Eight Ways To Self-Actualize

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Mr Brazil male model shirt off

Lucas Gil

“Self Actualization is the intrinsic growth of what is already in the organism, or more accurately, of what the organism is.”
Abraham Maslow




  1. Experience things fully, vividly, selflessly. Throw yourself into the experiencing of something: concentrate on it fully, let it totally absorb you.
  2. Life is an ongoing process of choosing between safety (out of fear and need for defense) and risk (for the sake of progress and growth): Make the growth choice a dozen times a day.
  3. Let the self emerge. Try to shut out the external clues as to what you should think, feel, say, and so on, and let your experience enable you to say what you truly feel.
  4. When in doubt, be honest. If you look into yourself and are honest, you will also take responsibility. Taking responsibility is self-actualizing.
  5. Listen to your own tastes. Be prepared to be unpopular.
  6. Use your intelligence, work to do well the things you want to do, no matter how insignificant they seem to be.
  7. Make peak experiencing more likely: get rid of illusions and false notions. Learn what you are good at and what your potentialities are not.
  8. Find out who you are, what you are, what you like and don’t like, what is good and what is bad for you, where you are going, what your mission is. Opening yourself up to yourself in this way means identifying defenses–and then finding the courage to give them up….” 

Abraham Maslow = Awesome Aries Shrink.  Lucas Gil = Amazing Taurean Mr Brazil.  The moment the Moon Gets Into Aries (it’s 12 hours away) we all Self-Actualize…YES? 

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90 thoughts on “Eight Ways To Self-Actualize

  1. I love the way his foot is gripping the fence post – how aware – how sexy
    thank you for the Maslow Mystic

  2. yes, yes of course. Right after i’ve selfed something else. THANK YOU. this is also a really good eight things list.

  3. god thank you for posting this because I am so not having the crap time that is apparently de rigeur a la mode – this current astro is forming some lovely trines to my natal stuff not to mention uranus on my MC is bringing peak experiences all over the shop and it’s nice to have a self-actualising aries upbeat phase to look forward to. Maybe the rest of the world will join me for a joyful moment or two – we will not be experiencing that moment sitting down mind you – on your feet pilgrims, let’s walk AND talk and maybe we will juggle at the same time…

    • nice to hear whatevs. not going too tragically myself so far either… other than the odd FUBAR/WTF moment but that’s ok. I probably have the same trines going on as you. Mystic’s sane advice helping ie [Remain Calm and Cool At All Times But Work Your Backside Off Too].

      Uranus MC must be great! Couple yrs away mine. x

      • TOTALLY the daily mystic has saved my ass a few times over the last few weeks. Forgive my memory if I’m wrong but are you one of the peeps who is trying to swap vocations? If so I recommend starting to mobilise in the direction you want to go in before the MC transit begins. I had a skype consult with mystic nearly 3 years before my Jupiter Uranus MC conjunction that was exact a few months ago and she told me to get my “ducks in a row” so to speak so it would fall into place when the transit happened and it SO worked – along with some bizarre surprises. I had a vague sort’ve big picture plan and every chance I had to move into the desired direction in those few years in the lead-up I’d take it – if there was anything that didn’t point to the new way I wanted things to be I just said no which was really hard sometimes but it’s crazy how suddenly uranus pulls it all into place when it hits the MC – one of my peak experiences was within 24 hours of it being exact. But uranus is unpredictable so I had just as many bizarre false starts as actual ones – it was like I was living through a homeopathic dose of my natal uranus conjunct sun which was like being a bit car sick sometimes. Will you be having your uranus half return when it hits your MC?

        • half rtn – do you mean opposition? Not quite I think – I have uranus ~10 Scorp, so it’s a while before that.
          at work so will have to read in more detail later then reply 🙂

  4. Perfect thoughts as I am trying to come to terms with the fact that both of the kids have ADD or ADHD or something perhaps down the line more severe in the case of the younger one.

    Took them to a child behavioural expert after realising my family’s genetic’s are completely fritzed, mine especially (obviously!) as I have clear ADD.
    Unhappily the lady confirmed my concerns that they have some neurological ‘immaturities’ as she nicely put it. As the 18 month old laid waste to her room in seconds flat she remarked calmly, ‘We can’t really do tests on one so young, but I don’t think we really need to’ as she surveyed the destruction. 🙁

    It’s silly to be surprised, I am not exactly on the same frequency as most people, why would the kids be? Still I can’t help be concerned about their future happiness. Though massaging them nightly seems to have helped much more than I would have imagined, which is really lovely!

    Darn you Void Moon in Pisces!!! Everything seems more worrysome.
    Maybe if I copy this onto their bedsheets they will grow into themselves and their uniqueness more readily? Doesn’t help I had a dream while pregnant that the little one didn’t talk till he was six and then decided to leave planet Earth.

    • andromeda, what a dream! about your little one. of course you’re concerned about their future happiness. lots of love and running around in the sun for you and yours. I am sure you’ll find the solution..

    • wow that’s hard core andromeda i hope you find the right people to help you with this and am sending healing thoughts your way xxx

    • Give it to Void Moon Andromeda, there are many more dreams that you don’t remember at the moment, yet none happened. Your heart already solved your problem: you are not on the same wavelength, why would your kids be? Tomorrow’s Moon will bring you fresh perspective.

    • Andromeda, I hope you consider getting a second opinion, and then a third, and then even feeling free to throw all of those opinions away and going with what you in your own heart and head feel is the best to do for your child(ren). ADD? Or super-creative, given the unique and superior intelligence of their mother? See, I would go with the latter.

      • I must agree with you here. I feel that sometimes people are too eager to slap ADD/ADHD on children these days. Maybe they just need more stimulation? Children are little balls of energy, and they don’t play outside like they used to back in the day. When there wasn’t all this ADHD crap. 🙂

          • TRUE

            like, okay. ADD and ADHD probably isnt all bs and all but seriously, I knew 2 people with ADHD and they were totally normal, everyone loved them for how fun they were actually. AHH this could totally go into another conspiracy against Le Government- they paid scientists to make up those two ‘afflictions’ just so they could hold names against any non-drones out there. Wha-hey go indivduality!

    • Thank you darlings, been crying for two weeks now, its been hard for Gem hub too. We want to do the best thing poss now while small brains are hooking up. Even considering movie to Brisvegas for the warmth and sunshine, more opportunity for contact with Mother Earth. There’ll be no drugs Inchy, no worries, the exercises given are good for kids either way.
      Met a nice Kenisiologist with an adult son with ADD – she immediately saw little one’s disconnection before we talked and gave him a an appropriate crystal. She had good tips (sadly her son is rejecting his shamanic abilities in favour of drugs & fitting in) that were hard won.
      At worst I suppose there is always a horse in Mongolia with our name on it!

      • hang in there Andy xx
        Everyone I know who is the slightest bit interesting/creative doesn’t fit the formula…or has struggled mightily with some kind of “difference”.

      • Yep, I think I’d be seeking other opinions. It’s a tough one and I don’t know you or your kids, and don’t want to minimize their symptoms, but I remember watching Super Nanny and thinking some of those kids were neurological cases, but Super Nanny managed them and they became a lot easier to deal with. I also read a book a long time back (before Super Nanny), by a Californian psychologist, called Ritalin Is Not The Answer — where he designed a program of gentle discipline a lot like what Jo Frost used.

        Could be worth a go before you get into any extreme measures.

      • We have a little fella who’d have been on the drugs by now if we hadn’t worked out he’s incredibly sensitive to food chemicals. Actually, he’s incredibly sensitive full stop…

        Check out http://fedup.com.au/ particularly http://fedup.com.au/factsheets/symptom-factsheets/adhd-and-diet

        Sue Dengate got into this are because her daughter was basically diagnosed as a basket case and written off by the medical profession as having uncontrollable ADHD.

        Even if this is not everything that’s happening with your little ones, the diet may help…. Am thinking of you – I get a stabbing pain in my stomach when I’m worried about my babies…


        • Hey Molly, agree that hypersensitivity to food additives etc may have a lot to do with it – heard of peeps who have had amazing results by simply focussing on diet (to help with hyperactivity/concentration issues).

          Wrote a lot of my thesis on early childhood development, and child care/pre-school/early primary awash with little ones who can’t sit still, can’t concentrate, can’t socialise. Some of these kids aren’t getting enough actual attention at home – but others get plenty (as is no doubt case with your kids, Andy), and seem to be highly sensitised their environments through epigenetic effects. As someone who fits the relatively new personality profile of the “highly sensitive” personality, with many allergies etc, I really get all this, even though I never had concentration/behaviour problems as a kid.

          What is clear from all the research that I ploughed through on this is that one way or another, kids who can’t concentrate/sit down/pay attention early on in school are vastly disadvantaged, both socially, and in terms of early literacy, which is the foundation on which later self-confidence in learning builds. They develop an aversion for school altogether, and are ostracised by other kids – or end up bullying them in self-defence, but lets face it – even genius free spirits need to be able to conform for long enough to learn basic social/literacy/numeracy skills if they are going to negotiate a rather uptight world and come through it with at least high school completion and an ability to manage their own lives.

          Might sound a bit old school but like Molly/Uber Virgo, everything that I have read – and that’s a shit load of thesis research – says that that diet/loving discipline is crucial for kids diagnosed with ADHD, as is reading to them in a way that captures their attention, and turning off the TV. Not to make them like everyone else, but to help them survive at school in a way that builds rather than detracts from self-esteem, and keeps options open. It might be hell on parents to impose this stuff, but it’s about unlocking the beauty of their difference – and often, brilliance – in a way that (a) respects it and (b) recognises that this needs to be done with practical facts of life in mind.

          One of my favourite students in one of my second semester first year units is a kid with ADHD. He is one of the brightest in the class, but these days, the University “Disability” services, with which he is registered, kept on asking us to give him an extra month or so to do assignments in first semester. We gave a bit extra, but not as much as they asked for.
          Point is that whether or not he becomes self-employed, a fiction writer, a musician, a radical blogger, or whatever, he is still going to find that the real world won’t make the kind of exceptions to deadlines and contracts that he is being coddled with by our institution. I make a special effort to engage his interest and imagination, and to be there to inspire him, as he likes to chat after class. Lo and behold, I haven’t had any requests from Disability services to give him all this extra time on assignments any more. He is engaged, of his own volition. Stimulated and motivated. Problem solved.

          • Molly and Fi thank you so much again, I meant to respond and thank you for the links Dom Triff.

            Yes, we do love our kiddy winks, we play with them, massage them live our lives around their needs etc.. We do love tv in winter, but have cut back and if watched, it’s in short blocks.

            We eat very little processed food, but after looking at the site there are definitely improvements I could make in the kid’s diet that surprise (kiwi fruit, broccoli!) so I have some research to do.

            Totally agree with you Fi re the disadvantage I have experienced personally and seen with others. The brain’s constant flicking from one thing to another becomes a habit that is very negative socially & effects self esteem. It spirals into something immense if not caught early.
            So this information about my kids could be true or not, but if it benefits the mokapoonahs through us being more aware and alert to their needs, then that’s great.

            Actually my husband is already more gentle, understanding and helpful since the diagnosis, so more change for the positive.

      • Aww, thank you guys, you are sweet. I am feeling more calm about it. Its more fear, as I couldn’t do just any work, it was my destiny or nuthin’ (mostly nuthin’ till now – well not quite true, but still). Other rello’s have had serious learning problems which lost them marriages and jobs, it isn’t easy!

        But I know my kids and no matter what any expert says I won’t lose sight of who they need to be. E.g There are some crystals that come imprinted with a mission and they just need to be let to do their job, attempts at programming them are futile, indeed, disrespectful. In some ways the spiritual and 3d are at odds and harmonizing them is a life’s work.
        I also think the expectation we should conform to sitting in boxes and filled with half truths and third hand info is pretty cruddy. Maybe ADD is the equalizer in our society by Spirit? The generation that cannot and will not conform!

        But thanks for yr thoughts, it means a lot to be able to get support from you all, I really respect and treasure you as much as an online family can be treasured. Others in my life are not so thoughtful and well informed as you remarkable peeps!

    • I’m really sorry to hear about your worries Andie.
      I know it’s kind of futile to say but lots of deep breathes, don’t panic too much. Children trashing rooms and you being excitable are just normal behaviours for many.
      A friend of mine announced a while ago she thought she was ADD, and unsurprisingly a doctor confirmed it for her, but she’s also a Virgo, who writes lists, and sometimes forgets to relax/stop. It just depends how you frame it.
      Lots of love to you and your little family dear, do not doubt that you have the wisdom and the strength to get through this xxo

  5. After some major Personal Policy shifts over the last 12-18 months, these self actualising tips resonate a lot – I realised I’ve been practising them prob also thanks to uranus-jupiter-sun transits 2009-2010, individuation, it’s up to me to experience joy and interpret my life accordingly even in spite of crap; be good to myself etc.

    As an adored Saggi friend said to me once, “you have to make your life the way you want it to be!” which I took to heart.

    thanks mystic! xx

    • ONYA UP – it feels crazy when you made a conscious effort to bring about the change and it actually happens huh? I love your choice to experience joy and interpret – life’s always going to bring things that aren’t ideal but it’s how you manage it that influences the outcomes. Onwards 😀

      • onwards indeed whatevs! god i just need some 48 hour days in the next 2 weeks…

  6. The newest entry of my to-do list reads “time to self-actualize”.

    Meanwhile, I just made a mistake, today Moon is void and I closed a deal on a house – thanks to parental push to buy “that” house.

    It may fail to finalize, at least I had the sense to keep the payment schedule under control.

  7. I’m am beginning to see a trend with male Taurus feet: they look like Hobbit feet. @_@

  8. number 8 is the fly in the ointment. When you have Pluto on your Asc it’s hard to know who and what you are and what you like and don’t like. It changes every day! Don’t know where I’m going or what my mission is either. I feel stuck and paralysed with inertia. Must be Pluto retro.

    wait and see if anything changes on Sept 15 I guess.

  9. What about 9.

    Perhaps you don’t have as much control over the process of your own self actualisation as you think you have, which is a freeing concept in and of itself? Life is not an even playing field, no matter how many laws and mechanisms well meaning humans try to put in place in order to make it so. We don’t all have the means, knowledge or experience to do anything better than what we are currently capable of doing right now so why fret? Focus on enjoying the moment and what’s in front of you and let go of the big picture outcome which you can’t really control anyway. Trust.


    ps. the guy with the six pack abs might have a small penis, ejaculate too quickly and be incapable of loving anything other than his hair gel.

    Soz I know I am evil sometimes …

    • Yes, also he seems to have at least an 8-pack, I find this a little disconcerting.

      • First I saw his face and thought he looked weirdly constipated. Then I scrolled down and nearly fell out of my chair.

      • aww. he waxes his chest. You know that’s got to be some hair chest there. I can see little dots of hair trying to grow back. :/

    • I reckon that’s covered in number 7 prowlers – being true to who you ACTUALLY are and reaching for what is within your grasp if reaching is what you’re motivated to do. Not chasing marsh flies. Being happy with what you do have / are capable of and polishing that instead of ignoring all that goodness and bitching it up about what you don’t / can’t do or have. That is what you have dominion over – how you manage your thoughts and beliefs.

      Flow theory is interesting and not necessarily about achieving that public or celebrity sense of greatness many people aspire to – if you push yourself just beyond what you’re good at that’s when the brilliance (in whatever form it takes for the individual) occurs – like when you write some elegant code you might experience flow or when you bake a great cake – it’s not about external displays, it’s about what the individual experiences within themselves. I am a big fan of flow and I suspect it’s perfectly natural for the human brain to want to achieve this state – like it’s perpetuating some kind of fractal of the potential that existed at birth http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Flow_%28psychology%29

    • Lacan’s unattainable object of desire is fascinating too – advertising and the mass media are all about pouring salt on that wound. I’m pretty sure one of the keys to self-actualising is to turn off the TV.

        • ha! if everyone was able to attain a bit of SBS after 10pm in their daily lives I’m pretty sure there’d be a lot less complaining in this world 😀

          • I like aunty too for a laugh and sober awakening… how was judith Lucy tonight….. fuqing fabulous… love her!

            • loved the tent bit and how she looked so fresh faced in that segment – like something HAD happened.

              • Yes I could laugh at a distance re the tent thing, I love that she takes the piss out of herself.

            • Have been catching up on iview – hilarious, hope she keeps up the high standard; should be compulsory viewing LOL, interesting views on ‘death wives’ too. Would have loved to have seen more on the tantra teacher in Byron, she was like a mixture of venus and scorp in human form!

  10. yes, the scopes were so right re afternoon delight yesterday…um…in the form of the above image, slightly older, even more muscular gent (oh so divinely sculptured total GOD!) than above, in saggo/ramzilla 🙂 , um, moon ? scorp would be so so appealing, or sunny leo?/ brainy aqua?

    Is a kind of near but distant business colleague, been very very plutonicly getting to know one another, i’ve been more visible last few weeks re work, Mars has been gorgeous men ‘everywhere’, many days in my 4th house transit, Saturn trining my Venus, well today we met ever so briefly and the atmosphere was mutually and ultrally galacticly totally zapping, so much so that we both had to avert our gaze…so excited i can’t sleep!

    feel even more extreme self discipline flooding my motives for hauteness styling, i’m gonna be so good, so haute and be plutonicly honest and up front & slow with this…My neptune was trine when encounter occurred, but then i’m having a Nep sq moon transit and it could all turn out to be a very small ah, um..ahem, you know 🙂

      • well that was yesterday Buckle…:) because today was a cold shower and back to the real world…now i’m thinking i was def in a void moon warping 🙂 🙂

        • Mystic did say that transformative love was going to hit my destiny point around mid this year, and it would be someone i’d meet through work…sex is one thing…love and romance, well that’s a whole other intrigue & i’m a stayer not a player. But now that i’ve got my own life together i don’t want to do addictive relationship thing ever again, and have to to be so sure i keep cappy feet on the ground. Still – it’s great to feel so alive 🙂

  11. Woohoo right on… peak experiences, popularity, and vivid daily life… I love it!

    • Or what I meant was care factor about popularity zero…. I’m so not there yet, but did stand up for myself at the risk of losing popularity in new job, and it has paid off at this stage : )

  12. It was his curled up toes that sang to me ‘ A SURFER”. Extra bonus for

  13. Mystic, I was just re-reading your (hunky) self-actualising post series last week.

    One of them popped up in the bottom row under a current post, and it just instantly chimed as something I needed to understand again.

    I even wrote down the word “Self-Actualiser” on the notepad that was by my computer, as if I had never seen the word before. My brain just went: “Oy! Yes, that feeling from forever—get back to it and stop flaking-out and being down!”

  14. have refrained from commenting of late (aside from too buys / internet leisure time duly curbed to accom fully laden work / social life …) – bit like watevs – stuff going crazy crazy good – career going off (about time eh?!!), right-time-right-place / lucky stardom shining, GREAT social fun & powering …..

    re MM’s post – what’s 7. ‘peak experiencing’ ??

    can anyone elaborate??

    • good on you rlp – you work hard – I figure if you focus on something single-mindedly for long enough eventually some of the ships HAVE to dock with treasure chests in the hold. Yes, today I feel like a pirate. I’m thinking peak experiencing is along the lines of taking a bus ride with timothy leary…? Only you do it sans stimulants?

      • man simply being awake is stimulating enough lol ……

        • or canyoning, climbing mountains, meditating, great sex, having a baby, eating raw chocolate, surfing etc and major blissng out and awakening at same time, is my understanding, just for example.

    • Congrats rockstar!

      Peak experience is a mystical experience — a euphoria or ecstasy — non substance related — where you are simultaneously in the moment/present but get a glimpse of the universal and eternal. Often associated with work toward mastery of some technique, artistic, physical, technical, spiritual etc which often includes the work of self actualizing.

      • thanks Ubes & thanks for the explanation – yes I know what that is …. first experienced during an astral travel journey during a crystal dreaming session – can relive the bliss on call

        hows trix with you?? xox

  15. Hmmm… pretty sure i could actualise him eight ways. Wouldn’t keep him, though, just pop him back out the gate. After all, he’s just a Taurus.

  16. This is just what I needed – to take a bath in Maslow and Lucas Gil. Roll around in it. Get wet.

    Does that man have more muscles than he should?

    I have a print out of Maslow’s self actualizing somewhere. Time to wallpaper the workroom with it.

    • Now i’m not sure whether you mean Maslow’s text, or Mystic’s eye-candy series on Maslow’s self-actualising. But you go ahead and wallpaper that workroom! Whistle while you work.

  17. This morning read the posts….remember what Prowlin’ had said “some things are beyond our control”….

    Remember too that I mentioned some threads back that Kataka Chiro doc and me were “married professionally” with my Moon on his Dsc (7th) and Sun on his MC.

    I’ve been zap zone ~actualized~ with Aries Moon now on my Merc in 10th with trans Uranus square Pluto/natal Sat 7th. Okay, enough with the technicalities but…

    We’re getting a divorce! Doc is retiring! He’s sold the business due to arthritis in his right shoulder. Knew about it last year and thought, ah-oh, is he gonna last? He’s been working in pain….bone on bone..only 42…shame.

    Nothing will change with us therapists with new doc coming in. But doc was crying today as we all were. He’s been the best. Have always told him “you’re the best”.

    My little crab-kataka doc. 😥 I’m broken hearted…..Woke up in the middle of the night anxious and dreams were not so pleasant. Now I know why.

    With new doc coming in, boy, can’t wait to do his astro when the time is appropriate.


    • So glad I have somewhere to vent….thanks for listening guys…you’re the best too. xx

      • I’m sorry you’re not going to have your teammate so close, Sweets. It makes such a difference when your workday is with others whose company you enjoy. Hope your next doc is nice too X
        I know what you mean about long-term: have worked with current boss 16 years. We get along great, we have out moments, but we work well as a team and have a laugh. And I am sure to put the pens and phone cord ‘just so’ to keep the peace. haha he is a scorp but out-virgos me !

          • Aw, thanks beloved Roxie…x

            He’s going to still come in for treatments and be with the new doc for the next six to eight weeks but he’s surely been a soul mate. A true, giving healer..positive attitude par excellence.

            If new doc is a grump, we’ll simply have to gang up on him and do a mutiny on the bounty….

            • Now know why too, that I was bleetin’ and all sob like over Kataka Don Henely’s “Heart of the Matter” video…

              • “I got the call today…didn’t want to hear but I knew that it would come….

                Everything changes….I’m learnig to live without you now”..

                Very Luna in Aries with trans. Uranus…

                Anyway….All will be okay….Yes Prowls, trust…thanks….x

                • more from the heart of the matter, . . .We all need a little tenderness
                  How can love survive in such a graceless age . . .

                  Hugs, Sweetpea, I’m going through the same thing, the best thing about the job I started a year ago was a new friend I met there. She just started a new job yesterday so I don’t have that daily comfort of seeing her.

  18. Oh, so sad. I am trawling through old posts to learn some more astro and came upon Bluelibra’s posts a few times. It hits me like a shock every time to see her chatty and warm online, like you could drop her line and she’d reply. Do hope she is happy in transformation. Thinking of you Bluelibra!

    • mmm I too was thinking of her yesterday when I saw the first keen lizard awaken in my garden after the cold weather.

    • try to keep the sad things separate in your mind lovely – they are different events and not all crashing in at once which is how it can seem when there’s a lot going on xxx

  19. yes l agree with him l could totaly do it, the selfactualization thingy l mean. it’s beautiful to see such beautiful creatures, wiht the moon in aries in my 8th l feel great great great and ready for it

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