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Surreal art - elephant Moon snake and ladder

Lou Beach

Moon Waxing in Scorpio +

Neptune newly back into Aquarius + opposing Mercury Retrograde/Void

= Powerful Dream Messages, especially regarding the Neptune Era 1997 to April 2011.

Yes, Saturn night is subliminal to the max. All the action is on the Astral.

For extra oomph just add Pluto Juice, Mugwort, Lavender essential oil, mint tea before bedΒ or Binaurals.

Watch the Blue Devil Hoochie Juice this weekend.

NOTE: “Saturn night” was a typo but i’m leaving it. I meant Saturday night.

If you’re already doing intense dreaming, anticipate a spike in activity tonight. Thoughts?

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93 thoughts on “Moon Of Dreams

  1. I am hitting the mugwort, Pluto Juice and binaurals – I need a breakthrough! This extended dark moony winter of the soul has gone on long enough.

    Although perhaps the last post contains all I need to manifest my own breakthrough – Energy Flows Where Attention Goes. Indeed.

    • last night i dreamt i was in a polygamist marriage that the government broke up up and i cried the while dream mourning the loss of my ‘family’. since the eclipses dreaming has been crazy but the dreams are peaking. almost scared to sleep to tonight!

    • Yes, my dreams last night were even crazier than usual, which for me, is saying a lot! They were fun, though. Lots of flying.

      • My dreams have been batshit insane lately too! Been waking up going WTF?!

  2. Been having vivid dreams all month, last night there were horses crossing my path and one in particular which was sticking to me like a magnet. Disconcerting.

    Neptune back in Aqua is opposite my natal Pluto and something dark and intense is seething in the depths of my being. Its not easy to define coz its in the murky waters of subconsciousness but there is a strong sense that something has to change because, well, it will be psychic death not to.
    I know running away doesn’t solve anything, you can’t hide from yourself and all that but …

    And despite knowing its Merc retro I bought a new router this morning and unsurprisingly it won’t talk to my laptop. guess I’ll just wait til the end of the month.

  3. Been attempting to do some Out of Body experiences, even bought William Buhlman’s classic ‘Adventures Beyond the Body’. Dreams are getting more clear, heavy and defined, but am yet to experience a really clear OBE. (Actually normally I am so shattered I can’t manage to focus on that moment between sleep and wakefulness for more than 30 seconds).

    C’mon Scorpy Moon, do your thang! (slugs down mint tea). Good luck fellow travellers!

    • Andromeda, you can have one of my dreams any day. I mean, they’re nice, but seem so portentous just because everyone says oooh that sounds like astral travelling oooh. You do learn much about being other than yourself in times and lands not your own, but then you wake up and want to share but, shining eyed and fresh from travels, cannot. Isn’t this normal dreaming? Let go…it’s the innocence of a child that floats you there…let go of yourself, you don’t matter.

      I mean, Andromeda, of course you matter, but a Piscean never sees it in that fashion and.. we go.

      Should i try to send off the dreaming to all as i fall asleep? Remember your body can get a shock when you wake up. Be gentle with it before you get up. Because when you wake up you remember you matter. But when you go to sleep you know you don’t.

    • I’ve had a few OBE this week too. My dream life is really active and I wake up thoroughly exhausted!
      Lots of creative ideas though.
      Do you often have OBE?
      I haven’t met too many people who can do it.

      • Regularly since childhood. It connects directly to your ability to perceive/intuit another person by going inside them without preconception, and to lose yourself. Do you do this when you look at a person’s face during a conversation?

        I cannot believe that this is not a normal human ability. I simply think we are more encouraged to build a strong sense of self, against a strong sense of compassion for the other. A strong sense of self is most healthy, sure, but can be encouraged in such a way that losing yourself is a fear.

        During a facial, laying on a yoga mat at the end of session etc. i also lift out, and it sometimes feels my limbs are a-tangle or twisted about, like a pulled apart doll. In dreams I am regularly someone of a different age, ethnicity, gender and sometimes sexual orientation. It changes often. The worst dreams are when I’ve been to a country and then the TEXT appears as well… i see names and have seen corrupt connections between say, a struggling African nation and high-powered London. That led me to read and research what i could and i saw that it had already been uncovered or hinted at. But i have seen names well before elections, and i don’t understand why i see these. If anything my dreams make me look into politics, definitely not the other way round.

        • Awesome M! I have always had quite a bit of OBE and night visitors and it varies from experience to experience. Some aren’t so crash hot and particularly if you know you’re there and you know you want to get back into your body but can’t quite manouvre it.

          Lots of dreaming for me last few weeks..more so than the usually unusual..and minimal recall or disconnected so that I can’t quite perceive it with my mind. I’d say deliberately so .. so that my mental analysis doesn’t take over and try to make it into something other than it’s intention.

          As a laugh… if I don’t recall dreams I quite often get a theme song.. eg wake up with a line/verse or chorus from a song that just repeats in my head but offers no other clue.

          I’ve had a dream diary going circa 93 – 2004 (?) and then sporadic thereafter. It’s gotten way more sporadic over the years as I decided to allow some to go through to the keeper (soul) as I had trained myself so well I’d wake up 4 or so times a night and be writing down dreams in dark without even bothering with the nite lamp. I got tired… LOL…. I don’t mind what I call a ‘dead sleep’ at times… no waking, no dreams, no weird visitors and no recollection. Sometimes it’s actually quite restful.

          Have a gorgeous day. Sun shining bliss here in Bris =)

          • Yes! The theme songs! It IS a gorgeous day :)

            I love it that many people on this blog from all different walks share these same kinds of experience. This is what I mean: i cannot believe such dreaming is “lucky”. It is an ordinary gift we all share. However, accessing the state of mind can be difficult.

            …mugwort or mint teas, essential oils, drugs, mind states… this is all preparation. It happens when you’re UN prepared. For some these paths may be a way to un prepare, and let the mind flow. I think as I’ve had to learn linear time, a slow process for me, i’ve lost natural access often to this primal part of my being. I am glad when it recurs…i don’t understand it with my mind and i’m cool with that…it’s restful.

            No parameters for a multiSag Piscean is bliss *face relaxes, soul smiles*

          • Funny, but i just returned from a forest jaunt this morning, and noticed a few times towards the end that i was above my own walking body. I was busted once by a psychic energy reader: where are you? where do you go? where are you now?

            I can even be talking to someone. Thought i was pretty good at covering when i go “offline”, as Mystic put it in her Hi-Lo Piscean post. So i was shocked to be caught out by this lady, especially since it’s second nature and i didn’t know this practice was what they called OBE/astral travel.

    • Intense dreams, but no OBE yet! I have Piscean MC mille, so it’s kinda my job to let go I think. But my while my axis is mutable my Sun and Moon are fixed and I think they need lots of structure, as does my Kataka stellium, within that ‘letting go’. When I am ready, the experience I am seeking is usually powerful and very complete, so I do get a little tremulous before something new energetically.

  4. I can’t remember any of my dreams but for some reason as of the last week I can’t stop sleeping and napping and have no energy. Uggggh.

  5. I have been remembering my dreams/mares more as of late (last few weeks), and am waiting on some Pluto juice from a supplier here in the states. My ASC is @ 4 Cap, so looking forward to trying the juice to see how it works !

  6. Love the Pluto juice…..can`t tell you how many bottles I`ve gone thru when Pluto was squaring my natal moon.

    • Groovy Spirit ! I do know that when I burned some Neptune incense recently I had excellent dream recall the next am. Feeling better about the Pluto these days, probably could’ve used some Saturn or Uranus juice when Saturn Rx was opposite Saturn Rx with Uranus squaring ASC/DC~ that’s when I was really about to pop my cork πŸ˜€
      Gneiss Moon

  7. doused in lavender oil. smells heavenly. glugging a glass of water or 2 then beddy byes. night all :*

  8. Unfortunately, drank too much really strong blue devil hooch juice & can’t remember last nite’s dreams. But yes, ever since the eclipse they’ve been really intense & vivid.

  9. I’ll take some Pluto Juice before bed tonight. I took some Mimulus right before bed a few nights ago because I found a spider in my room and freaked out, and it seemed to promote a very restful, but strangely (for me) dreamless sleep.

    Last night was all flying and lightening and floods (and my brother and dad fly-fishing in our flooded backyard…?) and sneaking around huge houses and parties with strobe lights and, most randomly, hanging out with a bunch of Harry Potter characters. It’s amazing that I don’t wake up exhausted.

    • my friday morning nightmare had lightning….so intense and many people dead. scary.

  10. friday morning, had 2 nightmares. Pisces son had one too.
    Friday, saw latest scorpio sun ex in town, went well, more like friends than ever before.
    Saturday morning…insomnia. Going crzy over new virgo lover. Showed up at his house this morning, and thankfully, he did not take this as a crazy lady move. Was glad to see me. Not sure which, but his natal moon is either scorpio or sagitarrius. Would a moon in sag think me showing up at 8 am crzy. Moon in scorpio wouldn’t…
    Either way, our moon in scorpio loving was fabulous.

  11. No spike in dream activity for me, though a similar thread from the last two weeks of my being preparing for change. I’ve been sleeping with steam humidifier, while recovering from terrible flu thing, and it is soooo relaxing. I love the sound of the bubbling steaming water. It helped me sleep so well after having really broken sleep for a week, that it could just be by association/and health benefits of breathing well. BUT otherwise I wonder WHY would I feel so relaxed at the sound of steam? I can feel it now, my whole body is in bliss just listening to it, and I can’t get close enough!

  12. Totally on the money MM.

    Last night i dreamt of recent ex (2nd most intense relationship i’ve ever had) and it was the first time he’s been any of my dreams. We were even having sex!

    However, the only other person in the last 20 years that has been in any of my sex dreams was my ex from way back then; and he was my first intense relationship….. so weird.

    Clearly both these exes are tattooed my heart in a way that no other ex has made an impression! πŸ˜‰

  13. 😯

    Right on Mystic! 😯

    Last night in my dream I was on the phone talking to a man, he was asking me how I was going and saying how lovely it is to talk to me. BUT I couldn’t work out who it was, I began stuttering and wasn’t quite sure what to say! 😯 Meanwhile all the men who I know ran through my mind, is it such and such? Or is it that guy? Should I just start talking about this in case it is? etc…etc… He was saying he knew about things that were going on my life especially one particular matter, but I knew it wasn’t that guy.

    Then it hit me!

    It was my Dad! 😯

    • wow Barista, after reading how young you were when you lost both parents recently, i was wondering at the start of this dream if it was your Dad. What a welcome call. happy for you BG. xx

    • wow BG – powerful!!

      my father appeared (briefly) in a dream last week. we hugged lovingly.

      in reality we’ve long been estranged, with nothing dramatic precipitating the rift – we simply have nothing in common. nothing to talk about. no shared angst, but no shared stimulation. the lights are on with him, but nobody home syndrome. shame. but am at peace with it/him. the dream reinforcing that knowledge.

        • thanks saturnian – it felt powerfully reaffirming!! πŸ˜‰

      • Yeah wow bg lovely. i dreamt about my dad too who died about month ago. i have never dreamt about him ever. It felt safe

    • Did you end up having a nice chat? I like it when you end up having a lovely conversation… puts a spring in your step:)
      I sometimes have chats with grandparents and great-grand parents.
      I usually makes you feel pretty good:)

    • Thanks guys!

      Yeah it was nice, although I felt a lot of emotions, nervous, overwhelmed etc. My dad brought me up as a single parent so he was everything to me and while I didn’t recognise his voice, I recognised his love.

      I’m glad that you felt some of that rlp with your dad. It might not be the love that we can physically recognise but we know it when we feel it.

  14. Had a lot of trouble getting to sleep last night, perhaps because the night before dreamt my family had tried to gas me.
    And tired.

          • Ha! :)
            It’s nonsensical.
            I was more perturbed about the lack of sleep. Though did get all a bit seeing ghosts in shadows last night. Weird. I warded them (my overactive mind) off with a shield of purring.
            Oh well, another night is a fae druin in.

  15. I’ve dreamt of 3 ex’s this past week, One passed away in 2001. I was holding my gaze straight ahead whilst sitting beside him a 1950’s style booth that turned into a moving train … I was apprehensive about making eye contact with someone who has passed on. It ended well, but without any eye contact, he was wearing an old tshirt (a watermelon colour) he used to love, with a pair of my old dark brown velvet pants/jeans he used to like wearing. He continued to look straight ahead and did not try and make eye contact either.

    His (beautiful piscean) ex was in the background (in real life they had a little boy together) and i went up to her to ask if she wanted any work… she said she was going to ask me the same thing. I helped her fold up a massive white lineny sheet thingy, but we had fun making it go up like a parachute first and flapping it about.

    (I know she is a seamstress now, although we do not speak. I am looking into a fabric based business, and this part of the dream seems to work in well with that direction at the moment.)

    The other 2 were of more ex flings than full on relationships. And my husband and kids were in those too, but not with the old passed ex scorp.

  16. Been having the saddest dreams, including the death of my former best friend (she is not dead, our friendship is).

    Hoping for something much more pleasant.

  17. I dreamed that the cops were tailing my car, me aware & driving the Mexican Low Rider like a nana aware they’re checking me out via my number plate (which’d flag prior road related misdemeanors) & then they pulled me over. had nothing to hide so all was OK in dream time – but yesterday Le Ram & I were talking about how my truck is a sitting duck vs if I drove a white Barina.

    A week ago I was pulled over on a 10am Bondi Road car defect roadblock. then 1 km later RBT unit at Centennial Park, same deal, every driver breath-tested. By this stage was late for meeting & asked cops if they thought there was an epidemic of those heading to work topping their Cornflakes with a side of Scotch??

    I respect they are doing a job, but there seems to be an imbalanced approach / increase in over policing ….. & not to mention testosterone overload by the boys (& odd girl) in Blue.

    Friday night my friend was pulled over in Surry Hills – Cops have Ch 9 TV crew in tow. Cops informed they had every right to film & no right of refusal. Friends were filmed despite no law being broken, or reason to pull them over.

    damn the over policing – plenty more inspiring things to dream about!!

    • Hi Hon, the over policing is for revenue & reality tv. Actors need to be paid, public don’t.
      This is the beginning of the Facist State. It has stopped me going out of a night, would be
      too embarrased to have hooch saliva test.
      The Great Money Grab for fear it’ll run out. Fear being the operative word here.
      Free tv? if you’re not into cooking or renovating, forget it. We are left with our dreams
      which are usually far more exciting viewing :-)

      • the more hammers & nails sold for Mitre 10 or Bunnings, the more home shows – or Sausages sold at Coles the more food shows ….. scary reality was I was down the the final few to be judge in one of the big budget home shows. was funny just to be approached 7 go trough the process. the hardarse producer chick didn’t like me. actually I don’t think she likes much in life at all, but I couldnt see why they had a ‘design’ specialist on what to me sounded like a ‘decorating’ show. she snotted it was the Masterchef of design shows. reality has proven me right – Australia’s most expensive TV show detailing decorating disasters has viewers switching off in droves, & Ch 10 execs without a plan B.

        As for the money grubbing revenue raising Cop initiatives – madness. utter utter madness. but to take money from Channel 9? shame you David Gyngel, shame!!

        BTW PEGs we’ve bought back home entertaining. held EXCELLENT soiree here on Fri night – old-school SERIOUSLY good fun.
        & when the wine ran out we dialed & voila – off we went again!!

      • god pegs i think you’re onto something – those instant tests are $50 each and all the states are pretty much in the crapper fiscally cutting funding to health, education and police so reality TVs an ideal way to suck money from somewhere. It will also be contributing to the cheapest way a channel can maintain local content quotas. “reality” is so much cheaper than drama to create.

        RLP i do think you’re able to say “I do not give my consent to be filmed” tho – the police i’m pretty sure are covered by the national privacy principles being a government agency – the principles are available online. Learn and quote the privacy principles by rote if you’re ever being strong-armed by anyone.

        • i just checked and you can only complain about federal police or their subcontractors, not the police in your state or territory so that’s the loophole they’re mining. a lot of that’s happened over the last few years rights of the individual being eroded, it started with the onset of the age of terror. democracy ain’t what it used to be purported to be.

          • And Whatevs (greetings) we are being told to dob in others
            to do their job for them.
            I thought Australia was built on see no evil hear no evil speak no evil
            a wonderful Libertine view possibly coming from the early settlers.
            Now we are being taught that it’s a good thing to be a type of Vigilante.

            Was telling some-one the difference about being scared and being fearful,
            that one can be a motivator and the latter, a paralyser. Sounds like
            society is becoming a CNS system with sympathetic & parasympathetic colliding.
            Interesting movie called ‘Adjustment Bureau’ touted as being like ‘The Matrix’,
            worth a watch to view an alternative reality.

            • whatevs – per my friend’s quote below (friend is educated public figure & knows their shit….)

              “If you’re interested, the email address for the Police Film And Tv Unit – Mike Whyte is

              check it out yourself …..

              • i’m not sure what emailing that guy is going to get me and I’m not at all motivated to get involved to that degree i’ve got some exfoliating to do but this seems pretty unethical. This is a link to the list of people you can complain about if you feel your right to privacy has been breached – this scenario looks like it falls into a grey area – very convenient for channel whatever it was.

        • “Since when did our Police force become a part of the media broadcast companies such as Ch 9? Pulled over last night by the Police AND Ch 9. I told them they couldn’t record us and the Police said they could even if I said no!! According to the Police Public Affairs Branch (Film And TV Unit) based in Surry Hills, they give Ch 9 the ‘rights’ to film any unsuspecting public will being interrogated by the Police. Since when do taxpayer funded people allow media companies those rights???”

          • Corporations were purchasing our DNA even until a law was devised
            to stop it recently. Didn’t Dylan say ‘nothing belongs to you anyway’.

            Time to call for Money Guns & Lawyers, RockStar!

          • This is disturbing. Is this is Australia? I can easily see this happening in the States. Media, law and entertainment are all one.

  18. I dreamt I was at work. Awesome.
    That there was a group of people that needed to use the resources for refuting training and I needed to do my job. But they kept obtain my equipment, my headphone, my terminal. I started off being generous, saying that we could share and that I could help one girl, but she got demanding, and I got cross (as I would assist/do her task, start my work and then she would come back and start taking over stuff).
    When I was doing my work, I would be editing up a story about an old house and the history of it. The more I watched/edited the real real it became until I was inside the story and it was real.
    Then this girl would jerk me back. And I would get frustrated and yell, then realize I was at work and shouldn’t… I would try to male amends by doing more if her tasks.
    One part in the house editing story, was about a boys bedroom and how it developed when he become a man. How he had to give up his bed and other strappings, and this one carving his own bed so thathe didn’t miss the comforts of the previous one. Then Gary Oldman showed up. I was telling people that Gary was pretty cute in my dream.
    Some of it was funny, some disturbing, a lot of frustration and a little lonely.

    I didn’t stay off the hoochie, which was an accident. Promise. Damn you dinner parties!!

  19. I dreamt that my ex-fiance (in lived reality I broke it off with him even tho I adored him because he had a problem with alcohol and would have hideous tantrums as a result. He has since passed away. Very sad) arrived at small party/get together with a woman I loathe (in lived reality she married a dear male friend of mine. He ended the friendship ended because I told him, not in these words but more politely, that I couldn’t stand her competitiveness with other women and how she was completely male-identified).

    In the dream I got upset and stormed off. Later, in the dream, my ex-fiance had delivered to me a series of bunches of yellow daisies which I recognised, in lived reality, as the symbol used in a memorial for those who have suffered instituitional abuse. He had also delivered a bag of peas and mint to honour my cooking. The whole package was signed “with love from Harry Potter” as a joke-reference to the film we were going to see at the party in the dream. It was such a lovely, fun. thoughtful gift.

    Then, in the dream, he had been given the role in a film playing a character that had hitherto been represented in cartoons. A terrific role and I was pleased for him.

  20. Didn’t remember my dream. Just remember waking up from sleep walking. grr.

    • I thought so too.

      Said once unthinkingly to mates, who then used to laugh and quote me:

      I dream when I’m awake, and i’m awake when i’m sleeping.

    • I hadn’t either but I remember as a young teenager someone remarking on B&W dreams v. dreams in colour, and I’d just had a dream of my yellow bikini hanging on the drying line outside our kitchen window. Total surprise that not everyone dreamed in colour.

      • never occurred to me dreams were black & white

        yellow bikini – HOT!! πŸ˜‰

        • Gosh. Not sure what colors my dreams are….trying to remember dreams…I think or assume they are color but not 100%

          • We had a black and white telly when I was little, but apparently I would often say things like ‘look at that lovely pink dress’.

  21. LOVE the image. yes the dreams have been wacky but the waking world is pretty wacky right now too – sudden encounters with peeps from other times and other places & some great coincidental closure on those phases. nice tying up of loose ends and some mad activity going on – two life goals I’ve been working away at slowly but surely for years have come to fruition over the last month and i think the world is a beautiful place right now. There’s an ongoing theme to the dreams – it all hinges on women. Is interesting.

    • Really good to hear things bubbling along Wattie. Dont you just love it when a plan comes together?

      • YES! It’s weird I’m totally head down ploughing on and sometimes right now when I come up for air I realise there’s a whole lot in the big wide world macro that’s falling apart so clearly but I’m too busy to leave the micro and worry or spend energy thinking about it for longer than the moment of recognition. I’ve got my own inner revolution happening and it feels like I’ve been treading water my whole life for this moment in time to happen and now the brakes are off big-time πŸ˜€

        • Great to hear. I really hope that it is all bringing grand things your way.

          I like paying attention to the macro level, even if mega busy. Useful for perspective. It’s the meso level I tend to ignore. Stop paying attention to what other people are doing. It’s good for me actually.

          Good fortune to you love.

    • i just realised re the upward trending pivotal women in dreams – jupiter transiting the 11th house is about to oppose my scorpio moon for 6 months so it makes sense women will be key.

  22. this is not related but i just heard on the news the rioters in tottenham were lining up to loot shops and all I could think was how orderly of them – do you think saturn in libra with uranus opposite in aries brings some degree of etiquette to revolutionary activity? Manners maketh the revolutionary?

  23. I’m moving!!! wooooooohoooo. Into a share house with an Aqua bloke with Scorp Asc, Virgo moon, Pisces Mars and Venus Cap – plus two cats (lurv cats). I’m sure it sounds boring to everyone, but it’s BIG for me … haven’t moved house since 2006.

      • exciting! they respond well to reasoned debate and have a tendency to need to go away and think before they respond so if you stump up the courage to get something off your chest and he stares at you blankly or disappears just give it a few days before you ask again – it’s not that you’re being ignored it’s that you’re being pondered at length. ENJOY prowlers : 0) Aquas are dreamy xxx

        • thanks whatevs – I shall try. Just have to get through a mini-meltdown first but after that am sure it will all be ok. Well heck even though I’m a born again atheist have handed it to the multiverse! Cancerians DON’T like moving shells … not this one anyway.

          • aaah! i have uranus conjunct my sun and IC so I have absolutely no idea what you’re talking about : o) BUT I am a seasoned mover – if you take photos of what’s in your boxes and number the boxes or use some kind of visual code like blue for kitchen etc it makes life easier and means you can transition slowly if necessary without going mad because you can’t find the microplane – keep the details under control and you’ll be hands-free to deal with any emo that pops up. this seems like a superbly-timed move prowlers – a fellow sci-fi code nerd traveller to bounce your ideas off and keep things light / on an even keel when you need it – aquas are super good at keeping shit in perspective and also really good at letting you wallow in peace if you need to. Change is good – change you choose to initiate yourself is even better.

            • NOTEBOOK: after packing each box. list what’s in it, give the box a NUMBER. When you’re looking for stuff, especially stuff you don’t need straight away, your notebook comes in handy.

              Seasoned mover who doesn’t always unpack the daily non-essentials that are soul essentials straight away.

              Case in point: needed tall vase for flowers yesterday. Moved 1.5 years ago. Got vase without disturbing nan’s things.

    • That’s not boring, that’s a big deal!! When you move I will send you virtual bread and salt for blessing!! My only tip is one you already know I suppose, get the house cleansed or do it yourself. Denise Linn’s space clearing book is really great and very respectful. Love cats too, sounds a very happy change, best of luck, xx.

  24. Get a massage after packing and unpacking all the boxes.

    Fqn ENJOY the sh* out of your new HOME xxx

    And never mind the bloke. You just make sure he’s a true and good bud to you. And you to him…pay the rent on time (sure u do) and be a good bud while delineating your space (sure you do that, too). I mean, Katakans are cautious but softies, so even if u end up lovin him as a love or bud, KEEP THAT SPACE XxX

    • thanks! we’re not “like that” as in romantic. He is my best friend’s brother. We’re both geeky/sci fi/coding/creative types. I love love love the house – cute old style cottage with polished floorboards and lattice windows in a secluded tree lined street but about 5 minutes walk from everything! Terrified but chuffed. πŸ˜€

      • Mmm… sounds like Mt Lawley/Menora/Bedford/Bayswater? Or other direction? Like Neds/Dalk/Claremt?

        Watch for shadows. Be reasonable and stand for who you are. Or, my accidental favourite, remember who pays the rent. Acknowledge, and ask to be left in peace.

        This move is good for you, p, maybe i’m reading yr old place.

      • Hey Prowlin, a couple a weeks ago a new condo mate moved in and it’s a male. I’ve only met him once as he’s gone early and not here on the weekends so far.

        Fine by me really. Owner said he’s quiet and considerate (seems to be) and separated from his wife. Has not messed the kitchen once nor personal items strewn about, alto did put up a new roll of paper towels in the kitchen.

        I like it here because it’s a gated resort community that costs me about the third of the price were I to live in a 3 bedroom (don’t need that much space anyway).

        This is much better than when the other gal was here. There was a bit of drama involved with her. She was a Cappy Moon like me but one of those who felt entitled (the Libran owner’s words, and she was right).

        Was a bit of an adjustment at first as besides Mom had always lived alone for 15 yrs. So much nature here tho, really pretty. A tree lined street with some seclusion sounds lovely too.

        Good luck!

        My world, if anyone cares to pop in. Don’t do golf, tennis or the country club however (not my thing and not retired with $$). Just had the multiverse lookin’ after me too, after Mum died.

        ps, if anyone comes by, it’s the mailbox that says “Sweetpea” lol…x

          • You are always the sweetest of Vir-a-go-go’s, G-Moo (my new nick name for you…hope you don’t mind :) )

            Notice that when Virgo Mercury went retrograde @ 2 degrees was on my Pluto. Aquarius Papers/interesting write up.

            States a Sabian Symbol meaning for that degree is “glorification”. Was reading a week or so ago that one of the things about creation is that eventually it is “glorified”.

            Made more splendid, praised, more clear and this is interesting in light of another meaning of 2 Virgo “a liberating ordeal”.

            Suppose there is alot of re-think, reassess, re-do with this Merc rx. Know I am.

            • G- Moo haha πŸ˜€ I have so many names- go for it hon ! We’ll add it to the pile…glad you are kickin lickin your too and yes, re-vise and re-think here too.

              Is such a labor of love to create art, via leather, stones, paint or words all are glorified and liberating the higher spirit within. Good sabian symbol ~

              Going slower as day job is up to 6 days for the next few weeks, but still going up the mountain ~> Steady as she goes, Cap’t :)

              ps. Patsy Cline has a cappy moon @ 7. Just love she and Loretta’s friendship, gonna whip it up later. I heard Loretta once when I was still married and my Dad was still alive- we just *loved* her- she is a sweetie too, and a bit psychic, her house has ghosts

        • Love it Sweetpea, looks so vast and beautiful! The skies must be pretty amazing.

  25. I drank the Juice, put the mugwort into the pillow sham, fell asleep within second, and remember nothing. Slept like a stone, though.

  26. When i was a kid i used to make tents outta sheets like alot of us.. But i had a dream last night that the comfort i used to get from the small cotton boundry between me and my familys problems- should be looked at the same as the world. The boundry between me and the cosmos let me be wrapped in the ozone blanket of the human family no matter how dire. The same comfort can be achieved,,

    I just happen to be camping this teusday comming up looking forward to not letting that dream go to waste

    Thanks neptune – love jason

  27. Found my old dream diary from five years ago- had written about a dream in which I was making and hanging curtains for the in-laws and they were checking carefully to make sure I left nothing behind. Yes – it was curtains for the relationship……..Amazing that I didn’t see it then……..Looking back now it’s like, how could I miss something so obvious- like when you look everywhere for your sunnies and they are on top of your head all the time.

  28. Does this count? Uncle Boonmee Who Can Recall His Past Lives (mentioned here by MM a few months ago) was in my city this weekend. Saw it Friday. I think the movie itself was psychic, as it was playing out events in my own life.

  29. Last night I had a pseudo copy of this reoccuring dream I used to have when I was kept in limbo by my old boyfriend. Basically, I was at the mall searching for him (he did work there in reality) and I could not find him. I swear I’m over him though, I think its Merc Retro playing tricks with me…..or the percocet. I rarely ever take strong Opioids but I just got a wisdom tooth removed so it was neccesary yesterday, and maybe right now. grrrr.