the flawed ones that showed her vulnerability and range like the detective in Prime Suspect, the abused wife in The Comfort of Strangers and the AMAZING Greenaway movie The Cook, The Thief, His Wife, Her Lover.

    She is one of those old school actresses who we won’t see too much of anymore. Shame. And yes she has absolute charisma – made for the screen. Awesome pic.

  14. thank you for this inspiration on a quiet and melancholy sunday night for me. I have had insights with the full moon thank you mystic but feel sadly lacking in motivation and confidence, dreary and very conscious of failures in my life, people who don’t like me, physical flaws, sadness in the world around me.

    So now i think WHAT would HELEN MIRREN DO? I think she would count her blessings, put some kick arse face serum on, take some vitamins, give some $ to a good charity and get some sleep.

    • TLS, I agree on the “What would [insert admired person] do?” question is always very helpful in these moments (and others).

      If having a (very) off day sometimes I write a ‘shit list’ – get all the crap on paper and then just burn it, or look at it for a while and say, ‘yep I too have failings and the world remains an imperfect place… i own my flaws / weaknesses and I resolve to still be a shining beacon of peace/love/largesse /etc in the best way I can. (wow, I should take my own advice more often!)

      giving things to charity is ALWAYS a good way to remind us of our place in the world isn’t it. i.e. making it about others too

      • yes UP, writing screeds is amazingly clarifying…sometimes i’ve sat and written twenty pages of totally honest blaaahhh, and every time i’ve done it, by the time i’ve purged on the page or the screen, i’ve somehow actually unknowingly not only done a sort of clarifying self therapy, but got inisights re self or other impossible thinking, but often have felt somehow uplifted by the end – even if i’ve only realised that i’ve brought it all on myself etc…i learn by connecting honestly to self this way

        TLS, what if you were your best friend, the most loved person you know, if you were an innocent little girl, would you be a little softer on yourself, what would you say to yourself from this feeling of love about flaws? I say this, to try and uplift you…have such a hard time remembering this myself. And also note, people without flaws and hardships accepted, acknowledged, lived out and survived, sometimes can be the least understanding of others, because they’ve explored less challenges. I hope you feel your usual upbeat self again soon 🙂

  15. LOVE her! I’m also a Leo Sun/Gemini rising, so hope I look as good as her when I’m that age! Also have Sun conjuct Mars, Mecury and Venus, so that’s a whole lotta Leo!

  16. I am slowly coming around to understanding Leos male and female. It’s a good thing. Part of my natal Saturn in Leo Research and Development Program.
    So, hi Leos! thanks for the loveliness xxx

    • Ive never had any luck with Leo peeps…it always turns into a disaster, male or female. I’m not sure why, but they have turned out for this little ram to be the most incompatible of all the signs. Classic astro would say that thats unusual ?being firey and such, but no, it never ends well. I have Uranus in leo in my second house so it makes less sense really.

      • Me neither. As a Virgo I don’t tend to have confrontational relationships…except with Leos. We seem to get on well at first – there’s a spark – but then there’s full on combustion. I’m Leo rising, is that it?

        • Le gasp! I am a Leo and I can’t get along with most Virgos to save my life. The most destructive relationship I ever had was with a Virgo, and boy was she confrontational/defensive… Meraow. I must find out if she had Leo rising…

          The only Virgo I’ve been able to get along with for the long term is actually my best friend. But maybe I can because he has Venus/Jupe in Leo, and a Saggo Moon.

          I think there’s something to hating the signs of your rising. I’m Scorp rising and usually can’t stand Scorpios. My mother is Taurus rising and she can’t stand Toros. But I know a Taurus with Leo rising and we get along great.

          • I am Gem Rising and I married a Gem, so I can’t agree. What’s all this fuss, this is meant to be a Loving Leo’s post? Tsk. My best friends are a Virgo, an Aries and I am aswim in Pisces. Love, love, love all your signs!!

            • I find that when there’s a Leo post there are often people who want to complain about this and that. 🙂 Some peeps are annoyed by Leo but I think it’s a misunderstood sign. Low Leo is shit for sure, but get a Haute Leo and there’s more to it than meets the eye. We want to be glorious but we want our loved ones to be glorious too! Our motto is “I Love” after all. But maybe I can say this because I have an Aqua moon that balances me out. I’m both self-oriented and world-oriented all in one.

              Gem is a great sign! Very very fun. And with dreamy Pisces, you two must never have a dull day.

            • jealous of yr Aqua moon!! (see below) yes we are annoying, but that’s life. Btw, my Kataka sis hates leos and she is Rising Leo and Moon in Leo, so now I am wondering if there is something in what you say!

            • I read your comment below and thank you. I do love my Aqua moon. 😀 With a Leo sun/Scorp rising combo I can be sensitive (sometimes TOO sensitive), so my Aqua moon saves me most of the time. When I start get cranky I just call on my Aqua moon to mellow me out.

              Two of my favorite people have Scorpio moons (one’s an Aries sun and the other is a Cancer sun), so I gotta say you have a nice moon too!

              The one Taurus I know is Leo rising (and about the only Taurus I get along with, unfortunately), and as far as I know she likes me! So I suppose it all depends on the person. 😉

            • Hey, didn’t say I didn’t like them, just that there’s tension! Was interested to know why. I have a Leo colleague right now that I like very much, and I don’t want us to end up fighting.

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