If Your 8th House Was A Room

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Okay D.I.Y. Astro-Peeps, here is an interesting exercise for you.

Let’s look at the 8th House – if you don’t know what i am on about, please go check out The Sexy, Psychic And Eerie 8th House for explanation.

Yes, you will need your birthchart at hand to figure this out.

* Would you consider yourself to be an 8th House person? 8th Housers are the ones with prominent planets or the Sun-Moon in there. You’re deep and never mind what you’ve got rising. 8th House People have experiences to do with Sex, Death & the Occult that other people just do not have – ever – simple as that. They’re a breed apart.

* Do you have anything major transitting the 8th House at the moment? If your 8th House has Capricorn, Aries or Pisces on the cusp than yes you do. So your 8th House is inhabited and about to be redecorated, ready or not.  Screw the interior decorating advice, think more like a shaman or an exorcist.

* If your 8th House was a ROOM, what would it look like? Mine has Mars-Uranus-Pluto in it so it would be something like the above room: combat ready, a bit spartan and unconventional.


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187 thoughts on “If Your 8th House Was A Room

  1. My 8th house has Venus, Sun and Chiron all in Aries. And yes inde I am all about changing especially now. After years of shifting I am plunging again through a major shift. I don’t mind this one at all. It’s fantastic.

    • And of my 8 th house were a room it would be like mine now, lots of books, dresses andshoes, music and some of everything everywhere. It would vibe feminine but not cloyingly, like womanly. Wise, intelligent, creative and fun womanly.

      • Just had a major dream involving the mystical and psychic. This is par for the course with me however this was a big one. It ties everything together for me. Which is amazing as I have felt it coming. Now to put it into action-being. I have a reading assignment: the Bhaghavad Gita.

  2. Chiron and Saturn both in Pisces….I think I should be scared….but the reality is that I’ve been going through a period of rebirth and transformation – finally letting go old ghosts and angst, getting in to good patterns of exercise and better nutrition – so my 8th house room I feel like is a courtyard garden room – that’s been weeded and pruned and has new shoots and blooms emerging.

  3. I have Scorpio on my 8th house cusp and my chart ruler neptune is in the 8th. Not really sure what it would look like but I think it would be it would be in the city of Venice with a balcony that overlooked a canal.
    Sex, death and psychology. What else is there? when I was 12 I became obsessed with the work of Raymond Moody and really wanted to have a life after death experience.

  4. Sun, Saturn, and Pluto in the 8th. In Scorpio. So, yeah, I think it’s safe to say I’m an 8th house person 😉

    It it were a room? It would be full of books on every taboo subject, have high, stained glass windows that could be covered in a flash with velvet blackout curtains, and be outfitted with long, low, plush sofas for, um, “relaxing.” And, of course, it could only be accessed by a secret passageway.

    • I picture my 8th house similarly. Leo is on the cusp of mine, so all those plush sofas would be utilized for cat-napping and leisurely lounging and sprawling. I’ve also got Jupiter, Saturn and my Moon there. So I’m thinking it ought to be a tower room, like an observatory. Jupiter will want a view and an expansive one to see the wide world from all directions. They’ll be high cathedral ceilings and for Saturn, some hefty stone archways to give support and foundation. And maybe a rooftop or window garden of healing herbs for my Virgo Moon, all planted according to optimal sun and wind exposure requirements. I think Leo might also require a very grandiose chandelier too. Nothing much, I’ll just take this little number from the Hermitage in St. Petersburg.


      I’ve got Venus, Sun and Mercury transiting through my 8th right now. Time to talk about sex and death while pampering myself with a haircut and highlights?

  5. Natal chart has 8th house Leo, with Uranus within half the width of a bee’s dick of falling into 9th house. Transits at the mo’ are Sun, Venus and Mercury. What does it all mean??!!

    • I believe within a bee’s dick, Uranus would be counted as on the cusp of the 9th, i.e. in the 9th. Your Uranus placement is where you get to be inspired, inspirational, unconventional, forward thinking, uniquely individual. Does it resonate that you are that way in terms of 8th house stuff like sex, death, other people’s money, shared finances etc? Or are you more so in terms of travel, beliefs, religion and higher learning? Or do both resonate? (I have an 11th house conjunct a bee’s willy from the 12th and can do both houses.)

      Continued below with year of the fox…

  6. So four of my planets are in Scorpio — Sun, Merc, Venus and Neptune soooo I’m thinking some out of an Anne Rice novel set in New Orleans…

  7. Yes yes yes! Moon in the 8th house, and sex, death and the occult have been big players since the beginning.
    What does it look like? Touched by moonbeams and starshine, set somewhere natural that’s quiet and rustic but dense with energy… a room in a cabin somewhere in a Scandanavian wood comes to mind.

  8. Taurus there.

    No planets except part of fortune

    minimal decor but the resident shaman-guard-masseuse-excorcist is STUDLY as all fuq

    is it just me or is the blog really distracting lately/

    • No, just the mention of Taurus man and I’m jelly after that post the other day. It’s in the air as per daily email.

    • yeah LS things have been a bit below the belt as it were, Nothing wrong with that as long as bills are paid, kids fed, turn up to work etc the no harm really?

      • also have you noticed a lot of new peeps checking in? Come join us in the 8th house its a friday night of cyber of mystery and who knows all in the safety of our own lounge rooms ha!

  9. I have the moon in my 8th house in TAURUS with Venus on the cusp in Aries.I have always been interested in sex ,death & the Occult..I have always wanted to have a room in like a castle,which has heavy red velvet drapes,a massive wooden dinining table with candleabra’s and a banquet.Chandeliers & huge open fireplace etcc… very opulant and excessive!!

  10. Full of Asteroids

    Lady Justice in hooked up to a tens machine on her temples in a rubber catsuit

    8th house aquarius Vertex,Athena conjunct Eros (grand trine asc/pluto)

    • Ms, love this avatar. The swan was good but i did so miss the lips lips lips.

  11. Mmm right… I have to spend some time picturing this room, I’m thinking Shamanic boudoir with my sun, mercury, Venus a nd Saturn all in 8th house gemini. But maybe it just is what I’ve got, lots of books, sacred objects, venusian bedding, and workspace!

    I’m working towards the kind of bedroom that is just for sleeping, or sexing…. nothing else. I want lush rich feminine textiles and inspiring objects/art with anima. In the meantime I think I’ve got the above sorted. Transformation HQ.

    It so makes sense that peep w-out 8th house stuff just don’t get our depth of knowing about this stuff. You gotta know who to talk too.

  12. Venus, Neptune, and Uranus in the 8th.
    I definitely think my life path/karma/curiosity/self exploration to the point where if becomes transformative and sometimes damaging is very 8th house.

    I also have Moon and Mars in the 12th.

    My placements in the 8th and the 12th have some scary information thrown around about them. Suicide, power abuse, addiction, and on and on and on…

  13. I also have Uranus and Pluto in the 8th, currently being transitted by Saturn. Not sure I really want to know what this room would look like…

  14. Sun-Neptune-Venus in the 8th. in SAGITTARIUS. talk about strange combo.

    So my room would be much like my apartment- lots on shamanism of foreign cultures, psychology, histories of sexuality, lots of comfortable..er..areas.

    Wine. Always wine. And stuff about love everywhere.

    • Yeah my 8th house is saggi too, with Jupiter and Neptune in there…Strange combo for sure.

        • Attract foreign men all the time. Dont really like heavy stuff, find when i travel, I grow a lot. Philosophy, and is the 8th house a belief system too??

          I had quite a large family inheritance by the time i was 15…when my grandmother died. Think it is about money that is givebn to you as well…

          • me too with the foreign men…. :) Ive never been in a serious relationship with an Australian…

            Travel- YES.

  15. I have Mars in Aquarius there. No idea what this means. Most chart interpretations say I’m ‘kinky’ in the bedroom but nothing could be further from the truth. I do have psychic flashes though and erratic energy (ie. might be really productive at 2am one night, get up at 8 the next day etc…)
    And yes, I had 6 deaths about 18 months ago when Pluto was right there, hovering over it, telling me to let go or else…

  16. I have no natal planets in the 8th, but it’s straddling aries/taurus and jupiter’s making its way through there at the moment. I’ve never felt I really “get” this house, possibly because my 2nd house is so loaded that it kind of tips the balance.

    As far as rooms go, it’s not anything very ornate–my natal chart simply doesn’t bring much to the table there, so it’s really defined by whoever’s transiting through it. It’s an unremarkable room, maybe like an inoffensive guest bedroom or something, but you end up having conversations in it that you’ll never forget, and which may even be pivotal points in your life.

    • My 8th house in Cancer is empty except for asteroids. I have three fairly prominent asteroids, aspecting the planets in other houses.

      There is Isis (#42), who represents scattering or fragmentation and the need to put things together and make them whole. Isis is exactly trine my Chiron in Pisces, and exactly sextile my Uranus in Virgo.

      There is Hygeia (#10), who represents purity/cleanliness, hygeine, and fitness; her name literally means “wholeness.” Hygeia is trine my Neptune in Scorpio at 1 degree, and my Chiron in Pisces at 4 degrees.

      The third one is Apollo (#1862), whose temple had the motto “Nothing in excess” carved on its walls. Apollo is also the god of light and purity. Apollo is trine my sun in scorpio at 0 degrees.

      Taken together, these asteroids seem to be a theme, don’t they? Might explain why I have been celibate for more than ten years and why I don’t have any interest in casual sex. It’s not exactly seventh heaven being a vestal virgin of sorts, but it could be worse!

      This is what my 8th house looks like: http://tinyurl.com/3f9xznh

      This is what I would like it to look like: http://tinyurl.com/3oyteqk

    • My 8th house in Cancer is empty except for asteroids. I have three fairly prominent asteroids, aspecting the planets in other houses.

      There is Isis (#42), who represents scattering or fragmentation and the need to put things together and make them whole. Isis is exactly trine my Chiron in Pisces, and exactly sextile my Uranus in Virgo.

      There is Hygeia (#10), who represents purity/cleanliness, hygeine, and fitness; her name literally means “wholeness.” Hygeia is trine my Neptune in Scorpio at 1 degree, and my Chiron in Pisces at 4 degrees.

      The third one is Apollo (#1862), whose temple had the motto “Nothing in excess” carved on its walls. Apollo is also the god of light and purity. Apollo is trine my sun in scorpio at 0 degrees.

      Taken together, these asteroids seem to be a theme, don’t they? Might explain why I have been celibate for more than ten years and why I don’t have any interest in casual sex. It’s not exactly seventh heaven being a vestal virgin of sorts, but it could be worse!

      PS: I got a weird comment from the website. So I am posting again, after removing links to pictures of a room that shows what my 8th house feels like.

  17. Venus and Mercury in Scorpio and eighth house. Everything is secretive and sexual all the time. ha!

    And as per your previous post – (http://mysticmedusa.com/2009/03/the-eerie-8th-house/) so very accurate! “sex is like a super-important primal drive” Friends can’t beleive I would dump someone I love if the sex wasn’t good… but I have.

  18. 😯

    8th house in Libra/Scorpio. I have no planets in the 8th house but have Pluto in Libra and Uranus in Scorpio sitting on the line either side…

    Pluto transit across my 8th house in 1990-91 coincided with losing my parents in separate tragic circumstances when I was 9yrs-10yrs old. I have grown up with death. Growing up as an orphan, aka ‘ward of the state’, wasn’t exactly easy but in any case if I had to decorate my room it would resemble a room in a castle, sandstone walls with a view of the ocean and I would wearing armour, ready for action! 😯

    Like this…


        • Wow. A sad/powerful story of your childhood, BG. It makes total sense, your version of your 8th house room. Reminds me of the books by Frances Hodgson Burnett (the girls are orphans, etc.. then discover secret gardens and mysterious benefactors).

  19. 8th house cusp at 23 aries, so most of the house sits in taurus, with no planets in residence…this room, while uninhabited, has traces of past activity. It is furnished with things that have been given to me, lent to me and all the books I have left behind during my 30 + years of living as a nomad. There is a file cabinet containing bank notices from receipts of monies sent to me to support my lifestyle as a transient…there is a desk, with notebooks piled high on either side of writings never published, and lots of photos loosely collected in a large carpet bag, never put in labelled or put in albums. Most prominent is a large scroll, hanging on the wall behind the desk with a long list of lovers…friends and family…all left behind.
    It is the room of a solitary being, full of the memories that are no longer held in heart and mind; a record of my past shared experiences…

  20. If my 8th House was a room, it would be the official offices and meeting place of The Order of Pretty Martyrs.

    The cusp is in Aries, but all the action happens in Taurus, where I have Chiron (my only planet above the horizon) trining half my very earthy chart.

    The Order of Pretty Martyrs’ official meeting hall is lots of dark wood, nothing particularly flash or modern or expensive, most of it was picked up at Vinnies or in street markets, enchanted looking bric-a-brac, an antique harmonium for accompanying the hymnal (the anthem “how may I save you today?” is traditionally sung to organ chords), and the place always smells like sandalwood and baked goods. The Order meet regularly and discuss, strategize and prioritise various sacrifices, categorising them under “greater good”, “general servitude”, “fairy-god-mothering” and “poverty chic”.

    • Aha, I read that as petty martyrs and could instantly relate. Oops.

      Mine is accessed through one of those false panels in a posh drawing room or library, usually found only when blindfolded. Inside is scrubbed and whitewashed with nothing but a lone crucifix on the wall and the fading ghosts of dead underworld lovers.

      Cue the violins…

      • And I first read this post title as ‘if your 8th house was a roommate?” and thought, well… HOT!

  21. 8th house Capricorn here – natally nuffin in it, but yes yes Pluto has just arrived onto the scene. Oh joy.

    “If your 8th House has Capricorn, Aries or Pisces on the cusp than yes you do. So your 8th House is inhabited and about to be redecorated, ready or not.”

    What exactly do you mean by “redecorated” Mystic?? … I’m a tad anal about my decor you know, pardon the 8th house pun. Does this mean I might get laid? Knowing my luck I’ll just get a venereal disease and a bad case of hemorrhoids, die suddenly and have to have my genitals autopsied, then come back as a paranoid schizophrenic whistleblowing prostitute.


    • ps my 8th house room would have a portal to an alternate universe where Pluto doesn’t bloody exist!

          • “paranoid schizophrenic whistleblowing prostitute”–you’ve got your first screen play

            • nup it’s in the 6th in the early degrees of Scorp. I have a Neptune in Sag/Jupiter in Scorp conjunction but obviously in the latter degrees. Does the fact that the vertex is actually in Scorp matter considering we’re talking about the 8th house, Pluto and scorpy things in general??

              • My instinct is to say yes to that prowlers – not that I’m an astrologer but if you can see a pattern of upward trending activity when things have transited your vertex previously then i reckon that’d be an indication of it being a sound assumption. After discovering the vertex concept I had a look at times when sudden random 8th house style things (mine is in my 8th) happened in my life on astro.com and there was always something transiting and usually conjunct my vertex. It’s an interesting astrofiend point to monitor.

              • hmmm ok, I have not come across this one before whatevs but thanks for the heads-up! 😀

  22. My natal Chiron is in my 8th House and I have Lillith and Uranus there at the moment – on the cusp of Pisces.

    Sooooo….. sexual, dark, healing and unexpected changes. HAH ! In domesticated central ?

    The room of my eighth house has bits of half-eaten Cruskit scattered about, with Sudocrem rubbed into the floor and sand in the sofas. Tiny shoes clutter the doorway and used nappies balled in their baggies are stuffed up out of harms reach ie: Mr Squeaky, whom I once caught sucking on one. Nothing wrong with HIS immune system !

    If I had any kind of say in it, it would look like this :


    *goes back to knitting*

  23. Ha love this, this how I deal with my Chakra issues. I meditate and walk up a hall with many doors, yes each one is a chakra. Once in the room / space and discovering issues I redecorate, renovate or demolish and rebuild. Clean the walls, add a few crystals, suck up the bad ju jus into a magic vac, ripp down some walls, add a hot man, pot of gold, table of fine dining and wines etc. Your imagination. Mylower chakra rooms are very boring and need spicing up, my upper are very cool and outthere. Yes I need grounding.

    8th House – in Scorp but the only planetary action is Neptune which is trining Chiron and sextiling Pluoto and venus.
    Maybe like a cave hidden deep in a forest that noone will ever find. It is full of secret passages and vaults that can only be opened with ancient talisman and secret languages. Also secret meassages all over the walls in ancient secret code. When Saturn hits Scorpio and starts to shake up my 8th house, there could be an earthquake that rattles the cave and disarms all the super secret locks and reveals all – AAHH!!
    Trine Chiron – maybe a portal in the cave that shows messages from other lives. sextile Pluto and venus – I dunno maybe hot etheric guardians with a dark side clad in secret tattoo messages….

    • Capricorn on the 8th with Moon and Psyche/Achilles/Lie conjunct, bi-quintile Pluto on the IC.

      A creative (bi-quintile) transformatin of self. Spirits, transcendent stuff, pain, love, obsession but ultimately freedom if one does the work.

      Not easy but profound.

    • I had just meant “to post” , hippy chic, excuse me. Haven’t read posts. Too tired tonight. x

    • But as an aside, gambling wins (other’s money) and taxes…. :) Did I hear taxes?

      fuq.. 😆

  24. I have Mars in Pisces in the 8th, and that’s all. Pisces is kind of a tough placement for Pisces, I think, too watery for fiery Mars. I just checked my astro software, right now I have absolutely no transiting aspects to Mars at all.

    • Just look to what sign rules the 8th and where that ruling planet is. What aspects they make and what house the 8th ruling planet is in. That will help unravel a bit.

      • Ah, thank you Sweetpea! It’s Pisces. Hmm…Neptune sextile Pluto, Moon trine Neptune. And Neptune in Sagg in the 5th house. Well I’m more confused now but anyway, thanks for the tip! 😉

        • No, no need for confusion even tho I understand (Neptune trine from 5th to Pisces MC)..

          Tears for Fears “Break it Down Again”…listen to that for empowerment…”So these are my dreams”

          You have ideals (Sagg) that you can express thru Pisces Moon which are transformational and magic (Pluto).

          And full of love. x

          • Maybe your Moon not in Pisces and my oversight but with Neptune a certain flavor still prevails.

            “Break it down”…Pluto, making dreams managable for what the human brain and intellect can absorb and comprehend. Look to Saturn to help you. x

            • To be clear, meaning bit by bit, Saturn gives structure in the psychological process (even when we feel we’re goin’ crazy at certain intervals)

              • And I didn’t mean night time dreams but the ones we aspire to in conscious daylight.

                Much harder to manifest but can be done. For this is where we shift this reality..

                From the Source out…as flow.

                As that flow moves through the obstructions.

                This my truth and my path as taught by the 8th house, in astro terms, but not ultimately, primarily.

                8th house is not a room for me, but the world. At least for now.


                • Wow, thank you so much for all your help, that does make more sense now. And I’ve always liked that Tears for Fears song 😉

    • For example, my 8th ruled by Cappy (Saturn) and Saturn in 7th square Aries Sun/Merc/PofF.

      Men/relationships gave me hell but my Point of Fortune means that what I extract from that is good in many ways (if I see it…after the fact, undoubtly).
      It took those relationships to help my Sun “shine”, so to speak.

      Moon in the 8th…What house is Cancer ruled? The 2nd..so I derive my monies by doing alternative healing (8th) and this fulfills my Moon by helping and healing.

      Vesta in the 2nd too so a certain “self worth” attached to all of that and that no matter what I retain a part of what I consider sacred even if I have to fight for it! (Aries…through tough emo relations).

      Takes time to piece it together and sometimes yonks (Mystic’s word 😉 )
      to understand. x

      • I forget to hunt this way around the chart. Am looking at it afresh, thank you Ms. Pea.

  25. I have Leo on the Cusp with Virgo Moon in the 8th. The 8th house would probably look most like my home . Comfortable, clean, scattered with my favorite type of literature (Sci-Fi/Fantasy or Occult), mom’s spices growing in the backyard, a place for me to retreat .

    Rebirth has never been something I could avoid, and I’m very moody. Open to all sorts of incredible/supernatural messages, and like that interp for it on your Moon section was quite accurate: I think my energy puts off other people without me wanting to.

    • Same here, with those placements. I think I know what you mean about the energy too. There are many times when I feel rather “apart” from everyone else, like I’m on a different wavelength and that even if I wanted to explain it so that others would understand, I wouldn’t know how to do so. I often get criticized for being too sensitive or moody when I just feel like withdrawing and living inside my head for awhile. But with 5 planets in Scorpio I don’t know how else to be really.

      • Yep, I’ve got Sun, Mercury, Chiron, and Juno in Cancer (And Sun in the ruler of the 8th house), so I know exactly what you mean re: withdrawing.

        I do think part of the issue with the energy IS being on a different wavelength, and people seem to be either fascinating by it or very threatened. I’ve never noticed it in Elementary School, but I remember in Middle School there was one teacher who was getting to close to our “politics” and I don’t want to accuse, but it seemed like he was always singling me out because I was “different” in alot of ways. Even now, in the Nursing Program I just graduated from, the two instructors were air signs who loved to socialize with the class and immediately did the same thing. I’m still VERY resentful about that for a number of reasons, but I need to move on.

          • Sun, Venus and Saturn in the 8th house.

            Re being singled out and misunderstood for withdrawing when the input from others on how I should act/react/be all gets overwhelming – resonates here.

            A friend who was partially involved in a horrific battle with management during 2005 reported to me that the boss that I was trying outmaneuver actually said to him ” I just can’t get a grip on her, can you?”

            I just don’t act/react how others expect me to and as soon as they have an expectation on how I will act or react – I will do the exact opposite just because they may be getting too close to the mark. It’s a pisces thing.

            Re my 8th room:- I think I’m just returning to it after a long journey away. It’s like I’m rediscovering velvet curtains and dappled sunlight streaming in, clothing that swings from hippy “I don’t care” to corporate “OK I’m with you for the ride”, handmade lace and foil decoupage, ancient texts of wisdom that I have disregarded for too long and a true reflection of myself in a mirror that I hadn’t noticed.

            I never know how to interpret transits according to the natal chart, so reading here sometimes gives me a little bit of insight on what I should read up on besides house info…

  26. I have sun, merc and mars in Leo in the 8th… adorned with esoteric and tantric art treasures from civilisations past & future…

  27. Scorp 8th house with Pluto and Venus.

    It looks like a dungeon with each cell furnished in a style teetering between Victorian gothic romanticism and Addams family. Visitors are permitted on new and full moons, bring your own chains. All books have been rebound so that titles are only visible under a portable black light, which of course, goes into a safe during visiting hours. Otherwise it’s iron candle chandeliers. The colour scheme is red and black, a splash a purple within the dungeon or on visitors is ok (it’s only fair, my hair is currently a plum colour identical to the Joker’s jacket). Current obsessions will be explored fully and will faced by being utterly consumed by them, for however long the fire burns. (Right now, I’m sure Gary Oldman’s hands are one of the seven wonders of the world so current movie fest in cell 23.) Each month an ancient master comes in to offer training in Knowledge For Life’s Past, Future, and Present Essientials. July offered Shiatsu, this month it’s Quantum Cryptography. Intimate details REMAIN intimate and unspoken of regardless of how loud the moaning was in the cell at the end of your block or how much it disturbed the bats. Initiation into the dungeon consists of one spider bite to the bottom lip. You may not speak for the 3-5 days it takes to heal. If you do, it shall be known, as your lip will instantly swell. You must instead internalize and read the exhaustive materials given to you on demon lovers. 12 hour sleeps are required, as it’s the only way to reach your core. ….I think that’s enough revelation, off to read the other responses! 😀

    • This sounds cool! Love the monthly ancient masters and want the spider bite. Also kind of want to stay in one of the cells.

  28. HELL YES haha. i’ve got the moon in scorpio in the 8th house and it can be intenseee!

  29. 8th house = completely empty…not even asteroids.

    But transiting sun and venus in there.

    I have no idea what this means.

    • Mine too and in Cancer. But I have a couple of Scorpio planets and a bunch of aspects to Pluto, which is similar to having stuff in the 8th.

      Sun and Venus are shining a light on 8th house issues, particularly in terms of relationships.

      • Thanks for the interp UV!
        I welcome a shining light but it’s kinda hard since I have none right now. :/ Sort of like spot lighting an empty room.

        • You might look back on past 8th house issues, or dream about them. Are you a Scorp? If you’re a Scorp, you’re possibly regularly preoccupied with those things because your sun is always shining on them.

          8th house is anything Plutonic or Scorpionic. So your relationship with power, or delving into the subconscious, uncovering secrets, studying occult themes, anything to do with shared resources or very close partnerships. Corporate mergers, investors, the underworld, death or rebirth, endings and beginnings etc etc

          Or you might be like me, and too busy with other transits to know what the hell is happening there, lol.

          • No, not a Scorp but a Libra Sun. I think I have too many other transits for this to even show up as a blip on the radar.

            As far as other Plutonic things in my chart…
            Scorpio Moon, Lilith, and Mercury in the 12th. Pluto in the 10th in a huge ass stellium.

  30. All I have is the Moon in the 8th house of Gemini. It aspects Jupiter in the 11th of Libra and Mars and Neptune in 12th/Scorpio. It would be a hut on a beach somewhere far away, sand floors, hippy beads blowing gently on the doors, the sound of the surf not too far off in the distance, Leonard Cohens Suzanne playing on an old radio in the corner, an altar adorned with all my Spiritual trinkets and an old set of Christmas lights, incense, a bong decorated with sesame street characters, (carrying the best ganja money can buy) and my best friend, who happens to have the best freakin bod on “MY Universe” and happens to love Tantric sex.

    Seriously… what more could a person possibly want?

    • This reads as a PERFECT expression of a Gemini 8th house moon, methinks. 😀

      • I have Venus and Vesta in my 8th house.
        I like to concept of the beach thing, but I can’t help but think that it’s Gem… therefore their must be some books, A good reading chair and a bookshelf that that is actually a secret door to something (possibly the a dungeon or some secret tech hub… I dunno which yet).
        The Library will have a nice fire place, cos of the whole Vesta thing.
        Or maybe it could be a bonfire on the beach.
        I might choose different music, but i like the mood you are trying to create.
        Can I also have a beautiful pink sunset?Or a night sky with all the stars. I can’t decide. Maybe a switch I can flick between the two?

        Apparently my sun, mercury and vesta are progressing through my 8th. Any handy hints on progressions??

      • apple… yeah :)

        Venus… ahhh the beauty of having different aspects and planets within the same house. I’m happy with leonard, my trinkets and my guy just as it is.

        I’ll read later. (right now the radio is sitting atop the books in the corner)

  31. I have Pluto, Uranus, Venus and Mars.

    What’s in the room? Um, possibly Paul Atreides, Duncan Idaho, Lord Harkonnen and Shadout Mapes…

  32. My 8th house is ruled by Scorpio and both Jupiter and Uranus (conjunct) reside there. It’s a weird mix.

    Full disclosure: I’m both a stripper and heiress (not like in the Hilton sense, but still). Go figure.

  33. My 8th is ruled by Aries! Six planets including Chiron, Venus conjunct Saturn, North Node, Mercury all in a row being cruised over by Uranus. My room is a crowded messy cocktail party with Venus and Saturn are in the middle of it all having sex while the rest look on in mild amusement. Oh joy.

  34. Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh yeah. Moon, Uranus & Pluto all in 8th house. Wot does zat mean?

    I know that I’m pretty fuckin’ INTENSE for a lil’ Gemini.

  35. Gosh, you guys are all so creative and eloquent. I love it!

    Mars, chiron and jupiter in my 8th. Without trying, i find i know too many secrets. Sometimes painful, often useful. Have venus in the 12th to enhance the secrecy. Used to be overwhelmed by my perceptions, but now it’s okay. Comfortable, even. Strange sudden insights feel like old friends these days.

    Reading comments on this site helps too. Seems like a lot of people here have had unusual experiences.

    My 8th house room is in the attic near the stars with years worth of locked journals and a small fire for working spells. And a pisces who can call up multidimensional astral maps in his eerie silverblue eyes. Together we broadcast psychic radio to the bats and owls and whoever else is receiving.

  36. Actually, my 8th house probably looks a lot like the photo Mystic posted above. Haha

  37. Hah. Sun, Uranus (Scorp), Venus, Merc (Sagg) all in my 8th. Breed apart? Fuq yeah. The experience and knowledge I have of death/other is startling when compared to others I know. Even very young I was aware of the otherside. Eg. Family friends were killed in a car accident. The day after it happened I drew some pictures and when asked about them I said it was H, D and the baby. What no one knew, and was revealed in the autopsy, they were pregnant with their first child. That friend who asked still has the pictures, now framed, on his wall. My mum, somehow i her Aqua Mad Uranian way, knew I had to attend the funeral. And so started my relationship with death. Immediate family, extended family, close friends – I’ve lost people in all those spheres.

    But my 8th house room? A fairy sithen, morphing and changing as the goddess and myself wish. Today it would be a tree house, gentle breezes, a hammock in the leaves. Yesterday it was a library, dark wood, velvet, arm chairs…… tomorrow who knows!

      • Thanks UV – its not an unusual story in my life….. I can and do freak peeps out with intensity, but Yay for Aries rising – I can/do project a very different lighthearted vibe which relaxes people. What they can’t reconcile is both those people, the light and dark are me, at the same time.

        Actually the 8th house thing freak someone out this weekend past. To the point where she referred to me in a coochywoochy way to denigrate/belittle me and to gain some feeling of (I’m guessing) power or importance over me. It was wacky, as I am 6 foot tall, in my 30s, with deep brown eyes and hair. Coochywoochy? WTF? My mum heard it and was speechless, to the point of pulling this person up over it (it was my mums guest). I ignored it – the person is irrelevent in my life, but it was an interesting example of the breed apart.

    • Yes, true Ubes. Think my 8th house Moon it was fitting I found Mum passed and not other family members.

      Thanks to you and othes for being so supportive back when. Good to see you, Prowls and Daveyl back. We love you. You are one of the most hilar peeps ever…x

      • And Prowlincrab crazy genius and daveyl….well, cute but already taken


        • nice to see you too Ms Sweets!

          Crazy? Yep. Genius … ermmmm. *scrunches face confused like* and plus I’m cuter than davey!


  38. pisces on 8th house cusp. Jupiter in aries in 8th. (Jupiter conjuncts my Chiron, but Chiron is on the cusp of 8th and 9th-depends on house system used).
    I am extreme…flip flop between one end of the spectrum to the other. I do 8th house matters big.
    Sex must be good. Occult and supernatural gifts my whole life. Have lost many friends early.
    I accidentally posted this on the old thread…lol.

    • also pallas athene and vesta…
      no idea what my room would look like… sensual bed, spiritual items, books on witchcraft and tantra.

  39. Moon in 8th house Pisces.
    My room would be a small dark bar full with much red wine and whisky and records and interesting men who all have girlfriends or some other limiting issue so they’d just kind of flux in and out, hang for a bottle of wine and an interesting conversation, and then drift off without any further commitment. I’d only pay for about half of my drinks though and have lots of enjoyable conversations.
    My moon is square Neptune, and trine my north node, in Scorp, and Cancer rules the 12th with my good friend Saturn there too. Saturn stops me from getting too drunk or going home with the already taken men. He also unfortunately means I spend a bit of time sitting there by myself trying to look self reliant and nonchalant but worrying I come across as sad and lonely.

    Uranus still in my 8th. I fail to see what it or jupiter transiting through have done to change my life.

    • Swap your Moon for my Sun and all the rest of the aspects are the same.

      That must be the key fundamental difference as I struggle with the going home with already taken men while very drunk bit….
      But it is not me I swear, I am just catnip to unfaithful lying cheating bastards at the moment.

      My 8th house room is a giant spider web.

    • Tell Saturn to bugger off and get Neptune to sit and drink with you, he’s more ‘hot mess’ territory, more fun. Nah, probably a bad idea.. Maybe my Vertex, Lilith and Pallas could stop by your bar for drink?

      • Love, believe me there tends to be plenty of Neptune with me in that bar.
        It’s saturns job to get us home.

        • If there was anyone that I would want to get me home, it would be Saturn.
          No getting ripped off by a taxi driver there… Totally worth the chastising;)

          • Yes I agree.
            It is useful to know I’ll always make it out of that room safely and these days with a moderate level of decorum, thank you misspent youth.

              • We’ve all got our blind spots, sometimes we learn the hard way I guess. There are a few things back then I wish I hadn’t spent so freely or misguidedly or whatever. But well I wouldn’t be who I was now if I wasn’t who I was then.
                I have a lot to thank Saturn for it seems.

  40. My 8th has Sun, mercury, part of fortune, juno, vesta, and thats just the asteroids I randomly highlighted on astrodienst when I dragged up my chart just then. I think there are others that live there, too.
    Sun and PoF in Aqua, the rest in pisces.
    My eighth house room would probably look like the bridge of the starship enterprise as interpreted by Barbarella.
    I think if you met me in the street, you would not immediately consider me to be an eighth house person. Underneath the exterior, however, and I am a seething mass of eighth house themes.
    For instance, today I have variously visited a morgue and read this blog, as well as spending an inordinate amount of time in a pathology meeting picturing the young professional next to me sans accoutrements. And I have lucid, true dreams and have done so every since I was young.
    Until this post, I didn’t realise that Neptune was busy retrograding over my sun and mercury. Oh, dear.

    • Did you enjoy your visit to the morgue? I mean, it sounds like it’s part of your work so I’m sure you’d vibe all professional, but SECRETLY? Was the young professional encountered POST MORGUE? Because i think so… you devil you 😉

      • Lol. Yes, deep down I do enjoy such trips in a sense, because they are crossing a threshold into territory that others don’t get to go to. It is a priviledge to be a part of the death process.
        And in terms of my eighth house room, I have always loved Japanese Shunga. I would collect it, but I have children and I am not sure if it would be appropriate for them to view, because of course if I owned some I would have to put it on the wall. I hate pr0n, but I love erotica, especially vintage, theres a difference.

        • Mmm…have experienced many deaths from early until now and of varied manner, including serial murderer. My lovely ones! I always hold them dear and close, and say what may be called prayers or chats DAILY to the departed. I am no stranger to death or the morgue, and holding the chilled bodies. (Sorry, I don’t usually share it…how does one??)

          But i have empty 8th in Cncer. Very full 12th…in Scorpio. With Sag.

          A “reader” once told me there are many voices around me, and many are ancestors. Said they were very loud, and asked me

          • Wow Mille – interesting road. People can be funny around the holding/touching of the body. When my grandfather died, I was enroute to the airport, so arrived after he’d been transported to the funeral home. My cousin and I went down and literally unpacked the coffin, so we could get to his body and touch him, check his hair, make sure he was wearing the right shoes and socks etc. Touching him was an almost primal necessity. In hindsight, I wish I’d had the same opportunity when my sister died, I was able to kiss her, but not hold her.

  41. well checked you all but i have Mars in Libra in 8th house. so my house of debauchery would be full of flowers and smelling sweet right? Nah i love this pic. soo my thing if i my saturn in cap would let me loose.

  42. Mine’s ruled by capricorn. i have nothing in it and nothing opposite. Pluto half a house away. My vertex is there. Whenever i go to a funeral I have a sudden unexpected sexual dalliance with a stranger. Every time.

    • if it was a room it’d be the room the wake was held in. There would be irish jogs and pirate music playing and everyone would be toasting and celebrating a life well lived.

      • jigs – not irish joggers. not by any stretch of the imagination. I love wakes. They’re honest. just like sex.

        • oh yeah apparently as mentioned above planets in scorpio and in aspect to pluto = similar to the 8th and I’ve got all that in spades. So maybe my vertex serves that 8th house dish up impromptu.

    • Ha, similar to you! Love your sexy vertex :) My vertex in cap there also, but I think it’s telling me to be more ambitious in bed?

      • you seem down on your prowess of late lovely – it’s always gonna be different after kids and marriage has low ebb phases it’s normal – tidal x

        • Lol, yes, I am frustrated at the slow pace of change atm. I am not sure why I can’t power ahead. I know what I should be doing but seem to keep getting run down… Low ebb with Pluto opposing my Venus, no likey. I suppose it’s good to ground a bit, been through a big transition this year.

  43. 8th House (Cap/Aqua). Vertex in Cap. Lilith/Pallas in Aqua.
    It’s modern minimalist bedroom. Very Gattaca.
    Futuristic but old-school polished looking.

    I see my Vertex, a bit Jude Law, in black shiny cap, sunglasses, tights + high heels. He sits folding his legs and holding a whip.

    Looking across at him with smouldering smokey green eyes is Lilith – unbearably sexy and distant – huge brunette halo of hair and wearing a silvery, cut-out swimming costume and crazy heels.

    She is holding hands with Pallas, who is wearing a sexy prim grey pencil skirt and matching jacket.

    There is tension everywhere, Mars is about to enter the room. God knows what he and they will get up to.
    But wait.. That sound, I know that step… Holy FUQ, Pluto is striding down the hall-way!!
    Holy fuq!!

    • If any clever astro people care to guide me, should I guess my Lilith/Pallas would mean my sexiness/business woman features would affect how I deal with money? In the 8th, they oppose my Sun (in the 2nd, another money house).

      Tbh, I always felt uncomfortable working out how to project a serious and dependable image and dampen my sexuality down, that Gem Asc kept popping up and laughing and flirting at inappropriate times.

      Saturn ruling my 8th and being in my first house (inferiority complex) this would be a natural conflict. Then Venus conjunct Saturn would emphasise discomfort re work persona and sexuality still further?

      • I thought Pallas was Athena/Minerva?
        Warrior, owl and all that.
        I’m not following the business suit analogy.

        • Oh! I thought Pallas was like Athena, the merchant, craft making, business woman within! Wrong?

          • On the purely personal level, a prominent Pallas suggests a close relationship with the father. The father-daughter relationship in particular is represented by Pallas, and often becomes the psychological basis for an instinctive desire to compete in a man’s world. The businesswomen dressed in a dapper pantsuit and empowered with her briefcase  and cell phone is the modern version of Pallas in full armor with her shield in one hand and sword in the other. This kind of Pallas woman aims to get along with both men and women in the workplace, and avoids any kind of emotional entanglements that could distract from her ambition.

            The opposite may also be true, namely, that the Pallas woman fears expressing her intelligence and competitiveness because her personal relationships will suffer. Under stressful aspects, Pallas can be “manly”, an unbeatable Amazon, or a people-pleaser, aiming only to keep the peace and becoming a defenseless, helpless girl dependent on her father or partner. Pallas can become adept at rationalizing, at building psychological barriers to protect her from feeling her inner emotional life. At her best, Pallas excels at developing friendships with both sexes. She has found the balance between her head and heart, and between her ambition and her relationships. 

          • I think creative intelligence and strategy may be a better way to think than business woman. And getting in touch with being the bitch/demanding.
            Or maybe you could channel Glenn close’s lawyer character in the show Damages.

        • In ancient mythology, Pallas is directly linked to Jupiter. In the earlier Greek version, from which the Roman stories are derived, Pallas is known as Athena. Demetra George, author of the Asteroid Goddesses (initially published in 1984), refers to this goddess as Pallas Athena, as do many astrologers. More recently, it seems that just “Pallas” is the norm. In the myth of her birth, Pallas sprang from Jupiter’s head as a full-grown warrior queen, an archetypal scene that gives us many of her meanings.  Her primary goddess power is intelligence; she is cerebral, wise, intuitive, visionary, a tactical genius, and interested in promoting justice. Pallas uses her creativity to serve the needs of civilization, which since ancient Greek times, has been a patriarchal order. The Greeks revered her second to only Zeus (Jupiter), and honored her by naming their center of intellectual activity after her – Athens, the birthplace of democracy.

          • So the business suit analogy works!
            That’s from a website called Neptune cafe . Com.
            Had lots of stuff about Pallas aspects.
            I think I have her conjunct midheaven and Jupiter

            • Oh wow thank you shell!! That is the best I have read ever re Pallas. I have loads to chew on there, cool!

              • thanks shell most aharish. I have pallas in pisces in 2nd house, and it interps as being proud of her father to the point of suffering in silence which is very true of me and makes me ponder mmmm…. love a good ponder at sunrise,

                been waking at 5am lately weird

            • Lots of stuff on the goddess asteroids on that site. I’ve never seen it before, was googling good old cafe astrology and it came up instead.
              I like her warrior aspects to – but it’s wise warrior/strategist. Which makes me think Capricorn, but then she falls in my 10th (of course), crowding into the Venus/mid heaven area. I’ve vesta there too, shining the fire light on the merc bit of it.
              It is kinda crazy sometimes how easy it is to see me in my chart. I know thats a kind of nonsensical statement because we see what we want to see, but still.
              And on that note I had better get out of my pyjamas and do some work.

              • Yes, great site, I see David Bowie has Pallas in Aqua too – but he is Pallas rising, apparently helps his artist to be practically expressed.

                Mine trines Pluto, might be good for interest in facilitating group healing I read, that resonates.

          • nice shell thanks for that – it is the broadest interp of her I’ve read. I have her in my 5th in libra exactly conjunct my sign and chart ruler and I’ve always been fond of the warrior aspect she brings.

  44. I have nothing going on in my 8th house (which is in Taurus), but have had plenty of experiences with death, the occult and mysterious happenings. I’m not freaked out or scared of death or strange things at all either. Tried out for “Makeup Artist to the Deceased” at one point, however the employers were freaked out by my young age (was 20) and interest in the job.

    Is there anything in your chart, other than the 8th house, that could indicate fantastical experiences with sex, death and the occult? Haven’t found anything on that subject anywhere.

    No idea what my 8th house would look like. For some reason a barley grass field in coppery tones with a white bull grazing away comes to mind. Which isn’t even a room. Yeah.

    • 8th house is ruled by Scorpio/Pluto. So experiences with sex, death & the occult would also correspond to Scorpio planets or Scorpio rising, or your natal Pluto might have a number of aspects. Eg. Pluto conjunct your moon, sun or venus.

      • That’s very interesting and good to know, thanks!
        I have both Pluto and Second House in Scorpio.
        Sun (Virgo), Saturn and Neptune (both Capricorn) are all sextile Pluto as well.

        I’m new to the in-depth Astrology stuff, so I don’t quite understand a lot of the more detailed aspects, but I’m finding what I’ve been learning extremely insightful and fascinating.

  45. I have chiron in the 8th( capricorn). The consensus seems to be that that is an interest in the occult, I agree. My room would be a large pentagonal shaped room with a large fireplace in the middle. On one table would be my divination tools, cards, coins etc. There would be a large cloudy quartz ball on the coffee table amongst all my occult books. On full moon evenings the lunar light would pass thru the large glass skylight and fall upon the crystal, throwing interesting light reflections against the glass doors. Only a select few would be allowed into my space to discuss the mysteries of life and of course the footy.

  46. I will read all these other interesting posts shortly…
    my 8th house is ruled by Aquarius (maybe Cap by a degree or 2) and inhabited by mars. Neptune and Chiron have been transiting there for many years, a few more to go – 8th house is big.

    I feel that my 8th house room would look inhospitable and uninviting. I picture cold stone cliffs and open, grassy spaces with a brisk, cold ocean wind screaming past you – but it’s refreshing and revitalising, as though you’ve been in a stuffy building all week and finally you step outside and inhale great lungfuls of oxygen.

    So the room is part cave, part control room. It’s actually very welcoming and cosy in there but not *too* cosy. You’ll be in for various surprises.

    That’s all I have so far!

    • Hey UPV, here i was, forgetting we are astro twins, feeling all alone in my transits…
      I know we aren’t identical but I’ve had a full on past 2 years which i’ve no doubt you have too, with Pluto hanging on our Mars/8th house.
      I decided, with much contemplation (after MM’s post), that my refurbished room went from eclectic, freedom-loving super aquarian men and me work/energy-wise to now wanting a biit more stability. So. INstead of things flung everywhere, scraps and tangents and snippets of what might be if we give ourselves enough leeway to be crazy, I took that (room) to the brink and now i’m quite fond of a room with delineations. Clean clothes. A window with a lovely view, a schedule with some security and grace, a man with no fear of making plans and me, happy because i have enough money in the bank to buy bananas, hayfever tablets for the allergies that have appeared at age 34 and some really good music.
      I didn’t understand this post until i looked at the transit aspect…

      • Hey doll, yes i agree about the necessary delineations. I hadn’t really thought about 8th house visuals until this post. the first thing that popped into my mind’s eye was the kind of cliffs one might see in Scotland or Wales – tall, aloof, challenging. Then I realised that this 8th house vibe was a lot less complex than I might have thought.

        Saving for a banana day is always important in a girl’s life. It’s true – we can’t expect a man/partner to be there for the times when there are no bananas 😀

        And YES OMG past 2 years. *vast* amounts of personal growth…

        • and yes what’s with the late-onset allergies???? In my case gluten, WTFF.

  47. that photo is very unattractive – the pose the composition, her spidery legs, and expression. And the underwear is revolting – ewwwww!

  48. hahaha good one :)!!! this room looks more like when my progressed moon will ingress Aries 8th :O!! Help! l am afraid l will kill someone during this time, but first l will meditate on it for the next 2,5 years while my moon is in Pisces.
    For the rest Uranus Aries will go through my 8th and conjunct Venus&Mars at some point. When l redo the room l shell know, for now the 8th is still vacant sort of apart from venus&mars sleeping in it.

  49. moon in leo in the 8th.

    Addicted to sex. Check.
    Highly attuned to others’ emotions. Check.
    Weirdly emotional in regards to the concept of death. Check.

  50. Like my own bedroom. Full of dead things, brewing potions, sheepskin and books on esoteric crap. Totally have a Scorpio 8th house and the Sun/Uranus.

    Also have NO time to read everyone’s comments, I misssssss it so much.

  51. Sun in eighth house in Taurus!
    Yeah 8th house person!
    Yes to sex. Haven’t done nearly enough exploration in sex yet but Im chugging along.
    Also love love love anything death. Im wierdly attracted to it.
    Once (for my hollywood job) had to pick up something at a taxidermist and felt like a kid in a candy store when I walked into their showroom.
    I just love anything wierd and taboo.

  52. Uranus conjunct natal moon in 8th….Several unexpected deaths of people close to me within the past 6 months.

    Not good.

  53. if my 8th were a room… it would be a kind of Grecian temple, all classical white columns – by the sea (because its Capricorn) – and no furniture bar one large sacrificial altar…it’s full of asteroid goddesses and my Vertex…

  54. Moon in Scorpio in 8th house (with a current Saturn transit).

    Not so much a room but an arcade where the butcher shop once stood.

  55. 8th house Venus in Capricorn, so a luxe room with lots of rich velvets and furs, the deepest chocolate-colored walls, and mahogany furniture. I’d go very rich and Gothic-y, but also polished and old-world style. I’m describing my dream bedroom! Oh, and can’t forget all the electric outlets and plug-in doodads for my gadgets, laptop, etc. Cause I’m still Aqua, when all is said and done. :)

  56. My 8th house cusp is Libra 28 conjunct Lilith. Neptune is solo here in Scorpio but touches everything except my Mercury and MC. The room is a private courtyard for one – far away from traffic, with ocean and mountain views and a sweet daybed for dreaming & stargazing plus a table for munching, writing and other creations. There is a mix of electric and candlelight, music when I want it, a lightly gurgling fountain and various plantings I’ve grown from seedlings. Think I’ll add a lap pool too – yeah definitely want the pool.

  57. I’ve got Neptune on 8th cusp. Chiron and Neptune sweeping in soon. Hmmm. Not sure at all what to expect. healing sex? unlocking mysteries re sex, mystical matters. life and death healing and creative outlets re all these 8th house issues. If Chiron means sex or Neptune means sex, then I’m all for it. Only natal placement if part of fortune. Also chiron. Also Pluto is conjunct my sun. thinking about decor and confused—hard to narrow down the “look”

  58. I’ve done a few astrology portraits and did one of called 8th house when I had a bunch of planets transiting the house. Since you asked, I feel compelled to share. The photo is online, but warning: its +18 material only. I’m Virgo sun with chiron in 8th house Aries. My room is a black and white Moroccan stencil pattern. The furniture? None in my portrait. But, since the 8th house is all about regeneration, something used, reclaimed, and reimagined would work. Something fought for a lasting, like old wood that’s both polished and scarred.

  59. I have Mars in Gemini and the south node, all unaspected. Things I just know come to me from a storage house of knowledge…outa the blue…

  60. mars in leo in 8th house………so that makes me what, a really really secretive diva? ‘DONT YOU DARE TELL THE TABLOIDS WHAT I WENT THROUGH TO GET THIS FAME AND FORTUNE……no really, don’t 😉 ‘

    can’t even imagine what my room would be. Or I can. THE exclusive (read: only me VIP) day-spa/laboratory experimenting on amplifiers for lion’s growls or a potion that lets you access ALL of yourself and your mind and your personality and whatever, so it’s like Leo-ness to the EXTREME sans any shallow hold-backs and insecurities?
    I think I’ve got this wrong…?

  61. Moon in the 8th House as well as Pars Fortuna.. & seeing as I’m 18 – going on 19 in Sept – I’m still trying to figure out how to work with this intense energy.

    Currently have Jupiter passing thruuu the 8th house. Don’t like this transit.

    If my 8th was a room? It would look completely different from day to night: the daytime decor would be heavenly, signifying the possibility of an eternal, ideal world. Perfection. At night, it would transform into a much less beautiful place, complete with hallucinatory/nightmarish visions, leaving me with only the Moon to have faith in, as she promises me I will be alright in the morning. Sure enough, I am reborn into a whole new world upon sunrise, only to die to my fears and pain after sunset.

  62. I’m definitely an 8th house person. In Scorpio.

    If my 8th were a room, it wouldn’t look anything remotely similar to the pic above. This pic looks dirty, low, cold, torturous.

    My 8th is alive, baby! Full of sunlight, moonlight, fire– lit and warm. Pools, plants. Stimulating, sustaining.

    It’s a hearth and bedroom in one. It’s where all else begins and ends, and begins again.

  63. Thank you for the auspicious writeup. It in truth was once a amusement account it. Glance complicated to more introduced agreeable from you! However, how could we keep in touch?

  64. i like this prompt! very creative

    I have Capricorn Sun, Capricorn Mercury, Capricorn Saturn and Capricorn Neptune in the 8th House 😀

    My room would have a lot of self-improvement, spirituality, religion books

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