Hitler’s Gemini Clairvoyant

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Bohemian German Art

So I saw a sensational art exhibit called The Mad Square  (all about the art and culture of Germany in the crazy period between the two world wars) & through it i learned of Erik Hanussen, a Gemini Clairvoyant active in the Era.

An amazingly successful hypnotist & astrologer, he told everyone he was a Danish Aristocrat but was in fact a Czech Jew.

A Gemini, he was a water dowser, fire-eater, knife-thrower and circus strong man before discovering his talents in the occult. Hitler actually hired him to instruct him in performance and dramatic flair, a position that must have been riddled with ambiguity and tension, to say the least.

Hanussen was assassinated – most likely by Hitler’s henchmen – and possibly because his origins were discovered OR as his boss did not like the tone of his predictions.  Another astrologer, Karl Krafft died en route to a concentration camp where Hitler had dispatched him due to his insistence that the Nazis were going to lose World War II.

Hitlers astrologer

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33 thoughts on “Hitler’s Gemini Clairvoyant

  1. I’m a bit loathe to comment on anything pertaining to Judaism these days … seems a tetchy subject ripe for cranky Saturn Mars aspects. But I will say that after reading The Last Kabbalist of Lisbon and talking to my mum (the Leo/Toro stellium closet historian), as well as witnessing various horrific documentaries pertaining to the Nazi holocaust era ….

    I still don’t get anti-semticism. It makes no sense to me. It just doesn’t compute. I can understand being pissed off with people, maybe even a bunch of people … but systemic vilification and attempted genocide? I can’t fathom what kind of mindset would justify that … not from anyone.

    Any astro insight for it Mystic?

    • My grand fathers line goes back to Spain 1492, when the family were forced out. They ended up in Turkey and then Australia. If you have read the last Kabbalist you will have a good idea of what occurred at that time. In 1992 the Spanish govt offered my family repatriation and citizenship as a ‘sorry’ etc. We were like, thanks but, umm, no thanks. Funny thing is a lot of us look spanish still and my grandfather spoke ‘ladino’ which is the Spanish spoken 500 years ago. There is still a high level of anti semitism in Spain ? Some people never learn.

      • Spaniard here and actually, while as a society we still have lots of problems, I honestly don’t think anti-Semitism is one of them.

        • Generally that’s because there are very few Jews in Spain , they haven’t been there for quite a while. When traveling there people find you a bit of an oddity. I didn’t mean to be offensive and maybe it was, sorry x

          • I agree with you on that! I remember feeling a bit shocked the first time I saw an Orthodox Jew while walking in Paris. And to my knowledge, I don’t know any jewish person. I just wish it wasn’t such an “exotic” thing but as I once said to a friend of mine, it’s not like I blame you guys, the whole thing was quite awful, to put it mildly. Ah well…

      • wasn’t that partially because Franco was buddies with Hitler, fascist-style? Hitler practised his war games in spain c/o franco before hitting up poland et al..the rest is history as they say. I’ve been somehow ingesting a lot of 20th century European history lately via politics, art, literature, the works. family background there (euro not nazi germany, jut to be very clear) so is highly relevant i guess

        • Franco used to complain to hitler that he had less Jews , so less bank accounts to steal. Although some revisionists claim Franco saved French Jews it was bullshit, the portugese helped French Jews get thru northern Spain and out thru Lisbon, they saved about 50,000 out of a couple of million.

          • David, i have both a Sicilian AND Jewish surname, but a fair hair
            and green eyes,the olive skin came through to enable safe sun
            worship skin-wise.
            Lucky me.

          • it might shock you, but I see at least a redhead a day here in Spain. And my family (I’m a Spaniard) has the ginger gene so I don’t see how it’s incongruous to be Sephardic and redhead…

            • no you don’t shock me I’m descended from spanish people and have red hair and it has nothing to do with being sephardi either – it had to do with the facial features and hair colour of the jewish people who inhabited the mainly jewish suburb I lived in for years without seeing a red head. OK?

        • Yes, sephardi, there are less than 200 thousand now. The redhead thing is interesting. I’ve seen lots of gingers in the middle east, most thou have quite dark skin, but you can see the freckles hiding under the sun bleached skin and it’s a different tone of red than we get here.

      • It was an amazing book – fascinating and evocative – but yes the pogroms were horrific. I don’t blame your family for not wanting to repatriate!

    • i have heard that hitler’s mother was a jew prowlers and it may have been as simple as mummy issues gone mad. Strangely though he harboured (as in ignored the facts) jewish people who had been loyal to him in his inner circle while others were being led to the slaughter – this i saw on one of those hitler fiestas SBS gets going on what seems like every few weeks. along with the possible mummy issues he was also pissed that the jewish merchants gave discounts to each other but not gentile (is that the right word for those who are not the officially chosen ones?) citizens while germany was in the grips of a depression – hitler swept to power because he promised to (and was I think relatively successful at for a while) overhaul the economy before he went on the rampage with his hate machine. This is what makes me so wary at the moment of the rise of the right in europe when people are impoverished – this is the fertile ground for people like hitler to plant their seeds of hate just as the eras of the crusades were one of those similarly loaded times. It must not happen again – whatever race colour or creed it’s directed at. The astro of now is so similar to the astro of the 1930s it’s eerie.

    • Racism makes about as much sense as any other phobia, including homophobia. None. Comes down to fear of difference plus minus a superiority complex. Also add a bunch of political or commercial factors, as in the Conquistadors in Sth America, or pretty much anything done to indigenous people on resource rich lands.

      I don’t think there are astro indicators, only that hard aspects between the outer planets may provide the right historical conditions for the growth of destructive regimes, but then again, such regimes have always existed, and the industrial revolution just made it easier to kill en masse.

      I think it’s more of a spiritual and psychological fail. Jung talked about the rise of the 3rd Reich as resulting from a collective failure to acknowledge and integrate the psychological shadow. Failing to acknowledge ones’ limitations and flaws (just as Hitler executed the astrologer who didn’t give him the answers he wanted to hear) leads to the delusion of superiority (master races, ubermensch etc) and a feeling of entitlement to persecute those perceived to be less racially pure, or in worst case scenarios, exterminate them.

      • I’d have to agree with you on that point – that it’s a psychological deficit in the collective unconscious. The astro often sets up difficult aspects, however we do have a choice whether to act out destructively or use the challenge as a creative force for change. Thankfully emergent concepts such as compassion, equality and so forth have been quietly gaining strength over the years as individuals confront and intergrate their personal shadow.

  2. A very interesting character indeed. Generally, the Nazis’ fascination with occultism is quite interesting, e.g. their search for the Holy Grail at Montsegur in France etc.
    As for Hanussen, you might want to check out the films made about him, they are both really good. One, entitled “Hanussen”, was directed by Istvan Szabo and stars Klaus Maria Brandauer. The other is “Invincible” starring Tim Roth, directed by Werner Herzog.As you can see, quality names all around, so it’s really worth to have a look.

  3. Oh, and just in case, by ‘interesting’ I mean strictly their links with the occult. Coming from a country that was occupied during the WWII, I would NEVER even dream of condoning the Nazi ideology.

  4. People who seek power will follow down any path to gain more of it. Mysticism has always been of interest to those that seek power legitimately or illegitimately. But like moths to a flame their attraction can be their undoing.
    Aryianism is a product of mysticism, just look at blavatsky’s writings. The idea of a superior race, born to rule, suited Hitler because it somehow gave him the ‘right’ to kill all of those that opposed him or stood in his way under the guise of some mystical prophecy that he was fulfilling.

  5. ok, so I’m just going to put this out there.
    German culture, born or art does not equal Nazi. Time to put the past behind and keep our eyes open for similar characters masquerading in this world today. Hitler was a wolf in sheeps clothing at the time he rose to power.

    • it’s ok R – no one here’s remotely suggesting that. German history and culture is fascinating and hitler did his best to eliminate all the interesting stuff and bring out the worst in people. He was indeed a wolf in sheep’s clothing and his rise to power was based on a host of political and economic conditions wasn’t it. Gradual implementation of his horrendous ‘strategies’, drunk on power and ideology. indeed many similar characters in the world now as you say.. 🙁 x

  6. Change of subject… cause im a gem and i can…. HOw is that picture for tuesday daily horoscopes…. LOVE iT…. the beatles song!!!

    Also…. really looking forward to the cancer moon for some self gooey gooey loving up! went to the gym tonight, think its a good thing to do on a gem moon, which i typically dislike, and watched a movie with colin farrell in it and now i understand why he is hot!

    • going to be virgo here, plutonic gem, and point out that the upcoming Cancer moon is going to trigger that Mars-Saturn square, so gooey-gooey loving up is going to have a cautionary edge to it. strategize now.

      • may I join you as an honourary virgo with 4 planets in? i think chiron might also be opposing mars at the same time. if today was anything to go by it’s got the potential to be HEINOUS

      • oh, hey there whatevs, actually I’ve got 4 Virgo planets too, so please jump in 🙂 I just checked the chart to the side here, and Chiron’s still in early Pisces, so it’s not in the mix with Mars. But that does remind me of our conversing back a while ago about the feeling of dread that arises on occasion, do you remember? The dread I felt back then eventually passed, and obviously heralded nothing, but boy did the feeling come on strong this morning as soon as I awoke. You?

        • Yes well thanks for the reminder ibi. I’m getting some not so Yummy feelings, so I.am rapidly stategising. fortunately remembered that way out of icky feelings is strong boundaries. Mars is stepping up!

          • Oh yes that’s what it is a feeling of dread!! Trying not to go into fear but be practical and responsible. Arrrgh… why why why!

        • Yup inchy this morning it was there after a sleepless night because of the vile vibes of yesterday but it went away after I did some focus on not vibing it outwards as I crossed the road – i had my little things I did in my head to shield myself and not react to people’s bullshit unless it was actually about me – saw a glow of green come out of my chest and an island man and I locked eyes and smiled at each other and things took a turn for the better after that. Weird feeling gone AND the peeps who were wacky yesterday were way less sending it my way and instead were imploding with their own shit. it was much nicer not being the target. I spent all yesterday taking crap for other people’s mistakes but I have this new thing going on where I will not take that in silence any more so it all got combative yesterday. I’m taking nothing lying down any more.

  7. Way back last century when i was doing occult studies via the Theosophists
    i remember something about the books of the Golden Dawn being stolen
    and made there way to Hilter and that it was indeed a war waged with assistance
    from ‘Magic’. Yes, Blavastsky was quite freaky with her Astral Post Office and letters dropping from the ceiling, huh?
    Viewed an amazing movie last night called ‘The Soul Keeper’ about a woman who
    was being treated by Jung for rampant ‘hysteria’, who was cured and then went on
    to become a psychoanalyst herself and started The White Nursery in Russia. She has
    previously become a lover of Jung and threatened to tear his career apart.
    There was a strong psychic bond between them. She was machined gunned along
    with her daughter fleeing Stalin, who was diagnosed as being totally insane, by Nazi’s.